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  • BREAKING: WikiLeaks Leaks TPP Draft!!!   13 hours 4 min ago

    I wonder why they wanted to keep this secret?

  • Why is the national media not reporting this?   13 hours 6 min ago

    University of Southampton cancels Israel conference, citing 'health and safety'

    Tuesday, 31 March 2015 10:05

    The University of Southampton has withdrawn permission for a conference next month onIsrael and international law, citing "health and safety" concerns.

    The university has been under significant pressure from pro-Israel lobby groups in the UK to cancel the conference, despite legal obligations to protect free speech.

    Conference organisers confirmed Tuesday morning with "extreme astonishment and sadness" that Southampton authorities have pulled the plug on the gathering.

    We were told that the decision was taken on the grounds of health and safety: a number of groups may be demonstrating for or against the conference which could present risks to the safety of the participants, students and staff. The University claims that it does not have enough resources to mitigate the risks, despite a clear statement from the Police confirming that they are able to deal with the protest and ensure the security of the event.

    In their statement, organisers say that they are "extremely dissatisfied with the risk assessment conducted by the University", where "high risks remained high even when seemingly effective mitigating measures were put in place."

    Organisers claim that the "security argument" has been used "to rationalise a decision to cancel the conference that has been taken under public pressure of the Israeli Lobby", calling it a "sad decision for freedom of speech."

    Conference organisers say that they will now "explore legal emergency measures to prevent the University from cancelling the conference, to reverse its decision and to properly collaborate with the police so that the demonstrations can be managed."

    Three cheers for the conference's organizers. A pox on Southhampton University's cowards..

  • Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent Americans   13 hours 8 min ago

    Of course, the House doesn't represent Americans, and neither does the the Senate, Presidency, or even Judical system. It's role is to serve its masters and that's not people like you and me. Money in politics? It's all about money in money. Money equal power or at least access to power. America is an oligarchy as everyone knows or should know by now. It is controlled by the uber-rich and that's not going to change without a fight. We not only need to get rid of Citizens United and create a level playing field, we also need term limits and put an end to gerrymandering. Redistricting needs to be taken out of the hands of politicians and handled by a non-partisian group.

  • Why is the national media not reporting this?   13 hours 17 min ago
    Quote Alberto Ceras 2:

    You want a more credible news source, Richard? Have you visited this site?

    Try it.

    Aberto, you don't have to sell me. I know what the dailymail is all about.

  • Why is the national media not reporting this?   13 hours 21 min ago

    You want a more credible news source, Richard? Have you visited this site?

    Try it.

  • Why is the national media not reporting this?   13 hours 31 min ago
    Quote gumball:
    Quote RichardofJeffersonCity:

    gumball, If Iran had a nuclear weapon, it would only be used for defensive purposes. American and Israeli intelligence both estimate Iran would only be seeking a nuclear weapon as a deterrent.

    I'm not so sure about that.

    Do you believe that Iranian religious and political leadership are suicidal?

  • GOP Insanity in the Obama Era Means There Will Be No GOP President from 2016-2032, at Least   13 hours 43 min ago

    Logan, even if a Democrat wins, we're still stuck with a Republican in the White House. Democrats want you to think they are different from Republicans, and on a racial, sexual preference, sex, race, religion, and other 'class' level they are more for equality than Republicans; but when it comes to fiscal policy and actually changing the core of our economy, they are no different.

    So even if a Democrat wins, we'll be stuck with Republican principles. And at least Republicans are nice enough to tell us to our face that they are going to screw us over. Obama-Democratic ideology, as well as Clinton-ideology, is to say one thing and then do the exact opposite until there's no chance at re-election. . . THEN start changing the tune, but by then it's too late and Republicans have taken over and then we're stuck with the same ol' crap as before.

    And Obama's Healthcare? I laugh at that. That was nothing more than signing over a blank check to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. . . . "here ya' go! Have these healthy young-adults on your monthly premium list and that'll bring in the big-bucks for ya'."

    Republicans secretly love the ACA. After all, it's great for big-business.

