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  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   16 min 25 sec ago


    That medicare as you are quite aware of was a gift to the seniors of America by the liberal Democrats , as were your seniors pensions, unemployment insurance and ALL other social programs , which were all opposed by the right wing republicans from the day each program was put into place and these programs have been under attack every year by the republican party who want them destroyed. In the last 100 years these right wingers have not once introduced legislation that would benefit the poor or the middle class, in fact it's been quite the opposite, your abomination of a health care service, those HMO's were introduced into American society by none other than Richard Nixon himself, who was told on the White House tapes , that the success of HMO's for profit health care was predicated on not paying for health care claims.


    Ehrlichman: “Edgar Kaiser is running his Permanente deal for profit. And the reason that he can … the reason he can do it … I had Edgar Kaiser come in … talk to me about this and I went into it in some depth. All the incentives are toward less medical care, because …”

    President Nixon: [Unclear.]

    Ehrlichman: “… the less care they give them, the more money they make.”

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   27 min 30 sec ago


    You're here again to spread republican lies. Right wing attempts to throw another monkey wrench into the workings of the US government. You're a right wing fascist subversive, just like you bought and paid for republican party, who have spent the last 40 years since Reagan trying their best to collapse all your social programs , destroy your government and turn everything over to the rich 1% percent, so they can milk whats left of the wealth of the middle class and of course as far as these right wingers are concerned the poor can go to hell. Diane you must be a sociopath , because only sociopaths behave in such a heartless and callous manner towards their fellow man. Diane or should i call you Charles, because obviously you're a right wing plant , sent here to try your best to recruit the low hanging dumbed down left wingers . SO Diane how much are you really paid to commit subversion and acts of treason against your own country, assumming of course you're an American , which really can't be assumed anymore, because in the right in desperation , they are even welcoming enemies of your country to help destroy your country as seen by Trumps open invitation to have Russians use the net to cause malicous trouble.

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   53 min 11 sec ago

    The Republican lies about government death panels are just that lies. In Canada you can go to any Doctor you like, if you're not happy with your doctor you are free to go to any Doctor you like. There are no co pays or deductibles, in fact it is against the law for any Doctor in Canada to charge you for health care ,all services must be paid through the government. The real death panels are the US HMO's that have an army of investigators to try and find ways to deny you health procedures.

    Donald Trump repeated the HMO lie about Canadians flocking to the US for health services. Canada's health care ends at its border, so any Canadian looking for say a bypass in America must pay the $200,000 plus out of pocket and that simply doesn't happen, especially when it's free at home.

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   1 hour 3 min ago

    All unnecessary.

    Before obamacare, one could buy a catastrophic plan that would cover 100% of all the disasters you plan on leaving the country to have repaired. This cost was one hell of a lot less than obamacare plans, and the current $13,000 deductibles would go a long way to covering routine care.

    I hope you understand that your employer did not cover the insurance costs you mention, it was all figured into your compensation package. You made less cash in your pocket because of those premiums that the company paid. I worked for a number of employers and not one of their plans refused insurance for a pre-existing condition.

    If you are currently receiving a lot of tests through Medicare, that will soon end. What is going on, your clinic is trying to pad their losses by billing Medicare for more and more tests. Medicare is increasingly monitoring these clinics and it will come to an end. Mine did the same and it just ended.

    Obamacare was a disaster from the beginning and the idea that it leads to better healthcare through single payer is pure folly. The minor changes it had to insurance companies is now brilliantly reflected in increased deductibles and costs.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   1 hour 32 min ago

    G3... I like having affordable access to healthcare for our family! I get your frustration with cost I have the same problem only different from yours probably.
    Your comparison of 1984 and today sticks out to me. You know before you throw down on government as the great saviour think about what government has done for you. Private industry doesn't control monetary policy, print money, government does. Your/my dollar in 1984 was a lot stronger than today. What 35.00 in 1984 bought now takes over 200.00 to buy the same thing. Debt by government to subsidize all kinds of stuff we can't afford is diminishing your/my dollar and life. You want more of that? To many of us think like a frog in a pot.
    We're not Europe either, we look across the pond through rose colored glasses.
    What we need is a reality check!
    Obama Care is awful. You pit a beaurocrat against business your gonna lose every time as a beaurocrat. The business will negotiate with the future in mind, the beaurocrat at best only sees as far out as re-election. Obama Care is a painful example of that. Subsidies to healthcare providers end this year from government. Healthcare providers pass added cost on to you/me. Business win, beurocrats lose...and retire with pension. You/me lose. The bigger the government...the smaller the people and vice versa. We have to start being big people, wise, selfless, and principled.
    Colorado wants to empower government through taxation to provide healthcare. Their is no restraint in taxiation only control and plans, plans, plans. In economy their is restraint through competition and cost. Gets even better as government removes itself from the mix. Do you shop for variety and cost or do you always buy the most expensive product? Imagine their was only one product to choose and one price...expensive? That's government versus private.
    It's amazing all of us as Americans are at this point to even have such a dialogue as this.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   1 hour 38 min ago

