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  • Is the Future of the Planet in ALEC's Secret Hands?   12 hours 40 min ago

    This is my reply about Sven to you a couple of days ago.  Sven seems to have disappeared.

    AIW -- Sven was referring to the IPCC not the NIPCC.  The IPCC is the report put out by the UN.  The IPCC warns us how bad climate change is.  Sven is referring to 5 or 6 pages in the 1400+ pages of the IPCC.  Those 5 or 6 pages are why your course of action (97% of scientists agree) is appropriate.  I am still anlayzing those 5 or 6 pages.  It seems the contributors to that section do not understand detecting a signal in a very noisy sample. - See more at:

    DAnneMarc's blog was so good I hate to repeat mine.

    Sven was referring to pages 214 to 220 in the IPCC..  These pages seem to say not to worry because somewhere in the world things are getting better.  Using their line of thought applied to one of the last ice ages, it would say Europe do not worry that a glacier is going to destroy your continent because the Sahara will become a wonderful place for agriculture.


  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   13 hours 7 min ago

    Does this remind anyone else of Blazing Saddles? :)

    Boehner Johnson agrees with McConnel Johnson that the Negro must go.

  • Redundant   13 hours 7 min ago
  • World breaks temperature record for June after hottest May   13 hours 10 min ago

    If you edit for perfection, that's anal, if you edit because the fountain of thoughts are still spewing after you click the send button, that's something else.

    And that's all the news that's fit to print for now.

  • Rather than cling to the divisive branding of liberal, let's REBRAND as INCLUSIVE AMERICANS   13 hours 10 min ago

    ulTRAX wrote:

    Sorry. I have no use for the Dems or our two party system. But this approach is political suicide. Goldman is a fool. Dems have to go on the offensive with some real principled positions... and stop being GOP lite.

    In this department we need for the Dems to go after some of the key thrusts in the Right's long term stealth strategy to take over the government. This effort includes Starve The Beast, defunding the Democratic Party by going after labor and trial lawyers, packing the judiciary with far Right neanderthals, building a Orwellian Right media propaganda system, etc.

    I had some hope that Dems would target Starve The Beast... after all, it's trying to sabotage government's ability to function by choking it with debt... and then dismantling those New Deal and Great Society programs the far right has always loathed. They could never run on this agenda and win elections so they thought massive debt would do the convincing for them. And indeed, we see the Tea Crackpots going in for the kill.

    While Clinton worked to get us out of this trap, the GOP could not wait to sabotage his efforts and they finally did in 2001. But instead of exposing what the GOP was up to... Obama bought into these irresponsible tax cuts... minus those for the rich. But if we could not afford them in 2001 because we were at a surplus but 6 trillion in debt... how the hell could we afford them when we were 16 trillion in debt and had a trillion dollar deficit? 

    Where are the fiscally responsible Dems who are raising the moral issues that our generation has pissed away 16 trillion on itself for which it refused to pay for? Where are the fiscally responsible Dems raising the moral issues that this is theft from future generations? Where are the fiscally responsible Dems that can say sabotaging the Treasury threatens our ability to respond to natural disasters or military threats? And if so... is Starve The Beast not akin to treason?

    My point is instead of caving in and always reacting to the straightjackets the far right creates for Dems.... Dems should go on the offensive and start exposing what the right is really up to.



  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   13 hours 20 min ago

    Thanks for the comic relief vegas.

    I needed that.

  • World breaks temperature record for June after hottest May   13 hours 22 min ago

    .ren wrote:

    In a drought it's dry, but if you can grow lots of rye grain for your feed stock, it's wry.

    Sorry for jumping the queue, I ought to post more responses instead of editing existing ones. Is that an anal personality? 

    Another link to thought, listening and feeling is or linguistics.


  • Does NASA’s Data Show Doomsday for New York City?   13 hours 24 min ago

    deander wrote:
    l work in this field. I have not seen anything close to this estimated sea level rise by 2040 Thom cites - actually more like a couple cm not meters.

    deander ~ That is true according to contemporary estimates. However, as Thom points out, these current estimates are linear. The estimates that the arctic news source calculated with NASA data is probably taking into account methane release. Thus, these estimates are not linear but hyperbolic where sea level rises at ever increasing rates as time goes on. 

