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  • Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work   19 hours 34 min ago

    Bernie is clearly a long shot but he is having a major effect:

    ---focusing on how the middle class is being screwed by both parties

    ---stirring a passion among the younger voters for the FDR sense of equality

    ---may weaken Hillary enough to bring in Bloomberg, a much superior choice.

    ---and if Hillary does get the nomination, guessing many dems will choose Trump

    as a relief from decades of her on TV.


  • LEFT WING FACTIONS vs Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller   19 hours 53 min ago

    Zap, I think the "division on the left" is more the MSMs need for a horserace more than anything else. Notice how the trolls show up all over the internet around election season? They're probably those bought and paid for types that couldn't care less who wins or loses.

    I listen to Progressive radio all day and am pretty familiar with the usual callers & have noticed an increase in unfamiliar ones lately--especially the hosts who are talking to each other (Bill Press, Stephanie Miller (damn I miss Chris!), & Hartmann). Tis the season. When push comes to shove there is no way I'll vote for one of those right wing clowns. There's too much at stake.

  • Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work   19 hours 54 min ago

    In the '60s and early '70s we were a middle class society, we were very largely middle class and what poverty there was was largely race based, i.e., it was largely the result of racial discrimination - and, in addition, isolation of poor whites in Appalachia. Thus the justice movements of '60s and '70s were mainly about racial rather than class justice and a class consciousness and sense of class struggle was never developed in the United States like it was in other parts of the world.
    Labor was strong, and corrupt, it had become part of the problem. The AFL-CIO was against affirmative action and supported the Viet Nam war effort. R.J. Daley had corrupt union officials on all his boards - including Chicago's Police Review Board, Nixon was endorsed by the Teamsters and sent Teamster thugs to beat up anti war demonstrators.
    There wasn't the solidarity between labor and radical students like there was in other parts of the world like France, for example, where, in 1968, 10,000,000 workers walked off their jobs in a nation wide general strike in support of radical students in Paris.
    Here in the United States the opposite happened, "hard hats" beat up the "hippies" and staged an "America, Love It or Leave It" march in downtown Manhattan in 1972.
    Some Leftist analysis had it that the blue collar middle class in the U.S. was an example of a national working class being bought off and mollified. They were fat and happy and didn't care about issues of justice. They just wanted to drink their beer and watch their TV shows. The prototype of the American blue collar worker became Archie Bunker, not only not revolutionary but reactionary.
    Then came the nationalization of the oil industries of Mid Eastern, oil producing countries in 1973 and our carefree economy, in which we only had to think about getting high and getting laid, came to an end. That was the final push to move manufacturing out of our cities, first to the suburbs and then to Mexico and later to Asia, and for the first time since the Great Depression we started having serious recessions.
    Americans are still having trouble developing a class consciousness, however, instead they are clinging to racial politics only this time it's divisive rather than inclusive. They seem to be trying to find a cause and effect relationship between the racial inclusiveness espoused in the '60s and '70s and the recessions of the later '70s and business elites encourage them to do so with their right wing misinformation campaigns to divide the working classes.

  • Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work   19 hours 56 min ago

    As of now, other than New England, Bernie has NO states in his pocket. Hillary has at least 27 and Super Tuesday is only a month away. New Hampshire is a tiny little nerdy state that only speaks for New Hampshire.

  • Something That Makes Me Scream at My TV   19 hours 57 min ago

    What made me scream (not really) at my TV during the last Democratic debate, the debate which aired on PBS, were the first two questions, which played to the favorite bugaboo of conservatives, that is the meme of “big government.”

    Judy Woodruff: “ big a role do you see for the Federal much larger would government be…”

    Gwen Ifill: “...the ‘era of big government’...”

    Thanks a lot, PBS, for pandering to the prejudices of your more conservative corporate board of directors and managers. —just a sampling of those:

    As for “executive orders,” and Obama’s use of them, every other president has issued them too. You can even compare them. (I do believe Dubya issued more of them):

  • Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work   20 hours 2 min ago

    Of high High HIGH quality, was George McGovern. See this Wikipedia page about him: .

