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  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   1 hour 44 min ago

    I honor your outlook, Nat. That New Age Stuff has floated me all the way downstream ..., waayyy too real for me. I still believe in life, and love. That may be delusional, but it's my true feeling. If I hate anything, it's the ignorance, fear and hatred that keep people from honoring life in each other - in the whole living world.

    I can't argue with you, Nat. I know these waters are riddled with rip tides - piranha, sharks, poison jellyfish as well - in a world full of hungry carnivores desperate to survive - at any cost, including life.

    Why would I want to jump in?

    I reach out to you, who cannot help but speak your hearts. I hear deep distress. Pain beyond tolerance. Thresholds broken, lines crossed ... tailing ponds of malice and cynical disrespect ..., no, I don't want to swim in these waters.

    I do want to suggest, whoever we are, in whatever circumstance (it does take all kinds to tell the story whole) that every one of us is an agent of creation in this dimension of life - every one of us has choices to make that make a difference. This moment fuels the next - for me, 'after' is now.

    So, what world are we creating right now?

  • PAGAN TRUMP   4 hours 52 min ago

    William Lyon Mackenzie King the tenth Prime Minister of Canada in 1921–1926, 1926–1930, and 1935–1948. A Liberal with 22 years in office, he was the longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history.

    King took note of coincidences in his life. He checked the hands of the clock whenever something significant occurred, and if they were together, for example, at five to eleven, or opposite or at right angles, this signified that someone in the other world was watching over him.

    "My nature and reason revolt against 'spiritualism' & all that ilk – but not against things of the spirit – belief in spiritual guidance – thro' intuitions. It is the material manifestations I feel charry about – on the other hand when in faith and prayer I have asked for them, and they come in such an unmistakable manner, are they not to be accepted in all faith and humility – just at this time when guidance from on High is needed. It is all very beautiful as well as lonely." (Diary, Oct. 30, 1925)

    King had consulted a fortuneteller in Toronto as early as 1896. She had told him "some strange truths." (Diary, May 2, 1896) She correctly predicted that he would be going to Chicago in the fall. She told him that he liked intellectual girls and had thought of entering the ministry. She also predicted that he would live to be old and would be successful.

    " In February 1932 he met Mrs. Etta Wriedt of Detroit at the Fulford mansion in Brockville, where she conducted several séances. King was very pleased when he was able to communicate with his mother, his father, his grandfather, his brother and sister, his old friend Bert Harper, and even Sir Wilfrid Laurier. After further séances at Laurier House and Kingsmere in June 1932, King was absolutely convinced. He wrote, "There can be no doubt whatsoever that the persons I have been talking with were the loved ones & others I have known and who have passed away. It was the spirits of the departed." (Diary, June 30,1932)

    Before and after the Second World War, King was in touch with several mediums in London, England. He visited the London Spiritualist Alliance on several trips to England and was put in touch with mediums by that organization. Several amazing séances have come to light in the King Papers Spiritualism series. In October 1945, in sittings with Hester Dowden, and a Mrs. Sharplin, King asked advice on the Russian espionage case in Canada (the Gouzenko affair) while the situation was still very much a state secret. Luckily, his brother Max and the late Franklin D. Roosevelt advised extreme caution. In 1947 and 1948 King had sittings in London with medium Geraldine Cummins, who received messages through "automatic writing."

    For King, dreams or "visions" were another method of communicating with the dead. He tried to remember his dreams and record them so that he could interpret them. The later diary of the 1940s contains accounts of his dreams almost every day. By that time, King felt that dreams were the most reliable means of contacting the spirit world. There were no intermediaries and no distortion of the messages by what he called evil influences.

    Kings 'strangeness', had been a well-kept secret, known only to his close friends and some members of his staff..

  • PAGAN TRUMP   4 hours 59 min ago

    " Unfortunately, the last truly practicing Christian president we had was Jimmy Carter. It shows that being a decent person doesn't translate into being a decent president."

    Tom Dorricott we disagree there for sure, because Jimmy Carter was perhaps the finest American President in my life time, although i sure loved JFK. Carter was light years ahead of other world leaders mounting solar panels on the White House in the mid seventies. He told Americas government murder incorporated to stand down , this wasn't going to happen on his watch. He actually paid Americas bills , when he left office the accumulated debt of him and all his predecessors wasn't even a trillion dollars. Reagan the 'so called fiscal conservative' would triple Americas debt to almost 3 trillion dollars.

