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  • Who Does Our Economy Serve?   1 min 13 sec ago

    Simple again, Thom. The economy serves the trust fund babies who own it.


  • What’s the Difference Between Cancer and Donald Trump?   4 min 28 sec ago

    Simple, Thom. Cancer does not wear a ferret on its head.


  • AMERICAN SICKO   10 min 19 sec ago

    I would proudly display Walter Palmer's head on the wall of my outhouse.


  • NEWS FLASH Cop violence down - they mixed up their cannabinoids with their steroids   26 min 33 sec ago
    Quote Dexterous:
    Quote liloby:

    Better to eat donuts than murder the traffic violators that don't put their turn signal on.

    A Sandra Bland runs over your young child. Her alcohol level is twice the legal limit. Still wish the cops were eating donuts, or tagging drunk/stoned drivers that may have prevented your tragic loss?

    So valiant, Dexter, to tilt so manfully at the straw men you and your confederates have constructed.


  • Sandra Bland – who was vocal on the issue of police encounters with African Americans in the months leading up to her death in a jail cell in Texas – had at least 10 encounters herself with police in both Illinois and Texas in past years   36 min 12 sec ago

    Sieg Heil SJones and Sarah's Camel! Of course you are haters, and Der Fuhrer loves you for it!


  • 50 Years Later - it's time for Medicare "Part E!"   37 min 14 sec ago

    Thom, I'm ready!

  • Tom , please respond to this article   45 min 34 sec ago

    Alice and I will be voting for Bernie; who is with us?


  • Bernie holds house party for 100,000   49 min 55 sec ago

    I was glad to see Fox carry a story on Senator Bernie Sanders 7/29/2015
    House Party campaign organizing event. In it, Fox said there were 100,000 people in the U.S. who got together to show support for Senator Sanders.

    I am heartened to see so many citizens want other voters to once again experience the investment of hope that their voice will be heard, that their life counts, that is inherent in knowing one's vote is as powerful as the vote of any other American citizen.

    Thank you for introducing me to Senator Sanders through your radio program.

  • Where is Sandra Bland's phone??   50 min 25 sec ago

    Thanks liloby, for posting that. Pretty amazing, eh? A white woman gets into an argument with a black woman; takes two to tango, yet the black gal gets singled out and arrested. I’m outraged at how the cop roughed up this pregnant woman while her lily white, non-pregnant adversary skated free.

    I can’t stop repeating how grateful I am for these camera phones. Greatest thing since sliced bread!

  • Hunting and Gathering   56 min 11 sec ago

    Evolution has no destination; it is merely the notion that those species most capable of reproducing viable adults are the most likely to survive. Since the US is ruled by a claque determined to return us the the eighth century, the US and its friends are doomed.


  • Sandra Bland: Pot Causes Suicide   56 min 24 sec ago

    The queen of silliness, misreading and flights of fancy strikes again. I'm jes' plumb tuckered out from splainin' to you darlin', so you jes' bes' be figgerin' it out fo' yo'self.

  • Police State is HERE..Michigan's UP   1 hour 7 min ago

    I was watching TV6 and it dawned on me...their sister station is FOX. And 70% of the viewers are watching...Fox-so called News. And talking to the people, they are PROUD of it. Ya gotta hand it to Koch, he did a great job brainwashing the people. That's why I have no hope for the Keweenaw. All great changes have to originate with the People.

    And the people love their jobs, run-down houses, no hope...but they have their bible and their guns and their ATV and their snowplows. It looks like that is sufficient for their lives...when they could have an INTERNATIONAL tourist trade..I traveled the world and ended up in the Keweenaw, but these people consider tourists outsiders, worthy of killing. So Sad

  • Sandra Bland: Pot Causes Suicide   1 hour 9 min ago

    Relevant, my ass. What the hell does smoking or eating pot have to do with a person's "character"? So lame...

    Your claim of "hypocrisy" is laughable, Karl. Makes for good entertainment if nothing else.

    The amount of THC in this person's blood, post mortem, WAY exceeded what can be ingested by smoking. It could conceivably have been slipped in the food served Ms. Bland for dinner in her jail cell the night of her arrest, in a malicious effort to discredit or smear her, given the level of ignorance about pot that prevails to this day. A dose that strong can cause hallucinations. It might explain why Ms. B refused the breakfast offered her the next morning.

    Far as Officer Encinia is concerned- yes he profiled her, yes he is racist, yes he was "out to get her", yes he assaulted her, yes he dragged her beyond range of the dash cam before assaulting her, yes it was uncalled for and way out of proportion to the "crime". And yes he, Officer Encinia and/or his colleagues, killed her. Only a damn fool could deny any of the above after watching that video.

    We have got a major policing problem in this country.

  • Do you consider Medicare a successful health care program?   1 hour 12 min ago

    Part D is just a gift to big Pharma. Drugs were cheaper when bought from Canada than now even with the partial subsidy; Part D just covers a part of the gouge.


  • Sandra Bland Redux   1 hour 22 min ago

    You can't win with that crowd but it is mildly entertaining guessing what their next flight of fancy might be. You make good points and I think it's fair to assume that the suicide story is irrefutable at this point.