  • Where Bernie Is Blowing It   20 hours 2 min ago
    Quote chuckle8:

    Ultrax -- I agree with what you say. Now how can Bernie provide that message to the American electorate of which only 83% knows which party is in control of the house? I think his current approach may be the best we can come up with.

    I like what I have come up with: "I want a government to protect me from the billionaires, not one run by the billionaires".

    And 100% of Bernie Supporters can't do math lol, and neither can Bernie.

  • Iowa Democratic party establishment altered precinct's caucus results during chaotic night.   20 hours 3 min ago

    The link didn't work for me, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit. Either the Iowa Democratic Party cheated or massively dropped the ball. I'm going with a lot of the the former and a little of the latter: corruption mixed with a little incompetence. If they had nothing to hide, then they'd just let everyone audit the results. But surprise, surprise they don't seem to want to do that. Their hesitation is like taking the fifth. Their silence speaks volumes about their actions.

  • Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work   20 hours 6 min ago

    While I understand your concern of democrats uniting once the primary is over, I think you do no one any service to say Hillary is likely to be the nominee. My reaction each time I hear that is to become angry at the system and believe that there is no hope in changing anything. During the primary, I do not think you have to defend her as much as you do. While I think Hillary is better than any Republican running that is not a very high bar to reach. Hillary's incremental liberalism is nothing I believe in or trust. You cannot take the money she does from corporate america and have me believe she's in any position to represent me as an ordinary person. I know people can evolve their positions over time, but Hillary's changing her position as fast as she needs to stop the tide against her. That is someone I cannot support at this time. Please don't throw the race for anyone by saying one or the other is the likely candidate. You have been wrong about Bernie before - I do not think you are a great harbinger for what will happen.

  • I Won't "Fall In Line". If Not Sanders, Then Stein!   20 hours 10 min ago

    No one will be responsible for the Democratic Party's loss, except for the Democratic Party. Let's dispense with the false dichotomy. You are an individual. You should vote for the person who best represents your interests, regardless of how popular that person is or whether everyone else agrees with your viewpoints.

    If that is Bernie, then it's Bernie. If that is Jill, then vote for her. If it's Trump or Clinton, then so be it. But please stop feeling like you have some obligation to save the Democratic Party from itself and the poor decisions it has made.

    If those of you who say voting for Jill Stein is the same as voting for the Republican -- if you're right and we have only two choices: the Democrats or the Republicans -- then **** it, you're not a free individual, and you're not living in a free society. In that case you might as well not vote for president at all!

    But, if you don't think that's the case, or don't want it to be the case, then you should vote for the person who best represents you, labels be damned!!

    How can we criticize people for voting against their own self interest when we insist everyone vote for two parties whose interests are by clearly aligned with the rich? We've all heard about the study that says whatever the rich want has a high probability of passing, and what the 99% want has the same probability of passing as random noise. Wake the **** up!! That could only occur if you're being screwed by both parties!

    Bernie is trying to do what is right and fix this broken system. However, if the people are too ignorant and misinformed to make him the nominee, or the party sabotages his chances, then the writing will be on the wall. If you want to reward that very party that gave you the proverbial middle finger so many times before, then vote Clinton. Otherwise, you can vote for Jill Stein or write in Bernie's name or vote for some other candidate. It's your choice! No one should tell you how to vote, and you don't owe anyone an explanation!


    lWhat about housing for all? Having to live outside or in some substandard shelter or apartment is bad for people's health. I have not heard this issue mentioned.

    Medicine does not always have all the informationt it should have to protect patient safety and come up with the right medical recommendations. I was given endless prescriptions for a certain type of antacid called proton pump inhibitors, even though the manufacturers only recommend that the drugs be taken for a number of weeks. I even once asked the doctor if I should stop taking it, but he said that he thought I needed it. As it turns out, a study from Johns Hopkins found that between 20% and 50% of people who took this type of medicine for a prolonged time developed kidney failure. The reporter who reported the story when it first came out asked, is it worth ending up on dialysis just to treat heartburn. In a further report, a doctor said that the condition is best treated by some dietary restrictions, not with continuing use of medication. It was already known that the medicine could cause hip factures and possibly other problems.

    The British National Health Service (NHS) is 68 years old. A conflict has developed between less experienced doctors, known as junior doctors, and the government, as represented by the state secretary for health, Jeremy Hunt, over a new, proposed contract concerning wages and increased Saturday hours. The junior doctors have gone on 24-hour walkouts. Emergency care, which is mostly provided by the junior doctors, and other procedures have had to be postponed. The doctors may have future, 48-hour walkouts unless a settlement is eventually reached. Also, England has seen somewhat of a decrease in the number of junior doctors applying to become specialists. There has been a decline in the number of junior doctors being trained as family doctors, for example. With an aging population, the government sees a need to reign in costs, but claims that it has protected the NHS from cuts that it has made in other areas, under the guise of austerity, and wants doctors to work more hours to increase productivity. The doctors who would be covered by the new contract feel as if they are already overworked for inadequate wages.

    In the local area, a person I know unfortuantely got into a car accident. She was not permanntly injured, but needed emergency services. Because there is not a trauma center nearby, she had to be taken by helicopter to a major out-of-state hospital that is only about an hour away by ground for intensive care. The bill from the helicopter medical transportation company was $45,000. Someone else told me that she underwent surgery that was done by an out-of-network surgeon. Her insurance does not cover most of the bill since the doctor was out-of-network. Perhaps this was the only doctor who was convenient and who was able to do this particular operation. The person said that it did not take that long, only less than an hour or two. She received a bill from this doctor, she said, for $72,000. She called the doctor's office and said that she might as well commit suicide, because there is no way that she could pay that amount. The person at the office said they don't want her to do that, and that they would work something out. No one, not the vast majority of individuals, not insurance companies, and not government can afford to pay bills for thousands and thousands of dollars.

  • LEFT WING FACTIONS vs Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller   21 hours 21 min ago


    Somehow they've managed to divide the left and turn what should have been a shoe-in Democratic Presidencial win into vicious infighting and a divided party. The Bernie peolple are saying if Bernie doesn't get the nod, they're not voting , the same comes from the Hillary side.

    Add to this voter revolt, voter obstacles put in place by Republican run red states, which are the majority in the US, add crooked electronic voting machines, delisting millions of left wing voters from the voting rolls, gerrymandaring, a billion dollar plus privately funded smear campaign against the left AND i see a REPUBLICAN VICTORY looming on the horizon for the Presidency.

    THEN all the left wing PETTY diferences will look insignificant, but by then it will be to late. WHAT FOOLS you Americans are. You really are the stupidest electorate on the face of the planet.


    posted a serious article on an epidemic of white Americans killing themselves and typical American fashion , no one gives a shit.

  • MADMAN NETANYAHU Yelping Again   21 hours 28 min ago


    Thanks for the help, these right wing mindless types so frustrate me , that i don't even respond.

  • Something That Makes Me Scream at My TV   21 hours 28 min ago

    So, what's your position on Executive Orders, Alice?

  • Thom, encourage viewers & listeners to tell all persons they meet to boycott Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is friends w/ Rush L & Donald T   21 hours 30 min ago

    You're going to spend a whole lot less money if you don't buy anything from businesses that support right-wing policies. You can't live on Ben & Jerry's.

    That Domino's Pizza owner was a yuuuuuge Pro-Life supporter. I don't know if he still is. In-N-Out Burger has a big Tea Party "Don't-Tread-On-Me" flag outside their corporate headquarters.

  • RT NEWS JUST KICKING ASS   21 hours 30 min ago

    madness , you're aptly named. Somehow i knew you were a FOXsocalledNEWS drone. If ever you decide to think for yourself, come on back.

  • Something That Makes Me Scream at My TV   21 hours 34 min ago

    Couldn't resist interjecting how nice life without TV is for us, and has been for close to a decade now.

    Try it; you might like it!

  • Affordable Housing and Enlightenment   21 hours 37 min ago

    Changing the government so that it is on the side of low-income working class, disabled, and elderly people rather than being against them, as is now largely the case, will not be easy or occur overnight. Los Angeles, Seattle, and the State of Hawaii have all declared states of emergency regarding the number of homeless people in their jurisdictions.

    A report on a local T.V. station in Chicago indicated that there were ads for apartments for rent on Craig's List that were in violation of a Chicago anti-discrimination housing ordinance. The ads in question said that those potential tenants with housing vouchers, also known as Section 8, need not apply. The federal government, not surprisingly, does not require that landlords rent to holders of vouchers, but Chicago does not allow discrimination against those with Section 8. From what I recall, the city's Department of Human Services is charged with investigating complaints of housing discrimination as it applies to city ordinances, but for some reason, the agency was unable or unwilling to investigate these landlords who said that they would not rent to people with housing vouchers.

    On Facebook, a certain individual has a very objectionable page called, "I Hate Section 8." It is based on sterotypes and half-truths. The individual responded to a comment in a ridiculous and arrogant way. No one on this Web site bothered to respond to the original post. Even Bernie Sanders as far as I have seen has said little or nothing specifically about the high cost of housing and homelessness. Even when someone is being assisted by HUD, the housing in some cases might be more expensive, even with the paperwork that is involved, compared to some non-government assisted apartments of comparable size. The stereotype in this anti-poor people Facebook group seems to be that all individuals who cannot afford housing are lazy and have lots of children. Nothing is said about the responsible working poor who cannot afford housing or have to have roommates or some governmental assistance to be able to afford it. Many are disabled, and some are seniors on a fixed income.

    Many people in this country, including many politcians and many who claim to be progressive, don't know much about either the job market or about behavioral, i.e., cultural differences and their long-term effects on brain development and cogntitive and educational outcomes between working class families versus children from middle class families. Academic, scientific research is not included in the opinions of most Americans, and it is not discussed by candidates, despite the extensive social problems of America.

    Oklahoma is a red or Republican state, but they have universal, free pre-K. Parents can send their kids to preschool regardless of income. A professor from Georgetown University spends time in the state studying the program. He was recently included in a report on Oklahoma's program on the PBS Newshour. Children who attend show short-time gains over those who did not participate, but long-term gains in school have not been clearly demonstrated. Oklahoma has had an influx of Spainish-speaking children, and that complicates the research findings.

    Some experts are now saying that preschool classes often put to much emphasis on academic-oriented curriculum instead of letting kids engage in play, which is what comes naturally to them.

    There are some other programs for children from low-income households which are family-centered rather than school-based. Based on the finding that children with working-class parents hear 30 billion less words than do those from middle class families, a program at the University of Chicago provides communication mentoring to working class parents. In Connecticut, there is a counseling program to help reduce what Harvard pediatrician Dr. Jack Shonkoff calls "Toxic Stress Syndrome." Many people assume that social class does not apply to child development. This goes against what a growing body of research shows.

  • Where Bernie Is Blowing It   21 hours 45 min ago
    Quote DdC:
    Quote ulTRAX:Sanders is stuck on a stump speech that the system is rigged but fails to explain how beyond complaints about money in politics,

    Sanders allies warns superdelegates to not ‘thwart the will of the people’

    And this is classic of how blind Bernie seems to be. He can see how antidemocratic forces are at work in the primaries... but he doesn't connect the dots that those things he most complains about... such as the rigged economy... isn't just about money in politics... IT'S THAT OUR FEDERAL SYSTEM IS ANTIDEMOCRATIC. But then how can Bernie complain about an antidemocratic abomination like the US Senate when he's a member?


    Thanks DoctorLyn, for another great post. Nice to be reminded, by example, of those doctors who entered the profession for all the right reasons. I’m encouraged by your opening remark that the controversy around Medicare for All has never stopped. May it continue to flare up repeatedly like a untreated infection, until the problem is resolved for good.

    There is simply no way any civilized society would allow a horrible carniverous scam like this to persist year after year, decade after decade, without regard to its horrible toll on people’s lives. This is psycopathy in action, folks. Even under “Obamacare”, we’re at the mercy of extortionists and insurance death panels guarding the gates, blocking our access to doctors, nursing care and essential medicines, pitting life-saving healthcare against their profits in a system that even under the ACA, is rigged entirely in their favor.

    Once again last night, in the Democratic presidential debate, I heard Hillary Clinton make the same lame-ass argument that switching to Medicare for All would be “starting over”. Pl-eeeeez.

    All this hoopla over “eligibility” is just code for protecting profits, either directly or indirectly. All $$ sucked into the cost of determining “eligibility” for each and every applicant & enrollee is wasted money that could’ve paid for an awful lot of actual care, instead of this crapload of useless bureaucracy that benefits no one except these parasites who continue to profit by extorting us and denying us needed care. Imagine a system where “eligibility” was determined by just two things, where one need only be a: (1) Member of the human species; and (2) U.S. citizen. Wow what a novel concept!

    Like I’ve said repeatedly in these forums, wherever healthcare is the focus: our current system is not only ethically and morally bankrupt, it is economically indefensible too.

    A Medicare For All system would make it impossible for Big Pharma to continue gouging and ripping off the sick, because Medicare would have way more bargaining power as the only negotiator. How confounding and complicated is that?

    There are lots of things I can list that do not, under any circumstances, belong in the marketplace. Healthcare is at the very top of that list. When you commodify healthcare, you get death panels, and guess what! People die. Healthcare privatization remains the primary culprit behind the epidemic of bankruptcies in this country. That this crisis has been allowed to drag on for decades already speaks volumes about the priorities, or lack thereof, in the House and Senate. Election time is our only opportunity to do something about that, if you’re as tired as I am of being taxed without representation.

    PLEASE vote with single payer in mind, dear comrades! And if you really care about this issue, don’t vote for any candidate who says “NO” to single payer, whatever their rationale. Otherwise we’ll remain caught in this web forever.

  • Thom, encourage viewers & listeners to tell all persons they meet to boycott Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is friends w/ Rush L & Donald T   21 hours 57 min ago

    I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that Thom's listeners/viewers have discerning taste buds and wouldn' go near a Pizza Hut... Papa Johns, Little Ceasars or Dominos. It's throwing money away and shortening your life at the same time. I assume this is a YUM foods deal and this "thread" extends to the entire corporation's fast food holdings - Taco Bell and KFC too?

    The anecdotal evidence that you have a friend that "said that Pizza Hut puts chemicals put in food that Pizza Hut sells to make them addictive" is worthless though...

    Wait a second... is this all about some 20 year old commercials? If it is, this is weak.

  • Uber and the "sharing economy"   21 hours 59 min ago

    Good explanation of what an Uber driver really earns:

    My Non-variables:
    Base rate = $0.50
    Mileage rate = $1.00 per mile
    Time rate = $0.17 per minute
    SRF per trip = $1.00
    Cost per mile to drive car = $0.32
    No surge rates
    No guarantee bonuses

    My Variables:
    Average miles per hour driving: 30 MPH (average includes time spent while stopped, i.e. traffic lights, waiting for customer, etc...)
    Downtime per hour: zero (meaning no waiting for pings, driver is 100% utilized by Uber system)
    Ratio of dead miles to billable miles: 50%
    Trips per hour: 3

