YES! Minimally through tax cuts, but they largely benefit the rich.
NO! Republicans do not care about the poor or middle-class.


Al Alpert's picture
Al Alpert 7 years 25 weeks ago

Busnesses large and small have one and only one objective INCREASE PROFFITS (be it at the expense of the worker or society at large)

trueblue313's picture
trueblue313 7 years 25 weeks ago

Republican policies are irresponsible. They do NOT help the poor or society or the nation.

Beware of republican code words or phrases like "business friendly" which simply means ....screw the people who work.

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ekendrick 7 years 25 weeks ago

It's hard to get out of poverty, & we do very little to help people. Things that other wealthy countries provide, such as living wages, free or low cost childcare, universal health care, public transportation, affordable housing & education-we don't. All of those things, in addition to child support enforcement & job training, would enable people to become self-sufficient. Republicans chant the "personal responsibility" mantra, but forget the "social responsibility" piece. Yes, there are programs, but they're underfunded & overwhelmed with long waiting lists. I don't think handouts are the answer, although you need a safety net. We need to invest a lot more in helping people with long term solutions, & give them hope, too.

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