Yes - There is no line Trump won't cross?
No - Trump won't go that far


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WindRunner914 2 years 43 weeks ago

I am very familiar with Donald Trump's pathological disorder ... and I feel he is truly paranoid about Robert Mueller, fearing there will be something devastating discovered referencing these crises he is trying to manage: Russia, Financial issues, his horrendous and ineffective role as President, etc. The list is endless!

I don't think Donald Trump has the perseverance, strength, wisdom, or self-consciousness to fight the awesome and dignified Team that Robert Mueller leads. He may attempt to FIRE Mueller, but the backfire and consequences will be self-destructive for Trump .... and this is a place he cannot fathom entering, due to his narcissim! The risks to him and his family, not to mention the people of America .... would be a cataclysm!!

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