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  • No Chance in Hell for Bernie...   1 day 18 hours ago

    If something like that were to happen would it surprise anyone? This is amerika after all Doug. But no, it wasn't that. I was thinking of the convention; Humphrey vs McCarthy. The next in line favored vs the popular choice. Rigged floor votes, late comer candidates to split the ballots, made up arcane rules to disallow votes of delegates...etc etc etc. Aah, basicly a stolen nomination by the favorite son candidate.

  • Thom, would you tell Abraham Lincoln to "get over" his whiteness?   1 day 18 hours ago

    At the same time we were being terrorized by phantom bombers, the US was conducting mock air raids over the USSR. When one bomber got shot down the Eisenhower administration released the story that the plane had been lost on a weather mission in the South Pacific. The USSR had offered to release the crew for an apology that never came. So over the next fifty years those men spent the rest of their lives as POWs. Something to think about the next time you see one of those POW/MIA flags waving here in the land of the slaves and home of the cowards.


  • America The Failure: A long list of failures   1 day 18 hours ago

    25% of the country was in poverty when LBJ announced the war. He then reduced it to 12% in poverty or a 50% reduction. Because it was not 100%, the GOP called it a failure. Reagan got it back up to 16% or a 33% increase. The elderly used to be in poverty all over the country in huge numbers, Social Security ended that, but the GOP thinks it is a failure too. Reagan's star wars got a lot of money, never worked, and never would work, but the GOP always wanted it.

    The last trillions spent were the wars W started for no reason other than Cheney's hard on for reversing the Church commission hits the executive branch took while he was in charge with Ford. again, only Romania is worse.

    OECD numbers use 50% of median income as poverty line In the US the child poverty rate is higher than the country wide rate. Most of the lowest have child rates lower than general rates, but they also have functioning democracies.

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   1 day 19 hours ago

    See, revisionist history! Of course a puppy like you wouldn't know anything about the Great Depression, FDR and how he affected people's lives in the real world, not some libertarian fantasy version of reality. My in-laws were actual "Oakies", those who migrated from Oklahoma to California during the Great Depression. When my father-in-law was only 13 years old he was put out of the house because his family couldn't afford to feed him. He rode the rails from Oklahoma to California where he made due panhandling and working odd jobs until he got work at a CCC camp. That opportunity gave him self respect and a way to support himself without having to beg or rely on charity. When he turned 18 he went back to Oklahoma to marry his childhood sweetheart and bring her back to California with him. He later worked on Shasta Dam which was a New Deal works project and when the US entered WW2 they both went to the Bay Area to work in the shipyards because they wanted to help FDR win the war.

    My father-in-law passed away a decade ago but my mother-in-law is alive and well. They both remained life long Democrats and revered FDR for what he did for them and all the people like them during the depression. For them and for so many of their generation FDR was not just a president but so beloved that he was considered family. No man is always right and certainly FDR made some serious mistakes but he also did more good for average Americans than any president in history before or since and the way libertarians lie about and pervert the history of the Great Depression and FDR's record is unconsionable.

    You might think you know something about FDR but it's just the nonsense that comes from pseudo-intellectual propagandists at bullshit factory institutes and it's utter nonsense. Actually, calling it nonsense is being kind as it's deliberate misrepresentation of history and historical facts designed to make libertarianism appear plausible. It's crooked, dishonest, deceitful, shameful! My in-laws adored FDR because this country was mired in desperation and he gave them hope.

    Be careful who you choose to put your trust in.

  • Basic income   1 day 20 hours ago
    1 $11,770
    2 15,930
    3 20,090
    4 24,250
    5 28,410
    6 32,570
    7 36,730
    8 40,890
    is the poverty lines for each family size, and 1 since 1 does not a family make. Then EITC max earnings and credits offered are
    If filing... Qualifying Children Claimed
    Zero One Two Three or more
    Single, Head of Household or Widowed $14,820 $39,131 $44,454 $47,747
    Married Filing Jointly $20,330 $44,651 $49,974 $53,267
    Investment Income Limit
    The amount of the credit is:
    Maximum Credit Amounts
    The maximum amount of credit for Tax Year 2015 is:
    $6,242 with three or more qualifying children
    $5,548 with two qualifying children
    $3,359 with one qualifying child
    $503 with no qualifying children
    520 a month for family of 5, or 104 per head. No kids and you get 41.91, tax free. However since the GOP yanked the AEITC the whole lot comes in a lump sum and is useless to assist living standard increase, because it's a Christian thing to suffer, that's what makes you a good Christian, and the GOP wants all good Christians, they vote for the GOP knowing the GOP screws them for God.

