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  • The lie that is Israel   7 min 24 sec ago

    I'm listening to my own link to the wall as I write. It was so.... I don't know, right on? No. not past tense. Still is. But maybe we've all played it to death.

  • The lie that is Israel   11 min 25 sec ago

    Thanks for this post, rs allen. and .ren for your comment and correction. Just in case here's a link for part 1 again:

    This link will take you to a clip of the film:

    Click on the link below for the Internet site of a group that's been around, doing good work, for a long time:

    Again, thanks rs allen and .ren.

  • I will not support the LESSORS of either of the two evils -not again   16 min 1 sec ago

    Quote Ulysses:

    Quote Garrett78:

    Here's an article that should make clear how interrelated social and economic issues are, and how sociocultural realities can actually be a driver of economic policy:

    To keep the record clear, I NEVER said they were not interrelated; I said, and still say, that BASIC human ecnomic needs, food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education, should be human rights and they should all be addressed before anything else. People can't philosophize very well when they're hungry and homeless.

    “Food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education” are not, strictly speaking, “economic needs,” or issues (which we’re discussing here), at least according to my understanding. Instead, they are subset, social issues that have relevance to economic policy, just as we see with racism, sexism, abortion, birth control, gay marriage, and etc.

    If, as you claim, so-called economic issues are more important than so-called social issues, then you should be making noise about jobs creation, wages, the housing market (housing crisis/construction), productivity, the Affordable Care Act, economic growth and other issues having to do with economic policy. It’s great to see you care about hunger, homelessness, health care, education and other human rights issues —I do too— but that does not by itself make you an economics issues guy. It does, however, mean that you have a bias that chooses to care about social issues that do not strictly have meaning for women, people of color, or gays, while rejecting such issues as having any “economic” relevance for some reason we’re not allowed to think about.

    I will accept your rejection of sexism as having anything to do with your opinion and will apply the same to your possible racism or homophobia. And so, let me suggest perhaps the distinction you make would be better defended by rejecting “wedge issues,” as some like to do, than by trying to defend your pet social issues by falsely naming them “economic issues.” Referring to them as economic issues may feel good to you, but doing so only results in miscommunication and invites unhappy —for you— doubts about your sense of justice.

    I may address your other recent comments later, but I have to decide if it’s necessary to respond to a person who yells and bullies his way through a discussion (all caps and more name-calling).

  • The lie that is Israel   23 min 12 sec ago

    Somehow or another the ? mark came up missing in your first link, causing a gap in the code that the poor dumb server couldn't read. Here's another shot at it:

    The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (1/3)

    Roger Waters doing a film now, huh? Good for him. I guess he realized no one's figured out The Wall yet so it's time to move on.

  • A civilization in decline looks at its options   39 min 36 sec ago

    (Wringing their hands... "What to do? What to do?")

    Another dysfunctional civilized effort to deal with an expanding population, a need to own property and be settled somewhere (in complete financial safety), and, well, changes in the biosphere, much the worst of it civilization caused, and related geological change:

    Quote US Insurance aid props up climate-risk homes:

    According to a report in London’s Financial Times, Lloyd’s says the US government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which subsidises insurance cover for householders in regions vulnerable to floods and storms, encourages irresponsible house building.

    Lloyd’s also says the NFIP subsidy regime is financially unsustainable. Because of claims related to disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and superstorm Sandy in 2012, the NFIP has now run up debts of more than $24 billion.

    Insurance companies have been among those at the forefront of analysing the financial implications of climate change and assessing climate-related risk worldwide.

    “Intended as a disaster relief programme,
    the federal flood insurance scheme is really
    a land development policy”

  • Thom Asks "Can Hillary Woo Bernie Supporters?"   1 hour 7 min ago

    I hear you StopWW3 - I have said, previously, that if Bernie Sanders - the right man (the last uncorrupted politician) with the right idea (the need to fight back against the corporatocracy) at the right moment in time (where we teeter on the brink of irreverisble corporate fascism), cannot wrestle power away from the Hillary Clinton, and her big money donors, and the Democratic Party Establishment, it cannot be done.

    But the appointment of Brother Dr. West, and Bill McKibben, and Rep. Keith Ellision, and others, has given me a glimmer of hope that the Bernie Sanders Movement can not only survive, but also succeed in taking the Democratic Party back from the neo-liberal cabal that has taken it over.

    My decision to stay in the Democratic Party - and fight to take it back, or, to GO GREEN, based on the recognition that the two party system is corrupted, and broken, beyond repair, and that the necessary, revolutionary, change that America so desperately needs, will only happen through movement politics.

    Chris Hedges discussions Bernie, and his campaign, during this vigorous discussion at the 2016 New Left Forum in NYC: Check it out.

