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  • Media Report: Dirty Hippie Communists riot in Hong Kong   22 hours 41 min ago
    Quote Legend:
    If you remember Tianmin Square they showed force with the tanks but did not run over the protestor.

    They may not have run over *that* protester,
    but they killed many others.
    Estimates range from hundreds, to thousands,
    in a state like China the true figure cannot be known.

  • Is Capitalism A "Moral" Economic System?   22 hours 41 min ago

    rs allen, sorry, but that is not capitalism where one hand washes the other and both parties are satisfied. That is "fair trade," and it is loaded with examples of worker owned businesses doing business with other worker owned businesses where the value of mutual satisfaction is personal as well as local.

    "Capitalism" is about investing in other people's businesses, not in your own. The latter is "socialism." It just is not "government owned" everything or centralized command and control, which is a lot more true of Corporate than of real small businesses, by which I exclude hedge funds and other financialist "small groups" from. They have no real place on Main St., and that is where your service industry operates.

    Even if you service big corporations as a private contractor, they are only your customers, not your sponsors into the Capitalism Club.

    While you may have a job where you earn more than enough to survive, your capital assets are fairly meager compared to what the Casino Economy allows to play against you in wealth creation, so you will always fall behind the bankster class in your satisfied service job. It is in the nature of investor wealth and the ownership of what are truly public institutions called "corporations." When they do business in the public market and employ citizens as workers, they are not private individuals with personal rights that obviate their public impact.

    In other words, rs, "capitalism" is eating your lunch and leaving you way behind those who are gathering in the big bucks. It does not flow back down, and at some point the society is torn apart. Hardly a moral system. But ask Piketty and Graeber if you want to have it explained in detail. Or just do David Korten's AGENDA FOR A NEW ECONOMY; OR WHY WE DO NOT NEED WALL ST.

  • Rape and The Elephant   22 hours 42 min ago


    Thank you for your thoughtful commentary. That took courage because it looks like you"re up next for the firing squad.. Also, I left a response at your blog/question. I too was dismayed and confused to see the "alternate" thread removed.

    BTW, do the comments directed toward you constitute an un-provoked attack? Fine line I suppose. Plausible deniability.

    Take care,


  • UKRAINE 2.0 - Hong Kong's Color Revolution   22 hours 51 min ago

    Yep, I knew it. It smells like shit on ice. When the American press gets positive and excited about mass protests, something is wrong. The United States is trolling the entire world looking for war and opportunities to spread political chaos in order to deploy Neoliberalism.

  • Ebola in Texas   22 hours 53 min ago
  • Of Love, Freedom, Potatoes and Sunflowers   22 hours 55 min ago

    Thank you so much for this post. It has helped me to relax, take a deep breath and regain perspective and peace. Perception is reality, and we all have different perceptions, different realities, so remember to have empathy, not antipathy when worlds collide. Thank you.


  • Obama’s Admin, and Congress cut Employment Benefits, Food Stamps, $1 Billion dollars instantly appears for Ukrainian Fascists.   23 hours 3 min ago

    Sure, idiot boy. We would be deep in WWIII with Romney, so what choice do you have instead. Go put your head back where it feels more comfortable.

  • Obama’s Admin, and Congress cut Employment Benefits, Food Stamps, $1 Billion dollars instantly appears for Ukrainian Fascists.   23 hours 9 min ago

    Endless money for war! No austerity here. No debate. No Democracy.

    Cost Of Bombing ISIS Closing In On $1 Billion

    in case you are wondering what $1 billion looks like in one hundred dollar bills.

  • Stop calling it "The Islamic State"   23 hours 12 min ago

    On the list of bad PR, I think just about all of what the Righties in the Senate said about bombing them off the face of the earth, or stone age or whatever ugly piece of imperial bullyboy acting out it was offends far more. As does the actual bombing and lack of concern about collateral damage or why this time it is going to work better than last time justifications.

    As I said, here at 'homeland,' we may be fascinated by ISIS(L) and their video skills as well as ability to grab a significant piece of turf and oil production, but we do not see ourselves as they see us at all. What the Great Satan calls this particular "enemy" is fairly beside the point, but if it is offensive and insensitive, what do you expect from the Great Satan? I don't think a more subtle GS is going to fool them or make us less demonic in this story of their country and our lost way.

  • Why did K. Allen's thread disappear? It says page not found.   23 hours 18 min ago

    Lies, slander, distortion. Once again AIW, you are WRONG on a point. It was ME who made the suggestion to begin a new thread, k.allen just went ahead and did it. Check the thread. That is a FACT.

    You are a skipping record of trauma in your own mind, projecting your memories of pain on anyone who triggers them.

