YES! The tide is turning against cannabis prohibition.
NO! Big Pharma won't allow pot to interfere with their drug sales.


lifesize's picture
lifesize 8 years 20 weeks ago

please consider offering more than two choices in your "polls;" you leave no room for subleties or other possible explanations for an opinion than, say, big pharma's opposition to an outcome. such reductionist, sound bite takes on reality are the tools of the right, not suitable for social thinkers.

DAnneMarc's picture
DAnneMarc 8 years 20 weeks ago

I can only imagine that in short time cannabis prohibition will be completely lifted on a global scale. This prohibition was created by a handful of wealthy investors who wanted to remove the only obstacle to their oil and wood pulp monopolies that they owned and wanted to milk for all they are worth. The public were taken advantage of during a time of great vulnerability to go along with this plan. Now after many decades, not only is the truth being made public and common knowledge, the impact of the subterfuge is also being made known. There is no turning back now. The truth has caught up to the deceivers and this genie is never going to be stuffed back into his bottle.

PaulHosse's picture
PaulHosse 8 years 20 weeks ago

I certainly hope so. If booze and cigarettes can be legal, then why not pot? Simply make the same age requirements as for booze and cigarettes; package it like cigarettes and tax it at the same rate as booze. The revenue can go for serious drug treatment programs.

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