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  • Daily Topics - Thursday September 15th, 2016   3 days 20 hours ago

    Trump and Fox news claim all DarkSkin people are poor,living in slums and on welfare.Well my daughter is white and her husband 1/4 Mexican .They had an opportunity to purchase a home in Prince George County ,Maryland one of the wealthiest Black communities in the United States! They are the minority !!!!!!(Her family was living in DC but could not afford a home there,all the rich lobbyist and investors are buying up everything!!Kicking out the middle class and poor )Since the purchase ,her home has increased in value. Its a great neighborhood and have get together's.Our family does not see color,we see people! My granddaughter is 1/8 Mexican. I have known my son-in-law since he was in 5TH grade and works in the DC area. He is very successful.My son goes to George Washington University......When you see him with his friends there and friends at home its like a rainbow........they all have different ethnicities.

    My husband and I have black friends and always worked with Dark Skin people.Racial profiling has never stopped.....our friends and coworkers are consistently stopped due to their color.We live outside the Chicagoland area.

    One last thought.....My father was 100% German,he did not become a citizen till he entered the Army in WWII.HE fought against his own People(even family) and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.He fought in Korea and was a Master Sergeant during Vietnam.He married my mother who is Jewish in 1957.

    Trump and all Republicans who support him want to stop people with certain ethnic backgrounds or religion from entering our country .My father did not fight for such discrimination!

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   3 days 20 hours ago

    Terence Crutcher's dad says son knew how to handle traffic stops
    BY Edgar Sandoval Laura Bult

    Before his son had four kids of his own, the father of Tulsa police shooting victim Terence Crutcher advised the young black man on properly handling a traffic stop.

    “My son had his hands up, like I told him how to do it, so they know you don’t have a gun,” dad Joey Crutcher said Wednesday at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s Harlem headquarters.

    It wasn’t enough to save his life.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   3 days 20 hours ago

    Great point 2950-10k Thom makes the same point in his book The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight page 273 The Secret of "Enough".

    But is it the governments place to control his behaviour? Or is this a product of our culture .Perhaps new beliefs can change these unacceptable Alpha males greed .As someone famous once said "No one does anything wrong given their model of the world".

    Time for a new model .

  • Why it is Flatly Impossible for Wind & Solar to replace Fossil Fuels   3 days 21 hours ago

    In my Springer 2015 book "When trucks stop running: energy and the future of transportation", I explain why renewable biomass biodiesel and water (hydrogen fuel cells), as well as finite coal and natural gas can't replace diesel fuel in heavy-duty trucks, which do the actual work of civilization (planting/harvesting crops, hauling goods (EVERYTHING WAS ON A TRUCK AT SOME POINT), mining, logging, constructing roads, buildings, transmission lines, lifting (cranes, forklifts), digging, cement, garbage, and so on). If biomass, hydrogen, coal, and natural gas can't power trucks in the future, the only choice left is electricity via batteries or catenary (see That isn't possible due to batteries always being too heavy to move trucks and little changed since invented over 200 years ago ( and plus related links at the bottom ). Finally I have 3 chapters explaining why a 100% renewable grid and energy storage are not likely to ever happen.

    If trucks stop running, civilization as we know it ends. We ought to be preparing to go back to the age of wood and muscle power. Oh well, the wind turbines and transmission towers will make interesting Easter Island heads...

    Alice Friedemann

  • My Diagnosis of Drapetomania   3 days 21 hours ago

    Yeah, whatever zap. I was only being kind because other brothers have given you some cover. But make no mistake, if you want to fill up your dance card with white nationalist whores and then expect all of us to treat them with any can go fuck yourself because I've been around that same dance floor with with those assholes. So I'll speak to them any way I want to. I Don't expect you watch my back but I also don't expect you to be on my back to carry as weight, that's for the other brothers. Not me.

    Indeed brother Kenyatta, a very cool tune. I'm surprised it'd be new to anyone. For me though it's been more of this type of week;

  • How To Take On the Banksters   3 days 21 hours ago

    Great point 2950-10k Thom makes the same point in his book The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight page 273 The Secret of "Enough".

    But is it the governments place to control his behaviour? Or is this a product of our culture .Perhaps new beliefs can change these unacceptable Alpha males greed .As someone famous once said "No one does anything wrong given their model of the world".

    Time for a new model .

  • My Diagnosis of Drapetomania   3 days 22 hours ago

    Zapdam I figured as much. I have to agree that Cool Out is a great song. Like Mzungu I never heard of Leroy Hutson. I am learning a lot from you Kenyatta and please keep up the good work!

    NTG....big smile to you and puppy.

  • Donald Trump Tax Return   4 days 5 min ago

    EvilRichGuy, you are 100% correct. Releasing any information to the tax ignorance of the press or general public would serve him no purpose. Just look at what the idiots tried to start with the Skittles analogy. The only muck they didn't rake up with that comment was trying to connect Trump to the Treyvon Martin case.

    Less can be more when your opponent is swimming in a shitstorm.