    You admit this on the "Female Aggression" thread, how you were left out, how other girls bullied you, how painful this was for you. You also admit to "being angry", your words.

    Trouble is, you've become the bully, the "mean girl". It makes you feel powerful because inside you are so hurt, by your own admission. I bet your insides are like a writhing knot of ache, twisting and constricting so tightly it's impossible to ignore. Your anguish is palpable. I know that feeling myself, many people do, but where you might've made friends, you made enemies.

    To claim that you were attecked uprovoked is also a lie, but you are very successful at weaving alternate realities that you manipulate others into believing. You created a fantasy in your mind about who I am, you cherry-picked and distorted reality to justify this fantasy. Then went about rounding up allies, presenting them with your distorted fantasy, and convinced a few. Really, who's the mean girl with her clique?

    You succeeded in getting me censored.

    Not once, nowhere did I call you names, though I do note that you called me a "gadfly".

    Well, I cannot control other's interpretations of reality, nor do I wish to, nor do I need to.

    Take care of yourself, wounded sister. Hope you find peace.


  • Rape and The Elephant   23 hours 29 min ago

    Palindromedary, you seem to love accusing others of fundamentalism. But anyone who reads past posts of yours on the subject of religion, and/or theism, will see a classic example of fundamentalist, my-way-or-the-highway rhetoric. And this makes you a hypocrite. - AIW

  • Why did K. Allen's thread disappear? It says page not found.   23 hours 35 min ago

    I don't know this for a fact, but I've a strong hunch why the thread disappeared. Michelle and Alyona took over the thread and hogged it, making it impossible for others to participate or carry on a discussion. And with her unprovoked attack against me, Michelle violated the code of civility established by Kathleen, before any discussion could even get started. In doing so, Michelle created a hostile environment, making it all the more difficult for such a discussion to proceed. Frankly, I'd be very surprised if this were not the case.

    The moment Michelle's name appeared on that thread, I knew it was doomed. Much as I appreciate Kathleen's good intentions, I think she was being very naieve to welcome Michelle and Alyona into that forum. I knew that in all likelihood, they would sabotage it, which is exactly what happened. It quickly evolved into a private chat between Michelle and Alyona while all the other participants left, including me.

    It wouldn't surprise me if this post were to be followed by multiple rebuttals from those two. But you know what they say about that river in Egypt.... Anyway that's my answer. Take it or leave it. - AIW

  • Is Capitalism A "Moral" Economic System?   23 hours 45 min ago

    Excuse me richard but you'll have to explain that to me.

    I labor in the service industry. I ask and get what I consider a fair value in return, and like wise those recieving my services are as satisfied as I am. One hand washes the other. Otherwise known as capitalism.

    How is that amoral?

  • Is Capitalism A "Moral" Economic System?   1 day 19 min ago

    Yes, Capitalism is an amoral economic system

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: Would You Hire Her to Flip Hamburgers?   1 day 22 min ago

    Bush_Wacker, Point taken.. But you can not be ruled by apathy. I would never govern my decisions by apathetic pragmatism. That's not democracy either. Have you read my forum post on Consumer Unions? It could be a start.

  • Why the Web of Life is Dying...   1 day 25 min ago

    I figured out something interesting about ecology from a mathematical curiosity from astronomy.

    Picture the zodiac as a circle broken into arcs. What I wondered was: If you knew only where the midpoints of the arcs were, would you be able to calculate where the dividing points are? It turns out that there's a very simple formula, but it works only if the number of arcs is odd. With an even number of arcs, one degree of freedom is left. That is, if you numbered the dividing points in order, you could move the odd-numbered points clockwise, and the even-numbered points counter-clockwise the same amount, and the solution would still be valid.

    The ecological connection is that moving those dividing points, which lengthens some of the arcs and shortens others. is like letting some species get more populous, and others less. If you keep moving those dividing points, eventually one of the arcs reaches zero and a species goes extinct. If a species gets more populous, it eats more of the next species in the circle, so that species gets less populous, eats less of the third species in line, which gets more populous, etc. With an odd number of species, there's a negative feedback loop (pun intended) that stabilizes things, but with an even number of species, there's a positive feedback loop that destabilizes the ecosystem. The longer the loop, the longer it would take to restabilize or destabilize.

    Extinction of a species kills the entire loop in both cases, but a single loop is also unrealistic. There's actually a web of species interaction, and if it's rich enough, hopefully every species is in at least one short, odd-numbered loop.

  • Female Aggression: How Gender-Role Imperatives Turn “Nice” Girls into Mean Girls   1 day 46 min ago
    Quote Aliceinwonderland:

    Girls can be extremely toxic. Their cliquishness is all about exclusion. And as one who never conformed to the "sugar & spice" thing, I was ostracized by other girls while growing up. And even among girls, bullying can get physical.

    Yes: (just ignore that it's O'Reilly's report)

    Quote Aliceinwonderland:

    Children can be very mean. This is why I've never been partial to children. - AIW

    Yes, children can be mean. But I think it's interesting to watch the transition girls go through from being relatively joyous, loving and tender beings in their infant and toddler years (aside from terrible twos, being the stereotype), to competitive little beasts, or victims of such, as they get older, especially into their teens. I saw it starting to happen for one of my granddaughters, when I saw another girl snub her after my G-daughter's friendly greeting. She has plenty of friends of her own, but this incident was on the school playground, where a lot of this stuff begins.

    At a certain point, too, kids begin to pick up on cultural hierarchies and the power of status, both from the media and from their parents. And girls begin to catch on to the imperative of feminine beauty— Barbie and the rest. Once that kicks in, the competition and cruelty work their way into kid's relationships. Talk about sad.

  • The banned   1 day 47 min ago

    commercial troll

    Nicholas Brush

  • We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.   1 day 49 min ago

    Thanks for the heads up about the spam. :)

  • The Overpopulation Scam - From Paul Ehrlich To John Holdren   1 day 52 min ago

    The world is already overpopulated ... for it's infrastructure. Buckminster Fuller predicted over a half century ago. He said it wouldn't get solved because the establishment won't yield it's heavy handed control to allow changes to accomodate a greater populace. And I don't think it is too "tinfoil hatish" to believe that the establishment has plans to reduce the population through genocide.

  • Welcome to the land of the $10 sandwich   1 day 59 min ago

    Our downtown is also where the country courthouse resides. McDonalds set up shop across the street and is only open for breakfast and lunch. There is a rumor they are closing shop at the end of the year.

    Many of the other restaurants almost appear to be catering to the attorneys in the area with expensive lunch menus. The town somewhat rolls up the streets at night. The only time I had to report for jury duty there in the early 1990s there were a lot more reasonably priced places. Without McDonalds jurors will be stuck with Subway. And then they might also get stuck with a parking ticket as they took away just putting your summons notice on the dash for free parking. Not to mention they want the downtown to flourish but won't take away the parking meters.

    Some prices are going up at supermarkets but they are doing another ploy: smaller packages. The 11 oz house brand chips at Safeway just became "new" and 7 ounces.

    I know seniors who have taken Social Security early because they could no longer get hired even with a vast amount of experience and education. They get depressed remembering that a mere 10 years ago they could afford lunch or dinner out.

    This world is beginning to stink.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: Would You Hire Her to Flip Hamburgers?   1 day 1 hour ago

    I have to disagree Richard. When in the history of the U.S. there have been 168 Presidential nominees blocked, 82 of which were blocked under President Obama. That doesn't look like politics as usual. The obstructions have been unprecedented over the last 7 years. It will be just as bad , if not worse for a female President and I believe that will come from both sides of the aisle.

  • Stop calling it "The Islamic State"   1 day 1 hour ago

    I don't care . . . call them ISIS, call them ISIL . . . call them "the crazy motherf'ers who behead people" . . . but it is really bad P.R. for us to call them "THE Islamic State."

  • Stop calling it "The Islamic State"   1 day 1 hour ago

    Baby steps, Dr. C. Baby steps.

  • Drunk college students no longer allowed to have sex in CA   1 day 1 hour ago
    Quote drc2:

    Those two brothers need to buy a 3-D Printer and create the doll babe of their dreams. It would save a lot on booze. So sad.

    Yup. After all, whether a person is using an unconscious human or a plastic doll simply to get off, not needing any sort of real human interaction, well, it's only masturbation.

    I do wonder if masturbation, with or without human others entering the mix, might be what's going on in the sex lives of a lot of people these days. Not that there's anything wrong with masturbation, per se. It's a great thing. I just think we should call a spade a spade and not pretend we're into anything other than ourselves and our own pleasure, as opposed to having sex that involves mutuality, intimacy and human connection.

    I might even come to the conclusion that guys who march around campuses chanting "No means Yes, Yes means anal" are simply revealing themselves as uber-masturbators whose only interest is in their own power and pleasure. I say let them invest in a 3-D printer and make their own sperm receptacles.

    Problem is, the power factor gets removed from the equation with the doll (though I know you were kidding). It removes the predator/prey dynamic, which a lot of these young men, apparently, have been indoctrinated to believe is a part of their makes up as males— the game is all there is, and they're the players, in control of it all. Delusion, but there it is.

    I also want to mention that despite the legislation, women can still be coerced, forced, or manipulated by a rapist into saying Yes out loud.

    Ted Bundy himself said that rape and murder is a matter of opportunity, nothing else. And he said it was easy to get away with it.

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