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  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate.   20 hours 34 min ago
    Quote Maine:

    All I was establishing is that racists liking the flag today does not make the flag racist.

    So Einstein... what part of the following are you having problems comprehending? The Confederate flag CAN NOT BE SEPARATED the Confederate constitution that ENSHRINED white supremacy and black slavery.

    All your word games and moronic analogies won't change that fact. But as a neoconfederate... I'm sure you'll continue to want to rewrite history.

  • TRUMP: Rapist or a Mere Embarrassment of Twaddle? Or Both?   20 hours 42 min ago

    At the very least he has shown bad judgement in choice of attorney.

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   20 hours 49 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote Dr. Econ:

    Let me ask you a question. Recall we had a large tax cuts in the 1980's.

    That would be like reducing government spending - since we didn't have to pay so much for government.

    Yet, did anything happen? Did charity increase? Did employment skyrocket? Did people invest or work harder?

    Quote Maine:The size of government got larger under Reagan.

    We had a large tax cuts in the 1980's. That is like reducing government spending - since we didn't have to pay so much for government.

    So you just borrowed instead. The size of government under reagan went up. That is one reason why Ron Paul temporarily left the republican party.

    Quote Maine:The 1986 act (at least) also "broadened the base" which takes away from people's ability to give.

    I'm talking all the tax cuts.

    I'm talking about tax revenues. They went up.

    You disagree with my claim that Reagan lowered tax cuts, that it was 'paltry'. In fact, the top marginal individual income tax rate fell from 70.1% to 28.4%, which is exactly the earnings of those who do most of the investment and charitable giving to the poor.

    Tax revenues went up. Lowering the top marginal rate isn't that big of a deal. It only affects the amount the rich make over X amount of dollars. Let's talk about more than just marginal rates. Lets talk about lowering taxes for everybody without counterbalancing it with base broadening.

    I think this relationship pretty much proves that Libertarianism is fundementally wrong.

  • Fox-So-Called-News Is GOP TV in the 21st Century   21 hours 18 sec ago

    You bring up some prime examples of "OPPOSAMES". Both GOP and DEMS do the same things. Take money - finance next re-election, take money, let lobbist and staff write laws, take money- finance next re-election. So follow the money...period. If we keep elections and politics to three weeks a year and cap the money, give free tv time to all equally. Change the tax code to a flat tax for ALL income or institute a consumption tax. The country gets back to being a country and not a money machine for the "OPPOSAMES".

    Media Companies make a lot of profit money off political ads. They do not have to pay for production, it is basically no-risk revenue and provides little real value to the audience.

    Or founders never had the concept of this type of campagins

  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate.   21 hours 7 min ago

    Who's going to tie your shoe laces for you when momma dies?

  • It's time for the SEC to expose CEO pay!   21 hours 12 min ago

    Huge petition???? less than 200k? Bill O'reily got over 600,000 for Anti Santcuary Cities.

    This shows nothing except the BS and class division being espoused by progressives who who want Utopian Society of SAMES. Human Beings are animals. We need to succeed and we have values. Take those values away and mandate them, we become a society of boring, do nothings and so called intelectual watch dog nanny state. end of human beings and welcome the new world order of global government and human control.

    We are at the cusp of the end of life on this planet. Buy on credit now!!! You will never have to pay it back. Just like the Fed Reserve. They print money because they know it wont matter in 20 years. There will be nothing left alive on earth.

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   21 hours 13 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote Dr. Econ:

    But in any case, certainly you need to subsidize the poorer kids who need an education. Because it is a small proportion, it will have little impact on price.

    Quote Maine: I think you're better off giving them a world with bargain prices and letting them rise up themselves. But, if you must, then vouchers are the next best alternative. How about instead of subsidizing the poor kids, let them earn scholarships from the endowments of the private schools and work on the side. ... Instead of jacking up the price of college so they can't afford it even with loans

    Most people I knew had to work their way through college since the grants and loans were not enough.

    There were very few endowments, and private schools are more expensive.

    Quote Maine: What year was this? Tuition ought to be low enough for those ultra-hard working types to be able to emerge from college debt free.

    I can't remember exactly where we are in the arguement. Basically, there are highly rated public schools. There are highly rated private schools.

    They all are expensive.

    The existence of expensive private education disprove libertarian solutions.

    Most developed nations have a free education system, which is probably the best way to go.

    If you don't believe in that, then, yes, our current grant system is a voucher system for secondary education and is better than nothing.

    Quote Maine: In reality, we place too high of a value on education anyway. I mean they make you take all of these unrelated classes to get your bachelor's degree. It was all very interesting but it seems like a real waste of time and money looking back on it. People have this idea in their head that "an education" is in itself somehow a good thing. It's not. People should be training not educating, and they should be doing it wherever they can whether its a college or at somebody's house or on the job...wherever.

    Well, I think we should let students decide where they want to go to school.

    [quote=Dr. Econ]

    And of course you can prove your position false if you simply compare the ratings of private schools, which are much more expensive.

    Quote Maine: Only if you believe whatever those ratings track is what people actually want out of a school. Some kids actually want a school where they can kick back and relax.

    You claimed if we got rid of public schools, the prices will fall.

    The fact there thousands of private schools that are expensive proves your point is false.

    Yes. There would be private schools that cater to people of modest means. As it stands, all those kids' parents are having their property taxes sucked up and sent to the public school, so they would really being paying twice (once in the form of taxes and once in the form of tuition) in order to go to a private school. The expensive private schools would face competition from these new schools because they would provide a better product than public schools currently do. A new equilibrium would form.

  • Profiting and Profiling from Racism to Sexism and Sandra Bland   21 hours 22 min ago

    You won't accept any explanation for Mr. Bland's death no matter how many autopsies are given. And your opinion doesn't count for shit, Alice, except to you and your racist pals. You don't think you are being racist do you?

  • Will seniors leave the GOP over their views on Medicare?   21 hours 22 min ago

    Seniors, like anyone else, we act in their own best interests. Yes, the GP will do it's usual fear mongering but so will the Democrats. Hopefully, seniors will decide to leave both parties en masse like the majority of other Americans.

  • Drivers Beware -You can Lose Your Life if You Don't Use Your Turn Signal!   21 hours 29 min ago

    For someone who uses marijuana, I doubt that they would have had to force it down her throat. Besides, there was no signs of struggle or foul play revealed in the autopsy report. And it may be that she would have had to undergo a test for marijuana, but was she aware of that? You don't know. And even if she were aware of that, people get other people to "pee in the cup" all the time. Maybe her "friend" was willing to donate? Pee is cheaper than bail, anyway. Pee? No problem! $500 with the potential of losing $5,000 if she skipped town? A big problem! Could she have gotten it from the girl in the next cell? Maybe she was already saturated with the stuff when she was pulled over? Again, good thing Officer Encinia stopped her and arrested her when she acted hostile. Who knows how many people she might have killed in an auto accident?

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   21 hours 29 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote Garrett78:

    It also seems lost on libertarians that we live on a finite planet and that for some to have more others must have less.

    Quote Maine: This is a fallacy that you need to beat out of your head. Major fallacy.
    Quote Dr. Econ: So there is no opportunity costs to resources?

    Typically think that there is only so much oil, for example, and in order for you to have more oil, I have less. The same is true for all the resources.

    Quote dr. Econ: I think I need to make your argument for you. You are thinking if people have things to exchange, they can both be better off. If I have oil and you have iron ore, we can trade. But the more oil you have, the less oil I have, and the more iron ore I get, the less you get of it.

    Quote Maine:One may have less of each thing than they did, but they are each still better off after trade than they were before. Thus, it is not proper to say that in order for one to have more, the other must have less. We don't care about how much oil we have. We only care that our "welfare" is maximized, of which oil may be a component factor, sure.

    Yes, it is proper. Garrett78 wasn't talking about exchange. The more oil I have, the less oil you have. It is obvious.

    He wasnt talking about oil.

    Quote Dr. Econ:

    I thought you were going to bring up the canard of technology change, as if we are all oil engineers, agricultural scientists, farmers (2% of the population is on farms), mineralologists, or CEO's of Archer Daniel Midlands or BHP.

    Although there have been improvements in the rate at which we use the resources, however, we still have to use them, and at any given time one person's increase is another's loss. Thus, we say there is an opportunity cost of resources.

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   21 hours 31 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote Mdhess:

    And with commercial enterprise already suffocating the life out of us libertarians want to turn whatever little control we have left in our lives over to the commercial sector. That is why I have no respect for libertarians and, in fact, think that they are either mentally deficient or incapable of being rational.

    Quote Maine: The sad thing is is that freedom would probably bring you more of what you seek, but you are too blinded by your prejudices to see that.

    Well, we know that you think the US is more Libertarian than Europe. So where is all the more stuff you are talking about?

    why dont you start by looking at the difference in gdp per capita? why don't you start by observing greece and the fact that it is broke. why dont you look at youth unemployment in spain?

    Where do you get this idea that europe is better off than we are?

  • It's Lynching - and we need to call it that.   21 hours 34 min ago

    So apparently, Palindromedary, you are one of...

    Quote Roger Casement:
    ...those Americans more accustomed to trusting the judicial system to deliver fair outcomes, this outpouring may come across as baffling at best—and as a hasty, unwise leap to conclusions at worst, short-circuiting the due process of the justice system...

    despite the fact that

    Quote Roger Casement:
    ...the local history explains those deep wells of skepticism...


    Quote Roger Casement:
    ...Waller County has given African Americans more than a century’s worth of evidence that it is not in the habit of protecting their interests...

    and despite the fact that a young black woman, alone, hundreds of miles away from her home, is unable to give her account of what happened between herself and the Texas police, because she was brought out of the Waller County correctional system in a very irreversably dead condition.

    Is it upon the fairness of the Texas justice system that you base your conclusion of Sandra Bland being at fault and putting Texas society in imminent danger?

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   21 hours 35 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote mdhess:

    Freedom to pay a toll for each road I use?

    Quote Maine: I already pay taxes. What's so different about paying a private road?

    The idea is that it would be absurd to try and find a route from point A and B and shop for a road as well. The owners of roads near places in high demand or right of ways would simply collect high rents.

    And then there is the issue of who gets to own the road? The person with the most money?

    We already confronted this problem with the railroads and found that before government intervention it was the business community, not the consumer, who had a rough time of it

    Certiainly the person with the most money won't own everything. That would be impossible. Does bill gates even come close to owning everything? Isnt he the person with the most money? Who cares who owns the roads anyway? It doesnt make a difference to me, so long as its not government.

    Also, many roads would be free by virtue of the fact the people want business to be able to come their way. You might have a bunch of businesses cluster together and share the cost of a common road. Same with homes.

    Quote mdhess: Freedom to pay a fee to the owner every time I want to walk my dog in the park?
    Quote Maine: More stuff you're just making up.

    He is talking about paying for walking his dog somewhere where the dog could play on a lawn.

    In all such cases, I think selling it off to a private party would violate first use.

    Many private homes have lawns. If you're worried about cities, then it is perfectly acceptable for associations of homeowners to form and buy up a common lawn.

    Quote mdhess: Wages paid in credit at the company store?
    Quote Maine: Why not?

    The owner of the store would capture all the consumer surplus.

    And? If the employee thinks the store credit is a bargain compared to real money, they its a win win.

    Quote mdhess: Freedom to die from a treatable condition because I can't afford the unregulated healthcare industry?
    Quote Maine: If your condition really is so treatable, then it wont be very expensive.

    But if it is not so treatable, then it will be expensive.

    And how often is this the case anyway, without libertarianism? Are you saying that in order to try and treat untreatable diseases we should make the rest of the public suffer unbearable prices on general healthcare?

    Remember, liberalism is expensive. And Life in prison.

    Remember, Libertarianism is death.

  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate.   21 hours 44 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote Maine:You do the same thing to Ron Paul, who is not a racist. Some racists come out in support of Ron Paul and you think that makes Ron Paul a racist.
    So if Ron Paul gives a speech in front of a confederate flag... whitewashing southern secession like every other neoconfederate does... we're to assume that he has not a shred of racism in him? Here he is blaming tariffs and claiming slavery in was in retrospect claimed to be the main issue yet I've not found one reference to tariffs in any secession declaration... but at least 6 are very clear about slavery.

    It takes two sides to fight a war, and in the north you can see clearly that this war was not about slavery.

    You simply accept that people have a different opinion than you and move on. You don't get to call him a racist.

