YES! We must keep the pressure up to get any real change.
YES! Go to for more info.


lifesize's picture
lifesize 7 years 17 weeks ago

what momentum? millions of people marching will have little or no effect without political action. shame won't affect polluters; only laws will restrain them.

gryphonoid's picture
gryphonoid 7 years 17 weeks ago

Renewables work. Corporations have money. We have The People.
We, The People, need to keep being seen and heard. Again and Again!

lifesize's picture
lifesize 7 years 17 weeks ago

how can you have a poll that only has one answer, or at least two variations on "yes." are you guys taking tips from republicans, or what? (just friendly mockery, but c'mon!)

DHBranski's picture
DHBranski 7 years 17 weeks ago

Agree. Interesting bit of history: The Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970s created a surge of awareness of our hyper-dependency on oil, and the catastrophic consequences, from wars to breathing-related disease, environmental destruction and economic blackmail. President Carter launched a public education effort regarding the costs/consequences of our oil addiction, and the "urgent need" to transition to alternatives (including phasing out our excessive use of private motor vehicles, building a comprehensive mass transportation system). Then came Reagan. Every serious effort to address the consequences of pouring massive amounts of soot and oil particles (carcinogens) into the air each day is cut off by another govt campaign against the few who smoke cigarets.

jason13's picture
jason13 7 years 15 weeks ago

Funny how the same party that pushes this "climate cange" agenda is the same party that sent US jobs to 3rd world countries ( via: NAFTA) knowing that the corporations were going to profit from the lack of environmental laws.

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