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  • Has Kansas Found the Cure for the Reaganomics Disease?   15 hours 22 min ago

    Regulated capital serves the people. Unregulated captial serves itself.

  • Will Rand Paul's flip-flop on ISIS cost him Libertarian votes?   15 hours 23 min ago

    I agree with you , they really don't know what they stand for .

  • What if they held a climate conference and nobody came?   15 hours 23 min ago

    Even when they turn up, their hearts are not there. They don't realise how petty their cares are compared to our environment's.

  • Elon Musk-Master of The Subsidy   15 hours 45 min ago

    It's not okay for the oil companies, it's not okay for Wall Mart, and it shouldn't be okay for Tesla. And we own a Tesla...

    Subsidies used prudently can be a good thing. Not this...

  • PETITION: Tell the EPA$$$ Fracked Gas is NOT a Climate Solution   15 hours 49 min ago

    Proposed Text of Petition directed to irresponsible boobs in Washington$$$:

    Dear [Decision Maker],

    I am submitting these comments in response to the administration's proposed rule for carbon emissions at existing power plants (Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0602).

    Personalize your message

    Climate change is too important for us to pursue half measures that will not prevent us from experiencing global warming over 2 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, the proposed rule will not meet this target.

    1 - The rule should not incentivize shifts to using more natural gas by counting changes to fracked gas power plants as an emissions reduction. Fracked gas has lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions close to, and possibly worse than, coal.

    2 - The rule should not allow states to use cap-and-trade programs to meet the emissions targets. Cap-and-trade is designed to benefit big corporate polluters who can decide for themselves how to limit their emissions based on profit motive. This makes it cheaper for the dirtiest power plants to simply pay for permits instead of cleaning up pollution.

    3 - The rule must not allow states to let polluters buy pollution offsets to meet emissions requirements. Current cap-and-trade programs allow polluters to pay farmers, foresters and others to reduce their emissions, then claim those cuts for themselves to meet emissions targets. Power plants keep polluting, and the families living in their shadow continue to breathe toxic emissions. Given the 50-year lifespan of carbon in the atmosphere after is it released, offsetting also poses a real risk to long-term climate stability.

    I urge you to rework the proposed rule and to issue a stronger rule that will actually lead to reductions in carbon emissions and help us avoid drastic climate change.


  • "The Urgent Case for a Ban on Fracking"   15 hours 54 min ago

    This President is irresponsible.

  • Will Rand Paul's flip-flop on ISIS cost him Libertarian votes?   15 hours 56 min ago

    I don't think so because most Libertarians have no ideal what they stand for

  • breaking up is hard to do   16 hours 10 sec ago

    The Basques are pretty happy in Spain today. The Catalans are more likely to push this way than they. Other than Tibet and Hong Kong, I have heard of no provinces looking to leave China. The national identity of China is pretty solid.

    Post-colonial Middle East lines in the quicksand are up for grab, and Africa has some similar dynamics.

    Nice verse.

  • Wall Street should love Obama   16 hours 4 min ago

    To say that Obama has not allowed Wall St. to gain is about as stupid and dogmatically ignorant as you can get. I hate it, but it has happened and for you to claim that he has had nothing to do with it is blindbat idiocy.

  • Obama’s War in Iraq and Syria   16 hours 11 min ago

    You cannot be serious other than seriously deluded on the "choices" we got to make. The abslolute shit from the Right makes the "lesser evil" argument as clear as night and day. If you want to jump up and down and blow smoke, try to find something on the Right that would be better, not just more insane than what you don't like in Hillary and Obama.

    If you thing the world was in great shape after Dufus and Darth fucked everything in the Middle East or that Obama could have rescued our mission with magic, please note that he had no chance to declare an end and just withdraw. He did not create the mess in Egypt, and I cannot see much that could have been done other than to abandon Israel and the Egyptian military--for the Muslim Brotherhood in 911 political culture!

    Congress has been totally dysfunctional, thanks to Bonehead and Turtleface and the Tea Party idiots like Rand Paul. As the symbol of America, Obama gets the political cartoons, but the truth is that his failure is systemic and GOPimps go down with him.

