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  • Would Pro Choice Arguments Be The Same If...   2 min 34 sec ago

    ( Y A W N ) Yes maam.

  • Mysticism   7 min ago

    Not at all. I was not in agreement with Faith as assent. See further explaination under the Athiest thread.

  • Thom: Please Dump The Robot Pigeon "Jokes"   10 min 50 sec ago
    Quote Aliceinwonderland:

    Trax, I've not heard much of Thom's show since that damn schedule change. What are you talking about?

    If you've listened to Thom's show long enough you must have heard him talk about pigeons being robots from the planet Zenoo... or somesuch. What else can explain why we never seen baby pigeons? And why do they always flock to where world summit meetings are being held? I must have heard this joke now 50 times over the 8 years Thom's show has been in this area.

    Today, Thom had a special segment... complete with musical intro, like his Good, Bad, Ugly segment... only this time about the pigeons.

  • Mysticism   11 min 27 sec ago

    Are you suggesting that "faith" and "mysticism" are one and the same? I'd participate in a discussion about mysticism if the term is not just being appropriated to mean people who have "faith" or are a member of an organized religion or to extoll the virtues of being such a person.

  • "Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on gay rights"   11 min 45 sec ago

    Coalition to protect marriage. What are they protecting marriage from? How do you protect marriage? Get it a concealed carry permit? or hire body they would be institution guards, or xenophobic guards, mythology guards, but they should know their SYG rights.

    The increase in license fee revenue, catering and planning business increases, package honeymoon/ceremony cruises for multiple parties, and in future years divorce attorney and court fees will prove to be a positive. They have more disposable income due to less college fund expenses, and orthodonture work. Unlocking consumer potential is a side benefit, but not to be overlooked for those of us that are glass half full types. One poster here once said "My glass is bigger than I need" and I liked that. Some couldn't fill a thimble if they were under Niagra Falls.

  • "Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on gay rights"   14 min 59 sec ago


    You got a good point. I do not worship the constitution or the framers because they are flawed, and I am willing to say that to the face of the most "constitution loving" conservative out there.

  • The Meaning of Atheism   15 min 37 sec ago

    Michelle, I refuse to get sucked into another petty catfight with you. Those evangelicals who insist on pushing their beliefs on the rest of us are bullies, in my opinion. Take it or leave it. - AIW

  • Robert Kenner's Merchants of Doubt   15 min 52 sec ago

    Religious bigotry is neither humane nor human however disguised. But thanks for your own personal catechism on delievering personal meanness to any discussion where the required homage is not paid in full while concomitantly taking refuge and holding the title of Moderator. I would have flagged your previous post, but we both know how that would have turned out.

    I will have nothing further to do with you here regardless if you make it your personal mission in life to accost me. You are simply not worth it.

  • "Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on gay rights"   15 min 53 sec ago
    Quote ulTRAX:First of all, figures don't lie but liars can figure as was the case in the right wing "study" YOU posted here to claim rates went 400%+ in some counties.

    The "study" was so filled with arbitrary assumptions it was laughable. It knew what conclusion it wanted and fit the assumptions to insure it got that conclusion. You posted it here as if it were gospel.

    I suspected this, but just now got a chance to look into the matter. Who is this statistician that did the "study" for the religious based Protect Marriage group? Is he an objective, secular, statistician? Or is this another case like M's phony "study" on the ACA that starts with a conclusion, then creates assumptions or massages the date to fit.

    James Matis apparently is a Mormon and gave a 2011 presentation to an anti-gay LDS group called North Star which you can read about here:

    North Star is a place of community for Latter-day Saints dealing with issues surrounding homosexual attraction and gender identity who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    As for Matis:

    James Matis Ecclesiastical Experience
    * Missionary to Finland 1960-1963
    * Bishop of Student Ward
    * Stake Mission President
    * Member of Stake Presidency
    * Bishop of Resident Ward
    * Humanitarian Missionary to Syria 2009-2010, Country Director
    * Branch President, Damascus Branch, 2009-2010

    Can anyone find ANY indication from Matis's court brief "resume" that he's apparently an anti-gay activist? Or is he pretending to be a neutral expert?

    It comes as no surprise that Mjolnir blindly accepts this "study" as evidence of possible bias in judge selection and is absolutely silent about the question whether the author of the study is, himself, biased... and allowed a desired conclusion to shape the assumptions that went into his "study".

  • "Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on gay rights"   19 min 37 sec ago
    Quote micahjr34:

    Normally, I am into state's rights, but this thread I must admit shows the greatest weakness of that concept.

    The rights of states has its place. But I'm not a federalist. It's a concept that has its place in the spectrum of possible governments... mainly when diverse groups find it expedient to form some union, but don't want to lose their identity or much autonomy.

    But at what point does a federalist system perpetuate those differences? I think it's clear that's what happened with the US. The politics of 1787 created a reform proof system that set the politics of the time in cement... worst, it created a civic religion that prevents us from critiquing the somewhat cynical compromises the Framers were forced to make.

  • Mysticism   20 min 36 sec ago

    When I was a toddler, I had a vision of an unfamiliar woman in my bedroom that was unsettlingly vivid. She was not dressed like a person living in the early 1950s. She had an ankle-length skirt on, with bluish-gray & white pin stripes, and a lacey white blouse with short puffed sleaves. Over a decade later, when I saw some old family photos for the first time at age 17, I recognized her as my grandmother, who died of breast cancer at the tender age of 39, right before the Great Depression. Being the skeptic that I am, it's hard to wrap my head around, but I think maybe she came back to visit me. I'll never forget that look on her face; you'd think I was the ghost! - AIW

  • Thom: Please Dump The Robot Pigeon "Jokes"   30 min 56 sec ago

    Trax, I've not heard much of Thom's show since that damn schedule change. What are you talking about?

  • Voter Suppression is not Patriotic   32 min 17 sec ago

    I dread the midterms. I predict that millions of eligible voters will be too lazy to vote, like the last midterm, with dire consequences. Goddam, people are stupid. Beam me up... - AIW

  • Who Should an Economy Serve?   36 min 50 sec ago

    Not quite as filthy, as 10-K suggests.... or as piggish. But I doubt I'll live long enough to see this system transformed into something equitable and just. I only wish we could stop calling those of ordinary means "ordinary people", because I've known too many extraordinary people of ordinary means to buy into that! We really need to stop defining ourselves by what we have or don't have, in my opinion. What we have is not who we are. - AIW

  • Who Should an Economy Serve?   40 min 33 sec ago

    Good point chuckle8...things were heading in the prosperity direction for the vast majority for decades before the biggest lie ever told got put in place by Reagan/Thatcher!

  • "Ninth Circuit’s neutrality questioned on gay rights"   46 min 23 sec ago

    Normally, I am into state's rights, but this thread I must admit shows the greatest weakness of that concept. I can't imagine an USA where one state is anti-gay in its laws and judiciary, only for the next to be pro-civil rights. People who are gay and those who love them would literally have to flee from certain states to live in other states just to escape persecution.

    The job of the federal government is to protect rights. If nothing in the federal constitution protects the rights of gays, then there needs to be changes made in a hurry! It is topics like these which show me that "states rights" is not an absolute to be attained, or we would end up with a map of the USA which shows a jigsaw puzzle of states that do have bias' against gays and their families in laws and their judiciaries. To me, "states rights" is a virtue, but not an absolute moral or ethic. This topic shows an example of why that is so to me!

  • Who Should an Economy Serve?   47 min 10 sec ago

    Time for a global economic Magna Carta. If we can't limit the insane amount of money the relative few bogart, then we need to limit their power with regulation . My suggestion, regulate out of control Capitalists by imposing a 99% tax rate after the first million. No one on Earth needs more than one million per year. Studies show over and over again that max happiness is reached at around $75,000 per year. In fact I'd be willing to bet percentage wise more billionaires die unhappy than working class citizens. Share the wealth with all who created it...what a happy and peaceful world we'd have. The rich would still be rich, just not quite as filthy!

  • The Meaning of Atheism   50 min 35 sec ago

    Hi Karolina, I think perhaps Ken Wilbur is the smartest Cat on the planet and writes eloquently on Spirit, Science, and the confluence of both. His book Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality a rather long winded tome later was condensed into a smaller version entitled, The Marriage of Sense and Soul provides about the best summary of the divisions between Science and Spirit. I have neither the time or inclination to go into any depth but only cite the book because early on it was the only thing I ever read that tried to abridge the current culture war between the left brained hegemony wing, and those who have been able to corroborate their mystical experiences. Corroboration is NOT subject but can be confirmed with a separate entity. Shamanic Healers have demonstrated this the world over.

    What is striking in our contemporary moment is most people who call themselves Christian are almost entirely tethered to a ‘theology’ of the meaning of the Post Easter Christ of Faith to the exclusion of the historic person, Jesus of Nazareth before he become entirely bound to this theological underpinnings of salvational ideology.

    Besides Jesus primary mission of Healing and telling his disciples that they will “do greater things than this.” Jesus affirmed standards of love, compassion, justice, healing, sharing table fellowship with the marginalized, disenfranchised, and crossed one social taboo after another in the Ancient World and repudiated (by his ministry and teaching) the Pharisee Class of his own day. One might ask, who represents the Pharisee Class today?

    With regards Jesus main ministry of healing, most who identify as Christian's today cannot run fast enough away from what he is reported to have said about ‘faith’ i.e., the ability to "move a mountain" or to heal the sick. Nowadays, ‘faith’ is about ‘believing’ a set of theological principles based on your 'assent' to a given ‘truth claim’ like Jesus died for your sins and thus reconciled you to God. This has become the dominant way of seeing faith today. Marcus Borg asserts that this type of ‘faith’ has little or no transformative power, least of all demonstrating that Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did.

    Borg goes on to note that the second and more mature measure of ‘faith’ is more about 'fidelity' to God and not necessarily your blind assent mandated by your faith community. We have fidelity to God and not to certain statements made by authority structures, about God.

    Borg further offers what seems to me the most mature rubric of Faith by using the Latin word fiducia which means Trust in God. More, the word carries salient meanings suggesting a Radical trust in God. This differs significantly with giving one’s assent to statements about God. As primarily noted in the Evangelical or Biblical Literalist position.

    Somewhere the Christian Churches got totally disentangled from Jesus of Nazareth and his teaching the Synoptic Gospels.

    Perhaps this discussion on Mysticism would be better served by creating another thread on the Prophets Way category and let the intellectual elites here battle out their atheist positions to their own satisfaction.

    I will start the ball rolling by creating a thread, if and when you want to share anything. Thanks for bringing this issue up. Very insightful in my view!

  • Attacking atheism   1 hour 2 min ago

    Freedom FROM religion, true it is hard to uphold or fight against is most any society, even ours. I do think those of us who consider ourselves to be Atheists are often times overly compromising, as is the case with any super-minority within a society. There are moments, however, when we must rise to support not ourselves, our beliefs per say, but waht is guranteed by the Constitution. Separation of Church and State, Freedom FROM religion.

    Atheists realise we are in the overwhelming minority, and we , I think, as most think/describe themselves as compassionists/humanists, have no desire to dominate and instill our beliefs on others, we seek only to have our rights guaranteed. Freedom from ANY religious doctrine as legislation.

    Reproductive rights, gay rights, women's rights, animal rights, environmental rights---none of these things should have any relationship with any religious doctrine legislatively in the USA.

    I advocate for freedom from religion. Anything less makes us our own worse enemy. USA/ISIS

  • Who Should an Economy Serve?   1 hour 34 min ago

    RE #3 by Gary B -- Why would you want to try something that has never been used, when we have a proven economic system available that works. Just roll back Voodoo economics (AKA reaganomics).

    I think to set in action either plan we need to enlist the labor unions. To enlist the labor unions we need to vote Democratic.

  • Would Pro Choice Arguments Be The Same If...   1 hour 42 min ago

    then stop replying to me, Alice In Wonderland syndrome..............good day, sir!

  • The Meaning of Atheism   1 hour 59 min ago

    True, you are clearly not a follower of Jesus, Mohammed or the Buddha, given your lack of compassion and empathy for Evangelicals, seeing them as bullies.

    I find your comments to be self-contradictory. Atheism is not so much about th rejection of others's Dogamatic beliefs, and it is not about labeling others as "bullies".

    Atheism can be as spiritual in it's own way as any organized faith, and such negativity hardly represents all of us. I question your so-called "spirituality" when you engage in the judgement and labeling of others as "bullies" who do not share your opinions. Aren't you just then a "counter-bully"?

    Spirituality is all-encompasssing compassion, it seems lacking in your words.

    You give Atheism a bad name.

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   2 hours 2 min ago
    Quote polycarp2:I suppose it will take a full-blown economic collapse before people finally understand that when it comes to economic and foreign policy, the two wings of the Corporate Party walk in lock-step.

    You might recall we've just been through such an economic collapse and I don't see the changes you predict.

  • oil = oil   2 hours 2 min ago

    There will never be a Green party candidate that will be able to actually win an election until people start voting for them big time. Till then, we will be stuck in the two party yo-yo of corruption. And it's perfectly fine to think of it as a protest vote...why not? Whether you vote Democrat or Republican will not matter because they are both the same party with different names owned and operated by the wealthy corporate elite.

  • Would Pro Choice Arguments Be The Same If...   2 hours 4 min ago

    Reply to #290: No dearie, I'm not running this website. I'm just tired of your stupid, irrelevant posts, which disrupt more than contribute to these discussions. It's really that simple. I echo Drc's thoughts on the matter. Good day, and 'bye now... - AIW

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