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  • Were officials in MO counting on rioting?   13 hours 22 min ago
    Quote k. allen: the way, did anyone hear the comment from one of Thom's callers that the bully in the deli was dressed differently from the young man lying in the street? ... what do you think?

    "FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) - The friend who was with Michael Brown when he was shot and killed by a police officer near St. Louis over the weekend is reportedly confirming that he and Brown had taken part in the theft of cigars from a convenience store that day."

  • Were officials in MO counting on rioting?   13 hours 32 min ago

    ... hi Zenzoe ...

    "Michael Brown did not have anyone speaking for him before the grand jury —that's usually the prosecutor's job— and so the process was rigged, against Brown."

    ... deeper than that, it feels like a driftnet to me ... also, a potential point of quantum contention in the global volatility matrix.

    Here we are in the core of a gravitational vortex, drawn collectively and individually in to the singularity with ever increasing velocity.

    ... confusing ... disorienting ... where is the heart of clarity?

    Just be real and true to what's true for you ... that's all I know how to do ... one breath at a time ... every one of us hears (and responds to) the call in our own way ... as the saying goes, 'one person's ceiling is another's floor.'

    One way or another, this 'theatre of the real' will raise unresolved issues in a fresh light ... they will not just 'go away.' the way, did anyone hear the comment from one of Thom's callers that the bully in the deli was dressed differently from the young man lying in the street? ... what do you think?

  • response to ferguson decision   13 hours 44 min ago

    Thom, I am a regular listener and for the most part am in agreement with your takes on most social issues. Today , however, I was terribly disappointed. A grand jury is an integral part of our legal system. The accounts of the witnesses who set out to crucify Officer Darren Wilson changed over time and were inconsistent with the physical evidence, according to the county prosecutor, The grand jury's only task is to determine if there is enough evidence to take the matter to trial and in this case, they determined there was not sufficient evidence. Period. How you, as someone who is not familiar with all the evidence, can say that he should have been indicted is irresponsible. Being a progressive does not mean that regardless of the facts you must take an adversarial position against every facet or action of the government. It doesn't make you a moderate. There is no excuse for blindly condemning every government action. It seems that the only reason you object to the non-indictment is that Michael Brown was black and the officer was white. If that doesn't smack of racism, I don't know what does. Shame on you.

  • Touching the Power of Life   13 hours 45 min ago

    Looks like Zoe is off doing a walkabout, nevertheless here is my take on Chapter one.

    Thom describes his meeting a member of the Coptic Church in Lansing, MI by the name of Lee who was teaching about meditation and prayer.

    During these meetings Lee would speak about his teacher and mentor a man by the name of Kurt Stanley who healed people with his hands, was able to produce visible auras that others could see, and the ability to read other people’s minds.

    Lee asks Thom if he would like to attend one of Master Stanley’s lectures in Detroit and he agrees.

    During that lecture Thom summarizes Stanley’s main points: the importance of not judging others, of giving of one selflessly for others, demonstrating compassion for all living things and the importance of vegetarianism; and perhaps most important, striving to be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit in daily living. (Just as an aside, this is a major point in the writing of Mary Baker Eddy who never heard of the Coptic Church and was writing her masterpiece in the mid 1800’s.)

    After the service Thom is invited to a private meeting where he waits in a long line to meet Master Stanley. When he finally is able to enter the private meeting Thom describes his uncomfortable ness and the long unspoken pause before Stanley speaks which lasts several minutes.

    Asking Thom what he can do for him, Thom who is uncertain says nothing. Stanley tells Thom to look into his third eye and repeat the words Jesus Christ. Thom notes a “warm feeling” coming over him. Afterword, Master Stanley tells Thom I will open your third eye Chakra. Thom describes his experience as what others have written of a Kundalini Experience. Stanley tells Thom that what he is seeing and experiencing is now the entry point to the spiritual realm.

    After Thom returns home to East Lansing, he vividly describes a vision he has of the Earth and its corrupted polluted state. A thought follows the vision and Thom says, “The Earth is a living thing, it is infected.”

