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  • Would Obama be So Unpopular Today if He Had Governed as a TRUE Liberal and Not a GOP-lite NeoLib?   22 hours 3 min ago

    Obama is unpopular due to constant critcism by media that is owned by the 1%. Many weak people fall for it including weak Democrats. Weak Democrats like the ones on this site have abandoned him. Probably brainwashed by Fox and Rush. Until you elect a Progressive Congress and Senate you have what you have. If you do not like the Bush tax cuts blame Bush and the Republican Party, not Obama. That goes for every other issue that you have proposed. One thing for sure is that Obama is more popular than the radical right wing Congress.

  • Zimbabwe: British-US Propaganda Outfit Shuts Down - SW Radio Africa Closes It's Doors   22 hours 4 min ago

    The relationship between China and Africa is what real constructive development looks like, no matter how the corporatists members of the State Department try to spin it.

    (HERALD ZW) China, African diplomats praise President Mugabe
    August 27, 2014
    Lloyd Gumbo in BEIJING, China

    President Mugabe being welcomed at Chinese Parliament by its National Congress Speaker Mr Zhang Dejiang yesterday. — Picture By Presidential Photographer Joseph Nyadzayo

    President Mugabe yesterday met African diplomats based here, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Speaker of the National People’s Congress, Zhang Dejiang in separate meetings, where they described him as an African statesman who stood up to challenge the West despite the imposition of sanctions on the country.Zimbabwe’s ambassador to China, Cde Fredrick Shava, said it had become a tradition for African diplomats to meet Heads of State visiting China on state visits.

    Ambassadors took turns to praise President Mugabe after he addressed them on the developments in Zimbabwe, Africa and his visit to China.

    Sierra Leone ambassador, Mr Victor Bockarie, was the first to heap praises on President Mugabe.

    “You are a man we admire in our part of Africa. You are indeed a true son of Africa. You are standing the test of our former colonial bosses on the issue of land… Thank you for your endurance even if sanctions have been put on your doorstep,” said Ambassador Bockarie.

    He implored President Mugabe to raise the threat of Ebola on the continent at the forthcoming African Union Summit.

    Liberia’s ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Mr Mckniley Thomas, chipped in: “We are also great admirers of His Excellency, the President, a great son of Africa.”

    A Nigerian representative praised President Mugabe for being the only leader who had told white people to back off.

    In his remarks, President Mugabe said it was important for Africa to unite against imperialists.

    He chronicled the bilateral dispute between Harare and London saying it arose after the country redistributed land to the landless majority.

    He reiterated that it was important for Africans to add value to their natural resources in order for them to realise full benefits from the same.

    President Mugabe said there was need for adequate infrastructure for the continent to fully industrialise.

    He said Africa expected South Africa to take the lead in the industrialisation process of other African states, but to no avail since the economy in that country was still under white control.

    President Mugabe said other countries on the continent would be patient with South Africa to address the skewed ownership of resources for the whole continent to benefit.

    He said it was important for countries to merge businesses if they were similar so that they could improve their performance.

    He blasted the West for killing former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi under the guise of protecting civilians.

    That country, he said had remained ungovernable while at the same time bemoaning problems bedevilling South Sudan where authorities in that country were on each other’s throat.

    Premier Keqiang said the Sino-Zimbabwe relations had continued to grow because of mutual respect between the two countries.

    “Our two countries have always grown our relationship on the basis of mutual respect and equality and I believe that this visit by you to China this time will be further impetus to the growth of our bilateral ties,” he said.

    President Mugabe said: “We came on a State visit which we hoped as it was going to be accompanied by a programme to discuss cooperation and therefore we hoped would produce for us the necessary aid assistance from China that we need in order for us to boost our economy, to get the various sectors of our economy moving even as they are suffering from the burden of illegal sanctions imposed by Britain, Europe and America. And some discussions have taken place already.”

    Mr Dejiang also praised President Mugabe for being a statesman.

    “Mr President, you are a great leader of Zimbabwe and you are also one of the great champions in Africa. For a very long time you have made very important and significant contributions to the independence and development of Zimbabwe and the independence and liberation of Africa and I would like to pay tribute to you for your contribution,” he said.