    Quote Maine:Some racist come out in support of the confederate flag and you think it makes the confederate flag a racist. It doesnt.
    Deny it all you want but the Confederate flag CAN NOT BE SEPARATED FROM WHITE SUPREMACY AND BLACK SLAVERY. It stands for a constitution that ENSHRINED white supremacy and black slavery. Feel free to deflect from that with more of your moronic analogies... such as...

    I wasnt even talking about the history of the flag. All I was establishing is that racists liking the flag today does not make the flag racist.

    Quote Maine:That's why I asked the question "would a bunch of racists eating ben and jerry's ice cream make the ice cream racist?" No.

    That question is still as moronic as the first 5 times you floated that red herring.

    It's not moronic. You're moronic. You want to skip from point A to point C without first acknowledging point B.

  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate.   21 hours 51 min ago
    Quote mdhess:
    Quote Maine:
    Quote mdhess:

    The Ben and Jerry's label never symbolized a rebellion against the government for the purpose of protecting the institution of slavery so, no, when racists eat Ben and Jerry's that doesn't make Ben and Jerry's racist ice cream. Honoring the ultimate symbol of racism, however, does make one a racist.

    Well at least we're on to something here. It is the history of the object itself which decides whether or not it is racist, not the racism of a person who uses the object.

    So the fact that a hoard of racists waves the confederate flag has no bearing on whether or not the confederate flag is a racist symbol.

    If waging a war to protect an institution that enslaves people based solely on the fact that they are differently skin colored doesn't qualify as racism then you tell me what does.

    Seceding from a country when that is perfectly legal is a legitimate act that was stamped out by imperial tyrants. The south would have never needed to form that army if they weren't threatened by the north, if it was taken as a given the seccession were legal.

    That's the symbol.

  • The Confederate flag is not a symbol of hate.   21 hours 54 min ago
    Quote Antifascist:
    Quote Maine:you didnt respond to the proposition.

    how many racists who like ben and jerrys does it take before ben and jerrys becomes a symbol of racism?

    Well Maine, I heard this argument in various forms before. What dishonest apologists and Sophists often do is scurry into the rabbit hole of ambiguity to cover their tracks and seek cover when they cannot defend their position any other way. In this case, you are using, consciously or unconsciously, the ambiguity in language of identity. How is identity attributed to any object by language?

    The best way to explain the ambiguity of identity is to take the example of a bicycle wheel. If we were replace a single spoke of the wheel, would it still be the same wheel? Most persons would agree that it is the same wheel. But, what if we replaced 50% of the spokes. Would it then be the same bicycle wheel? How about if we replaced all the spokes, and the bicycle rim? Would it then be the same wheel? One can come up with arguments for each change, but the answer would have to be ultimately agreed up on at some arbitrary point: let us say after 50% of the spokes are replaced, and a new rim. We may not even get an agreement on these criteria because the way language symbolize an object with a name is a question of definition which involves social agreement, historical criteria, custom, and the concept of essential meaning. All of these elements are not built on the certainty of mathematical truth, but that doesn’t stop us from using language meaningfully.

    In the case of the Confederate flag, it’s connection to the history of slavery and racism is undeniable. In fact, historically and culturally the symbol of the Confederate flag has represented racism. Symbols can change, but its history cannot. Some persons may, or may not embrace the flag as a symbol of their past, but like changing a spoke in a wheel, it doesn’t change the essential meaning of the Confederate flag. The ambiguity of symbols is that any object can be selected to represent a body of orthodoxy, but that does not change the symbol’s past meaning. The swastika has been used for many centuries in religion, before it was chosen by the fascists to represent Nazism, but that does not negate its fascist past as a symbol. A “confederate” is a collaborator, and in American history the conspirators were conspiring against the abolition of slavery. That is its historical, cultural, and essential meaning and is the reason racists still embrace the Confederate flag today. It is not illegitimate to connect the Confederate flag with racism in our ordinary discourse.

    Actually, the swastika continues to be used as a symbol of religion in buddhist countries and I believe theirs is turned counter-clockwise or something like that, distinguishing it from the nazi swastika.

    But even without that distinguishing characteristic, it is wrong to think of the swastika in anything more than its intended meaning. When it is used by buddhists and hipsters, it is a symbol of good fortune or something like that. When it is used by racists it is a symbol of white supremecy or something like that.

