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  • SHOOT or Don't SHOOT   3 days 2 hours ago

    Good video, Zap. Also, if there was more community policing, maybe people wouldn,t be facing each others as strangers for the first time.

  • Countering REPUBLICAN LIES with TRUTH   3 days 2 hours ago


    You mean like when Bush/ Cheney deleted millions of emails containing information on the lead up to their illegal attack on Iraq, that killed thousands of Americans , cost 2 trillion plus dollars , killed an estimated one million Iraqis and destabilized the whole mid east region ,that resulted in thug gangs like ISIS

  • SHOOT or Don't SHOOT   3 days 2 hours ago

    Good advice would be, no matter how humiliating, unfair or irritating ,when an officer orders you to do something , JUST COMPLY. This is not the time to take a stand on violation of your rights.

    Resisting by itself becomes a stand alone charge and usually provokes a bad cop to create fiction, plus resisting heightens the chance that scared or bully cop with a gun or taser just might lose control himself and shoot you.

    The time to exact your justice isn't in the heat of the moment, but when you've satisfied the cop that either this is a mistake or you are not a threat. Take his name,badge number and if possible from that point on take out your phone and record asking him why he used force and even had reason to approach or detain you. Then see a lawyer, if you are not satisfied with the officers conduct or response.

  • SHOOT or Don't SHOOT   3 days 3 hours ago

    That is very good - if there was more outreach where people see thing from the other side there would be a lot less problems.

    Thanks for sharing, zap!

  • Trump Makes the Case Against Himself In Debate: Says his business credentials are his key asset.   3 days 3 hours ago

    I didnt say I was going to vote for the Donald. I also wouldnt say he has a "deplorable business record". On the other hand, how can you vote for Hillary? You'll vote for her because she calls herself a democrat even though she is clearly the favorite of the elite and the 1%.

  • Why It Is Still Happening in Kansas II   3 days 4 hours ago

    From Peter Van Buren:

    America will have Trump or Clinton in the White House for the next four years because they are us.

    Clinton is the ultimate end product of a political process consumed by big money. She is the candidate of the 1 percent. She believes in nothing but the acquisition of power and will trade anything to get it. The oligarchy is happy to help her with that.

    Trump is the ultimate Frankenstein product of decades of lightly shaded Republican hate mongering. He is the natural end point of 15 post-9/11 years of keeping us afraid. He is the mediagenic demagogue a country gets when it abandons its people to economic Darwinism, crushes its middle class, and gives up on caring what happens to its minorities.

    Both candidates are markers of a doomed democracy, a system that reached its apex somewhere in the past and has only now declined enough that everyone can see where we are. They’re us, people. We watched this happen, and we’ll be stuck trying to live with the results.

  • Why It Is Still Happening in Kansas   3 days 5 hours ago
    Quote coalage1:I think Trump got the better of her when they briefly touched on terrorism and the Middle East. However, he seemed out of his element to me when the questions turned more to "value" related issues.
    His best moments came early - bashing our trade deals, and talking about how other countries are "ripping us off," or something like that. He's 100% right there. Unfortunately, the rest of the debate he was pretty weak. The birther issue....he should have just said "I was wrong...let's move on." But he could not resist trying to spin positively his ridiculous buffoonery on that issue. A comedic moment.

    You are correct, Hillary was just "same ol' same ol'" on everything. In fact, the Dem strategy, I believe, is just to be as milquetoast...same ol' same ol' as possible, and let Trump make unforced blunders.

  • My top 7 debate questions tonight, ranked by importance ...   3 days 5 hours ago


    Everyone of those questions should be the top 7 problems facing Americans in 2016. Very astute . Answering and solving everyone of those questions correctly would go a long way to making a fairer, happier, stronger America in the 21st century.

  • Trump Makes the Case Against Himself In Debate: Says his business credentials are his key asset.   3 days 5 hours ago

    How many years has Thom said "The first Republican that promises to blow up trade agreements will win!" or something like that? Well, that's excactly what Trump is doing. That's also why I believe the media is tending to focus on terror attacks (Muslims) and police killings (African Americans) the last several months...and will be more intense promoting these stories til the election. Because these problems divide people. News about terror and race have been burying news about so-so economic news, economic inequality, and corporate the Wells Fargo story....stories that possibly can unite people - look at how the W-F and Epipen cases united D and R's in Congress.

