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  • Climate Change 2014, 116 pages   7 hours 48 min ago

    If AGW is true, then there is nothing that can be done. China has been given the green light to spew as much pollution into the air until the year 2030.

  • Can Capitalism Thrive Without Free Goodies From Government?   7 hours 50 min ago

    Not even the "live free or die, don't tread on me" NH patriots are smart enough not to fall for Libertarian economics. It is pure moral theology, but lacks the contact with reality to be more than a screed against the reality of society and human interdependence.

    Libs don't stop being people just because their political ideas are junk, but the idea that "we" or the citizens of NH should let some radical minority experiment. Socialism in Vermont is just common sense, hardly a radical communal enterprise in defiance of the outside world.

    There is no free market without government to manage and regulate the freedom. The "free for all" market goes to the baddest assed, not to fair trade and symbiosis.

    LS, your thinking has not gotten better over time.

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   7 hours 59 min ago

    All the empowerment movements emerged in the sixties: here is a snap shot from an interesting play bill of segments,

  • The OTHER Tar Sands Pipeline Enbridge Inc.-Flanagan South   8 hours 41 sec ago
  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   8 hours 4 min ago

    Derrick Jensen on private property rights which he calls, "Enclosure of the commons." And other powerful comments revisioning cultural domination by a few elites

  • Mass Extinction: ecosystems breaking down and getting wiped out around the globe.   8 hours 5 min ago

    OMG...the sky is falling.

    Enough with the doom and gloom already. The more times you cry "wolf", fewer and fewer ears are reached.

  • Hillary Clinton 2016 - Say 'No' To More 'Hard Choices'   8 hours 5 min ago

    Hillary Clinton on Zimbabwe:

    Clinton Presses South Africa On Zimbabwe`s Mugabe
    AUGUST 7 2009 14:41h

    The United States has no plans either to offer major development aid or to lift sanctions against Mugabe and some of his supporters.


    "South Africa is very aware of the challenges posed by the political crisis in Zimbabwe because South Africa has 3 million refugees from Zimbabwe," Clinton told a news conference after meeting International Relations and Cooperation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane. "

    Flick out your calculator, and check Table 3.6 of the 2011 Population Census - there are a total of 1.6 million foreign nationals (not only Zimbabweans) in South Africa. The 3 million Zimbabweans fled to South Africa claim was of course never substantiated, but was seized upon by people like Hillary Clinton to make the Zimbabwean government look bad, and create the UN Security Council excuse for illegal invasion, which is that country X is 'causing regional instability through refugee flows'.

    It is just another variation on the 'responsibility to protect', which Susan Rice used to bomb the hell out of Libya and destroy that country forever, so it could be completely taken over by the oil companies.

    This is how they lie and justify military invasion on behalf of their Rothschild masters. In South Africa, Rothschild Bank funded De Beers in 1887 (the following year, Cecil Rhodes became the Founding Chairman of the board of directors of De Beers in 1888). During the 20th century, De Beers traded 95% of all the diamonds in the world, today that's 40%. Zimbabwe owns the Chiadzwa and Marange diamond fields, which could supply 20% of the world's diamonds every year, tanking the price of diamonds ever if they tried. Israel's biggest single export is finished diamonds, traded in Tel Aviv.

    Hillary Clinton on the myth of 'Russian Expansionism', in her book 'Hard Choices', quoted from On The Issues (unfortunately I don't have the original yet, so with that provision...)

    On misrepresenting the situation in Eastern Europe, which carries with it the possibility of World War III, on her 'support for NATO' to 'restrain Putin' (how about using NATO to restrain the Rothschild's ambitions and design to take over the planet?):


    Eastern Europe in NATO keeps Putin from moving beyond Crimea

    In the wake of Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea in early 2014, some have argued that NATO expansion either caused or exacerbated Russia's aggression. I disagree with that argument, but the most convincing voices refuting it are those European leaders and people who express their gratitude for NATO membership.

    [Those making that argument] should ponder how much more serious the crisis would be--and how much more difficult it would be--to contain further Russian aggression if Eastern and Central European nations were not now NATO allies. The NATO door should remain open, and we should be clear and tough-minded in dealing with Russia.

    If Putin is restrained and doesn't push beyond Crimea into eastern Ukraine it will not be because he has lost his appetite for more power, territory and influence.

    Source: Hard Choices, by Hillary Clinton, CBS pre-release excerpts , Jun 6, 2014

    I am not talking about 'a business', I am strictly talking about global monopolies. Just a reminder of what the Rothschild interests in Eastern European oil and pipelines were, historically.

    From the national website:


    Baku-Batumi railway was constructed and commissioned in 1883. This fact played an important role in the export of oil and oil products to European states. Rothschild initiated financial and credit transactions in Baku and engaged in the sales of oil in 1883. The Caspian-Black Sea oil company of Rothschild was established in 1886. The bank of Rothschild controlled 42% of Baku oil export. Azerbaijan produced 11 million tons of oil in 1901 thus accounting for over 50% of the world production of oil.


