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    I don’t think that Bernie has a chance in hell of becoming president of the USA. Hillary will almost certainly become the Democratic nominee and most of you Bernie fans will about face and rush to support her. Husband Bill will knock the dust off some of his campaign speeches, revise them slightly for wife’s use, and prep her on the only issue that truly concerns the U.S.’s lumpenproletariat – its holy pocketbook. Obama may be passing time between his favorite TV sitcoms and revisions to his kill list writing a nomination speech for Hillary – the new and revised Hillary, not the one he blasted when campaigning against her - while Hillary herself busily fabricates denials of past “indiscretions.” But the Dems (dims?) will nominate her and very likely she will become the first U.S. female president. That outcome might even turn out well for the nation. It depends on whether she, as (or if) president, uses presidential power for the good of the people or for the benefit of Israel and the wealthy. It’s a toss up or, better said, an unknown.

    Meanwhile, will Bernie address this issue?:

    Freedom Flotilla III Exposes Anti-Democratic Extremism of the Israeli "Center"

    Monday, 29 June 2015 00:00By Robert Naiman, Truthout | Op-Ed

    Published on

    Monday, June 29, 2015


    Common Dreams

    After Freedom Flotilla Kidnapped by Israeli Navy, Global Campaign Vows to Sail Again

    And from Jews for Justice for Palestine:

    IDF special forces tow away flotilla’s Marianne

    Don’t be coy, Bernie, speak out.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   9 min 57 sec ago

    PLease don't forget the rules on ad hominems, folks.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   19 min 34 sec ago

    duplicate post

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   20 min 50 sec ago
    Quote rscottm:

    Bans create supermemes. Better to deal with words with words. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    I'm not sure what your supermeme comments means. Is it that banning will lead to only a single viewpoint being expressed?

    This is a discussion forum where debates often take place. I would like to think they're between intelligent people. It's extremely frustrating to deal with Orwellian extremists who are intellectually dishonest, who are determined to claim black is white, and lie to "win" debates. I prefer fact based, rational discussions where people can absorb new facts, modify their positions and retract if warranted.

    I think it would be preferable if mods actually moderated some discussions to keep them civil and fair debates. But I know its a thankless, volunteer job. As part of this effort there should be some intermediate measures such as locking threads, and cooling off periods... such as 24 hour bans. I could benefit from the occasional slap on the wrist when I go for the jugular. I just don't tolerate idiots well.

  • A Serious Question for Bernie Sanders   28 min 39 sec ago

    Why can't the democrats use filibusters more? Rand Paul filibustered the Patriot Act. Why can't Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren filibuster more Senate bills? Democrats should use the filibuster as Republicans did. Filibuster the coming budget cuts to social security, for example.

  • A Serious Question for Bernie Sanders   37 min 31 sec ago

    Why can't the democrats use filibusters more? Rand Paul filibustered the Patriot Act. Why can't Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren filibuster more Senate bills? Democrats should use the filibuster as Republicans did. Filibuster the coming budget cuts to social security, for example.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   46 min 48 sec ago

    Bans create supermemes. Better to deal with words with words. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  • SCOTUS vs Electoral legitimacy   53 min 54 sec ago

    After 232 years, the US begins to achieve representative governance, bravo! I'm shocked, dumfounded, speechless...

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   55 min 35 sec ago
    Quote Dexterous wrote:
    Quote ulTRAX:I can only assume your insults are really aimed at the judgement of the mods here who have banned BooBoo at least 4 times in the past... and that you approve of forum members routinely lying, thinking it will help them "win" debates.

    You assume incorrectly.
    I'm not assuming anything. It's implicit in your protest that BooBoo not be banned for the fifth time that you're calling into question the judgement of the mods who banned him the last four times.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   1 hour 8 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote Dexterous:

    Too bad the moderators don't ban needy, whiny little bedwetters that can't hold their own with the opposition. You would last less than one day.

    I can only assume your insults are really aimed at the judgement of the mods here who have banned BooBoo at least 4 times in the past... and that you approve of forum members routinely lying, thinking it will help them "win" debates.

    You assume incorrectly.

    Teacher, teacher, Dexterous is picking on me.

  • Sorry I've enjoyed your show for years but I'm calling a spade a spade. You support fascism of Obamacare.   1 hour 11 min ago

    Ii want what liberals were talking about at the time before the public license option was thrown out. and what were Republican senators crying about? that it was unfair that insurance corporations would have to compete with the US government.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   1 hour 18 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    Too bad the moderators don't ban needy, whiny little bedwetters that can't hold their own with the opposition. You would last less than one day.

