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  • we CRIMINALLY CONVICT lobbyists in Canada   5 days 3 hours ago

    This would all go away if governments would outlaw lobbying and make elections publicly funded, while allowing set limits on private donations, ban all super pacs or anything that could be deemed election engineering. Take the big money out of government and big money players have no influence.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 6 hours ago

    Clinton a war hawk ?? Ironic when it was GOP Bush Cheney who lied us into Iraq, waged 2 long failed wars, wasted several trillion of our tax dollars, killed, maimed our veterans, made more enemies than ever, which led to ISIS . Bush & War monger Cheney ( Halliburton made billions off Iraq war ) Bush admin ignored several CIA warnings about a coming Bin laden attack, last warning 8/6/01 . Bush gave up finding Bin laden . Brave Seals / Obama got that job done ! Only reason T rump has any chance is millions of his ' fans ' are ignorant, clueless, very poorly educated, lack ability to think critically . When erratic irrational bombastic Trump gets Pi $$ ed off he may use Nukes - start WW 3 ! Supreme court is in danger of being stacked with Pro Wealth anti middle class right wing Greedy Immoral judges who will rule for decades to come


  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 6 hours ago

    I'm not sure that I'm bothered by the Hillary ads all that much. Actually, I thought the ad was not all that bad. I don't think it's the base that she has to worry about; Trump is insuring the Democratic base for Hillary every time he opens his mouth. It's the middle voters that tend to be swayed either way that she has to worry about…and I'm not sure that they are sophisticated or knowledgeable enough to make the insider connection.

    I do think however, that she really needs to go at him in the debate about releasing his taxes by making the statement to his face, in front of the world - that he is as big a fraud as his fraudulent claim that he can't release his taxes because he is being audited.

    She needs to say to Trumps face and in front of the world that he couldn't be elected dogcatcher if he released his taxes because it would prove what a fraud he is about being a billionaire 5 times over. It would show that he and the companies with his name on them are deeply in debt to the Chinese. It would prove what a fraud he is regarding his charitable giving. It would prove that he doesn't pay any taxes and so on, and so on

    If she had the guts to say these things to his face in front of the world, it would prove to he world what a coward he really is… because if he ever did release his taxes… he couldn't be elected dogcatcher, and therefore he will never release his taxes.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 6 hours ago

    Zap-I'll have a more detailed reponse to Keny-Al-Ghost's blog tomorrow. (Spending alot of time shopping for a new car.)

    Right I totally agree with you about O.J. The fact you were pounced upon by Kenyatta's minions/sock puppets clearly demonstrates how dogmatic and unreasonable they are.

    You have agreed with Kenyatta on many issues in his blog, but they take your disagreement and call you a "pink" person by "Ghost" and Ghost says "when it comes down to it, is just another white man with a white man's perspective exercising white privilege". Also, "so you pink folks", "you are too stupid"...'in the end you are a white boy and going to ride with the rest of the whites no matter how fucked up they are".

    No white person will ever please Kenyatta or his sock puppet minions. He deals with Thom Hartman because he gets his small mike, but I wonder what he and his minions would say if Thom thought O.J. was guilty?

    We disagree alot, Zap, but I don't think we have ever insulted each other.

    At any rate, this is further evidence to me that Kenyatta and his minions are hopelessly racist and are examples of the reason real dialog canot take place between police and the black community. Although Kenyatta and his bunyips are not even minor influences in public opinion or discussion about race in the U.S., they are examples of why real, honest dialog about police actions in black communities is hard to initiate.

    I also do not believe that you "stood up for every white man or woman who offended black people".

    I can tolerate these clowns because I find them amusing, and fun to counter. I hope you don't really take them seriously, and get upset by their screeds.

    In a few hours, I will comment on this blog. If you could give me your critique, I'd appreciate it. You, unlike the rest of those on this blog and responses, have my respect. ( Even if you use that "I live in Canada" bullshit. (Just kidding).

    I know I will get predictable responses from the peanut gallery, but they are dismissable after a few chuckles.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 6 hours ago

    Kenyatta: I guess with your extensive knowlege of the law, and the fact you were not on the jury or privy to all information of the (judges opinion") Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and the Ferguson and N.Y. grand jury, you will accept the verdicts rendered and recognize that those police were innocent. You were not there on the jury of these cases , or privy to "special instructions". Just as you said since Zap was not a juror on the OJ case, his opinion should be discounted, your "opinions" on the cases mentioned must also be taken with a grain of salt. Entertaining, but of no realistic value.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 7 hours ago

    c-gull : I believe your observation is somewhere on the mark regarding usa political parallels with the rise of Nazi germany

    The german populace in general did not recognise what was happening either... did they?