    On the continued ownership of the mines and the land in South Africa:

    (NEWZIMBABWE) South Africa must end white control, Mugabe
    27/08/2014 00:00:00
    by Agencies

    SOUTH Africa has failed to take the lead in the industrialisation process of other African countries because its economy is still under white control, President Robert Mugabe has reportedly said.

    Speaking to African diplomats in China where he is on a week-long visit, Mugabe said Africa would be patient with SA so it could address its skewed ownership of resources for the whole continent to benefit, according to a Herald report.

    Mugabe, 90,

    Like clockwork. - RC

    urged Africa to unite against imperialists, adding that it was important for Africans to add value to their natural resources in order for them to realise full benefits from the same.

    The Zimbabwean leader, who is Africa's longest-ruling leader,

    Like clockwork. - RC

    is in China to secure more investment in his country's ailing economy.

    The veteran leader

    Like clockwork. - RC

    has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980. He drove Zimbabwe's controversial

    Cheap characterization. - RC

    seizure of white-owned land, and implemented a law requiring foreign firms to hand over 51% of their shares to black Zimbabweans.

    China's president Xi Jinping on Monday hailed the veteran leader as a renowned African liberation leader and an "old friend" of the Chinese people.

    Economic sanctions against Zimbabwe have only pushed them further towards China.

    (HERALD ZW) Chinese premier vows more Zimbabwe support
    26/08/2014 00:00:00
    by Staff Reporter I Agencies

    CHINESE Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday promised visiting President Robert Mugabe that China will continue to support the development of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

    During a meeting between the two leaders, Li said China would transfer technologies adapted for Zimbabwe, help the African country increase food production, promote poverty reduction, construct infrastructure as well as cooperate on personnel training to boost the country's national development.

    Mugabe thanked China for the support and pledged to continue to strengthen the two countries' mutual trust and friendship.

    He also vowed to expand bilateral cooperation and to enhance the two sides' communication and coordination on global and regional affairs.

    Zimbabwe welcomes more Chinese companies and tourists and will facilitate such arrivals, Mugabe said.

    Li also briefed the Zimbabwean president on China's economic development.

    "We have not adopted a strong stimulation policy, but motivate social vitality and business start-ups through reform," he explained, arguing that the toughness and development potential of China's economy will become more obvious with the deepening of reform.

    "We have confidence in the economy maintaining medium-to-high growth," Li said.

    Meanwhile Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa said a $2 billion agreement had been signed for the establishment of a 600 megawatt power station in Gwayi by 2017 as well as construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam.

    The project would be carried out by China Africa Sunlight Energy (CASECO), a joint venture company between the two countries. The power station is expected to be Zimbabwe’s third largest after Kariba Hydro and Hwange Thermal power stations.

    Zimbabwe currently produces an average of 1,300 megawatts of power against peak demand of 2,200 megawatts, resulting in daily rationing and blackouts that affect both domestic and commercial users and have paralysed mines and industry, according to the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries.

    Chinamasa also revealed that agreements had also been signed for feasibility studies on dualisation of the country’s highways, among them Beitbridge-Harare, Harare-Nyamapanda, Harare-Chirundu and Mutare-Harare.

    The minister again insisted that the deals were not securitised on Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth.

    “Our securitisation, which we have already agreed (on) is not to mortgage our minerals but to set aside a portion of cashflows that arise when we are exploiting our mineral resources whether diamond and gold,” he was reported as saying by the Herald.

    “As you know, companies which are exploiting our diamonds, gold are liable to taxation royalty, depletion fee and other aspects of taxation and basically the framework which we have agreed is that from those taxes, I can set aside a portion of those cashflows towards servicing any loans that I secure to fund our various projects.”

    Mugabe is visiting China from Aug. 24-28.

    The fact is that China always gives much better deals in Africa, than the transnational corporations, who are still accustomed to getting everything in Africa for free, just like under colonialism, UDI and Apartheid.

    As long as America acts like the British Empire 2.0, and makes demands on African countries to control them, America will always be on the wrong side of history in Africa, as well as South America and Asia.