  • Donald Trump Tax Return   4 days 48 min ago

    Trump's tax return is not a mystery.

    He is a real estate developer and real estate developers rarely show profits. Real estate provides depreciation deductions which reduce immediate tax liability while the lion's share of the profits are deferred until the property is sold.

    For example...

    Let's say that I buy a building for $10 million. That building might generate $350,000 per year in income (around 3.5% return on investment.) However, it also generates a depreciation deduction that is often more than the income. It's tough to quantify what the depreciation deduction is because there are complex rules and different depreciation schedules for the building, the furnishings and the land. But, suffice it to say that the income is sheltered particularly during the early years of ownership.

    Often, there is appreciation in the underlying asset. Let's say that rents rise over the term of ownership, raising the income of the property. If the income doubles (which can happen over a 5-10 year period of rising rents), the value of the building has doubled, if you apply the same 3.5% income ratio (called a cap rate). However, none of this income is reported until the building is sold. The reason it isn't reported is that federal tax regulations (unlike property taxes) do not look at the value of property. In other words, the operating income is sheltered, and the market value appreciation is invisible.

    When the property is sold no income is reported if buying a larger building. In other words, market value appreciation may NEVER be reported or taxed.

    I'm not stating an opinion on whether this is right or wrong, but it is a fact of real estate investment. Politicians put the current tax system together and more than one political candidate has said that the system needs changed, including Mr. Trump. The federal tax rules on real estate reach back for as long as I can remember and weren't established by either Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton.

    This is a complex topic and not one that can be explained easily. But, I am quite confident that Trump's tax as a percentage of income is much lower than Hillary's. Speaking fees do not come with special rules in the tax codes.

    Trump should not be penalized for legally and correctly filing his tax returns, but that's not how the system works. The public would be outraged by the fact that Trump shows no income on his tax return, and it would be a deteriment to his campaign.

    I should add that it is not uncommon for real estate developers to go broke. They live on the edge, usually leveraged to the hilt. Smart ones can make a lot of money, but even the smart ones can fail. It's a much longer discussion, but Trump managing to survive and prosper through good and bad times is a tribute to his ability to succeed. Real Estate may come with upsides but there are lots of ways for it to go wrong. It isn't all easy money and big tax deductions. It's big risk and big reward.

  • Definition of Progressive   4 days 1 hour ago


    30 million Americans still with no health care, tens of thousands of who needlessly suffer and die each year from treatable illness because they are to poor to access the health care system. Most of whom live in red republican states that would sooner see their citizens die than challenge their right wing beliefs.

  • the RICH NEVER face real JUSTICE   4 days 1 hour ago


    Where have you been, i've been soooo missing you, lol. Yup 'busted' guilty as charged, to lazy to post the sources, didn't think anyone cared , but for just you from now on i'll do just that, promise. Glad you read the post though.

    By the way genius, the blue highlighted portion of my post if you click onto it, it takes you to the source of the text, so i did reveal the source, but just for you i'll " " every quote from now on.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 3 hours ago

    It's too bad Warren didn't ask Stumpf if the $200 million gain made his life happier? I bring this up because research has shown that massive wealth doesn't lead to more personal happiness. However we do know that Stumpf has created misery for the 5000 fired employees, and I'm sure many of them have young kids.....all of this because government couldn't prevent his out of control behavior.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 3 hours ago

    Thom: Great essay. I agree wholeheartedly, but as a fellow Boomer and an informed voter, how do we peacefully undo all the damage from the Reagan years? With climate change staring us in the face we don't have the luxury of time like the corporate yahoos had in 1980. BTW, that was an excellent piece you did on the multi-national corporations gearing up for the threats from climate change. Thanks.

  • a question for and about the future   4 days 3 hours ago

    Hey Nimble, how ya doin.

    I see you are one of the lucky ones to make it through the censor's screen. I've had two out of four make it so far. I just wrote one titled The Structure of a Humanific Revolution (a word play off Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions), which I think relates to your topic, but it didn't make it through. I'm giving up. So I posted it elsewhere.

    Your question looks like it might fit in with the topics I'm trying to stimulate on my brand new message board...

    ....without such an ominous and implacable screen.

    You are welcome to bring this topic there if you get no response here.

    The question you are raising here is related to what I consider the inevitable effects of an institutional environment, and a culture of intentional stupidification that results:

    Trump Truths.

    I'm wondering if these are some of those people who will be catching this technology you speak of as it falls...

  • Why Won't the Media Push Back Against Liar Think Tanks and Experts?   4 days 4 hours ago

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  • Full Show 9/21/16: 790 People Killed by Police this Year   4 days 6 hours ago

    Caca de Gallo

    {… a rhyme …}

    Trump floats bloated on a fetid bayou {buy-yo},

    stinkily reeking of “caca de gallo {guy-yo}”, -

    - which in TexMex means “sheeken cheet”;

    “chicken sh*t” from his head to his feet.


  • Full Show 9/21/16: 790 People Killed by Police this Year   4 days 6 hours ago


    {… a limerick …}

    Nation-&-World have troubles:

    The caldron boils and bubbles

    and steams the stubbles

    of what’s left in the rubbles.

    Daily the heat re-doubles.


  • Full Show 9/21/16: 790 People Killed by Police this Year   4 days 6 hours ago


    {… a limerick …}

    The day won’t be a glad-‘un

    but instead quite wholly a sad-‘un

    if Donald J

    gets his way.

    Our president wholly a bad-‘un.


  • Definition of Progressive   4 days 15 hours ago

    It would be easier to discuss these topics if you would use the word progressive to point out economic problems and liberal to point out all the other left wing policies. I know there is lots of overlap but try to reserve the term progressive for those policies that are predominantly economic.

    What is this term "under Obama"? It seems to me the constitution says the congress is the most powerful branch of the government. Of course, SCOTUS likes to act like they are. For 27 days out of Obama's 8 years has he had a congress supporting his policies. The 600 or so cloture, filibusters etc. have shown how much power the congress has.

    One of the key reasons there are 30 million Americans without insurance is due to John Roberts ripping out part of the ACA.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 15 hours ago

    Tom and E. Warren reveal to the public the ugly system.

    An angry mass movement elects a Dem majority and a Dem president.

    In some worlds this would lead to laws that put the oversight execs into jail.

    But not in this one where Hillary is more corrupt than the execs in question.


  • the BIG LIE ?   4 days 16 hours ago

    Jimmy Dean is this attack a case of shooting the messenger a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of blaming the bearer of bad news, because you don't like the message.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 16 hours ago


    Outstanding comment!!! You are not alone.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 17 hours ago

    The Obama Administration is notorious for refusing to personally prosecute people who are "filthy rich" no matter how many people they fraudulently hurt. Senator Warren is right, but she should be point her finger at Obama as well.

  • How To Take On the Banksters   4 days 17 hours ago

    Yes, banking (and other executives) need to be prosecuted for their criminal behavior. And, yes, the laws governing corporations need to be changed to end the incentives to engage in such activities that result in personal benefit at the expense of employees, customers and the general public. We need legislation that gives advantage to publicly-owned, not-for-profit banks. We need to replace the system of debt money creation with direct government issuance of currency. We need legislation to reinstitute the separation of investment banking from commercial banking. And, we need tax reforms that eliminate the advantage given to income derived from rent-seeking and the gains on sale of financial assets and landed assets over income derived by producing goods and delivering services. In short, we need to reign in on the rentier-dominated system that is destroying democracy.

  • Definition of Progressive   4 days 17 hours ago

    Perhaps isHillary by her deeds one of those 'deplorables'. After all isn't it deplorable that she was part of the Obama program of arbitrary murder of thousands people with the use of drones in dozens of sovereign countries.

    Perhaps Hillary and Obama are 'deplorable' because they orchestrated the destruction of Libya, which was once of the most stable modern secular countries in the middle east. Turning Libya now into a murderous lawless disfunctional state, now part of the growing mid east problem and a base for ISIS.

    Would it be called 'deplorable' that the Obama and Hillary would give military aid to Israels extremist right wing regime under Netanyahu , knowing full well that Netanyahu's Israel had just killed over 600 Palestinian children and 2200 unarmed civilians in his bombing campaign against Gaza, a place walled in by high concrete barriers and ocean from which there is no escape. Would it be 'deplorable' the Obama government just gave Netanyahu 38 billion in military aid, knowing full well that history has taught us he will use these arms indiscriminately kill innocents, this while defiantly flipping the bird to the United Nations who has passed resolutions Israels occupation of Palestine is illegal and the building of Israel settlements outside its borders on Arab land are criminal actions.

    Would it be called 'deplorable' that Obama , has ordered millions of decent hard working latino's families living in America to be torn apart, forcing in many cases the sole bread winners of those families to be deported to Mexico.

    Would it be 'deplorable' that under Obama freedom of press in the US has dropped virtually to the bottom of the list out of 180 countries worldwide.

    Would it be 'deplorable' that under this White House since in 2009, Obama's government has waged a war against whistleblowers and official leakers, brave patriots willing to risk their careers, their freedom and even their lives to expose to their fellow citizens crimes committed by their government.

    Would it be 'deplorable' that under Obama the fat cats have gotten fatter and the poor have become desperately poorer.

    Isn't it 'deporable' that Obama broke his health care promise and 30 million Americans are left without coverage.

    Would it be 'deplorable' that under Obama all Americans have now become targets of 24/7 domestic surveillance, the tentacles of intrussive government now extends into all citizens lives and privacy from prying eyes of government no longer exists. This while the US now leads the world in jailing its citizens, a time when 1 in 31 Americans are under the control of the US penal system.

    Would it be 'deplorable' that America wages war using Saudi Arabia military as their proxy army, who kill indiscriminately using the most vicious of methods, condemned under the worlds agreed to norms of warfare.

    So tell us America , who really are the 'deplorables'.

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