    What I was merely trying to argue is that the number of racists who use a symbol does not change the original meaning of the object itself. What matters instead is the history of the object.

    You've allowed me to go one step further and to show that what matters is who is using the symbol. If a racist flies the confederate flag, that is different than a southern redneck or an american rebel flying the flag.

  • Sandra Bland was Targeted   21 hours 59 min ago
    Quote AIW:What is abundantly clear by now is that you and the camel man LOVE living in a fascist police state.

    Even living in a fascist state is better than living in a state of terror which is what it would be if there were no police to protect us from the bad know the ones that love murdering people before or after they rob them. The bad guys (and gals) are the ones that would just love it if there were no police to catch them and put them in prison. The criminals are driving this country into a fascist police state. And those who side with the criminals make a police state not only possible but likely. It is the overwhelming majority of civil citizens, who want protection from criminals, who support the police and want them to do their job. It is the far fewer who are the rebellious and noisy troublemakers that try to make the police seem like like they are all bad people.

  • It's time for the SEC to expose CEO pay!   22 hours 6 min ago

    Willie W; You should read his book 'Where Have All The Leaders Gone?" that he published about ten years ago, it's a long way from a tribute to his business expertise. More a collection of business experiences and personal tragedies that prompted him to warn Americans about where their country was headed under the current leadership on both sides of the isle !

  • Recent SPILLS........ That maybe you haven't heard about!   22 hours 7 min ago

    Because they are busy covering the Kardashians.

  • Policemanship   22 hours 17 min ago

    Jflum: Maybe you should never have left Florida. Yeah, I know, too many J...s in Florida, eh? Florida has laws where if you think you are being threatened by someone, you can shoot them in "self-defense". Maybe that's the way it should be! If you try to shoot someone where you're at now, or even just threaten to, they'll swarm down on you with a bunch of cops. But, I guess I need not tell you that. The days of "self-defense" are numbered. But then some people go overboard, perhaps... like George Zimmerman. And if the jokers out there ever manage to completely castrate the police. We will all be at the mercy of the criminals who all have guns. Yes, I know, you have them too! That big old Mooseberg. Or did they take that away from you already?

  • Drivers Beware -You can Lose Your Life if You Don't Use Your Turn Signal!   22 hours 19 min ago

    A call in from another employee at the college said that she would have had to have a drug test to be considered for the job. It stays in your system for 30 days. Now how did this much get in her system?

  • Drivers Beware -You can Lose Your Life if You Don't Use Your Turn Signal!   22 hours 22 min ago

    Or it was fed to her.

  • Sandra Bland was Targeted   22 hours 28 min ago

    I have answered your questions - over and over and over again. It is you who apparently can't read. Traffic safety laws are written for the very reason that you apparently can't understand - even when they are called traffic SAFETY laws. "CAN"T YOU READ?"

    Not only is it dangerous, especially when your vision is obscured by trees, but it is a really stupid thing to do with a cop car right in front of you on the opposite side of the road - especially when you have a rap sheet a mile long, outstanding fines, and a pending license suspension. But I'm sure you haven't thought that one through either.

    You seem so desperate to salvage some semblance of moral (if anything you say can be called moral) justification for your insupportable diatribes that apparently you will go to any lengths of logical absurdity to try to regain some semblance of authority. But you chose your platform and its been crumbling under you ever since. Remember this gem:

    "Pssst! One more thing. Sandra Bland was murdered."

    And you just add to the absurdity with each post: Now you say people run stop signs "all the time without consequence." Do you even read such nonsense before you post or is it just an automatic response to put your foot in your mouth.

    "Just twist the meaning and argue with that?" You can save time - it's called a straw man argument - and you managed to do exactly that immediately after you tried to call me on it. We "love living in a fascist police state?" I guess you really can't read.

  • Drivers Beware -You can Lose Your Life if You Don't Use Your Turn Signal!   22 hours 33 min ago

    Robert Johnson, chief toxicologist at the Tarrant County medical examiner's office in Fort Worth, Texas, told the AP that a THC level as high as Bland's suggests she "either had access to the drug in jail or she was a consistent user of the drug and her body had accumulated THC to the point that it was slowly releasing it over time."

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