    The problem is that the West is run by the oil oligarchs, and as such it cannot make rational decisions that benefit most of it's own population, only the bank accounts of the super wealthy.

  • "whadda ya call...." ?   22 hours 32 min ago

    Yes, there are jokes on crutches and jokes in wheelchairs, it truly is a frightful mess. Who will win is anybody's guess.

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll   22 hours 48 min ago

    The Big One


    San Diegans were hit with a nasty assault

    When Rose Canyon quake finally came to a halt

    San Andreas was blamed

    And it loudly proclaimed

    "Honestly, no kidding, it wasn't my fault"

  • Universities should run Monetary, Energy and Social policies   23 hours 12 min ago

    Those who can do, those who can't teach. Your idea is ridiculous and would result in the total destruction of our economy. Folks like you give us liberals a bad name.

  • "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,"   23 hours 23 min ago
    Quote drbjmn:

    You say you're being reasonable. I say you're being insistant that everything is black and white (no pun intended). Anything less than fry the cop without a trial, will not be tolerated. I haven't "sided" with anyone. I just refuse to be bullied into doing the same thing to the cop, you accuse others of doing to the child. My feelings aren't hurt. I'm just disappointed for thinking you were a more reasonable person. You claim to be showing people how unfair, and wrong it is to assume the kid did anything to deserve being shot, without knowing the facts. When in reality, you only responded, because you will only tolerate conjecture if it's directed at the police, ALL police.

    Brown assaulted a clerk. A shot was fired inside the car. Brown was apparently only shot in the front, not the back.

    Because you have put the wrong person on trial. Who's going to court? Who has to justify shooting and killing someone? M. Brown can't tell any of his story and whatever happens in the trial (if there is one) the cop is is quilty of killing him. That is not in doubt.

    My only responses have been to the putting of M. Brown on trial as guilty before any sitting has even been convened. It's a pattern that has played out again and again. So yes, in far far too many cases it is just that black and white (that is no pun either). As I had come to believe you dr bj were a reasonable person I've found it troubling you have fallen into and comfortable with perpetuating that pattern.

  • The Deadly Keystone Kops...   1 day 31 min ago

    Thanks for posting Alberto.

  • Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory$$$ Commission caught suppressing report on precarious Diablo Canyon reactor.   1 day 33 min ago

    Don't get confused and always remember that the Fukushima disaster was a direct consquence of GE (reinvented as a Japanesse US tax dodger) cutting costs and NOT the earthquake. And now, Jeffrey Immelt of ALEC - the principal jackass behind the Fukushima disaster - is Barac Obama's right hand man. Sleep well :)

  • President Putin has a Chance to Crush the Corrupt American Global Financial System and the Wall Street Mafia.   1 day 57 min ago

    The whole world is collapsing out of greed and ignorance. Kick back and enjoy the ride cause our thoughts and opinions arent stopping it are they?

  • Weird News   1 day 2 hours ago

    A couple of months ago a gun nut brandished his weapon at another motorist on the interstate. The threatened fellow exited to rest area. The gun nut followed and got out of the car armed . The threatened fellow happened to be a fellow gun nut and was armed. They shot each other, both died, Darwin works. This time guns offered safety, guns took out two gun nuts. This is not really an example of weird, just karma.

    A prosecutor did show how the defendant killed the victim in court. He picked up the alleged weapon, placed it to his head and pulled the trigger. It was loaded, the jury was fully convinced and convicted the accused.

    I saw a Scotsman standup pondering the suicide bomber instructor's instructions "Now I'm only going to show you this once". He might add, "And no question period after".

  • The Weight- Bluegrass Style   1 day 2 hours ago

    Segue from the Candy store to /year-of-the-woman-in-entertainment- Women dominate music. I have been more female centric for years and still like Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Carly Simon, Joan Jett, Suzie Quatro, Roxette, Pat Benatar, Cowboy Junkies, Edie Brickel, and more.

    btw, Candy is female, a great saxologist.