  • Why It Is Still Happening in Kansas II   3 days 5 hours ago

    Trump crushed early, discussing trade, tariffs, and VAT taxes. Trump is 100% correct there. Hillary's answers during this conversation were basically glossing over things, in the typical tired Dem manner.

    Then Trump went into massive corporate tax cuts "will create millions of jobs," or something to that effect. They won't. He lost me there, and for most of the rest of the debate.

    One later exception where Trump showed a sign of life is where he maintained that other countries need to pay the U.S. for military protection. I agree 100% with that. They do. What sense does it make for U.S. taxpayers to foot billions of dollars for protection of the very countries (Japan, Korea, Germany, etc.) that take U.S. manufacturing jobs??? Makes NO sense, and Trump hit a home run there. Otherwise, he was pretty much crushed by Hillary IMO.

    Add Trump's forceful message on trade and NATO with his unlikely messing with Medicare and SS still makes him mildly interesting for me. As he has been all along. Add the "same 'ol, same 'ol" stigma of HC, and it's no surprise Trump still gets a surprising amount of support. And I thought the media has been unneccessarily harsh on his debate performance, just my opinion. WIll just feed "liberal media" meme from the right.

  • Trump Makes the Case Against Himself In Debate: Says his business credentials are his key asset.   3 days 5 hours ago

    Hilary has released 30 years of taxes. Name one other person that has released thousands of emails other than Hilary. What has Donald released? Yet we know that he has a deplorable (no pun intended) record in Business. It is well establised that he is a HUGE liar. How can you vote for him?

  • Trump Makes the Case Against Himself In Debate: Says his business credentials are his key asset.   3 days 6 hours ago

    Trump said he would release his returns when Hillary releases all of the missing emails. Not sure one is equivalent to the other but it was a good line and response from him.

    He also zinged her a little over her staff members either taking the 5th or getting immunity because of the email investigation. If there was no wrong doing, then what's up with that?

    Did this debate really move any uncommitted voters either way? I seriously doubt it.

  • The Deplorables Perpetuate Their Own Fates   3 days 6 hours ago

    For those that do not vote or vote 3rd party you are almost assuring a Trump Victory. That means turning the Supreme Court into a Nazi Frenzy. Destroying Planned Parenthood. Taking away a womans right to choice. Unfettered air pollution. A world economy in total chaos. World War III. You can add to the list.

    You vote Party and not the personality. Remember what the country was like under Bush/Cheney. Compare where you are today. Vote you conscience.

  • Countering REPUBLICAN LIES with TRUTH   3 days 6 hours ago

    The 1% owned and operated media ignored that. Republicans Ignore that. What is important is Benghazi and emails. Where are Bush/Cheney emails? 4 dead in Benghazi at a field office in a country in chaos. 3500 dead, several buildings destroyed, 4 airliners crashed (and used as weapons), Pentagon heavily damaged, In America. Trillions spent on war as an aftermath. No big deal.

  • Why It Is Still Happening in Kansas   3 days 7 hours ago

    Trump's best moment I thought was when he was talking about the climb of the deficit during the Obama presidency. He said that the "doubling" of the deficit might have been okay underObama/Hillary if we had something to show for it. Where are the new roads, bridges, tunnels, hospitals, schools, etc., that should have been built?

    Hillarys response......same old, same old. Everyone just move along.

    I think Trump got the better of her when they briefly touched on terrorism and the Middle East. However, he seemed out of his element to me when the questions turned more to "value" related issues.

  • Full Show 9/26/16: Lyin' Don's First One-On-One Debate   3 days 9 hours ago

    She Busted His Chops

    {… a limerick …}

    Trump lied, he bragged and he blustered, -

    - but Hillary wasn’t flustered

    as she countered his punch

    and ate his lunch.

    Boy, how his chops she {busted} bustered.


  • Full Show 9/26/16: Lyin' Don's First One-On-One Debate   3 days 9 hours ago

    “Debates” Enable

    {… a limerick …}

    Such “debatings” tend to enable

    supporters with minds unstable

    to continue applause

    for the Trumpian cause, -

    - for ANYthing with a Trumpian label.


  • Why Won't the Media Push Back Against Liar Think Tanks and Experts?   3 days 9 hours ago

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  • Full Show 9/26/16: Lyin' Don's First One-On-One Debate   3 days 11 hours ago

    Tummies in Knots

    {… 1.60 limericks …}

    Our tummies ache, in knots

    because we think of it lots:

    Is it Hill-a-ree{?}

    or The Donald{?} who’ll be

    the prez who’ll be calling the shots?

