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  • How Obama May Help Trump Become President   4 days 7 hours ago

    It is possible that Obama sincerely believes TPP is good for the US.

    Or, it may be there are large financial gains for trumpeting the corporate cause.

    Politicans lie so well its difficult to guess their real motives.


  • CANADA'S right wing SUBVERSIVES   4 days 8 hours ago

    69.49% of Canadians voted in our last election in October of 2015 , giving the Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau a majority government. In Canada unlike in the US a majority government is giving a government a virtual dictatorship under our parliamentary system for 4 years.

    As to the hatred we see in the US mostly coming from the right, we've had our problems too from the same right wing types, but not racially motivated like in your country.


    Helen you are one of the coolest, smartest best informed, most learned and sometimes one of the most compassionate people on this web site. Everytime i read your comments i learn something new. You have an uncanny way of painting pictures with your words. Many times i don't agree with you, but either way your contributions carry the conversations.

  • The STUPIDEST F^<KING ELECTORATE in the WORLD   4 days 8 hours ago

    Tom Dorr

    the fact that it has come to these two bad choices out 330 million Americans, means to me Americans no longer have a democracy , these are your establishment choices for 2016 , the election of twiddle dee or twiddle dumb, both in varying degree in the back pocket of establishment America, that less tha 1% that own all the money and best poperty in America. Even President Jimmy Carter chimed in that America is no longer a democracy, but instead owned by the rich olygarch's. Its a sham as we found out after the election of Obama who hired all the same shysters and refused to jail known crooks in business and banking world , with the exception of one low level muslim banker and continued and expanded wars in the middle east, the first choice of the corporate war profiteers. For Canadians the thought of living next door to a totalitarian state run by right wing billionaires is terrifying.

  • How Obama May Help Trump Become President   4 days 8 hours ago

    I find it extremely ironic that Clinton is currently running anti outsourcing ads on Network TV showing David Letterman exposing Dangerous Don's double dealing on the matter...... And now Obama is going to run a campaign supporting Mike Pence's stance on TPP???? Sorry I have to use this.. ..but WTF? Has Obama made a deal with the devil????

    Oh it's just fine to put off a Supreme Court appointee, nobody is making a stir anymore, but The TPP, holy crap, Obama is obsessed....Obama is flat out wrong on this one, and Thom is flat out right....this will bring Clinton down big time, and very likely put Dangerous Don in control of the largest military the world has ever seen.

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 9 hours ago

    Tom Dorr

    I understand your love of country and who could blame you for that. America has freely helped needy people world wide and creating some of the most marvelous inventions and cures ,that have benefitted all the world. It has been a beacon of freedom along with other western countries for people living under tyranny. You are our neighbors who we truly care about. But America is a Jekyll and Hyde and its the Jekyll part of America that drives us and the world crazy.

    And when country loving Americans get amnesia , your friends in the north have to wake you out of your nationalistic trance.

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 9 hours ago
    • Still say middle east will always be a violent helL hole. Always has been. I don't think the US had any involvement with Ghenghis Kahn or his compassionate friends
    • The nazis lost, thats why they were charged. If allies lost RAF leaders would be charged for civilian bombing. Truman for atom bomb. Fact of war life. Cheney like HRC, nothing would stick.
    • Given choice between nationalism that puts middle class first and corporatism that hurts workers but puts nice face on global issues, I'll take nationalism.
    • The US as great Satan with Russia, China, Islamic terrorists, turkey, n Korea, ? really? If US pulled every troop home, eliminated all foreign interference, middle east and Africa still be loodbaths. Always were, always will be.
  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 9 hours ago

    'Reporters Without Borders' have ranked the United States 41st in the world allowing freedom of the press in 2016, in 2015 the US was ranked 49th in the word in freedom of the press, so nice try at bullshitting, the link is right there for you to click onto.

