YES! He'll shut down the government just to stay in the spotlight.
NO! He wants the House GOP to take the blame for a shutdown.


trueamericavet's picture
trueamericavet 6 years 45 weeks ago

This is sad that Sen. Cruz has health care paid by all of us would stop the uninsured from getting help. What a shame on him he does not have the backing of the GOP in the Senate

forestlady11's picture
forestlady11 6 years 45 weeks ago

You must know that this is called GREED, not caring about the poor, and working people?...

they get their ability to stay rich, and above the law? from who???


cut all war spending and declare PEACE! shut down all the military bases around the world, we are not the policeman of the world...we have no right to tell other countries what to do with WMD, the US bombed millions in Japan, and hirosima for our tests...they are still suffering! and DRONES KILL WOMEN AND CHILDREN EVERDAY, INCLUDING THE INNOCENT people, all the poor countries we gave money (aid for peace? or food, or bases) using our tax dollars! The US has lost all morale value, and any spiritual growth.

We need to return to the PEACE CORPS and start feeding the hungry, and clean up our act...start with GREEN RENEWABLE CLEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY you know that 300 tons of nuclear waste are spilling into the ocean every day!!! this is WMD!!!! planetary exstintion...we need to be infored with the truth!!! no more lies by corrupt congress....go green, recycle Congress!!

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The Big Lie versus grieving families and a dying democracy

Thom plus logo It's showing up in the obituaries.

People in the throes of agony from losing someone close to them are writing things like, "Instead of flowers, donate to a Democrat," or "instead of flowers, tell everyone to vote against Trump and the GOP this fall." It's become a national trend.
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