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  • Corporate-Managed Trade Deals Screw America   6 min 12 sec ago

    I would add that we must not forget how Senate Republicans killed the 2012 anti-outsourcing bill.....which would have eliminated tax breaks for employers shipping jobs overseas. Thanks to our anti-democracy, pro-fascist media, hardly any citizens are aware of this bald faced disrespect for those of us who work for a living. Seems to me this is an excellent example of how the Teapublican Party could care less about the 99%. It would be a great issue to bring up in front of all America during the Presidential debates...I'd love to hear how the scoundrels would answer to this in front of a national audience.....!!!!!!!!

  • Cheerleaders: Beautiful, Desired, Happy and Exploited   7 min 40 sec ago

    NFL earns record profits despite ugly image
    This was a very bad year for the National Football League's public image, but it may be the best year ever for its bottom line. NFL's major revenue streams all grew, suggesting that profits will rise from a record of about $1 billion it earned last season.

    Quote Dexterous: I read on AL Gores Internet that all the NFL cheerleaders were dragged by their hair into the NFL's employment office to apply for their job and their lives were threatened if they refused to accept the offer at the specified salary.

    Forget antiwar protests, Woodstock, even long hair.
    The real legacy of the sixties generation is the computer revolution

    The High Performance Computing Act of 1991 (HPCA) is an Act of Congress promulgated in the 102nd United States Congress as (Pub.L. 102–194) on 1991-12-09. Often referred to as the Gore Bill, it was created and introduced by then Senator Al Gore, and led to the development of the National Information Infrastructure and the funding of the National Research and Education Network (NREN).

    So dexi, you think Americans deserve to be exploited because they're stupid enough to do it in the first place. Same reason you blame the slaves. Still not interesting, surprising or even unique coming from you Dexedrine. You worship the billionaires, I get it. The post was just another to surface the scum. Glad you're so consistent. Same as the Americans without jobs outsourced to India. They didn't have to live there or be born. Lower wages or no bennies and record profits for foreign corporations is exactly why I have no respect for trolls like you.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: Feb. 8, 2016 4:20 am

    The article you posted says that cheerleading is a sport

    It is a sport sport. Maybe not like playing cards. But it is a contest with other teams the same as the jocks actually getting paid to do their jobs.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: but according to the federal government, it is not a sport.

    Yes, sport, and slaves were not considered human at one time, and times change.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: At least not at the college level.

    So being wrong for so long its just too late to take some of the $billion the NFL made and be pay living wages and cover their accidents?

    Quote ChicagoMatt: Therefore, colleges can't offer cheerleaders scholarships in order to offset the scholarships they give to male atheletes, for Title IX reasons.

    atheletes? wtf, athletes who don't believe in god? They can the same as all women's sports but the good ole boy network doesn't like it one bit. The NFL made a billion, so there is no excuse not to pay for services rendered the same as a janitor or selling hot dogs. Living wages should be minimum wages for any corporations making a billion dollars a year.

    Convenient. But still disgustingly anti-American. You seem to be comfortable with it. Probably never thought about it and care less how Americans are treated.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: But, stepping back a minute -

    The way I see it if you go back any farther you'll have to send it by Morris Code.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: unless you are a cheerleader,

    I don't have to be a cheerleader to see exploitation. Or when I hear it from the cheerleaders themselves. Or the ER where they go with their concussions. Just a job like any job they deserve fair treatment on and off the field.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: or an NFL owner,

    Who owns the NFL? The billionaires you seem to pity over the women and men doing their jobs shows us what you are made of. Same as the other money god suckups.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: what does it have to do with you anyway?

    It's more that it's my business why I'm opposing exploitation of other Americans. I don't like people who exploit Americans. I like to embarrass them in public and expose their cowardice hiding behind children and women. But also seniors and disabled or even ole white guys. I've been getting Vets info on PTSD since the 90's. Exploited for growing pot, serving NRA mandatory minimums. As a proud ant-war veteran protesting Vietnam for the same exploitive reasons of Hughes Aircraft profits and Nixon treason. Grow up skippy. Learn to comprehend what is posted and you wouldn't say such stupid crap. As an American, it is my business. A lesson you Neocon lapdogs might learn.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: Sounds like more Liberal "Here I Come to Save The Day!" by sticking my nose in other peoples' business kind of BS.

