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  • Sarah is Running   1 min 43 sec ago

    more Sarah on the show. Linguistic professors could use this in class for how to speak in code, or a foreign language within English. Tina Fey used to do a Sarah bit with word salad dujour, and this must be Chef Palin's recent special, using only the freshest ingredients and her own secret dressing. That she chooses to toss her unique concoction on stage live assures all those choosing to partake, that it is original, and maybe not able to be duplicated, even by her. Her skills as a linguistic chef are unparalleled. That may be why she did not share with Katie Couric where she shops for her word ingredients. Verbs from radio hacks, nouns from cable tv, adjectives from sitcoms, all assembled syntax free for those suffering from allergies.

  • Wishing You Well   37 min 20 sec ago

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  • Paris massacre   53 min 14 sec ago

    Which is why you are the only one in the world who thinks the pope was condoning violence.

    Not the only one. Zenzoe is right on Hedges too. As a matter of fact I see nothing I disagree with in her view. Religion does not get a pass and is not exempt from civility. With a long history of abuse from human sacrifice to the horror stories in the bible, to the inquisition, to witch hunts and burnings, to obgyn bombings and obgyn assassinations, to church sanctioned child beatings, stonings, slavery, ethnic cleansing, no, any offence such cretins feel, they brought on themselves. Abraham was an asshole raising a sword to his son. The kook in TX that drowned all 5 of her kids did so for god, too. The guy that used a circular saw to cut off his hand and microwaved it, was for the church. I think it deserves more criticism than it gets. We never hear Satan's side either, maybe just a family squabble or sibling rivalry. Think of James' feelings when hid brother Jesus got all the attention. "Jesus Jesus, Jesus, what about me?" Jan Brady knew what James was going through, Marcia Brady was adored.

    The Emperor didn't behead the boy that said he was wearing no clothes, but I guess many felt he should've expected it, or being stoned. Until more people adopt Charlie Abdel's posture the nuts will never progress past their inquisition stage.

  • how is the public debt private savinGs?   1 hour 28 min ago

    Please check out:  and the book 'Journey of an Unrependant Socialist', by Brewster Keen

  • Michael Moore on American Sniper   1 hour 51 min ago

    Does war grant absolution for murder? Because a person has state military orders and wear state logos, instead of unjustifiable religious convictions, he/she can kill in any manner he/she wants? – Dropping bombs on towns and villages with no air defense, firing from an unseen position in a helicopter at targets miles away, flying pilotless death-drones from the complete safety of enemy retaliation, lying in wait with high powered rifle mounted with state-the-art scope calibrated for killing from well over a mile away – What kind of killing is this? Some would call it a slaughter, but those indoctrinated state apologist will call it service to one’s country.

    The pretenses of state justifications for killing doesn’t hold up to scrutiny any more than religious fundamentalism does because they are same thing. You can’t redefine the definition for murder, or the more accurate term slaughter, so you practice in the art of self-deception. This mindless faith in state war doctrine is no different than extremist using their religious text for false justification to commit unspeakable acts of violence and terror.

    It’s all hypocrisy wrapped up in delusion. This well-crafted delusion allows for mental gymnastics that contorts the mind in such way that people will believe any manner of bullshit, whether it be from the pulpit or the state department.

  • Progressives, If you didn't have to pay any taxes, would you give to charity?   2 hours 12 min ago

    Anti. You are totally correct on the waste of time LS represents on this site. If we really want a pinata, we could get one with good candy when we bust it open. Finding the full of shit pinata over and over again is not worth the energy it takes to hit the damn thing. LS is a bore, which is the ultimate sin. I have made this point at other LS deposit zones.

  • Get ready for the next assault from Big Oil's Merchants of Doubt gang   2 hours 19 min ago

    k allen, you end your poetic post with the opening of an epic...

    So, who are 'WE' and what is 'Us' sounds like the tune to improvise upon, a nice 4 to 3 with rhythm.

