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  • Bezos' latest, and why he is getting like Walmart   1 day 13 hours ago

    I hate to mention this but Abebooks is an Amazon subsidiary.

  • People Who Oppose Trump Are Revolting Against God   1 day 14 hours ago

    I think God has been unemployed for quite a long time

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday February 21st, 2017   1 day 14 hours ago

    Thom: In your first hour today you spent a full hour offering suggestions on how to bring back to reality those who cannot control their emotions following the election of 2016. Therapy dogs, meditation, safe spaces, controlled breathing, and praying are all helpful suggestions but for many far lefties here it appears psychotherapy followed by heavy doses of anti-depressants may also hasten their return to a normal society.

    That said, you offered no suggestions as to how the majority of hard working middle class Americans can handle the stress of sudden euphoria following the Republican landslide victory in November. I have found following a President Trump “press conference”, immediately turning on CNN will bring a continual smile to my face for two or three days to the point of the young man bagging groceries asking “having another good day?”. When traveling to the left or east coast I would suggest a visit to a dermatologist just before flight time for a heavy dosage of Botox which tends to inhibit the ability to smile for up to a week making one fit in with the privileged leftie elitists on either coast. Other simpler things like a flute of champagne before dinner may dull the feeling of fulfillment, and for hard core leftie/socialists, you may expand that to a bottle or two before bedtime which may prevent nightmares and permit you a full night’s sleep, giving you more energy to complain nonstop about the administration for the entire following day.

    Please don’t continue to ignore the terminally happy as we are people too.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   1 day 14 hours ago
    Quote rs allen:

    Anybody with an IQ above a fence post knew and knows that only one of two persons was going to take that walk up the capitol steps gumbie. On one hand, we had Clinton with some real issues, but admit it, most of the issues she faced were spun whole cloth out of thin air. If you think otherwise gumbie then you wasn't paying attention.

    I depends on what "Issues" you are referring too. At the very least she went up to the line of the law on selling access. The whole server thing was legit issue. She put national security at risk for what? What were in the deleted emails? Her explanations did not make sense to me.

    Do you think her support for free trade agreements was spun of whole cloth? Her support for the Iraq war spun of whole cloth? Do you think her flipping on the bankruptcy bill was spun of whole cloth?

    I live in Washington, this is a deep blue state. If I lived in a swing state I would probably would have held my nose and voted for her.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   1 day 14 hours ago

    Oh, I get it - duh! Thank you for clarifying. :-)

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   1 day 14 hours ago
    Quote k. allen:

    Which one was that, Alberto?

    As I noted, there were none. I thought you'd understand.

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday February 21st, 2017   1 day 14 hours ago

    Hi Thom,

    Suggestion for your radio show: can you bring on George Lakoff for a weekly or monthly series of "How to frame a Progressive message" on air workshop? I've read your books and Lakoffs on framing, but I always like to LISTEN to the Progressive framing masters with how to deal with current issues.

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday February 21st, 2017   1 day 14 hours ago

    Somebody had to do it. There didn't seem to be a web site devoted to the Provisional Ballot, so I made one. It's purely informational, there is no advertising, and I did it at my own expense.


    If you have input, corrections or suggestions, address them to

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   1 day 15 hours ago

    Which one was that, Alberto? By the way, I read the essay - cannot discuss at this time - and, can't begin to follow all the links you provide, but thank you for the info, anyway. Are you familiar with the works of Moshe Feldenkrais?

    One foundational principle of his method grew from observations that adaptive mechanisms (postures, patterns of movement and response) are adopted to cope with life challenges (of all kinds). At the time they arise, they may help us heal and survive. However, as life changes, old coping mechanisms and postures may become more hindrance than help.

    So, you talk about revolution? Do you mean more war?

    What is revolutionary about that?

    Once again, I do not believe I see, or know it all - I do believe every piece has its place in this puzzle - so, I work for health and clarity in my own life - hope it makes a difference, somehow - and trust you, and every one of us to do likewise, each in our own lives.

    That would make a difference, I think.

    By the way, I like your drawing. I used to think it was gross (still do) only, when you explained your dilemma, I took a closer look and now see how dear - and how true - it is ...

    It speaks deeply ...thank you for sharing.

    And Dianne, please. If you are fed up with people rehashing the same old talking points, why not turn the page and lead the way into more substantive conversation?