  • Indiana Goes Back To The 1950's   13 hours 48 min ago

    I'm confused. I thought we had this discussion as a nation back in the 60's. I'm pretty sure that the majority of Americans decided that discrimination based on personal differences was not acceptable.

  • Webmaster   13 hours 52 min ago

    I agree. One full week without re-written history or Ronald Reagan rants.

    I found their deviation from the shows normal format to be a very refreshing change. It was nice to switch during commercials between Dennis Prager and these two hosts and not grind my teeth on Hartman's repetitive rhetoric.

    Take over more often guys, You did a great job.

  • POLITCAL SPECTRUM TEST   13 hours 53 min ago
  • Tom Cotton   13 hours 55 min ago

    Not to mention John McCain standing on the Senate floor calling for Israel to "go rogue," and basically telling them to break ties with the US, pursue whatever action against Iran that they want, because they can stand the next 22 months without the US.

    This is treason, in my opinion. One branch of government, openly obstructing foreign policy negotiations, and even calling for an ally to go against our interests and 'war' with the very nation we're negotiating with, is treasonous speech, in my opinion.

    These Republicans seem to love Israel more than they love the United States. I think this point needs to be made all over the news media. Other than the YouTube video I made talking about it, I haven't seen anyone else speaking about John McCain's actions.

    And if we say Israelis have a hand in large corporate media, we're called anti-semites, so . . . there's that. Who knows, but it's important to talk about it, because their love of Israel over their love for the US is concerning.

    If anyone cares to listen to my YouTube clip, feel free. Here's the link: YouTube

  • Indiana Goes Back To The 1950's   14 hours 1 min ago
    Quote mdhess:

    You don't know gay people at all dude.

    What I'd really like to know is why are you conservatives now being so dishonest about your motives? Why can't you own up?

    Are you lumping all conservatives into one category? I consider myself to be very conservative and I carry no beliefs that being gay/lesbian is a choice. If others do, I may disagree with them but why should I care?

    That said, why do you let this get to you? Personally, if I were gay or lesbian, I would avoid doing business with any people that I perceive disapprove on my particular lifestyle and call it a day.

    As with most issues, I suspect the number of actual bakers in Indiana that will refuse to bake you a wedding cake just because you are gay is infinitesimally small.

    If you wish to condemn the entire state of Indiana, there are major highways going around it.

  • The Big Picture & The Thom Hartmann Program "On Air" Questions or Comments for Thom?   14 hours 28 min ago

    First my question, then a comment.

    Do Republicans love Israel more than the United States? I ask because they are willing to tell our allies to go behind our back and attack a non-violent nation, Iran, in order to further their own violent-fantasy of Iran as a threat to their sovereignty. It seems as though every foreign policy discussion or decision requires the "okay" of Benjamin Netanyahu before it can be viable.

    Can you please do a segment over the relationship between the Israeli lobbying group and our representatives. I remember Cynthia McKinney talking about a pledge of allegiance they must sign in order to receive campaign contributions from many corporations in this country. Is this true? If so, why does no one point out the issue with having our representatives pledging allegiance to another country?

    Thank you.

  • Democratic messaging ideas!   14 hours 37 min ago

    Our message needs to change, and the way we deliver that message must change as well. Writing our representatives usually has no effect on policy. Calling our representatives has no effect on policy. Lobbying our representatives has no effect on policy. But do you know what does have an effect on policy? Money.

    A study shows that legislation is not dictated by the wants of the American people. Legislation is dictated by whatever is good for special interest groups and corporate interests. When the vast majority of Americans are against legislation that is good for corporate, or special interest, Americans lose almost every. single. time.

    This isn't an accident. This is by design. We have no Democracy in this country - we have an Oligarchy. This isn't confined to the Republican party either. This is politically epidemic. The difference between Democrats (Progressives) and Republicans is that Democrats lie to our faces about who they are rooting for and Republicans straight-up tell us that they aren't going to pass legislation that we want.

    We need to let our leadership know we are well-aware of this problem and that we are taking steps to fix it. These steps should go as follows:

    1) Have at least two election cycles where no incumbents win. We should never vote for another incumbent. This will have a two-sided purposes. The first purpose it serves is to send a message to everyone in Congress -- we aren't going to let them get away with their love of money. The second purpose is that it will distance representatives from the corporate and special-interest lobbying relationships that our reps have created over the years.

