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  • Drunk college students no longer allowed to have sex in CA   1 min 49 sec ago

    aliceinwonderland Except it is a yes or no question. You certainly can object ot yes or no quesions in general if you like, but pretending they do not exist is not reasonable in my book at least

  • Of Love, Freedom, Potatoes and Sunflowers   36 min 42 sec ago

    i am loving your press release. thanks bunch for sharing this kinda incredible words..

  • Female Aggression: How Gender-Role Imperatives Turn “Nice” Girls into Mean Girls   1 hour 50 min ago


    Thanks for the rebuttal.

    My intent was not to objectify, but to characterize this person in some identifying characteristic other than her proper name: Diane.

    I disagree with one of your statements though. I think males tend to use passive-aggressive conduct more than females do as a means of avoiding direct physical conflict, which is always a distinct possibility in male-male interactions.

    Most males seek to avoid fighting. Even if you "win" the effect of knocked out teeth, busted cartilage in your nose, aching bones, etc...lasts for days and is unpleasant.

    And yes, I am a male.

    Thanks for keeping me honest.... :o)

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   2 hours 2 min ago

    Rebuttal :o)

  • Drunk college students no longer allowed to have sex in CA   2 hours 7 min ago
    Quote Semi permeable memebrain:

    I am I missing something or is this saying drunk students cannot engage in sex?

    Yep if a guy gets drunk and a girl then has sex with him, he can claim rape.

  • War Weary? Nah...   2 hours 38 min ago

    "Support our troops, they died for your rights", "They died for their country"

    Afghanistan and Iraq were no threat, no troops died for their country there.

    Gulf 1, Iraq was no threat, did not attack, no troops died for their country there.

    Vietnam, no threat, no invasion, no troops died for their country there.

    Korea, no threat, did not invade, no troops died for their country there.

    WW1, no invasion or risk of invasion, no troops died for their country in that one.

    Why are Americans so easily stirred to war? Why do they need to carry guns and shoot others that pose no threat? Why does America create more refugees in foriegn lands than any other power? Why does it refuse to offer refuge to those refugees that it created? Why no assistance to the children maimed from American antipersonel mines, and unexploded cluster munitions?

  • We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.   3 hours 22 min ago

    At moments like these, I like to leaf through my dogeared copy of Emmanuel Goldstein's classic treatise, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism. Imagine his prescience at having written, way back in 1984, that "War is peace" -- words that no doubt inspired George W. Bush to say, in 2002, "I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace." How inevitable it all must seem from the armchairs at the top: an irresistible force, a social current that carries them along in the grip of an ice floe of airtight logic and lack of conceivable alternatives, until suddenly one day it all disappears, usually when the money runs out and the empire implodes. I doubt that anything will distract them -- our bureaucrats and legislators -- from rituals of combat or satiny dreams of war-based boom times until the oil dries up and climate change becomes too fierce to ignore.

  • War Weary? Nah...   4 hours 21 min ago

    douglaslee: Thanks for those links...especially the democracynow link...very interesting but not surprising.

    micahjr34: I hear ya, man! And I agree with you. I am also against sending in troops into Iraq or Syria. And I think the whole thing is a set-up by those who stand to gain the most...our oil companies and the military industrial complex of the US. Al Qaeda has, for a very long time, worked for the US government even when they were touted as being terrorists. OBL was an agent of the USG. The US and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, because they wanted a pipeline through Syria, has supported Al Qaeda in Syria for trying to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. These Al Qaeda cutthroats did just that...cutting throats and lopping off heads of Christians and others in Syria who would not convert to their radical brand of Islam on the spot. Yet, the US was aiding them in their war against Assad. The US and Saudi Arabia gave them chemical weapons to stage a false flag operation to make it look like Assad used his chemical weapons against his own people. It was to give the US an excuse to invade Syria...but it didn't work out for them very well...thanks to Russia. This same group of Al Qaeda, in Syria and Iraq, is now known as ISIS, IS, ISIL, Khorsan as well as other names. And while they may not be controlled by the US manipulators they were set leaving all those weapons and munitions and heavy equipment behind for them to installing a bungling idiot as president of Iraq...and an army that would turn and run and hide their uniforms when Al Qaeda/ISIS said boo! The manipulators in DC probably had this all planned out to come down like it did. They may even have inside men from say...Blackwater/Xe or whatever the heck they call themselves now inside the the country pulling strings. Those British guys who beheaded the British reporters may have been part of this charade...this false flag operation designed to get US military people back into Iraq controlling the whole country again. The real ruthless cutthroat terrorists are the plotters and manipulators that are puppets to the Military Industrial Complex...the corporations that live off of blood money.

