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    I agree that Bush exercised the power of his presidency to the extreme limit, no doubt about that. I wish Obama would do the same in favor of the voting and taxpaying public.

    What you are saying is that the system is broken, if the government can only go in one direction (more Neo-conservative and fascist). So we are doomed no matter who controls congress. The agenda has been set, and there is no way those in power are going to back away from it.

    I wonder how much of all this is just "smoke and mirrors." Maybe the public is getting nothing more than a "dog and pony show," where we get the impression of differences, when in fact it is all an act. If the ultimate goal is to make the government appear stagnated, due to party politics, then the idea of working for the people is a moot point. Instead, those in power continue to wield that power without worrying about what the public thinks.

    The ultimate goal appears to be the "less government" Regan wanted. In other words a government that doesn't function any longer for the people, but simply ensures that the status quo continues, that corporate America prospers, and that the Industrial-Military-Espionage Complex continues to exercise its power both domestically and foreign, ensuring the Continuity Of Government.

  • You don't know what 'Libertarian' means...   1 day 15 hours ago


  • You don't know what 'Libertarian' means...   1 day 15 hours ago

    RE #15 - RichardofJeffer thank you for the education.

    I think any system that cannot accomodate ignorance of 50% of the population is a non-starter. I am absolutely amazed at how well the New Deal worked when such ignorance existed. The form of government introduced by the new deal seems to provide the best historical evidence of what would work.


    In 2006, the Democrats took a majority in congress, with Nancy Pelosi not using that power.

    Roland369, Bush utilized the veto pen to neutralize any and all of Pelosi's legislation. It was not until Barack Obama sat in the chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that the Democratic Part agenda could begin to move forward. The Republicans then ramped up their legislative stopping game.

    Look at the number of vetoes during George Bush's tenure:

    You will note ALL of them occurred AFTER the Democrats assumed a "majority" in the HOR.


    And I agree about your Democrat comment.



  • Conscious apocalypse: outliving our ruling institutions   1 day 15 hours ago

    Although I've let this particular iteration of what I'm now thinking of as consciously watching apocalypse, I got my usual Monday morning message from in my email, and it includes this fine summary from Chris Hedges about where those most deeply concerned about the global economy's effect on climate change have been relegated with regards to the upcoming gathering of world "leaders" on Sept 23 invite to a U.N. Climate Summit. So I thought of this thread after I read it.

    This invitation Chris writes about to a 2014 Climate Summit is preparatory for a 2015 Climate Conference to be held in Paris. The list of who are considered relevant world leaders worthy of invitation to such a conference pretty much defines where the 2015 Conference is already going.

    Chris, by calling our attention to the organizations who will be dutifully and symbolically gathering to dance their well-regulated merely symbolic presence in the face of ruling global institutions, sets out the reality of any liberal institutional hope for actual change to the global economic juggernaut of environmental destruction and anthropogenic climate change. This institutional hope -- or rather, lack of hope -- is not news for most of us who remain conscious of what's taking place all around the planet.

    This post is also an update of Garrett's January 23 post. I hope he's made it to central Oregon and is doing well despite the rise of drought up into that area from the extremely drought-stricken region we know as California.

    Quote Garrett78:

    What does this phenomenon say about "big government" or "free market" (2 things that operate in tandem in spite of what Randian fantasy and "progressive" ideology suggest) solutions? Is there not a strong argument to be made for Vail's vision or that of the nonviolent anarchist? But, even if there is, how to bring it about. All I can figure is that individuals have to make a conscious effort to live intentionally as best they can, planting seeds in the collective consciousness (and conscience) in hopes that others yet to come will do an even more thorough job of living intentionally. There won't be a mass movement to live in a radically different way, involving the surrender of so-called comforts. At most I see short-lived movements dedicated to redistributing resources within the arbitrary borders of a particular nation state. No, the movement must come from within, so to speak. And that's no easy task.

    Chris titled his August 31 article: The Last Gasp of Climate Change Liberals.

    I'm not sure it's even a gasp. It sounds much more like a whimper the way he describes it. What we call liberals within the status quo have long ago given up any engagement with ideas of radical social change as a response to the dire threat of a collapsing global environment combined with a potential for a 6th mass extinction.

    Meanwhile, the vast majority of our environmental, climate and oceanographic scientists are running around spewing their desperate and dire warnings, though it seems they are not sure who they are spewing to on the global institutional level, despite the level of global organization that puts together groupings of scientists in the UN IPCC.

    Quote Justin Gillis:

    Runaway growth in the emission of greenhouse gases is swamping all political efforts to deal with the problem, raising the risk of “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts” over the coming decades, according to a draft of a major new United Nations report.

    So, this amorphous international entity, the United Nations, contains one institutional department that warns of severe (though compared to some more dire perspectives, not nearly so severe as they could be viewed) consequences if very major steps aren't taken to change the business-as-usual global economy. And it contains another, a more executive-driven and legal agreement-making institutional function, with a Secretary-General who goes by the name Ban Ki-Moon, that calls together world "leaders" who include representatives "from government, finance, business, and civil society" to meet, in what Hedges describes as a corporate trade show "where discussions on climate are hijacked to promote corporate interests" and discuss actions that will enable a meaningful global agreement in 2015.

    In two final paragraphs that echoes themes in Garrett's last post we get the rudimentary composition for the ingredients of our conscious apocalypse:

    Quote Chris Hedges:

    We have known about the deleterious effects of carbon emissions for decades. The first IPCC report was published in 1990. Yet since the beginning of the Kyoto Protocol Era in the late 1980s, we have emitted as much carbon dioxide as was emitted in the prior 236 years. The rising carbon emissions and the extraction of tar sands—and since the industry has figured out how to transport tar sands without building the northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, this delivery seems assured—will continue no matter how many police-approved marches are held. Play by the rules and we lose.

    Resistance will come from those willing to breach police barricades. Resistance will mean jail time and direct confrontation. Resistance will mean physically disrupting the corporate machinery. Resistance will mean severing ourselves from the dominant culture to build small, self-sustaining communities. This resistance will be effective only when we refuse to do what we are told, when we turn from a liberal agenda of reform to embrace a radical agenda of revolt.

    or as Garrett asks:

    Is there not a strong argument to be made for Vail's vision* or that of the nonviolent anarchist?

    (*Footnote: Jeff Vail's Rhizome "vision" as Garrett puts it)


    "And the Lord said: Let there be light," and there was light, but man remained stupid and gullible.

  • Fox War Drums   1 day 15 hours ago

    Wake up! Do you still want to continue living in a nation where we can freely debate whatever topic's up for discussion w/o worrying whether or not what you say publicly will cost you dearly.

    I'm not a fan of Fox by any means. But if you won't learn from the New Republic, I don't know what to say.


    I have heard this argument before, and though valid to a certain extent, I cannot in good conscience vote any other way. I was one of those who voted for Nader.

    In the end, I wonder how much change there would be either way (Republican or Democrat). I voted for Obama in 2008 (and supported his campaign financially), thinking he was "change I could count on." That change never materialized, and you can blame it on the Republicans if you wish, however he never seemed to exercise the power of his office (domestically) the way Bush did.

    In 2006, the Democrats took a majority in congress, with Nancy Pelosi not using that power. The problem I have with the Democrat Party is that they are complicit in exercising the Neo-Con (Wolfowitz) Doctrine, and implementing the NDAA and Patriot Acts. Either through inaction, or a fear of looking "unpatriotic," the Democrats (along with mainstream media) have acquiesced whatever credibility they may have had, in favor of a hawkish foreign (and domestic) policy.

    I am not alone on this, as more and more Americans feel disenfranchised from their government and economy. As more become homeless and/or unemployed, that dissatisfaction toward the government increases, especially when it appears that no one is held accountable (either Democrat or Republican).

    When I watched what was happening on TV in Florida in 2000, I realized that it seemed orchestrated, and that Bush had been preordained. The hired Republican "protesters" yelling and shouting at those doing the recount, as well as the Republican Secretary of State (Katherine Harris), and Governor Jeb Bush, along with Gore not contesting and calling for a state wide recount, and the Supreme Court violating the Constitution and the Check-And-Balance of our 3 branch government, ensured that the Neo-Con dreams would be implemented.,_2000

  • “Beige-World": Caliber of Obama’s thinking reflected in his choice of suit color.   1 day 16 hours ago

    Anybody read New Republic lately? They should. The article I've just linked speaks for itself.

    Mr. President, start acting like the man who promised to take out bin Laden and did; not like Nicholas II.

  • Fox War Drums   1 day 16 hours ago
    Quote Legend:

    They give plenty of time to the Republicans to talk big war talk and pound their chests. Also, to say that Obama does not know what he is doing.

    Perhaps the impression that the administration does not know what it is doing came from obama himself.

    Quote Legend:

    They get Hawkish Democrats to pound the drums and split the party. Diane Feinstein and Hillary have that need to sound tough.

    Are inferring Feinstein and Clinton cannot think for themselves, or they just more pragmatic than obama?

  • Senior Housing Corruption   1 day 17 hours ago

    UK Sheltered Housing.

    With the privatisation of sheltered housing (charities) they can do what they please and pay themselves £302,000 salaries plus bonuses without restraint. Most of them are sub-literate bullies. My landlord is the third highest paid in the country and Sanctuary is taking over millions of properties for absolutely nothing then not servicing them.

  • Labor Day   1 day 17 hours ago

    Has anyone ever noticed how their actions never quite match up to their rhetoric? Labor Day, to honor American workers, who are working longer hours for less pay? It’s like when JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” When I first heard this, I thought it was something a Republican might say. So Americans sacrifice on battlefields in foreign lands, only to come home to an uncaring nation, where the VA and those with a flag pinned to their lapel ignore their PTSD and other ailments. I recall seeing a biography on Audie Murphy, where he returned home from WWII with PTSD and a large wound. Here was the most decorated soldier in world history, living above a gymnasium (or YMCA) completely forgotten about except by Jimmy Cagney. With Cagney’s help, Murphy became a famous Hollywood actor, and the rest is history.

    We should have a “Congress Accountability Day”, where if congress fails to work in the interests of the American people, THEY MUST REDUCE THEIR PAY AND BENIFITS!

  • Dick Tater   1 day 17 hours ago

    Stewart and Cobert are my news source too. That's about the only way I can take it.

    Yes, douglaslee, I had those tests when I was college age. Though as a child I was transplanting things around our yard which was very interesting, and began growing little gardens. By fifth grade I was into college botany books. The tests showed I would be a good Forest Ranger. Now, I almost wish I had gone for that, to leave in a natural, peaceful place. But the idea of government control over my livelihood always prevented my from bureaucratic work.

    I heard an excellent child psychologist speaking on childhood development, who said by age 11 a child already knows internally what they want to do. So I think it is a combination of epigenetics and genetics which influence our careers. Unfortunately, too many people hit epigenetic obstacles which sometimes they can't overcome.

    My best associates are planners, landscape architects, visual and product designers. By best audience seems to be Garden Clubs.

    I remember when studying History of Modern Architecture (Pelican) in college, hearing how influential Frank LLoyd Wright's mother was epigenetically. We were taught SHE was detetermined her baby would be a great architect and surrounded him with building blocks from birth.

    She must have had an inctinct about his genius. And, epigenetics did not break him down. Considering the tragedies and persecution the man suffered, he kept building and teaching.

  • Ocean warming hiatus over: “No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on”   1 day 17 hours ago

    Roland, "If I do vote" Do you realize that one Republican stratagy is to take away the vote from people that might vote Democratic. They have been very successful at this with Red states changing ID rules. So if you do not vote you are just what they want.

    America is a 2 party system. Any attempt at a 3rd party has back fired. We got Bush for 8 years because Ralph Nader pulled enough liberal minded votes away from the Democratic Party so that the Republican Bush won. 3rd parties like the Green Party have become even less important pulling less than 3% in total (something like 6 parties). I wish that we had a system like Austrailia with lots of parties that have to work together to come up with a majority. But we do not. A vote for the Green Party is a throw away vote. I vote Democratic. If something that I do not like, ie Chained CPI, I write to the President, Senators and Tea Party Congressman that I am a Democrat and do not want Chained CPI. Help mold the Democratic Platform.

    The Republicans pull in a lot of votes that they should not get. A lot of old people vote R because it is the "conservative" thing to do. A blue collar workers vote R because they are convinced that D's will take their guns away. Farmers tend to vote R for no reason that I can figure out. Military vote R again for no reason that I can figure out. Only the 1% should vote R. That is all that they are for.

  • Seraph Phrase anagrams   1 day 19 hours ago

    The changes in the website have resulted in multiple spaces being squashed into singles (more subtle erosion of our rights masquerading as improvement) or perhaps it is that any additional spaces are ignored - I really don't need to know the mechanical steps in order to see that I now have one less manner in which to express myself than I did before.

    Anyway, to deal with this counterdevelopment I will now include field separators to help with the parsing. So sorry about the older posts where everything got "inadvertantly" smooshed, but going forward this is how the anagrams will look:

    The Question (Topic) posed | Primary Answer | CoupletA / CoupletB

    By Couplet I mean the two are made up of the same letters.

    So here's the latest set:

    Achaemenid Assyria | Gray Helium | Polished Satrap / Polarised Paths

    Algiers Assyria Saudi | Cyan | Hampshire Tadpole / Hampered Hospital

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Saud Somalia Syria | Deem Plenty | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Saud Somalia Syria | Deny Temple | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Saud Somalia Syria | Pent Medley | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Saud Somalia Yemen | A.D. Priestly | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Saud Syria Yemen | Diplomats Ale (Lea) | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Ethiopia Somalia Syria Yemen | Put Saddle | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Chad Saud Somalia Syria Yemen | Epitaph Toiled | Sharp / Harps

    Algiers Ethiopia Saud Somalia Syria Yemen | DDT Chapel | Sharp / Harps

    American Gayly Maraud ISIS | | Pathos Leadership / Potash Leadership

    ISIS Gayly Maraud American | | Pathos Leadership / Potash Leadership

    Chad Ethiopia Saud Somalia Syria Yemen | gil Plastered | Sharp / Harps

    Egypt Israel Palestine Syria | Scudless | Pharaoh Maid / Amid Pharaoh

    Ethiopia Samaria Somalia Syria | Cygnet Pushed | Sharp Led / Led Harps

    Galilee Phoenicia Samaria Syria Yudea | Phloem | Drs Paths / Drs Paths

    Islamic Palestine yehudi yisrael | gat Hampers | Asp Hoard / Asp Hoard

    Israel Palestine yerushalaim | Dec Myth Gaps | Diasporah / Diasporah

    PseudoChristianity | Hog Parlay | Phrase Maladies / Seraph Maladies

    PseudoChristianity | Hog Parlay | Shepard Malaise / Malaise Phrased

    PseudoChristianity | Hog Parlay | Spearhead Islam / Islam Spearhead

    Samaria Somalia Sudan Syria | Grocery | Happiest Held / Held Happiest

  • Weird News   1 day 19 hours ago
    Quote douglaslee:

    Zenzoe, was there a dose of blasphemy as well?

    Tons. I don't know if your Beekmanites show up, but as for everyday blasphemy, you wouldn't be disappointed.

  • You don't know what 'Libertarian' means...   1 day 20 hours ago

    No, western idealized Libertarianism is not anarchism. That is the same kind of generalization that creates an ignorant public, of which, established power thrives on. Libertarianism is a word that covers a lot of different prospective. Anarchism too has a large umbrella that covers a lot of different schools of thought, however, some of those schools of thought are not based in traditional anarchist principles. Anarchism, like a lot of alternative forms of government, is misunderstood because of the established reactionary system that creates exaggerated misconception of a well-grounded principled system of government that has much more to do with the democratic process, than the American form of limited representative government. Anarchism has been presented to the public in an almost cartoonish form of free for all survival, bomb throwing and spiked purple mohawks, that is far from what traditional anarchism represents.

    There are few examples of established Anarchist government in western society. Spain in the 1930’s, the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution along with a lot of pockets anarchism in Russia during that same time. A lot of propaganda was distributed by all forms of established government capitalist, fascist and communist all against anarchism. There was a collective effort among these established popular governments to crush the Spanish Anarchist during the Spanish Revolution. Anarchism biggest crime against established power is the fact that it asked the question. Can institutions of power be justified? The answer is normally no and that leads to all kinds of desperate attempts by power to eradicate that idea from the collective mind of the masses.

    Western Libertarianism, the Ayn Rand Objectivist school of thought, has hitched its wagon to this anarchist principle of illegitimate power. They either misunderstood the concept or have deliberately bastardizing the principle to suit their own purposes. I think it’s the latter. Regardless of how Libertarians comes to their conclusions on the principles of government, the huge difference between the two forms of government is simple. Libertarians only ask the question of justification to specific forms of power like taxes, regulation, social benefit and mostly financial restriction, which is reflected in its leadership. Anarchist ask the much broader question of legitimization of all institution of power not just the state but unaccountable private power as well. Libertarians challenge some state institution but rarely challenges private forms of power, which should reveal their seriousness in following the anarchist principle of justification.

    If you really want to understand the fundamental different between Anarchism and westernized Libertarianism, I suggested you read works by actual Anarchist thinkers like Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman and others on the real principles of anarchist thought and theory. Then compare their collective works against the writings of Libertarian heroes like Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff and Ron Paul. You’ll find a vastly different ideology, with some superficial comparisons, but the overall governmental theories of the two systems could not be more different.

    Libertarianism has open contempt for majority rule (Ayn Rand’s Virtue of Selfishness). Anarchism is based on collective consent (Anarchism – Noam Chomsky). I use the word “traditional” just to clarify that Anarchism has a background based in philosophy, theory and academics and not just some wild notion that exist just to arbitrarily undermine power.

  • Why are we letting Americans go hungry?   1 day 20 hours ago

    Time should always be a consideration of any argument. If you consider, corporate personhood, which Thom discuss in Unequal Protection, as indicator of establishment being controlled and patient in achieving their ends. Corporate Personhood was achieved over a long period time by picking away until they found the right combination of legislators, courts and controlled public. The laws and protections created during the FDR presidency was a concession made by the ruling class that could easily circle the wagon and bide their time until the population could be pacified, manipulated, divided and controlled in such a way that established powers along with new forces and tactics could return to a time that looks a lot like what’s going on in American and Europe as we live today. People in power think in much different terms than the average citizen because they understand history. A famous quote by John Quincy Adams using an educated rationale prediction, using historical observations, about time and circumstances regarding Cuba - There are laws of political as well as physical gravitation; and if an apple severed by its native tree cannot choose but fall to the ground, Cuba, forcibly disjoined from its own unnatural connection with Spain, and incapable of self-support, can gravitate only towards the North American union… This insight by John Quincy Adams, that became a reality until Castro ruined the party, is why history in American public and in most private schools is muted and bastardized, because knowing history can lead to accurate prediction of the future.

    The New Deal did not fundamentally change the system and that was the point. It created a temporary setback for a ruling class and their functionaries that understand time and history. They understood a temporary gain for the public with an unchanged corrupted system was better than a fundamental change that could create a semblance of democracy, which would’ve been truly disastrous in the eyes of established power.

    It seems we’ve circled this topic. You believe FDR’s New Deal was a result of the democratic process, Correct? And I believe the New Deal was a reaction by established power to concede to the public, temporarily, to ensure that the system was not fundamentally changed in any real way, which would affect their control over governing institutions.

  • local Fox funny   1 day 20 hours ago

    President Jerry Ford said "If Lincoln were alive today he'd be rolling over in his grave". LBJ said he thought Ford's football days may've been played without a helmet.

    How about 'If you can't swim, before you go swimming, don a lifejacket' If you have lifejacket on you're not swimming, you're floating . You can throw like a girl and float like bouy.

    The reason the phone lights up when it rings is so deaf people know when it's ringing.

    On MSNBC a gal was questioned just after taking a bite of pastry so she said "You're not supposed to eat with your mouth full". I don't think she means IVs are better.

  • “Beige-World": Caliber of Obama’s thinking reflected in his choice of suit color.   1 day 21 hours ago

    That was good Roger. The spin that weaves within the text I'll wager looms heavily but is not felt- Kent Cord or Roy Blunt were common men but tried to persuede.

  • How can a economist like Richard Wolff get the attention of Joe-6 pack & Soccer Mom's??   1 day 21 hours ago

    Soccer lovers get US vs Ecuador soccer tickets and enjoy

  • Joseph Stiglitz Calls for Fair Taxes for All   1 day 23 hours ago

    /the_us_has_a_low_corporate_tax. The US effective rate is lower than the companies pay in foreign countries. But WS analysts and BOD clubs seek appearances more than reality. Screaming at the tax rate is about the same as a Baseball manager yelling at an unpire, or IU basketball coach throwing some chairs onto the court.

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