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  • Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth   17 hours 38 min ago

    I think that at this point we have our hands tied somewhat. We can't just get rid of capitalism. It's to ingrained into our society at this point. And their are differing degrees of capitalism. Mom and pop shops shouldn't be a target for our ier, but rather corporate capitalism. I've felt for a long time that corporate capitalism can and is becoming an enemy of democracy, but we are fools if we think we can just target it and do away with it. The better method of attack in my mind would be to manipulate it. Make it work for we the people instead of we the board of directors.

    First and foremost we the people need to stand up all across this country and vote down, or pressure our elected officials to vote down citizens united. Their is no sane place in our society for a corporate entity to have the same rights as we the people. That must be paramount. As to how to effect the environment and pollution, which should again be at the top of any sane list of problems we the people are dealing with, we need to institute a carbon tax across the board to any and every carbon burning for profit corporation everywhere. If you make it non profitable to make money off of polluting our environment, the carbon burning corporations will look to renewable energy as their means of survival. Thus hopefully solving the global emergency that global warming is. As to what to do after that to combat corporate capitalism, for now I'll leave that to you much more educated people, but atleast if we can do this we will have started to make a better world for our children and our children's children.

    One step at a time guys, but positive progression always works better than forced oppression!! Expecially when we the poor are going up against they the rich and socialpathic powerful. :-)

  • Thom and Thomas Jefferson are POLES apart   17 hours 53 min ago

    Yes, Thom H and T Jeff are miles apart. Thom H has never owned another human being and then had the hubris to wax on about human liberty. T Jeff was a hypocrite of the highest order.

  • Rewriting the Rules for the American Economy by Joseph Stiglitz, 115 pp   18 hours 42 sec ago

    Numbers showing the relationship between debt and GDP are all over the lot.

    It's a stretch to think that this ratio has any meaning at all. The "worst" ratio was in 1946 and then, whoosh!, the economy took off like no other time in history for 30 years.

  • If The Right Hates "Activist Judges"... Then Why Do They Approve Of...   18 hours 2 min ago

    Natural rights is more of a philosophical discussion, we are talking about the clear language of the constitution.

  • If The Right Hates "Activist Judges"... Then Why Do They Approve Of...   18 hours 3 min ago

    Yet the right to bear arms part uses the exact same language of "the people" used in other amendments. Does it mean something different here than in other amendments?

  • Thom and Thomas Jefferson are POLES apart   18 hours 11 min ago

    Jefferson was against ANY SINGLE individual or entity having too much power over the nation's agenda. If your view of Libertarianism is simply that each of us should use however much power we may have ammassed to forward our own goals, exclisively, I do not believe that you & Thom J. are on the same page.

    Ask yourself what Jefferson would think of the TPP? I tend to believe that TJ's thinking would parallel that of FDR's VP, Henry Thomas, who warned about how the "economic royalists" would combine the power of Government with the power of the marketplace to keep the working man in a perpetrual state of subjugation.

    I'd say there are more similarities between Thomas Jefferson & thom Hartmann that between Jefferson and either Koch brother.

  • “Heat wave kills more than 1,100 in India” heaviest toll on the poor.   18 hours 28 min ago

    And it is still spring.

  • Bumper Music- Let's Work Together!   18 hours 29 min ago

    I don't know if anyone's actually noticed, but the FIRST post on this topic was 5 years ago, when Thom was on different networks and prior to the TV show. Since about 3 years ago, all the bumper music is "canned" (royalty-free, generic music, no lyrics, no copyrights, etc.) which, I'm sure, is because the netwoks Thom is now on don't even allow "fair use" of copyrighted material.

    To state it another way, this conversation is no longer relevant to anything - the bumpers are what they are, and they're not gonna change until and unless Thom changes networks again.

  • Thom and Thomas Jefferson are POLES apart   18 hours 30 min ago

    I do not understand how you can compare someone's philosophy from 230 years ago to someone's philosophy today. A few things have changed that would have changed TJ's thinking.

  • Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth   18 hours 34 min ago

    Well, Dirtman 2 you say, 'whatever steps are taken must not destroy the American economy.......' to parphrase 'whatever we do, let's not destroy the very thing that is destroying us.' I don't get your logic. Do you?