    Azerbaijan's Oil History
    A Chronology Leading up to the Soviet Era

    by Mir Yusif Mir-Babayev


    On May 16 the Rothschild Brothers established the Caspian and Black Sea Oil Industry and Trade Society.

    Minister of State Property Michael Ostrovsky arrived in Baku in September accompanied by his brother, the famous playwright Alexander Ostrovsky (1818-1883), to discuss oil problems.


    On December 8 and 9, Russian Czar Alexander III (1845-1894) was in Baku with his family. He visited the Nobel Brothers' factory in Baku's "Black City" (Gara Shahar in Azeri) and the oil industries of Rothschild's Caspian-Black Sea Society in Balakhani and Sabunchi.

    Could there be a reason why Lord Jacob, 4th Baron Rothschild (great-grandson of Nathaniel Mayer, 1st Baron Rothschild, who funded De Beers and Cecil Rhodes) co-investor Madeleine Albright (also see here) is advising Hillary Clinton to basically go to war with Russia? Does Lord Rothschild want his Caspian pipeline back, the way they want their Chiadzwa and Marange diamond fields back in Zimbabwe, so they can get De Beers back on track to being the global diamond monopolist again?

  • Should Pres. Obama issue an executive order on immigration?   8 hours 17 min ago

    Absolutely not. No amnesty for illegal immigrates. We have a legal process for those who want to come here. Not only are these individuals breaking the laws, but by granting them amnesty its telling them and others that it's ok to ignore US laws; nothing bad is going to happen if you simply wait long enough. Besides "rewarding" these individals, it's hardly fair to those who have waited patiently in line to do it the legal way. It tells them to just simply "do it" and forget about the legal consequences.

    As an aside, would Americans be allowed to do the same thing if the went to Mexico, or Hondorus, or for that matter, pretty much anywhere in Latin America? Nope. they're laws regarding illegal immigrants is far far stricter than anything we've ever had.

    Amnesty is wrong, and the way Obama is attempting it, likely illegal too.

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   8 hours 17 min ago
    Quote KennyMac:

    Thanks for the Freecycle link Chris. It's going strong over here too.

    Kenny, RS, Michelle, no sweat... the best things in life are free especially the sun sets, laughter which heals, walking my spiritual director, i.e. dog, funny people, and just being.

  • USPS should offer public cell phone service and internet   8 hours 26 min ago

    Did you read my post? And a product, service or Idea is the basis of any business. So the USPS is a governmant run business. At my local post office we have boxe's under the tables where we put all the mail we don't want. What do you have against tree's? I can imagine how well my goverment run in box would work if I could not "opt out" of spam. Or my goverment run cell phone. Which the goverment is spending too much time and money listening to my calls and reading my E-mails.

    what your suggesting is Communism, like I said lets have govermant run all business. Oh ya they tried that in Russia, did not work out so well. i hate billionaires too, Like Warren Buffet, the big winner in not building the Keystone pipeline. Now we will move that same product much more dangerously and much more inefficiently Using his trains.

  • California Pension Funds are Running Dry   8 hours 27 min ago
  • Stop the TTIP!   10 hours 5 min ago

    to read the 20-page study "Trading Away Democracy. How CETA's investor protection rules threaten the public good in Canada and the EU," November 2014, click on

  • We Need to Act Now to Save the Post Office   10 hours 8 min ago

    Five billion a year into a savings account? I think it's going to fill up with IOUs just like Social Security. If restructuring comes to pass, that money will pay for the transition and bonuses for the new owners. Wal Mart mentality will rule. No retirement plan left. No good paying jobs. Union busting on a grand scale.

  • We Need to Act Now to Save the Post Office   13 hours 45 min ago

    The Dirty Tricks from Republicans are getting old! Tired of their gaming every aspect of our daily lives. This crap of the Liberals being tied in knots for decades trying to undo Republican crimes is past criminal! Time to lock these traitors to our nation behind bars--maybe their "For Profit" bars-----------

  • Why the MSM Is Gung-Ho On War & Silencing Anti-War Voices   15 hours 55 min ago

    Many peoples thinks that war is the only solution for anything. But this is not, their is always a other way which goes for peaceful solution of any matter. The intervention of America in Iraq issue is good, but this will not hurt the citizens of Iraq. Baghdadi have to killed but not on behalf of innocent citizens. Just make a plan like Osama-bin laden killing, in which not even neighbor knows that osama is killed. Just make a plan like that. He is powerful but not so.

  • Can Capitalism Thrive Without Free Goodies From Government?   16 hours 46 min ago

    Yes, I have heard about the free state project. If there is to be an experimentation with "Laissez Faire" it most likely will start in New Hampshire. I still don't like Laissez Faire, but if there is any way to validate or to invalidate Libertarianism such a thing has to be considered, at least in abstract. Libertarians are still people, and sometimes people have to do what they want to do. I'll take living in California anyday. Especially when it comes to the weather.

  • Can the best we can hope for is another "do-nothing" Congress?   17 hours 18 min ago

    Speaking of hope:

    1) What specifically can/should one hope for?

