YES! Even she knows the law is state-sanctioned discrimination.
NO! She’s supported extreme laws in the past so who knows.


William King's picture
William King 7 years 47 weeks ago

The amusing thing about this bill, is that the republicans were so arrogant in their views that they forgot that business comes before EVERYTHING on the GOP agenda. Now they have egg on their faces and the governor is going to have to veto it. That said, I understand, as a former business owner, you can hang a sign that says "we reserve the right to not serve anybody", but that is like hanging a sign that says we reserve the right to shoot anybody. Sure you have the right to shoot someone who is robbing you or threatening your life, but if you shoot them because they are gay you are going to jail. Ironic how they wanted to use religion as the reasoning behind this discriminatory practice. Religion happens to be a federally protected status. in other words if you discriminate based on religion you are flat breaking the law on a federal level. There is so much about this idiotic bill that is just plain stupid. How are the business owners going to determine the sexual orientation of individuals? That right there has a gazillion lawsuits plastered all over it. Another ridiculous aspect the morons who drafted the bill didn't take into consideration, was that AZ is ranked number 5 in the country for haveing the highest gay population. Can't wait to hear Thom jump all over those idiot lawmakers who bit the hand that fed them.

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William King 7 years 47 weeks ago

Sure enough she vetoed it today... probably while watching Thom's show. lol

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