    2) Start voting for the most obscure political parties that show up on the ballot. Currently, it really doesn't matter if you vote for a Republican or a Democrat -- you end up with the same crud. Look at Bill Clinton -- he royally screwed our country up with his free-trade nonsense, then paved the way for things to worsen in subsequent years. . . and things did worsen. Every President since Reagan has fought for the same thing - corporate interests. By not voting for the "major" political parties, we send that message again -- we'd rather vote for "whatever" than to vote for something we know doesn't work.

    3) Let them all know that we won't be backing a Democrat anymore. Let them know our money stays right in our pockets because donating to the major political parties harms us twice as much - the first time we're harmed is from giving them money we probably don't have - the second time we're harmed is when they use that money to win an election only to turn around and pass legislation that is helpful to corporate interests and harmful to the country as a whole.

    Our message needs to change, guys. Our message needs to be clear -- Democrats and Republicans have failed this nation and have turned their backs on freedom and Democracy. We need to make sure they understand exactly why we aren't going to support this dual-party system we have, and we need to follow through.

    If we don't do these things, expect things to just continue on. And as our economy gets worse, people will become more desperate, do desperate things, which will only lead to more arbitrary, Draconian laws that stand to remove more freedoms due to "feral Americans run amok."

    I'm saddened that I have had to give up on my party (Democrat), but I can no longer back them. They do nothing for this nation and its people. They continue the anti-freedom practices set in place by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now possibly another Clinton or Bush (as if we need crowned families in this nation).

    If we don't tell them off now, they will think they can just pander to the elites, spin their pandering as if it's somehow the other political party's fault, and continue apace. Seriously. They will just keep on, and people will inevitably believe that it's still all the Republicans' fault, when it's both parties working against us equally.

    That's the message I'd send to them.

    Study Source: Princeton Site

  • Ruinous Racial Compassion by Thomas Sowell (A minimum wage article)   14 hours 39 min ago

    In 1981 the inflation adjusted value of the MW was $8.61. With Reagan in office who was hostile to the minimum wage, the MW had dropped in value by1989 to $6.31 before finally being raised in 1990

    Between 1981 and 1989 the MW had dropped in value by $2.30 AN HOUR in current dollars... that is to 73% of its 1981 value.

    Right wingers insist that the higher MW is a barrier to employment. If their theory is correct we should have seen an INCREASE in teen employment.

    So were there more 16-19 year olds working in 1989 than 1981?


    From BLS series:

    Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey

    Series Id: LNU02000012
    Not Seasonally Adjusted
    Series title: (Unadj) Employment Level - 16-19 yrs.
    Labor force status: Employed
    Type of data: Number in thousands (by month)
    Age: 16 to 19 years

    1981 6811 6647 6766 7046 7143 8025 9038 8574 6758 6778 6614 6503 (7,225,000 average)

    1989 6057 6062 6192 6338 6459 7639 8465 8137 6345 6481 6449 6377 (6,759,000 average)

    On average there were 466,000 FEWER teens employed in 1989 even though the wage had dropped in value by $2.30 an hour.

    I'm sure there will be no end of pathetic excuses.

  • Ruinous Racial Compassion by Thomas Sowell (A minimum wage article)   14 hours 46 min ago
    Quote LysanderSpooner's article:Looking back over my own life, I realize now how lucky I was when I left home in 1948, at the age of 17, to become self-supporting. The unemployment rate for 16- and 17-year-old blacks at that time was under 10 percent. Inflation had made the minimum wage law, passed ten years earlier, irrelevant.

    But it was only a matter of time before liberal compassion led to repeated increases in the minimum wage, to keep up with inflation. The annual unemployment rate for black teenagers has never been less than 20 percent in the past 50 years, and has ranged as high as over 50 percent.

    I finally tracked down the stats from a Walter William's study from 1977.

