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  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 2 hours ago

    Our liberal bourgeoisie never quite grasped how deeply the Clinton wing split apart the Dem voting base, while liberals only continued over the past 20 years to more deeply alienate the poor, etc. Over the past eight years, race has been used quite powerfully to alienated many white voters. I think we have a rather unique mess today. In the end, it looks like a good chunk of the country thinks that no matter how the election turns out, masses of us will lose.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 2 hours ago

    Interestingly, Eisenhower was actually to the left of today's Democrats and liberals, esp. on core socioeconomic issues. So was Nixon, for that matter. This has been a very strange era.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 2 hours ago

    When was the last time we had an election that didn't come complete with the routine claims of "widespread voter fraud" and the list of voter suppression allegations? When was the last time you heard anyone claimed that there was any integrity in our elections system, much less in our government? And yet with each election comes the howls of outrage against those who choose not to vote.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 2 hours ago

    Hope TomDorr is enjoying himself in Ireland, i think that's where he's headed if i read right. The weather report looks very British, mixture of sun and cloud with rainy periods , day time highs 45F to 50.

    No doubt he'd love to be in on this post. Personally i think TomDorr is a good man, he just needs to be convinced that virtually most things he's been taught or has read or seen in his life has been a lie, that he's been played like a fiddle. Yes he had a good job on the railway, a good union position, earned a good salary, paid his bills and lived a good life, but I think whether he's the exception, one of the lucky ones or one of a dying breed of US workers. He measures his America by the life he has led, but that's not the real America, especially now.

    Ed Schultz the MSNBC host recently fired , grew up a hard core Republican , till his mother got sick and had to endure the health care the republicans had instituted and how unfair and cruel it was. It was that moment Ed became a Liberal and has fought for liberal causes ever since. He still can be seen on where he has his own show, joining the likes of Chris Hedges, Larry King and the sons of both Jesse Ventura and Oliver Stone.

  • HELLO STUPID AMERICA is anyone HOME   5 days 3 hours ago

    I know all this Zap. I've a BS in Environmental Science and MLIS. I've worked in medical research labs, hospital labs, and currently as a research librarian. Nothing that you stated is news to me, but am glad that you are familiar with the research. Not many people can put down their devices (and bad attitudes) long enough to figure out what's going on right under their noses.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, if you'd like to have a civil discussion and exchange ideas that would be nice. However, if you want to talk down to me and act as if I'm too stupid to realize the world hasn't changed since the 60s then I'll bow out now.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 5 hours ago

    My point is simply that...he is "overcompensating". That led me to explore possible reasons why more, no less. However, the manner in which he overcompensates along with conduct assigned to him, which I address in my commentary, indicates a definite insecurity about his manhood. This, in my interpretation, is exacerbated by his effeminate mannerisms and gesticulations. Mr. Zap's comment regarding his "like a bitch" statement is something that I really failed to dissect until Mr. Zap brought it to my attention; and it is a thought-provoking bit of trivia.. Who knows and, frankly, who cares. I just found it to be an interesting diversion to my daily mental gymnastics.

    As noted by Mr. Zap, in a few moments the three ring circus will climax with its third installment. Mr. Zap seems to think that Americans will have their "collective heads (filled) with establishment propaganda." It appears Mr. Zap gives Americans more credit than I do because their "heads" are empty vessels that leak terribly and are,thereby, impossible to "fill" with anything but more air. Donald Trump is very comfortable, it so seems, abusing women and I suspect he will execute a full frontal assault tonight (couldn't help it). However, I caution the Clintonites about overconfidence. I still think that the white, angry racists that Trump appeals to are going to be extremely motivated to turn out to vote for him. On the other hand, I think that the very demographic(s) that Clinton takes for granted (particularly Black People in America) may be so despondent that they don't turn out. I know a whole lot of Black folks that, like me, will vote for neither. If Trump can multiply that effect, in terms of suppressing voter turnout by his sheer distastefullness...he will win. In other words Trump voters are inspired (especially after eight years of that Nigger in the WHITE House) and need to "take our (their) country back". This is highly emotional and very motivating. Clinton voters,conversely, will be holding their noses to cast a vote for her. Thusly, they are not as motivated. Just my opinion.