    However, certain individuals and organisations did and were complicit in despicable actions that subsequently became war crimes

    Sadly, the current madness that is going on is likely to result in WW III

    Depending on the type of ww, results will always enrich banksters

    Of course, total human obliteration will simply leave a few with huge amounts of money they can do nothing with

    Nobody gets it yet!

    But, that's the trajectory it seems!

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 7 hours ago

    Mr. Zap, you should know better than to attempt to employ 3rd grade reverse psychology with me. "Arrogance" has nothing to do with the price of beans. And pursuant to your admonishment that one "conclusion" is no more valid than the other; to that I say "physician heal thyself". I did not ridicule you for your thoughts on the issue as you have done others.

    Like most white men, you seem to get really disturbed when it comes to your precious white women; this is something I have noticed about you. I am here to tell you, and your white brethren, your women aren't any more precious than anyone else's; especially mine. It was a white racist, worthless piece of shit of a woman that killed Mr. Crutcher; lest I remind you.

    As for Mr. Simpson not "sounding" like you think he should have, maybe he didn't like the coked out slut and was glad she was dead; or worse, indifferent to her death. I am unaware of any legal requirement in this (or any other) State that makes it incumbent upon any spouse to find "the real killer" of a murdered, estranged spouse. That's what homicide detectives are for. If you, given your vast legal knowledge, might be so gracious as to point me to such a statutory requirement, please advise.

    Fancy that.

    I did not write this article to exhume the Simpson case. If that is what you wish to do, I suggest you deploy your considerable talents and write your own op-ed pertinent to that particular topic.

    I've much work to do still. Goodnight.

  • we CRIMINALLY CONVICT lobbyists in Canada   5 days 7 hours ago

    I absolutely agree.

    In the U.S. , prostitution is illegal in 49 states, and heavily regulated in the other one.

    Lobbying is actually prostitution, as far as I'm concerned, except it is not a "victimless" crime.

    On should be allowed to lobby, as long as there is no money involved. Just as consentual sex is allowed, as long as no money changes hands.

    The ironic thing in this nation is that unlimited money in lobbying is allowed (Citizen's United), but any conversation about taxpayer-financed campaigns is considered confiscational, and dismissed.

    As a union representative, I was always frustrated by the money that was paid to fight against fair contractnegotiations. We won our victories, but only because of the threat to strike and actually harm the regional economy. (Then we were the bad guys).

    Our government, right now, is based upon politicians that have (mostly) no term limits, and depend on money for their reelections to keep their lucrative jobs.

    Term limits, under present laws, could be even worse if lobbyists promised well-paying jobs in "friendly" corporations after their terms are over. The day of the "citizen representative " have long been over.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 8 hours ago

    The process is still confined to two parties that try to out manipulate each other and the general public. Our choices are once again dictated by the corporate few.

    The propanganda used by the republican right which was modeled after that of nazi Germany and has had a chilling effect on the US and nobody seems to recognize it except for a few sociologists and the black folks that have had their peers gunned down like dogs by so called "police".

    The DNC got its way and cast Bernie Sanders aside to take away any chance of real democratic reform.

    Out here in Montana if you don't like a republican or democratic candidate and if there is only one running for an office- if you don't vote for them and leave the box on your ballet unchecked for that person your ballot is discarded.

    It seems that our nation is simply repeating the ugly behavior of imperial Rome in a continuing effort to enrich the hierarchy and make slaves of the populations of the world.

    There is a kind of evil at work that writers like Hanah Arendt wrote about to expose, but it seems that Americans have not learned the necessary lessons yet. Evil continues to prevail.

    If you vote in any capacity for evil then what can you expect for our future?

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 8 hours ago

    " His pathological arrogance showed through when he wrote the book 'If I Did It', mocking the murder of his wife ,Ronald Goldman and the US justice system."

    Kenyatta you failed to comment on this. Please explain or is it to damning .Doesn't sound like a broken hearted husband looking for the 'real killer'. And as for 'we were all jurors' , since neither of sat on that jury and were privy to 'special instructions' neither of our conclusions is more valid than the other.