    As to blaming Cheney/ Bush for the wars and all the destruction and bloodshed, nice try again, they didn't exist in a vacuum, it was you and other Americans that put these monsters in power, you are the enablers. In fact you re-elected these torturers and mass murderers. I haven't seen Americans putting these buggers on trial for war crimes or crimes against humanity, no even Obama committed the vulgarity of saying all those past crimes should be forgotten , that we should all just look forward. As usual the nationalistic sheep that Americans are just got in lock step and followed the immorality of his wishes. Wonder if the Nazis could have used that defense in Nuremberg.

    As to this western bullshit line of the middle east always being under a state of war and killings , using your own logic the world could condemn the US for its civil war that killed 650, 000 of its own people, the government sanctioned mass murder and relocation of millions of First Nations peoples and theft of their land, the endemic racism ,slavery and murder that America was founded on and this was over a few hundred years , not thousands like in the middle east, not to mention the endless bloodletting the US has been responsible for world wide just in the last 60 years , 3 million in Vietnam, 300,000 in Central America propping up 'American friendly' right wing brutal thugs. Now you can add another million dead in Iraq and a quarter million in Afghanistan , plus thousands killed by Obama's drones in over a dozen countries just in the past 8 years. Not mentioning of course the bodies piling up of American created casualties of Libya , Yemen and Syria. So try again my friend to white wash the horrors created by America world wide and the systematic jailing, murder and surveillance of own citizens ..

    America is trying hard to earn its title of 'the Great Satan'

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 9 hours ago

    zapdam Your link is not much different than mine. Yours has us third among the major nations with over 50 million, behind Ger and Uk. Still better tan 91 % of world population.

    not trying to bull- two different sources. Am looking at rest of your blog. I used nations over 50000000 people as comparison class because small nation comparisons like apples and oranges. Particularly in terms of press, media, and GDP income per cap.

  • Blacks OPEN CARRY   4 days 10 hours ago

    I don't know why home invasions would have increased in Australia after they had implemented commonsense gun control, after all, Australian citizens are still allowed to own guns. The guns which were outlawed are semi-autos with high capacity magazines, (aka, Mass Murder Machines) which serve no practical purpose in the civilian world. Legally, you can still rack your 12 gauge shotgun in your Australian home.​ The supposed 'skyrocketing' of home invasions sounds like another ridiculous myth propagated by the likes of the NRA and Fox News.

    The primary reasons we can't have commonsense gun control in the US are the powerful gun lobby and a significant population of useful-idiot GunTards.

  • I want to see Donald's grades- or were his teachers too stupid to give him all AAs?   4 days 10 hours ago

    Donald Trump had fabulous grades, except when the tests were "fixed".

  • CANADA'S right wing SUBVERSIVES   4 days 10 hours ago

    Are there right wing (or left wing) dog whistle phrases or subjects in Canada? Does the language difference play into propaganda of any type?

    What is voter turnout for presidential elections?

  • The STUPIDEST F^<KING ELECTORATE in the WORLD   4 days 10 hours ago

    Its hard to make decent decisions when you have terrible options. Trump's a bad joke and Hillary is corporate shill. Going third party in battleground states makes a statement, but helps the one one hates the most. If there is a debate, it will be like watching SAW 3 D. Fortunately, we won't be electing a dictator. I really can't stomach even looking at either one of them. They make Dan Quail look presidential. And intellectual.

    The thing I hate most is the politicalization of the Supreme court. Who'se Trump going to appoint, Judge Judy? Hillary for Barack? Is there a right-wing and left -wing Constitution? No party has truly supported the middle class since Truman.

    It all comes down to turnout.

  • Why under rating Trump and his followers is a mistake   4 days 10 hours ago

    There are many comparisons between present day America and 1930's Germany.

    There were many reasons Germany then one of the most advanced countries in the world, came under the spell of Nazism and Hitler.

    The first of course was the German people, just defeated in war were living under the hard times of a world wide depression. They as a people were already broken and down and out, ripe for the taking of a savior. Hitler gave them comradery and hope in a better tomorrow and he railed at the non German outside forces that he claimed were destroying Germany creating misery from within.

    Manipulating and using the hatred of a centuries old target the Jews, he could put a face Germany's enemy. Jews became the personification of all that was wrong and evil in Germany and of course Hitler had the solution, one of many solutions, desperate poverty stricken Germans blindly bought hook line and sinker.

  • Blacks OPEN CARRY   4 days 10 hours ago


    Based on what I've researched the whole Swiss gun story is like the Israeli gun story basically a lie probably invented by the NRA. They're are using cctv all over the UK, now. I think Israel and a lot of European countries are also finding them effectve. The sensible use of cameras is a far more reasonable and far less scary way to go than having every drunk with a gun on his hip.

    I think in North America, unlike most of Europe, has such deeply rural areas that outlawing guns would be ridiculous, but I also think it's insane to have everyone packing on a crowded city steet.

    The obvious way to go is to use common sense about guns and camera.

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 11 hours ago

    Zapdam: The 2016 Freedom of the Press Survey from Freedom ( The same one that Kenyatta used) shows tjhe US as 2nd among all major nations, (over 50 million people) behind only Germany. Only 13 % of the population of the world enjoys "freedom of press"' and American citizens enjoy freer press than 92% of world. Freedom House has a detailed account of North America, and does mention the influence on corporatism.

    I appreciate your first comment about the US's involvement in other conflicts. I don't ignore the carnage of US involvement in the rest of the world. I think Cheyney was evil and only interested in Haliburton, and I don't support the incursions made by us in South America after WWII.

    However, the Middle East was always an arena for violent regimes, slaughters, and wars long before the US got involved. As a contributor to these recent problems, yes, I'll agree. (See Cheyney above),, but as the cause, I'll tend to disagree. dark age cultures with fairly modern weapons will always be warring, even if we left tomorrow.

    Yes, the US has some blood on its hands. I never denied it, nor will I. But the other players in the middle east are not exactly innocents, either. Am I'm not even talking about Islamic terrorists.

    I firmly believe that if the oil producing Arab nations took in the rest of the Palestinian refugees, and became signatory ti Israels right to exist, there could be a solution. But something tells me our grandchildren will be having the same discussions we are having now.

    I believe the US is a great nation, notwithstanding some nasty incursions around the world they were involved in. I don't have my hands on my ears and eyes, but I don't think 95% of the world is judging. Most of the other major countries in the world have alot of glass in their houses, too.

    A country's greatness should be judged by its entire body of work, so to speak. I agree with some of your criticism, but not all. And while there have been some inept forays into foreign military involvement and corporatist influenced interference that has caused bloodshed, I certainly don't see the US as a terrorist nation.

    Especially not to the extent it would drop it to the second Greatest nation in the world.

  • The Etymology of the Word "Caucus"   4 days 11 hours ago

    Glad you are transfixed. Hopefully you can use the bathroom you feel most comfortable with.

  • How Obama May Help Trump Become President   4 days 11 hours ago

    I would feel a lot better if Sec Clinton would speak out against zero and near zero tariffs. Her objections to the TPP seem to be along the line of not enough money allotted to workers who lost their jobs due to TPP and the corporate tribunal.

    Mr Sperling's (an H. Clinton advisor on trade) appearance on Thom's show was not very comforting. He said on the show they are not going to support the TPP unless it helped Americans workers. With that kind of logic, NAFTA and CAFTA would have been supported by Sec. Clinton.

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 12 hours ago

    America is 41st in the world not first in press freedom. The US, paranoid about journalism are cracking down on press freedom, continuing a recent trend in which governments are increasing their influence over the media.

    Many reporters ,jouralists and even bloggers are self censoring for fear of repercussions from domestic 24/7 government surveillance.

    You'd think in the bastion of so called freedom, people would be allowed to speak truth to power, but in todays world they can't for fear of being shunned by powerful corporate media who control most of the information Americans consume everyday. And course they suffer the fear of being blacklisted and ultimately permanently of of work.

  • The Etymology of the Word "Caucus"   4 days 12 hours ago


    I second that.

  • PROFESSOR HARTMANN   4 days 13 hours ago

    Tom Dorr

    Thank you for your comment and i agree that Americans must all at minimum be made to pass the same citizenship test new citizens are forced to recite when trying to make America own up to the promise “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

    I'm sorry to say though that i wasn't so chartiable in my comments on your post 'America is the Greatest nation on Earth'. Either way my friend, i find your writings very interesting and informative, although we don't agree on much, but when we do its a triumph of trying to understand each other.


    Yeah but I don't think my solar panels would give me enough electric to power it or the big TV. Besides I live in a tiny house on wheels, basically a glorified RV. I wouldn't have room for a big TV.,, and PBS's website give me most of the TV shows, but I don't watch much but the nightly news. I get local news from their websites. I have Amazon Prime so I watch some of of that. I download from MVGROUP and there tons of documentaries and old movies and stuff on YouTube. Recently my public library has made lots of movies, documentaries, ebooks, music, and audio books available for download through a couple of apps. I actually have more to watch than I need.

    However, I resent how much I have to pay for the Internet. It is my biggest monthly expense. Many of the old and disabled people who volunteer or come for food at the food bank say their biggest expense is cable TV and they got better TV for free a when they were kids. I worry for the homebound disabled and elderly. TV in the 60's may have been pretty silly, but it was free and was good at keeping shutins company.

  • Inspection- Loki Cokie Roberts   4 days 14 hours ago

    Cokie Roberts is long time newswoman and the daughter of longterm congresswoman Lindy Boggs, who ran for Congress after the death of her husband congressman and majority leader, Hale Boggs. The Boggs were southern conservative Democrats, but not particularly identified with supporting segregation. Cokie Roberts is generally considered a conservative commentator, but is also a strong feminist. She is generally not a libertarian and is more willing than most modern conservatives to support social programs.

    I would think everything that is reported above is consistent with most of what Cokie Roberts has said and written over the last 40 years. She has been a house conservative commentator for NPR for decades.

    What's actually more amazing is this fellows apparent ignorance of one of the more prominent female commentators and her heritage.

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 14 hours ago

    TOM Dorr

    You can quote all the statistics you want, but there's the not so small problem of all those bodies that keep piling up everywhere America's darkening the worlds door step. Sorry to say my American friend, people like you ignore the carnage America causes worldwide. The carnage and suffering caused by the US in the name of protecting 'American interests'. Look no further than present day middle east and what America has done to the region.

    So Tom keep putting your fingers in your ears to drown out the screams, close your eyes so you can't see the blood and keep chanting ' America is number one'. But remember the US represents only 5% of the worlds population and the other 95% are watching and condemning America's slaughter of weak innocent people in the name of corporate profits..

  • America is the Greatest Nation on Earth   4 days 14 hours ago

    And Tom, as Micheal Moore pointed out in "Where to Invade Next" a lot of world changing progressive ideas often begin here. He names free public education, paid vacations, and banning cruel and unusual punishment among other things.

    But there is also the political movement to abolish slavery that grow out of idea that slavery was so immoral in its very definition that it was simply not an acceptable practice, that were the teachings of John Woodman and other American Quakers in the late 1700's. The political movement for women's rights began with the Seneca Falls convention. The idea of government staying out of religion which New York likes to claim began with the Flushing Remonstrance in 1657, which believe it or not speaks of the right of Muslims to worship in peace as well as Christians and Jews. I think Rhode Island and Virginia also have a claim to being the first on that issue. And in many of our lifetimes the political movement for equal rights for homosexuals began to go mainstream with the Stonewall riots.

    We are a country with a history of questioning deeply received wisdom.

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