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  • I do not get the Liberal emphasis on public schooling...   21 min 44 sec ago


    To answer your point concerning teacher salary and benefits, I say what if a teacher is a monk or nun that receives only a stipend for the most basic of needs? They would not get paid due to their calling, but could still deliver a good education.

  • I do not get the Liberal emphasis on public schooling...   26 min 41 sec ago


    I respect you for your stand in human rights, particularly when it comes to the rights of homosexuals. However, to be frank and honest, I find what you just said here to be slightly Orwellian.

    "When thought is crime, no one is safe." - Orwell

    Is it any of the business of the government what people think about "blasphemies" and "evolution?" Is it any public concern that a child gets "Bible thumped" just as long as that child receives the information they need to be responsible and productive at least by the time they are old enough to leave home to make the important choices in their life?

    Don't get me wrong though. I am not religious. In fact I consider myself a "skeptical enquirer" in which "I don't know" G*d enough to believe that there is one. I am opened minded, but not to the point of being open enough to spill my brains out on the floor. While I might be disturbed by children receiving a "thumping" of an education, it is ultimately none of my business.

    The only legitimate problem I can see, as you put it, is socialization issues. Child abuse? Hardly...but it is still an issue I admit.

    Again, Mdhess, I respect you. Please do not infer that what I just posted is directed at you on a personal level.

  • Neither Metric Nor Democratic...   1 hour 21 min ago

    The culture inside the beltway doesn't come close to matching that of the electorate. The "government of the people" doesn't exist here. One glaring example is Social Security which is extremely popular even amongst right wing wacko seniors.

    Our legislatures are full of ideological newbies who have no inclination nor ability to govern. Members range from the possibly mentally ill Louis Gohmert to the ignorant Ron Johnson, Joe Barton and this guy.

    Just a few years ago we had to endure the intellectually challenged G W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. The results of that choice for the nation were undeniably disastrous.

  • Mysticism   2 hours 54 sec ago
    Quote Laborisgood:

    Deep connections with other humans is mystical, no? Especially when we so often just safely skim across the surface of shallow interactions with others avoiding the deeper and more meaningful stuff.

    Indeed! :)

  • Is Sears In Trouble Because It Sucks???   2 hours 1 min ago

    I've noticed a few small Sears stores opening lately. These don't come close to carrying the full line of merchandise. Instead they are niche stores offering tools and appliances.

  • S&P 500 Companies Spend 95% of Profits on Buybacks and Payouts   2 hours 7 min ago

    "Less stocks." Does that mean fewer shares? If so, yes. There is such a thing as a reverse split, such as a stock selling for 40 goes to 80 by combining shares two for one. If you were a shareholder with 100 shares at 40, you now have 50 shares at 80. Lord, how the money rolls in.

  • Mysticism   2 hours 10 min ago

    Deep connections with other humans is mystical, no? Especially when we so often just safely skim across the surface of shallow interactions with others avoiding the deeper and more meaningful stuff.

  • Mysticism   4 hours 25 min ago

    Don, great to see you here! :-)
    You'll always be Uncle Don to me, and I still fondly remember our encounter in Amsterdam way back in the day. Wish I could meet all of yous again somehow.

    Yes, I did notice you left on the Fb... I'm only recently shifting my page from a clear AR-page back to an Usha-page... I figured, though being an AR-activist for sure gives me a sense of purpose and direction, I need a way to stop getting lost in the cause (albeit a good one to get lost in) and maybe, just maybe, getting back to this boards might do that... Who knows.

    We had such a lovely connected space here, which was so brutally broken open by voices setting out to be more mainstream. A great loss, wasn't it, because, though we did make a very good start on one, and then another of the new boards, I supposed all of us were infected by something we didn't really know how to describe, so, we just went with it. Sure, other things filled the open space that the loss of this one left, but well, though many things were going on at that time, I still remember those days fondly.