  • SLAVES   5 days 8 hours ago

    Zap: The real 21st century slaves are not the racists. Slavery, as an institution, was far more involuntary and horrific than any slavery of the mind, no matter how intense it may be. There is still slavery today, though not in the U.S. except for pockets of mostly Asian immigrant slaves ( check out the nail salon abuses, and prostitution). I would not downplay true slavery to mental angst or anything happening in this country. We do not have slavery, "slave patrols", or even Jim Crow now, no matter what dishonest, deceptive hyperbole eminates from the disenchanted.

    That said, there are those in this country that are racists, on both sides of the "black and white".

    As someone who grew up with parents who never said that much on the issue of race, one way or the other, to me, and who worked on the railroad in a relatively diverse environment, I don't know many racists, black or white.

    The only ones really "harmed" by their racism are those who are the extreme ones, who are obsessed by it. These persons, white and black, are harmed psychologically, by their own bitterness and fears, to the extent their ability to enjoy life and trust other people is severely restricted. It seems they only associate with the small groups that reinforce their views, and thus accentuate their resentments and fears.

    I have found that white persons I know that have a mild to moderate sense of racial superiority, or similar disdain for blacks are so oblivious to these beliefs that they don't even dwell on them. Thus, they are not"enslaved" by their beliefs.

    There are also those that are chauvinistic, in that they are for their own group first, and very protective of their "tribe". This is a natural expression of human nature, that may lead to misperceptions and cultural "blinders", but, in my opinion, does not in and of itself cause harm to themselves.

    I think it is not quite accurate to equate mental truncation, pain, or even disorder to actual slavery. In this country we do not have actual slavery, so I guess mental "enslavement" can get traction as no one in this country has actually experienced the real thing.

    I understand your sentiments, but cannot compare anything to slavery that is not actually as terrible as real slavery.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 8 hours ago

    Kenyatta and Ghost

    No offense meant and no offense taken. Hopefully just a friendly discussion , that we all agree not to agree.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 8 hours ago

    The Democrats are always so lame when it comes to playing offense....Why not repeat over and over something as simple as the Teapublic Party played a major role in sending your jobs overseas and continues to desire more of that.....Trump sent his jobs overseas too.

    Paul Ryan and the Teapublic party want to hand the trillions in the Social Security trust fund over to Wall Street banksters....and so does per his secret meeting with Ryan.

    The Teapublic Party denies climate change! ...and so does Trump.

    The Teapublic Party is against a living wage. ..and so is Trump.

    The Teapublic Party is against single payer! ...and so is Trump.

    Paul Ryan and his Teapublic Party want to cut taxes on the billionaires and raise them on the working class. ...and Trump will sign Ryan's budget plan.

    My god , it's endless!...why not offense all the time.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 8 hours ago
    Quote zapdam.:


    As as juror i wouldn't need a legal expertise in law or special information to find OJ guilty of double murder. We all watched the trial stem to stern, we were all jurors.

    Mr. Zap, which "WE" are you referring to? Yes WE did watch the trial, and WE thought him not guilty. You seem, or have seemed, to be a man smart enough to realize the inherent problem in your statement and its resultant prejudice. By the way, "jurors" are quite often, most often, privy to information that the "circus" (as you called it) and the general public is not. Few people know that the "instruction phase" of a trial prior to deliberations, and is often held in camera, can totally shift the balance of a trial. Point is, when you state "WE were all jurors" please do so with the caveat that I was not a juror in that case and, heretofore, was unaware that you were. Your arrogance in making such a statement is mildly surprising, and it editorializes much that I think you are unaware of. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that issue.

    I concur that this, as I mentioned previously, is not about the O.J. Simpson trial (which has been adjudicated), it is about the continued slaughter of my people; and my people are exclusive of your "WE".

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 9 hours ago

    "She's an insider who's way too close with the people who are selling this country down the river."

    No one is selling this country down the river like Paul Ryan is trying to, not even close. Last I knew Trump was running with a character almost as extreme as Ryan, a guy named Mike Pence. This puts Trump in that same camp despite his efforts to lie his way out of it.

    If Clinton wants to win, she needs to connect Trump with Ryan and his budget plans. The country needs to know just what is in those plans.......It will be the death of the Teapublic Party!

    BTW: Not a word about Clinton on Lester Holt's network tonight, not a peep....all Trump. You wouldn't even know Trump is running against someone, and Bernie has been totally erased from the corpse media....but of course.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 9 hours ago
    Quote zapdam.:


    You can't tell me because you're black like OJ , you really believe he was an innocent man.