    You hearing sounds skippy? Neocons are multinational corporations owning politicians to legislate for more profits. You still hung up on labels? Cutting taxes for scholarships or food stamps but not subsidies for meat and dairy and land for them to graze. Or the drug worrier, rehab welfare queens. Or the free water they drink in a drought, and then get exported. Or the steel subsidies and Exxon or BP, all paid by tax the same as troops in Afghanistan or the profit maxcap prisons filling up with poor. Over your fox infotainment head no doubt. The me me me generation I presume.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: Unfortunately, my hometown Bears do not have cheerleaders.

    Or a team. This is how you treat the players, so don't give me crap about your hometown Bears. Once they retire, they're just garbage to you.

    Jim McMahon says medical marijuana helped him kick pain pill habit

    Besides I was raised a Steeler fan, even Charlie Daniels knows not to fuck with us. I'm on the left coast now so I see more Giants baseball than Pirates and the Warriors basketball are just fun to watch. Pgh has no NBA. Jordan was a one trick pony slam dunker compared to Steph Curry. I've sent them the same concussion info I sent McMahan and the cheerleaders, steel workers and coal miners alternatives to mining or blowing up mountains. Americans getting shafted by corporations and even Unions are becoming revolving doors like the government agencies you probably feel we would be better without their pseky regulations. Koch proved the private sector can't be trusted past their greed. By dumping into rivers as well as Exxon dumping on Paline and she ask for more. Bears LOL! Ain't no bears in Illinois. As silly as Arizona Cardinals or Utah Jazz. Hell jazz was practically outlawed in Utah.

    There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are
    Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing,
    result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual
    relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others. -- Harry Anslinger, 1937
    testimony to Congress in support of the Marijuana Tax Act.
    Quote ChicagoMatt: I do, however, know a woman who was a "LuvaBull" Chicago Bulls dancer in the early 90s.

    The last time Chicago had a decent sport besides shooting people. You seem to be good at that.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: She's in her 50s now, and living a very nice life.

    So what does that have to do with the price of concussions for Americans following orders of the NFL or Universities or High Schools, wearing logo's, advertising for the NFL or just common decency in a fair pay for a days wages. Or scholarships for the school kids. Without the word games of lawsters legaleze that had Clinton not being charged with perjury in court because by definition blowjobs aren't sexual intercoarse he swore he never had with "that" woman. Ask her if she thinks its inappropriate to cover expenses and workers comp for injuries. Oh, but that would retract from your hearsay non evidence or excuse to keep treating them like second class citizens. Such wimps in Chicago since Leroy Brown left.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: I'd say she still has a smoking hott body, but then I'd be accused of objectifying her.

    Oh so what others might say is why you excuse the NFL from exploiting Americans. I see. Afraid of hobgoblins too I'd wager. You really concerned about what "others" might think knowing what it does, is a tell dude.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: So I'll just say that she married a wealthy businessman, raised three children, and now spends her days working out and being involved in the church, which is how I know her. And she's always a pleasant person to be around.

    So she is his property. I understand your concern. What if all women wanted to be treated as equal? What if they want to vote? Or make choices about their own bodies. This could lead to them being whole people or even "American Citizens". Nooooo. Geeeeezus must be rolling over in his cave.

    Quote ChicagoMatt: I'll ask her today if she feels like she was exploited back then.

    Then ask the House slaves about fighting for freedom. Just those upity ones in the field wanting to cause trouble. Listening to them leeebrills. You must work in a cubical. Never actually have to think. Just follow what others tell you. Have trouble sleeping just pop a pharmaceutical or chug a beer. My post are only to surface Neocon lapdogs that think they're republican or democrat. You show us you can't even decide what exploitation is. OR what happens to Americans after you get your hours thrill of victory. Oops I forgot you're from Chic ago.

    Well cheerleaders are people, they're Americans and they provide a service to an organization that can more than afford it. Like the $32 trillion stashed in off shore accounts while they tear up the bridges and dodge their obligations. Or lie about Iraq and kill 4000 Americans. They get away with it thanks to groupies like you. Waiting on the tinkle down.

    Or lie about fracking and lead in the water all justified by the bottom line. Not hard to see which side your bread is buttered. I just don't see why y'all are so ashamed of it you feel the need for these gross and ugly excuses. Be a proud fascist wannabe skippy. Stand up for the right to exploit out of work Americans. Or cut their food regulations if it takes profits. Let em eat crap that gets them sick, more pills to sell! Like Haliburton $billions in Iraq over Cheney bullshit and a lapdog mainline media in step with them. Is your brain aching yet skippy?

    The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Car: It’s Made Entirely From HEMP

    Go jerk that Iraqi crude oil red white and blue piece of plastic made by kids in Chinese sweatshops and sold at MalWart's. Buying bullets for Sadamn. Spewing out coal fired steel auto bodies when Hemp can grow them by bankrupt family farmers. Or affordable health care grown in the herb garden. All whoosh over your head. So I didn't reply thinking you would get anything out of it. Its for the lurkers who might. So skippy, what are you really afraid of? Your masters might keep the billion in profits and raise ticket prices if cheerleaders were treated as people?

    How big pharma got people hooked on opioids
    — and made tons of money off it

    Anti drug programs that make up the billion-dollar
    residential treatment industry.

    Marijuana businesses are expected to make almost $7 billion this year
    — but no one knows what to do with the money

    NFL's Buzzkill: Cannabis for Concussions

  • Chris Christie Savages Rubio During GOP Debate   12 min 33 sec ago

    Yeah, I saw Marco Roboto's meltdown. Should not have been surprised because I have been telling some conservative friends - who believe Rubio is the guy - that Marco tends to sound stiff and scripted, and he's obviously spouting memorized material. My friends deny that, but I had the last laugh after Saturday night.

    It appears that Christie's rapid fire attacks were too fast for the system downloads from the Koch central servers to keep up. Or maybe it was a chip overload... I can imagine a scene from a bad sci-fi flick if Christie had kept it up...we'd have seen a Marco Roboto gone haywire....smoke coming out his ears, wildly twitching appendages, the blue screen of death in his eyes..."does not compute, does not compute, does not compute"...while in the remote Koch bunker, controllers are watching screens in horror, madly punching buttons, cursing, sparks are flying, buzzers sounding...then they just give up and RUN......LOL...

  • Republican Neocon Hillary Clinton Running for President   29 min 18 sec ago

    Now that is an awful lot of money for speeches. We are supposed to believe there is no connection between Wall Street and Clinton political behavior.

  • Iowa Irregularities?   33 min 40 sec ago

    It turns out there are some serious problems in the Iowa caucus. The vote was extremely close so every vote counted, and there are some instances the vote report was completely wrong which appears to be only the tip of the fraud iceberg. Bernie should not leave any votes on the table. We are in bad shape when the Democratic party cannot even manage a Democratic vote.

    Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates

    Keane Schwarz is certain he knows the outcome of the vote in his precinct: He was the lone caucusgoer in Woodbury County No. 43.

    But the Iowa Democratic Party's final results state that Hillary Clinton won one county delegate and Bernie Sanders received zero.

    "I voted for Bernie," Schwarz, 36, of Oto, told The Des Moines Register. “It was really suspicious … I’m actually pretty irate about it.”

    ...Several caucusgoers told the Register they thought Sanders had been shorted county delegates, including in Knoxville No. 3.

    A total of 110 people were present for the final vote, and the count was 58 people for Sanders and 52 people for Clinton — which amounted to five county delegates for Sanders and four for Clinton, said Lonnie McCombs, a 59-year-old Knoxville Democrat who is retired from careers in the military and in manufacturing.

    “That’s how it was recorded,” said McCombs, a Sanders backer.

    But when the Knoxville Journal Express newspaper posted the Democratic Party’s official results, it showed Knoxville No. 3 results as Clinton with five county delegates and Sanders with four.

    “It cost Bernie a (county) delegate,” said McCombs, who took to Facebook to report his concerns.

    Steve Eck, who was Clinton’s precinct captain for Knoxville No. 3, confirmed: “Somebody transposed those numbers.”

    Eck, a 61-year-old nurse anesthesiologist, said the problem was reported to party officials.

    ...The bottom line is that it would take lots of mistakes from lots of precincts in determining county delegates, with a disproportionate number going Sanders' way, to affect the outcome.

    ...Debra Langguth, who lives in Cedar Rapids No. 9, said the precinct’s four delegates split evenly between Sanders and Clinton, who won by just one person's vote.

    The problem, she said, was that 131 people signed in at the beginning of the caucus but two separate head counts showed that 136 people voted.

    “No steps were ever taken to find out who these extra five people were. They could have had everyone step to one side of the room, and go to the other side as their names were read off the registration list,” Langguth said. “Who knows if these people were even registered to vote in our district.”

    ...Clinton and Sanders each got four county delegates, the official party records show. Melssen wondered if that’s an error: Shouldn't Sanders have gotten at least one more than Clinton?

    No, state party officials said. The math worked out to Sanders getting 4.29 county delegates and Clinton 3.7. With the rounding rules, each received four. Sanders couldn't receive 0.29 of a delegate because Democrats were electing real people to be delegates at their county convention.

    article continues....

  • Example Of The Old Fairness Doctrine At Work: CBS Spectrum 1972   42 min 43 sec ago
    Quote gumball:
    Quote al3:
    Quote gumball:

    Broadcasters represent such a small percentage of the media now, what forms of media distribution would you like to see under your new FD?

    Broadcast, cable, and satellite TV, and broadcast and satellite radio would be a good start.

    That ignores the largest growing segment, and the most riddled with inaccuracies; Social media. I was not on FB 4 years ago so not sure how it went but so far this cycle I have seen the most outlandish claims shared. This morning one of my friends shared a meme that said we should take the $900 billion a year spent on welfare for illegal immigrants and spend it on veterans.

    I try not to get too political on FB but I couldn't let such a silly claim go...

    Who cares about social media. There is nothing much that can be done with the internet, but I think it would be of value to enforce the FD on broadcast, cable, satellite TV and radio as a "gold standard" against which nutty internet sites could be checked if one were interested. But a good question would be do you hold the websites of the broadcast/cable/satellite outlets to the FD also?

  • Swedes at war with immigrants?   45 min 50 sec ago

    The beat goes on.

    Swedish refugee center workers attacked by underage weapon-wielding residents.

    "Workers at a home for refugee children in Sweden had to barricade themselves inside a room after 19 young men rioted and attacked them with makeshift weapons. It is the latest in a string of violence at Swedish refugee facilities."

  • Thursday 4 February '16 show notes   52 min 21 sec ago

    I gave up on labels a long time ago - they mean different things to different people, whatever the dictionary says.

    Just the issues, ma'am - to misquote a phrase misattributed to Dragnet.

  • REALITY CHECK: Read the TPP, the real ASSHOLE “poster boy” for greedy Big Pharma isn’t Martin Shkreli it’s BARAC OBAMA.   1 hour 5 min ago

    Srider54 YOU ARE WRONG!

    Obama privately meeting with corporatists, discussing future trade deals on behalf of America , but not just trade deals , only 5 chapters of TPP deal with trade , the other 19 deal with the errosion of democratic rights, sovereignty, privacy, unions, labor standards, environmental standards ,even the rule of law, yet Obama refused to allow the texts of the meetings to become public. Whats he been hiding, if this is supposedly good for America why is it being discused in private behind closed doors away from the public eye. Why are corporations allowed access information of the TPP discussions , yet the general public are kept in the dark. Obama is conspiring with corporatists to pass legislation that favors big business to the detriment of American citizens, this is the very definition of 'fascism'. Obama along with the then right wing leader of Canada are guilty as hell of betraying the very public who elected them.

  • How bad a deal is SS?   1 hour 18 min ago
    Quote gumball:Supply and demand does play a role, an increase of over $9 trillion in GDP increases demand means more money buying stocks, does it not? More GDP means more revenue for the companies, does it not? More revenue means the companies are valued higher, does it not?

    Does it not follow then that a $9 trillion+ increase in GDP from 1980 to 2015 will have a greater increase in the value of stocks than the 3 +/- trillion GDP increase from 1945-1980?

    God, you're thick as a brick. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DIRECT CAUSALITY IS?

    Obviously not. That was the original question... what makes the stock market go up.

  • How bad a deal is SS?   1 hour 20 min ago
    Quote gumball:
    Quote ulTRAX:As for the $100 bill, it's already realized value. That you can't tell the difference is interesting.

    It is realized value when you exchange it for a good or service. As I noted earlier in the conversation, the value of a $100 bill historically decreases over time. Has it not?

    Even if there were NO inflation... your stocks still have no value except what someone is willing to pay. Are you going to deny that? So how is that different from how collectibles are "valued" in the market?

    Are you ever going to answer?

    Of course not.

  • Example Of The Old Fairness Doctrine At Work: CBS Spectrum 1972   1 hour 29 min ago
    Quote gumball:

    Got it, you are more interested in platitudes than discussing how such a policy would work in todays media environment.

    Got it, you are more interested in whining about the FCC while ignoring the social good the FD did or what is needed to better inform the American public.

  • Corporate-Managed Trade Deals Screw America   1 hour 35 min ago

    How do we trust Hillary or any politician that will change their minds by the way the political winds blow? Hillary stated the TPP was the gold standard for free trade. She was an attorney for Monsanto. Voted to protect them from litigation. Pushed fracking in Eastern Europe instead of green energy. When asked in a recent debate what was the most important issue facing Americans? Her reply was Iran. Bernie's was global warming. This marks the most significant difference. Who out there believes some Persian or Arab living in a cave, on the other side of the planet with an AK and a laptop is more dangerous to their future then global warming? I am more concerned about the wing nut down the block with a Bushmaster and a 100 round clip. If we do not address global warming it is all over for the future for every living thing. Why don't the corporate democrats understand a thermus maximus event and mass extinction?

  • Happy Birthday Trayvon   1 hour 44 min ago

    FOE...yeah, I know. Don't mattet. Brother Allen #5 was meant for you (previous comment #3).my bad. Brother Kenyatta and I both are involved in speaking to our youth all over the state. Brother Kenyatta does so nationwide. Was using damned phone @ work. I imagine to any thinking white person, these rodents are an embarassment. I'm embarrassed for the sick M.F.'s.

  • drop term "shafta"   2 hours 6 min ago

    True that, here's the conundrum-

    Why does evil always seem so bumper sticker ready, while good requires a dissertation?

    the pepetual problem.

    oh welll, I do feel the Bern



  • Why the Economics of "Me" Can't Replace the Economics of "We"   2 hours 8 min ago$file/GRIC_deck_en.pdf

    Lobbyists' Code of Conduct (2015), 18 pp

  • If You Want to Win, Go Progressive   2 hours 15 min ago

    Branski, Bernie represents ALL working people, not just the middle class.

    What I keep trying to explain, that you keep ignoring, is the whole point behind Bernie’s emphasis on the middle class. His point is that the middle class is DISAPPEARING. When the middle class disappears, guess what! You’ve got more people in poverty, stuck among the ranks of the working poor. Bernie doesn’t think anyone working fulltime should be poor. He’s trying to expand the middle class so that more of us have an escape hatch out of poverty and can JOIN the middle class. What in the hell’s wrong with that?! It you are gonna characterize that as a “pep rally for the better-off”, you are completely missing the point.

    You keep emphasizing this ideological conflct between the middle class and the poor as if you wanted to keep it that way. In light of how many formerly middle class people have been thrust into poverty, that ideological divide you keep referring to could be outdated. Nothing changes one’s persepctive faster or more radically than being impoverished by circumstances beyond one’s control.

  • The Etymology of the Word "Caucus"   2 hours 30 min ago

    hopes, cspan, can you be more specific to whom your #40 reply is adressed? a # and name?

    just to clear any confussion to the thread audience at large, since your post directly follows mine---- could be misunderstood and give fodder to those who'd love to amplify confusion and conflation : )




  • Corporate-Managed Trade Deals Screw America   2 hours 46 min ago

    Delster, a corporate take-over translates to CORPORATE FASCISM, which is indeed what these so-called "trade agreements" are about. Bernie's agenda is the only acceptable agenda for anyone concerned about corporations taking over matters of the state, who does not want to live under fascism.

    Governments are not corporations and vice versa, and we need to keep it that way. Bernie is the ONLY candidate who takes this issue seriously at all.

  • Example Of The Old Fairness Doctrine At Work: CBS Spectrum 1972   2 hours 53 min ago

    Got it, you are more interested in platitudes than discussing how such a policy would work in todays media environment.

  • Example Of The Old Fairness Doctrine At Work: CBS Spectrum 1972   3 hours 2 min ago
    Quote gumball:

    Yes, I get the intent. Intentions and reality are two different things. To suggest that the FCC did not rule on the merit of the views is silly, surely the cranks were ruled out and the FCC decided who the cranks were. Did they not?

    When are you going to admit to your real agenda which is to allow BROADCASTERS to keep even responsible parties with opposing opinions off the air?

    Of course you never will. Your agenda is always to side with right wing wealth and power against the little guy. Which is why you'll write 30 posts nitpicking the FD to death and yet avoid any admission of the social benefit of the Fairness Doctrine.

    Sorry. I'm not playing this game any longer.

  • How bad a deal is SS?   3 hours 9 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:As for the $100 bill, it's already realized value. That you can't tell the difference is interesting.

    It is realized value when you exchange it for a good or service. As I noted earlier in the conversation, the value of a $100 bill historically decreases over time. Has it not?

  • How bad a deal is SS?   3 hours 11 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote gumball:
    Quote ulTRAX:

    How is this mechanism different from selling collectible baseball cards?

    Again, that is true of anything including a $100 bill. That is why you look at the historical performance of an asset.

    So you're now retracting your claim that it's GDP that makes the stock market grow? And you're now retracting your claim that stocks have intrinsic value because they represent a percentage ownership of a real corporation?

    Of course there is intrisic value, how much value is the question.

    Supply and demand does play a role, an increase of over $9 trillion in GDP increases demand means more money buying stocks, does it not? More GDP means more revenue for the companies, does it not? More revenue means the companies are valued higher, does it not?

    Does it not follow then that a $9 trillion+ increase in GDP from 1980 to 2015 will have a greater increase in the value of stocks than the 3 +/- trillion GDP increase from 1945-1980?

  • Corporate-Managed Trade Deals Screw America   3 hours 14 min ago

    I've believed for a long time the cleaverest way to take over a democracy and limit the constitution and rule of law for that matter is by a corporate take over. That is part of what free trade agreements are about. I like Bernie Sanders and I like his message , but going up against corporate rule is a tall order to fulfill. One thing the free world has really got to keep an eye on is technology.

  • Corporate-Managed Trade Deals Screw America   3 hours 26 min ago


    This is a corporate virus that in reality is fascism

    We have fought against this stuff in two world wars, it rears its Medusa like ugly head again and I now can't get that people don't see it for what it is

    This is true manifestation of greed and evil against the greater good

    “Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.” Plato

    Government allows corporate excess by the means of corruption

    And, we the people allow them to do so

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