  • American Douche Bag vs Cecil the lion   1 hour 28 min ago

    Douglas Lee, I'm as disgusted as you are. But try and envision Cecil as Aslan, C.S. Lewis' allegorical Lion representing Christ in his Lion, Wardrobe books. (Sorry to shortshrift Lewis on the title of his works. It's late and I'm ready to collapse. But not before making one plea on behalf of Cecil's memory.) I'm sure Aslan would not want to see Cecil's predatory "hunter" chased till his dying days. He'd prefer serious repentance and a lifetime of change hallmarked by sincere efforts to bring sanity to the sometimes necessary task of hunting for saving herds from starvation, and teach against killing for the thrill of killing. And the dentist can expand this message to gun dealers and get them to see the effects of their trade within our urban hunting grounds where kids are constantly sacrificed to appease the false gods of their parents pride and lust for power within their neighborhoods.

    Remember what the Original "Aslan" i.e., Jesus said about revenge. Let that alone haunt him. It's already started because he can no longer practice what he put in many hours to study and build into a properous clinic where he could take care of his family's needs. He's done, and his family will have to suffer because of his selfish act in Africa. He's done. Isn't that enough for you? It is for me? And I think it will be for a lot of would be thrill killers who wanted to get in on what he was doing "thinking" it was "manly" and cool to do. Now we have to focus on caring for Cecil's cubs who are at risk without a father lion to protect them. And that's not all; we must all keep our leaders in whatever nation these thrill hunters and their happy hunting grounds are permitted, even here, to have them banned once and for all, lest we want to imitate the sordid example and records set by ancient Romans in their colosseums. They butchered animals for entertainment and they butchered them by the thousands. But we won't be much better than the Romans if we let revenge be our first choice of punishment for wrongdoers. Let the wrong doers live with their consciences till they can no longer do so and seek the help they need to make lasting changes for the betterment of not only animals, but all life a well.

  • Stop Building New Carbon Infrastructure by 2018   1 hour 31 min ago

    Fukushima Daiichi reactor meltdown... REALLY... a micky mouse event. People whose lives have been forever changed wouldn't call it micky mouse event. The fishermen, the farmer and the rest of the civilian population. Their livlihood has been turned upside down and violently shaken apart.

    That's a micky mouse event? Wow!!

    I wouldn't place too much emphasis on nuke. ROI on nuke is not that good. No one wants to insure it for starters.

  • Should Thom and others be held responsible for the murder of a Waller County official?   1 hour 38 min ago

    I happen to agree with Thom, at least 95% of the time. I disagree with him about Hillary (who I dislike as much as you do, by the way), and I'm not as forgiving or accepting of Obama as Thom is, but that's it. I still think Thom does a great service to us and to society as one of the few progressive voices out there. If you think Thom isn't standing for Bernie, you haven't been listening very closely. He has Bernie on his show (i.e. "Brunch With Bernie") most Fridays. Thom has made it clear that Bernie's his first choice for president.

    Anyway if you are hellbent on hating Thom, you're on your own, pal.

  • Does The Constitution Prohibit Secession Without Stating It?   1 hour 48 min ago

    Ultrax, that neoconfederate bunch you just posted a lot of interesting info on aren't worth all the time you painstakingly took to prepare it. Secesh is done n' over with. It died where it began, and rightfully so. South Carolina. Pretend it's Dracula, open the casket, drop a Rosary over Drac's chest and bang the hell out of the biggest piece of oak you can fit in, slam the door shut and walk away, walk away ... from Dixieland. And for good!

  • Trump Wants Sarah Palin in his Administration   1 hour 55 min ago

    C'mon Holly, cut me some slack within a few "Alaska-sized" exaggerated Palin miles or so. LOL, remember, who the subject of our conversation is. Just imagine that woman in the WH, sitting behind the big desk in the Oval Office with her boots planted on the desk, and all of a sudden she comes across the story about Putin scoring all those goals in that hockey "match" earlier this year. Do you think for a moment that the Hockey Mom with the pit bull temperament is going to let that slide? God help her staffers who haven't lined up a Summit Hockey Match by noon of that very day. And who knows what Putin's wager will be. Putin vs. Palin! There's not a hockey arena in the world big enough.

    Come to think about it, there's not a venue big enough to hold in the egos of both Trump and Palin under the same roof.

  • Sandra Bland Redux   2 hours 2 min ago

    Being wasted could also explain why she morphed into a constantly crying and emotional wreck in jail from a person who would smart mouth Officer Encinia. She died between the hours of 8:00am to 9:00am because at about 8:00am she had used the intercom to ask how to make a call. Did she call her "friend"? I wonder what was said. Whatever, she must have hung herself right after that call because she was found dead at 9:00am. Did her "friend" tell her something that made her decide to hang herself? I hope the authorities can get a copy of that phone call...assuming there was one.

    The girl in another cell said that there was no noise or commotion to indicate any kind of foul play. And the video of the hall shows no sign of anyone there at that time.

    Only conclusion that fits is that she killed herself by hanging with that plastic bag. The only thing that the police should have done was to put her on a suicide watch. Checking on her every hour and putting a video camera on her cell. But then, people here would be saying that her privacy was being violated.

  • Sandra Bland Redux   2 hours 5 min ago

    Well, this is going to date me but I was there long before even the Russians invaded. It was a different world when you could travel throughout the Middle and Far East without the worries of today. It's such a shame because Afghanistan was a magical place back then. I was on a personal journey, interested in Eastern philosophy and meditation. It was an incredible journey - but that's another story. And thanks for the compliments.

  • Sandra Bland Redux   2 hours 12 min ago

    Very well written, Karl Leon Lennon! I totally agree! Really? Kyber Pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan on a rickety old bus? Were you on vacation or business or in the military at the time? ;-} I've done a lot of traveling but never made it to Pakistan or Afghanistan....and I probably should say...thank goodness! I took a rickety old Chinese bus from Macau up into China...some city I don't even remember the name of right now. Hit my head on the ceiling more than a few times. It was brutal!

  • Putin Prepares Russia for War with West; Shuts Down U.S. National Endowment for Democracy   2 hours 15 min ago

    Despite Putin's recent antics, and who really knows that his motives are, perhaps nothing more than to demonstrate he's "in charge" and wants to keep his fellow countrymen and women's patriotic juices alive . . . the man is not insane. He's a risk taker for sure, but he's not crazy. The only time he's taken risks are when Obama has appeared too conciliatory on the world front in general. But he's learned like so many others within and outside our country's shores and borders, the United States isn't repeating many of the same mistakes Jimmy Carter's administration made towards a far more diabolical gerontocracy that was much more willing to take even bigger chances than Putin has. Remember the grip they had on the Warzaw Pact and the number of troops they maintained in East Germany alone. Remember what they did to Afghanistan and would've continued doing even to Pakistan and iran if they pushed further south to the Indian Ocean. Only one way Carter could've stopped the Ivans, nukes. And do you think he would've even hinted over the hot line about using them?

    Putin's a much different leader than Brezhnev. And Russia, despite this hyper-ventilating story from Accuracy In Media about Putin's threats to blow us off the earth. Sure, our generals will readily admit to Russia's continued abilities to destroy us, but they have never lost sight of this fact even when the last Red banner of the Soviet Union was lowered from the Kremlin on Christmas night in 1991 when Gorbachev handed over the keys to the nukes in a televised transfer of power to Boris Yeltsin. (They worried a lot more afterwards when reports about the extent of Yeltsin's drinking bouts became too numerous and dangerous to ignore.) We even almost went to war over a brief but crucial misunderstanding by Yeltsin when a Norwegian weather missile went off course.

    The Russians will always be testing our resolve. Always have and always will ever since they became a chief rival to the United States. But make no mistake, the Chinese could wipe us off the map. And so could any of our NATO allies if they decided to break out of NATO and go rogue. Even North Korea could destroy us by aiming a few short but strategically targeted missiles our way. We can be our worst boogieman and frighten ourselves half to death if all we focus on are potential problems instead of looking at positive signs that things have drastically improved even between Moscow (or St. Petersburg under Putin) and Washington than they ever were during the Cold War.

    For all our bellyaching about Russia's oligharchy and kleptocracy of its plutocrats, in some ways we should be thankful they're more interested in making money hands over fist than shaking their fists at their elders favorite targets of derision, "those capitalistic running dogs of greed let loose by Wall Street." They don't want to lose the good life they're enjoying. Nor does the average middle class Russian who has more freedom now to start his own business, or leave the place than he ever did under the Reds. And let's also not forget that Russia is now a Christian country again. Yes, the Orthodox Church has a lot more yank and power than we could ever tolerate here even if we didn't have a separation of Church and state. The Orthodox aren't like the meek n' milde or milquetoasty Anglicans in Britain, either; but they're far from being as influential or powerful as they were under Alexandra's co rulership with Nicholas II. LOL, how well did that arrangement, or derangement work.

    Relax folks ... Obama's got the nerve if it comes to using THAT kind of nerve. But he's also done a very good job of letting Vladimir Putin know how far he can go before it's TILT-time. And I'm confident he'll continue doing so. And Putin, (who's a lot more pragmatic than we give him credit for being, knows where to push back for his interests w/o going overboard.

    What frightens me more than Putin is the prospect of Putin facing a President Trump or God forbid it, Cruz. Putin might well be justified in thinking our biggest mistake ever in electing the likes of a Cruz to the WH would be causus belli enough to roll the dice. Pray that Putin's personal priest isn't a hawk.

  • Sandra Bland: Pot Causes Suicide   2 hours 32 min ago

    It is interesting that for some, mentioning actual facts like the THC in Bland's system or her readily available record which shows a pattern of behavior that is directly relevant to this case, is unfair and a smear of her "good character." However, the very same people find no contradiction in spreading totally unfounded allegations about Encinia - he killed her, he was on steroids, he was psycho about being short, he was a racist, he profiled her, he enjoyed hurting her, he contrived to get her out of the video to abuse her, he was out to get her, he arrested her for not signaling, he was like all substance-abusing cops - the list is almost endless. But that's OK because hypocrisy just don't matter to some people around here.

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