    1a) Should the list include things that one can expect to see realized in one's lifetime, under the assumption it could be too demoralizing to only hope for things that are not likely to be realized in one's lifetime (just as it can be too demoralizing/unhealthy to focus solely on that which makes one's blood boil)?

    2) How can/should one go about helping to bring about that which one is hoping for? (This, of course, will depend on the specifics of what one is hoping for.)

    3) How do the answers to those questions impact, if they do at all, where one chooses to live?

    I think I desperately need to come up with answers to those questions, because I'm in a very dark place. I have plenty of anger and disgust but virtually no hope.

    Finally, I think it's important to distinguish between what's being suggested in that article from Positive News and the blind positivity that Barbara Ehrenreich rightfully criticizes in Bright-Sided. Or the kind of utter crap spewed in The Secret.

  • Climate Change 2014, 116 pages   17 hours 58 min ago
    Quote Mauiman2:

    All I am saying is that there is a decent body of evidence on the other side of this issue.

    No, there really isn't. No more than there is on the "other side" of evolution by natural selection. The likes of John Casey and Christopher Monckton are crackpots.

    Here's a site that addresses virtually every claim made by deniers:

    Anthropogenic climate change is real and it poses a threat. The question, as you suggest, is what to do about it.

  • The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration.   18 hours 19 min ago

    Stereotypes galore. Substance, zero. Nice try though, Dexie Boy.

  • Can the best we can hope for is another "do-nothing" Congress?   18 hours 24 min ago
    Quote rs allen:

    The only hope is that we have a POTUS that signs everything that comes across his desk......veto, veto veto, veto, veto, veto.....etal for the next two years.

    By moving rightward these past several decades, this is the weakened position in which Dems find themselves. Instead of putting up a strong fight for or against something from the start (such as establishing single-payer health care or preventing a pipeline), they play right wing man to the far right wing man. Instead of winning, they must rely on minimizing losses. Instead of winning, they are forced to answer questions about obstructionism and defying what the majority supposedly supports. This results in an uninspired electorate, deceptive opinion polls that the far right exploits, and disastrous bills getting passed that the lesser evil either goes along with or vetoes to maintain appearances ("See, we're still the lesser evil.").

  • What's the TRUE Lesson We Should Learn From Election 2014?   18 hours 48 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    Third party voters will find they're always surrendering their votes with IRV to one of the two major parties.

    That's the point I'm disagreeing with, and why I said you might be underestimating how many people would vote for a Green if they knew their vote would go to the lesser evil Dem if the Green didn't come out on top. What I'm suggesting is that those who vote Dem might find they're always surrendering their votes to the Green. I'm suggesting that Greens would, in fact, start winning a plurality of votes.

    Anyway, I'll check out the link you posted and I absolutely agree that proportional representation is called for. But if that were the only reform made, 3rd party representation would be miniscule, because so few people even know about 3rd party candidates (this would change if they had the same amount of money to spend as every other candidate and they were included in national debates) and most of those who know about them and support them are not comfortable voting for them.

    Clearly, numerous reforms are needed. If I could only pick one reform, it would have to be a reform that basically did away with the impact money (bribes, really) has on campaigns/elections. Take away the influence of Big Oil/Pharma/Ag/Banks/etc. and it's a whole new ballgame.

  • "Emperor Obama" wins the coveted "Upside-Down Pinnochio"   19 hours 56 min ago

    LOL You can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make him think. It's a lost cause.

  • The Weight- Bluegrass Style   19 hours 58 min ago

    Love this thread, kudos to the OP.

    Took me forever to catch on to your "stewardesses" (facepalm).

    Clearly this is Waits response to the famous Clannadh version, possibly with some American folk source influence. Even with Máire's Donegal accent and grace notes, the lyrics sound, imo, typicaly English, not a translation from Gàidhlig or Middle English (pre AD1066).

    (Dúlamán in this case means the Fertiizer Merchant, kinda like saying "The Phosphates Man" instead of "Mr Monsanto". Dúlamán the album was made at a time Clannadh were moving to cater more to us non-Gaeltōirī ).

    FWIW, Máire is pronounced (and publishes as) Moya, like her backup, her sister Êithne (Enya).

    Quote douglaslee: Twa Sisters is not about 2 stewardesses but a Tom Waits rendition of an English ballad circa 1656. Try to listen to the original virgin in Scotts Gaelic or middle english, neither makes any sense and can't be understood. At least not by me:

    Hmm, intrigued by this "original virgin", pls post photo! :D

  • "Emperor Obama" wins the coveted "Upside-Down Pinnochio"   20 hours 18 min ago

    What a snore. I think I'll meander elsewhere....

  • “Hogwash!" and Other Down-to-Earth Observations   20 hours 22 min ago

    Sorry ZZ, at the risk of pissing you off, I have to say, that was rude of your grandniece. By the age of five, one is old enough to learn some manners. Being fat should not be an invitation for rude comments from strangers, or for any kind of verbal abuse for that matter. A five-year-old saying something inappropriate and out-of-line does not make it cute. And it's not polite to stare either. Just sayin'... - AIW

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