    Clearly the MW can not be to blame. From 1948 to 1954 with the exception of 1949, the unemployment rate for 16-17 year old black teen boys was below that of whites the same age... even when the value of the minimum wage went from $3.93 in current dollars in 1949 to $7.25 in 1950 which is identical to the MW value today: $7.25. Values here:

    If just this single MW variable were all so important, this theory would suggest the unemployment rates should today be the same. But it's obvious OTHER factors are at work such as discussed here 

    LS wants us to believe that the higher rate of employment at this time (early 50's) was a good thing. But one of the reasons more black teens were working might not be a sign of anything more than they had to drop out of school at higher rates than white teens.

  • Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent Americans   14 hours 50 min ago

    I read that the last congress had a 12% approval rating and yet, of the incumbents running for re-election, 94% were re-elected. If you put the same people back in, aren't you going to get more of the same?

  • More fundemental contradictions of Libertarianism   15 hours 39 min ago
    Quote Dr. Econ:
    Quote LysanderSpooner:

    We do not assume that everyone has an understanding of economics or a sound philosophical base. People have been subjected to propaganda in the public schools for 12 years and then by the MSNBCs, FOXs, CNNs, etc.

    Quote Dr. Econ: I can't tell if you are joking. Changing the adjectives does not change the point. You assumes that humans are bright enough to make optimal trades, buy adequate regulations and in general take care of themselves, but these same people do not vote Libertarian, reject welfare, or increase their amount to charity.

    Also, your examples are ridiculous. There are private schools. They don't teach the wonders of Libertarianism. People go to private colleges. Same.

    And if you think people are gullible enough to believe what the government teaches you in public schools, then god help you in Libertopia, when corporations are going to try to convince to buy thier products.

    Quote LysanderSpooner: If people knew how inefficient the welfare bureaucracy was, they would call for its abolition tomorrow.

    Yes, those people again, not knowing stuff. Amazing, how stupid people are, aren't they?

    You just proved my point all over again.

    I think it's time you start a new topic, because this one you lost bigtime.

    Quote LysanderSpooner: ...

    Yes, that is right. LysanderSpooner COMPLETELY IGNORED this post.

    People are bright, smart, intelligent, wise (insert adjective here) to engage, make, facilitate, trade, but are too stupid, dull, idiotic to:

    1) Vote Libertarian
    2) Get trapped on the welfare plantation
    3) Not give charity to the poor, thinking the state does a good job of it
    4) Not know how inefficient the welfare state is
    5) Get brainwashed by MSNBCs, FOXs, CNNs, etc

    People aren't stupid, but they are ignorant and naive, in general. There are many intelligent people who are socialists and fascists. There are many people that are highly capable at their jobs, but they are specialized. They don't have an understanding of economics or history. They believe what they are told in public school. There are also a lot of people who know the system is messed up but are corrupted by government "benefits". There are also a lot of good people who work for the government who have bills to pay. They will not oppose what the goverment is doing because it will mean their job. There are also a lot of people that are so busy living their lives and making ends meet that they don't have time. Then there are that small group of people in the media, like Hartmann, Hannity, Limbaugh, Maddow, etc. that knowingly lie to you.They have a vested interest in keeping the Left/Right game going.

  • Indiana Goes Back To The 1950's   15 hours 41 min ago

    If you do a search for halal or kosher catering in Dearborn Mi. you get a combined total of 4,000 hits. Now many or perhaps even most of those people probably do all kinds of cooking but I'm willing to bet that a significant number of them stick to strict religious dietary guidelines.

    If I am of Mexican heritage and celebrating Christmas or 'The Day of the Dead' (Día de Muertos) can I demand these people make and serve the traditional lard based Biscochitos and provide Christian themed decorations?

  • Beekeepers dream! Cool for bee's too!   16 hours 7 min ago

    I dunno Mrs Lee. Its important to minimize open honey near hives because the presence can trigger wha tis called robbing where bees raid each others hives to steal the honey and lots of killing of each other occurs. seems like using the flow in the field will be a stricky sticky process that can trigger robbing. I wouldnt say im negative on it- just wary of the hype. I'll be watching it and looking forward to seeing it in action if it goes to production. I suspect it will be quite expensive.

