YES! The risks of nuclear energy far outweigh the benefits.
NO! Closing plants would leave millions without affordable energy.


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ufobill 7 years 3 weeks ago

The public is misinformed about nuclear power. Newer nuclear power plant technologies could replace fossil fuels. There are more people killed in one year from fine particulate pollution (mostly from coal) than all nuclear accidents (including the WWII bombs in Japan). Ten ex EPA administrators have endorsed nuclear power. We need to be building nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is not without some risk, but compared to global warming it is miniscal.

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PaulHosse 7 years 3 weeks ago

I am no fan of nuclear power. But until something better comes along, we need to keep them up and running...and safe. What I would like to see more agressive investment into solar and wind power, as well as a hydro. The less we as a nation are dependent on oil, especially from the Middle East and South America, the safer and stronger this country well be, not to mention clearer. At the risk of upsetting some folks, I owuld go further and say that energy is a national security issue and as such, such be nationalized or at the very least under federal supervision.

I would like to see a industry specific clean up funds--be coal, oil, nuclear, or even auto or timber, which would be funded by the companies in that industry rather than by taxpayers. If a company pollutes and goes out of business or "disappears" for instance, the industry would be responsible for the cleanup not US taxpayers. This would also serve to ensure that the industry is, to a degree, self-regulating.

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