    Facts in post 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15,16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 32, 34, 41 all of which you seem to ignor. What are you proving by not voting or commiting where you stand?

  • THEY own EVERYTHING including your JOBS   1 hour 59 min ago

    zapdam, you are spot on about the Koch brothers.

    There is a book published this year that details just what you explained.

    "Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" by Jane Mayer

    It explains just what you explained about Koch brother foundations (and other billionaire's foundations) funding educational institutions and demanding control over the curriculum and teachers.

    And, just as you said, these foundations are tax deductible so really we the taxpayers are paying for this corruption.

    Has Thom Hartmann read this book and recommended it to his audience?

    If not, then is there a way to make a recommendation to him?

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   2 hours 1 min ago

    Diane, Like you I am on mdicare and have found the tests so extensive it is almost more than I want. One difference that Thom does not mention is what his supplemental insurance costs and how much it will ballon as he ages. I am on an advatage plan with Kaiser Permanente and find it to be the best option, especially if you are reasonably healthy. Looking back on my career my first job paid 100% of medical and dental insurance. It progressivly went downhill from there. Single people are now paying over $1000 per month for $5000 deductible insurance. $12000 per year that you could put in a health maintenance personal account. Unlike the Republicans my plan has you flying to Cuba, India or country of your choice where your $12000 per year will cover something major. In the USA it would disappear fast. Previous to Obamacare you should remember that insurance companies could drop you if you became ill and you were liable for 100%, they did not cover pre-existing and CEO's made billions of dollars. Prior to Obamacare 50% of personal bankruptcy was the results of medical bills. But once you become bankrupt you can join the Reagan plan and go to the ER, the most expensive way for all. What is the Republican plan?

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   2 hours 49 min ago
    Quote Legend:

    Insurance industry formula:

    You pay a monthly fee to be insured. Then you only pay 20% of a fee that is 5 times higher than it would be in any other country.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is cheaper to setup your own health maintenance fund. Not buy insurance. Stay reasonably fit and healthy. For routine medical and check ups fly to Cuba. For anything major Cuba or India. Both have excellent medical care. I have a friend that went to Panama for dental work. Just as good as the USA at a fraction of the cost. Get drugs in Mexico and Canada. Plus you get a vacation at the same time.

    I will bet you were pretty well warned about these horrific health care cost increases by the conservatives immediately after Obama tried to hide them by delaying the federal governments support to the insurance companies and states until after the election. The only part he forgot was the premium increases actually come out before the election it was the coverage that takes place in 2018. It may be a fatal mistake by the Obama administration come election day. This is, and always was a fiasco. The only time I want to read something after it is administered is my proctologists report.

    As for your own personal health maintenance account comment, the Republicans have been preaching that for years. Join their party and get to work supporting their plan.

    As for hoping for Medicare for all. I laugh when Hartmann exclaims how great Medicare is. He has obviously not yet had a "free" Medicare physical. I just had one and the doctors hide their heads in shame. Medicare mandates you read a eye chart and remember three words. Beyond that they need approval for detailed blood tests etc. It is a total joke, but a "free" one. My clinic is going concierge only and requiring everyone to have a insurance plan that covers costs above a certain amount. All, will cost less than the $1300/mo plus $12,000 deductible that plagues the average family using obamacare. The democrats lied period. The States that turned down free federal help are far better off than states like MN where their exchange is broke and no insurance company will take on the responsibility.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   3 hours 46 min ago

    Colorado's Prop 69, otherwise known as ColoradoCare would be a test case for universal access to medical care. Like many needed progressive democratic ideas, this reform to Obamacare may start with the individual states.