    AIW sought 18K a year, and that could care for a household. Bus passes prepaid and mailed can be separate. The UK gives free tube and bus passes to retirees, or age cutoff if still working.

    1.5 times poverty line was a metric I used for tax brackets in an adjusted marginal rate schedule, then Cato adopted the same numbers in their flat system to grant the first 30K tax free for all since that is minimum for family of four in their eyes.

    Rent subsidies can go to the landlord too, instead of cash. SNAP is a good program too no matter what fox always whines about. Most SNAP recipients are working, but since the GOP wants slave wages (that suffering thing again) of course snap numbers increase even as unemployment shrinks.

    I thought municipals should have taken over foreclosed properties and offered them as city property to police officers free of charge, since they hadn't had raises in awhile and neighbors might like a cruiser in a driveway nearby. Churches offer pastors a parsonage to live in, townships, cities, counties, etc could take over the homes that people walked away from.

    The work pools that unions negotiated for upon outsourced job loss were good for all participants. The idea was that the workers would still get paid even though the job no longer existed, and since they were being paid the savings were supposed to be lessened so possibly less likely when that clause was in their contract. The workers had to show up at the union hall, they did not sit at home. They also did county jobs in emergencies, like filling sand bags to raise the levies during potential flooding. They drove disabled to treatment centers, too, and were happy to do it, their pay was the same as their old job. If certain number of hours were required for a monthly stipend there are always tasks that could be done even if it was school crosswalks, or chaperones for the school dances (I've done that a few times).

    The current EITC needs to be raised, but will not be, the GOP hates poor people getting the same tax breaks their rich donors get. I wrote Bernie to see if he could seek the restoration of AEITC -advanced credit that comes in the paycheck, and thus spent, becomes a mild stimulus and peace of mind not to mention simpler tax filing.

    btw, AIW's 1500 month or 18K a year, is 50 a day so what is the average community service work that goes to probation court decisions? 20 hours a month to be listed on a volunteer phone tree list that you might be called or might not, but you put your own schedule when you have hours available. Poll workers are always busy, but picking up litter ought still be prisoner's domain. Working a phone bank, or calling deadbeat dads, or checking the tire pressure on the city cars, or sitting in hospices with patients (I've done that too). If you're disabled, you get SSDI anyhow so no volunteer work required. Hell, Walmart has people greeting, not too stressful.

  • Thom, would you tell Abraham Lincoln to "get over" his whiteness?   1 day 21 hours ago

    Roland, how well I remember. I recall, around ages six or seven, having to go through these air raid drills at school, with us all told to get down on the floor and crouch under our little desks. And it creeped me out. I'll carry that memory to my grave.

  • Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?   1 day 22 hours ago

    I was afraid you take the low hanging fruit and purposely ignore my point, which is that the libertarian philosophy was born in elitism, and so cared nothing about the poor or those without iherited property.

    That is why Libertarianism is a violent cult of murder, torture and slavery.

    You are a cultist because you force yourself not to learn anything that challenges your view. You canot even google it. You stoped learning a long time ago, for a reason only known to yourself.

  • Bill O’Reilly and America Need to Be De-Programmed   1 day 22 hours ago

    And since we are talking of the democracy of skin cilor then it's only logical that there will be racial strife until everyone has the same skin color in a thousand years or so. And? Then it will be something else that the banksters will use to divide us. Maybe heighth? Fatness? Etc all to make a buck. And racism or "Democracy of skin" occurred in the North and still does. 4 slave states did not secede from the union.