  • What Do Telephone Users Have To Do With A Pension Fund?   3 hours 39 min ago

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  • N.C. HB2 "Bathroom bill" is an anti-worker Trojan Horse   4 hours 42 min ago

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  • Great Minds P2 - The M&A Craze: What To Do?   5 hours 20 min ago

    Thanks for describing this key aspect of what worried my academics-bunch ‘way back in the early 1970s, - that stark changes in Moneyed-interests’ ways would damage several elements of the POLITICAL system which had theretofore been working relatively well. Yep. Sure ‘nuff.

  • My Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer   7 hours 49 min ago

    The most important part is that Bernie can beat Trump. Hilary will not beat Trump. With Hilary as the candidate we end up with the worse case scenario, POTUS Trump. Polls back this up.

  • Thom Asks "Can Hillary Woo Bernie Supporters?"   9 hours 49 min ago

    I am still pretty much leaning toward Jill Stein if Clinton gets the Nomination, but I have to say, the news that Cornel West and James Zogby are going to be on the Platform Committee makes it much, much more likely that I will support the Democratic Party in November. I am not won over yet, but it is sure making me think about it. Of course, that's not really an example of Hillary wooing my vote. It's more an example of Bernie Sanders saving the Democratic Party, despite it's best efforts to destroy itself.

  • Hillary Clinton Now Loses to Trump in Polls. Bernie Sanders Beats Trump by 10.8 Points   12 hours 44 min ago

    The corporate media is right , bernie has not been vetted, why has he not been vetted by the media, because the more they expose about his past, the more people like him.

  • Daily Topics - Monday May 23rd, 2016   13 hours 33 sec ago

    In retrospect, the first corporate media screwing of Bernie was when the insta-poll results on the early debates were not reported but rather only delayed polls of persons who subsequently read the media influenced mischaracterizations of who won. Things haven't changed since. The corporate media still resist every inch of Bernie's progress. The alternative media, with few to no resources, have been amazing! We're past the ignore and ridicule stages. Now we're on to fight and win!

  • Why I am 100% For Bernie   13 hours 18 min ago

    I am in 100% for Bernie but if he tells us to vote for HIllary we will have to part ways.

  • Hillary Clinton Now Loses to Trump in Polls. Bernie Sanders Beats Trump by 10.8 Points   13 hours 19 min ago

    The really concerning rhetoric coming out of the Corporate Media is that Bernie has not been vetted. They blame HIllary's numbers on false accusation over decades but her numbers have gotten WORSE not better as people find information that cannot be denied. For example, she won't release her speeches saying more has been asked of her but no one else has such speeches given for that kind of money. No one did this to her. It is just very obvious that she is practicing devious behavior. If it weren't for online sources, no one would know how much she is the achitect of her own unfavorability. Bernie being ignored by Corporate Media cannot be seen as a benefit to his status. Everytime I see the lie it makes me more anchored in the #NeverHillary camp. This nomination was stolen and the Democrats have revealed themselves to be dishonest. Why should we give them any kind of loyalty or support? Watch. It's going to get worse for Bernie before the end. More and more people will see the Democrats for what they are. Corrupt.

  • Foods Can Help With Chronic Inflammation   13 hours 29 min ago

    Low vitamin D levels can also cause joint pain/inflammation, so it's good to check that out when trouble shooting. Fish oil works good for fighting inflammation too.

    This has become such a common problem, I wonder if there's more to it, perhaps something being introduced into our food chain that has yet to be identified. The question is.... is it accidental or purposeful? Enormous sums of money are being made off citizens in pain, that's undeniable. Look up the stats on the percentage of the population popping pain killer pills everyday, you'll be shocked.

  • Foods Can Help With Chronic Inflammation   13 hours 29 min ago

    If Dangerous Don becomes president, I'll be in the market for a strong pain killer.

  • Rumble - A Dying GOPer Apologizes to Muslims...   14 hours 19 min ago

    Typical. Ignore Trump's continual bigotry to blacks as well. Guess it will be time enough to admit to that denigration about 50 years AFTER the fact so that we can say..we don't owe blacks any apologies because we did not do anything to "them" it was just white ancestors against blacks "back then". Routine racial dissembling.

    As for Republican apologies..

    1. people should never apologize if they do not mean it.

    2. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, libertarians all seem willing to recant or apologize when the only thing standing between them and divine judgement is...imminent death.

  • Why I am 100% For Bernie   14 hours 21 min ago

    A Sanders presidency means everyone gets an extra week vacation since the economy will be running for the 99%. Redistribution from top to bottom will replace redistribution from bottom to top. The trillions in tax havens will return to revenue-strapped budgets to help rebuild roads and schools and ensure health care is a right and not a favor of the super-rich insurance industry. The financial transactions tax will bring billions to state, local and federal coffers. Forever war will be no more.

    Public spirit and trust between the generations happens when social security is strengthened and resources are not taken from the coming generation. The future could be full of community centers, free Internet books, reduced working hours, qualitative growth and exchanging roles where access replaces excess and enough replaces more. Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Sanders fills stadiums and fills people with resilient hope, not listlessness and resignation.

    Keep hope alive, not gambling - there's a world of difference!