    Sheryl Crow, EmmyLou Harris, Linda Rondstat, Ella Fitzgerald

  • "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,"   1 day 2 hours ago

    Did I mention P-Whipped? meow! But thank you very much D_natured. Obviously, there's more meaning in that name than you know.

    As for you, uh-hum, "ladies" it seems to me that you all are the ones that are whining on and on. You all have such a ridiculous persistence in misconstruing much of what I've said. You just don't like it that a guy will stand up to your silliness.

    Quote Zenzoe #119:I don’t have a penis myself, but I’ve had enough sex with people who do have penises to know that’s not true.
    And a grandmother too!
    That was pretty funny!

    All right, that's fine, obviously you riled up "ladies" are going to continue your snit, probably, forever. And I'm growing very weary of it. So, I'm just going to have to've won. I just don't see the purpose in it, really. Besides that, we are probably all getting very close to being thrown off of this blog site. So, this time, really, for real, say whatever you want but I'm bailing out. Good night and good bye!!!

  • Would Obama be So Unpopular Today if He Had Governed as a TRUE Liberal and Not a GOP-lite NeoLib?   1 day 2 hours ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:

    I'm not sure what we are arguing about.

    Where exactly is the evidence? Approval ratings? What does Congress fear from Obama's approval ratings? The Republicans are still in power, even though they were only elected by a minority of the electorate. And they are being threatend by idiots in the Tea Party.

    FDR did it differently? Is this a serious proposition? Sure, Obama is no FDR.

    Didn't Hilliary try single payer? How did that go? At least Obama got us something.

    We know what the votes were on all these things, and Obama barely got anything passed, after compromising the hell out of everything. In other words, I think our side has the reality - where as loggernation has only speculation.

    Loggernation is constantly fustrated by Obama's proposals - by the time he offers them as legislation they are already compromised. But is this a necessary compromise or not? How can we possibly tell?

    For a president facing a divided congress, especially in a second term, keeping above 50% popularity is key to his power to exert influence on the public. The public then can and will put pressure on the congress to act on his agenda. Obama's failure to stay above 50% popularity is very instructive for future Democratic presidents.

    The lesson for Democratic Presidents going forward is: Get behind popular, liberal ideas; assert them boldly and defend them publicly with sound arguments. Get the people agitating for your policy ideas before you ask the Congress to act or compromise. Of course, be willing to compromise from your position to an extent, but be publicly frank that you see that the compromise is imperfect and give your reasons. In other words, don't just laude the fact that you "came together to solve America's problems" (as Obama did) and act like the compromise is the best possible solution.

    Instead of associating yourself with the compromised, unpopular position up front, let the country know where YOU really stand on the issues. NO, the desire to compromise at all costs, is NOT A STANCE ON THE ISSUES.

    That fact is that sometimes it's better for a Democratic President's popularity to have fought for a popular liberal policy and lost than it is to have fought for an unpopular, compromised policy and won. It paves the way for future victories on policy and in coming elections.

    In my view, the public's approval rating is largely based on what the public perceives a President stands for. As far as the public is concerned, what does Obama stand for?

    1. the ACA -- an unpopular, compromised position. (Does anyone in the public realize that Obama was originally for single payer? I seriously doubt it.)

    2. getting out of Iraq, unless we need to go back in -- a compromised position

    3. tax increases only on the wealthy AND cuts to social safety nets -- a boneheaded compromised position that both sides hate.

    4. a weak stimulus, weakened by the fact that it contains 50% of ineffective tax cuts -- an unpopular, compromised position (because it didn't do enough to help the economy)

    5. Weak bank reform, leading to constant fear rippling through the market that the system will crash again. Giving no assurances of the soundness of the US economic system because there are none to give, save to the top earners. Nothing that was done legislatively following the crash will prevent another crash. Obama took the middle approach, which was to pretend reform it and hope for the best. Banks hate it because it stinks of reform. Liberals hate it because it isn't reform = Unpopular

    I'm frankly suprised Obama's not more unpopular today. Name one purely liberal idea he's even touted his entire presidency -- not an idea he supported in order to go after a voting block, but a general liberal policy he proposed as President. I can't think of any.

  • Defeating ISIS   1 day 3 hours ago

    Thank you, Jake, for a very interesting story!

  • Are Palestinian Arabs Savages? by Murray N. Rothbard   1 day 3 hours ago

    Now let me get this right!

    Nazi Germany kills Jews so the USA/UK and friends take Palestine away from the indiginous population and create Israel.

    I would have thought Bavaria would have been a more just place for the Second Aliyah under the circumstances!

    Arabs were civilized while much of the Western world were still savages.

    The Palestinians are kept in conditions of imprisonment that would shock the world if they were zoo animals.

    If other countries decided to disenfranchise me in my own country I would also fight to the death to regain my lands.

  • Mental Health Centers Recommend Religion to Isolated People   1 day 3 hours ago

    Robindell: That's funny about atheists being like "herding cats". I think I've heard that about Democrats and about Liberals as well.

    Yes, I suppose the term "spiritual" is kind of a term that is outside of most atheist's beliefs. When words like that creeps in it gives religionists a wedge in their arguments that atheists aren't really atheists if they believe in "spiritual". I suppose other words would be just as fitting to describe what religionists would call spiritual. Feelings, perhaps? Better than the firing of synapses in the brain, I suppose.

    The last time I was in Chicago, aside from my several flight connections at O'hare since, was when the Prudential building was the tallest building in the city. They had just broken ground for the Sears building. The Chicago and Northwestern commuter train took me into the city. I remember going to Soldiers field and to the Marina and the Science Museum in the south of Chicago..the German U-boat and the Wilson's Cloud Chamber in the museum.

    Good luck in finding a group that you can be comfortable with!

  • "whadda ya call...." ?   1 day 4 hours ago

    What is this, a lame jokes contest?

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll   1 day 4 hours ago

    For twenty years my mom drove to and from work on the Nimitz. My husband & I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains back in '89, very close to the epicenter.

    Just weeks before Loma Prieta, there was another quake that was pretty strong; not like the little tremors any California native would be used to. This one was different, how the ground lurched up & down and went "Boom!" Right after that, there were rumors that another quake was forthcoming. Although I don't often take rumors very seriously, my gut feeling was that they were right this time. And they were.

    I hope I'm dead before the long-predicted big one hits the west coast. Traumatic as it was, the Loma Prieta was not the big one. - AIW

  • Weird News   1 day 4 hours ago

    An instructor at a shooting range in Arizona died Monday after a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot him in the head with an Uzi he was showing her how to use, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said.

  • Pot Investing   1 day 4 hours ago

    Oh! Now I get it. "Pot-A-To" = "potato". Okay...

  • "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,"   1 day 5 hours ago

    D-Natured, thank you for that. It's nice to have a voice of sanity from a male of the species. - AIW

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll   1 day 5 hours ago

    I was in Bellingham WA when the 6,9 Loma Prieta went off in 1989. The double decker Nimitz Freeway six blocks from my house in West Oakland collapsed, and that's where I think most of the fatalities from that quake occurred. I never like the Nimitz, but that was not the way I wanted to see it dismantled. I still can't bear to imagine what it must hve been like for those in those cars on the first deck when the top layer of freeway came down and crushed their cars.

    one of my brothers was coming home from San Francisco and just entering the Bay Bridge when the quake struck. It took hours to back them off the bridge. He had to route around over the Golden Gate and over the San Rafael to get home to Oakland. It was hours, but he figured he was lucky to be home at all. thinks of it to this day as a unique adventure.

    One of my brothers is still living in West Oakland. He says this 6.0 quake wasn't nearly so bad as the Loma Prieta for Oakland.

  • Why are we letting Americans go hungry?   1 day 5 hours ago

    I'm sorry.. I meant to reply to your post directly and was not pay attention when I posted on this blog.. However, I did address you post as post #19.. Thanks

  • Why are we letting Americans go hungry?   1 day 5 hours ago

    My response in part was to address indifference as the key culprit in America’s unjustifiable hunger problem. I still don’t believe that there is a deliberate collective effort by the wealthiest to starve the poor. I was just trying to make the point that the democratic process is not a function of our represented government. I see the problem this way. The political class; which has a lot of crossover with the wealth interest in the US, lacks the political will to combat an easily winnable fight against hunger in the US, because their constituents concerns have no overlap with those of the poor or even the middle class. Rich people don’t go hungry so there isn’t a concern among the wealthy to use their obvious dominance of the political systems to advocate for those in poverty to ensure that all people in America should have the fundamental right to food.

    However; the majority of the Americans, according to different polls, believe access to food should be a fundamental right, the problems lies in the American system of government. The government was never set up to be a functioning democracy. James Madison’s, who held great influence over the creation of the US constitution, thought that democracy was a dangerous idea and that the decisions of the country should be made by our betters (wealth interest). Madison, if you take him seriously, did come to regret his assertion that people of privilege would do right by all people and not act solely in their own self-interest. That system is still in place and even more entrenched than when Madison was envisioning the formation of limited representative government. On the rare occasion when Congress, “the People’s House”, tries to create a law with popular support that falls outside the concerns of the wealthiest Americans, there is a system of “checks and balance” (Senate, Executive and Judicial branch) that was created to ensure that will of the people (democracy) would not prevail (Plutocracy).

    It is true that sometimes the majority of the population does have enough influence to effect the laws and policies of the US government and that the country is much more civilized than has been in the past, but that’s not a result of the U.S. form of government. It’s a direct result of the wealthiest Americans fearing that the population might start to think we live in a democracy and start to change our form government to reflect the democratic process. The wealthy can allow things like the New Deal to be enacted as trade-off to save the system and then use that system to dismantle popular public programs. This is played out over and over again in American history from civil rights to fundamental human rights like food and shelter.

    The wealthiest have a fully realized representative government that acts in their interest but that’s because it was set up that way by a very small minority of privileged men with an agenda to keep the democratic process out of the hand of the people. This is not going directly to you point of deliberately attacking the poor but you have to understand that the consideration of the poor is not the interest of the ruling class. It might look deliberate but this is a natural product of a system that is indifferent to majority of American opinion. The will of the people has never been fully realized at any point in American history and that isn’t going to change within our current political system. I do offer an idea of changing the system through Consumer Unions and have addressed it on my blog. The idea is sound in my estimation but the volition is silent on the matter.

    In short, the rich (tiny minority) in the U.S. live in a representative government and rest of the U.S. citizens live with the political decisions that are enact on the behalf of America's wealthiest citizens.

  • New Website Design   1 day 5 hours ago

    Hi, Nigel,

    I wasn't really expecting an answer, I was just offering some general information for peope concerned about ads in general and how that relates to our commercialized commons here in the U.S. The topic was raised and it's something I've been digging into lately. I was also just trying to share my login experience so others might have something to compare theirs to if interested.

    BTW, 3 second load of the site, not logged in with ads blocked is the fastest I can load this site. If I don't block the ads it can take longer. Simply a FIY.

    I did a lot of research through a 300 baud modem back in the early eighties. I was doing some complicated strategic planning for corporations back then. It certainly could not compare to my current ten megabits per second DSL I have now. Not to mention the awkward, extremely slow 16 bit dos based processing pc I had to work with, and its wonderful 360 K floppies and no hard drive. Five years ago I was on a 1.5 mbs DSL using a single 1.8 ghz processor computer with Windows XL. I could search pretty much at the same speed I do now. I could post to this board, include graphic in my posts, and the board was as fast or faster than it is today. For my purposes what you've improved hasn't been an improvement for me since you integrated this board, I think that was around 2010. I really like showing someone a graph when I'm trying to explain something that's complicated to explain and I can't do that now. And, oh yeah, my spell checker worked without having to disable rich text back then. So not all high tech improvements are needed for all of us, that's all I was trying to say.

    I'm just saying. I don't need an answer.

    Thanks for all you are trying to do, I know Thom is who this is for. I consider us lucky to have a place that attracts people from all over the world, and it works pretty well. I have three websites of my own and I don't get to talk to anywhere close to this range of people at my sites. That's just the way it is.

    Cheers. Ren

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