    I understand Thom is running an entertainment show and he ruffles feathers for attention but Thom needs to quit pretending that the North were a bunch of moral do good nice liberals fighting and dying to free slaves. That wasn't why the Civil war started. Lincoln only used the slaves after 2 years of losing battle after battle with unstoppable Robert E Lee. Lincoln used slaves manpower to help the North and take that manpower from the South. Lincoln favored deporting the blacks even in the North to Africa. It's true the South does have racist as do all races black white etc... but to conflate racism with a death cult is false and absurd. Most white racist will benigningly sit in a lazy boy complain about affirmative action but would never actually get a gun and do unnecessarily what Roof did. White racism is not a death cult. Thom is wrong to conflate the two. The death cult then as it is today are the banksters of the South who used turned racism into radical racism a death cult. That's how the banksters made money in the South and in 4 slave states in the North .
    Lincoln and Malcolm X both believed in seperation of blacks and whites. And it was not just the South who had Jim Crow laws. As a matter of fact California ( Union state) had more Jim Crow laws than any southern state. O'Reilly would have been more accurate to say there are no more Jim Crow laws against blacks anymore. There was/is a black president in the white house for 8 years.Blacks have the best chance they've ever had to work and be a responsible successful citizen than ecer before.

    Also the evidence does support Mark Saulys' post #8 reply to Thom "...NEVER did I ever know or even hear of ANYBODY who believed Hitler was Jesus Christ or his reincarnation. You really hurt your credibility - and our movements - when you embellish like that. If you keep doing that you'll be known as "that crazy lefty on the radio" and "lefty" will become synonymous with "crazy"..."

    Hitler did manipulate protestant Christianity through the Greek scriptures through his protestant "theologians". And the Catholic Church also made a deal the the devil Hitler.

    Doktor Gerhard Kittle, of Kittle's Theological Dictionary, was one of Hitler's theologians. Doktor Kittle was imprisoned after WWII by the allies. The allies went straight to the university where Doktor Kittle taught and arrested him. Kittle was imprisoned for 17 months? The NIV Bible today is based the Kittle's TDNT Greek to english mistranslations. The current h cult I was forced to attend also used TDNT for support of its false mistranslations. Are mistranslations insignificant? No way. Kittle tried stripping the humanity of Jesus by attacking the Greek to english translation of the blood of Jesus. The result was attacking the humanity of the Jew Jesus. And later used by neoconservative churches to attack the humanity of MLK and all humsn loving liberals.


    Thus the logic being if you can remove Jesus' humanity and your normal judgement of right and wrong through Greek mistranslations then you've destroyed the neoconservative christians own judgement of right and wrong thereby allowing all kinds of Fox propaganda internalized into the neoconservative Christian's psyche without thier own judgement. You can pass off as prejudice lies etc... as "spiritual christianity".

    And the humanity of Jesus is removed through mistranslations then you get to go to heaven and don't need to be that pesky human to human to one another. You can make millions and send people to thier deaths in false wars for profit. And not have to worry about having a conscience. You could be Adolf Hitler and still go to heaven.

  • Do We Need Amtrak? (+ a side debate on firearm background checks)   1 day 22 hours ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    Still waiting for you to PROVE that expanding background checks to non-FFL sales at gun shows will make ZERO difference. Oh, that's right... you never had any proof. You just hoped people would be stupid enough to believe your bullshit Gun Nut "logic" like you obviously do.

    And STILL no admission AFTER 2.5 YEARS that your claim NICS did virtually nothing to stop criminals etc but was blocking people for parking tickets is pure bullsh*t? Do I have to show you the official number of NICS denial AGAIN... and AGAIN... and AGAIN?

    Oh, that's right. The reason you never provided any sources for any of your claims is because you think your vomit IS proof enough... and if the real world disagrees... then in your mind the real world is wrong.

    Look at the failures or the people who are currently ignoring the law by selling a weapon to a felon, those are the same people who will still ignore the law after a universal background check is past.

    I know you will refuse to believe this but that is how it goes.

