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  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   15 hours 30 min ago

    Who cries for the rape and death of Abeer?

    In his book, Black Hearts: One Platoon’s Descent into Madness in Iraq’s Triangle of Death, Jim Frederick describes the 2006 extrajudicial execution of an Iraqi family of four—a father, mother and two daughters. According to Army Specialist Paul Cortez, his unit was on patrol south of Baghdad when Army Specialist James Barker suggested that they find an Iraqi woman to rape. “We’ve all killed Hadjis, but I’ve been here twice and I still never fucked one of these bitches,” Barker stated.

    Having chosen their target, the soldiers entered the house and locked three members of the Janabis family in the bedroom with Private First Class Steven Green standing guard over them. Meanwhile, Cortez took the 14-year-old daughter Abeer into the living room and began raping her. According to Frederick’s account:

    In the bedroom, Green was losing control of his prisoners. The woman made a run for the door. Green shot her once in the back and she fell to the floor. The man became unhinged. Green turned his own AK on him and pulled the trigger. It jammed. Panicking, as the man advanced on him, Green switched to his shotgun. The first shot blasted the top of the man’s head off. Then Green turned to the little girl, who was running for a corner. This time the AK worked. He raised the rifle and shot Hadeel in the back of the head. She fell to the ground. …

    As Green was executing the family, Cortez finished raping Abeer and switched positions with Barker. Green came out of the bedroom and announced to Barker and Cortez, “They’re all dead. I killed them all.” Cortez held Abeer down and Green raped her. Then Cortez pushed a pillow over her face, still pinning her arms with his knees. Green grabbed the AK, pointed the gun at the pillow, and fired one shot, killing Abeer.

    There is a term that US presidents love to use in their efforts to assume the moral high ground in international affairs. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used it repeatedly in reference to Iraq and Afghanistan. That term is “the civilized world.” It is used to portray us Westerners as sophisticated and “civilized” and Islamic militants as barbaric “savages.” As with the term collateral damage, it is used to appease our conscience with regard to the brutal acts of violence that we repeatedly inflict on innocent people. After all, if we represent the civilized world then we must stand for all that is good. And if we stand for all that is good, then any innocent women and children that die from our actions must merely be unfortunate victims of a tragic occurrence.

  • Would Alexander Hamilton celebrate Earth Day?   15 hours 30 min ago
  • Never listening to Thom's show again   15 hours 35 min ago
    Quote nimblecivet:

    Instead of antagonizing Russia we should thank them for undoing the mess created by U.S. imperialism especially in the Middle East. At least they don't support terrorists.

    Obviously some people have forgotten the lessons of WW2.

    The scary part is that I think Obama shares your view. I see a tendancy on the left to view every "bad" action of a country to be the result of something "bad" we did and if we simply withdrew from world affairs the world would be a safer place.

  • Move To Amend has ALWAYS needed a Plan B... is this it?   15 hours 35 min ago
    Quote gumball:

    "Corporations are people" is just political rhetoric, not a legal argument. The question is if people organize into a group does that group lose constitutional rights.

    The slogan might be rhetoric, but the legal argument that corporate personhood is based on a bastardization of the 14th is not

    Therefore... the vulnerability to reexamination is real... that is if the court expects to have any credibility... and I don't doubt that if this was brought up before SCOTUS, the far right clowns would have a hard time coming up with a rationale to deny the clear language of the 14th. But then, they invented a new right in the Second by bastardizing it... so why not do it again.

  • Move To Amend has ALWAYS needed a Plan B... is this it?   15 hours 40 min ago

    And I think 5% chance of passing is optimisitic. Plan B should be organizing to get your point of view out there instead of trying to use the power of government to shut down political viewpoints that you disagree with.

  • Move To Amend has ALWAYS needed a Plan B... is this it?   15 hours 45 min ago

    "Corporations are people" is just policial rhetoric, not a legal argument. The question is if people organize into a group does that group lose constituntional rights.

  • Declining Corporate Tax Revenue Hampers Deficit Reduction   16 hours 2 min ago

    It is ridiculous. We have the highest corporate tax rates and the lowest collections, the worst of both worlds.

  • Bill O' Reilly's comments   16 hours 6 min ago

    I think you all missed the point. The left speaks as if how society views individuals based on their is the determing factor in an individuals success or failure.

    Bill's point is that culture matters, something Tim touched on when pointing out that immigration policy brought in more educated Asians but seemingly did not see that in the points raised by Bill.

    I think the Hip Hop culture of today is dragging down young black males. The message of what it means to be a "genuine black man" being pushed by this culuture is destructive where "sucess" is only found from being a profressional athlete, rapper or drug dealer.

  • Never listening to Thom's show again   16 hours 15 min ago

    Instead of antagonizing Russia we should thank them for undoing the mess created by U.S. imperialism especially in the Middle East. At least they don't support terrorists.

    Obviously some people have forgotten the lessons of WW2.

  • Never listening to Thom's show again   16 hours 25 min ago

    Seeing reports of Russia sending troops in. Putin taking one more step down the road of rebuilding the Soviet empire.

  • Who is in charge of our government?   16 hours 28 min ago

    You DO realize that your list is rather dated. For example the first eight names... I didn't go any further, are from the BUSH Junta.

    The REAL problem with the nation isn't these few people but that the system is antidemocratic. Who controls the nation when the system imposes on the nation as president a person REJECTED by the voters? At that point the nation is out of the control of its own people.

  • Judge says "No" to drug testing welfare recipients.   16 hours 33 min ago

    Gumball’s assumption that the government has a “constitutional ability” to set conditions like drug testing on those receiving aid strikes me as a bit ludicrous. The Fourth Amendment states in the clearest of terms: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized.”

    Drug testing is brazenly unconstitutional. I view it as a form of rape. That they are even allowed to be administered at all, except under special circumstances regarding one's medical status, speaks volumes about how far off track our country has gone from the basic premise upon which it was (supposedly) established.

    Perhaps, Gumball, you could try explaining just how random drug testing is "reasonable" or "constitutional". Just for my amusement, if nothing else. - AIW

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   16 hours 59 min ago

    "Drbjmn", please re-read the second paragraph of my last post; the one that starts with "I don't get your point." I think that should clarify where I was coming from, having no idea that you were kidding. In light of the bizarre comments that show up here fairly often, I saw no reason why I shouldn't take you literally.

    Teenage boys' hormonal surges are not my problem, just as my horrific menstral cramps weren't theirs. When I hear stories like Zenzoe's high school experience, walking along minding her own business when some passer-by grabbed her tit, it makes my blood boil. I don't know where these young men get their sense of sexual entitlement. If someone did that to me, I'd knock his fucking block off.

    I agree, "drbjmn", that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I just don't happen to think it's the responsibility of women & girls to provide that, any more than it is the responsibility of black people to educate whites about racism. (They've got their hands full, just coping with its consequences!) Like I said, we've all got our own issues to address, our own challenges in life and crosses to bear. If we lived in a truly civilized society, perhaps there would be classes offered in high school - maybe even middle school - for these young men coming of age, to help them get their surges & urges into perspective and understand about boundaries, about basic human rights and about the dignity & respect we all owe one another. Fathers could help by educating their sons about what it means to be a man, and about gender equality, and the simple etiquette that goes with membership in any civilized society. By "etiquette", I'm not talking about salad forks and dinner forks; I'm talking about the basic decency of keeping one's hands to oneself unless invited to fondle, grope and squeeze.

    Thanks to your latest response, "drbjmn", I get it that you're on board about the issue of rape. I see no point in beating you over the head with additional assertions about how outrageous a violation rape is. But when you are communicating with people who don't know you, who have no way of discerning where you are coming from, you shouldn't kid around about something like that. When Palindromedary suggests some rapists are deserving of sympathy, or that not all rapes are power trips, that's as bizarre as it gets in my book. And he wasn't kidding. Palin is someone I've corresponded with a lot in these blog threads, who I thought I knew; maybe not intimately, but with some rapport nevertheless. I thought I had a good idea where that guy was coming from. Those remarks of his really caught me by surprise.

    When it comes to people's attitudes and core beliefs, there's not much I can take for granted anymore. The older I get, the more reluctant I am to assume anything about those I come in contact with. How I miss the "good ole days", when you could have a pretty good idea which side of the proverbial fence someone stood on, just by the way they dressed and wore their hair! Now we've got ugly fascists like Ted Nugent sporting long hair, like the hippies of yesteryear. Long hair means nothing anymore. Those days are long gone. - AIW

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   17 hours 3 min ago

    Zenzoe, I love that first paragraph of yours in post #66. Your wisdom and passion is nothing to sneeze at either. And that quote from the APA was very helpful. - AIW

  • "Cops Gone Wild"   17 hours 9 min ago


    (YOUTUBE) The Mike Brown Shooting What You're Not Being Told

    This shows the relevant part of the dispatch tapes from 02:55 to 03:53.

    Darren Wilson didn't call the shooting in, and according to the dispatcher Ferguson 'didn't know anything about it'.

    The full St. Louis Dispatch tapes:

    (YOUTUBE, 'ANONYMOUS') Anonymous: Audio Tapes (St. Louis Dispatch) (01:50:57)

    (YOUTUBE, CNN) Darren Wilson mace story (01:54)

    With Don Lemon.

  • Gun don't kill people.......   17 hours 36 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    Firing range instructor killed by 9 year old.

    Pray tell, just what your point in posting this? Obviously to beat others to the point. But in the process you're making the case that no matter how careful people are, guns are so inherently dangerous, there's ALWAYS some risk of injury or death? Aren't you unwittingly making the case for limiting gun ownership?