    • 30 miles driven in an hour with 50% being billable produces 15 billable miles per hour.
    • At $1.00 per mile, that produces $15.00 in mileage revenue per hour.
    • Zero downtime per hour produces 60 minutes of work per hour.
    • 50% ratio of dead miles to billable miles produces 30 minutes of billable minutes per hour.
    • At $0.17 per minute, 30 minutes of billable minutes per hour produces $5.10 in time revenue per hour.
    • 3 trips per hour at $0.50 base rate per trip produces $1.50 in base rate revenue per hour.
    • 3 trips per hour at $1.00 SRF per trip produces $3.00 in SRFs per hour.

    $15.00 in mileage revenue per hour, plus $5.10 in time revenue per hour, plus $1.50 in base rate revenue per hour, plus, $3.00 in SRFs per hour equals $24.60 in gross fares per hour.

    • $24.60 minus $3.00 in SRFs equals $21.60 per hour.
    • $21.60 minus Ubers 20% commission (20% of $21.60) equals $17.28 per hour.

    Uber driver will receive $17.28 payment from Uber from the $24.60 gross fares per hour.

    • 30 miles driven per hour with a cost of $0.32 per mile equals $9.60 in costs.
    • $17.28 per hour minus $9.60 in costs equals $7.68 per hour.

    Uber driver will profit only $7.68 per hour on $24.60 in gross fares, which Uber calls "Driver Earnings".

  • Republican Neocon Hillary Clinton Running for President   22 hours 1 min ago
    Why Hillary Clinton Spells Democratic Party Defeat


    ...Wall Street’s and the Democratic Party’s old guard preference, Hillary Clinton has high negative ratings both nationally as well as within the party itself. She rates 51% “unfavorable” nationally as of February 7, 2016, worse than the 32% negative opinion registered in September 2011 and the 45% registered a year ago. CBS News found last October that 14% of Democratic voters declared they wouldn’t vote for her, with another 27% expressing strong “reservations” about her, and those numbers are likely to increase with her nasty attacks on Sanders. In other words, her bid to seek the highest office in the land has only increased the public’s dislike for her over time. She registers particularly strong distaste among voters in key swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and Iowa, that the Democratic Party has to win secure a presidential victory. The key attribute attached to her that attracts so much negative attention is her lack of “honesty” and “trustworthiness.”

    ...The more that the Hillary campaign, with Bill and Chelsea in tow, attacks Bernie, the more she alienates his supporters, especially the younger new voters, the slimmer the chances of a Democratic presidential win. This in turn will likely result in a stronger grip over the congressional seats by the Republicans, as weak turnout for the Democrats will spell Republican victories in the House and Senate. Bernie’s win, on the other hand, is dependent on very strong turnouts by Democratic voters. There’s good reason to think his strong showing so far will continue into the upcoming primaries and caucuses – and into the November election. A big turnout will likely sweep many Democrats into office, including the swing states noted above, and rebalance both houses in the Democrats’ favor.

    article continues...

  • MADMAN NETANYAHU Yelping Again   22 hours 4 min ago

    " the bible says Israel will be around for the coming Rapture." It is unfortunate that the Rapture is a non Biblical doctrine originated by a Chilean Jesuit, Manuel Lacunza, in the 1700's and poularized by the defrocked Presbytrian Edward Irving and a growing gaggle of Bristish Protestants in the 1830's. Manuel Lacunza's writings were suppressed by the Inquisition and Edward Irving was removed from his church position having been declared a heretic. So we have a teaching with wide currency among Protestant evangelical factions that originated with a suspect Jesuit, was spread by a Protestant heretic in the 1830's and is now adopted by various sects that in many points of doctrine contradict one another. Benjamin don't worry about Bible prophecy, worry about the hatred that grows for the Israeli state because of your actions.

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