    And I think there is a very, very strong probability of that happening.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 5 hours ago

    Bush stole the 2000 election. Fla courts, Jeb Bush & katheryn Harris made sure of that . Bush had trouble putting 2 coherent sentences together , when elected he led US to global crash- TARP - loss of 700 K jobs a month in 2007- 2008 . Bush Cheney lied us into Iraq war, wasting lives and trillions. Now GOP has Trump.. who has his excuses all lined up when- if he loses. Trump never accepts responsibility for anything he does or says. He is a thin skiined, petulant, erratic, man- child who always got what he wanted . If he loses.. The touted Trump Brand will be tarnished

    Being a ' loser' for first time in his pampered greedy life. This country is not the one I grew up in in 50's . Eisenhower was last decent GOP President - he warned us of the growing Military Industrial Complex 's . Cheney's Halliburton is just one one result.

  • Are You/We A Protector?   5 days 6 hours ago

    Sound byte is the language of popular culture, where no one has time, or wherewithal to connect and communicate, so abbreviated ways are devised and adopted.

    We condense and adapt ... caught in the grip of gravity, drawn into the singularity ... every single one of us absorbed into the core. In time, white noise reduces to silence in the deep night of space.

    I am one small person. I do not see it all. My world is woven with lies and corruption, so deep in the fabric of humanity. Does the political process offer real solutions? In some ways yes, some no.

    The fact remains, I have the right to vote, and an obligation to exercise that right - hopefully, with conscience and awareness, for people who care enough to serve the best possible interest of all concerned.

    For those who choose not to vote, as a matter of conscience, the fact remains that so many people have suffered and died (in and out of uniform) for freedoms promised by the right to vote - and still do.

    As a citizen of this country, I have that right, and the responsibility that goes with it. For the sake of all who have given, and lost their lives, to further the dream - also, for those who are concerned, do have the right, yet are prevented from voting (one way or another) - for whatever good it does, or does not do ..., I vote.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 7 hours ago

    The winners of a US presidential election are causing the country real harm by not going out of their way to put in place before the election the quality controls suggested by the opposition.


  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 7 hours ago

    I gather you are suggesting he is a closet gay. As I understand the term, it means he's aware of his gay tendencies and does his best to hide it. Most cases of those in the public eye who are secretly gay tend to really speak poorly of gays--often and in the most hyperbolic language. Think politician Mark Foley (maybe Mike Pence?) or any recently disgraced evangelist.

    I don't try to follow Trump that much, but I don't recall him speaking harshly about gays. Gay marriage, yes, but not actual gays.

    Now I don't know if it's possible to be gay and not know it. If such a thing exists, then you might have an argument.

    I'll grant you he is overcompensating, but I don't believe that's the reason.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 7 hours ago

    It appears that DJT is about to suffer a complete emotional breakdown. I don't think he can hold it all together until November 8, 2016. Either he knows what he is saying is all a lie, that makes him evil; or he believes what he is saying is true, that makes him mentally incompentent. I prefer to believe that he suffers from a brain lesion than to call him evil.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 8 hours ago

    Hmmmm. Interesting Bodhisattva that you picked up that Mrs. Trump was the first on this thread to inject insults from her very first post and mentioned nothing relevant to the post itself. I totally did not put that together. Must be women's intuition and thanks to your astuteness, I smell troll (had to borrow that one from your farting dog diatribe on another thread in reference to another troll).

    My kind words as you put it, on the I'm The Law thread, was not an attempt to be kind, I was being realistic and my respect for you and your experiences is real. I have a daughter and a wife so my empathy is genuine.

    NTG, thank you and feel free. You saved me some trouble though I'm not sure I have the stomach to respond to that individual much further because I tire quickly of the acutely stupid.

    Chop wood and carry water my Nubian brother. You and Rasta/ Rascist Kenyatta are a hoot. and it's great fun and equally informative to be in the midst of such intelligent black people. Hope you don't mind my poking a little fun.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 8 hours ago

    coalage1 -- You sound like you do not live in the USA. We do not live in a modern democracy with proportional representation. They are voting for Hillary because she is not T-Rump, and not because she has a D after her name.

    Personally, I like HRC billionaires (banks, big pharma) over T-Rump's (fossil fuel, Pete Peterson). The military industrial complex should love them both.

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 8 hours ago

    Voter suprression is Trump's best hope along with another HRC meltdown. Obama could have resolved all the VOTER ID BS by either passing a bill or issuing an executive order that the Social Security Card was valid anywhere and everywhere as Voter ID. This would have silenced the wobegone FOX watchers who are convinced voter fraud is a huge problem, and believe it or not, there are lots of folks who fall into that trap. Otherwise both candidates have created the issueless campaign that both want. Thom I admire your spirited defense of HRC. But truthfully she is Wall Street's woman and will support gender and identity equality but never economic egalitarian societies here or abroad (witness her murder of Gaddafi). She is what she is. Clinton's wife, the guy who gave us NAFTA, deregulation , etc.. If you think she is different look at her vote on the student loan issue. Along with Banker Joe Biden she voted to deny constitutional rights to those who file for bankruptcy. (Yes that right is explicit for people in the constitution, there are no foot notes.) Now only corporations can dismiss all their debts, destruction of the environment and fleecing of the public in the Bankruptcy courts. Do a show on that someday. The things the constitution states are actually of interest to some. The right of bankruptcy and the explicit unconstitutional nature of taxes on consumption are worth a show or two, don't you think?

  • Who's Rigging The Election?   5 days 8 hours ago

    Obama and other Democrats are making a big mistake in ridiculing Trump's claim that the election is being rigged. The Republicans rig elections, as much as they can, by surpressing voters and perhaps by hacking. Black box voting with proprietary machines owned by Republican companies. Trump's charges are a smokescreen to distract from the Republican's nefarious activities.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 9 hours ago

    Well its 3pm Calgary time, 4 hours to TRUMP vrs HILLARY in the Battle Royale. Oh course we all know both right , left and those undecided it should have been Bernie , but there's one small problem, until your country breaks up these 6 big media empires, they'll continue to be king makers and fill your collective heads with establishment propaganda.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday October 19th, 2016   5 days 11 hours ago

    I want to thank the caller on Monday who talked about the election triggering past trauma flashbacks. I thought I was the only one. Thanks.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 11 hours ago

    Okay boys, I guess I missed something but I know you and Kenyatta are friends Nat so I guess that is some "locker room" stuff. By the way Mzungu and Nat thank you for your kind words on the other thread. I've been terribly busy with various things recently and am just getting back here.

    I thought this post was intriguing for several reasons, not just the post itself but the comment from the other woman in the room. I assume that she's a woman. There is nothing in the post about race, or guilt or any of that crap she mentions. Why would you bring that up on this thread Diane? In fact you don't say a word about the topic. Or was it just your troll fed need to act like a troll and make comments that have absolutely no relevance to the topic at hand?

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 12 hours ago

    Speaking of "dimwits". No brother Ghost, I don't like you. I never have in the 45 years I have known you. I disliked you even when we were kids; I have simply tolerated you, lo these many years. I made you the Godfather of my youngest child simply because I felt sorry for you, homeboy.

    And yes, you do, indeed, know where I live. Am I to surmise from your public reference to that fact that you are threatening me? Cornholio says "are you threatening me?" Should I expect you on my doorstep soon? If so, please advise so I might inform the local police.

    And you know what them white boys will do to a big, buff Mandingo like you don't cha?

    Then again, they'll probably kill us both.

    LAFFIN MY ASS OFF! Oh the joy!

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 12 hours ago

    Live in your fact free bubble.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 12 hours ago

    Unlike the very civilized MapleLeaf, I don't give a good goddamn about piling on idiots. S-TRUMPet. And unlike you, Mzungu's errors were obvious TYPOS moron. You see, the 'J" as in (Hjave) is right next to the "H" on a standard keyboard. EInstein I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he simply missed the "N". You can always tell a typo from a SOB that's just an illiterate moron. RASCIST is a common mistake made by the illiterate and phonetically challenged. If you had any formal education you would know that. His use of "inbreds" is correct, so now you've doubled down on your illiteracy and WHOREton is an inside joke dimwit.

    Nice try cretin. The fact that any self-respecting woman could support an abusive, misogynistic Hump like Trump speaks to your well deserved low self-esteem.

    Sorry Mzungu didn't mean to carry your water, but the opportunity presented itself and I give the pigs no quarter...Carpe Diem!

    Kenyatta, keep it up being a smartass. I know where you live MF.

    How ya like me now?

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 13 hours ago
    Quote Mzungu.3000:

    Hmmmm. Very astute of you NTG and Zapdam as well. Problem I'm having here is that Reynolds is so incredibly illiterate and inept that I can't quite make sense of her "screed". So I am left to make assumptions, let's see if I'm right.

    So "Exciting topic. Things must be moving slow in cyber land." But here you are commenting. Correct assumption?

    Then "A self absorbed arrogant rascist who posts paragraphs about how great he is." I assume you are referring to the "RASCIST" Kenyatta. Or maybe you meant Rasta as in Rastafarian. An understandable mistake, probably got confused while all that quantum theory was flying around your superior brain. Correct assumption? Since I lack your clearly superior intelligence I guess I am unable to see in this post the "paragraphs" about his "greatness". Though I tend to think so. I know he isn't nearly as smart as you but then again...who is? Your brilliance is obvious as pointed out by Mr. Turner.

    "An ass kissing Canadian." That I am assuming is Zapdam, given his Canadian flag icon. Is that correct? I seldom agree with Zapdam's methods, but he is clearly a smart man...but not as smart as you fair maiden. Probably just a flash in the pan that he can spell and you as a genius cannot. How am I doing?

    "His loyal sock puppet who at each post attempts to inflate his hero's ever growing ego." That one you truly hjave (have) me stumped on and I admit it. Are you talking about yourself as the sock puppet and your "hero" Trump?

    Finally we get to the very best part. "A individual who is so filled with white guilt he/she can't look in the mirror." By the way "Eistein"(Einstein) it would be "AN individual". I am guessing you are talking about yours truly. Correct assumption? If so, I have this to say to you.

    You talk about "ass kissing" but the only shit I smell is coming off of your breath. Might I offer you a Tic-Tac? To what do you attribute my alleged "white guilt"? And since it is fairly obvious that you sleaze around public restrooms, is that where you witnessed my inability to "look in the mirror"? And when is the last time you did so without it cracking?

    Speaking of "drag", I can't help but wonder if you are the resident troll, aka Tom Dorricott, Tom Dorr, Horton, Storm Trooper, Whoreton (?) blah, blah, blah in drag. Or maybe it's just the inbreeding. Both of you seem to be equally illiterate, incapable of spelling correctly and have the same stupid commentary. Then again, inbreds (inbreeds) do procreate despite the tragic consequences. What a fucking concept, eh?

    Just a few spelling corrections. Now, continue on with your rant.

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 13 hours ago

    Trees are NOT in a wholesale die-off from global warming. The Earth has, in fact, 14% more green vegetation than it did 30 years ago:

    That is the equivalent of adding the vegetative area of twice the United States:

    Thom is spouting fear mongering verbiage that has no basis in fact!

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 13 hours ago


    I hate to pile on , but aren't you the girl that wrote this comment on my post 'Trump Destroyed'

    Dianereynolds • 1 day 21 hours ago

    "Methinks you have not heard the last of Donald Trump. You may be eating those words as you have done many times before.

    It must be very miserable living in your world of hate. Did you run to Canada to avoid going into the military?"

    Dianereynolds, everyone has the right to form their own opinions and you're no exception, so please don't stop posting and don't allow yourself to be run off by the likes of people like me. Even if we never agree, there may be nuggets of common agreement, plus at the very least its all very entertaining.

  • Achtung Schwartzer Mann! Better Think Twice About Fleeing to Canada   5 days 13 hours ago
    Quote zapdam.:

    Thank you Kenyatta for clarifying that for me. I guess i'm as guilty of nationalism (Canadian) as i accuse my friends south the of the border of being. I reread your fine post a few times, my first post was a knee jerk reaction, of a very quick first read.

    Glad to see you're still with us on this blog site, because 'the mind is a terrible thing to waste' and no doubt Kenyatta you have one of the finest.

    Ghost, you're quite rightfully angry at me, because in the past i have played dirty and been both deceptive and unfair. I wish you happiness and peace my friend.

    That took courage Zapdam. You are a man with character, I won't hold you being a uppity Canadian against you.

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