    Amendment 69 is a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment that would establish a political subdivision of the state called “ColoradoCare.” The measure was designed to establish a statewide program to provide universal healthcare coverage and finance healthcare services for Colorado residents. Amendment 69 would not prevent people from purchasing private health insurance. A 21-member board of trustees would govern ColoradoCare. As ColoradoCare would operate as a cooperative, members would vote for candidates to serve on the co-op's board and decide whether taxes should be increased to provide additional funding to the program. To fund ColoradoCare, a 10 percent payroll tax would be implemented, with employers paying 6.67 percent and employees paying 3.33 percent. Other non-payroll income would also be taxed at 10 percent.[1][2]

    ACA and state healthcare systems

    A section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows states to create their own healthcare systems. If given a waiver, Colorado would be eligible to receive subsidies that would otherwise go to state residents to use on the private market. This means that Colorado could receive federal funding towards ColoradoCare.

    State of the ballot measure campaigns

    Opponents, organized as Coloradans for Coloradans, had outraised supporters five-to-one, as of October 18, 2016. ColoradoCare Yes had received about $836,813, while opponents raised $4,048,293. The top donor to the “Yes” campaign was Lyn Gullette, who contributed $168 thousand. The top donor to the “No” campaign was health insurance firm Anthem, Inc., which provided $1 million. Polls indicate low support for Amendment 69, with 28.5 percent of voters supporting and 60.5 percent opposing the measure. does not look good, but I think the idea is sound and needs to be advanced.

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   3 hours 54 min ago

    Insurance industry formula:

    You pay a monthly fee to be insured. Then you only pay 20% of a fee that is 5 times higher than it would be in any other country.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is cheaper to setup your own health maintenance fund. Not buy insurance. Stay reasonably fit and healthy. For routine medical and check ups fly to Cuba. For anything major Cuba or India. Both have excellent medical care. I have a friend that went to Panama for dental work. Just as good as the USA at a fraction of the cost. Get drugs in Mexico and Canada. Plus you get a vacation at the same time.

  • Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...   4 hours 1 min ago

    You know what the health care premiums cost in Canada under our government run single payer health care. ZERO, nothing, nada. AND everybody from birth to death is covered. Whatsmore its been that way since 1967. NO ONE in Canada dies or suffers because they have no health care. Being government the cost to operate this health care must be SKY HIGH, wrong , the actual operating cost is 6 cents of every dollar, the rest goes to make the sick well and comfort the dying.

    So where does the money for our health care come from? Canada's health care is paid for out of general tax revenues. Geez then, Canadian taxes MUST then be sky high. NO actually our taxes are lower than the US. Canadians pay 15% tax on the first 46 thousand dollars they earn, an addidtional 20% from 46 thousand to 98 thousand dollars.

    HOW can we accomplish this? For starters we as a country are not involved in constant wars. WE therefore don't have to spend 50 cents of our tax dollars to keep the war manufacturers busy providing weapons and maintain a million person standing military. BUT America NEEDS to spend 50 cents of every dollar on weapons and war to protect freedom. WRONG, since the end of WW2 the US has been in constant state of war that has cost them virtually 50 cents of their tax dollar, wars that really aren't wars but policing actions, policing actions to protect US corporate interests globally, a free corporate subsidy paid for by the tax payer, at the cost of a declining US society and infrastructure, benfiting ONLY the rich establishment who own these corporations.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   4 hours 25 min ago

    What facts have you posted? None that I am aware of. Do you deny that Hillary is being backed by the big money interests (Wall Street, banking, big pharma, etc)? That is a fact. She is supported by the neo-con establishment...that is another fact. She was certainly in favor of free trade until forced to try and walk it back by Sanders and Trump.

    How progressive/liberal of her....and you. Oh, I almost forgot. She is in favor of abortion on demand. Well that certainly makes up for everything else. Never mind...

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   4 hours 34 min ago

    R S Allen, Coalage posts no facts or reference and ignores all facts and references posted. Like arguing with a fence post.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   5 hours 32 min ago
  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   7 hours 21 min ago

    The GOP? Is that a joke? If you can find anywhere on this forum where I said I supported the GOP, please point it out. I have been saying don't vote for either one of these pitiful candidates.

    I still do not agree with your definition of centrist, and I certainly do not agree that Hillary Clinton fits that term. If Bernie Sanders is "left", and someone like Ted Cruz is "right", then maybe Hillary could be labeled a centrist. But I still maintain she has more in common with Cruz than Sanders despite her attempts to try and woo the Sanders supporters.

