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  • Preparing for War with Russia. Removing Russia with a Preemptive Nuclear Attack? What is the Future of Humanity?   1 day 2 hours ago

    LPAC wrote:
    Reporters Demand Evidence from
    State Department for Its Anti-Russian Claims
    July 27, 2014 | 9:36AM

    Marie Harf, the State Department's deputy spokeswoman, is not getting as much respect from the press corps as she might think she deserves, especially over the past two days (July 24 and 25) when she asserted that Russia is shooting across the border into Ukraine and is preparing to provide heavy artillery to the separatist forces. On July 24, she announced the alleged shelling and heavier weapons. She refused to provide the "evidence" of these movements that she said the State Department had, citing "intelligence sources and methods," but the reporters in the room were not satisfied. They peppered her with questions about YouTube videos and social media, to the point that, obviously exasperated, Harf asked the reporters,

    "If I can't give you the source and method, would you prefer I not give you the information?"

    One reporter shot back,

    "I think that it would be best for all concerned here, if, when you make an allegation like that, you're able to back it up with something more than just 'because I say so.'"

    Harf did herself no favors the next day, when she claimed there was no humanitarian crisis and that Russia is solely responsible for the civilian deaths in southeastern Ukraine that have resulted from the Kiev regime's military operations there.

    "Ukraine is a country with borders that Russia violated. It's not about not having a role," she said, "because Russia invaded a foreign country. The Ukrainians have a responsibility and a duty to protect their citizens and their territory, which is what they're doing. Russia should de-escalate, move back, and stop backing separatists who are taking down Ukrainian planes, fighter jets, as we've seen and are attacking innocent civilians."

    When she was challenged again about the artillery allegedly going across the border, she said,

    "I can't underline the information that had led to that assessment. We don't have specifics about what those systems might look like to outline, but again, we're continuing to watch, continuing to gather information. And as we do, we'll attempt to share it."

    Georgia Congressman: Anti-Putin Hysteria Used to Stoke Fears of Russia

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 3 hours ago

    Palindromedary wrote:
     I believe that those passenger airliners were purposely diverted over the war zone specifically to act as shields for the Ukraine war planes. So, the question is who determined, or ordered, the new flight paths over the conflict area?

    Palindromedary ~ Wow! So far I've missed a lot on this blog this weekend. I've been sidetracked by some beautiful music I found. Time to play catch up. Shocked I missed that post till just now. Kudos my friend. I think you found the only logical explanation for that tragedy. Thanks for the insight!

    By the way, you are so right! Just who gave that order? Or, perhaps, who remotely steered that airliner off course; and, why didn't the radar tower report that? I smell yet another conspiracy!

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 3 hours ago


    This new round of violence, on the other hand, has caused enormous disruption. Rockets fired from Gaza have triggered warning sirens in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheva -- all of Israel’s major cities -- and points in between as well. Those rockets haven’t killed any people thus far, but they have sent almost everyone scrambling for shelter several times a day and shattered the illusion that what happens “there” does not affect life “here.”

    That would be enough for Hamas to declare victory. But the group has been racking up additional strategic benefits as well. First, the disproportionate number of casualties in Israel and Gaza has made Israel appear, at least to many Western eyes, as the aggressor, even though Hamas shot first this time around. Second, the Iron Dome has made covering the story within Israel boring for outside journalists. “Rocket goes off, rocket gets intercepted, life goes on” is not an exciting story. Israel’s retaliations, which level Gaza’s unreinforced buildings and leave behind mangled bodies, sell more newspapers. And so, the world has focused on Gaza. Israel’s friends may bemoan that as unfair -- Israel is being punished for successfully defending its citizens, while Hamas leaves its own vulnerable. But that misses the point. War is not an exercise in fairness, but in the attainment of strategic objectives.

    I know you were using the lion metaphorically rs but there is a cat fight in the comments around Jacob Blue. I can almost hear the hissing and catscreech [that's not a word but it looks like  what cats sound like when riled]. This fight is over, the post was 6 days ago, but Zion, American, Hebrew, Jewish, semites are all at the ball.

    On another thread I posted Palm Beach started to dance and was kicked off the plane. "Zionist pig was hurled, raised as airplane bombers all of you filthy" and they were still on the runway. What happens in Gaza doesn't stay in Gaza. The comments around the cat fight I mentioned also bring Europe and America into it. Australia is probably not far away. Meanwhile the Kurds with no homeland just quietly go on steadily in the middle of blood war, libel war, civil war, and  their own functional governance

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 3 hours ago

    douglaslee wrote:

    Remember how badly Ghandi kept getting beaten, and beaten, and beaten, and won?...