    The vision of the Earth as corrupted transforms and becomes clean and whole again before vanishing. Thom asserts the infection as the result of human kind. Thom suddenly has a desire to open his Bible to Rev. 11:18 which says,

    “I shall destroy them that destroy the Earth.”

    Thom concludes the Chapter by talking about Mystics past and present and what that means to contemporary culture.

  • response to ferguson decision   13 hours 45 min ago

    Thom and some of his friends motto should be.... beat me to death or almost to death and then please go on your way!!!!!!! Yeah...... in a land of pus*y as micheal brown would say???...... My mother would always say...... if you want something to cry about ill give you something to cry about..... she also taught me to respect and to obay the law!!!!!

  • Sex, Ecology, Spirituality, Ecopsychology, or Deep Ecology   14 hours 9 min ago

    Michelle and RS,

    I can relate to all. My take is that a real family is not of our births but the one's we make along the way with others who can accept us for who we are, not what they expect our role to be according to their standards.

  • Were officials in MO counting on rioting?   14 hours 14 min ago

    White supremacists are quite happy, especially the members up in Montana. Justice is a joke in the US, as bad as I've seen it since the '60s. Failing states do tend to be more violent, and fascists like violence to press for more military tactics dressed up in police uniforms. Of course Korea was a police action, those being killed and maimed knew it was a war. 40,000 no knock swat military police actions a year sounds like a police state to me. A white supremacist fascist police state is conservative Nirvana.

  • Can Democrats Set Out a New Path?   14 hours 19 min ago

    Sen. Schumer is a poor example of "progressive" change in America. Schumer's nickname is "Wall St. Chuck" for god sake.

    However, I agree, if Democrats embrace Wall St. (the base) like Sen. Schumer the MONEY will come storming in from the financial sector, or they'll divide up their money strategically between pro Wall St. Democrats and Republicans.

    The word "progressive" is losing its meaning like liberal, libertarian and democrat. The forces from the right have redefined those terms. Sen. Schumer, 30 years ago, would be considered a far right republican, as his views hold today. The ruling elite have effectively moved the entire political class to the right of center in the US.

    No longer is US politics, if it truly every was, a right left paradigm, now it's how far to the right a politician can go without appearing to completely sell out. The political outlook for America is mighty grim in my humble judgment.

    If the US is ever going to function as democracy, the people of the USA must start to construct democratic institution of their own to combat the forces that have come to dominate our political system. The Democratic Party is infested with right wing ideology that some people can't bring their selves to admit, boarding on denial.

    We have two direction for this country. Corpo-Fascism or Citizen inspired Democracy . The choice is going to become much more difficult the longer we wait and allow the wealth interest of this government to dominate and control the system.

    Sen. Chuck Schumer is not a progressive voice, but rather, a symbol of everything that is wrong with this country. Sorry for getting, a little off point, but as I continued to write the obvious conclusion of supporting a person like Sen. Schumer is negative sum gain for the American people. Schumer is a sink hole of ideas when it comes to democracy. He's a death loving war hawk, financial whore and dishonest player in the "liberal" halls of congress.

  • Were officials in MO counting on rioting?   14 hours 35 min ago

    Testimony about the critical final moments – when Mr. Brown stopped running, turned and moved back toward Officer Wilson – lay along a spectrum.

    Some hewed closer to Officer Wilson’s recollection. “I could say for sure he never put his hands up,” said one witness, a man who was working in the area and did not live there, and whose recollection most strongly bolstered Officer Wilson’s case. “He ran to the officer full charge.”

    Others spoke just as confidently that events unfolded in a completely different way.

    “Yes I personally saw him on his knees with his hands in the air,” one witness said in a recorded interview with federal officials that was played for the grand jury before he testified. The prosecutor questioning that witness did not hide her skepticism of his story, highlighting contradictions in his various accounts.

