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  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   9 min 23 sec ago
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    Read the previous links about immigration reform. A bi-partisan bill even got through the Senate only to be tabled by the Republican Speaker of the House. The non-sense is totally Republican.

    Yes, I understand that most Republicans do not support reform.

    The point you are refusing to acknowledge is that Obama promised reform in his first year and during that first year he had a veto proof majority. Republicans could not block it. Yet he did not even present a plan. Why?

    Kind of like his promise to renegotiate NAFTA, as soon as he was elected he ignored that and conspired with Hillary to foist TPP on the backs of American workers.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   9 min 27 sec ago

    Way back I one of your posts, you stated that "Stephanie is now doing her show out of Thoms studio." Legend that's just not true, Thom's studio is in Washington DC, Stephanie does her show from Los Angeles ,from a basement studio of her rented house. Now don't get me wrong ,she lives in a really nice neighborhood, three doors down live the musician Moby, who has appeared on her show.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   21 min 56 sec ago

    Quote Coalage3, "With funding from Putin you would think Thom could do better." So now that's two prominent Americans being bought off by Putin, Trump and Thom Hartmann, lol,both at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Coalage3 you really are delusional.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   32 min 27 sec ago

    Coalage3 you pompous ass, the US in Iraq has killed one million people, most innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. The persons responsible, Americans, live safe wealthy comfortable lives, protected by people like you Coalage3, you pompous ass.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   1 hour 4 min ago
    Quote al3:
    Quote Coalage3:

    Big money cares about big profit. They could care less if a progressive commentator ranted and raved about them, as long as they make money doing it. But that's one of the problems.

    No, companies don't run commercials that detract from their products, services, or otherwise show them in a bad light. And RW radio is generally a commercial touting the policies of the 1%. Billionaires are interested in press/media that pushes things they agree with...which at the very least saves them from the guillotines...and more likely increases their wealth. To the get rabble united against their wealth, and their unfair hoarding of wealth, is probably their worst fear. This no left wing radio.

    Yet the 3rd most listened to show is Dave Ramsey. His show is 3 hours railing against big banks, pay day lenders, auto loans, car leases and generally worshiping the almighty FICO score that is pushed down our throats. That precludes a lot of advertisers yet he manages to attract a large audience while self syndicating.

    With funding from Putin you would think Thom could do better.

  • Chat room   1 hour 49 min ago

    "Up in my grill" means "up in my face."

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   1 hour 59 min ago

    Read the previous links about immigration reform. A bi-partisan bill even got through the Senate only to be tabled by the Republican Speaker of the House. The non-sense is totally Republican.

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   2 hours 23 min ago

    Ginico55 :

    What are the hand gestures for white power? Please explain I've never seen or heard of them.

  • Is it possible   2 hours 35 min ago

    Humor? KK was speaking the truth.

    I am not attemting to rationalize anything connected to Trump. But its no wonder democrats/progressives/liberals are pulling their hair out since they helped make all of this hilarity possible.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   2 hours 38 min ago

    You must pick someone else besides Che. He liked to shoot people. You have chosen the guillotine as your preferred method of execution.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   2 hours 40 min ago

    Then it seems to me that that approval process needs to be streamlined to make it at least a little easier for the illegals to become citizens (if they choose).

    This whole immigration issue is getting to be a big bunch of nonsense from both sides.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   3 hours 2 min ago
    Quote Coalage3:

    What am I missing here? For the illegals who have been here many years and will never return to their home countries, why not apply for citizenship?

    They have to their home country to do so, and the process can take years with no guarantee of approval.

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   3 hours 40 min ago

    I don't agree that people should stay in their own countries, the world is getting smaller, if every segment of population remained segregated, how will this planet exist in peace. I think that it's pretty much God's Idea to get all of us mixed together so we can learn to respect each others diversity - only that will lead to peace on this planet.

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   3 hours 50 min ago

    Just yesterday was a picture on FB showing one of his White House aides making the hand gestures for "white power".