  • “Hogwash!" and Other Down-to-Earth Observations   16 hours 58 min ago

    Audio Bible Pieces, there are updates, but New Testament? Some could be King James though, maybe even Pope.

  • Socialist Thomas Piketty’s Theory on Income Equality Wrecked by 26-Year-Old MIT Grad Student   18 hours 47 sec ago

    You seem to be somewhat confused -- neoliberlaism is conservative economics.

  • Indiana Goes Back To The 1950's   18 hours 9 min ago

    Thanks, it's nice to hear from someone sane after the above comments. I am not a young man, I'm in my late 50's so I have a lot of historical perspective as well.

    I really don't mind Christians but, as you probably realize, there are very few "Christians" around who actually practice Christianity. Most, like the ones who spouted the nonsense above, are just pretenders to "faith' in order to feel superior to others. I actually admire much of what Jesus had to say but do I believe he's the son of God, born to a virgin, who performed miracles and was resurrected after he was crucified? Of course not, I'm not an idiot. Most likely the whole myth got started because Mary was raped or the victim of incest and didn't want to be stoned to death.

    I lost my temper because it's people like those who commented above that make life miserable for young LGBT people and, as I'm sure you're aware, young LGBT people are at great risk of both suicide as a way to escape torment and physical and psychological violence. Using religion to justify bigotry is perverted and cruel -- especially as it leads directly to violence. When authority figures, particularly clergy persons, invoke religion to condemn LGBT people as sinners, perverts, child molestors etc. it gives license to some to target innocent people. I've experienced vitriolic hatred and violence firsthand -- when I was 21 I was severely beaten by punks who were out late at night looking for somebody to "queer bash." At the time that sort of thing was actually a kind of sport that young straight guys sometimes engaged in. I also once tried to be seen by a doctor until he said to my partner and I "you guys are fags aren't you?" Those are just a few examples of what I have experienced in my own life and similar examples are common in the LGBT community.

    As far as "original sin" is concerned I, of course, don't pay any attention. It's just a hook to make weak minded people believe they have no choice but to conform to Christianity. I can't understand how so many can be so taken in but, intellectually, I know that, in fact, for the majority of Americans who call themselves "Christian" the Christ myth is difficult for them to believe but they're just too cowardly not to hedge their bet. Christianity and any other religion is cult behavior. It is acceptable when practiced in private and clergy persons keep it confined to their own congregation where it belongs. It has no place in the public sphere and it's unconscionable that practitioners and phony baloney preachers (or, worst of all, pandering politicians) attempt to foist it on others.

    As far as my own identity I know who I am and I don't need children to feel whole and complete. I have devoted my life to caring for elderly people and I still do. I adore them. Even now my partner is away staying with his 89 year old mother so that she can remain living at home. I know that if she had to go to a nursing home or somewhere that isn't her own home it would mean she would pass away sooner. She has other children and lots of grandchildren but, guess what, none are willing or able to step up and care for a woman who spent her whole life caring for them so he does it. And I am very proud of him for it. It's a terrible sacrifice; he's been away for the better part of two years while I stay and keep up our own home with only visits from him when he can manage. But it's a sacrifice we make because it's the right thing to do and, just like all people, we love our families and want what's best for them.

    So mjolner and anyone else who is convinced that my sexuality is sinful really can just f#%k off as far as I'm concerned. But when they introduce their sick, twisted and perveted point of view into a public forum they had better watch out because I will not let it go unchallenged.

  • Socialist Thomas Piketty’s Theory on Income Equality Wrecked by 26-Year-Old MIT Grad Student   18 hours 11 min ago

    Mark the Shark thanks for posting it again.

    Piketty's book was such a blow to right wingers, they have to hold on tight to any objection to it they can find. Some college guy wrote a couple of paragraphs online that seemed to make sense and all around you find articles saying Piketty's theory WRECKED.

    Anyway, I've yet to read Piketty's book but even if this kid's right, there's still 95% of the book left to refute right?

  • What does Matthew Chapter 25 REALLY mean ? Hint: Thom’s reading of it is NOT giving the full meaning.   18 hours 27 min ago

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