    I don't recall making that comment, and I am not "Black like O.J." I am a little darker shade of brown for your information. And I never said he was "innocent", I believe he was not guilty. Do yourself a favor and look up the distinction and the difference between the two---whitey always talking about "innocence". As for your "whiteness" being used as a weapon I suggest your white ass look in the mirror on that one and ask yourself who uses your "whiteness as a weapon". Just like you attempt to suggest that "just because you're black like OJ" I believe he was an innocent man, I suggest that "just because" you are pink like Marcia Clark that you believe he was guilty, Just like you stood up for every white man and woman on these threads that has offended Black people. You think any of us is really buying your fake I'm no racist just because I live in Canada bullshit? For real? I tried at Kenyatta's request to show you some respect, but it seems like that is not possible. As far as trying to impress me with what you think is evidence showing your point of view, I can do the same thing all day long. So fucking what.

    Okay Brother Kenyatta, I will say no more on the O.J. Simpson case because like you said it's about Brother Crutcher and all the rest of our people being executed by these pink pigs.

    See you tomorrow.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 9 hours ago


    I'll let this go after this last comment, because if nothing it is doing a disservice to this moment that belongs to Terence Crutcher.

    As as juror i wouldn't need a legal expertise in law or special information to find OJ guilty of double murder. We all watched the trial stem to stern, we were all jurors. There are hundreds of thousands of people doing jail convicted on less damning evidence than that presented at the OJ trial. OJ escaped justice because of his fame, more competent lawyers and incompetent prosecutors and a trial that resembled more of a media circus than a court of law.

    His pathological arrogance showed through when he wrote the book 'If I Did It', mocking the murder of his wife ,Ronald Goldman and the US justice system. OJ Simpson is guilty as hell of the double murder of his wife and Ronald Goldman.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 9 hours ago

    Terence Crutcher was a martyr and we, I in particular, will not forget him.

    This is not an op-ed about the Simpson case, though it is obliquely referenced. I am not a "second year law student". I have considerable training and prowess with regard to the law and I believe O.J. Simpson was not guilty of the crime he was charged with (as do most Black People in America). I do believe that O.J. was an asshole and forgot he was a "Nigger" in the United States. I believe that he, like Michael Jackson, really believed that he was above the white man's Blackism; but just like Michael Jackson, and others, he found out different. Nonetheless, being an asshole doesn't make you a murderer; were that the case most white folks would be on death row and a bunch of Black ones too. Apparently, Mr. Zap has information and legal expertise that the jurors lacked. As for "innocent" no one in, in this world, is innocent. For if you are "innocent" that precludes you from existing on this planet.

    Pardon my philosophical digression.

    I am somewhat glad to hear that, within the past few hours, Pig Shelby has been charged with "Felony Manslaughter" (I will need to look into the Oklahoma Penal Code to get a real handle on what exactly that means because, as I mentioned, there are nuances from venue to venue). However, I trust that this pronouncement is nothing more than the equivalent of American Kabuki theater and Pig Shelby will suffer considerably less than did her victim or his family. Given the simmering, and righteous, anger of Black People in America they had damned well better charge her; but she isn't being charged in earnest, it is a political decision given events in Charlotte, NC.

    Ghost, though disheartening and unfortunate, you are correct in your assessment. I told Thom Hartmann that what occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge would happen years ago. I told him more American cities would burn to show the scars on the American soul; and it will happen again.

    I told you about the conversation I had a while back with some young brothers (in their 30's), I was taken aback by what they had to say and how they are thinking/feeling and these dudes were all well educated professionals. Critical mass has been reached.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 10 hours ago


    You can't tell me because you're black like OJ , you really believe he was an innocent man. Good attempt at trying to make my belief in his guilt racial and at using my whiteness as a weapon to discredit my belief that OJ was as guilty as hell, as if no white man could give an impartial verdict. I followed that trial in great detail, a second year law student could have done a better job prosecuting OJ Simpson than Marcia Clark.

    "In his book Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away with Murder, Vincent Bugliosi blames the acquittal of O. J. Simpson on Marcia Clark's prosecutorial incompetence. Prior to the O. J. Simpson murder trial, her highest-profile prosecution was in 1991, when she prosecuted Robert John Bardo for the murder of television star Rebecca Schaeffer."

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 10 hours ago

    The Clinton campaign apparently can't figure out why Bernie's supporters aren't rushing to get behind her. Think maybe it's because she's lying down with dogs. I don't want to see her make a complete left turn as that might turn off some of the folks in the middle, but if they're looking to the hawks to make a difference...

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 10 hours ago

    The longer this contest plays out the more likely it is that Clinton will lose. If a major stock market correction happens before voting day, she is almost guaranteed to lose.

    As bad as Trump is, he is still the outsider candidate that people are running towards because both of the major political parties are extremely corrupt. He is the outsider who knows nothing about diplomacy or how our government is run.

    Yes, he will cause us great harm as a country, but since Clinton is a war hawk, it is uncertain as to which candidate will cause more harm to us in our standing the world.

    I'm getting disgusted with the whole thing and plan on writing in NONE OF THE ABOVE on my ballot for the presidency. I will vote for down ticket Democrats but I am going to refuse to vote for either/any of the piss poor candidates in the presidential race.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 10 hours ago

    MapleLeaf, with regard to O.J. Simpson----why am I not surprised at your comment? You talk a lot about how you would be outraged if you were Black and you'd do this and that, but when it comes down to it you are just another white man with a white man's perspective excercising white privilege. Damn near everything you said in your comment #2 falls right in line with the other whities. White privilege does not respect national borders. Take a look at yourself.

    So you pink folks had it right and every other black and brown person is an idiot. You are too stupid to see the fact that down the line there were two different reactions from two different groups, that alone should tell you something. But in the end you're a white boy and you are gonna ride with the rest of the whities no matter how fucked up they are. Gotcha.

    Brother Kenyatta has been saying to me since I was a kid "same love that makes you laugh makes you cry". See if you can figure that one out MapleLeaf.

    Brother Kenyatta, it has been revealed that one of the inbred MF's in that helicopter was either the husband or boyfriend of the piglett Shelby. How could a SOB in a helicopter tell if the big bad nigga was "on something"?????????

    The bloodbath, as MapleLeaf puts it, has already begun. It began hundreds of years ago only difference now is that we have some brothers and sisters that have decided that if I gotta go, I'm taking one of you pink MF's with me. The Palestinians have been doing this a long time. Whatever problems exist between white folks and black folks are problems that white folks created but they are too cowardly and not man and woman enough to own the stink of their own dookey. I guess white folks feel like they have us so terrorized and trained to bow and scrape that they can do anything to us and we'll continue to take it up the ass. Can you say Dallas? Can you say Baton Rouge? New day MF.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   5 days 11 hours ago

    This is the 100 year anniversary of the Irish 1916 uprising, so being Irish American I've been brushing up on their rather fascinating history. One book in particularly stands out as quite relevant to modern day attitudes and ideologies on prominent display around the world by various political leaders, especially in the United States. In "The Famine Plot" (2015), renowned author Tim Pat Coogan fleshes out an old Irish saying that "God brought the blight, but the British brought the famine." The worst atrocity in Irish history (which is saying a lot!) can be boiled down to the intersection of three dynamics at play: religious fundamentalism; ethnic hatred; laizzez-faire economics. Sound familiar?

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 12 hours ago

    "The white Tulsa police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man was charged with manslaughter on Thursday and a warrant has been issued for her arrest, Tulsa County District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler said.

    Officer Betty Shelby was charged with first-degree manslaughter for the death of Terence Crutcher, 40. The incident, captured on widely broadcast police videos, is one in a series that has raised questions of racial bias in U.S. policing."

    I fully expect this will be like all the rest , nothing but a show trial, the cop will walk, but in the process the memory of the dead black man Terence Cruther will be run into the gutter by the trial.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   5 days 12 hours ago

    Kenyatta 'ln any event, one of the occupants of the helicopter states, in a red necked southern drawl' “he looks like a big, bad dude too”. Seen the video just like you and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Of course what made this man a "big ,bad dude" was his skin color,'guilty of driving black'. I knew that before he was even shot.

    You must wonder in his dying moments Mr Crutcher had thought if he'd had gun and knew I was most likely to executed, gunned down and murdered by these white racist cops and then blamed for his own murder,he would have said 'I should have just opened fire in defense of my life' and that's where I see all of this leading too.

    The trouble with that scenario of course is not all cops are racist homicidal and bad and the result will be many grieving families destroyed on both sides by a action that need not be chosen. Something has to give, and I hope to hell its not what I described, but in fairness black America can only absorb so much of these random murders by cops, before things explode and a blood bath ensues.

    Beside Americas engrained racism ,I blame the judicial system for these growing number of ' deaths by cop', because in almost all cases these cops get away with bloody murder. I'm white and if my father ,brother ,mother, sister had been executed by a cop without justification, the Bibles 'eye for an eye' would prey on my mind and I'd only hope that I could overcome my rage, for the sake of all families in involved, including the offending police officer family, because they to are victims of these outrages .

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