    The Gaia approach is to see "us" as a part of nature rather than the enemy, and it is our alienation not our nature that is our problem. There is a place for us in this biosphere, for we have emerged from it and belong to it. Our moral compass is in our nature, but we have problems reading it and thinking it is telling us the truth. Why is that?

    The healing of the earth may mean the end of the human cancer or it might be our integration into nature. I would like to aspire to the latter and see if we can be part of the healing. Part of a larger WE than humanity.

  • How to practically, and morally, implement Libertarianism into THIS society   2 hours 30 min ago

    Dr. Econ, LS is boring. Not even a moving target. Boring. The ultimate online sin.

  • American Sniper film (2014)   2 hours 32 min ago

    Kudos to you DAnneMarc, for an excellent riff on Booboo and his ilk. Vets for Peace are heroes because they are dealing with the sins of warriors and coming clean by bringing peacemaking to the fore. I think this film will be a catalyst even if it is not the film that raises the moral questions as art. I wait to see if anyone treats it as more than a twisted hero story rather than a revelation of pathology.

    Kyle is not a hero. The war was criminal and those who get recruited into crime do not get to exault their expertise and skill as criminals and get a hero badge for it. Kyle is more a representative of our tax dollars at work in our criminal empire than a villain to despise personally. His family will take the money so I have no tears for them and want them to shut the fuck up about him and feel lucky not to be mourning in poverty.

    Kyle is also a human being who got fucked up by more than his inner demons. If you come out hating him, you have missed the big picture here. You don't cure cancer by hating the tumor.

  • Why was slavery wrong?   2 hours 42 min ago

    It still is wrong.

    Marx described the phenomenon of class exploitation in his theory of the Surplus Value of Labor. Throughout history, since the beginning of agriculture or, the domestication (enslavement) of plants and animals - a principle which was soon applied to other people as with animals thus beginning slavery, patriarchy and other forms of human exploitation of other humans - different types of slavery had been practiced.

    They were all the same, though, in that they all involved the theft of the surplus value of the product of people's labor. Feudal Lords, for example, would give each other advice as such, they would say, "Never enslave poor peasants, only enslave peasants whose land is rich and fertile, then you can take a great amount of wealth from them after you leave them the bare minimum they need to survive and continue to toil to produce 'your' wealth." That amount of the wealth those peasants produced that was in excess of the bare minnimum of what they needed to survive was called by Marx the "surplus value of (the product of) labor".

    Other and subsequent forms of enslavement, e.g., capitalism, are the essentially same thing only in different clothing. In capitalism, for example, the surplus value of the product of labor is given a cute little euphamism to go by to make the capitalist feel clear of conscience about what he does. In capitalism, the surplus value of the product of the labor of the "primary producer" (i.e., the Greek or Roman or African-American slave, the feudal peasant, the industrial factory worker, the moderrn McDonald's or Walmart employee, etc.) that is stolen from them by the slave owner, the feudal aristocrat, the factory owner, the Waltons, etc. is simply called "profits".

    Thus slavery is wrong because the parasitic employer steals from the worker, the primary producer, the product of his labor.

    The welfare state is an outrageously false attempt to remedy that situation adding insult to injury by giving back to the worker a small part of what was stolen from them and then stigmatizing it as "charity".

    Much better are social government programs paid for by employers' taxes to make up for workers' criminal undercompensation (what employers don't pay in wages they must pay in taxes and if they refuse to do either, as they do now, then workers are simply pauperized, as they are now, and the surplus value of their labor is stolen from them and they are no better than slaves). Those programs are even better than individual compensation to workers as it is better to hold many things in common than individually. They are more cost effective and yield many more other benefits that way.

    The only thing inadequate about social government programs is that they are not common enough and not funded well enough, thus employers are not taxed enough. To the degree employers are not taxed or regulated is the degree to which slavery is prevalent in society.

    What in the U.S. is called "libertarianism" is really a sham movement by employers to enhance slavery. It is not at all about "freedom" as it claims but about the opposite. It is about privilege (slavery) - or, freedom of one at the expense of freedom of the other, freedom for employers at the expense of freedom for workers, the freedom of the Confederate States plantation owner - to enslave.

