YES! Let’s stop giving our money to tax-dodging companies!
NO! Boycotts mostly hurt workers & franchise owners.


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telliottmbamsc 8 years 5 weeks ago

If they move to Canada they should be banned from doing business in America. Seize their domestic assets and auction them off to PATRIOTIC competitors/franchise owners.

The bullshit must stop.

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trueblue313 8 years 5 weeks ago

This requires a simple fix and should be applied to all corporate tax dodgers.

LEGISLATION : Private companies are indeed private and can do what is in their best interests. Conversley it is governments responsiblity to do what is in the best interest of the nation. If a corporation refuses to pay into the communities (ie nation) their fair share of taxes they are hearby BANNED from profiting off those communities.

Translation............ Dont think you are going to peddle your product in our country !

Comment: Businesses will never miss an oportunity to make profit, even though their ultimate goal is consistently HIGHER profits.

Conclusion : They will not leave or close just because the profit margin is less. Sure they want 100 million in profit but they will NOT pass up 10 million in profit if it is to be had.

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clarencetreat 8 years 4 weeks ago


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