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ravia 10 weeks 4 days ago

Trump is a wreckless idiot itching to press the nuke button, but Pence can actually get legislation passed that would satisfy every republicans' dreams, and turn this country back hundreds of years.

Ditse 10 weeks 4 days ago

Trump is scary due to his erratic nature, disorganized mind, racist leanings and impulsive tendencies, just to name a few! However, Pence is very intelligent, well spoken, and a religious ideologue who has the mental clarity and political savvy to implement his bat crazed agenda! I am very Luke warm about his replacing Trump!

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ErinRose 10 weeks 3 days ago

No one that I have heard on alternative media has been talking about anything good Trump has been attempting or denigrating the forces that have been blocking him. Don't forget, Trump killed the TPP, and he is very focused on trade and trade agreements. He also has been attempting to forge an alliance with Russia to end all wars; something that all of the Right leaning in both parties don't want. Trump is outspoken and volitile in the way he presents himself, whereas Pence is a trained lawyer and is very cool-headed. But Pence is also a religious ideologue and if POTUS would not hesitate to force a Christocracy on us, and I have nothing good to say about that. Trump may be scary, but Pence is a bona fide threat.

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Radical 10 weeks 2 days ago

It is all part of an agreement that trump made with the Koch Bros in either March or April 2015. Trump runs for President in 2016. If he wind than He leaves most likely after 6months to a year in office on some phony scandal and trump becomes President and completes the destruction of the working class unions minority groups poor seniors detc etc etc. Trump receives a very large amount of money from this . This was told to me in april of 2015 . He heard the agreement with his own ears. In some ways the Koch Bros don't have to worry about Trump keeping the agreement because he is such a lunatic he will self destruct anywsay. Tell deveryone you know about this . Make it go viral. I would do it myself but I don't know how to use social media. Thank You very Much.

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Judy Blue Eyes 10 weeks 1 day ago

The difference might be between dying immediately (Trump) or dying by a thousand cuts (Pence).

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