  • Why Won't the Media Push Back Against Liar Think Tanks and Experts?   9 hours 27 min ago

    The gorgeous post learned a great deal Thanks greatly!

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   9 hours 58 min ago

    They are voting on single payer in Colorado (Amendment 69) this election. The Insurance companies have attacked it with millions in donations against it. The single payer movement has virtually no money and no advertising.

    Obama's biggest mistake was trying to work with the insurance companies.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   11 hours 10 min ago

    I'm amazed, Country. You LIKE private, for-profit health insurance, with its exorbitant premiums, lifetime caps, denials of service, death panels sitting in judgment over whether or not you'll get the cancer treatment you need, booting you out or refusing to cover you for pre-existing conditions, canceling your coverage because you didn't tell them about a hang nail you had when you were ten years old, sucking every last dollar you ever put aside for your retirement, condemning you to live on the street or die in the gutter? You like that? 'Cuz that's what you're going to get if you manage to undo Obamacare. You're correct that Obamacare isn't working right, but your analysis is backward. It isn't government that's at fault -- it's those private insurers into whose loving arms you want to run. I can remember a time back in the '70s when for-profit medical insurance was against the law, and believe me, medical insurance was very affordable. I think I paid $35 a month for it and it covered just about everything. Then Ronnie became governor of California and later president and put an end to it, telling us that "competition was good for medical insurance and drug prices." Guess the verdict on that is in, and all you need to do is look at your medical insurance premiums to know that Reagan LIED. And meanwhile, Lewis Powell became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and lo and behold, corporations became people, my friend, and unlike most people I know, as soon as they got personhood, they assumed the right to rip you off for as much money as the economy could possibly stand. Same for Big Pharma. Do you know what a bottle of insulin cost in 1984? $35. Do you know what it costs now? Between $350 and $500. But ONLY in America, which has the greatest medical care system in the world (just ask Sean Hannity). One bottle of insulin lasts about 15 days. One bottle of long-acting insulin (Lantus) costs $750. It lasts one month and then goes into a well-timed decay. Diabetics don't have an option whether or not to take insulin, Country. They have to have it and have it right now in the prescribed quantity or they're dead. So what does Big Pharma do? They think -- "Hey, these people have to have insulin! This is a chance to make a lot of money!" This is not what the creators of insulin thought, nor what they intended. And don't talk to me about those poor Pharma companies needing all that money for research. That argument is b.s. What we're seeing in healthcare is symptomatic of a country that has run off the rails, and is now in the process of being run off a cliff by the sociopathic oligarchs who are going to ride it to the end (and then jump off). Now if corporations are people, these "people," namely these corporations, need to be arrested enjoy a brief trial, and then be executed. All of it -- ALL of it, the whole healthcare racket -- should be nationalized tomorrow, turned over to the government, and the for-profit private health insurance companies should be disbanded and their assets seized. And by the way, their CEOs should be arrested, their assets seized, and they should be imprisoned for a term of not less than 20 years and not to exceed 200 years. That's what you DO to people who've systematically killed other people. Same for the politicians they've bought and paid for. The current system cannot go on without serious, serious consequences beyond what we've already experienced. Either we stop it now, or it will stop us, the U.S.

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   12 hours 5 min ago

    Postage is planned to go up in 2017, but look at the numbers...?

    The USPS creates a revenue of $69 billion dollars a year. Employs over 500,000 workers at wages between for temporary/ part-time (really full-time)/ seasonal workers $15,000 to $40,000 a year. Regular workers make about $50,000 to $65,000 a year.

    $69,000,000,000 / 500,000 = $138,000 that means some postal workers have to bring almost 10 times to 3 times their annual salary and still the Postal service operates at a lost. The average worker must move 1,340 pieces of mail each day at a rate of $369.71 making average postage 28 cents.

    These numbers make it obvious that the standard or bulk rate mail is too low and needs to be raised to more than 20 cents per piece. The current rate for bulk mail is 15 cents per piece.

    Packages are helpful but only result in about 2% of the volume of the mail and 7% the annual revenue. Packages will not be enough to support daily delivery in the long term. The packaging of products in one time use and recycle is not sustainable principles or energy efficient.

    93% of revenue comes from other postal products and services.