    After all, who provides the warmonger chorus, not the Dems. You got those two old guys in the balconey giving Kermit hell.

    Again, what "choices" did "we" have? We could have gone with "Monica's boyfriend's wife, and you would have slobbered a lot of anti-woman snot at her while waiting to do the racism card when we got around to Obama. I wanted Dennis the K. Why did you not get on board with him? Oh yeah, he is a real small d democrat and you seem to think that democracy cannot work.

    If you want to fire Congress, go ahead. Nobody will miss them. Thanks to the obstructionist disloyal to America 'opposition' to the elected President. At least we got to oppose a "selected" President and his asshole VP. You had to make the consequences of elections the failure of America. Way to go!

  • What Men Think About 19 Times A Day   16 hours 40 min ago

    Paleo, there have been some very good "give back to the community" things from charity and foundations, but the Commons could do a lot if the enemies of democracy were not so fervid in their opposition to it in America.

    The scholarships go away when education is "free" and even stipended, as it is in some European countries. Public health services seem very good with excellent facilities and medical staffs, say in France where visitors get it for free too.

    Parks are a public investment, not something we need to depend on the kindness of the wealthy to provide. SF and Portland, plus Central in NY are fine examples of this democratic and civil foresight. The arts also get a lot more support "over there" and is not concentrated in the upper echelons. Janice Scroggins' family has to raise money to cover her funeral costs! She was only the finest keyboard player in Portland for a long time and deserving of international fame had she not died just before breakthrough time with Esperanza Spaulding. She should have been a civic treasure and endowed by the citizens of Portland for her contributions to our music scene.

    Carnegie was cool, for a robber baron, and his socialist institution does provide one of the best institutional answers to Corporate Everything. The Public Library. Join it to the Postal Service as the public's information institution and watch the net providers twitch in hatred of democracy. Take back the profit making parts of the postal service from Fed Ex and UP and have a great communications network. Same with travel where we really could use 21st Century trains and a system planned around civil and rural needs rather than making money.

    Yes, I think a really progressive tax on capital would bring us the resources for democracy to work a lot better than it does starved and beaten up by profiteers and rentiers.

    And how about a health system that dealt with public health priorities rather than the penile function of the rich sugar guys and what their sex for money 'girls' need. Or the cure for baldness instead of real attention to the growing problem of Lime Desease and other underfunded scourges?

    Yeah, it is sounding better and better the more I think of taking back "our money" from those who have not really earned it. Refer to Piketty on this for a capitalism analysis. The structural advantages of wealth increase the divergence of wealth and poverty, and no amount of education or job creation can close the gap. Money makes money faster than work creates wealth. Dynasties rule because they have special advantages only the wealthy can access. They did not earn this leverage, so why not tax the hell out of it and give it back to the country that made these people rich beyond any ability to spend their money usefully or for their personal pleasure and indulgences.

    Believe me, what the rich will have left after this serious take back will still be enough for all the caviar, sugar, champagne, yachts and drugs they can consume. Their children will still have advantages at the top even if they actually have to work instead of just spend their trust fund in lazy indulgence.

  • Obama’s War in Iraq and Syria   16 hours 46 min ago

    Also I should mention that according to some reports the "moderates" upon whom Obama was hoping for co-operation in a fight against ISIS have opted instead for a non-aggression pact with the latter.

  • Obama’s War in Iraq and Syria   16 hours 53 min ago

    Obviously, we live in quite a different world than just a couple of decades ago. But some aspects of this situation are not so new. Recall that there was even some question about whether the U.S. was attacking communists in Cambodia. Chasing an enemy which uses guerrilla tactics across borders is nothing new, in fact the U.S. violated Mexican territory a few times during the leadup to the Mexican-American war if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was shortly afterward, I'm not sure.

  • Pro Israel and Pro Christian   17 hours 3 min ago

    Sorry, there is not an ounce of anti-Semitism in the Israeli citizens and Jews who criticize the Gaza slaughter and who see it as inciting anti-Semitism where it ought to be criticism of the Israeli State and not Jews or a religion. Zionism is another matter, as is the type of Islamic Nationalism that gets trotted out in response to the Great Satan. The Great Satan is all they say it is, but religious nationalism is the problem for all of us, and that really includes the American Exceptionalists as well as the Conservative Religious Right and its Red Cow Israel 'theology.'

    I also reject the notion that Christians ought to be focussed on Christians in the Middle East instead of peace and justice for all. Getting the Great Satan out of there would be of immense benefit and it would make the Egyptian Military have to scuffle for the money it would lose along with Israel and the Saudis, Bahrain and some other choice elements of the dictator culture.

    Again, nobody I know is turning any blind eye toward the rest of the region while we protest the US financial support of Israel and companies who are part of the terror regime in the Occupied Territories. It is conservatives and Neocon Dems who have made "Israel" the cornerstone of our Western Empire in the Middle East. Between the Europeanist roots of Zionism and its post-colonial ride to power and US foreign policy, Israel has been given all the wrong ideas about itself and what a real memorial to the Holocaust ought to be.

    Opposing the Nitwityahoos and the Gaza Slaughter is supporting moderate Israelis and all who have been working for a resolution to this horror show. Smearing American Progressives with what we can see as residual anti-Semitism in Europe is a low blow and uncalled for. It is particularly ironic given conservative support for the Nazis in Ukraine in our new "cold war" NATO aggression.

    "Anti-Semitism" is an interesting thing when it is reserved for Jews and does not extend to Arabs and other close relatives in the Islamic world. Not being good enough for Europeans, but still "better" than those "ragheads" sounds like a battered spouse syndrome or something similar. Pass down the crap poured onto you by finding someone below you to beat up on. Very tragic.

  • Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Event   17 hours 32 min ago

    to .ren:

    My mysterious reference to the National Geographic:

    I was a subscriber to NG for a few years during the early 90s. Subscribers got the 12 monthly issues plus one or two special issues. I'm remembering that perhaps the 6th Great Extinctions issue was one of these special issues. It may have been a compilation of articles from several other issues, but maybe not!. This was before the internet electronic editions. I've renewed my search on the internet and found a reference and a link, but it now leads to a National Geographic "404 page not found". I think the reason for that may have been the political change at National Geographic when Bush became president. I'm saying the NG was a reliable source of information for several generations before about 2005. Politics and all that...

    Here's a link that provides a link to the missing edition of NG.

  • What Men Think About 19 Times A Day   17 hours 37 min ago

    $5000 a month? Damn, you can almost buy a Real Doll for that ( a one time price for years of enjoyment) and you wont have to worry about getting a disease, or the bad odors (unless you don't take care of "her").

  • Scientists: 'Extreme' solar storm heading to Earth   17 hours 46 min ago

    And poof! that was that...cheated death once again! ;-}

  • JFK must have been a conspiracy theorist   17 hours 47 min ago

    Very good quotes, thevoice!!! And all so true!!

  • If A Man Did This, Women Would Be Calling For A Prison Term   17 hours 58 min ago

    I saw a woman in San Francisco one evening many years ago, as I was going back to my parked car from a museum, cross the street toward my direction. And right in front of me, between two cars parked on the street she hiked up her skirt and squatted like a dog and took a whiz. She was an oriental but she had a very hard look about her...someone to stay far away from. Then when she finished she just went about her way...she didn't even recognize that I was there....totally ignored me.

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   18 hours 14 min ago
    Quote D_NATURED:

    You know those people do war against each other, right? They haven't cared to control that dark aspect of their humanity. Is rape worse than war, in your opinion?

    Here's an example of a war the Minangkabau engaged in:

    Quote Wikipedia:

    The Padri War (also called the Minangkabau War) was fought from 1803 until 1837 in West Sumatra between the so-called Padris, Muslim clerics from Sumatra who, inspired by Wahabism after returning from Hajj, wanted to impose sharia in Minangkabau country in West Sumatra, Indonesia, and the Minangkabau nobility and traditional chiefs. The latter asked for the help of the Dutch, who intervened from 1821 and helped the nobility defeat the Padri faction.