  • Maybe Obamacare Is A Boondoggle After All   18 hours 35 min ago
    Quote organican:
    Quote Mauiman2:Go ahead, make your case. Why should we hand over one seventh of the US economy to the US government when every time the government gets its fingers into the private sector, it is a disasater. The floor is yours.

    The private sector as we know it wouldn't exist without the government putting it's finger in it, and healthcare wouldn't be 1/7th of the economy if the profit incentive were removed..............Healthcare is a basic human need and a civilized society would ensure that EVERYONE has affordable access. Healthcare should be considered a vital part of a nation's infrastructure and not a god damned money making venture.

    Perhaps in the logic of the conservative brain, universal healthcare could be seen as an investment in the well being of the nation as a whole, thereby by boosting prosperity and lessening liability............. Higher education would be another wise investment of infrastructure.

    OK, let's expand your idea further. If turning over one seventh of the US economy to the govenment is a good idea, let's go even further. Health care is not the only basic human need, there is shelter, transportation, and food. Let's turn that over the to the governemnt also. Once we do that, then we might as well turn everything over to the government. We'll all work, turn in 100% of our paycheck, and let the government decide what we "need" and they will take care of us. No poverty, everyone gets what they "need", utopia. Then we will all be in as good a shape as the everage citizen in North Korea.

    Go for it.

  • Futility In Iraq   18 hours 35 min ago

    The Shia's are not interesed in defending Sunni areas such as Ramadi. The Sunni's were the army in Iraq before Bush fired all of them and replaced them with Shia's. The Shia's only are from Southern Iraq. Bagdad is a mixing point. What could possibly go wrong? For one, Iran is Shia.

    When Bush invaded he did not even know the difference.

  • Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth   18 hours 46 min ago

    I have been saying this for years. The only way that the Oil & Gas companies will stop is when it is no longer profitable for them.

    We are increasing our alternative energy every year and every year we burn more fossil fuels.

    We are energy greedy.

    The disasters will continue, but hey, ask any capitalist and they will tell you.

    Disasters are good for the economy!!

  • Are We Creating A Warrior Class?   19 hours 7 min ago

    This country from it's inception has never been anything but a warrior nation.

  • Futility In Iraq   19 hours 17 min ago

    Vietnam-itis is the correct diagnosis. With McCain it's become a full-blown mental illness.

  • Convince Senator Sanders to change the name of the FTT   19 hours 20 min ago

    That is a great name Douglas. Progressives have got to learn the importance of framing and metaphors. The conservatives have outdone us in this area and have taken over much of the political discourse. If you have time, check out one of George Lakoff's lectures. He has taught cogintive science and linguistic at Berkley for over 30 years. Here is one of his lectures that explains what progressives need to understand.


    Just Sam

  • The 13 Democrats that Helped to rush Fast-Track through the Senate   19 hours 35 min ago
    Quote B47:

    how about a readable list instead of just a link

    The link seemed readable enough to me, but here it is:

    Michael Bennet (Colo.),

    Tom Carper (Del.),

    Chris Coons (Del.),

    Maria Cantwell (Wash.),

    Dianne Feinstein (Calif.),

    Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.),

    Tim Kaine (Va.),

    Claire McCaskill (Mo.),

    Patty Murray (Wash.),

    Bill Nelson (Fla.),

    Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.),

    Mark Warner (Va.),

    Ron Wyden (Ore.).

  • A Progressive for Secession   19 hours 45 min ago
    Quote Bush_Wacker:
    Quote LysanderSpooner:

    How is it illegal? Is secession prohibited in the Constitution?

    There are literally thousands of "illegal acts" that aren't prohibited in the Constitution. Why do you always pick and choose your "facts"?

    Given the limited role the national government plays in our system, much of these issues were left for the states to decide whether they were legal or not.

  • propaganda   19 hours 47 min ago
    Quote Legend:

    I am in the boomer generation and we put an end to the Vietnam War. Protest is needed by the mellenials. Instead 80% do not even vote.

    Voting won't get it done.

    Suppose Martin Luther King, and his millions of supporters, had decided to vote rather than protest?

    "Naw, I haven't time to go and sit-in at the lunch counter, I'll just vote."


    "Uh,uh, I don't like bus riding, I'll just vote instead."


