YES! Our health should not come second to corporate profits.
YES! Obamacare isn’t enough. We need a single-payer system.


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PaulHosse 7 years 8 weeks ago

If you take the "profit motive" out, you also take out a large portion of individuals who want to go into medicine. Yes, most, if not the overall majority endure the years of advanced education, long hours, continuing education and low pay (in the beginning), huge student debt, and high start up costs and malpratice premiums out of humanitarian reasons, but there also is the self interest reasons, and that includes the opportunity to make money; in some cases lots of it. In removing the "profit motive", you also reduce the interests to spend millions in R&D, not to mention years in trials.

Yes, the profit margins are sometimes unreasonable, but not always, and usually on certain drugs in order to help cover the costs of the hundreds or thousands of other deadends. However, the costs imposed by hospitials on some items are obscenely outragious, such as for gloves, bandaides, gauges, and some common medicines like aspirin, or for tests that aren't needed (even the markup on some tests are uncalled for).

In short, you can't eliminate the need for profit. It's essential for the same of motivation and afterall, someone has to pay the costs; this isn't free. However, there should be restrictions on the markups or overprescribing tests or even medicines. There should also be more emphasis on prevention; at least as much as on treatment. If we can reduce the causes up front, we will reduce on costs on the end.

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