  • Is Thom Hartmann a paid propagandist for Putin/Russia/RT?   2 hours 44 min ago

    Doesn't the Devil read Pravda? ChrisCrap deserves a royal flush.

  • Why was slavery wrong?   2 hours 51 min ago

    As I pointed out elsewhere, LS is not a moving target as he stays in one place no matter how many arrows have been shot into his poor excuse of poster person that it is no more than an exercise program for others.

    He believes that "society" is the enemy, not just "government." That removes any creative possibility for anarchism as more than a thirteen year old adolescent pout about having to live with others who cramp his style. What a douche!

    The establishment of Private Property is pure Rightwing crap. Call it a brave stand for liberty against all those other people who get in the way of ego, but it is still a spoiled brat crying about having to play well with others.

  • Each of us scalped, each and every day, by publicly traded companies........   2 hours 59 min ago

    Without disputing a thing Mark has to say, I can only add that I don't think it is KP more than others engaged in for-profit healthcare, and my experience with Providence and other "choices" is that they are all run by accountants who find ways to charge more and cover less than the doctors would were it about medicine first.

    That said, Kaiser is the place the best doctors want to work rather than the other plans. It is the accepted wisdom that it is the best among a lot that does not deserve "best," but the clinic is close by and the medical professionals have been good. Even when I have to drive out to Hilsboro for specialty referrals, I have gotten professional service and finally a diagnosis that explains a persistent problem and a way to fix what has been wrong. Yeah!

    What is wrong in American medicine is all about the money. As I have said before, I have talked with my medical providers about "the money" and it is clear to me that none of my doctors or nurses puts it first. It is not why they went to medical school instead of Greed School for an MBA which is a very easy degree to get comparatively.

    I like doctors who get along with uppity patients with our own ideas about what is going on to bounce off them. Western medicine is too parts specific and does not get the system of the body well. My complaint about some PT experience is that the person who does hands may not appreciate that a free shoulder will liberate the thumb. The shoulder does not revolve around the rotater cuff but from the chest and back. Pete Egoscue's PAIN FREE has helped me use my doctors much better. It is a self-help book on how to use "muscle skelatal integrity" to relieve the canterlevers we develop that put pressure on places other than where the problem is. Point of pain is not where the fix is needed, and most PT works on pain relief without this larger pictrue.

    My basic point is that kp is not a bad apple in this barrel. The barrel is the problem.

  • Still insist that libertarians are part of the "Right"   3 hours 14 min ago

    Of course, Alice. LS gave it away when he put it as Libs opposing "society" as if that made rugged individuals real brave not to be part of humanity. It is really such naive and closed minded bullshit that we only use him for target practice because he is not a moving target. He just stays on one note and cries about how horrible it is to have all these other people needing to do something like govern ourselves.

    LS, find a cloud somewhere in the heavens because your stuff don't work down here on earth. Bye Ya.

  • Is Thom Hartmann a paid propagandist for Putin/Russia/RT?   3 hours 30 min ago

    I meant to say Comrade Chris ... Since this post is ridiculous, I don't feel bad that I got it his name wrong in the first place. It kind of goes along with Chris's overall theme of perpetual wrongness.

    Now I can go back to reading me some Pravda.

  • The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class   3 hours 47 min ago

    Thom, this is disingenuous political posturing from the Democrats. The cynical political game playing Democrats have been using as a farcical tool to stave off political suicide is unworthy of acknowledgement. The token opposition to the TPP after 14 years of negotiation is only worthy of contempt. When you consider, that Democrats are no longer in a position to stop it.

    After conceding the House in 2010 and then the Senate in 2014, Democrats, after being politically neutered, must have been granted permission from their financial backers that it’s now okay to oppose the TPP in hopes of political survival. With the business interest of the US investing billions in 2014 elections, thank you Supreme Court, the mandate to pass the TPP was made clear. Until after the 2014 election, Democrats remained in political limbo hoping to avoid any votes on TPP legislation. Now with pressure off and no real political influence, Democrats can lobby against the TPP without the worry of alienating their campaign contributors, or the ones that count anyway.

    My hope is that the Democratic Party would be headed to political obsolescence with the opportunity for a social democracy party to develop from the demise of donkeys, but the left leaning Americans along with the “left” media keep falling into the delusional trap that the Democratic Party still acts as the party of the people. It is literally the definition of insanity to keep putting our faith in the existing American political system, and expecting any result other than failure for the majority of Americans is bat fecal crazy.

    Baffled, frustrated and unamused by these apologetics for the Democratic Party.

  • Still insist that libertarians are part of the "Right"   3 hours 59 min ago

    These blowhards for "limited government" have got it all wrong. What we really need are limits to corporate power. Calls for "small" or "limited" government is just more rhetoric for privatization.

  • The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class   4 hours 2 min ago

    There is this phenomena where everything is counterintuitive in that only Reagan, for example, could've gotten the START treaties passed because he was Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush said at the time that "all the blockheads and dummies are for Reagan so only Reagan can do this". IOW, if a Democrat had tried those blockheads and dummies would've said, "Oh, Democrat peacenik, no way!" but because he was Ronald Reagan they accepted it.

    Similarly, Bill Clinton effected more privatization than any other president but nobody noticed because he was a Democrat. Everybody still thinks he was a liberal. He could get away with it like a Republican couldn't.

    The most liberal lefty president since WW II was Richard Nixon - and largely that's because the people's social movements were most mobilized then - like the rich people are well organized and mobilized now and were in Clinton's time - but also, it may had helped that he was Richard Nixon and thus the conservative "silent majority" then stayed silent and didn't put up a howl when he effected a lot of liberal, lefty policies..

    Similarly with Obama, he can do all this right wing shit and nobody will notice because he's Obama, liberals won't notice and think that if he does a lot of oligarchic shit that that must then be "good" oligarchic shit because he's Barack Obama.

  • American Sniper film (2014)   4 hours 12 min ago

    I know what you mean, Dougles.

  • Still insist that libertarians are part of the "Right"   5 hours 13 min ago
    Quote LysanderSpooner:
    Quote chilidog:
    Quote LysanderSpooner:

    We would do away with at least any taxes than transfer wealth.

    Is there a tax that doesn't transfer wealth?

    No. That is why I oppose all taxes. I was just trying to be inclusive. Some of my fellow libertarians are minarchist, i.e. limited government libertarians.


  • Progressives, If you didn't have to pay any taxes, would you give to charity?   5 hours 32 min ago
    Quote LysanderSpooner:

    And why do we have $30 DVD players? Because of the government? No. The electronics and computer industry are one of the more free sectors of the economy. Prices come down and innovations increase. Can you imagine if the whole economy were like that?

    UlTRAX wrote, "Scratch the surface of a Libertarian and you find a simpleton." That's a good one!

    You simple minded Libertarians. The Internet itself was developed by the Defense Department including the TCP/IP protocol in the 1960s. And government was involved in computerization even before the internet. Alan Turning developed his "universal machine" while working for "the gov'ment" of Britian during WWII to break the German enigma code.

    Computers came about through massive public subsidies and government development. Then, it's handed over to private institutions who celebrate their personal genius and concentrate the profits in their off-shore bank accounts. That's what we call the "free market."

    The same model applies to other industries, like pharmaceuticals, where much of the R & D is done at government bureaus like the National Institutes of Health, and the basic biology is done at publicly funded universities.

    This is a good example of ideological propaganda that is engrained--they don't even have to think to spew out this Libertarian garbage.

    Was Billy there helping Herman Hollerith design the first tabulation machines working in the GOVERNMENT'S Census Bureau during the 1880s?

    Did Bill Gates invest FOR DECADES billions of tax dollars and tax breaks in University research and development of computer systems? Did Gates construct the early applications of military and space exploration using cybernetics? Gates and other capitalists rode the techno-economic wave generated by planned government R&D when such investment was not profitable, or even had the promise of being profitable in the near term.