  • Independence Day: “…With Liberty and Justice for All”   1 day 22 hours ago
    Quote Patriot Ex:

    One of the most pathetic arguments I have ever heard from defensive whites is "I did not own slaves", This argument is beyond stupid because whites benefit today from not only slavery and Jim Crowe, but the Homestead Act, G.I loans, neighborhood redlining and a list of other crap to numerous to mention....

    The question is have i benefited from black slavery or jim crow? The answer is no.

    I am not responible for it, or even now (if you take my word for it).

    The past is irrelevant, really. Blacks make less than whites because of current discrimination, becuase of the current self-reinforcing cycle of poverty.

    So don't blame black discrimination on the ghost of jefferson, or slavery, or even jim crow. Don't blame me. Blame it on poor schools and the exclusive white culture we have today, right now.

  • Independence Day: “…With Liberty and Justice for All”   1 day 22 hours ago

    Even R. Kenyatta said that his father was a marine and he loved the country. Can't imagine why... living in Coffeeville, KS... but he loved it just the same.

  • Recent discovery: It's leaking radioactive material!   1 day 22 hours ago

    I guess since Plutonium-239 is not such a scary thing after all, we don't have to worry about terrorists using a "dirty" bomb against us because it wouldn't be much worse than a water balloon bursting... right? Maybe we could invite Dr. Cohen, from the University of Pittsburgh, to a smorgasborg of Plutonium-139 if a terrorist ever exploded one in some city.

    I remember the video called "Duck and Cover" where they were trying to make everyone believe that all we had to do during a nuclear war was just "Duck and Cover".

    And here is what happens when some blowhard tries to defend Monsanto's Glyphosate by saying that "you can drink a whole quart of the stuff and if wouldn't hurt you". He was offered a glass to drink and he wouldn't do it!

    Health Effects of Plutonium
    How can plutonium affect people's health?

    External exposure to plutonium poses very little health risk, since plutonium isotopes emit alpha radiation, and almost no beta or gamma radiation. In contrast, internal exposure to plutonium is an extremely serious health hazard. It generally stays in the body for decades, exposing organs and tissues to radiation, and increasing the risk of cancer. Plutonium is also a toxic metal, and may cause damage to the kidneys.

  • Independence Day: “…With Liberty and Justice for All”   1 day 22 hours ago

    Uh, i appreciate the undergrad studies class, but guys, but we are not debating that. We are talking if it is reasonable to say that a black man can like America for her ideals. So what is your best guess ? We know that there are many black millionaires, professionals, owners of stores, partnerships, educators, even the president of the United States is black, and was an editor on the Harvard Law Review. The most famous scientist alive could be a black man. There are the famous and millionare sports heros, comedians, the wealthiest woman was Opra for a long time.

    The last time i checked, a third of blacks were upper class.

    So, despite all the problems blacks face everyday, i think if a black man wanted to say he loved America for her ideals, i would understand that.

  • Conscious apocalypse: outliving our ruling institutions   1 day 23 hours ago

    Ican't believe it, but I think I've been banned. ty all, hope my inability to log in repeatedly every which way to sunday has been a site error,,, wishes


  • "Cops Gone Wild"   1 day 23 hours ago
  • America The Failure: A long list of failures   1 day 23 hours ago
  • A Political Earthquake and No One Covered it!   2 days 48 min ago

    Never mind. I just heard Thom say that Rachel & Hayes mentioned it.

  • A Political Earthquake and No One Covered it!   2 days 49 min ago

    I'd be interested to know if Comca$h put a muzzle on their MSNBC news hosts too.

  • Recent discovery: It's leaking radioactive material!   2 days 1 hour ago

    Another person who doesn't know about radioistopes. Long half-life = low radiation. The dangerous isotopes are the short half-life ones that are widely used in medical, agricultural, security, geophysical, industrial, scientific & space applications. You could quite happily carry around a piece of Pu-239 in your pocket without any harmful affect either acute or long term. Dr. Cohen even offered to eat an ounce of plutonium if Ralph Nader would in turn eat an ounce of caffeine.