    Says the person who actually DOES run from debates because he can't hold his own. After all, YOU are the person who said you'd not debate me again which is why the only thing you seem to contribute these days are drive by comments... then you again run for the hills.

    I can only assume your insults are really aimed at the judgement of the mods here who have banned BooBoo at least 4 times in the past... and that you approve of forum members routinely lying, thinking it will help them "win" debates.

  • Trustworthy Source of Information   1 hour 55 min ago

    I'm going to take a different approach... that news can't often be separated from hidden, or not so hidden bias on big issues like politics and economics. I consider myself a rather progressive in that I question I like Thom and Bernie... and both tend to share my views on economics. But both tend to have rather conservative ideas on democracy.

    The US electoral and political systems are deeply flawed. They just do not offer citizens the right to vote their conscience and get represented for their beliefs. Worst, the federal system is grossly antidemocratic and this is mathematically demonstrable. We saw this at work in election 2000 where a candidate REJECTED by the people was still installed as president. In the Senate a mere 18% of the US population gets 52% of the seats. The amendment process is so screwy that states with a mere 3.5% of the population can block any amendment... yet states with 40% of the population can ratify one. How much influence any given has in Washington depends on the state they choose to live in. In the Senate any citizen of WY has 70x the influence of any citizen in CA... and that's just those who voted for the election winner. In our system those who vote for a loser don't count.

    Both Thom and Bernie wear democracy on their sleeves yet accept the system as it is... and at best favor minor tweaks. Yet in seemingly being blind to the defects in our political system, they miss how it contributes to the US being such a right wing nation.

    I favor proportional representation where virtually every vote counts, are weighed equally, and a citizen gets representation for their beliefs.

    So in evaluating a person's opinion or news source... there needs to be some values clarification on your part in order to discover hidden biases or agendas. One of the few people I've long respected for analysis... not news per se, is Noam Chomsky.

  • Conscious apocalypse: outliving our ruling institutions   1 hour 55 min ago


    are sources for further reading of figures ren mentioned. They are also worth keeping on hand for research ventures.

    =kropotkin influenced Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Oscar Wilde, Kafka, Stephen Jay Gould and more.

  • banned far right winger returns 5th time   2 hours 10 min ago

    Too bad the moderators don't ban needy, whiny little bedwetters that can't hold their own with the opposition. You would last less than one day.

    Teacher, teacher, mavibobo not doing what he is supposed to. Teacher, teacher, mavibobo made a face at me. Teacher, teacher.......................

  • Another Deceptive Message from a Lobbyist Who calls herself a Senator   5 hours 39 min ago

    Steven, now you are simply being IGNORANT and BIAS. Nothing more. You too are writing now like you would not be able to pass a fourth grade math test. Remember the minus - sign for a subtraction equation? Whenever trade for a nation is to be analyzed you are ALWAYS suppose to calculate a country's exports and imports. It is the exports minus the imports for the trade balance of a nation. These lobbysists all have been promoting TPP, the same way. They always have been mentioning exports, but NOT imports and this includes Diane Feinstein as I have explained above.

    Another example is an article written by Michael Froman, U.S. Trade (Deficit) Representative. Leaving out the calculation of imports and only analyzing exports for a nation is the equivalent for a company when doing a balance sheet of only including assets in the company balance sheet and leaving out the liabilities. Steven, you might need to massage your head a little bit, we all need to do this sometimes, but at least try to think about this. And NO, I like Jewish people and literally my best friends are Jewish by their families. I am even part Jewish due to my grandmother on my father's side being Jewish. My favorite presidential candidate is Bernie Sanders. He is also Jewish. However, I just don't like any equivalent of a lobbyist and this includes Diane Feinstein in ignoring our nation's yearly U.S. trade deficit, while promoting TPP. Here is what I have previously posted on this subject.

    People like U.S. trade representative Michael Froman who favors the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal are now acting as lobbyists for multi-national companies so that the companies can outsource production overseas where they can get cheap labor through the overvalued U.S. dollar compared to undervalued foreign currencies, for example in China and Vietnam. Also so they can avoid U.S. Taxes. Very small taxes on U.S. imports with much higher overall taxes on U.S. manufactured goods and their productive workers does NOT follow the original U.S. constitution and has resulted in very high yearly U.S. trade deficits.