    Libertarians are ideological bots that just spew out the same old simpleton slogans. In your mind Bill Gates awakened on morning and said, "I will invent the computer." "Gates invented computerized business, started a corporation and proved capitalism right"--that's how stupid these Libertarians are--shills, puppets, overgrown children with a board game mentality that have a storybook understanding of society, economics, and history.

  • American Sniper film (2014)   6 hours 23 min ago

    He killed an Iraqi teenager he claimed was an insurgent. He watched as the boy’s mother found his body, tore her clothes and wept. He was unmoved

    He was investigated by the Army for killing an unarmed civilian. According to his memoir, Kyle, who viewed all Iraqis as the enemy, told an Army colonel: “I don’t shoot people with Korans. I’d like to, but I don’t.” The investigation went nowhere.

    Kyle was given the nickname “Legend.” He got a tattoo of a Crusader cross on his arm. “I wanted everyone to know I was a Christian. I had it put in red, for blood. I hated the damn savages I’d been fighting,” he wrote. “I always will.” Following a day of sniping, after killing perhaps as many as six people, he would go back to his barracks to spent his time smoking Cuban Romeo y Julieta No. 3 cigars and “playing video games, watching porn and working out.” On leave, something omitted in the movie, he was frequently arrested for drunken bar fights. He dismissed politicians, hated the press and disdained superior officers, exalting only the comradeship of warriors. His memoir glorifies white, “Christian” supremacy and war. It is an angry tirade directed against anyone who questions the military’s elite, professional killers.

    'Why do they hate us?' Gee I can't imagine.

  • The Stunning Greek Electoral Repudiation of Troika   6 hours 42 min ago
    Quote LPAC:

    VIDEO: Statement by Panos Kammenos, M.P.

    Just over a year ago, Greek Parliamentarian Panos Kammenos, President of the Independent Hellenes Political Party, visited Washington, D.C. and lobbied members of Congress alongside LaRouchePAC on the need to reinstate Glass-Steagall and usher in an FDR recovery for Greece and the rest of the transatlantic. Kammenos' party, the Independent Greeks party, has now joined with Syriza to form a coalition government in Greece.

  • Each of us scalped, each and every day, by publicly traded companies........   6 hours 43 min ago

    Today I contact the Better Business Bureau of California where I live. This is the information that I provided when I filled out a Complaint Form and sent it to them from their web site.

    Kaiser Permanente’s Dishonest Billing

    I pay monthly health care insurance to Kaiser Permanente. I previously paid a higher rate and with a different plan they lowered my monthly cost to a still high rate of $438 per month. Now they are increasing it to $460 per month. The problem now is that whenever I use their medical facilities I pay costs that are above market rates for health care services. For example, I had an eye exam and after this I checked with another eye doctor's office and for them the same or a similar exam would have cost $165. Instead I was charged $206 by Kaiser Permanente and they pretend that I received a discount in the billing, which was NOT true.

    Before this I had a therapy session with a lady for one of my fingers, which I injured and also have arthritis. This session was for 15 minutes or a little longer and I was charged $217. And all I was told was some exercises to do. Also to periodically soak my finger in hot and then cold water. And to use a wrap when I sleep. I have done this with the effect limited at best. Kaiser Permanente has been very dishonest whenever I have had an appointment with them since starting my new plan, as they have NEVER told me the costs of their appointment before having it. And I have asked for costs before the services. For example, before the so-called therapy session the person at the desk right before I went into the session told me he thought this therapy would cost me $100. Instead I got billed for $217 for a service of between 15 and not more than 30 minutes.

    This is an example of dishonesty in today's health care business by Kaiser Permanente. With them and their new plan it is the equivalent of paying a monthly cost yet receiving no actual service that I could not locate and pay directly to another doctor or medical facility while paying a reduced rate. This is the equivalent of not having health insurance, yet paying a monthly rate, which after one year will currently be $5,520.

