YES! Republicans do better when fewer people vote.
NO! People will fight harder to make sure their vote counts.


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PaulHosse 7 years 16 weeks ago

The GOP is not interested in so-called "voter suppression", which I presume is what is being passed off as voter ID. We have voter ID and there's no problem; in fact, it was the Democrats who introduced it years ago. It simply proves you are who you say you are and prevents voter fraud (insomuch as that can be prevented). Actually, and this is where both parties conspire, are efforts to keep voter turnout low in order n order to control the outcome; by keeping voter turnout low, the incumbent party has a better chance to keep the seat. It works the same way as gerrymandering. What is needed is, first, to find ways to get more people registered and to partisipate in the voting process. Some nations (including second tier ones) are using electionic online and call-in voting; sometimes we seem incapable of here in the US.

Secondly, we need independent groups, like universities or non-partisan civic groups or indivduals, to do the redistricting of districts. People believe the system is rigged (it is) and corrupt (it is). We need to find a find to convince people that their vote counts. If we don't, then there is only one other way to change the system and no one really wants that.

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LibbyMN 7 years 16 weeks ago

Remember how it worked in Florida. People stood in lines all day for their right to vote. You want to get the vote out, threaten their right to vote. I predict we'll have record democrats voting for this mid-term election.

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