    "Selma? No man, I'm busy. But I'll vote."

    What success would the Civil Rights Movement have enjoyed if these brave people had not acted, had merely voted? Change - particularly the revolutionary change that's needed now - follows on determined, brave action. You don't get it on the cheap.

    The U.S.A. also does well in another field (I know, you don't like to read). Here’s a song that commemorates some of its accomplishments:

    Abraham, Martin, and John Lyrics

    by Marvin Gaye

    Well, those were home boys. Could someone write a song about Salvador Allende, others? Oh, they have? Well, yes, here’s one (lyrics by Don Lange):

    Read the lyrics here:

    Hmmm, at the end there’s mention of Victor Jara. Another victim of U.S.A.’s greatness, bar none? His killers sought and received sanctuary in the U.S.A. but that comfortable, protected existence may finally be ending:

    “Victor Jara he lies with coins in his eyes there’s no one around him to mourn,

    Who needs a poet who won’t take commands who’d rather make love than war.”

    Shortly after the Chilean coup of 11 September 1973, Jara was arrested; he was tortured under interrogation and ultimately shot dead. His body was later thrown out into the street of a shanty town in Santiago.[2] The contrast between the themes of his songs, on love, peace and social justice and the brutal way in which he was murdered transformed Jara into a "potent symbol" of struggle for human rights and justice for all the victims of the Pinochet regime.[3][4]

    Killer of Chilean folk singer Victor Jara to face US justice

    Army lieutenant accused of killing popular singer in wake of 1973 military coup faces a civil suit in Florida court

    April 16, 2015 12:23PM ET

    by Alfonso Serrano

    More than four decades after Chilean folk singer Victor Jara was tortured and executed in Santiago’s Chile Stadium, in the wake of the military coup that brought dictator Augusto Pinochet to power in 1973, an army lieutenant accused of killing the musician will face a civil lawsuit in the United States.

    A U.S. district court in Florida agreed this week to hear the case against Pedro Barrientos Nuñez, the former lieutenant now residing in south Florida, who is alleged to have assassinated Jara, the poet and songwriter who became an iconic symbol of the struggle against Pinochet’s regime and one of Latin America’s most prominent protest singers.

    The U.S.-based Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), which filed the lawsuit on behalf of Jara’s wife and daughters, reacted with mixed emotions after the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida agreed to hear the case.

    “We are delighted with the news that our case will move forward for torture and extrajudicial killing," Almudena Bernabeu, a CJA attorney, said in a statement. "It is nonetheless disappointing for our clients and all of us, that the court dismissed the crimes against humanity claim, because the killing of Víctor Jara — and thousands of crimes committed under the Pinochet regime — should be called what it is: a crime against humanity."

    Jara was assassinated five days after the U.S.-backed Sept. 11, 1973, coup ousted democratically elected Salvador Allende from power. Jara, a member of Chile’s Communist Party, had served as Cultural Ambassador under Allende. He was also a professor and theater director at Santiago’s State Technical University when it was overrun by military troops a day after the coup.

    Jara, along with hundreds of other university teachers and students, was loaded onto a bus and transported to Chile Stadium (subsequently renamed Victor Jara Stadium) before he was recognized by military personnel and separated from other prisoners.

    In 2009, former soldiers told a Chilean court that Jara was placed in Barrientos’ custody. Soldiers under the lieutenant’s command tortured Jara before Barrientos allegedly shot Jara to death. A Chilean appeals court in 2009 determined that Jara was killed on Sept. 16 as a result of 44 gunshot wounds.

    That same year, Chilean prosecutors indicted Barrientos and seven other men for Jara’s death. Barrientos, however, fled Chile in 1989 and currently resides in Deltona, Florida, and is beyond Chilean court reach. However, Chile’s Supreme Court in 2012 approved an extradition request for Barrientos, and the former lieutenant could one day face a criminal trial in his native country.

    More than 3,200 people were killed or disappeared by the Pinochet regime between 1973 and 1990, and more than 40,000 people survived imprisonment and torture. Amnesty International estimates that 260 people have been sentenced in Chile for human rights violations under Pinochet.

    Although Jara was buried in Santiago’s General Cemetery shortly after his death, his body was exhumed in 2009 so forensic analysts could clarify the circumstances of his death. Thousands of admirers witnessed his five-hour funeral procession through Santiago that December before his remains were reburied in the same cemetery.

    An unidentified elderly woman, quoted by local press at the time, said, “Víctor Jara finally rests in peace, but not his assassins.”

    And these killers were given sanctuary in the U.S. where they lived comfortably for years. Some still do.

    Chilean War-criminal Sheltering In the US May Finally Face Justice

    A member of Pinochet’s secret police has lived in the U.S. for decades without the threat of being extradited to Chile to face murder charges, but a legal team has finally found a way around that: Prosecute him in the U.S.

    By Ramona Wadi Follow @walzerscent @walzerscent | April 27, 2015

  • Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth   19 hours 48 min ago

    We are at the stage where we are dealing with Congressmen bringing snowballs into Congress to prove there is no climate change. 1100 people die from heat in India, in the Spring. Texas is flooded but they are worried about Obama declaring Marshall Law and taking their guns away. Maybe when Rush Limbaughs Palm Beach island is underwater they will think about it.

  • Thom and Thomas Jefferson are POLES apart   20 hours 1 min ago

    democracy. what an interesting concept. jefferson wrote great rhetoric. yes, he railed against ALL corporations (sorry cornopean but he did) but he truly did not believe in democracy. all of the founders with the exception of paine believed in rule by an elite, an elected elite, but an elite nonetheless. and indeed democracy is a concept which is held in esteem in rhetoric but not so much in the implementation. it is allowed to flourish only as much as when it does not interfere with capitalism. i am no communist but truly examining how democracy has been tied to both the rise of the industrial revolution based upon fossil fuels and at the same time how democracy has been stunted due to those same forces of capitalism and fossil fuels is critical to understanding everything from rights to war to financialization to tin-pot despots and nationalism.

    utopianism has no place in reality.

  • Educating Thom On Zimbabwe   20 hours 2 min ago

    The Scottish National Party is struggling with the same issue (great cartoon!):

    (SPECTATOR UK) Should we fear a Mugabe-style land grab in rural Scotland? The rise in Scottish nationalism may have implications for landowners and immigrants alike 23 May 2015

    William Astor is a direct descendant of Lord and Lady Astor, who were part of the Milner Group.

  • A Progressive for Secession   20 hours 8 min ago
    Quote mdhess:
    Quote LysanderSpooner:
    Quote ulTRAX:

    There are only TWO issues on secession... whether's it's LEGAL or moral. LS has failed miserably to make the case that in the US it's legal. Like with nullification, LS's other obsession, his claim is all bullsh*t created with smoke and mirrors. If he wants to move on to the moral aspect... fine. But I tire of his refusal to deal with the appalling defects in his legal argument... at which point LS will ignore losing that argument and just, AGAIN, repeat his talking points. That is his only MO.

    How is it illegal? Is secession prohibited in the Constitution?

    Let's go over it again since you haven't been paying attention in class:

    As you've probably noticed, LS really doesn't care about anything but his own beliefs. No matter how much his arguments fail, he'll be back regurgitating them again and again. In this case secession does NOT have to be explicitly prohibited if any claims to independent sovereignty were given up as a condition to joining a perpetual union.

  • A Progressive for Secession   20 hours 13 min ago
    Quote LysanderSpooner:
    Quote ulTRAX:

    There are only TWO issues on secession... whether's it's LEGAL or moral. LS has failed miserably to make the case that in the US it's legal. Like with nullification, LS's other obsession, his claim is all bullsh*t created with smoke and mirrors. If he wants to move on to the moral aspect... fine. But I tire of his refusal to deal with the appalling defects in his legal argument... at which point LS will ignore losing that argument and just, AGAIN, repeat his talking points. That is his only MO.

    How is it illegal? Is secession prohibited in the Constitution?

    There are literally thousands of "illegal acts" that aren't prohibited in the Constitution. Why do you always pick and choose your "facts"?

  • Futility In Iraq   20 hours 20 min ago

    the surge did not succeed. mccain said this despite the evidence to the contrary. success must be judged by the result. any military success the surge had must be judged by the end result and the end result was not success. mccain suffers from "we could have won vietnam-itis." no counter-insurgency has shown success.

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