YES! No one would work if they can get paid not to.
NO! That's just a Republican talking point used to justify benefit cuts.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 6 years 51 weeks ago

It’s cheaper for society on the whole to pay the Unemployment benefits, rather than paying the myriad of costs that society would incur as a consequence of People being completely up-ended as a result of their job loss.

Believe it or not, it pays to occasionally tend to your country’s greatest assets – its People. But it is more profitable for corporations if their work force is made desperate to do anything at any wage because the alternative is sleeping out in the ditch and stealing to feed your kids. And that speaks in a manner to the problem of under employment – under employment means your economy is not maximally productive. Just like when your Government invests most of its resources in Corporations that don’t really return to American Society what the People who work in live in America return to American Society.

Also, this is a America! EVERYTHING has to do with who can consume in the most enviable fashion! When was the last time you met somebody new and you weren't asked to the effect "So, where do you work?" or "So, what do you do for a living?" Unemployment in America connotes an air of being somehow personally defective. Nobody wants that. But then again, Republicans, and increasingly Democrats, are so stupid they'd fuck up a wet dream (can I say that out here?)

twistedgenes's picture
twistedgenes 6 years 51 weeks ago

When I found myself unexpectly without an income I was comforted to know that my unemployment benefits would get me by till I could find another job, its not a handout its a handup, unlike the subsidies that many profitable corporations receive from the government, all at the tax payers expense. FOX/GOP and its echo chamber are loud and repetitive and that has brainwashed the low informed. We have to fight not only money which gives them power we have to fight propaganda which makes them that much more stronger. How did America get so uneductated?

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 6 years 50 weeks ago

Unemployment benefits are insurance paid for by the workers themselves, not by Republican scumbag plutocrats.


Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 6 years 50 weeks ago

Unemployment benefits allow workers to hope to continue earning a decent wage. That is what bothers the Repugs, whose goal is to take us back to the 1880s (if not the eighth century) when folks would grovel for the chance to work for a daily crust of bread.


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