YES! As soon as the Gulf Coast is cleaned up properly.
NO! They’re a dangerous & irresponsible company.


dollymajig's picture
dollymajig 8 years 10 weeks ago

1. No, BP needs to stay out of the Gulf. They've way over taken their lifetime damage limit.

2. Heard/watched your interview with 'Kurt' today. He needs a time machine to give himself a day in the life of a middle class American woman in 1964. He'd learn a lot about oppression.

arky12's picture
arky12 8 years 10 weeks ago

BP has shown their true colors and should suffer the corporate death penalty in the US. They have proven they are not above lying to cover up their criminal mis-deeds, to put it politely. Oil corporations get away with way too much due to their world wide econoic controls and influence in our political system and this is not good for anyone, except them.

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