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   4 hours 19 min ago

    Diane, why do you listen to Thom. Do you enjoy being angry?

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   4 hours 52 min ago
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    I will stick with the facts. The Republicans have blocked immigration reform in the Obama years and Bush years.

    Yes, they have. Even more reason why Obama should have kept his promise when he had the chance to do so when it could not be blocked by Republicans. That is also a fact.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   5 hours 8 min ago

    Because they will be arrested and deported.

    DACA is an Obama executive order and can be reversed (and probably will be) by Trump.

    When the parents came over South Korea was poor. Now it is a great country with much better infrastructure and education than America.

  • Bezos' latest, and why he is getting like Walmart   5 hours 17 min ago

    All that you have to do is read the comments sections after news articles on Fox or even Yahoo to see how low IQ America is. Yes they like to throw out stupid names. Post factless opinion. Generally like the right wing trolls on this site. I am a libertard and proud of it.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   5 hours 27 min ago

    What more will it take to ignite the fuse, to open the eyes and minds of the u.S.’s people? It’s getting late. Read this entire essay (I've pasted a tiny bit of it), pass it along to others. Then act, do something. The clock’s ticking...

    FEBRUARY 23, 2017

    The Illusion of Freedom: the Police State Is Alive and Well



    We are at our most vulnerable right now.

    The gravest threat facing us as a nation is not extremism—delivered by way of sovereign citizens or radicalized Muslims—but despotism, exercised by a ruling class whose only allegiance is to power and money.

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

    America is burning, and all most Americans can do is switch the channel, tune out what they don’t want to hear, and tune into their own personal echo chambers.

    We’re in a national state of denial.


    What more will it take to wake people up?

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   6 hours 1 min ago
    Quote Gibbon:

    fox Horshit only reaches the minds of idiotic brain dead morons. They will soon be incapable of any individual thought process at all. Thomas Hartmann IS the intellect of our human future and presents a pathway of decency far more liberal (liberal in the sense of who I would ever permit) for a future which transcends Corporate Power.

    If "we the people" cannot wrest hold of False corporate Power then we are ALL Doomed.

    You know who said that? I did. Just Now.

    I agree. Thom's intellect and indecisiveness did a great job of getting Hillary Clinton nominated by the Democrat party. We conservatives thank him for that decision.

  • How this horror happened   6 hours 6 min ago

    Kilosqrd equals Millionair. Eh? kww

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   6 hours 17 min ago


    America has existing immigration laws. Your ridiculous attempted diversion from Obama deporting tens of thousands to painting President Trump as worse is pathetic. Both are/were just following the law.

    You have been beating the same divide and conquer (white vs. everyone else) drum for the entire time you have been on the air. You neglect to grasp the fact your drum has been beaten by voters in every local, city, and state elections for years. I realize you personally are saddled with white guilt but the average working middle class American voter isn't and doesn't buy into your program. Instead of preaching the same old mantra to your small audience of like thinkers, your time may be better spent with a new schtick, something that will attract the millions who are concerned about real issues, not made up ones that satisfy your shortcomings.

  • Is Trump Making America White Again?   7 hours 35 min ago

    Don Rosenberg,

    I am so sorry that you lost your son. As a parent myself, it is unimaginable to even begin to understand the pain of that, what you must feel every day. I offer my deepest and sincere sympathy.

    Your website articles and letter to Obama were heartfelt and make very convincing points that elevate awareness of a very serious problem, which absolutely needs to be addressed by authorities on the local, state, and national levels.

    Also, your "Los Angeles Traffic" study is a real eye-opener, chock full of statistics, well organized, and evidently well researched. Thank you for such a tremendous effort in putting it all together.

    (Here's the link to the PDF if others want to peruse it.)

    You are obviously the expert in this area, so it is not my place to question your sources or conclusions. I will only offer my take-away opinion on a few, more general points, for what it's worth.

    It certainly would be prudent and wise to initiate very aggressive programs to properly license every driver, documented or not, and crack down hard on all other causes of accidents, especially drinking and drugs, as well as every possible distraction, such as cell phones, fiddling with knobs and buttons, eating, fatigue, etc.