    The fact that much of the testimony the grand jury heard was conflicting suggests probable cause and the necessity of a jury trial, so that a jury from the community could decide the issue, one where Michael Brown's interests would be represented. As it was, Michael Brown did not have anyone speaking for him before the grand jury —that's usually the prosecutor's job— and so the process was rigged, against Brown.

  • Rioting alternative: snowflake displays of racial solidarity all around town   14 hours 39 min ago

    Dear Todd, you are going to have to update and revise your Gospel of Martin Luther King as you learn of his Poor People's Campaign, why he was in Memphis and with whom he was talking united actions. Yes, Bobby Seale and the Panthers! Among others.

    Martin was not going violent, but he was addressing American violence and class warfare, and he was not staying in his nice "Civil Rights Leader" box. LBJ turns on him and unites with JEdgar as Vietnam begins to eat his guts. Martin and Malcolm are making plans.

    How many times did Joe Hill have to die? It would be the same for Martin as our image of "our leader" in the streets following Trayvon and Michael. It would not be to make them into idols or heroes, but to be about the value of all those children living in circumstances we know to be toxic and pathological. That we not pay professional "peace officers" to kill them in wanton manner is a small demand. Martin against the militarized cops and National Guard, and how would the latter respond? Would the nation reject the attack from the cops on the peaceful demonstration?

    To build the solidarity you want with the people who live in Ferguson, you would have to have their lives be valued by cops so that rage and insult, or even fear of "the other" does not cloud their use of deadly force. The idea that this professional feared for his life and safety is preposterous. He is in his car and can avoid the up close confrontation before back up arrives.

    Shooting from inside the car is extreme escalation of a problem, not how to be safe and secure. Are these guys trained in anything? Other than shoot to kill?

    Neither the cops nor any city officials seem to have known any of the black leaders or business people in the hood. Where were the black church people when these 'leaders' were looking to do any healing or address the occupation army cullture of disrespect for these citizens? It was all White Flight plus the New Blacks in town. White people seem to have stayed, in some parts, but not to have reached out to be one community. It would have been remarkable had they done so, given the state of our 'post-racial' culture.

    Anyway, the disrespect shown by the DA in his misuse of the Grand Jury is just another piece of business as usual, as was the night-time announcement and tons of guns and concentration camp transport ready. I also hear that black businesses got zero police protection while White ones were garrisoned to the teeth. Progress sure is great.

    So, along with Martin and others who don't buy this bullshit, we will make our voices heard and we will not incite or advise violence. However, those who provoke violence and use repression and military weaponry on peaceful democratic protest will be responsible for those who depart from non-violence to defend themselves or to respond in kind.

    If the police refuse to join us in the practice of non-violence, it will be up to those who pay them to insist that they stop the killing. Those who use the violent response of some to miss the central problem of violence established and institutionalized are like our War on Terror where we see everything through the wrong end of the telescope. How we think peace is part of how we think justice and community policing instead of the dark dysfunctional empire.

  • Just in time for Thanksgiving...   14 hours 46 min ago

    Ragheads. Dear Obama. Now's about the time he grants the turkey a reprieve. But, yes -"Save the turkey, kill the ragheads."

  • Are Killers Still In Charge Of Our Healthcare?   14 hours 53 min ago

    During Grand Jury proceedings a defense isn't presented. The district attorneys present evidence to the members of the Grand Jury. The members of the Grand Jury question witnesses, and have subpoena power to call in whoever they want to help them make a decision. They can either indicte the accused, which means there is sufficient evidence to go to trial, or no bill, in which case the process is ended. It does not have to be a unanimous decision, in most cases a simple majority. This case required 75% to indicte. The system is fair, and it works,

  • Just in time for Thanksgiving...   15 hours 2 min ago

    Obama fronts for the military/security establishment, and when they assure him that they are doing precision bombing and keeping the civilian kills low, he wants to believe them. Even when he knows he should not, he has to calculate the price of his opposition to their advice and counsel. Word is that he has dragged his feet a lot before being pulled into the wars and drone strategy.