    Gandi went on a hunger strike at the age of 78 to prevent violence. He never used innocent's as human shields and would have abhored the idea.

  • L.A. Superior Court Judge Sides With Wealthy Backers in Attack on Teachers Unions   1 day 3 hours ago

    I think that the author of the editorial you cite has a point: this ruling could certainly come back to bite conservatives on the butt.  Take for instance this from the piece about some of the reasoning by the Judge: All these laws, passed at the behest of the powerful unions representing some 275,000 teachers statewide had the effect of discriminating against poor and minority students, the judge wrote.  If courts can find that when laws are presumed to be passed at the behest of special interests their legitimacy is suspect then look out Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, military industrial complex, Wall Street, etc. should courts begin looking at the tax code, government contracting and other pro-business or special interest legislation and riders.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 4 hours ago

    rs allen wrote:

    What if you were cornered by the lion and no place else to go? How do you make peace with the hungry lion?

    Feed it some Kurds or Turks, or Syrians, or Lebanese, or Iranians, Qataris [whom happen to have some high level valued warriors]. If Pakistan sets down to talk and asks how big a tunnel could handle one of it's nukes and how many false tunnels are in place, things might move a bit more quickly.. Meanwhile ground invasion in Gaza while Iran's enriching exercise is still safe, and Russia's Syrian Chemical rockets are still in safe hands. I'm hard pressed to see who actually started this but it's about more than prisoners. Oh. the guy that burned the Arab teen alive claims he is the Messiah. He tried to get a 7 year old before, and almost killed his infant child a few months before. Why he was not institutionalized is another wierd peace of the puzzle.  

    I still think Likud and GOP are kissing cousins. They both like fascists, and apartheid, and war

    here is the link again from a couple posts back  intifada, PLO, Peres, Rabin, Arafat have been at the ball for awhile, Hamas wasn't asked to dance until Arafat stepped on some toes.

    Israel has long been eager to thwart the expansion of the influence of Islamist resistance organizations that they see as determinedly more implacable foes. Consider that the first Intifada, from 1987­ to 1993, led to the weakening of the secular Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and to the rise of dangerous and militant organizations such as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The threat of these Islamist organizations motivated Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres to bolster the failing fortunes of PLO leader Yasir Arafat and embark on the Oslo peace process, which, had it succeeded, would have been a dead end for Hamas.

    Indeed it was the violence of the second Intifada, which destroyed nearly 1,000 Israeli lives between 2001 and 2004 through wave upon wave of suicide attacks in the heart of Israel’s major cities, which caused Israeli citizens’ confidence to buckle and ultimately persuaded them to support a unilateral withdrawal of citizens and settlements from Gaza. They hoped the move would appease Palestinian wrath. It did not.

    The persistent, low level rocketing of Israel’s southern cities since Israel withdrew from Gaza has not caused enough disruption in the rest of Israel to bring Hamas any strategic benefits. In other words, Hamas’ attacks on the border cities have not stopped most Israelis from going about their daily business in near-total obliviousness to the political and humanitarian condition of the Palestinians in Gaza.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 4 hours ago

    What if you were cornered by the lion and no place else to go? How do you make peace with the hungry lion?

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 4 hours ago

    cont'd. [one note when the author mentions discord in the political menagerie... I mean system Israel has functioning govt body, the GOP is a menagerie and discord in it's ranks parallels Bibi's]:

    Hamas’ strategic objective is to shatter Israel’s sense of normalcy. It is only possible for Israel to exist as a flourishing and prosperous democracy under the garrisoned conditions of persistent conflict when its citizens are able to maintain the illusion that their lives are more or less similar to what they would aspire to have in London, Paris, or New York. With that illusion destroyed, several outcomes are possible, none of which are good for Israel. Despairing of the possibility of peace, small numbers of Israeli Jews may decide to emigrate. More likely is that disagreements over how to handle the Palestinian problem will deepen, sowing discord within Israeli society and undermining the core Israeli narrative based on the justice of Zionism. Cohesion around that narrative has been a key motivating force for making the sacrifices and facing the dangers that life in Israel often entails, including the long, compulsory military service that is a fact of life for most Israeli Jews. Although these internal fissures will not bring Israel to its knees, any erosion of Israeli power -- including the power of the population’s will -- is a win for Hamas.