  • The Wagon With the White Coats and Nets is Waiting in the White House Driveway: Fake President   1 day 15 hours ago

    So far he's got the Russians convinced he's off and now they're having some regrets, as if they had any business in meddling around with our elections in the first place. Granted, it's pretty safe to presume it'd never get to the point where our missle crews would be put on higher alert, but has it ever dawned on anybody that mucking around with another nation's elections is a form of "causus belli"? Sure, we've pulled it off beaucoup times. And it wouldn't justify saber rattling on our part. But isn't it time for two of the four largest capitalist bloc of nations to call off the nonsense ands top interfering. We're capitalists now. Cold War is over. Or is it since NATO in its odd form of wisdom thought the worst of common sense and decided to give membership to four Eastern European nations, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and within less than ten years after the old Soviet Empire broke up? THose countries, like Ukraine, were all part and parcel of not just the old Soviet Union, but the Russian Empire of the Romanofs as well. Time for some second thoughts before we automatically start questioning Mr. Trump's complete mental sanity.

  • People Who Oppose Trump Are Revolting Against God   1 day 15 hours ago

    I fully agree that a certain element of the WASP majority population of Americans is working hard to turn the nation into a theocracy of sorts. But let's get some perspective here. By and large most Christians, including the Catholic Church, the single largest Christian body in the land, wouldn't give this "dominionism" and so-called "Christian reconstructionism" any measurable amount of respect. It's heresy for beginners. The rest of it borders on outright loonyiness. Most Christians just aren't going to buy into anything Rousas Rushdooney ever wrote, expounded upon or tried to scare the bejeeezus out of with this bullshit.

    Worry more about what the more dangerous heretics when it comes to creating a more civil society (even on what they believe are "Godly," i.e. ruggedly individualistic nonsense) will do to our social safety net. Yes, the Lord ... even liberals would agree, wants us to use our financial resources more wisely. But I don't think He means for us to give our parents, grandparents, kids and grandkids the bum's rush so that General Dynamics, Lockheed, Grumann, Boeing, et al can have beaucoup to thank the Lord for passing along more ammo.

    Expose the frauds in the pulpits by all means, but watch who's trying to pick your wallets for more ammo to pass along ... in His Holy Name of all Names. Oh, and don't forget to ask your Congressman or Senator if he or she puts R before the state indicator, "What would Jesus and St. Francis say and do with what you say we should do when it comes time to set the budget? More goodies for the wealthy at the expense of the poor through 'ofsets' ... or do you plan to abandon your faith during a presser just before giving your final vote this June?"

  • Most Effective Method to Achieve Voting Rights & Thwart Suppression   1 day 16 hours ago
    Quote Gibbon:

    You know, every time a drunken redneck here in the south yells: "YeeHaw".

    He's Really Crying out "JiiiHaaad".

    Yes, --- It WAS a Muslim Southern War of Agression supporting Slavery.

    Only demonstrates the depth of Islamic Culture in the Southern US in the 1860s.

    JiiiHaaad. YeeeHaaw. Same Battle Cry.

    The Muslims gonna do it Again..???

    Ass Masser Trrump.

    Alternate Facts ARE Real.

    Love it while you can.

    Other than your usual wacky babbling, your last sentence is very correct.

    I only need to love it until three Supreme Court justices, 15 Federal Appeals Court Judges, and 115 other Federal judges are in place. That should start later this week. More for bore ass woman hater Legend's stomach to knot over.

    Beyond that, I will let his cabinet, other appointments, wife, family, close friends, casual acquaintances, and generally the air he breathes, continue to drive all leftie/socialists further over the cliff.

    The entertainment continues.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   1 day 16 hours ago

    What do you propose to do with the radioactive waste? Feed it to your washed up enemies ... I mean, fellow humans? Fukushima offers a realtime solution. No need to complain - what difference will it make? Winners of the world are in control now. Right?

    Good luck with that - you are going to need it.

    ... consistency of production? Talk to the jellyfish.

    I suppose it is unrealistic to suggest - or even think - the oh so enlightened exceptionalists of this world might look for, even find, and implement ways to curb those increasing energy demands?