    Personally, I find that a bit hard to believe too since I live near the coast all my life and the total sea rise I've seen so far is "0". However, the satellite photos of the receding ice cap, the atmospheric measurements of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)and CH4 (Methane)--together with the mathematics that go along with it--do paint a dismal prospect for the future. 

    Whether or not that future will be as dismal as Thom's sources foresee is debatable. However, the fact remains that if there is any chance Thom is right we as a planet must act fast to mitigate the consequences of fossil fuel use. Of that there is no question. To that ends, no amount of exaggeration is unwise. Also, regardless of the consequences, fossil fuel use has to end. It is not a renewable energy source and its use poisons the planet.

    Also, deander, although challenging Thom and his facts is permitted and encouraged in this forum, it is customary to present ones own sources quite clearly when doing so.

  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   13 hours 26 min ago

    This is a brilliant move, now let's see if the republican congress will work with the president. Las Vegas odds are saying that the congress won't support this president on this either

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   13 hours 27 min ago

    Be hopeful Zoe, the west is best and white is right pathology collective is coming to the end of their rope. Of todays world I like to think we're witnessing the beginning of the end.

  • World breaks temperature record for June after hottest May   13 hours 38 min ago

    Thanks ren for either  a dry or wry wit [I'll look it up but was too checkled to bother yet].Found it:

    • wry •

    Printable Version Pronunciation: rai(r + eye) Hear it!

    Part of Speech: Adjective

    Meaning: 1. Twisted, crooked or bent, as a wry face. 2. Humorous with a clever twist, as a wry wit.

    Notes: Today's Good Word is an adjective, which means it may be compared, as wrier wit and the wriest wit, though most dictionaries now accept wryer and wryest as well. The adverb is wryly and the noun, wryness. This healthy word family also contains awry "crooked, off course", as to go awry on the way home and arrive with your hat awry.

    In Play: Today's Good Word basically means twisted or crooked: "When Shorty's waitress dropped his sandwich and bent it, she was surprised that he sent it back to the kitchen because he hadn't ordered wry bread." If you like your novels twists, you should enjoy wry humor, humor with a twist of sarcasm. But don?t confuse wry wit with dry wit, which is also sarcastic but in a cold, impersonal way.

    I like both, and once described a wry smile as one with a caraway seed stuck in the teeth, so I am multi- dimensional, but not a broad though I am abroad.

  • World breaks temperature record for June after hottest May   13 hours 41 min ago

    In a drought it's dry, but if you can grow lots of rye grain for your feed stock, it's wry.

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   13 hours 52 min ago

    D_NATURED wrote:

    But I see that you are unwilling to consider what you would do if your neighbor was intent on trying to kill you at every opportunity.

    Well, if my neighbor was locked up in my basement, it wouldn't surprise me. Your definition of neighbor is a little skewed. You should have used the word prisoner and it would have been more accurate.

    So, what if my prisoner tried to kill me? Do I have no responsibility for the nature of the relationship? Did the original occupants of Israeli land do something horrible that necessitated their captivity or were they doing time for German crimes?

    Just because the middle east is full of crazy muslim asshats doesn't mean that Israel isn't full of crazy Jewish asshats or that America isn't full of crazy Christian asshats. Do you not think that we have fundamentalists here who believe that a man has a right to rape his wife? The problem is not that the palestinians are "backwards", it is that every party involved is backwards.

    Whether the tradition is righteous, godly conquest through war, as with the USA, or the subjugation of women, on religious grounds, as you accuse the Muslims of believing or, if you believe that a deity gave your religious group a piece of the earth for all time, as with the Jews, you're backward. By default, if you choose a dangerous tradition over a safe reality, you are backwards.

    Calling the Israelis atheists is a cute ploy by someone who doesn't grasp the big picture. The Israelis have a state religion and even if god doesn't exist, it's religion that separates the combatants. We can also not overlook the religions of Europeans who began the Zionist movement for thier own reasons and the American christian right who continue it for their own religious reasons.

    It doesn't matter if god exists. Obviously he's not doing anything about the problem except exacerbating it. Our shared reality is a violent one. Now, I realize that the Jewish tradition is an eye for an eye. We, in this country, claim to believe in loving our neighbors. I'm not sure if a prisoner can be considered a neighbor, though.

    Thank you for that, D_NATURED.  You've hit on the exact problem with Somae's thinking— she/he has the Palestinians occupying a special classification of human being, that is, “backward,” which automatically renders them deserving of torture, genocide, homelessness, statelessness and war crimes. That is the mind-set present for every colonizing military force in history— a rationale that devalues a “native” population in order to justify military occupation and expansion. It’s the pathology recognized by Drc2 on this page, to wit:

    drc2 wrote:

    In that same sense, when we look at Gaza, think of Wounded Knee and the American West as we do the pathology.  This is not about Arabs or Jews.   This is about Europeans and "natives."  It is about West is Best and White is Right even if the color spectrum has expanded to include the privileged humans and the animals around them.  There was a time when Americans could say "there is no good Indian but a dead Indian" and not be out of synch with the culture and mind.

    Given that it’s a pathology without a cure, given that no crack exists to let the light come in, at least where “West is Best and White is Right” is concerned, the only solace I can find is in recognizing that such thinking has been revealed for what it is: Idiocy—an imbecility that is entirely out of sync with enlightened cultural standards. It’s just plain out of fashion, and I refuse to wear it.

    How shameful, to reduce an entire population to "backward," to justify their subjugation, displacement, murder and genocide.  Shameful!

  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   13 hours 55 min ago

    Yeah dex, it's so hard to make the connection.  He's so dumb he'd sign his own ouster order, poor ignorant black man can't stand the heat....see we told you so.

    Fuck you.

  • Mass Extinction = Food Insecurity: “Alaska Fisheries in midst of an economic collapse.” From Ocean Acidification.   13 hours 59 min ago

    This is my personal analysis of what will happen over the next few hundred years. Mainly because the Republicans ignore science and no one does anything about world over population. As the world warms we will lose the oceans for a vital source of food. Changing crop conditions will make farming difficult. The world could support 1/2 the population using fossil fuels etc. but it cannot support this population. Remember that in India and China very few had air conditioning, refrigerators or cars 20 to 30 years ago. Now they are mass users of fossil fuels. The combined population of those two countries is 10 times the USA population. Add up the rest of the world. Food will become more scarce. Disease will spread. Seas will rise diplacing large populations. Anger and frustration will create war. After a large part of the population dies from starvation, disease and war the survivors will live on. Probably somewhere in Northern climates. After a few hudred or thousands of years the earth will return to its normal state.

  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   14 hours 1 min ago

    The joke IS obama.

    I do love the race card though. The classic desperate move. Not many more straws left you can grab on to.

  • "The Moral Chasm Between Israel and Hamas"   14 hours 1 min ago

    Why would you care about anybody else when all  your life you have been told that you are God's chosen people and superior to everyone else the  land was promised by god to you alone !!!

    This justify's your killing with impunity and total disregard for life outside the SELF. Organised religion gets to kill with impunity secular humanism would never allow you to destroy life sanctimoniously .Why because the greatest  interest of humanity is life this is also the greatest interest of God as well ,but you claim otherwise .You imagine that  God has a greater interest than human life only organised religion could justify such a travisty .

    The young people must decide to transcend the beliefs of there culture and write a new story .Morality is a moveable feast and it underlines the guiding principle of functionality .So does life function having fallacy's from thousands of year old books as our guide .It's so obvious and that's what makes the whole thing so terribly sad even a child can understand so we have the blind leading the blind .The time has come to challenge the tellers of our cultural stories and question the myth's that they call truth .

    The only hope for humanity now is to create a new belief system that is functional for species survival and that  will guide our evolutuionary path .A guiding principle that we can consciously use as opposed to being guided by OLD BOOKS AND MOSTLY OLD MEN .


  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   14 hours 2 min ago

    I don't consider it funny in the least.

    It's just another dealt from the bottom of the deck race card from racists.

  • World breaks temperature record for June after hottest May   14 hours 9 min ago

    I wonder how many people are feeling the heat?

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, but, I must add, on the coast, so we are being modified by that great ocean that modifies air temperature near the ground, we've been cool and cloudy for most of this summer.  We just broke into a period of sunshine.  Up to now it's been difficult to find enough sunshine to get a tan.  We might get into the seventies by next Wednesday.

    Inland, it's different, my brother tells me.  He lives in Portland.  Further inland and over the mountains you get the desert heat in the Columbia Basin and beyond... 

    Look at this picture if you want to be unnerved: U.S. Drought Monitor

    Drought and wildfires

    Central Washington -- my state -- is in a severe drought.


    Washington State’s largest wildfire on record, the quarter-million acre Carlton complex—sparked by lightning on July 14—was largely contained by month’s end. Still, the complex of four fires (Stokes, Gold Hikes, French Creek, and the Cougar Flat fires) was enormously destructive while burning through timber, grass, and brush, with more than 300 homes destroyed in the Okanogan County communities of Brewster and Pateros. Following a brief cool spell, intense heat returned across much of the Northwest late in the month. On July 29, daily-record highs in Washington included 107°F in La Crosse and 105°F in Wenatchee. Farther south, moderate to extreme drought (D1 to D3) crept northward in eastern Oregon. Meanwhile, widespread, out-of-season rainfall accompanied the brief cool spell in the Pacific Northwest, allowing for the elimination of abnormal dryness (D0) along the coast and some erosion of moderate drought (D1) in northwestern Oregon. From July 22-24, Oregon rainfall totals reached 1.04 inches in Portland and 0.98 inch in Astoria.

    What, me worry?  We got some of that Astoria rain.  And now it feels wonderful with some cool nights and sunshiny days.

    But California?  And we get food from there, or at least most of the folks in this area who don't garden do.

    California's Drought: More Wildfires, Higher Food Prices

    Heat, Drought Causes ‘Significant Increase’ of Wildfires

    But Drill baby drill!  We just can't afford not to burn those fossil fuels. It's the economy, stupid!

    Oh yeah, and don't forget, we need to encourage cutting down and burning the rainforests so they can grow trees for our palm oil.  We need that palm oil to sweeten our ice cream, among other things. Also, now that the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic of obesity and type II diabetes, thanks to GMO corn fed beef and other features of industrial agriculture, we may need more palm oil to modify that effect, our nutrition scientists are finding:

    Genome-wide effects of palm oil on the pancreas: implications for diabetes?

    Activists warn of industrial palm oil expansion in Congo rainforest

    Oh, those pesky activists.  Why don't they just dry up and blow away?

  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   14 hours 12 min ago

    It is hard to not make the self-impeachment funny, but the joke is not on Obama.

  • $5.3 Trillion Daily   14 hours 19 min ago


  • Video: Too-Big-to-Fail Advantage Remains Intact for Big Banks, 8 min   14 hours 20 min ago

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  • BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself   14 hours 25 min ago

    I don't care who you are, that is funny!

    All that is missing is that the President did not hear about it till he read it in the paper.


  • Taxes and redistribution of wealth   14 hours 25 min ago

    90% on incomes above the equivalent of $3 million a year worked really well at one time. The tax could be escaped by investing the money in something a new business, business expansion, updating equipment, technological innovations, etc.

    What arose out of that was the largest middle class the world had ever seen.

    Money withdrawn from the economy and thrown into financial markets was heavily taxed.

    Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


  • Net Neutrality???   14 hours 48 min ago

    Response letter:

    Thank you very much for contacting us about the ongoing Open Internet proceeding. We're hoping to hear from as many people as possible about this critical issue, and so I'm very glad that we can include your thoughts and opinions.

    I'm a strong supporter of the Open Internet, and I will fight to keep the internet open. Thanks again for sharing your views with me.

    Tom Wheeler
    Federal Communications Commission