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 4 hours ago

       Yes, Elio, and yes.  As to the first of those two inquiries, it helps to disengage the TV, or give it the ole heave-ho.  Speaking for myself, sister, I don't want those airbrushed little fascists on FOX, or any other mainstream "news" outlet, contaminating my space with their toxic drivel.  It truly is amazing how many other, nicer, more contructive kinds of things could be filling that space instead.  

       People like saying health is wealth.  Silence is golden too.                                - Aliceinwonderland  

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 4 hours ago

    gumball wrote:

    It is interesting how they dismanteled their settlements in Gaza and not the west bank yet Gaza is where the violence is occuring.

    They also dismantled some of the settlements in the West Bank.

    So why are people continuing to complain about the settlements?

    But this is just foolishness.

    If a lion "invaded" your house -- and you had no weapons, or access to weapons -- would you "stand and fight" because "this is considered actionable by most peoples"? Or would you run and find another place to stay?

    Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel, which do practically no damage. How much money did those rockets cost? How much money does it take to hide those rockets and build tunnels to hide them? How much better would it have been to invest that money into food and housing for the people? But instead,  the results of all this money and effort -- they are only giving Israel reasons to inflict severe damage and loss of life to the Palestinians.

    If someone wanted to borrow money for a business venture and offered this scenario, they'd be thrown into the looney-bin.

    Which makes me wonder: why is Iran funnelling all these rockets and weapons to Hamas, knowing that they're basically just throwing them away? The only people making a profit on this are the weapons manufacturers.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 4 hours ago

    Remember how badly Ghandi kept getting beaten, and beaten, and beaten, and won? Remember Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman against George Kennedy? ariel-ilan-roth/how-hamas-won  this is a week old so updates should be coming.


    No matter how and when the conflict between Hamas and Israel ends, two things are certain. The first is that Israel will be able to claim a tactical victory. The second is that it will have suffered a strategic defeat.

    At the tactical level, the success of the Iron Dome missile defense system has kept Israeli casualties near zero and significantly reduced the material damage from the rockets fired from Gaza. Israel’s ground invasion, launched on Thursday, will also reap rewards. Indeed, it already has: Israeli forces have exposed and destroyed several Hamas tunnels, including some that were intended to allow cross-border activity into Israel and others that facilitated the movement of goods, ammunition, and militants within Gaza itself.

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 5 hours ago

    Or fart.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 5 hours ago

    Israel always has a poison pill in their so called peace offerings. Some things they seek are impossible but because they offered something they get to claim they are the reasonable ones. The truth is Israel does not want peace, it wants a Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, North/South Korea demilitarized zone for political capital, and aid.

    We will quit bombing if you disavow all the registered recorded notarized deeds to property that was in your family for 500 years. Who is for peace?

    btw, for great aggregated sources look at the menu on the right of  under "What we're reading"


    Another aggregator  They put politifact in the center, but Rachel has proven time and again they are just lazy or shills for some other entity. The  colors will tell you what is news and what is feces.

  • Obamanation: Utilities enact rate structures that disincentivize solar energy.   1 day 5 hours ago

    Electric Utilities produce electricity for X cents per kilowatt hour and sell it for Y cents per kilowatt hour. If you have a windmill and/or solar panels and they produce more than your house is using the meter runs backwards. The Electric Utilities do not like this because they are buying electricity from you for Y cents per hour, or the retail price. I have a friend in California that during daylight hours produces about 30 kilowatt hours with solar panels.In a 24 hour period he averages about 30 kilowatt hours per day of usage. During the day his meter runs backwards. So he is even and only has the $10.00 grid connection charge per month. My Co-op in Colorado will not allow this (and law does not support it like California). I would still have to pay for energy used at night. My Co-op is also run by total Republican non climate change believers. They fight any form of renewable energy and only promote the coal that they burn. Colorado is one of the best states for Solar and Wind. What we need are smart meters that allow me to sell excess electricity at X cents per KWH and make the utility buy it. Electricity should also be sold at peak rates and non-peak rates (Y and Y+cents per hour). Solar panels make a lot of sense in highly air conditoned climates (ie Pheonix, AZ) when peak is during daylight hours. Peak is what raises our rates so high. If peak uasage is at night solar panels are not helping the grid. Lots of things can be done to cut electricity use. Run your dishwasher in non peak hours. Have your electric hot water heater on a timer so that it does not run during peak hours. Utilities do not push this enough. Your bill can also be reduced If Utility CEO's are paid a reasonable amount. Exelon, First Energy etc. CEO's are paid in the millions. At one time the CEO of Exelon made $35,000,000.00 per year. Find out what yours makes. My Co-op is fairly low but they also buy energy from Excel where the CEO makes Millions (for doing what?). 

  • MH17   1 day 5 hours ago

    Amazon shows Durschemied's books with lots of stars. I read some of the comments. Very good reviews.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 5 hours ago

    However you'd like to phrase it though doug, the powers that be ie. the money of America made profits and had a vested interest in the Nazi movement and growth in Germany at the time.

    And seemingly, some things never change.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 5 hours ago

    I like Rabbi Lerner's words of sanity and forward them [pun intended] to friends and family if they're interested. He agrees with me on the TX child debacle. I had not read this before today but I have been citing parallels for weeks.


    efusing sanctuary to children in need

    Exactly 75 years and one month ago the St. Louis, a German trans-Atlantic liner carrying 938 Jewish refugees, was turned away from the United States, forced to return to Europe. U.S. law didn’t allow them sanctuary.

    Today we are preparing to send 45,000 children back to Central American countries controlled by drug cartels that routinely torture, rape and kill children who refuse to work for them. So routinely, so often are children menaced that their families sent them away, alone, across thousands of miles on just the slimmest of hopes that they might be safe.

    U.S. law doesn’t allow them sanctuary.

    The St. Louis is famous now as a failure of compassion that haunts American history. It is so easy to imagine the despair of those passengers, forced to return to countries that would soon be overrun by the Nazis. It is difficult to imagine an America that would be so cruel and insensible to the terror of others. President Franklin Roosevelt is still held accountable for his failure to respond.

    And now we have President Barack Obama promising to send the children back. We have an America demanding that he do so, and in fact, blaming his administration for not securing the borders more tightly so that those desperate Central American families would have had no hope at all that their children might find sanctuary.

    But, in fact, the border is secured. The children are in custody. They will be turned back.

    There are differences, of course, between these children and Jews on the St. Louis.

    These children didn’t arrive on an ocean liner. They walked through some of the most hostile, hot, barren, dangerous country in the world. No one knows how many died. Their parents weren’t with them. They were sent by poor families so terrified for their safety that they paid many thousands of dollars and entrusted their children to criminals hoping they might arrive in America and be safe.

    There’s another difference too. America did not fund the Nazis. America does fund the drug trade that empowers the killers these children are fleeing. If Americans didn’t buy drugs, the trade would dry up

    Atheists are allowed to admire men and women of faith, and I do.

    (edit to get in proper order).

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   1 day 5 hours ago

    I like this paper for reporting. It's more in line with the J Street cadre than Haaretz or Murdoch rags that toe AIPAC's lines. Tikkun has two feminist's views on the front page, but I couldn't paste. I like Rabbi Lerner and his words are ones of sanity. He riles some that have a litmus test that J Street would fail as well. I forward [pun intended] Rabbi Lerner's columns to friends and family that might be interested. I usually toss in a short Rumi passage to balance the letter. Marriotts always have a Book Of Mormons instead of Gideon's, but in Japan and Thailand one finds a Book of Buddha with finger notches on topics that Buddha addresses, almost like a rolidex [if anyone remembers when those were around].


  • Preparing for War with Russia. Removing Russia with a Preemptive Nuclear Attack? What is the Future of Humanity?   1 day 5 hours ago

    But, Rick in Canadia, Obama is a Bush/Cheney doppleganger and so would be Shillary Clingon. If we keep voting for the illusory savior in the Democrat Party we will continue to fall into the abyss. We need to break up the ruling elite cabal that has two competing branches...the Republican and Democrat parties. How did Obama work out for you? The second time? The Democrats tried to scare us both times that it is better to take a chance on Obama than to let the Republicans win. The Democrats sell us false hope and make big promises to the voters just to crap all over the voters in favor of the ruling elite. If neither party can dig us out of the quagmire, that is disastrous to many of the 98%, then maybe a third party can (and not affiliated with Americans Elect or any current offshoot of it--just another ruling elite's party). At least it's worth a try. The alternative will either be a revolution in the US or a world wide nuclear war. Perhaps that is part of the reason the US is acting like a spoiled brat and international bully. If they can, once again, play their cold war scare propaganda, it might keep people too scared to think anything but to cling onto their past manipulated jingoist fears and hatreds against Russia.

    Both parties know that the majority of people in the US are very ticked off at them. And, they also know that all they have to do is to scare them back into the folds. Conjure up new (or old) enemies to make people feel desperate to cling on to one or the other major Party.

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 6 hours ago

    I influence people every time I drive my car :)

  • Preparing for War with Russia. Removing Russia with a Preemptive Nuclear Attack? What is the Future of Humanity?   1 day 6 hours ago

    For a long time it has seemed that Gen. Dempsey was trying to keep the U.S. out of war. Apparently not so much, any more.

    The World Is Doomed By Western Insouciance
    don’t expect to live much longer

    By Paul Craig Roberts
    July 26, 2014 | Categories: Articles & Columns

    European governments and the Western media have put the world at risk by enabling Washington’s propaganda and aggression against Russia.

    Washington has succeeded in using transparent lies to demonize Russia as a dangerous aggressive country led by a new Hitler or a new Stalin, just as Washington succeeded in demonizing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Qaddafi in Libya, Assad in Syria, Chavez in Venezuela, and, of course, Iran.

    The real demons–Clinton, Bush, Obama–are “the exceptional and indispensable people” above the reach of demonization. Their horrific real crimes go unnoticed, while fictitious crimes are attributed to the unexceptional and dispensable people and countries.

    The reason that Washington demonizes a leader and a country is to permit the creation of circumstances that Washington can use to act with force against a leader and a country.

    Washington’s incessant lies alleging “Russian aggression” have created Russian aggression out of thin air. John Kerry and the State Department’s Marie Harf issue new lies daily, but never any supporting evidence. With the stage set, the US Senate, the NATO commander and the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are busy at work energizing the wheels of war.

    Senate bill 2277 provides for beefing up forces on Russia’s borders and for elevating Ukraine’s status to “ally of the US” so that US troops can assist the war against “terrorists” in Ukraine. See also:

    NATO commander Breedlove is preparing his plans for stockpiling war material on Russia’s borders so that US/NATO troops can more quickly strike Russia.

    Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, is at work preparing American opinion for the upcoming war.

    On July 24 Dempsey told the Aspen Security Forum, a high level group where US opinion is formed, that Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is comparable to Stalin’s invasion of Poland in 1939 and that the Russian threat was not limited to Ukraine or Eastern Europe but was global.

    The intellects in the Aspen Forum did not break out laughing when Dempsey told them that Russia’s (alleged but unproven) involvement in Ukraine was the first time since 1939 that a country made a conscious decision to use its military force inside another sovereign nation to achieve its objectives. No one asked Dempsey what Washington has been doing during the last three presidential regimes: Clinton in Serbia, Bush and Obama in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen, Obama in Libya and Syria.

    Here are Dempsey’s words: “You’ve got a Russian government that has made a conscious decision to use its military force inside another sovereign nation to achieve its objectives. It’s the first time since 1939 or so that that’s been the case. They clearly are on a path to assert themselves differently not just in Eastern Europe, but Europe in the main, and towards the United States.”

    Washington’s view that the world is its oyster is so ingrained that neither Dempsey nor his upper echelon audience at the Aspen Forum noticed the absurdity of his statement. Washington and the brainwashed US population take if for granted that the “exceptional, indispensable nation” is not limited in its actions by the sovereignty of other countries.

    Washington takes for granted that US law prevails in other countries over the countries’ own laws–just ask France or Switzerland, that Washington can tell foreign financial institutions and corporations with whom they can do business and with whom they cannot–just ask every country and company prevented from doing business with Iran, that Washington can invade any country whose leader Washington can demonize and overthrow–just ask Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Serbia, and so forth, and that Washington can conduct military operations against peoples in foreign countries, such as Pakistan and Yemen, with which Washington is not at war.

    All of this is possible, because Washington has claimed the title from Israel of being “God’s Chosen People.” Of course, Israel’s loss of the title has not stopped Israel from acting the same way.

    Washington now has in motion the wheels of war. Once the wheels of war begin to turn, momentum carries them forward. The foolish, indeed utterly stupid, governments and media in Europe seem unaware of Washington’s orchestration of their future or lack thereof, or they are indifferent to it. They are dooming themselves and all of humanity by their insouciance. Heaven help if the British PM or French president or German chancellor were not invited to the White House or the Polish nonentity did not get his Washington stipend.

    Readers who cannot tolerate problems without solutions always request solutions. OK, here is the solution:

    The only possibility of avoiding war is that Putin take his case to the UN. If Washington can send Colin Powell to the UN unarmed with any truth to make Washington’s case for war against Iraq, Putin should be able to take his case to the UN against Washington’s war against Russia.

    The case that the emperor has no clothes is an easy one to make.

    Unlike Washington, Putin is willing to share the evidence that Russia has about who is doing what in Ukraine. It is a simple matter to establish that Washington organized a coup that overthrew an elected government, supports violence against those who object to the coup, and has turned a deaf ear to Russia’s repeated pleas for Kiev and the separatists to negotiate their differences.

    Putin should make it clear to the world that Washington continues with provocative military steps against Russia, with force buildups on Russia’s borders and calls for more buildups, with S.2277 which reads like a US preparation for war, with provocative actions and accusations by top US generals and government officials against Russia, and with efforts to isolate Russia and to inflict economic and political injury on Russia.

    Putin should make it clear to the world that there is a limit to the provocations that Russia can accept and that Russia believes that Russia is in danger of preemptive nuclear attack by Washington. Putin can describe Washington’s withdrawal from the ABM treaty, the construction of ABM bases on Russia’s borders, and the announced change in Washington’s war doctrine that elevates US nuclear forces from a retaliatory role to a preemptive first strike role. These actions are clearly directed at Russia (and China–wake up China! You are next!).

    Putin must state clearly that the likely consequence of the world continuing to enable Washington’s lies and aggression will be not merely another disastrous war but the termination of life.

    The governments of the world, especially Washington’s vassals in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, need to be told that it is their responsibility to stop their enabling of Washington’s aggression or to accept their responsibility for World War III.

    At least we could all have the enjoyment of watching the arrogant Samantha Powers and the craven British lapdog rise and walk out of the UN proceedings. There is no doubt whatsoever that Washington is unable to answer the charges.

    Here again is the Wolfowitz Doctrine that controls US foreign policy and that condemns Planet Earth to death:

    “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that posses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

    A hostile power is defined as any country that is not a Washington vassal.

    The Wolfowitz Doctrine commits the United States, its peoples, Washington’s gullible EU allies and those peoples to war with Russia and China. Unless Russia and China surrender, the world will be destroyed.

    The destruction of the world is what the idiot EU governments and the presstitute Western media are fostering by their enablement of Washington’s lies and aggression.

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 6 hours ago

    OU812: You are still a teacher, even at 69? Really? I thought most teachers would be retired by now. Guess there is no reason to retire if you still love teaching....or, if because of could never save up enough for retirement. ;-}

    I had a physics teacher once that was older than God. We could barely hear him and he shook a lot. He was a nice old guy though. I liked him. But when one of the class members, one day, flicked a switch-blade at him from behind the table...I thought he was going to shit his britches or have a heart attack. He just left the room...probably called the cops. It really wasn't a rough school...never any other incidents than that...that I can remember.

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 6 hours ago

    Ou812 wrote:
    I guess humor is permitted for you, but not me. One more point, I am a teacher and I get to influence hundreds of students. Who do you influence but a bunch of washed up lefties:))

    Ou812 ~ You "get to" influence hundreds of students? Spoken like a true scholar. I think that's a sure sign of the Apocolypse if I ever heard one.

    Beam me up oh great spaghetti monster!

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 6 hours ago

    Aliceinwonderland ~ I know! It's so cool. It looks like it's trying to say, "Stay the hell away from me or I'll slice your head off!" I love it!

  • Big Business is hoarding their cash!   1 day 6 hours ago

    OU812: "King of Conspiracies"! Why thank you, and I'm very proud of that too! Because there really are conspiracies but many people are either just too dumb to realize it or they have been propagandized into not believing that conspiracies exist. It is the conspirators who don't want people to know that they exist and use whatever means they have to dispel real conspiracies with their manipulative propaganda. And when they own most of the major news media in this country the gullible will always be taken in by it and will march, lock-step, to the beats of their drummers. Herd mentality. Moooo!

    Question authority!