    In other words, the Minangkabau chiefs sought help from the Dutch, when a pack of Muslim clerics wished to impose sharia law in their country— that is, they defended themselves from the rape of their culture by Muslims.

    Sometimes war is about self-defense, and in that respect I cannot make a complete analogy between war and rape. To my mind, rape is always wrong, always immoral, while fighting a war of self-defense can be justified on moral grounds.

    Perhaps you wouldn’t mind if your community were taken over by religionists who wanted to impose their values, beliefs and ways of living on everyone. I would mind, and I would think such a circumstance might reasonably be met by military opposition.

    I am not a pacifist; but I am always and forever anti-rape.

    To your point about human moral development, I agree, yet I am not willing to wait around for people who harm others to evolve morally. I want violent people separated from the rest of us. Yes, the entire society needs to evolve, to lessen the likelihood of child abuse and stresses leading to violence. But, D., in the meantime, we cannot allow those who know the law prohibiting rape but cannot keep themselves from violating it to remain free to harm others.

    Seems like that’s what you’re suggesting— we should just say, “Oh well, he’s evolving. Someday he’ll do better.”

    Quote D_NATURED:

    The "diff" is that one is a case of an individual act of misogyny and the other is acted out by the state. I don't desire to control everyone, I just don't want my wife/sister/neices' reproductive system to be under the religious authority of hypocrites because mine is not. Rape is not a state action, usually. Throwing abortion doctors in jail is.

    We’ve been talking about rape culture, D. Not just individual acts of misogyny, not individual rapes. That very definitely takes the subject out of the private realm to that of the public realm, where the state, authority —religious, legislative, school administration, etc.— and other public elements combine to foster a climate where women can not only be raped, but also raped a second time by society.

    As Wikipedia tells us, “Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality.”

    That’s a PUBLIC issue, D., not a private one. And I would think you might be as concerned were your wife/sister/nieces treated to the kind of stigma, inaction, humiliation and disbelief by authorities and communities that raped women face once they go through the process of outing their rapists, both publicly and privately.

    Quote D_NATURED:

    We already have laws agaisn't rape. Now, let's figure out why they're not stopping anyone. Culture? Very likely. Changeable without changing practically everything? No.

    Rape culture, which we need to change before rapes can be properly addressed and prosecuted and women begin to feel safe, will never change as long as people deny its existence, blame women, celebrate celebrity rapists, shame “sluts,” fail to stop or report rapes in progress, treat the subject as “boys will be boys,” normalize rape via violent pornography, support rape myths, and minimize the problem.

    Those are attitudes and realities we are in the process of changing. I hope you’ll join us, D_NATURED. We need your voice.

  • Malaysian Airlines MH17: An Internationally Sanctioned Cover-Up Orchestrated by the US and Britain   18 hours 24 min ago

    It's been a slow-moving, ongoing job, through the administrations of several of our most coldblooded and dimwitted POTUSes.

  • Ice Melt Accelerating   18 hours 25 min ago

    Naomi-ShockDoctrine-Klein's new book

    She is very sharp, the link has a book exerpt.

  • Elizabeth Warren: Jamie Dimon Gets $8.5 Million ​Raise for Illegal Conduct at JPMorgan   18 hours 33 min ago

    What would be the point if the gestapo are going to decide what comments are pertinent and which ones aren't?

    Hypocrisy used to be a good thing to know ahead of time about someone with aspirations for higher office.

    What would be the value in having another whOreBama? Or are we still waiting to see what he can do politically...yet?

  • Obama’s War in Iraq and Syria   18 hours 39 min ago

    Lyndon Larouche said, back in the first or second year of the Obama presidency, that Barry had been hand picked as the perfect candidate to bring the dream of the sociopathic neocons, as well as the psychopathic global elites, into final fruition — exactly the way that we see it happening today.


  • Wall Street should love Obama   19 hours 6 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    obama had nothing to do with Wall Streets gain.

    Wall Street's gains are largely due to Quantitative Easing, as you pointed out.

    Ben Bernanke was the Chairman of the Fed. He instituted QE. Obama apparently supported it. Obama reappointed Bernanke as Chairman in 2010.

    And that's just one policy/action among many.

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