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  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   1 hour 26 min ago

    It's much better if ALL the citizens of the USA elect our president. Rather then only the citizens of New York and California. Keep the Electoral College.

  • My Fears   1 hour 48 min ago

    Coalage1, not I am not saying do it all at once. I am saying there is no need in bringing in more dirty fuel sources, like tar sands or burning more coal.

    You are right the planet will not disappear, but people will.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   3 hours 20 min ago

    This is a 3rd world country.

  • Republicans and their BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT   3 hours 25 min ago

    I guess that Diane likes getting 75 cents on the dollar for pay.

  • My Fears   5 hours 23 min ago

    Using aternative energy sources as replacement for more traditional power sources is happening every day. The problem lies in the cost. Doing this on a massive country wide, or even global scale, is just simply not feasible or economical. That's why it only happens a little at a time as the technology improves which allows the cost to come down.

    Your problem is that you want everything to be done at once, and right now. That is not going to work, nor is it even possible.

    Baby steps....and no I don't thinkt the planet is going to disappear in the meantime.

  • Veterans to Standing Rock (dishonest quote on program today)   7 hours 58 min ago

    Sanders sings Obama's praises for stopping Dakota pipeline

    Army Corps of Engineers Blocks Dakota Access Pipeline Route

    Paul Ryan slams Dakota Pipeline decision:

    ☛ This is "Big-government decision-making at its worst".
    I look forward to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us.

    A politician normally prospers under democracy in proportion ...
    as he excels in the invention of imaginary perils
    and imaginary defenses against them.

    -- H. L. Mencken, 1918

    Talk about "Big-government decision-making at its worst"

    How Many Law Enforcement Agencies Does It Take to Subdue a Peaceful Protest?
    November 30, 2016

    So far, 76 agncies from 10 different states.

    Morton County has received assistance from 24 counties. 16 cities and 9 states. In total nearly 1,300 people have assisted Morton County in responding to the protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline since 8.10.16

    New rules implemented by Speaker of the House Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan, amendments related to guns, abortion, LGBT issues and marijuana will no longer be permitted” …

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   9 hours 13 min ago


    Well, that was a yuge waste of precious time - just about the dumbest, most shallow piece of crap I've seen in a long time. No wonder wingnuts are so, well, dumb and shallow.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   9 hours 14 min ago

    ErinRose: Very well put. All excellent points!

    I'm very discouraged by the whole stinking mess also. I've spent years hanging around way too many right-wing blog sites trying to understand the mentality and have posted on numerous corporate media sites, as well, many with similar results as you have expressed. Hate to say it, but I finally gave it all up as a pointless exercise in futility; most of these people simply do not listen to or care about anything they perceive as having even the slightest scent of that evil "liberalism," like it's some kind of contagion.

    I eschew labels -- even though they are an unavoidable part of political discourse -- but can't help it that the simple truth of something sounds liberal to some people, while the outright lie sounds conservative. I'm sure there are many paid trolls lurking out there but suspect most are just true-blue zealots, so convinced of their own righteousness that they cannot entertain, intellectually or emotionally, anything that doesn't fit into their well-worn, comfortable pattern of thought.

    It really is evil ... and frightening, especially in the most powerful country on the planet, with so much destructive technology at the fingertips of the worst scary clown of them all.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   9 hours 29 min ago

    BlackKnight: Thanks for the link! Lots of very good info.

    It compliments:

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   10 hours 30 min ago

    There is an excellent article on Jill Stein's official campaign FB page co-authored by Bob Fitrakis - one of her election integrity advisors. It was written November 28th and should be on her FB timeline.

    ​In the article - 7 senate races went to the GOP that should have gone to democrats in 2014 (3) and 2016 (4).

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   10 hours 45 min ago

    It is just stunning to me how many people in high office have jumped up to block the Stein recount. This process is part of the democratic process. Recounts have been going on for years. There were complaints of "irregularities" and so the independent, non-partisan group, I think it's called something like the Elections Integrity Committee, has accepted the task of looking into the complaints, not to change the outcome of the election but to button any loopholes that might have allowed vote-flipping, to ensure that we will have clean, fair, and honest elections going forward. But, my gosh! The crazy Right constituency has been whipped up to oppose this together with just about everyone in high office condeming this process. What? People don't want clean, fair, and honest elections? I have to question whether the cadre of people posting against this process are paid for their efforts in a very orchestrated way.

    At first the Right tried to claim that it was an abuse of taxpayer money, until it was pointed out that it is not being funded by the federal government. Then they tried to claim that Hillary or George Soros was paying for it. Then they said that Stein is a front for Clinton in this (I can't imagine two women more politically opposite than Clinton and Stein, but the public is pushing this idea hard.) Such that, when I posted on ABC's site, trying to introduce some facts and sanity into their cyclonic spin, ABC blocked me from responding to any of what can only be described as an avalanche of Right-wing protest in a huge shout-down. Because I haven't been allowed to post any rebuttles, it makes me look like I have accepted their greater wisdom and have retreated from the field. This country has become nothing but a vast web of lies and deceit. It's truly discouraging when so many people are so willing to not seek the truth and be reasonable; this is a working model of true evil.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   10 hours 50 min ago

    Across the nation, millions of potential Democratic voters evidently were purged unknowingly and unjustifiably from the registration rolls by craven Republican Secretaries of State and their operatives, and, no doubt, many of those affected were in these three key states. The hapless voters should have been handed provisional ballots. So I wonder if their placebo votes will be included in the recount effort, since they would seem to have a much bigger impact than whatever increased margins can be teased out of the faulty machines.

    Perhaps the "Interstate Crosscheck" fraud, along with other types of fraud, will be exposed in due course while conducting the recount; however, except for progressive alternative media, which can't seem to break the sound barrier, no one is talking about it. Again, reality and truth are flying under the radar...

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   14 hours 19 min ago

    Keep counting

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   14 hours 21 min ago

    We are seeing the first indications of a totalitarian mentality. Control and use the law to subvert democratic process, news blackout and loyal henchment, and above all, there are only fearful opposition and/or brainwashed apathy

  • Republicans and their BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT   14 hours 31 min ago

    DianeReynold i wouldn't be gloating yet my lady, the Drumpf presidency hasn't even been sworn in yet and that possibilty is still be challenged. Assuming Drumpf does take office his juvenile buffoonery , his toilet time 'tweeting' will make a mochery of your countries leadership, that's of course if he isn't hauled away in a straight-jacket to the looney bin.

    Personally DianeReynold i see permanent defeat of the republican party as the result of wide spread buyers remorse by the electorate. Time corrects everything , including the elected obscenity of this racist , homophobic, anti feminist republican party.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   15 hours 10 min ago

    Pennsylvania still uses the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machine.... takes only minutes to hack at the precinct level. The vote tally is easily changed without any evidence of tampering.

    Why aren't our democratic representatives raising holy hell about the interstate cross check fraud???

    So after putting up with endless dimwitted/ mind-numbing tales about Benghazi and no story emails, thanks Comey, the democrats are just going to lie down and play dead regarding a very real scandal that is about to place the most dangerous man on the planet in charge of the largest military in history. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see megalomaniac plus powerful military equals global catastrophe? Not to mention that Trump has surrounded himself with some of the most unstable cabinet picks he could find. I still can't believe Wall Street isn't reacting. Trump says FU to China..what could possibly go wrong there? No reason to be nervous about your stocks..LMAO. The stupid pills are flying off the shelves.

    And why is there suddenly zero regard for exit polls, not to mention the pre-election polls? Holy Crap!

  • My Fears   15 hours 31 min ago

    Can we get a do over?

  • Get ready for the LYING KING   15 hours 42 min ago

    I like the title. It is so true.

    "The LYING KING"

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   15 hours 48 min ago

    In a real democracy all leaders should want to demonstrate that our voting system is reliable. One side claims voter fraud, the other side claims election fraud. In this day and age of propaganda and public manipulation, let's take the steps to demonstrate that our system works or it doesn't.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   16 hours 33 min ago

    I'm hoping the White House will hurry up and declassify the documents as requested by Senator Ron Wyden and several other senators. It could expose a connection between Russia and Trump in the election tampering charges revealed in the documents.

    And do it before December 19th, at least that's the last chance to not elect a Traitor In Chief. And if there's no evidence, well, at least we got our Groper and Complainer In Chief.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   16 hours 48 min ago

    Hi Thom,

    Between the two options that you presented, I'd choose the second, that there MAY BE something there. However, personally, I believe that there is a 3rd option: Jill Stein is exercising her right to a recount. Regardless if she wants to promote herself or if she uncovers something, I believe she is exercising her right to a recount. As such, I don't see why people are speculating on her intentions for pursuing the recounts. If recounts became a standard part of our electoral process, I'd be happy with that. Any measure used to fortify the legitemacy of our electoral process is good so long as it's not oppressive, and there's nothing oppressive about recounting votes.

    I don't see why the recount is such a big issue. I really don't.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   17 hours 52 min ago

    I called President Obama's comment line today. I mentioned that the media is hampering Jill Stein's efforts. I noted that Greg Palast has found discrepancies in the exit vote and the actual vote in each of these states. I suggest that the president may need to get the FBI to investigate the matter. Our vote should be consider sacred. It is our one voice where we can make a difference.

  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   18 hours 11 min ago
  • The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount   18 hours 16 min ago

    When asking Trump is he loses the election , "If Al Gore or George Bush had agreed three weeks before the election and waived their right to a challenge or a re-count, there would be no Supreme Court case,” Trump argued in Ohio. “In effect, I’m being asked to waive centuries of legal precedent designed to protect the voters."

    Sounds like a true patriot!

  • Did Carrier Fleece Both Trump & America?   18 hours 29 min ago

    800 jobs is a lot for a man who hasn't even yet taken office. Kinda pisses you off doesn't it?

    Aren't progressives the first to tell us a working person spends his/her money in the community helping further other small business?

    You are worried about $7 million? One golf vacation for Obama.

    Who is going to pay? Who would pay if 800 unemployed needed relief?

    Again, and for the next eight years, the progressive /socialist lefties biggest fear is Trump will be wildly successful.

    3 Supreme court justices & 97 Judical appointments.

    Go Donald.

The No BS Guide To The Upcoming Jill Stein Recount

It's almost like they have something to hide.

With one Jill Stein-led recount effort already underway in Wisconsin and additional recounts pending in Michigan and Pennsylvania, supporters of Donald Trump are now taking legal action to stop what they say is a baseless attempt to smear their candidate.

In Pennsylvania, Trump himself has joined up with the local Republican Party to block Jill Stein's request for a recount.

In Wisconsin, Trump Super PACS are doing the dirty work and have asked a federal judge to stop what they say is a violation of due process rights.