    That canard about it being free of American deaths has cynical political clout. That "we" could keep the world under our thumb by technology rather than real human warriors is part of their American Dream. And, the money, oh the money! So many are so deeply invested in making money on these wars, prisons, weapons and the chaos in which they can steal that it is sickening.

    At least we don't call them "gooks." I know about a lot of other disgusting smears and curses. But, it does get harder to sell it being about "our freedoms."

  • ((0)) MUHSTUH'D JAHMBE ((0))   15 hours 6 min ago

    Word has it the first human was sung into existance.
    Where is our song today ... what are we (am I)
    singing into existance ... right now ...?

  • Rioting alternative: snowflake displays of racial solidarity all around town   15 hours 9 min ago

    Uh, you do it from the sidewalks not dodging traffic…

    So, what is wrong with solitary again?

  • response to ferguson decision   15 hours 11 min ago

    Tom i loved listening to your show... i would do what ever it took to find you!!!! until today? after listening to your take of the robber named brown who punched the cop and tried to take his gun.... I was shocked at your response i was waiting for you to say. if you listen to the cop like most people and do what the cop is telling you to do you will soon be on your way????? but if you want to fight the cop your day and maybe life wont turn out so good????? in the blacks persons world and yours wouldnt it be great if the cops would run away when we said boo!!!!! that way we wouldnt have to beat there ass's????? when will these cops learn????? Im deleting you from my fav and will never listen to you again! your either a fake or you have zero balls.... wow the guy that i thought new everything i now no.... knows nothing??? You sounded stupid!!!!!! I guess im getting my life back thanks......

  • Immigration Proclamation   15 hours 11 min ago


  • President Putin has a Chance to Crush the Corrupt American Global Financial System and the Wall Street Mafia.   15 hours 12 min ago

    Thanks for the links.

    Sadly, they confirm the effectiveness of the marginalization. The right to be heard may trump the right to speak. Media management and manipulation puts a dominant narrative out there and then we find marginal chatter of dissent, but not a real challenge to the dominators.

    Not saying that it is up to Dennis to lead us, but here was a deeply honest and committed guy with a bio to match. I am very happy for his marriage looking solid, and she is beautiful and "every geek's dream." If "macho insecure males" want to take tips from Dennis the K on how to be a man, well and good.

    My first line of attack is to blow up that dominant narrative with its own rhetoric as much as possible. Take "democracy" back as something other than this system. Recover what made us like being Americans while shedding that which is really in the way. Project love, and allow righteous anger to rise from compassion and concern for the broken and wounded rather than from hatred of our political opponents.

    We could also draft Dennis for the Peace Movement/Party because he has been on that tune forever.

  • Immigration Proclamation   15 hours 18 min ago
    Quote drc2:

    So tedious! Gummie, when something is this broken and the consequences of following the letter of the law would be chaos and disaster of monumental proportions, including to those businesses who need these workers, executive latitude is the way you avoid pouring the fuel on the fire.

    The law has been this way for years? Have we been living in chaos and disaster of monumental proportion all this time?

  • Were officials in MO counting on rioting?   15 hours 22 min ago

    I have a few questions:

    In what was considered a high crime area why was there not 2 officers per squad car?

    Why was a trained officer such a lousy shot. 4 out of 12 bullets at close range.

    Why did Wilson not just get back into his car and lock the door for the 30 seconds he thought it would take to get backup.

    Why does the injury look like next to nothing. Did his buddy hit him?

    Why did they not release the findings at 6 am instead of 6pm when people would be sleeping it off.

    Why no chest cameras. They can afford millions in riot gear.

    Why an all white jury?

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday November 25th, 2014   15 hours 28 min ago

    The jury in a trial is called a petit jury, "petit" being the opposite of "grand". I was pretty sure grand juries were supposed to have more members, but that's based on watching "Law & Order", which shows only New York. Obviously things vary from state to state.

    I seem to remember hearing on progressive radio in the last few months that a grand jury is where the prosecution makes its best case for indictment, to make sure that a trial is actually worthwhile. In this case, however, it seems that Bob McCulloch wasn't interested in that.

  • Immigration Proclamation   15 hours 29 min ago

    So tedious! Gummie, when something is this broken and the consequences of following the letter of the law would be chaos and disaster of monumental proportions, including to those businesses who need these workers, executive latitude is the way you avoid pouring the fuel on the fire. Congress may have not appreciated the consequences of its get tough, draw the line, legislation, and helping Congress do the tweaks or repeals, etc., is part of the dance of governing.

    In this case, we have a bipartisan bill ready to pass when/if/ha the Boner will bring it to the floor for a vote. Just do his job. It would make all this Presidential executive action irrelevant and it will be WHEN they get around to being legislators addressing a serious human rights and justice issue.

    The label of "illegal" and the stupidity and hypocrisy of our "immigration policy" is right up there with the feckless irresponsibility of the War on Drugs for its consequences. Neither can be judged on any abstract "ideal" of secure borders and totally legal immigrants or a "drug free America." Both are about what happens to people caught in an inhumane dilemma because of our "laws."

    This compost pile has been festering for a long time, and adding more shit to it does not help it become fertile soil. White History tells many lies even if it has become the official version of the Big Fence Faction. White people are not being killed out there where our economic policies have left Mexicans high and dry or where kids fleeing drug gangs are running from our Drug War.

    But Mr. Heritage, Jim Demented, has coined the "emperor Obama" tag because Obama explicity said he was not one. Of course, in one sense any current President is running an empire and has to exercise "imperial" powers in our endless wars. But, we pretend that we are a democracy, so unless the GOPimps want to blow the cover of the empire, they ought to try to govern this empire with some democratic theater. Instead, they show us that we are shit out of luck at the polls and are not considered when it comes to how power will behave or how it will speak to truth.

    Is there any intelligent criticism of anything on the Right?

  • President Putin has a Chance to Crush the Corrupt American Global Financial System and the Wall Street Mafia.   15 hours 30 min ago
    (#43-drc2): "Has anyone heard from Dennis Kucinich?"

    Hi drc2 - I am missing most of your comments, sorry to say - your insights are thought provoking and relevant. Of course, we are not hearing much from DK in mainstream media ... that may be a good sign that he still stands up for what he believes.

    I am one who appreciates his message, followed his campaign forum, noticed how it eventually turned into a backyard barbeque with little room for anything deeply relevant to run on the page.

    Since the campaign, it seems Dennis and Elizabeth continue to work for peace and healthy culture in America, only access has been limited to facebook/twitter and a movement site you have to join to access.

    All of those are security risks and catchpools for oppositional treachery in my book, so I tend to avoid. This is the most recent contact infor I have for DK:



  • Big Shocker to Liberals: Living Under Republican-Imposed Austerity has Slowed Recovery   15 hours 49 min ago

    The image should have been a struggle against dead weight and tantrum throwers, and the "deficit" should have been addressed with logic and not with surrendering to any moral argument about the legacy for the kids because it is a shit sandwich, not saving them from debts.

    The reasons this was not how the enemy was engaged are manifold, from Purple Haze to Money Talks, but "liberals" ought not be shocked by the logical results of these policies. We also need to revise our notion of the "system being broken." The "system" seems to work exactly as they want it to. We have to change systems to have democracy.

  • Do you agree with the Ferguson grand jury decision?   15 hours 51 min ago

    again i object to this simplistic "poll." it smacks of thought control. what if i agree with the grand jury decision? please stop treating us like russian school kids.

    as it happens, i view the event as a tragedy, and doubt the decision was a coverup: there are not enough facts, so positions depend on one's biases, no way to judge a grand jury.

    as for the ensuing violence: a shame, an excuse for free "christmas shopping" in ferguson. where protests in other areas block streets, etc., it just taxes local got coffers, with all that police overtime.

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