    So low level radioactive isotopes leaking from an ancient nuclear test site could be a hazard, and should be addressed scientifically not based on fear mongering or crazy emotional hyperbole. Easy to do, radiation is a weak carcinogen and is easy & quick to measure, You can measure radiation yourself quite sufficiently with a $25 dosimeter bought off of eBay.

    Whereas the thousands of chemical strong carcinogens, i.e. released by every oil & gas fire, are far more difficult. Requires gathering hundreds of samples and sending them to a lab for an expensive chemical assay. One thing for sure any radiation leakage will likely be trivial compared to the ongoing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico from the still unresolved BP Oil spill.

    In fact, fracking wastewater ponds all over the good ol' USA already release large amounts of low level (& long lived) radiation into our rivers, lakes, wells and acquifers. Sometimes up to 15,000X max clean water regs.

  • Gulf oil Spill   2 days 1 hour ago

    I'm amazed how little Thom Hartmann covers the incredible Gulf Oil spill, right here in his own backyard, but instead incessantly spreads fear mongering & disinformation about the Fukushima incident way over there in Japan. By my calculations the Gulf Oil spill was at least 1.7 million X worse than the Fukushima incident from a public health standpoint, but trivial coverage of the BP Oil spill in the MSM. No closures or demands to close all Gulf Oil rigs though. Silence from Greenpeace.

  • Video: Rise of the Robots, 1 hr   2 days 1 hour ago

    Rise of the robots is not the problem. The problem is our plutocrat controlled & privately owned debt money system that prevents currency being issued properly to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of the vast surpluses of goods & services made available through increasing automation. Instead currency is being privately issed as a debt, whose purpose is to increase the wealth of extraordinarily wealthy parasites who produce absolutely nothing. Ultimately this incredible injustice is a direct consequence of our crony capitalist form of government, politicians only accountable to the rentier class, who could care less about the welfare of anyone else.

    "....In America, however, the colonists defied the Bank of England and issued their own paper scrip; and they thrived. When King George forbade that practice, the colonists rebelled.

    They won the Revolution but lost the power to create their own money supply, when they opted for gold rather than paper money as their official means of exchange. Gold was in limited supply and was controlled by the bankers, who surreptitiously expanded the money supply by issuing multiple banknotes against a limited supply of gold.

    This was the system euphemistically called “fractional reserve” banking, meaning only a fraction of the gold necessary to back the banks’ privately-issued notes was actually held in their vaults. These notes were lent at interest, putting citizens and the government in debt to bankers who created the notes with a printing press. It was something the government could have done itself debt-free, and the American colonies had done with great success until England went to war to stop them.

    President Abraham Lincoln revived the colonists’ paper money system when he issued the Treasury notes called “Greenbacks” that helped the Union win the Civil War. But Lincoln was assassinated, and the Greenback issues were discontinued.

    In every presidential election between 1872 and 1896, there was a third national party running on a platform of financial reform. Typically organized under the auspices of labor or farmer organizations, these were parties of the people rather than the banks. They included the Populist Party, the Greenback and Greenback Labor Parties, the Labor Reform Party, the Antimonopolist Party, and the Union Labor Party. They advocated expanding the national currency to meet the needs of trade, reform of the banking system, and democratic control of the financial system.

    The Populist movement of the 1890s represented the last serious challenge to the bankers’ monopoly over the right to create the nation’s money. According to monetary historian Murray Rothbard, politics after the turn of the century became a struggle between two competing banking giants, the Morgans and the Rockefellers. The parties sometimes changed hands, but the puppeteers pulling the strings were always one of these two big-money players..."

  • Recent discovery: It's leaking radioactive material!   2 days 2 hours ago

    The Repugs have used the "all of the above" approach. One way or another they will exterminate humanity.


  • Gulf oil Spill   2 days 2 hours ago

    Do not hold your breath, Howard.


  • Why Conservatives Hate Public Education   2 days 2 hours ago

    Sorry, Dexter, public education works fine. Forty years ago we had the best education and most educated population in the world. All we need do is keep Republicans away from it.


  • Independence Day: “…With Liberty and Justice for All”   2 days 2 hours ago

    cluck cluck cluck

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