    With either, no glee: -

    - we Progressives foresee

    an America which gots the rots.


  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   3 days 15 hours ago

    HRC lost the debate, Thom. She looked like Bambi's mom caught in the headlights.

  • The Deplorables Perpetuate Their Own Fates   3 days 17 hours ago

    If nothing else, it irrefutably destroys the myth about American Exceptionalism which the patriotic chicken hawk right likes to bray about.

  • MSNBC shows what appears to be Charlotte cops planting gun after shooting Keith Lamont Scott   3 days 19 hours ago

    Let's start with three facts.

    First what's shown "flicked down" in the attached video looks like a black crime sceen glove. It flops around changing its shape on the way down and collapses into a heap exactly where it hits the ground. A gun would have maintained its shape and bounced a bit when it hit the ground. Also, no one in their right mind throws a loaded gun down on a hard surface.

    Second, look as the inside edge of the red shirted cop's left foot. That black blob at the inside edge of his shoe is the reported gun. We know this because...

    Third, that same gun is shown in another video being kicked away from Mr Scott's feet by that same policemen in the red shirt into the position just next to his foot in this video. The explanation offered is that it is proper procedure to get a gun out of reach of a potential shooter (even one clearly bleeding out) and then control it, hence the red shirted policeman standing with it under foot.

    The important video is the one of Mr Scott just before he was shot by police. Whether he had a gun in his hand or not, the partial video provided by the police so far shows his hands clearly at his side and him backing away from the police. In that picture, it appears he is holding a gun in his left hand. What is most important here is the editing out of the actual shooting and exactly where Mr Scott's hands were at that time. It would seem the police don't want anyone to see the actual event yet.

    The cold reality is with that many guns pointed at Mr Scott, plus the mistaken belief he was the dangerous criminal they had been sent to arrest, plus their shoot to kill training, plus a large black man with a gun standing in front of them (common prejudice), it was inevitable one policemen or another was going to let his fear get the best of him, twitch a bit, and fire. Few of us would agree that pointing an unfired gun at the ground is justification for being killed, regardless of what is now standard accepted police practice, and that is what I am guessing the complete video will eventually show, and that is why it has not been released.

    The obvious likelihood here is the police made a mistake from the start. Mr Scott was not the dangerous person they were looking for and they mistakenly used excessive force on an innocent and mentally confused man. But Mr Scott did not help. He was not cooperating with the police and video shows he seems to be holding a gun in his left hand.

    Current shoot to kill police policy regarding suspects holding a gun legally only works if a policeman's suspicion is justified in the first place. The real cover-up here will be the claim, without any possible contradictory evidence, that the plain clothes policemen saw a gun and a bag of pot in Mr Scott's car. Based on their irrefutable claims, their escalation will be judged legal and they will never be charged. Whether they had the right to shoot Mr Scott for holding a gun pointed at the ground will never even be discussed.

    Shoot to kill events for suspects with guns is just normal police policy. Perhaps that policy is where we need to begin?

  • We Have All Won An Oligarchy and Lost A Democracy   3 days 19 hours ago

    Thank God we've nominated a life-long corporatist and an ersatz fascist, so we don't need to worry about anything changing substantially either way. Don't rock the boat, I aways say.

  • We Have All Won An Oligarchy and Lost A Democracy   3 days 19 hours ago

    It's too bad the Tea Party isn't a third party, that would even up the score a bit ....but then again the Teapublic Party became what it is because the billionaires purchased Teabagger numb nuts and had them infiltrate the Republicon Party. The Fascists are too slick to allow third party fragmentation.

    Why we democratic socialists can't infiltrate the Democratic Party remains a mystery to me??? The progressive caucus is alive and well, so where there's smoke there certainly can be fire.

    Why would a Bernie supporter turn around and vote for Johnson, a polar opposite???? It makes totally no sense. I hope Bernie makes a statement to his young supporters exposing Johnson for what he truly is.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   3 days 19 hours ago

    I have monitored and participated in this discussion from the outset, I am concerned by the fact that no one except Zapdam and the poster have had anything to say about the guy in the helicopter referring to Crutcher as a "Big bad dude" (that includes me). It's obvious that it was a not so subtle racial slur or inference. Why is that? I am asking myself that question as well.

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