YES! It will renew the public's push for more regulation.
NO! Congress has proven they’ve sided with the NRA on this.


jessy's picture
jessy 7 years 34 weeks ago

No and isn't it ironic that we must insure our cars, homes and even have health insurance but not guns! Also, my city forbids citizens to own a pitbull (dog) as a pet because they are TOO dangerous. However, the same home can own 1,5,10 or more guns and nobody cares. Homeowners can not get the same premiums as the person that lives next door if they have a pitbull but if they have a poodle like their neighboor but have enough guns to fight in Syria, well that's OK. What has happened to common sense? Dog bite versus the Sandyhook rampage or the latest "if I can't have have it then you can't" spoiled brat mentality do the math.................. Unless it is the new common core it doesn't add up.

Michael King's picture
Michael King 7 years 34 weeks ago

When my son was 6 years he was interviewed by a popular magazine. The question: What would you do if you had a million dollars Nicholas? His answer "Money is not my God!" Now, throughout history when humans are asked that same question, the response dictates the obvious; When money is your God, you will fail. The Heroes that started this country decided a differant response was the right way to go for all of our sake. What this country has become is the ages old answer, when money is your god you will fail. Every time! People have become narcasistic. Selfish. And Angry. Money is this countries god. And observe the result. The part of us that needs waking up is the reality that VERY few benefit from this tenet. And you know what else, when their 'jig is up' they will simply walk away and care not. Guns. Phones, It's always the same result, A few will make money then walk away. YOU AMERICANS ARE BEING DISTRACTED FOR ONE REASON ONLY to make a few rich. It's King & Queen time again!!! Benjamin Franklin would be ashamed.

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