    Someone in the above (Karolina?) mentioned something about nothing happening just like that (sorry if I misquoted you, I tend to go with whatever I see/read/feel and let my mind wander with it ;) ) well, I believe that to be true, actually. After detouring such a long way in my life from where once I was (in 2003 and onwards), I find myself gradually coming back to that life, that profession, that person. Not completely the same, as new experiences formed and shaped me in ways I am unwilling to let go of, but, there must be a reason beyond anyone's grasping, why Chris decided to alert us to this thread, and why we all responded, and keep responding!

    I have often missed our e-mails, and thought of e-mailing you many times, but, somehow didn't.

    Heard you got married (must have been a while ago already), cheers on that one, mate! So good to see you embracing life, and love, (you've always done that in my experience) but one of my last encounters with you on one of the sub-boards was about a health-scare. I always knew it wasn't what we feared it might be, but, still, good to see you well and alive! Have you still got your unintelligble Scottish accent or did you adopt the tongue of the Land of Oz? :)

    I don't think it's bad blood, personally, just other things calling. MInd you, I had no intention of ever returning to this place, but decided I'd do it just because you asked. And This being my 3rd post here this time, I am more and more starting to feel connected to all of you, and seeing this as a reunion of some sort.

    Maybe pathetic to actually see this place as a "space" and the characters on it as "friends", "family", even. But well, pathetic is as pathetic does, right? ;)

    Though I'm seemingly not addressing the purpose of this thread, I, in a way, am. :)

  • Mysticism   4 hours 27 min ago

    NMKiker:Talk about nonsense, I believe that you just demonstrated some... full of fury signifying nothing. But, I am getting rather bored so I guess I'll bow out and let you babble on about ridiculous ideas.

  • Canadian Gun Violence   4 hours 29 min ago
    Quote douglaslee:

    Calling 2 Ebola infections an epidemic and a crisis is similar. A NY Drs w/o Borders case just appeared. Comments from the usual suspects are Salem Mass witch burning type, but the system works, and worked. A blue city in a blue state was prepared and acted. No privatized unregulated crooks, no TXterf#ck, just action. It was a nice gesture of the Mayor of Dallas assuring NY that even Texterf#cks are no reason to panic. But then TX has open carry and NYC doesn't, gee I wonder if the NRA will pounce. First concealed carry, then SYG, and Ebola wouldn't stand a chance. Some are saying it is jumping fences and landing airplanes. At least Ebola is not flying the planes into buidings.

    Freudian slip, I first wrote nice jester re:Dallas, not gesture. Loony Gomer and Cruz are still jesters and clowns, or Jokers. The 'calves like canteloupes' IA rep thinks he's a king, but he's not even a Jack, just a joker in a dealer's choice, and IA voters are the dealer.

    btw, I'm from the midwest, sometimes Jacks trump everything. In Euchre, the Jack of trump is the Right Bour (or bar in some dialects) and same color Jack is Left Bower. Liz Warren will one day be Right Bower, (not a Jack, A Jill?). The dealer then will be the populous and with a good hand they decide trump. Liz Warren and Sherrod Brown are right and left bowers. CA is ace of trump, minorities are king of trump, Women are ace of another suit. The other team still has jokers like Cruz and Palin, but they're in the wrong game.

  • Canadian Gun Violence   4 hours 59 min ago

    Calling 2 Ebola infections an epidemic and a crisis is similar. A NY Drs w/o Borders case just appeared. Comments from the usual suspects are Salem Mass witch burning type, but the system works, and worked. A blue city in a blue state was prepared and acted. No privatized unregulated crooks, no TXterf#ck, just action. It was a nice jester of the Mayor of Dallas assuring NY that even Texterf#cks are no reason to panic. But then TX has open carry and NYC doesn't, gee I wonder if the NRA will pounce. First concealed carry, then SYG, and Ebola wouldn't stand a chance. Some are saying it is jumping fences and landing airplanes. At least Ebola is not flying the planes into buidings.

  • Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Event   5 hours 36 min ago

    It wouldn't surprise me if there were even more to be discovered.

    The news is still spreading that energy efficiency is not enough. It'll take awhile, maybe too long to get around.

    The thing that always has concerned me is that we have been creating the next mass extinction, it has been underway big time since the industrial revolution transformed the way humans live -- and that includes the way we organize into hierarchical institutions that come to rule us. But that news is not included in much of the talk about global warming.