    Should any person representing their country as a trade representative when writing or talking about trade only mention exports and other related words such as exported, export, exporting, etc., and never mention import and its related words? As an example an article by Michael Froman published on May 10, 2015 in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper has twelve usages of export and related words, with seven additional export usages in a chart as part of the article. There are zero usages of import and its related words. Shouldn’t a trade representative when writing about trade, be concerned with the trade balance of their nation? Balance of trade is the largest component of a country’s balance of payments. It is the difference between a country’s imports and its exports. A country has a trade deficit if it imports more than it exports; the opposite scenario is a trade surplus. Froman never mentions our high U.S. imports, which lose real wealth creating United States production and also lose higher paying jobs for the majority of U.S. employees with less tax revenue flowing into the United States treasury.

    Trade deals passed by the United States have resulted in trade deficits of at least $350,000,000,000.00 every single year since 2000, with no end in sight. The practical results of trade deficits is that we as a nation buy another nations goods and the other nation buys our assets such as real estate, gold, silver and other commodities or they lend us money through the purchase of government bonds. A Democratic Congressman, Alan Grayson from Florida’s 9th district, who has been an economist, understands this. So does Jeff Sessions a Republican Senator from Alabama, Sherrod Brown a Democratic Senator from Ohio and Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont understand the negatives of very high yearly U.S. trade deficits. Do other Congressional Members understand this?

    Financial documents even provided to the Senate Finance Committee showed Michael Froman had nearly $500,000 in an offshore fund at Ugland House on the Cayman Islands, which Barack Obama has described as “the biggest tax scam in the world”. Information on this from the web site. Now Michael Froman and Barack Obama can work together in their trade scam called TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Were you rooting for the escaped convicts?   6 hours 14 min ago

    No, I wasn't rooting for the escape convicts. They were murderers after all. But they sure did cost the state a lot of money to hunt them down. $1 million a day I understand. But it will be a long time before anyone else tries to escape. One guy was shot dead and the other shot but apprehended. I don't know what they thought going to Canada was going to do for them. The Canadian authorities would have hunted them down too and just sent them back to the US. The Canadians don't like having killers run around loose anymore that USians do.

    See, they shoot white guys too!

    Yes, some cops are thugs and criminals but I believe most of them are not. Most of them are good cops that don't want to shoot anyone that they don't have to. The problem is that sometimes, they have to, otherwise they'd be the one's winding up being buried. There are some very mean and crazy people out there that are very dangerous and the cops have to deal with these people all the time.

  • CHANGE THE RULE - Open the Presidential Debates to Independent Voices   6 hours 20 min ago

    Unbelievable: June 15, 2015: General Michael Hayden, General Stanley McChrystal, and Admiral James Stavridis are signatories to the Change the Rule campaign.

  • Second American Revolution   6 hours 37 min ago

    I traveled a lot on business and often did the same thing...tell most people that I was Canadian. There was one restaurant at the resort hotel I stayed at in Guadalajara and the hostess thought it was a good idea to ask the diners what nationality they were after which they would put a flag of that country on the table. I just told them that I didn't want a US flag on my table, period. I guess she didn't quite understand and put a US flag on my table anyway. I reached over and laid it down on the table. After that, a Mexican waiter came over and must have thought I was God and told me, very enthusiastically, that I was welcome anytime! I think they thought the hostesses idea was pretty dumb too. That was during the Baby Bush years. I wasn't very happy with what my country was doing in the Middle East and not very proud to be an American at that time. Not so proud even under Obama either as he has pretty much continued doing the same crap as Bush did.

    That was a funny story about the Egyptians! ;-} Are you originally from Austria?

  • Second American Revolution   6 hours 58 min ago

    I know that water seeps through stucco which is why it has to be sealed and painted. And most houses are sealed and painted over the stucco. I certainly don't claim to be an expert in building, like you are.

    I went to Vienna too a while back, but only to the airport to then be driven across the border into Slovakia where I was driven to a very nice little town called Piestany. There was a bridge called Kolonadovy Most across the river to an island that had some famous spas and a large hotel called Thermia Palace. The spas are famous for having special healing powers...even Napolean had stopped over on one of his campaigns. I stayed a week on business. Sure wish I had more time to have visited Bratislava and Vienna but Piestany was a very nice and very peaceful little town. Found out you don't tip there... was chastized by the waiter at one restaurant for leaving a tip.

  • HOW DO WE GET RID OF WACKO COPS?   7 hours 23 min ago

    Well, I stand corrected...sure enough you are not 75 you were born in 1950. There is another person down in Florida with a similar name only differing in the middle initial. His middle initial is S. and yours is M.

    I do agree with you, though, about Mother Nature and the floods and storms and earthquakes. I read just yesterday that both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific ocean has shocked scientists who are constantly monitoring the oceans temperature. They found that there has been a sudden 4 degree Centigrade rise in the temperature of both oceans. You are probably lucky you got out of Florida when you did. I imagine there will be some horrendous hurricanes that will hit the Southeastern US. When ever there is a rise in ocean temperature, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, they always have really big hurricanes. And it doesn't take much of a rise in the water temperature to cause big hurricanes... usually just a fraction of that 4 degrees Centigrade. They will probably have really big hurricanes in the coming years. But, I don't think the rest of us are going to get off lightly either. Like you said floods and large and multiple tornados.

    It's great to hear you will be going on Medicare and Social Security in a couple of months.. things should get better for you. I had some friends that were turning 65 in the same year that Obama Care started. They had to get Obama Care for the first half of the year and cancelled it once they got onto Medicare. But it was a real mess trying to get the damn providers, Blue Shield, to drop them. Blue Shield said it had to be done through the state MarketPlace where they appied for Obama Care to begin with. And they tried a couple of times, using the on-line MarketPlace web site. They tried to cancel it like 15 days before the month they turned 65 (which would have been almost a month and a half notice as the birthday was at the end of the month) and it looked to them like it was cancelled like they wanted. The computer screen displayed that it was cancelled. But Blue Shield kept sending bills. About a month later, as they were still getting bills, they found out that the MarketPlace really didn't cancel so they tried again to cancel. They cancelled again but Blue Shield kept sending bills. They decided to not pay those bills because thay had cancelled. And Blue Shield eventually stopped sending bills.

    It was pretty difficult for them to find the real scoop on what was correct. Conflicting information, if they could find any information on what to do when you turn 65, was certainly a problem. I've read, that one should cancel Obama Care at least 2 months before one's 65th birthdate. I had read that it is illegal to have both Obama Care and Medicare at the same time. Then... I've also read that you can have Obama Care along with Medicare but you won't get the assistance you got with Obama Care only. Example, with Obama Care: if the premiums of the healthcare provider was $1000/ month and you didn't make over a certain amount of money, the government would take care of something like $800 per month leaving you with having to pay the healthcare provider $200 per month.

    It also screwed up their taxes. They did their taxes like they thought they were supposed to be done but got a notice from the IRS that my friends owed the IRS some money...wasn't a lot but it just shows how confusing it was to do their taxes. They had always done their own taxes all these years without problems but this time they had problems.

  • How GOP Abortion Absolutism is All About Power Not Life   8 hours 1 min ago

    Well Gummie, when YOU get pregnant it will be your turn to decide what to do about it. Until then, it's all hot air.

  • What Happens If A Tornado Hits a Nuclear Power Plant?   8 hours 6 min ago

    Thom educated by YOU? Thanks for the laugh. When all else fails, these blogs are a good source of entertainment.

    Renewables have really been catching on in Europe; Germany in particular. We're so far behind the rest of the developed world, and in so many ways, it is simply mind blowing. I hope I live to see the day when fossil fuels and nuclear power are behind us, in the dustbin of history... In the meantime, shills like Instant Jerkoff are best ignored.

  • HOW DO WE GET RID OF WACKO COPS?   8 hours 27 min ago

    My life is an open book...always has been. I have nothing to hide because I tell the truth. You don't think all those contractors I put out of business would love having some dirt to prosecute me with?

    PS I am 64, going on Medicare in 2 months..a GREAT government institution..along with Social Security

    I am a licenced building inspector in the state of Florida

    Copper City has 65 houses. We have no legal water company..just a bunch of Nazi assholes who use turning off the water as their power base.

    And they are very good at playing victim..."Ohhhh, he threatened me" Save me save me.

    And why am I even talking to you. It's obvious that YOU are the problem. You will not change. So let Mother Nature take care of you assholes with floods and storms and eathquakes.

  • An Appeal from Thom Hartmann   8 hours 39 min ago

    It seems to be a difficult time for the channel and so should prepare an estate planning is required by the side from estate planning lawyer Alexandria, VA

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