    Even this should have cost limits. I want this corrected to where I am charged a more honest health care cost for individual appointments according to the market and what other health care providers charge. Kaiser Permanente should not be allowed charging more than other doctors and medical facilities, when comparing the same or similar medical procedures. I want it mandatory that before every scheduled appointment complete costs are stated to the person having the appointment.

  • The Stunning Greek Electoral Repudiation of Troika   6 hours 44 min ago
    Quote LPAC:

    Battle Lines Drawn in Greece

    Greece has elected the first anti-bankers-bailout government in Europe since the European oligarchy launched its nightmare policy of bailing out the banks no matter how many people had to die for it to happen. The question now on everyone's mind is whether Spain, Portugal, or even Italy and Ireland will be far behind. The real issue is that the battle lines have to be drawn: Either the ideas of Solon and Alexander Hamilton triumph, or Europe sinks with the British Empire.

    The official election returns from the Interior Ministry in Greece, as of midnight East European Time (23:00 CET; 17:00 EST), show a stunning victory for Syriza and its left-wing anti-austerity policy, with 36.12% of the vote, giving the party 149 of the Greek Parliament's 300 seats (the winner of the election receives 50 extra seats). The Independent Greeks won 4.69% which will give them 13 seats. The next government of Greece will most likely be led by Syriza in a coalition with the Independent Greeks.

    In a statement following the release of exit polls showing they would win, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras declared it

    "an historic victory for the Greek people, who have overwhelmingly stood against the austerity, sending a message to Europe which can become the launching pad for changes across Europe. Syriza is assuming the responsibility of forming a government of social salvation in order to implement the Thessaloniki program and negotiate in Europe."

    In a statement given after he voted, Panos Kammenos, leader of the Independent Greeks declared that today

    "we send a message of hope. It is a day for the Republic, a fateful day for the history of Greece. One day the Greek people decided to reacquire sovereignty, democracy, and the restoration of the Constitution. There is no longer a Greece that will be managed by e-mail. Independent Greeks promised that we are regulators and we are. From tomorrow we will be the guarantors for a course in the country, where all Greeks will be united"

    and defend the nation.

    Reuters quoted one Antonis Balousis, a 54-year-old butcher, who said:

    "This is a very important victory for Greece and Europe. We are going to prove that a different kind of politics is possible in Europe."

    The former ruling New Democracy came in second place with 28.08% giving it 77 seats. The fascist Golden Dawn came in third with 17 seats, one less than in the last elections. The fourth party was To Potami, a new countergang party formed to draw votes away from Syriza, with 16 seats. The Communist KKE came next, increasing its number of seats from 12 to 15. Pasok came next, with less than half the votes they had in the last elections and now have 13 seats. No other parties got past the 3% threshold.

    Political leaders throughout Europe quickly moved to show their support for Syriza's victory. Katja Kipping, leader of Germany's Die Linke party, hailed Syriza's victory as the "beginning of Europe's spring."

    In Spain the leader of the anti-austerity Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, told a rally of supporters yesterday:

    "Hope is coming, fear is fleeing. Syriza, Podemos, we will win."

    Podemos has been leading in opinion polls and could very well win in Spain's municipal and regional elections in May, and general elections in December.

    In Ireland, Sinn Féin spokesman Pearse Doherty congratulated Tsipras and gave support for Syriza's call for a European debt conference, saying

    "I want to congratulate Mr. Tsipras and his party on this stunning victory, which will bring real change for the people of Greece and brings an opportunity for progressive change in Europe. Syriza has promised to renegotiate Greece's debt if it wins the election and to call for a European Debt Conference, which would be in Ireland's interests also."

    Doherty then blasted Prime Minister Enda Kenny:

    "Enda Kenny bluntly rejected the idea of a debt conference when asked about it by Gerry Adams in the Dáil [parliament] last week. Ireland should not be dependent on Greece to propose something which is so obviously in our interests. If Enda Kenny and his government are not going to stand up for Irish citizens then they should remove themselves from office and allow the people to elect a new government that will."

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Six years into his presidency, President Obama is now taking heat from a surprising place: congressional Democrats, who are lining up against his plan to force the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or TPP, through congress without any debate whatsoever.