YES! He just wanted to fund-raise for the GOP.
NO! He did it to show he stood with the House Republicans.


mrohrer 6 years 46 weeks ago

Ted Cruz is an ASS

and he made himself one with his long tirade.


malaha64 6 years 46 weeks ago

2 years ago, i read somewhere that HATRED was the Most POTENT Political FORCE in American Politics !

So, when i read in Time magagazine Aug 19, 2013 Page 35 the following line I immediately connected the dot.

" There is no More POTENT FORCE than the GRASSROOTS, mobilized and Standing Up "

Can you guess who said that ? TED CRUZ of course.............

now i will clarify it by adding ONE WORD ................HATRED

TEAbaggers has been mobilizing The " base " BASE with HATRED of Obamacare since 2009 ..............they won 2010 with that HATRED

Now they want to win again by HATRED of Obamacare and the man who signed the Bill

VOTE TO THROW THEM ALL OUT in MID TERM elcection 2014.............PLEASE

UNC Tarheels's picture
UNC Tarheels 6 years 46 weeks ago

Rand Paul asked him would he rather shutdown the government or compromise on obamacare. Now Paul has him on tape supporting a government shutdown and Paul can then say I wanted to avert a shutdown...But it is a civil war in the GOP right now. All of them are posturing trying to look like moderates to attract independants.

UNC Tarheels's picture
UNC Tarheels 6 years 46 weeks ago

The tea party won in 2010 due in part to dis illusions with Obama that he didn't repeal DADT quick enough, he didn't close Gitmo, he did move fast enough to fix the economy. When there is a low voter turnout it favours republicans with large turnouts it favours democrats. The GOP found out in 2012 that money can't buy the presindency so that is why 33 states have come up with the voter ID law. Is a solution to a different problem as long as the poor are allowed to vote the tea party can't win so by using these laws it is easier for the tea party to win.

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