    Yet, these are issues for the entire population of 350 million, not just one fraction. To condemn an entire minority group of eleven million for the actions of an even smaller minority of reprobates within that group, albeit totally understandable in your case, still seems biased and unfair when one steps back a little. By all means, deport the bad criminals who commit felonies and cause death and destruction, but let's not criminalize all the good people, if their only crime is lack of paperwork.

    Sure, it's wrong to enter the country illegally. Nobody is condoning that. But it should be put into proper perspective. We are a nation of immigrants (or the descendants). If people are already here, want to stay, are well established, are working hard, and are trying to be productive members of society, then give them a fighting chance, give them the documents and a path to citizenship.That's the humane thing to do. Society is much better off when there is more empathy and compassion than fear and hate, isn't it?

    As far as utilizing the social safety net (if they're not being paid in cash under the table), taxes are taken out of their paychecks just like any other worker in a large company, so they are not "stealing" benefits. In fact, there have been many in-depth studies conducted, both public and private, that show a net positive for the system. Undocumented workers pay more into the system than they take out, for the very reason that they lack the documentation to become eligible for benefits.

    Besides, as Thom always reminds us, we don't have an illegal immigrant problem; we have and illegal employer problem. Congress should pass stringent laws to discourage immigrants from crossing the border illegally in the first place. Notwithstanding drug dealers, the primary reason most ordinary people sneak across the frontier -- often times, a very deadly undertaking -- is simply to find work to support their families. Therefore, employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers should be heavily fined. If they persist, it should be considered a felony, and they should lose their business license and be thrown into prison for an appropriate length of time.

    Ultimately, to solve the problem on a more fundamental level, the United States should end all corporate, so-called "free" trade agreements, which are responsible for the growth of huge conglomerate factory farms that dump subsidized corn and produce or other such products on Central and South American countries, resulting in millions upon millions of small-time farmers and breadwinners losing their livelihoods, which has created a massive vacuum filled by ruthless drug cartels and predatory corporate operations that are modeled after our own rapacious monopolies.

    Like most everyone everywhere, these innocent victims of big-business predation and international economic pressure, which is out of their control, normally would prefer to live in their home countries. But when they're thrown out of work and persecuted by murderous gangs of criminals and corrupted governments ruled by large landowners (another sad story of American culpability and crony capitalism), where do you think they will flee? South? No, they'll migrate north to the richest country on Earth. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't anyone?

    That's the history. It's our own greedy policies that have created the problem. Therein, lies the solution.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   8 hours 6 min ago

    So, both sides have their own reasons for supporting illegal immigration. And it is called illegal for a reason.

    So why don't the politicians just change the law to conform to the apparent reality? If both parties support it (although for perhaps different reasons), and according to the main stream media, the general public is just aghast at immigration prohibition. So what's the problem? Just change the law to conform to what everybody supposedly supports anyway. Right?

    Yesterday, on NPR, they were airing a segment on the illegal immigration controversy. They were interviewing a Korean immigrant living in Chicago whose parents had come to the US many years ago on a tourist visa and never went back. The children, including the interviewee, had graduated from college and she was now protected by DACA. The parents are still considered illegal. They have some kind of small business. The person asking the questions was clearly sympathetic as the child told how the parents were now afraid to leave their residence because Trump was going to pick them up and deport them. I kept wanting the interviewer to ask why the parents never applied for citizenship. They clearly chose the US to be their home many years back. So why not make it official? Why would you choose to continue to live illegally when you can choose to become a citizen?

    What am I missing here? For the illegals who have been here many years and will never return to their home countries, why not apply for citizenship?

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   8 hours 19 min ago

    And yet, Hartmann has hardly any audience. Why is that? Why aren't more people willing to listen and watch as he gives his spin on the issues? Why?

Is Trump Making America White Again?

It turns out that Donald Trump was completely serious when he said he wanted to deport millions of people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork.