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  • Naw, We're used to gasoline and pollutants...   1 hour 3 min ago

    Another promising source of variable energy for electric power how about this?...

    Even if I don't like his business model, here's someone that's made it all work.......

  • Sony vs North Korea   1 hour 14 min ago

    China is a supporter of NK similar to Russia was a supporter of Cuba. China did not annex Taipai and their economy is strong. They alo saw the IMF swindle in the Asian real estate extortion gambit that worked so well in South and Central America. [the latter two regions did not own so much of US debt] I think this was a poke at the caged gorilla to see if it's paying attention. Gorillas are above throwing feces, but the gop is that 48 chromosome creature that can't help themselves.

  • Rebranding The Koch Bros.   1 hour 18 min ago

    If the GOP wins with Luntz/Rove phrases, let's bombard the right with a hoard of our own which NAIL THEM on their hypocrisy and lies. Let's turn their words to work against them with words like these:


    Profitize (use instead of privatize)

    Nero Con

    and use phrases and ideas like these:

    -GOP Chooses STRIFE: Denying Medicaid Expansion to Millions for Political Posturing

    -GOP War on Unions Cutting ALL Wages. More Families Devalued

    -By Fighting a Living Wage, Access to Food Stamps, GOP is Saying to Families: “LET THEM EAT BOOTSTRAPS”

    -GOP Disenfranchising Voters Because They Need Freedom From Our Liberty

    -GOP All About Freedom; Freedom FROM Oversight, Truth, History

    -GOP Wins if Through Targeted Hatred They Can Create the DIVIDED States of America

    -Shouldn’t Family Values Include VALUING FAMILIES by Fighting for Fare Wages, Healthcare, Education?

    -Take Away GOP Rhetoric on Guns, God, and Gays, And What Have They Done For You?

    -Conservative or CORPservative? Don’t be PLAYED by the Pious with a Corporate Bias

    -Offshore Corporate Tax Havens, BLUE BLOOD WELFARE; How Fiscally Conservative is that, GOP?

    -Just Who is GOP Looking Out for When They Defund Consumer Protection Agency?

    -Today’s GOP Extending Bush’s Main Goal: No CEO Left Behind

    -See Through the Republican Facade. GOP = GREEDY ONE PERCENT

    -Ryan’s GOP Budget Gives $140,000 Per Million Earned to EVERY MILLIONAIRE

    -GOP Policies Take From the Needy and Give to the Greedy

    -Who is GOP Looking Out For When They Seek to Abolish Minimum Wage? CEOs Not Average Joes

    -McConnell Thinks GOP = FFF: Freedom From Facts

    -The GOP Fights for the OVERprivileged While Cutting Services to the Underprivileged

    -Today’s GOP: Putting America on the FAST TRACK to MEDIOCRITY Through Oligarchy

    -Billionaires Pushing Big Oil Aren’t “Job Creators” They Are PLANET KILLERS

    And here's a concept to rally behind that accentuates the positive of what America can be if we are able to overcome today's greed, racism, and oligarchy:

    To be a Practicing Patriot you MUST be an Inclusive American Standing Proudly Together Not Defiantly Apart

    Got a few of your own? Please add them HERE as replies to this post.

  • Ironic Obama comment on Cuba   1 hour 19 min ago

    No matter what Obama does it will be wrong to Republicans. What would Cruz do other than live in the past? For me, I look forward to a vacation.

  • Cuba Libre   1 hour 25 min ago

    Australia passed gun control because they did not want the American disease. I can imagine they also don't want their bankers defrauding customers. Canada, a sibling of Australia, has not had a bank default in 250 years, they have laws against it. America is a rogue nation with nukes, and Corleone banks* [aka IMF and World bank], and it's a bully besides.

    *Confessions of a Corporate Hitman is a book describing the deceit that US entities use to screw indigenous peoples and proletariats on a regular basis. When Americans see Cuban achievements, the Hamptons might have to invest in a concrete wall instead of fences. Their helicopters will get them out, but they're vulnerable to 50 cal sniper fire, legal in most states.[stupidly]


    "Economic hit men,” John Perkins writes, “are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder.”

    John Perkins should know—he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S.—from Indonesia to Panama—to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative projects were contracted to U. S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts, these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S.-dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks—dictating repayment terms and bullying foreign governments into submission.

    This New York Times bestseller exposes international intrigue, corruption, and little-known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world. It is a compelling story that also offers hope and a vision for realizing the American dream of a just and compassionate world that will bring us greater security.

    Remember, laws are for the little people, not for the job creators, or the chosen elite.

    China figured it out after the last Asian real estate bubble. They don't need to play the American game. They also support North Korea, that just caused a shut down of theaters showing unfavorable images. There are so many that have been screwed by the US, this little NK episode may be a precursor.

    Global goodwill was extremely high post 9/11, then Cheney invaded Iraq, the rest is history. The world also saw that our elections are a fraud. Not a whole lot of sympathy left when the emperor/uncle sam has no clothes.

  • Cuba Libre   1 hour 28 min ago
    Quote rs allen:

    Are you dense? Or just intentionally obtuse?

    Either way my answer is the same gumbie. So do not address me again because you're an asshole that hasn't been wiped.

    I must be dense because I can not seem to understand the opinions being stated here. That is why I asked for clarification.

    Do you think that the embargo has been overall beneficial to Cuba?

  • 2ed Amendment "Remedies": Thom Repeats Gun Nut Talking Points   1 hour 31 min ago

    The s

    The Second Admendment allows weapon (the proper name for a "gun") ownership, but it does not prohibit the "census" of weapons owned. To create the ease of a census, federal and state governments could require registration and license of each weapon to make ownership legal. Similar to automobile, computer, certain professional tools and equipment, etc., registration requirements fo legal use, governments could make large amounts of revenue in registration and license fees. A "test" would most likely end before the Supreme Court, where the Second Admendment would be upheld, reasonable people could retain their weapons, and government would know where legal weapons reside.

    The argument that "then the bad guys would have illegal weapons" doesn't hold water because criminals own these weapons NOW, mentally ill persons own these weapons NOW, and those who do not know how to properly use these weapons own them NOW.

    Good citizens may grumble about the added expense and "red tape", but I believe honest citizens will comply for the betterment of the community.

    Thank you,

    Paul Treadway

  • Cuba Libre   1 hour 34 min ago
    Quote gumball:
    Quote rs allen:

    Money is not god gumbie.

    That Cuba has done well despite the USA pressures worldwide is in their favor.

    They have a better education system than we do. They have a better health care system than we do. And there's no one sleeping on the streets with nothing at all to eat.

    And in fact I'm not confident they don't detract and risk themselves by opening themselves directly to our influence.

    Overall you would say the embargo has been decidely beneficial to Cuba?

    Are you dense? Or just intentionally obtuse?

    Either way my answer is the same gumbie. So do not address me again because you're an asshole that hasn't been wiped.

  • Naw, We're used to gasoline and pollutants...   1 hour 38 min ago
    Quote smilingcat:

    Hydrogen production is energy expensive no matter how you look at it. There are lots of approach. you'll be amazed at the number of ways to do this. None are very economical right now.

    Except for the tried and true technology of reacting methane and water at 1500F. WIth methane prices in the toilet, people are building these plants as fast as they can, along with ammonia and methanol plants, which use the same technology.

  • 2ed Amendment "Remedies": Thom Repeats Gun Nut Talking Points   1 hour 38 min ago

    Do you deny that (s)COTUS routinely uses the Federalist papers, period documents, and even Blackstone and English common law to provide interpretive "context" for divining the "Framer's" intentions?

  • President Putin has a Chance to Crush the Corrupt American Global Financial System and the Wall Street Mafia.   1 hour 39 min ago

    Mike Whitney has some good advise for Putin on how to react to the American Empire of Chaos and the NeoCon Mafia. The hubris of Washington is astounding. This hubris—the sense of entitlement to seize any nation’s wealth-- comes from the scions of American oligarchs that inherited the post-WWII American Empire. It is this hubris that will bring about the Empire’s downfall. The entire world has experienced America’s greed for power and wealth. Europe is alienated by the US imposing sanctions on Russia that has hurt the entire EU economy. The US sanctions on Russia is migrating to EU and even US banks! Russia Contagion Spreads To European Banks : French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet . And this after the last world crisis in 2008 caused by corrupt Wall Street banks using hidden debt to enslave Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy. South America and Latin America remember the North American death squads and proxy coups of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. China is aware of American NGO fomenting internal political unrest with its color revolutions. Malaysia remembers the American banks collapsing its economy and monetary blackmail to steal its national assets. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Argentina are seeking a way out of the corrupt American international financial organizations that use debt to overthrow countries. The Middle East is bleeding blood and oil to American oil companies seeking to grab all its natural resources. Russia is not alone.

    Ruble Takedown Exposes Cracks in Putin’s Defense by MIKE WHITNEY


    …And that’s what makes Putin’s next move so important, crucial really. Because whatever he does will send a message to Washington that he’s either up to the challenge or he’s not. Which is why he needs to come out swinging and do something completely unexpected. The element of surprise, that’s the ticket. And we’re not talking about military action either. That just plays to Uncle Sam’s strong hand. Putin doesn’t need another Vietnam. He needs a coherent gameplan. He needs a winning strategy. He needs to takes risks, put it all on the line and roll the freaking dice. You can’t lock horns with the US and play it safe. That’s a losing strategy. This is smash-mouth, steelcage smackdown, a scorched-earth event where winner takes all. You have to be ready to rumble.

    Putin needs to think asymmetrically. What would Obama do if he was in Putin’s shoes?

    You know what he’d do: He’d send military support to Assad. He’d arm rebel factions in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria and elsewhere. He’d strengthen ties with Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador providing them with military, intelligence and logistical support. He’d deploy his NGOs and Think Tank cronies to foment revolution wherever leaders refused to follow Moscow’s directives. He would work tirelessly to build the economic, political, media, and military institutions he needed to impose his own self-serving version of snatch-and-grab capitalism on every nation on every continent in the world. That’s what Obama would do, because that’s what his puppetmasters would demand of him.

    But Putin must be more discreet, because his resources are more limited. But he still has options, like the markets, for example. Let’s say Putin announces that creditors in the EU (particularly banks) won’t be paid until the ruble recovers. How does that sound?

    Putin: “We’re really sorry about the inconvenience, but we won’t be able to make those onerous principle payments for a while. Please accept our humble apologies.” End of statement.

    Moments later: Global stocks plunge 350 points on the prospect of a Russian default and its impact on the woefully-undercapitalized EU banking system.

    Get the picture? That’s what you call an asymmetrical attack.

    …So Putin defaults which nudges the EU banking system down the stairwell. So what? What does that prove?

    It proves that Russia has the tools to defend itself. It proves that Putin can disrupt the status quo and spread the pain a bit more equitably. “Spreading the pain” is a tool the US uses quite frequently in its dealings with other countries. Maybe Putin should take a bite of that same apple, eh?

    Another option would be to implement capital controls to avoid ruble-dollar conversion and further capital flight. The beauty of capital controls is that they take power away from the big money guys who run the world and hand it back to elected officials. Leaders like Putin are then in a position to say, “Hey, we’re going to take a little break from the dollar system for while until we get caught up. I hope you’ll understand our situation.”

    …Without capital controls, the deep-pocket Wall Street banks and speculators can simply vacuum the money out of an economy leaving the country broken and penniless. This nihilistic decimation of emerging markets via capital flight is what the kleptocracy breezily refers to as “free markets”, the unwavering plundering of civilization to fatten the coffers of the swinish few at the top of the foodchain. That’s got to stop.

    Putin needs to put his foot down now; stop the outflow of cash, stop the conversion of rubles to dollars, force investors to recycle their money into the domestic economy, indict the central bank governors and trundle them off to the hoosegow, and reassert the power of the people over the markets. If he doesn’t, then the speculators will continue to peck away until Russia’s reserves are drained-dry and the country is pushed back into another long-term slump. Who wants that?

    And don’t think that Putin’s only problem is Washington either, because it isn’t. He’s got an even bigger headache in his own country with the morons who still buy the hogwash that “the market knows best.” These are the fantasists, the corporate toadies, and the fifth columnists, some of whom hold very high office.

    …Putin’s not going to roll over and play dead for these vipers. He’s got to much on the ball for that. He’s going to beat them at their own game, fair and square. He’s going to implement capital controls, restructure the economy away from the west, and aggressively look for ways to deter Washington from spreading its heinous resource war to Central Asia and beyond….

    Article continues…

  • Single Payer gets the DEEP SIX in VT   1 hour 41 min ago
    Quote Aliceinwonderland:

    you smug SOB.

    Kilo, you are an idiot.

    Your juvenile taunts, in this context, reveal a lot about the shallow little prick who wrote them.

    Is that what gives you a hard-on?

    I’ve got better fish to fry than engage in an ongoing verbal fox-trot with white trash like you.

    What do you think this is, some fucking football game? “

    And some may find this response more offensive than the OP.

    My God lady. The OP just pointed out Vermont came to their senses.

  • Naw, We're used to gasoline and pollutants...   1 hour 43 min ago

    Okay Alberto, whatever I'm not going to argue over it, but the present day lifestyle is not viable in my view under any shape or form I don't care what kind of cars are driven to everyones dead end jobs that extract even more resources from the evermore dwindling fields to drive back home to dinners that have evermore questionable value so they can start it all over again tomorrow morning without question.

    If you were to ask me, I'd say we already have more roads than we need.

  • Naw, We're used to gasoline and pollutants...   1 hour 46 min ago
    Quote rs allen:

    AND as Maui pointed out there is still CO2 coming out of the tailpipe.

    Are you sure about that? Where does the carbon come from when you burn hydrogen? I would think than when you burn hydrogen you get water as the byproduct. When you burn methane you'll get CO2, but not from hydrogen, unless I am missing something here.

  • Cuba Libre   1 hour 59 min ago
    Quote rs allen:

    Money is not god gumbie.

    That Cuba has done well despite the USA pressures worldwide is in their favor.

    They have a better education system than we do. They have a better health care system than we do. And there's no one sleeping on the streets with nothing at all to eat.

    And in fact I'm not confident they don't detract and risk themselves by opening themselves directly to our influence.

    Overall you would say the embargo has been decidely beneficial to Cuba?

  • Cuba Libre   2 hours 3 min ago

    Money is not god gumbie.

    That Cuba has done well despite the USA pressures worldwide is in their favor.

    They have a better education system than we do. They have a better health care system than we do. And there's no one sleeping on the streets with nothing at all to eat.

    And in fact I'm not confident they don't detract and risk themselves by opening themselves directly to our influence.

  • Killing White Farmers For Effect - Between Super ZAPU And AWB   2 hours 6 min ago

    Decolonisation, including mental decolonisation is a long and slow process.

    On the colonial mindset that is so characteristic of Rhodesians in the MDC crowd.

    For more context on understanding the mindset that puts empty nature above people, see this excellent paper.

    Super African Dreams: The Mythology of Community Development in Transfrontier Conservation Areas in Southern Africa
    Malcolm Draper, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

    In this paper we argue that there is a basic ambivalence in the managerial attempt of the South African Peace Park Foundation (PPF), presided by Anton Rupert, to foster cohesion within the development of TFCAs in southern Africa by focusing on community participation and development. Our argument is structured as follows: first we will describe the colonial and primitivist discourse on Africa and Africans. It shows how European notions of aesthetics included Africans in the concept of landscape; Africans were fitted in the African landscape. Noble savage mythology is rife in such conservationist dreaming, but contradicted by claims of tourism-driven economic development.

    On the Rhodesian/Neoliberal MDC mindset:

    Archive for March 4, 2010
    (MONOMUTAPALAND) Dislocated Rhodesia- A Case Study on Peter Davies(Author of Scatterlings of Africa)
    Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2010
    by monomutapa

    Dislocated Rhodesia refers to the groupings of white Rhodesians who soon after Zimbabwe got its independence in 1980 left the country for mainly white dominated states like America, the UK, Canada or Australia. More like prisoners in exile they have refused to come to terms with the reality that white dominated and racially segregated Rhodesia is now non-existant and in its place is Zimbabwe, a multiracial and democratic state. In an insane kind of way they still re-live Rhodesia in their minds. They uphold and defend Rhodesia’s racist legacy. They yearn for a day when they can return in bliss back to a country they feel is their fatherland. They actually have an official government in exile and an embassy in Iceland. See link below:

    Over the past 30 years it has now started to dawn to them (especially now that most of them are either dead, old or dying) that this desire might never come to pass. So to while their time away they engage themselves in their favorite past-time of daydreaming, writing and blogging about the former gool’ o days of Rhodesia and how Robert Mugabe killed their beloved dream. There have many blogs on net were they can be found.

    If, as you surf the World Wide Web you come across people who will mention their birth place as: Salisbury (now Harare) or Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) you will have officially met a Rhodie. They are scattered everywhere; Brazil, Spain, Argentina, UK, USA but most are in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    What is truly revolting about these people is their unrepentant and revised accounts of history. Like recalcitrant neo-Nazis they still cling on to decadent racial ideologies based on white supremacy. They still believe Rhodesia was better off colonized than independent and can’t come to terms with a black Zimbabwe.

    I recently came across one such Rhodie called Peter Davies who has actually written a book about his former hey days in Rhodesia. The book is called Scatterlings of Africa. A part-bibliographical part-fictional account of the Zimbabwe’s Independence Struggle (what he refers in his book as the Bush War or Rhodesian “civil war”) you get the feeling the book is his last attempt to condense and construe meaning out of his wasted and sordid life in Rhodesis. This is his website:

    He also did an interview and this is the wed-site:

    From both the book and interview you get the typical mindset of a Rhodie. Their mindset hinges upon certain lies that they actually believe and peddle around the world wherever they go. These lies become their giveaway, a characteristic that reveals their true nature. I have explored some of them below.

    CHARACTERISTIC # 1 Black Independence in Africa was wrong (or premature) and was a conspiracy between the Marxist rebels (Mandela, Mugabe, Julius Nyerere) and white liberals in the USA and the UK.

    The first lie comes from his biography written on the book:

    Born and raised in Africa, Peter Davies served as a territorial soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975. He saw action, and took part in captures and interrogation. This gave him insight into terrorist minds, many of which were successfully encouraged to ‘turn’ and fight alongside Rhodesia’s soldiers against their former comrades. Davies wrote his novel, “Scatterlings of Africa,” using his own recollections of how the war was fought, and how it affected Rhodesia and its people.

    My blood boils when I read this. This is a typical unrepentant and racist view of history that Rhodesians are now famous for. In their minds the thousands of Zimbabweans who died fighting for independence were brutal terrorists inspired by some backward Marxist theory. To them they are not brave men and women who went on a quest to regain political, economic and social liberties for the black people. That viewpoint labels all liberation heroes in post-independent Africa terrorists. That makes Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Nkwame Nkrumah and Kenneth Kaunda terrorists.

    I stand to be corrected but it is my belief that in no African colony was the fight for independence more bitter and protracted than in Zimbabwe. Most African colonies got their independence through negotiations with Britain. But in Rhodesia the racism was so deep that the white prime minister Ian Smith committed treason( declared independence from Britain) just to ensure no black government took power. Ian Smith the Prime Minister swore that no black government would reign in Zimbabwe in the next coming thousand years.

    The Most Infamous Rhodesian- Ian Smith “The Hilter of Rhodesia”. Under his leadership nearly 30,000 black civilians were massacred in the Independence War.

    Without any options left people like Nkomo and Mugabe had to fight for the liberation of the country. That includes Gadziwa the fictional character in Davies book. These are the terrorists? Man fighting for their freedom!

    There is painful irony in the words, “He saw action, and took part in captures and interrogation”. Are readers familiar with the atrocities perpetrated by white gooks in the Independence Struggle in Zimbabwe? What does it mean when they say he took part in captures and interrogation? Check the pictures below; it will give you a clue to what Peter Davies and his brothers did to young black men and women in the struggle.

    CHARACTERISTIC # 2 A false sense of love for the African people

    Juanita: What inspired you to write this book?

    Peter: That’s a good question, Juanita; mostly my love for the Africa that was. And its people – especially the black Africans who, unlike most of us white Africans had nowhere else to go when the bad guys took over. The decent, often kind and gentle, black Rhodesian Africans were the ones who suffered most during the war. They’re suffering even more today…

    This is the most hyprocritical answer I have ever come across. It makes me sick. It’s like blaming the hero for the crime or the judge for the crime. The black Rhodesians were suffering because the white Rhodesians had treated them like dung for to long and they couldn’t take that anymore. They were suffering because Peter Davies and white Rhodesians like him foolishly tried to create a nation based on the wrong principles of social inequity and oppression. No man can live as a slave. No nation can be built on the backs of slaves. It won’t prosper. It will collapse. And when it collapses do we blame it on those who refused to keep benting or those who were building it on their backs.

    Peter Davies answer gives you a clue into the Rhodesian mindset- one of the most evil minds second only probably to the South African Boer. It’s a mind darkened with racism.

    CHARACTERISTIC # 3 Things were better for the blacks under colonialism

    Peter: In 1970s Rhodesia, life expectancy was the highest in Africa – well over 60 years. Now it is 37 years for men and 34 years for women there (see the World Health Organization statistics on Zimbabwe). No wonder there’s civil unrest. The (mainly white) liberals and socialist agitators who called for, and financed “freedom” for Africa – many of whom had never actually lived in Africa – mostly now live safe, comfortable lives in Britain, the US and other civilized countries.

    This is the same dirty bone racists like throwing-Africa was better off under colonialism than now. How pathetic. The only thing more pathetic than that is the number of black folks who actually believe it. For a detailed response to that read my post called The White Lie.

    My brief response to such an argument is that the side of the argument you favour depends on what price you place on freedom, equality and independence. To me Africa is a hundred times better off now than yesteryear simply because man, women and children are free. Free to plan their lives, dream and prosper. In Rhodesia the rare healthy well-fed educated black man driving a car was a kaffir. Today a poor starving black in Harare is a free man. Your response to this basically depends on your definition of freedom and the price you put on it. How much worth do you place on dignity and respect? How much worth do you value your own humanity?

    In all probability Peter Davies counter-argument would be, how free are you under Mugabe? Many people think Mugabe has solely crippled the country and killed human rights in Zimbabwe? Personally I don’t believe that. Man, people attribute to much power to Mugabe! Mugabe doesn’t have such power. To say that is an insult on 6 million Zimbabwean men!

    For arguments sake lets assume Mugabe is a tyrant who has severely limited human rights in Zimbabwe. If it’s true it still remains that we don’t solve problems by wishing for another lesser problem. We are creative and reactive country on a progressive journey towards an attainable democratic future. If you meet a challenge you solve it not to cry and regress back to the past. (The following metaphor might be offensive for readers but I think it’s appropriate). Wishing for a return to Rhodesia is like a woman who is being anally raped by a rapist and she sighs and says, “Oh I wish I was being raped by so and so. At least he raped me virginally”! Hell no. Rape is rape. No amount of inferiority or hopelessness should ever force anyone to settle for less than their God given right.

    CHARACTERISTIC # 4 A Romanticized View of Africa

    Juanita: What was your history with Rhodesia at this time?

    Peter: I was born there. When I was a child in the 1940s and ‘50s, my family lived in the bush many miles from the nearest town and I had only black friends. I spoke the local African language, ‘Ndebele as fluently as I spoke English – possibly better. But we moved to areas where other languages were spoken and I was sent away.

    Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it. –“Ladies and gentleman whilst Rhodesia might have been a ball for most whites it was hell for most blacks. Imagine being born to an existence that had already limited your choices in life. Imagine growing up in a world that had already pre-determined a bleak destiny for mediocrity. A destiny in which you would either become a builder, driver or maid. Or a teacher, a shop-keeper or a guard. Never a land-owner, doctor or a President. Is that what Peter Davies had in mind for his black friends whilst there were busy teaching each other English and Ndebele?

    CHARACTERISTIC # 5 A distorted world view-white superiority

    I’m not suggesting we should go back to having colonies. That’s not possible in Africa anyway; Islamic fundamentalists are taking over north of the equator and Communist China to the south. Africa’s vast mineral resources are being exploited today more ruthlessly than was ever the case under colonial rule. And the Muslim religion is being imposed on black African Christians and other ‘non-believers’ more ruthlessly than Missionaries of old ever preached Christianity.

    That’s revolting; But democracy, as we know it, does not always work in all parts of the world. I even wonder if it’s the right thing for Iraq or Afghanistan. Rhodies don’t see only black Zimbabweans as lesser beings/ To them anyone who is not a White Christian does not qualify to be a human being. If you are Moslem, to bad- you don’t qualify. If you happen to be a Moslem who is white…………..mmmmm you might qualify. If you are Chinese, damn you are communist dog and should get shot in the head!!If you are an Arab who is a Moslem, double damn you should get shot, twice, in the head!!

    When Rhodies left Zimbabwe in 1980 most went to South Africa. I actually believe South Africa became even more racist and resistant to social reform due to the additive value of Rhodesian racists. We know for example that most Rhodies went into the South African military and air force and committed atrocities in Angola and Mozambique. Ironically ever since South African got its independence many Boers have been fleeing to Australia. .

    The point is Rhodies are not only Zimbabwes problem. There are an issue to non-Caucasian people but mostly there a pan-African cancer.

    CHARACTERISTIC # 6 An Obsession African wildlife (more than its people)

    After reading the entry below can someone tell me exactly which Africa is is Mr.Peter Davies blood and bones; the dirty and poor people or the game reserves.

    Peter: Juanita, there’s an old saying; “you can take the man out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the man”. Africa is in my blood, my very bones; so yes, I do visit from time to time. It’s such a beautiful place. I get depressed with the dirt and poverty now though; it was never like that when I lived there. But the game reserves are still wonderful. I loved going on safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana a few years ago. And South Africa is a huge country that still has much of its infrastructure.

    The Africa that the Rhodies and most South African Boers love is the wild. The elephants, rhinos, hippos and kudus. That’s the real Africa that is at the core of their souls. This is the Africa in Peter Davies blood and bones. Most Rhodes would adopt a game reserve than an orphanage.

    This is the most sickening aspect of a Rhodie. In some pathologically twisted and diabolical way a conversion exists within their warped minds whereby the black man is the animal and the animal itself is a friend.

    If you have read this article and feel you want to vent of some steam towards a Rhodie here is a link to a Rhodie who calls himself the last Rhodesian and has a blog at this site:

    Please feel free to sent him an abusive email:

    Here is another link to a Rhodie:

  • Virginia is for lovers... of election rigging!   2 hours 22 min ago

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  • Virginia is for lovers... of election rigging!   2 hours 23 min ago

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  • 1.4 Million Illegal Immmigrant Driver's Licenses in CA   2 hours 25 min ago
    Quote drc2:

    Enjoy the foolfest, because the people supporting this measure in Oregon were a broad coalition from law enforcement to civic leaders and private citizens. Public safety was the goal agreed upon, and the actual human beings were going to drive to live one way or the other, forced to by structural realities not of their creation.

    You're again acting out my parody of your "logic" a few posts up.

    You mean someone FORCED these illegal immigrants to break immigration laws to come to the US and now they are victims of motor vehicle laws which they're "forced" to break?

    Yup... the subtext is these illegal immigrants bear NO responsibility for their actions. They are victims of "unfair" laws who must be coddled by rewriting those laws for their benefit thus rewarding their law breaking.

  • Virginia is for lovers... of election rigging!   2 hours 27 min ago

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  • Virginia is for lovers... of election rigging!   2 hours 28 min ago

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  • Wellness Programs, the Business Roundtable and Corpo-Fascist Activism   2 hours 37 min ago

    I used to have fantasies like drc on the LSD trips 30 years ago.

  • The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...   2 hours 40 min ago

    An alternative to raising the minimum wage, which can hurt small businesses, is to rather hitch an employers' corporate tax rate to the ratio between their total payroll vs. their gross profits, with special weight given to the median employee wage. Using the median wage keeps the payroll figure from appearing artificially high due to a few highly paid employees. The crux of it is that when the ratio gets too wide, say from 1:10 to 1:100 or even 1:1,000 (with the 1 representing payroll and the second number representing gross profits), then the company falls into a higher tax bracket. So they either pay it to their employees or to the Feds, and the bar is set so that its a much sweeter deal to simply increase employee wages rather than pay a higher tax rate. This approach, instead of an across-the-board minimum wage increase, protects smaller businesses while making sure that grossly profitable companies disperse some of that wealth to the people who are actually earning that money for them. What do you think?

  • A Knife of warm air slices the Polar Vortex in two.   2 hours 44 min ago

    is what I was thinking of above. I got my syns mixed up. I think it's a good idea to get to know your syns. I guess I ought to syn more often.

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.