  • Welcome to the land of the $10 sandwich   5 hours 8 min ago

    I can go to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients for quite a few sandwiches and the cost per sandwich would be probably $1.50 or $2.00 depending on how fancy I make the sandwich. If I am away from the house, say, on vacation (not that I do that very often even though I have the time) or on a weekend getaway a cooler works just fine while traveling and most hotels have small refrigerators to keep food fresh.

    Yes, I know eating out is very expensive... I do it quite often. Some restaurants I won't even go to anymore because their prices are so high...and then, if you tip at least 15 percent...well then you are really running your total cost up.

    But even the prices at the supermarkets are getting pretty expensive.

    The prices of sandwiches at airports have been expensive..the $10 range for a while now...maybe a lot's been a few years since I've been in one....airport...not a sandwich. Tourist areas are also ridiculously expensive.

    And if you think restaurants or even fast food restaurants are expensive should see what you have to pay over in other countries like England or France or maybe Italy. It's been quite a while since I've been to these countries but I remember that the prices, even though I was on an expense account, was pretty expensive. Glad it didn't come out of my pocket!

  • lifesize: "iraq"   5 hours 30 min ago

    Totally agree!!! The US should stop trying to emulate the old British Empire and keep it's hegemonic paws off of other countries. They should have left Saddam Husein in power. And they certainly should have kept Mossedegh in Iran in power. Could go on and on with this but just those two meddlesome overthrows of sovereign countries has caused so much costly damage not only to them but to us as well. Sure made the blood money vampires in the MIC very wealthy though.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: Would You Hire Her to Flip Hamburgers?   5 hours 41 min ago

    AIW - Yes, there are a lot people I would consider over HRC. She's not proven to be much of a friend to the working classes.

    Michelle - My primary point was about the fact that Hillary completely lied and paid no price. As matter of fact, she was promoted to Sectary of State #4 in line for the presidency. I know politicians lie all the time, but wow. If you lied and was caught lying to that extent, who would trust you? That's what I meant, by two different societies.

    NMHiker - Thom Hartmann is good guy; he's just gotta play the game and feed the base. Thom's not exactly a Washington insider but his access would be zero if he started hammering democrats. I still hold out hope that Thom will break with the orthodoxy, and admit that the Democratic Party is as corrupt as the Republican Party.

  • Drunk college students no longer allowed to have sex in CA   6 hours 10 min ago
    Quote Cathy Young contributing editor at Reason Magazine:
    In addition to creating a vaguely and subjectively defined offense of nonconsensual sex, the bill also explicitly places the burden of proof on the accused, who must demonstrate that he (or she) took “reasonable steps … to ascertain whether the complainant affirmatively consented.” When the San Gabriel Valley Tribune asked Lowenthal how an innocent person could prove consent under such a standard, her reply was, “Your guess is as good as mine.”
    In essence, advocates of affirmative consent are admitting that they’re not sure what constitutes a violation; they are asking people to trust that the system won’t be abused. This is not how the rule of law works.
    ...having the government codify a standard that may implicitly criminalize most human sexual interaction is a very bad idea.
    Such rules are unlikely to protect anyone from sexual assault. The activists often cite a scenario in which a woman submits without saying no because she is paralyzed by fear. Yet the perpetrator in such a case is very likely to be a sexual predator, not a clueless guy making an innocent mistake — and there is nothing to stop him from lying and claiming that he obtained explicit consent.

    Also here:

  • We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.   6 hours 11 min ago

    "Shock and awe" brought to by CNN, Fox, NBC (Comcast), ABC (Disney) and their corporate advertisers - cars, beer, male sex enhancement drugs, and where to invest your 401k before the next 'crash.'

    The rhetoric is mind numbing. CNN - all of them - are little more than terrorist media delivery messengers for the maligned voices of terror. Americans did not scare easily in the face of the Cuban Missile Crisis as the world stood on the edge of absolute destruction. America stood tall and united to bring WWII to conclusion with five years.

    Shock and awe.

    Terrorists. Ebola. Strange viruses in the mid-west. A fired employee kills and decapitates a coworker. Father in Atlanta kills six and then himself. Detroit is little more than a shell of what was American greatness. Black men shot and killed for being black.

    Shock and awe.

    As with most war, it is easier and more profitable to sell images of the battle than understand the financial and political injustice that blossoms into war. NPR interviewed a reporter with years living with the Kurds in one of the oil richest nations in the world. Iraq oil brings in $85 billion per year. Much like Reagonomics, it doesn't trickle down very far.

    The US mis-managed Afghanistan which gave us Bin Laden. The US mis managed Iran, fired the army, and left the country broke and ruined - with US weapons scattered throughout the region.

    There are many who subscribe to the forever war. The religious. The politicians committed to hold on to power. The corporations, lined up to fill there coffers with oil and gold; the bimbo blonde reading a TelePrompTer.

    We will never bomb their hearts and minds into submission.

  • Would Obama be So Unpopular Today if He Had Governed as a TRUE Liberal and Not a GOP-lite NeoLib?   6 hours 12 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote loganonenation:..The argument seems to be that Obama had no choice but to pursue these faulty bargains with the right since he'd have only have been crushed by the 1% donor class if he attempted to get behind and argue for truly demand-oriented economic policies. Where is the evidence for that, I wonder?

    The evidence is in the vote tallies. That is the actual real evidence we have.

    Vote tallies in a intellectually braindead system with a narrow political spectrum, where 45-65% of the voting age population doesn't even vote, are evidence of what, exactly?

    I mean the congressional votes. He barely got anything passed - and only though compromising did anything get passed.

    But now that you bring up the electorate, Romney actually won a lot of things, like 'taking care of the deficit' and other issues. The same people who gave Obama a 5% of the vote thought Romney did a lot of things better than Obama. It only goes to show that if Obama had gone to the left a little more, we would have Romney as president.

    Obama barely got anything passed because all too often he pushed bad right-wing policies that did not have the support of the people in the futile effort to get the GOP to work with him. There was thus no pressure on the GOP to cooperate with these unpopular & unproven neo-liberal, triangulation policies. It was better for the GOP, politically, to block everything and declare it a "socialist assault on the free market" -- or better yet, "an assault on Medicare to pay for Obamacare."

    The reason one of the worst Republican presidential candidates in history, Romney, came so dangerously close to winning in 2012 was because Obama had by then so badly eroded this popularity. He did this by continually supporting bad, unpopular right-wing ideas (and ignoring, good left-wing ideas) in his constant 4-year obsession to fulfill the eloquent, though pie-in-the-sky, flourishes of his 2004 Democratic Convention speech.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: Would You Hire Her to Flip Hamburgers?   6 hours 18 min ago

    Seriously Clinton is interchangeable with Bush and Obama. If you love the status quo MIC complex and corruption and hegemony of corporate entities over your lives, then you love Clinton. If you are infatuated with interminable war, death, trillions in lost treasure poured down a black hole, then Mr. Hillary is your choice. If you could care less about the loss of innocent life of non combatants via drone strikes than Killary is the latest Rambo styled murderer on steroids one can hope for. Hillary is tethered to her corporate handlers who recently advocated for GMO food hegemony over your lives. She never seen a funding Bill for endless war she does not love. Hillary is so far right while upholding fossil fuel domination until Mother Earth gasps her last, and destroys any vestige of hope for future generations. Hillary will spread her legs wide for corporate quid pro quo funds that insure corporate control for the next hundred years or at least until Mother Earth spits us off like so many fleas. Yes, Hillary comes with a machine gun in one hand and a clever in another hand to insure whatever is left of the social safety net is hacked away and given to her Wall Street handlers. Hillary will piss on the homeless and poor just like Bubba did. The saddest part of Hillary getting the nomination that seems almost assured is the Hartmann and his ilk will line up dutifully behind her (like they did with Obama, and still do) and tell you sad tales of lesser evilism ad nausea.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • "Police: Suspect in Okla. beheading was Muslim convert"   7 hours 10 min ago

    "Giblet head"?!!! Thanks for the guffaw, drbjmn. I'll find good uses for that one! - AIW

  • Welcome to the land of the $10 sandwich   7 hours 31 min ago

    In the Los Angeles area there is a chain of restaurants called "The Hat" which is famous for its pastrami sandwiches. Today they're $8.99 (plus tax), which I think is criminal, but most anywhere else it costs only slightly less. I've never seen a Hat with a drive-thru.

    I can go to In-N-Out Burger and get a Double-Double, fries and an X-Large Coke for less than $8 total (I suppose that's "cheap" nowadays.) And I don't have to get out of the car.

  • Female Aggression: How Gender-Role Imperatives Turn “Nice” Girls into Mean Girls   7 hours 35 min ago

    Zenzoe, wasn't this thread intended to be focused on the problem of female aggression? It seems these folks want to continue the rape discussion. - AIW

  • We Need to Listen to the Founders and Stop the Forever War.   7 hours 58 min ago


  • Drunk college students no longer allowed to have sex in CA   7 hours 58 min ago

    I answered the question. The premise of the article is very simple. Sorry you don't like my answer, but there it is. Read it again. - AIW

  • Rape and The Elephant   8 hours 10 min ago

    It really is futile to posit competing opinions to people who are so demanding that everyone else has to completely agree with them in every little detail or suffer their ire and name calling. Fundamentalists seem to be that way. And when they began saying that only people from the US have the exclusive right to an opinion on the subject it sounded very typical of what myopic and xenophobic people might say, or at least infer: "We're Americans and we are exceptional, you foreigners don't count!"