  • Why is it impossible to find out what the Senate and Congress are doing on a daily basis in plain English and can anyone help?   14 hours 24 min ago


  • Why I am 100% For Bernie   14 hours 38 min ago

    The following expresses my dilemma with this election.

    I believe that I can only trust Bernie Sanders to do that right thing, ... I don’t trust Hillary to do the right thing and I do trust the Republicans to do the wrong thing.

    I don't really know if it would be better to let Trump or another Republican win instead of Hillary. I will not vote for a Republican, but I am questioning if can vote for Hillary. I might leave the president blank and vote for all the down ticket races. I still believe that there is a chance for Bernie Sanders to be our next President, but barring that, I don't know what I will do.

  • Americas CRUEL and UNCARING F**K YOU Society   15 hours 4 min ago

    Mr Wayne

    Thank you for that . You're the America i love my friend..

  • I will not support the LESSORS of either of the two evils -not again   15 hours 15 min ago
    Quote Zenzoe:

    Albert Einstein's observation that "great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" could be paraphrased to respond to working class opposition to Hillary Clinton, if and where it exists: Strong women have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    Aha! Again! Another injection of passive-aggressive accusation by the powerful One-Trick Pony of Alleged Sexism!

    So all working class people possess "mediocre minds?" Odd, in light of the fact that it's been proven that IQ cuts across all socioeconomic and other demographic strata in a classic bell curve. You'll deny it, of course, but I think you're some suburban, upper middle class polyp who's never been up against it economically, never been worried about loss of a comfortable lifestyle, and, most likely, hasn't had to work very hard at any day job over the course of your rather privileged life. If you weren't, you wouldn't have voiced the prejudice that working class people have mediocre minds. You're in the same psychographic cohort as Hillary Clinton and you have privilege in common with her, making you very sympathetic to the ethos in which she lives and moves.

  • I will not support the LESSORS of either of the two evils -not again   15 hours 24 min ago

    The problem with it is that it's still a lot of rhetoric, with no stated agenda to get it done. It's not a multi-point plan; it's just a statement of what she claims she believes in. And, of course, if the Dems don't get the Congress back, she can always blame the GOP when she gets little or nothing done. It's not enough to say what you think should happen, which is all she's done. Where are the specifics? She blathers all over the place about "creating opportunity," which, before the Dems sold out to Wall Street, was nothing more than a moderate GOP talking point. "Opportunity" costs the budget nothing but it sounds good. WHAT WE NEED ARE BLUEPRINTS FOR SOCIAL PROGRAMS, FEDERAL HARD DOLLARS RESTORED AFTER 30 YEARS OF REAGAN-BASED TAX CUTS -- WHICH BILL CLINTON ACQUIESCED IN. FEDERAL DOLLARS RESTORED UP TO THE LEVELS REQUIRED TO GET THINGS DONE IN A MEANINGFUL WAY, HARD MONEY, MOSTLY GAINED BY RESTORING TAXATION ON THE TOP FEW PER CENTS, NONE OF WHICH SHE OR ANY OTHER GODDAMED BLUE DOGS ARE WILLING TO COMMIT TO, EVEN IF THEY GET THE CONGRESS BACK. Obama could've done it, or at least committed to it, during his first two years, when they had the Congress as well as the White House, but he's another center-right-moderate who turned out, economically, to be nothing more than an equal opportunity exploiter. She'll be another equal opportunity exploiter if she's elected, only with her it'll be gender-based, rather than race-based, showing that race and gender are always secondary to ideology, and that race and gender don't matter -- ideology and activity do, so if the POTUS is non-white or female, the potential is still there for them to do a horrible job in office. It's PROGRAMS and AGENDAS that matter, that get things done, that benefit all, especially people stuck in the lower cohorts of the population. As a white progressive, I don't care if the president is a blind black lesbian, AS LONG AS SHE DOES WHAT'S ETHICALLY, MORALLY, AND PROGRESSIVELY CORRECT FOR THE PEOPLE. Hillary Clinton wants "opportunity" for the middle and upper middle classes and her ambition stops there. How the hell do education tax cuts benefit people who can't even afford to send their kids to college? Bernie wants free college, she says it can't be done. I GUESS SHE THINKS COLLEGE TUITION TAX AND FEE CUTS FOR THE MIDDLE AND UPPER MIDDLE CLASSES WILL SOMEHOW EDUCATE THE CHILDREN OF THE WORKING CLASSES AND THE POOR, AS IF BY IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. How idiotic!

  • I will not support the LESSORS of either of the two evils -not again   15 hours 29 min ago

    Do you think it's finally time to put this zombie post to death? 205 posts (counting this one from me)? Either you make up your mind to vote for Hillary because you have the common sense to not put Trump in the Whitehouse, or you do not vote for Hillary and help Trump and the Republican Party take over the Supreme court and end our Democracy as it currently exists, warts and all. Once that choice is on the table, all the rest is just so much "sh*t in the Cuckoo clock."

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