    Or would that require more conscience and personal responsibility than wee mighty individuals can muster? Better to muster the troops, I guess. Either way, a phenomenal waste.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   1 day 17 hours ago

    I have listed below, in chronological order, all the revolutions that have succeeded without revolutionaries:


  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   1 day 17 hours ago
    Quote Legend:
    Quote gumball:

    From the above politifact link;

    We searched his speeches on and found numerous mentions of immigration reform. In April 2009, in response to a question about the one-year deadline, he said that he saw the "process moving this first year." In June 2009, he assigned Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to begin putting together a comprehensive immigration reform framework. Finally, in September 2009, he said that he anticipated "that before the year is out we will have draft legislation, along with sponsors potentially in the House and the Senate who are ready to move this forward, and when we come back next year, that we should be in a position to start acting."

    Alas, the year came to an end with no Obama-endorsed bill in sight. On December 15, 2009, Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez introduced a bill of his own, but a spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies said that Obama administration has not promoted or publicly supported Gutierrez's bill.

    The fact is that he was able to get a massive "stimulus" package and major health care reform through in that first year. He did not even bother to put together a plan on immigration as promised.

    So the fact is even if he did get a lot done in that first year, even with a hostile Republican party. You want to blame Obama for not getting comprehensive immigration through the Senate and Congress. Even though it was the Republican Congress that eventually killed it. That is a typical right wing trolls attitude,

    The simple fact is that if he would have kept his campaign promise we would have had the needed reform.

  • Daily Topics - Monday February 20th, 2017   1 day 18 hours ago

    Re: Taxes

    There is some truth to Democrats being the "Tax and Spend" party. They tax to pay for the programs, highways, etc. they approve. The Republicans are the "Spend on the Credit Card" party. It is ironic, but the Republicans who preach "There is no such thing as a free lunch" don't live that way. To paraphrase FDR, Republicans promise to do everything, for everybody and it won't cost anyone anything.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   1 day 19 hours ago

    I disagree...they want to make money. If they thought a progressive person spouting a progressive message would make a nice profit, I think they would glady put up the money.

    Considering the numbers of the voting public, even Limbaugh's reach is relatively minor. Same for Fox news.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   1 day 19 hours ago

    If you washed up lefties really wanted to do something about reducing the use of fossil fuels, other than complain, you would support the increased use of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is the only (other than fossil) energy source with the capacity to handle our increasing energy demands. Solar and wind are 'feel good' solutions that lack consistency of production. The choice is simple, do you want to complain and be the victim, or do you want to be part of the solution.

  • The Wagon With the White Coats and Nets is Waiting in the White House Driveway: Fake President   1 day 19 hours ago

    Phil seems to be suffering from PESD.

  • Obama OR Trump. We NEED a Revolution.   1 day 19 hours ago

    The Democrat party's answer to your question was to nominate Hillary Clinton.

  • DEA Removes False Cannabis Information from Website   1 day 20 hours ago

    With Sessions in charge I wouldn't bet on the states having the autonomy thus far afforded them by past administrations.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   1 day 20 hours ago

    Anybody with an IQ above a fence post knew and knows that only one of two persons was going to take that walk up the capitol steps gumbie. On one hand, we had Clinton with some real issues, but admit it, most of the issues she faced were spun whole cloth out of thin air. If you think otherwise gumbie then you wasn't paying attention.

    While on the other hand we had this thing called trump who you so rightly pointed out embodied all that is wrong within our society and culture so I'll not go on that rant.

    So the choice could not have been starker. And you decided that by not voting or writing in a noncontender it would absolve you of any responsiblity for a white nationalist agenda marching into Washington? That is a self-delusional rationalization gumbie. I repeat, anyone with an IQ above a fence post knew only one of two persons was going to waltz up those capitol steps.

    So you tell me who should hang their head in shame?

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   1 day 20 hours ago

    The hypocrisy, claiming reverance for life with regards to abortion yet eagerly willing to threaten all life on the planet (plant, animal, and human) for the almighty dollar. I grieve, deeply.

  • How Runaway Inequality Can Defeat Trump...   1 day 22 hours ago

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    He stays inside his bubble,

    oblivious regarding the trouble

    which rots in the rubble

    which he makes of our nation.

    Yet his fans they give him ovation!!


  • How Runaway Inequality Can Defeat Trump...   1 day 23 hours ago

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    Much of Obamacare they’ll legislate ag’in,

    after they realize {to embarrassed chagrin}

    that Obamacare was full of their Own party’s stuff.

    They should leave it alone. - It’s good enuff

    from Repugnantans’ own point of view. …

    … Yet Obamacare up they would screw.


Is Trump Making America White Again?

It turns out that Donald Trump was completely serious when he said he wanted to deport millions of people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork.