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  • Ben Jealous just said that Tim Kaine in known for wanting to Deregulate Wallstreet? There you go. That's a good reason for HRC to pick him as VP!   2 days 13 hours ago

    Both Hilary and Kane were supporters of TTP. Now they say it needs changes. That is code for a few minor changes and pass it.

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   2 days 15 hours ago

    Well Brother Al, I guess we is busted. You, me and Kenyatta are all the same person. This inbred is beyond delusional. I mean think about it, here we are different individuals and this sick bastard says we are figments of the brother's imagination because the reality is not to his liking. Wow, this MF is nuts. This boy seriously needs a psychiatrist and some lithium. he is so fucking stupid he did not get the Roast Camel comment the brother made...too stupid to get the joke. I'm sure you did brother Al. Seems like every time this fool strikes a key he makes a bigger fool out of himself.

  • No Contributions for Political Fools   2 days 19 hours ago

    Thom is censuring any posts that talk about the DNC emails against Bernie.

  • It's the Ecomomy, Stupid!? / The Establishment Loses/ Global Ramifications of Trump win?   2 days 19 hours ago

    Thom is censuring any posts that talk about the DNC emails against Bernie.

  • It's the Ecomomy, Stupid!? / The Establishment Loses/ Global Ramifications of Trump win?   2 days 19 hours ago

    I would say the democrats have a far bigger with the DNC and it's corruption than anything Donald Trump can conjure up.

    After Hillary Clintons wonderful pick for VP which she was too ashamed to let be known until late on a Friday evening. The Wall Street, TPP supporting, hedge fund insider, Tim Kaine. Thumbing her nose at all the Bernie Sanders supporters, thanking Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a speech, and totally ignoring the wishes on millions of others of us that were trying to send her a message.

    All this proves to the world how true Democratic party supporters were played like suckers, and so many conservatives on this board warned us. Everything they said was correct. We the people let this opportunity slip from our fingers.

    Shame on us for not listening and acting sooner.

  • GAMBLING WITH OUR DEMOCRACY   2 days 19 hours ago

    Well, risk it she did........ And now she's gone and converted DWS's consequenses into being given a new job as head of HRC's Naional election boss.....

  • Planet of the Apes..? Reply to Hillary's eMail after She selected Kaine for VP.   2 days 21 hours ago

    This election cycle should be a slam dunk for the Democrats....but they seem destined to screw it up. The awful Trade agreements have become a real campaign issue this year, and I'm afraid Clinton doesn't get it.

  • Goldman Sachs domination...Global Coup d'etat?   3 days 2 hours ago

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  • Goldman Sachs domination...Global Coup d'etat?   3 days 4 hours ago

    The phrase appears to be American. Originating from the U.S. Weather Bureau's rating of clouds. A cumulonimbus cloud is rated 9 often reaching 40,000 feet. In the 1950s a popular radio show "Johnny Dollar" in a recurring episode the hero was knocked unconscious and awoke on cloud nine.

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  • Be afraid, be very afraid...of Donald Trump?   3 days 6 hours ago
    Quote Toddedyer:

    Ok so you have Clinton who at worse is the secound coming of bill!

    Did you even bother to read any of the references cited above, or do you really believe that those issues are so trivial that we can all go to sleep for another four years after Clinton is coronated?

  • Be afraid, be very afraid...of Donald Trump?   3 days 6 hours ago

    Toddedyer: I'm not getting the part about how Trump would find this the easiest way to enrich himself over the next four years. He seems more like a Berlusconi type to me:

  • To Protect and To Serve: Reckoning in Dallas   3 days 9 hours ago

    Helen: don't worry about these keyboard warriors. Tragically, there are periods in our history when law enforcement personnel are targeted, but these are horrific "blips in the radar" that never amounted to any real threat. Remember the "Black Panthers" of the early 1970"s? Ever since the Philadelphia Police stood up to them, these "warriors" snuck out of town without a peep, and they never gained any type of true exposure, let alone results, again. Same thing now. All this bold talk is just that. Talk. A chihuahua can yap and bark as furiously as it wants, everyone basically ignores it. But if it actually tries to bite, it is quickly put down as it now becomes an annoyance. The chuhuahua knows this, which is why it rarely bites. Nothing will come of this empty chatter except maybe more body cameras, which wii actually help the police more than hinder them.

  • Al Franken for VP?   3 days 11 hours ago

    You know I do get tired of these absolute purity test you guys have. What part of the majority of Democrats did not support Sanders do you not understand? I actually don't find him that much more "progressive" than Hillary,. He's not got as good a record as her on children's, women's and human rights for example. Also he does have a bit more of the old left's "eat the rich" kind of feel about him. That class warfare anger kind of crap has always lost in the U.S. which is probably one of the reasons why most of the long time party activists wanted to ignore you. I think the future of the party will be the old lady not the old man.

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   3 days 15 hours ago

    Thanks to all of you for your comments, albeit some more infantile than others.

    Keep reading.; as long as I am on your mind I am pleased.

  • Bring this up when a conservative mentions Obama's doubled the national debt   3 days 15 hours ago

    Please see the first comment.

  • Help in Washington State Primary   3 days 16 hours ago

    Yes, and every Boeing worker I have ever spoken with is terrified of this. As is much of the working class in Puget Sound because so many of their jobs are secondary to Boeing being here. But a lot of the radical progressive rap seemed to be about how much the CEOs of companies get paid. People don't really care about that. What the workers care about is jobs which give them a decent life. Some of the people around here that's voting on this issue are planning to vote for Trump, even though he is obviously wealthy because he says he will save their jobs. The people most hated are the upper middle class from Bellevue and many of them were Bernie supporters. "They are from Bellevue" is a code word for folks that sneer at working and middle class people, not unlike calling someone "a quiche eater" was 30 years ago.

    The better read are of two minds 1) tariffs and such would hurt Boeing and speed their move to China or someplace that more willing to kiss butt to them , but 2) if we don't do something they will move to China eventually anyhow. Murray, Inslee, the governor, and other Washington politicians do go out of their way to be nice to Boeing but that's what the majority of voters want. "Kiss butt and smile a lot and then draw the line smiling when Boeing goes to far," sort of approach rather than, "let's get them." In other words, they want them to be good and clever politicians.

    And the thing is I think history says they are right. People who don't preach hatred of all of the upper class, who actually often are of the upper class themselves often have done a better job of strengthen and building the middle class than radical rich hating revolutionaries. T.R.s and F.D.R.s rather than Lenin, Dibs, Castro, Chavez, and Allende.

    So at the caucuses, the so called activists were all Bernie supporters, many at their first political event, while many of the Hillary supporters, which included many people who had worked for years for progressive causes found the Bernie supporters rude and threatening, went overwhelmingly for Bernie. However, when we had several months later the meaningless primary of all Democratic voters, they went overwhelming for Hillary.

    So this is kind of my point, if you guys really cared about the middle and working classes you would learn to listen to them, not lecture them, and be disgusted by thugs that call them "sheeple."

    Then you might see that Murray has been so very popular because she tries to do what the people want, not what she thinks they should want. And you might see she has been a sucessful and strongly progressive senator for many years now.

  • Bring this up when a conservative mentions Obama's doubled the national debt   3 days 17 hours ago

    WOW! Bush added only $ 5.6T with two full fledged wars going and Obama will have added over $10T (almost twice as much) when he leaves office. Is the country better off? No. Cops are being assassinated and protesting/rioting, and terrorist attacks are the new normal.

    And be careful not to say "Radical Islam". That might offend a Muslim jihadist.

  • What has greed cost America?   3 days 21 hours ago

    Re: RichardofJeffersonCity comment

    Unless I missed something, Nash's last book was published by Crown Publishing Group. Crown Publishing Group is a subsidiary of Random House, the world's largest book publisher.​

  • Help in Washington State Primary   3 days 23 hours ago

    "Boeing, which is locked in a fierce battle for plane orders with European rival Airbus, will build its first aircraft completion plant outside the United States in China in order to gain a foothold in that important market, say industry observers."

    They are all ready on there way to china. They have moved some assembly to South Carolina and they packed up their head quarter and moved to chicago years ago.

    It is all about the share holders, like every other corporation they are looking for cheap labor and lower taxes for the share holders sittin by the pool waiting for their dividend checks to come in the mail.

    Boeing just had its 100 year anniversary July 15 , built on the hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the years, probably billions plus of man hours into building and developing the planes to the point they are today, using billions worth of infrastructure and billions into an educated work force.

    Luckily the infrastructure needed to build an 787 in far more complex then building an air conditioner, which is a major reason Boeing hasn't already packed up and moved to china or some other cheap labor country, but by making this deal with china, they are laying the ground work.

  • Be afraid, be very afraid...of Donald Trump?   4 days 4 hours ago

    Ok so you have Clinton who at worse is the secound coming of bill! Or you have trump who going to sell everything he can like military contracts to halibuton who than buy athosand memberships to a trump golf course! Ya we fully invade iraq and syria too!! You open up a huge part of the grand cayon to developers, when trumps leaves office he got a casino there and in Yellowstone and ten percent goes to such and such native tribe in those states! The saudi family fully invest a billion in trump properties we close iran back down!!! Also for a billion dollars russia can have which ever country it misses most!!! Hell if isreal invests enough will start target bombing iran!!!

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   4 days 4 hours ago

    When Amazon figures out its drones, merges with other delivery services to be a massive monopoly they can get around the Constitution like limiting postal service to specific government building! so it becomes the tsa for congress and nothing more!! Thus not ending it at all just making it completely useless! Or this monopoly will get enough in congress to amend it the same way the nra gets them to do nothing!! But seriously its not like the supreme court can't just define the whole of the post office as the email servers for congress they did make corporation s people! Its not like the TPP or a trade agreement could out law the post service because it effects their profits!

  • Al Franken for VP?   4 days 5 hours ago

    See im not fan of Stephanie it just honestly comes of as the liberal side of the coin to mild right winged cheese talk shows to me! But he would of been a better choice than who she did pick

  • Dumb Blondes or Drumpf Blondes?   4 days 5 hours ago

    I assume blonde jokes came about due to blondes being used in very old movies! Women much of the time in those movies were very stupid and childish! So see stupidest women on tv and being blonde more than likely created the stereotype which seems to be best embodied as Marilyn monroe!

  • It's the Ecomomy, Stupid!? / The Establishment Loses/ Global Ramifications of Trump win?   4 days 6 hours ago

    I myself have a hard time believing Trump is anything more than a poor mans Mussolini! However that man did inspire Hitler! So there is clearly historic event to argue for! However I have yet to see any brown shirts, and i believe trump ran as a marketing gimic, so i can't picture him inspiring the rebirth of Western Facism! Isis and the Wahhabists in general the fear of them would be the cause of right winged Facism coming back in full to counteract Muslim Facism we see now!

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 6 hours ago

    ;rs allen/ghost/kenyatta Another angry screed "ghost" written by Kenyatta, his creator. So far Kenyatta has told me about his visits to fine restaurants, dining on "roast camel", and now his alleged BMW. Experience has told me those that perpetually try to make everyone believe they are ,intellectual giants, cultured, and have money usually are insecure, adolescent-minded frauds so neurotic they invent their own groupies, and eventually start to actually believe their own myths and apparitions. So sad, but so funny. I'm sure there are lots of underground groups bent on some type of "rebellion". They're underground, all right; six feet under due to the ineffectiveness and absurdities of these "rebellions. The mainstream is neither scared nor concerned about these "rebels", as most of them are either keyboard cowboys or so disfunctional they can' t understand the futility of fighting for misguided causes. "Minions":Have fun in your "BMW", hope you enjoyed your roast camel, and keep writing your venon filled screeds , and defending them. Kenyatta-can't you at least invent minions with at least some intelligence and sense? Please, invent one who is not a hate-filled idiot.

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