    Some people think global warming is the cause of this seemingly new news item about a 6th Mass Extinction event, but it's not. It is only a correlated effect. Fix the global warming causes and not the way we are destroying ecosystems all over the planet to replace them with our human made mono cultures and the Anthropocene Mass Extinction goes on.

    The cause of the loss of what is now deemed to be 200 species a day is primarily due to the way humans are destroying eco systems as we expand with this particular form of cultural adaption. It's a species-centric adaptation that considers the biosphere and the earth's elements as something to exploit, not a necessary complementing element in the life-giving forces that make our very existence possible. Life sustaining forces we need to understand and nurture, not callously destroy.

  • Mysticism   6 hours 12 sec ago

    Hi, Kathy, great to have you drop by. I always love that noble spirit of Atticus you bring to discussions. He would humbly say he doesn't experience spirit in a sustained way I imagine, while standing up for the downtrodden.

  • Mysticism   6 hours 2 min ago

    I think I am going to make an exception to my last based on your continued insults, Mr. Palin.

    I find your latest entirely rich given your own ongoing insults prior to my referring to you as an infant. I can see how taking refuge under liberal principles serves your broader obfuscations, along with your false presuppositions. I seem to remember you accosted me first with some silly nonsense (again more hyperbole) under the thread spiritual books entirely meant to ridicule the topic. Now you want to take refuge under some false pretext while playing the victim.

    The real issue here has nothing whatsoever to do with diversity of opinion since you and your friends are the least likely to take responsibility for your own freedom, or to be responsible for anything worthwhile and Good. True rebellion, righteous rebellion, is seen, alternatively, as bad form, a vice, or only to be employed as a means to insure that the easy and disposable life your ilk is addicted to continues. Like an animal in the zoo, your ilk is anxious about the very idea of your cage door opening for good. In fact you will bite off the very hand of your liberator! Plenty of food and much diversion are nevertheless accepted as demonstrated by your nonsensical posts.

  • Time to Rethink the War on Terror   6 hours 8 min ago

    Yes indeed i agree with your point of view against war on terror especially Pakistan is great victom of that as per resident here in pak i have noticed how much we have lost aginst it and got nothing. We have lost lives economy trust destroyed. Now its time to rethink against this.

  • Mysticism   6 hours 30 min ago

    Now it's like the old days :-)

  • Mysticism   7 hours 1 min ago

    I think you missed something, NMHiker, Zenzoe had posted a link to the movie trailer Kumare. You must not have watched it. I was merely responding to that...since it was brought up. And I think it is pretty shallow of those of you who think that they can post in a public forum thinking that you should have your own exclusive little club of like thinkers who all must have been impressed with the Dr. Doolittle talking with the animals series. If you want a cozy little exclusive atmosphere why don't you just create your own blogs and never let anyone you don't want in to never be able to log in? Or, perhaps communicate through your own private emails or twitter feeds?

    You started this mess with:

    Quote NewMexicoHiker:Due to the tangled thread under the "Athiest" tome elsewhere, this introduction on Mysticism or personal Mystical expereince was created to satisfy other posters who may want to contribute something. (Hopefully free from the hounds who like to disrupt anything not in confluence with their scientific realism, i.e., hegemony or status quo 'faith as assent' positions.)

    Arrogant digs duly noted! Did you think you would not be challenged, at least a little, from someone who may take offense at reading this? And by the way, your little snit in #95 has inspired me to a follow up. You weren't being now, neither will I be.

  • Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Event   7 hours 2 min ago

    New scientific conference says one of the earliest extinctions was a double event, bumping the counting to 7 events. And they are looking for evidence of the Anthropocene extinctions.