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   17 hours 49 min ago

    That Rotherham scandal— oye! Talk about rape culture. That the authorities did not act to protect girls from these predators speaks volumes. Not only did the predators groom and exploit vulnerable children, the authorities assumed those instances to be circumstances of "consensual sex." "If it's sex, it must be good, oh boy!" That's the assumption so many men adopt without thinking. That's one problem. The other is the unconscious conformity to the rules of hierarchy— "girls are lower on the hierarchy than men, and so, no big deal if they're sexually exploited."

  • Obama’s Forest Service’s Big Thorne timber sale to kill 6,000 acres of the American Peoples’ old growth Tongass National Forest   17 hours 53 min ago

    lol...Alaska will never go Democrat...just more proof that there's no difference between the parties...and this isn't 50 years ago when progressives could still force policy action in their direction even under a Republican president...

  • Why are we letting Americans go hungry?   18 hours 10 min ago

    RE #24 of RichardofJeffer -- It does not seem clear to me.

    Quote RichardofJeffer:FDR clearly went to the powers at the time and explained that their way of life was about to be directly threaten by the volition of the people.

    It seems that if FDR explained that to the powers to be, they would not have staged a military coup. Thank God, that Smedley Butler saved us.

    It seems to me that the "unbridled herd" is a synonym for demcracy. The unbridled herd was winning against the powerful minority which led to the Lewis Powell memo. If the unbridled herd was not winning the Powell memo would not have been necessary.

  • Drought Emergency-Not So Much For The Rich   18 hours 13 min ago

    The rich only have to make it thru their lifetime.

  • "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,"   18 hours 15 min ago

    Bully cops turns into submissive Asian women?

  • College Grads And The Student Loan Fairies   18 hours 17 min ago

    Please supply 1 photo of a student having a gun held to their head forcing them to sign loan papers. Where were all of you for the past 15 years as college costs kept rising? Now you just want taxpayers to support a bloated university system.

  • "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me,"   18 hours 18 min ago
    Quote drbjmn:

    …Asian women, ARE, IN GENERAL, submissive. At least the ones I saw in 15 different countries, and even here in my own neighborhood. My Indian neighbor's wife always walks behind him.

    I have seen, that Asian women ARE submissive, but when they learn a difference, they choose to be different. I fear that doesn't change people from exploiting what those women believe is status quo.

    Drbjmn, most women raised in strict patriarchal societies are “submissive.” That is to say, because of the superior physical strength of men, in general, and because women deprived of control over their reproduction become dependent on men for survival, women have no choice to submit to male dominance. Patriarchy, therefore, must be recognized as a most toxic version of rape culture, because coercion is at the [no]heart of it.

    Many Asian countries do indoctrinate women in submissiveness as a value, and so I do not deny the stereotype as having an element of truth about it. However, my point to “Paliboy,” simply meant to recognize your second point— when women have a choice, they choose differently. Any American man with an expectation of a docile little Asian Lotus Blossom will soon be sorely disappointed, as she emancipates herself from that oppressive role and becomes her true self.

    Having said that, I would not wish to imply that “femininity” is an oppressive style for women, that is, for women who are naturally highly feminine in their appearance. The fact is, gender is not a binary, black & white, matter; it’s a spectrum, with shadings from highly feminine to highly masculine, and every shade in between.

    I would also not wish to imply that traditionally defined feminine characteristics, or those on the masculine side, are not values to be cherished by women and men both, as long as both genders do that yin/yang thing and allow the opposite aspect to inhabit themselves freely. IMHO, the sexes get into a whole lot of pain, when they try to suppress either masculine characteristics or feminine characteristics. Be in balance, seems like a good path to take.

    Quote drbjmn:

    But unless I missed it, nobody commented on his comment of a "Hardcore Rapist." If you noticed that, you've got a longer row to hoe with him than you may have thought. That is a very disturbing distinction to me, regardless of how I may consider how to fairly consider his opinions, even given an understanding of militarily, highly testosterone driven experiences.

    I don’t remember “Hardcore Rapist,” but if you’re implying he has made the same cognitive boo-boo the likes of Todd Akin love to make (“legitimate rape”), then yes. But, of course, you could always take it up with him too, yes?

    I get so bored with “testosterone driven.” I think you mentioned someplace (maybe on the other thread re rape) that AIW “couldn’t understand” teenage boys’ and their hormonal urges. Excuse me, drbjmn, but, hello, girls and women have sex hormones too. Males may be “driven” by testosterone, but females are simmering in estrogen. So don’t think you’re the only ones…dammit! ;-)

  • Why are we letting Americans go hungry?   18 hours 20 min ago


  • Pot saps brainpower?   18 hours 21 min ago

    If pot had no effect on a person-no one would use it. But in a country with legal alcohol and an addiction to caffeine, it is not fair or logical to not have it legalized in a way similar to alcohol.

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