    Jimmy Carter was leading in the polls until October, it took an act of treason on the part of Reagan to defeat Carter by making a deal with Americas sworn enemy, the Ayatolla of Iran to keep Americans captive until the elections were over, to make Carter look weak.

    A more pious President i doubt America has ever had, he has spent the rest of his life helping the poor world wide. Of course the establishment media have tried hard to assassinate his character, but anyone with half a brain , knows Carters a good man and was a fine President until his presidency was stolen by the crooked Reagan crowd, whose legacy has America circling the drain for the last 30 years.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   5 hours 41 min ago

    HAPPY 50Th 'GHOST' #$%^&*()

    Half century old and still as sharpe as a tack.

    Your MapleLeaf white boy friend......... "Wa alaikum assalaam"

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   6 hours 29 min ago

    With all due, I call bullshit. KAllen you may have my big bro charmed, but if you are going to swim in these waters you better know there a rip currents, If you don't know what a rip current is, I suggest you research it and how you survive it. That new age stuff don't move me homie, This shit is too real for us,,,better ask somebody qualified before you go confucious on a MF,

    All is well Brother Al far as that goes. I'll be turning 50 in a few hours, Kenyatta already on my bumper trying to haze a brother, I don't know why that man squeezes me when I'm twice his size. That brother is special in more ways than one.

    As-salamu alaykum for life and after,

  • AMERICA the WORLDS number ONE TERRORIST   8 hours 44 min ago

    Zapdam, my friend. Give me some time. I just watched the Eagles for three hours. Even pre-season is better than baseball.

    I will not respond in a haphazard way without doing a little research.

    I enjoy your comments because you do the same.

    Its 11:30 p.m on the East Coast.


  • PAGAN TRUMP   8 hours 50 min ago

    Carter didn't cause the gas crisis, but the rationing was harmful. Raising the price of gas significantly would have had the same effect. The US made some of the crappiest cars due to premature increases in emissions standards that choked off decent engines, as the government for whatever reason made car manufacturers raise bumpers and suspensions and harmed handling. US emissions standards even choked the performance out of cars like Ferarri, Maqserati, Jaguar and Lamborghini. Japanese cars sold not just for gas mileage, but because they were small and cheap. Labor costs were much lower then. And American cars sucked so bad there was no reason to spend the extra money on them. Eventually US cars improved to where they are today, but it took awhile.

    I am not going to debate the origins of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy inherited a world-threatening situation and handled it masterfully. Not only was the crisis avoided, it called Russia's bluff and showed the US wouldn't back down to them. It helped win the Cold War way before the wall collapsed. Carter "empathising" with the Cubans makes my point; empathy with Cuba is not what was needed when the threat of Russian missiles 90 miles away from the US mainland existed. Being nice would have been a disaster.

    Carter was an idealist in a world which required some Machiavellianism.

  • PAGAN TRUMP   9 hours 31 min ago

    The gas rationing affected the world not just America under Jimmy Carter. There was nothing anyone president or world leader could do, but the truth is it brought about revolutionary changes in the US automotive scene, this was the beginning of the time Japan became a super power in the car business and taught the world didn't need Detroits gas guzzlers. I also lived through that period.

    As for the Cuban missile crisis most likely would never have happened. If you remember Castro turned to the US right after the Cuban revolution , but got nothing but a cold shoulder, the capitalist establishment didn't like him taking over their cascino's. In fact while visiting America, couldn't even get a hotel room. I have no doubt Carter as President would have emphasized with the Cuban's wanting to kick the US backed brutal dictator, the US mob out of their country. Castro didn't turn to the USSR until the US acted agressively against Cuba and threatened the Castro revolution. I also lived through that.

  • AMERICA the WORLDS number ONE TERRORIST   9 hours 35 min ago

    Tom Dorr you are mum on this one , because you know what i have just posted is fact. America has been behaving like a psychopathic country.

  • BABY POWDER can KILL YOU   9 hours 38 min ago

    Well we agree on this Tom, these criminals who run these companies should be goose marched out of their front door and right to jail. This bullshit of fear , because they are to big to challenge, just cut off the head of these criminal enterprizes , put them in jail and throw away the keys. The companies will modify their approach and continue on with respect for the laws.

  • Corprate Taxation   9 hours 58 min ago


    Most people are unaware why NAFTA really happened or what was the motivating factor. Just plain greed of the corporations that moved everything south of the border. These corporations cared only for the money and the American worker was the casualty. When corporations aren't opposed by unions and collective bargaining they can pretty much do as they like. Plus their inside men our politicians set the stage for unopposed cross border sellout of our jobs. Where corporations don't have to worry about air pollution they create or for that matter any environmental standards. Add to this hourly pay rates of only a few dollars, no pension responsibilities, no health to provide to their workers ,no sick time benefits, no unions. Bill Clinton keeps getting tarred with signing NAFTA ,but the truth is it was a creation in the mid 1980's of three north American conservative government's. Reagan of the US, Mulroney of Canada and Salinas of Mexico crafted the sell out of Canada's and America's jobs, even went as far as to have ceremonial signings and making sure the press were there to tell the world. Clinton not signing would have meant the US bargained for almost a decade in bad faith and wasted millions of tax payer dollars ,plus at the time no one outside the corporations really knew how horrendous the effects would be on Canada's and America's working middle class.

  • PAGAN TRUMP   9 hours 59 min ago


    I disagree about Carter. I lived through his economy and his gas rationing. No doubt he was a very great person, as he has proven after he left office. He also was no friend to unions, although admittedly not as bad as his predecessor. We do agree on jfk. Would carter have been as effective in Cuban missile crisis? I' m not so sure.

  • BABY POWDER can KILL YOU   10 hours 14 min ago

    its not just corporate America, its worldwide. Fortunately there are some developed countries that have a tort system for redress. Unfortunately, some corporations make the acceptable loss calculation and ignore any kind of moral calculus.

    Only criminal prosecutions and effective consumer led boycotts will reduce this stuff.

  • Suffering in Great Hill also known as Massachusetts.   10 hours 32 min ago

    Recently I needed new glasses called around for an Eye Exam and Mass Eye and Ear quoted me a price for $400 dollars for the Eye Exam. I have health insurance but that health insurance does not cover Eye Exams.

    Good news I had to visit another state. I visited New York State. I called the night before and I was able to get an appointment next day. I showed up about 2 hours early and I asked if I could get an appointment now. They said, "Four people before me". I was able to get in and out with my Eye Exam with in 30 minutes. The Eye Exam uses a new computer image to take a picture of the back of my eye instead of traditional eye drops. The new device increased the cost of the visit by $5 dollars and the total $93.

    Pricing glasses online I am trying something new. I am waiting for the glasses to come in the mail.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   10 hours 54 min ago

    Thank you, rs, for having the patience, and taking the time to break that down for us. It's a good analogy - I think it holds true.

    I know one thing, if the elephant steps on me it'll hurt - maybe even kill me. So, I stand aside, and let her pass in peace. I also would not plant a garden in the middle of her path, and then complain when the herd comes rolling through.

    I do feel people tend to see about as far as the nose on their faces - if that. In so many ways, people are blind - to each other, to ourselves - to so many aspects of our shared humanity. I am appalled at my own ignorance, as well as that of others. At least, I can work on my own.

    It would be dishonest to deny white privilege and institutional racism in my life. I think it has deep roots. The blindness, the denial, and yes, the willful malfeasance of so many may have a genetic component - for sure, it reflects a deficit of sensitivity and awareness, love and respect for life - at least, the lives of those we do not recognize or care for as our own.

    That may be key - the way people perceive the gift of life as something to possess ..., property to be bought, sold, owned, controlled ...

    You protest that your people were stolen and forced into bondage. They weren't the first, and they may not be the last. Maybe the global conflicts of today will open the door to an era of justice and peace on earth, goodwill toward all people, the living earth and the cultural integrity that makes it possible.

    I say, keep that dream alive.
    That's the real prize, in my eyes.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   11 hours 31 min ago

    K. Allen, it (the issues) is not complex. The complexity is in the explaining to the blind what they can not or will refuse to see. Let me say it this way; I'm colored blind in the red and green spectrum, tell me what purple is if it isn't blue. To me it's blue all day long every day. It's not that purple is that complex, it's just that I don't see the red.

    Like wise when we talk trying to show white privilege or institutional racism. From here it's a very simple color scheme except..........white america has no missing dna to account for their blindness. So the only thing left for us to think, because we've tried damn near everything else and way under the sun, is that it must be a willful malfeasance towards us.

    That is the complexity, showing the trained blind to see. It's not the issues that are complex.

  • GEORGE W BUSH to much BLOOD   11 hours 45 min ago

    Why am I not surprised no one wants to refute what I think should be the national anthem?

  • Next ECONOMY: Flourishing in a NOT-for-PROFIT World?   11 hours 56 min ago

    Very interesting article. I would hope not-for-profits could grow to at least compete with for-profits. I don't think, as the article worries, that there would be a huge decrease in taxes paid if the employees themselves benefit, as predicted, in not-for-profits. Mainly because personal income, and thus personal income taxes, would rise.

    I am concerned abouthow a not-for-profit would raise initial capital. Wouldn't even contributors of a "Go Fund Me" type of mechanism want a return on investment and also some stake in the company?

    Finally, corporatists will not go down without a fight. They worship money above all else and are unlikely to undergo any type of benevolent epiphany. YThat is why I think that not-for-profits will grow rather slowly, and only in Western countries with some type of stability, protection of intellectual capital, and a decent legal structure.

    I would invest in a not-for-profit if I could get a modest return on investment if the government could somehow ensure against fraud and failures.

    I am tired of seeing worker's wage increases and bonuses, as well as job security, be sacrificed for anonymous stockholders. Sweat equity nededs to be much better rewarded.

  • PAGAN TRUMP   12 hours 21 min ago

    It looks like we'll get a pagan whoever is elected. Remember, when Hillary was in the White Hiuse, she channeled Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Ghandi. The only bad news is I heard Dick Cheney is going to bless the salt.

    Unfortunately, the last truly practicing Christian president we had was Jimmy Carter. It shows that being a decent person doesn't translate into being a decent president.

    If Trump wins, maybe giving him some VooDoo dolls would distract him from the nuclear codes. Again Cheney could help.

    I've seen recent coverage of poor Bill Clinton. Win or lose, maybe Hillary could get some occult help reviving him from the dead.

    I wonder if Trump is concerned about White House security after he learned it can be a dangerous place, with knife-carrying tresspassers, guns at the gate, and people able to fly a home-made aircraft over the fence.

    When Lord Cornwallis surrendered to the Continental Army at Yorktown, his band played "A World Turned Upside-Down." Maybe he was psychic, and saw 240 yrs. into the future.

  • Saudis VS ISIS   13 hours 49 min ago

    Saudi Arabia is one of the most violent and repressive governments in the world. The Saudi government beheads more people than ISIS. They are Americas proxy army and have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity ,while acting as Americas military in Yemen. They are doing Americas dirty work, the torture, the mutilation, the murders ,that way Obama can't held directly responsible for mass murder.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   13 hours 52 min ago

    I pray you find your way home safe brother.

    Kuwa salama safari kaka Nat.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   15 hours 26 min ago

    Brother Al I bench 500 pounds. The gym is my home away from home. The heavy bag is more bro K's thang. Thanx brother for your wisdom and guidance. I'm headed to gym now just like I do every other day about this time. Power to the people.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   15 hours 42 min ago

    I agree, it _is_ that complex, Nat - one good reason I don't want to jump up and spout off. I keep learning more, and realizing I have more to learn. Speaking for myself, I am challenged to know change in myself, let alone require it of others. I am a _very_ slow growth model.

    I take it one breath at a time, and consider it a miracle that I even exist, let alone survive. Beyond that, I do see change all around me - so much it obscures what I do not even notice, unless I go looking for more comprehensive truths.

    So, I thank you, and your fellows for sharing (and thanks to you, Mr. Kenyatta and Thom Hartmann for staging the exchange.) The issues you raise are critical, in my view.

    So sad to me that people argue finer points, with insulting attitudes - clearly not looking for areas of concern we all share, and would do well to address effectively.

    I am so grateful for the kindness others have shown me over the years, and the learning shared. I hope people will come to terms with differences in ways that allow us to keep learning from each other.

    I hope this river will flow to a dimension where people live with respect, and love for each other, and for the whole unfathomable body of life.

    That would be true justice for me.

  • Donald Trump, Black Version and the Trump Effect   15 hours 50 min ago

    Off hand brother I'd say it's probably time to visit the gym and make friendly like with the heavy bag. Hell who knows maybe some puke great white hope will want to go a few rounds. Now that'd be a bonus.

  • Tuesday 23 August '16 show notes   17 hours 34 min ago

    Diese Darlehen sind grundsätzlich kurzfristig Kredite und sind an die Bevölkerung unter drei Hauptkategorien von Zahltag Darlehen angeboten, prüfen Darlehen und latente Anzahlung Scheck Darlehen. Heute sind mehrere Kreditnehmer diese Hilfe nutzen ihre Schulden zu begleichen, zahlen ihre wegen Stromrechnungen und die Kosten für zu Hause reparieren oder Studiengebühren zu kontrollieren.
    schufa freier kredit

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