    It would be environmental to raise the price of bulk mail and reduce some of the waste associated with junk mail.

    The postal service by way of attrition should be expanding routes and reducing daily mail delivery. Meaning noncommercial or single residential or sparse suburban or rural will receive mail on a a 2 week schedule. Basically revolving "Mail-Outs" for mail delivery.

    The Postal Service should be opening new delivery options for commercial delivery preferred and non-perferred delivery status - daily or once a week delivery.

    The foundation of current employee decreasing by way of attrition means less people actively earning money for the Postal Service wages will reduce and pensions will reduce (for people currently collecting) .

    The only thing the Postal Service will have to keep reduction in turnover is creating really good working conditions and a pleasant working environment. In the near future the Post office living wage salary and benefits will be gone.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   15 hours 3 min ago

    I agree Obama Care appears to be in trouble, however I think that was the idea all along. Obama Care is the response of an over-reaching government to challenges it is wholly unprepared to address. Now we live with the results!!! I know for me and my family we are being battered by outrageous costs for premiums and deductibles on one side and for profit insurance companies staying true to their first priority...remaining profitable on the other. What's wrong with us? How can we as Americans be so stupid as to permit government to play such a personal role in our lives? Oh sure poor Americans have access, non-Americans have access, wealthy have access, but those in the middle which makes up the majority...are made to suffer. To borrow from Hillary Clintons famous choice of words, how disgusting and deplorable that is. Well fine, destroy that foundation which made you great America and suffer the same fate of great countries who preceded you.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   15 hours 49 min ago

    I should also mention. You guys are getting ripped off so badly on your medicine. I needed a eye drop here in Canada before my insurance plan it was $22.00 Canadian dollars about $16.00 US dollars in Scottsdale AZ it was $108.00 US Dollars same exact brand both at Safeway pharmacy, not even close. Maybe being the far right wing capitalists that I am I should start a medicine tourism business , for the love of god how can it be sooo much more by the way my insurance plan is $1,200 a year covers 90% of Meds , ambulance rides, and that is a private provider

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   16 hours 23 min ago

    What people don't know or don't remember is that health insurance costs were skyrocketing long before "Obama Care." The last three years I worked , I worked for a major defense contractor with pretty standard, pretty good healthcare options. I took the "high deductible, low premium" option because, up until then I had had very few medical expenses. The first year, the "high deductible" was $1,700. The second it was $2,600 and the third it was $3,700. It more than doubled in less that three calendar years. And this was not Obama Care. It was employer provided health insurance bennies. I'd had it for years and it had been going up steadily for years. When I worked for EG&G in the eighties it was free for the employee, with very affordable surcharges to cover the employee's family. By the time I retired, the Cadillac Plan cost the employee thousands a year and the employer was also paying thousands a year.

    Of course, our Cadillac healthcare system, the most expensive in the world, does provide us with almost the 23rd-best healthcare outcomes in the world. So, you get what you pay for. Or, wait . . . Who gets the 22nd-best healthcare? And the the 21st-best? And the 10th-best for chrissake? We might want to rethink this whole deal.

  • Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play   17 hours 11 min ago

    Second the comments about a state by state approach.

    But expect nothing to change.

    Congress was designed for gentlemen farmers, and not the intense

    party divide we now have in the US.


  • THEY own EVERYTHING including your JOBS   17 hours 18 min ago

    SpeakTruthToPower quote "I just heard a caller talking about how the Koch brothers are having textbooks rewritten to erase ideas like the New Deal from history"

    It's even worse than what you've described, the Koch brothers for their millions in donations to Florida State University, are demanding that a condition of those donations, they the Koch brother get to design the university cirriculum and have say on hiring and firing of university professors.

    Oil billionaire Harold Hamm wanted scientists at the University of Oklahoma dismissed, fired, for doing research of the relationship between the 400 fold earth quakes and oil and gas research and drilling. Billionaire and CEO of Continental Resources, threatened to withhold a multi milion dollar donation to the school , unless these scientists were fired and he was allowed to pick new people being hired.

    I might add that every cent of these so called 'donations' are used as tax write offs by these billionaires, so actually we the tax payer are in effect paying for this educational corruption.

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Obamacare Price Hikes Put Public Option Back in Play

Obamacare is in trouble. With just two weeks to go before Election Day, the White House announced Monday that premiums on the healthcare law's state-level exchanges will increase by an average of 22 percent next year.