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  • Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics   6 min 54 sec ago

    Ren, I found the book better than the film but was delighted when someone recognized the penetrating social critique of its author juxtaposed the rot we call the Two Party System. Methinks it made it into film version precisely because the producer recognized the fascist takeover we are now experiencing. It is interesting how stories of torture get buried in our current social amnesia and myopia, a type of antiseptic salve that keeps the herd tame and obedient and free of developing a moral conscience. Snow is a character much like Obama, Bush and every other politico who regards torture and fascism as expedient forms of political ordering which helps to perpetuate the status quo and thus, solidify political power which benefits the one percent at the expense of the marginalized. Truly ironic juxtaposed the empty rhetoric we get on this forum about justice dispensed only while sitting in front of one's computer screen void of any social bite or authentic praxis for those bearing the brunt of oppressive social standards. Laughable, really!

  • Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics   36 min 11 sec ago

    I saw the first Hunger Games movie to see what the hubbub was about. Thought that it was a bit trite. I mean would a collapsed society really sort look like the 1930s but with flat panel TVs? Netflix added the second movie a couple months ago and I watched about 10 minutes of it before I turned it off so have no interest in the third film.

    If you want to see a film about the probable future watch the Australian film "Rover".

  • How the Washington DC and Wall Street Mafia is ripping your face off daily with 401K funds.   39 min 14 sec ago

    Just another tranch to drain. We are profit centers, not clients or customers--forget citizens. The Privateer Sector and the Brechtian Pirate Ship in our Harbor.

  • Immigration Proclamation   45 min 29 sec ago

    I believe we have consensus, while probably not total unanimity of opinion about the value of the mjolnir post history. If anyone has found any light being shed, please help note it. Most of it is foggy thick and smelly.

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   1 hour 9 min ago

    Reply to rs and .ren: oops, firstly, my #184 & #185, meant to write to rs at#182, not .ren, sorry. Got distracted- totally FREAK storm just blew through here, will check the noon news, but it might've been a mico-burst. Amazing. Sideways rain and 50+ easy winds, there's stuff all over the neighborhood now! only 15 min of chaos, but wow.

    So, agreed with .ren in his reply to both of us, and I can so get how you knew you were out of the family since they left you on the road. I'd mentioned before I could relate, but a variation. I was about 5 or 6, my brother, 3 or 4, we're in the backseat of the brown Dodge Dart, Dad driving, Mom in passenger. My Mother was hysterically angry at my Father about something, and she was screaming to just pull the car over, that's it, let her out. It was dark out, nightime, raining, I remember how glassy the traffic llights were, red and green, swaying in a breeze. My brother and I were crying and screaming from the back seat, "No Mommy, No!" I was terrified she'd step into traffic and hit by a car. My Mother was a master of this game my father called "go, no go"- that's how often this kind of thing happened, with variations. If she didn't threaten to leave, then she screamed at my father to leave, but as soon as he tried, she'd yell, where are you going. "Go, no go". Eventually they divorced, I was 12, custody of mother, and as I got older, I became the target of "go, no go". Ah, family.

    Gotta go clean up some neighborhood, seems storm has passed, right some dumpsters, pick up some branches, etc. Will check the Marvin Durslag thing, never heard of it! I was thinking of getting my Festivus pole early this year..................

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 24 min ago
    Quote mjolnir:I post when I desire, not at your or anyone else's whim. Get over yourself.

    If you think the observation that business and corporations are the original beneficiaries of free goodies from government is somehow in error... I welcome your rebuttal.

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 26 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote mjolnir:I don't mind exposing a person's warts regardless of which party they belong to whether it be (IMO) Bush or Obama's abuse of the powers of the Executive, Lincoln's racist free-but-not-equal philosophy or the worst of FDR's many Executive overreaches, the Japanese-American internment. If you, or others, don't like it - tuff!

    So does your claimed sense of objectivity also apply to defective assumptions in political ideology?

    Nah, didn't think so.

    ...and who gets to judge if my assumptions are "defective", you? No thank you. You did notice the "IMO" didn't you? Opinions are like .... well you know - everybody has one.

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 32 min ago
    Quote mjolnir:I don't mind exposing a person's warts regardless of which party they belong to whether it be (IMO) Bush or Obama's abuse of the powers of the Executive, Lincoln's racist free-but-not-equal philosophy or the worst of FDR's many Executive overreaches, the Japanese-American internment. If you, or others, don't like it - tuff!

    So does your claimed sense of objectivity also apply to defective assumptions in political ideology?

    Nah, didn't think so.

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 32 min ago

    The only thing new here is that your monumental ego, and your compulsion, won't let you fathom that not everybody feels the need to "post" ad naseum. I post when I desire, not at your or anyone else's whim. Get over yourself.

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 40 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    Getting back on topic:

    Quote gumball:This plan sets up a framework of fees, permits and background checks that the extend well beyond enforcement priorities.


    The Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security, shall be responsible for the following:

    Establishing national immigration enforcement policies and priorities.

    What part of "policies" in the law are you having problems with?

    The policy the President is enacting does not enforce laws as passed, it ignores it. There is no law that says that if you have been here X amount of years you can go through a background check and get a permit to stay here 3 years.

    I agree with the policy, I do not agree that it can be enacted without changes in the law.

  • Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics   1 hour 41 min ago

    I see what I little I saw of it as a moral story. I didn't need to watch it all. The structure was pretty obvious. I'm really tired of watching the violence these days. I've seen that story a few times. It's a good moral tale about our version of civilization. I probably would have really loved it as a moral story about the time I got out of the military and I was going through all the healing from that horrendous experience. The obvious unfairness can be -- in an odd way -- healing to watch, simply because it brings our outrage to the surface to be examined. Stories can be really good for that.

    We have many stories to teach us at different stages of our moral develepment. I guess it depends on what people learn from them.

  • Immigration Proclamation   1 hour 48 min ago
    Quote drc2:...Even FDR!...

    @drc2 Like I care what you think or advise. The trouble with some of you people is that you like to sit around in a little "circle jerk" world view and if someone comes along and sheds light on history that disrupts your private nirvahna you get all "huffy" about it. Grow up!

    I don't mind exposing a person's warts regardless of which party they belong to whether it be (IMO) Bush or Obama's abuse of the powers of the Executive, Lincoln's racist free-but-not-equal philosophy or the worst of FDR's many Executive overreaches, the Japanese-American internment. If you, or others, don't like it - tuff!

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   1 hour 50 min ago

    You've other friends in the same boat Michelle? Do a Marvin Durslag Day! I've got a friend up north that still does one every year. It's for all comers that have no place to fit in this time of year.

    Sorta like a pot-luck but just about anything goes, it's always very loose and no hard feelings allowed.

  • Goldman Sach’s Buffett and the rest of the 1% bereft that coronation of Human Filth Hillary (23.63%) (the ultimate parasite on American society) not as likely as election of President Elizabeth Warren (42.6%)!   1 hour 54 min ago

    A quick note... the long number in your link is your unique DFA ID# which can be used to track who you share your emails with.

    You might want to edit it down to

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   1 hour 56 min ago

    Most of my family lives in Michigan. I live in SW Washington State. A bunch of us living here are disconnected from our families and we have developed our own sort of voluntary tribal family connectedness. We have our own ever developing, evolving traditions. New people come and sometimes others go. Our connectedness has a lot of mutual respectful awareness involved. Given that there are only a shade less than 21,000 people scattered throughout the entire Pacific County, we have a surprisingly vibrant social life around here. That's one way it can be done.

  • Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics   2 hours 5 min ago

    I agree .ren. I was also not able to deal with Twilight and the spate of vampires and zombies other than in reference to the phenomenon. I have an intelligent friend who swears that Hunger Games is a great moral story in our times. I take her word for it.

    That we are starkly violent and blissfully unaware as a people is too clear to shock me anymore. But it is worse, "we" think we know what is going on and what we are doing about it. And it is so misdirected!!

    I will have to dwell on "revolutionists." Because I see revolutions rising before there are leaders, the whole idea of not having to pull it off while being about it has great appeal. It also allows some fanatics who piss off almost everybody to speak truth to power and be honored in the wake. Not a strategic bone in their bodies, but hey, the revolution happens.

    Same with conservative political strategists who try to navigate the waters of the revolution without having it happen. But in reverse. Give it up! If you want to hold cross border conversations with "the other side," do it together without telling everyone else to shut up. It is not your job to hold everything together in a pathological state.

    St. Paul told us that freedom without "love" would lead us to devour one another. Does he get any script credit for the HG?

  • Immigration Proclamation   2 hours 10 min ago
    Quote chilidog:

    From the link:

    "From 1990 to 2007, the population of undocumented individuals in the United States grew from 3.5 million to 11 million people. Since then, the size of the undocumented population has stopped growing for the first time in decades. "

    The language in the document is rather passive... the population grew. It's right up there with the generic "mistakes were made". It should have more accurately been phrased as "government failed to prevent"...

  • "Emperor Obama" wins the coveted "Upside-Down Pinnochio"   2 hours 15 min ago

    I have been speaking loosely of democracy rather than trying to define the institutions and forms that are at issue so we can move from ideological debates and polemics to some common discussion about what we would do to have democracy working now.

    I think money would have a tough time holding onto its grip were we to agree that democracy was worth our common effort and that the specter of Big Government would fade as we all agreed that grounded in local roots is where we start. But, to have democracy, you have to have a sherrif or federal marshall to take down the local corruption and establish principles of fair play.

    Insisting on equal opportunity and access for all is hardly federal over-reach or bad for the local community. Local "culture" can include prejudice and injustice, so we do inisist that all people are first-class citizens, and that those who reside with us are our guests. Standing for liberty and justice for all is not anti-American, nor is it federal tyranny. It is the minimal standard for being part of America. Would that it were.

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   2 hours 17 min ago

    oh, and anyhow, I 've not been invited by any of my family, so who's isolating who? I wonder. it's a mutual unspoken arrangement, is seems.

  • Immigration Proclamation   2 hours 17 min ago
    Quote Ever trying to cover up his own evasion mjolnir wrote::
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote mjolnir:People can read that thread and draw their own conclusions and I'm sorry we embarrassed you so much that you withdrew from the thread as you appear to be doing here.
    Interesting. You'd rather revisit a thread in which you were exposed as a fool than venture into a discussion on whether capitalism can thrive without free goodies from government.

    You must REALLY feel some deep need to avoid that topic.

    Loi, people can go to the thread I linked and make up their own mind. They don't have to depend on your obfuscation.

    The gun thread in which you made a fool of yourself and was only brought up to explain your pissiness. The issue HERE was merely my point that business has been dependent on freebies from government long before there was any social safety net for citizens. As a dogmatic rightie, I can see why you would want to distract readers from that topic. And I can only assume from your refusal to join the thread on the topic to refute it, proves is that it's NOT the BS you claimed, but in fact that you're unable to challenge the observation, refuse to admit it, and think that your bravado and bluster will provide a respectable cover for what at best can only be described as intellectual cowardice.

    Oh well... what else is new.

  • Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics   2 hours 25 min ago

    I'm glad to see that Chris Hedges has such a healthy respect for Sheldon Wolin:

    Why We Need Professional Revolutionists by Chris Hedges

    Certainly fits into the theme of Hunger Games, even though I haven't been able to watch it all the way through.

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   2 hours 27 min ago

    ty .ren, I'd offer your same advice to someone else as well. It's complicated, though, and no one else can ever quite understand and it's been a lifetime to this point.And "alone" is inaccurate, I've got plenty of other company, just not family. And it is a shame, it's taken a long time to establish appropriate "boundaries", and if others, even family, refuse to respect those boundries, well.............

    Many have expressed feeling/being "different", square pegs,in this society, even within his/her own family. yep.

    Plus, I've become so disenchanted with the whole whoop-dee-do in a larger context, the Shopping Mania, Black Friday crap, which is now ON T-giving, corporations that force non-living wage employess to work ON T-Giving Day, or have to be at work as late as midnite the nite before, or be at work by 4 am on Fri., disrupting the holiday for families that may actually love each other and want to be together, it's disgusting.

    Oh, then there's the Native American angle, what a T-Giving represents, peace, love, sharing with the natives, aww just precious--oh, before more White Europeans showed up to slaughter as many Indians as possible. Now, build Keystone right through Sioux Nation............ Many in my family support Keystone, and everything Fox supports for that matter. Aarrgg.

    In some ways, I'm trying to keep the fragments of family peace by staying away, because if I hear one more comment, like Climate Change is an Al Gore/Sorros scam, teachers get paid plenty, Obama got elected because he gave away free phones to black people, I will NOT keep my mouth shut, and I'll ruin everybody else's dinner.!!!!!!!

    The T-giving holiday is just...........not the Norman Rockwell painting/fantasy. Record numbers of homeless families. To be a kid, homeless, and have to live with the disconnect, the dissonance, geez. And then to hear comments from my family that support policies that have directly lead to more homeless kids, I can't stand it. I just couldn't take a bite of my family's food, knowing they believe in taking food stamps away from others not as fortunate as themselves. It's gross.

    Anyhoo, happy Monday! Man, I'm really not on a downer, just angry and frustrated with this the crazy, world, and there's not much I or anyone can do about it before Thursday.

  • Immigration Proclamation   2 hours 30 min ago

    I agree that your words speak for you, and why you bother to post these "gems" here still defies understanding. You bring zero and huff and puff about your own holy dogma and non-identity as a conservative Democrat who never likes anything the Democrat does. Even FDR!

    I would advise ulTRAX to not waste the time to engage you in thread space waste.

  • the big picture   2 hours 35 min ago

    The same question about SW florida?

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   2 hours 43 min ago

    Sort of to Michelle and rs's last posts.

    If your gut is telling you something's wrong with your relationships, I'd listen. Anyway, I listen to my inner messaging system now -- and it's a system for me that puts rational reasoning in the back seat -- where maybe I didn't put it earlier in my life.

    rs, your story of your early expulsion from your family out there in the middle of no where is more of tragedy than an intentional separation for your own sanity on your part. I mean by that, it's an emotional tragedy. Most of us have emotional tragedies of one degree or another. Of those types of experiences, it seems to me that rejection as a tragedy that can be one of the more hardening for any normal, sensitive human, and thus one of the more difficult to recover from.

    In my own insignificant lifetime of observation, I've noticed that anytime the split is from an attachment and it takes place as a rejection, the rejected one will be deeply wounded. When a sensitive person is in the position of rejecting someone, that person is called upon to act with empathy and compassion because of those obvious effects. That takes some degree of maturity to do. That we don't have much in the way of a mature element in society that can provide creative ways of dealing with these situations for others to learn from is also worth some attention.

    If we are causing chaos for someone with whom we have an addicted attachment, and we are not aware of our addiction (as I think may be more common with children and adolescents, and remember Bill Plotkin's message about the people in our society being in the majority arrested in perpetual adolescence), that too is something to become aware of. Someone who cannot or who are unwilling to tolerate chaos may do some harsh rejecting to get it out of their lives. I've seen it and been appalled by what I consider to be a kind of sociopathology in their actions.

    And truly, there isn't much in the way of behavior modeling going around to help people learn more compassionate ways of dealing with their self interest in relationships. So harshness can get multiplied in our society in geometric ways, kind of like a viral infection.

    Couple that with an Ayn Randian Virtue of Selfishness as a social ideal and you have a formula for socio or psycho pathology in a society. So yes, watching a political movement like the Tea Party put that sort of ideology at the heart of their movement and seeing their representatives being voted into office can be something to raise serious concern.

    I consider coming to an awareness in compassion to be one of the more powerful transcendent and beautiful states of mindfulness. That's for me, I'm just saying, not prescribing. It's not something that just happens after a lot of tragic and emotionally devastating experiences. By that I mean it doesn't occur in a behaviorally deterministic fashion as, say, B.F. Skinner might try to explain it. It's a kind of self actuating choice. A free choice that comes from an inner vision, not some cold, rational process, put that ego tool at the back of the bus. And sometimes it will involve a vision and choice that involves freeing oneself from expectations and structures of family relationships.

    One can be alone -- and I enjoy very much being alone -- or even in loving relationships, but not by necessity must one be isolated. Isolated for humans is a kind of death sentence. And intentionally isolating oneself is a kind of suicide.

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