    By the way, I thought that you had made some very good points that only incited their ire even more.

  • Female Aggression: How Gender-Role Imperatives Turn “Nice” Girls into Mean Girls   8 hours 19 min ago

    From what I understand, some CA colleges have instituded a "Yes means Yes" policy which is intended to make BOTH parties responsible. It tries to balance resposibilty, women and men share equal responsibility. It seems confusing, must learn more. Similar to Sweedish law? Well, guess we'll have to see if this alternative to "No means No" is do-able and works.


  • Bernie Sanders: Look In The Mirror!   8 hours 23 min ago
    Quote Semi permeable memebrain:

    Sorry ulTRAX but how long you been hiting this subject?

    Not long enough. Why?

    Pray tell, what should one do if one actually believes government derives its moral legitimacy from the consent of the governed... and is faced with an antidemocratic and reform-proof system... one that is becoming more antidemocratic and reformproof? A system that allows corporate power to fill the vacuum and mold a nation to its liking?

    At a bare minimum, should one not at least try to alert those most likely to remedy the problem?

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   8 hours 29 min ago

    BTW, for all of you who think you are on top of everything, and to those of you who rabidly follow the leaders of the vitriol, may I point out one more FACTUAL error that you all have made?

    If you all are so intellectually honest, and REALLY TRULLY read these posts SO carefully and thoughtfully as you craft your rebuttles, and jump on bandwagons with glee,

    how is it that so many have missed this ONE indisputable FACT?

    and if you all missed one, that I am POSITIVE of, beyond doubt, is it possible that you all could be wrong about other things?

    Several people have commented about the "foreigners" and how they have no right to speak?

    First of all, that is a violation of the 1st amendment, secondly, of this website

    How can you all be morally superior, unequivically RIGHT, across the board, when you've been so WRONG, about one simple fact, also used as amunition, an INSULT, to squelch my opinion, my voice? My rights?

    Buehler? Beuhler?


    I demanded, as an ASSERTIVE, not passive -aggressive confused "mean girl" that rebuttles to me be addressed to me by NAME.

    I, MICHELLE KOVALIK, am an AMERICAN, USA born and raised, here and now.

    And nowhere, NOWHERE did I ever claim to be otherwise.

    THIS is a FACT. A fact that YOU ALL got wrong. The "two foreigners"???????? wow. Bravo! How American of you all.


    Re-read all my posts and yours, fact check it, YOU ALL were wrong. Nice Bandwagon.

    So, I ask the audience, if the detractors got that wrong, they are IMPERFECT, so what else might they have gotten wrong?

    This is an honest question. Mob mentality, fundamentalist fervor.

    Peace all........................MlK

  • "Police: Suspect in Okla. beheading was Muslim convert"   8 hours 48 min ago

    Remember when the dreaded fear word was communism? That was nothing but a thought, however people built nuclear bomb shelters and the Ted Cruz of the time, McCarthy, ruined lives for a whole generation. PNAC wanted jihad type stuff to feed their paranoia machine that sucks tax dollars and offers political tactics. They want boots on the ground, surge McCain wants forces everywhere all the time, but how many boots were on the ground in the cold war? Containment worked fine, much to the chagrin of the hawks that even today advocate strategic nuclear missiles. Reagan let Pakistan go nuclear because they were anti-communist. Vietnam went communist and is now a trading partner. Vietnam is less of a threat than Pakistan, but Pakistan isn't communist and Vietnam is.

    Containment doesn't require our boots on the ground and making it clear they will not be there also makes it clear whose boots, if any, will be there.

    Disgruntled employees have always been an issue. A jailhouse muslim convert employee ought to prompt a heightened level of vigilance, especially if termination is involved.

    Beheadings are not any more of a risk than commies were. This new style could pick up some Saudi tips.

    Saudis put blood coagulents into the condemned so the audience doesn't get sprayed like they do at a Gallagher concert.

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Just a little over a year ago during his speech at the National Defense University here in Washington, D.C., President Obama talked about winding down Bush’s War on Terror. But as American bombers continue to strike against ISIS in Iraq and now Syria, it now looks like the War on Terror will be with us for years to come. And that’s a really dangerous thing for our democracy.