    And to add another worrying correlation, we are doomed to suffer from a warming heat bath (and I would expect more extinctions) because energy efficiency won't change the path we are on unless we dump carbon based fuels rapidly:

  • I do not get the Liberal emphasis on public schooling...   7 hours 21 min ago

    The frenzy toward privatization of the American educational system, including the charter school movement, is a direct assault on the American labor force. It is a trap by the right, which the New Dems have fallen right into, to destroy teachers unions. Private schools often don't even require their "teachers" to be certified the same way that public school teachers must be and here's why:

    Private secondary or high schools do not have the same certification requirements as public schools. They are often willing to hire teachers with master's or even bachelor's degrees and no further education, experience or certification. As with any other position, the more experience you bring, the better your odds of getting the job and the more negotiating power you have when it comes to salary. As a result of their reduced requirements and lack of government spending, many private schools pay less and provide fewer benefits to their teachers than public institutions may offer.

    Often parents choose private schooling in order to avoid the sinful secular world of public education so that their children won't be subjected to blaspemies -- like evolution. If parents choose to send their children to a religious school to get their daily dose of Bible thumping they have that right but schools should be strictly monitered by the state to make sure they learn something other than just what's in the Bible.

    Home schooling is often done for the same reason, so that parents can pound religion into children without worrying that they'll be exposed to a world of temptations that await them just outside the door. Again, home schooling is a parent's right but I think it amounts to child abuse since socialization is a critical part of childhood. A generation of home schooled children is going to yield a bounty of socially dysfunctional adults.

  • In an urban setting Ebola is perpetual, Ebola will never burnout (as the professionals are finding out now).   7 hours 27 min ago

    Interesting! That guy's neck and head are exposed while the other person seems to be fully covered. But even that hood on the fully covered person just drapes down...would there be an opening if the person leaned over? Is that hood sealed to the suit? Is that person breathing through a special self-contained breathing apparatus?

  • Implosion of our Cash-Based Democracy: Sears laying off 5,500 due to failed aggregate demand.   7 hours 52 min ago

    Sears demise started a long time ago when they raised their prices on just about everything including clothes. I rarely shopped at Sears, because of that, except for one time I found some stove top cleaner that was marked very low compared to other stores so I grabbed about 6 containers. But when I got to the cashier she rang it up at a far greater price that posted on the shelf. I brought this to her attention and she checked the posted price. She looked pretty distressed and called someone. Then, she rang up the reduced price. I think they must have made an error in putting that low price on the shelf. I sure wouldn't have bought the product if it had been at the normal Sears price.

    Another thing that really ticks me off, and it happens not just at Sears but just about everywhere, is that the sales clerk tries to sell me on various incentive plans to buy, or join their buyer's club. They would give discounts to members. I didn't like the idea that they would jack up the prices so that they could sell you on a special Sears credit card or membership plan. So, I just didn't fall for any of these gimmicks.

    I'd rather shop at Walmart or Cosco (which of course they have their gimmick have to be a member to shop there or to even get in the door). But, at least they don't put one price on the product and then you find out at the cashier that you have to be a member before you get the product at that price.

    It's funny, in a way, Sears started out being a mail-order/catalog ordering scheme and now they are being beaten out by On-line Only problems with that is that you have to wait for delivery and then you have to worry about some thief coming along and snatching your package from under your door.

  • Mysticism   8 hours 7 min ago

    I must have missed something: is not your post in disagreement with the context of the thread by making false comparisons to groups that had nothing to do with the themes and friendships discussed here? I don't think you are able to cite a single post advocating for Jones, Koresch, or the other group you name. Hyperbole seems a trollish activity from any standard you care to name. Since I don't often converse with infantile gibberish, please take the last word and make it memorable. I would hate for you to lose face with your disciples or handlers here.

  • Is Sears In Trouble Because It Sucks???   8 hours 8 min ago

    Sears sucks because they charge way too much for their products and they aren't any better than competing products....except maybe their Craftsman wrenches which have been, for quite a while, available in other stores. Sears' clothes are way overpriced.

  • Mysticism   8 hours 14 min ago

    Well, NMHiker, I'm an atheist and I don't buy in to any of that nonsense. But I get the impression that you do. Talking to birds? etc..and all the other things you've been saying sound just like you would be a great candidate for getting suckered into one of those cult maybe that German guru you've all been idolizing. Mysticism? Ha! Don't drink any Kool-Aid now! HA! HA!

  • Mysticism   8 hours 20 min ago

    Of course, some people think that others are trolls just because they disagree with them on certain topics.

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