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  • Help in Washington State Primary   4 days 5 hours ago

    "Boeing, which is locked in a fierce battle for plane orders with European rival Airbus, will build its first aircraft completion plant outside the United States in China in order to gain a foothold in that important market, say industry observers."

    They are all ready on there way to china. They have moved some assembly to South Carolina and they packed up their head quarter and moved to chicago years ago.

    It is all about the share holders, like every other corporation they are looking for cheap labor and lower taxes for the share holders sittin by the pool waiting for their dividend checks to come in the mail.

    Boeing just had its 100 year anniversary July 15 , built on the hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the years, probably billions plus of man hours into building and developing the planes to the point they are today, using billions worth of infrastructure and billions into an educated work force.

    Luckily the infrastructure needed to build an 787 in far more complex then building an air conditioner, which is a major reason Boeing hasn't already packed up and moved to china or some other cheap labor country, but by making this deal with china, they are laying the ground work.

  • Be afraid, be very afraid...of Donald Trump?   4 days 10 hours ago

    Ok so you have Clinton who at worse is the secound coming of bill! Or you have trump who going to sell everything he can like military contracts to halibuton who than buy athosand memberships to a trump golf course! Ya we fully invade iraq and syria too!! You open up a huge part of the grand cayon to developers, when trumps leaves office he got a casino there and in Yellowstone and ten percent goes to such and such native tribe in those states! The saudi family fully invest a billion in trump properties we close iran back down!!! Also for a billion dollars russia can have which ever country it misses most!!! Hell if isreal invests enough will start target bombing iran!!!

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   4 days 10 hours ago

    When Amazon figures out its drones, merges with other delivery services to be a massive monopoly they can get around the Constitution like limiting postal service to specific government building! so it becomes the tsa for congress and nothing more!! Thus not ending it at all just making it completely useless! Or this monopoly will get enough in congress to amend it the same way the nra gets them to do nothing!! But seriously its not like the supreme court can't just define the whole of the post office as the email servers for congress they did make corporation s people! Its not like the TPP or a trade agreement could out law the post service because it effects their profits!

  • Al Franken for VP?   4 days 11 hours ago

    See im not fan of Stephanie it just honestly comes of as the liberal side of the coin to mild right winged cheese talk shows to me! But he would of been a better choice than who she did pick

  • Dumb Blondes or Drumpf Blondes?   4 days 11 hours ago

    I assume blonde jokes came about due to blondes being used in very old movies! Women much of the time in those movies were very stupid and childish! So see stupidest women on tv and being blonde more than likely created the stereotype which seems to be best embodied as Marilyn monroe!

  • It's the Ecomomy, Stupid!? / The Establishment Loses/ Global Ramifications of Trump win?   4 days 12 hours ago

    I myself have a hard time believing Trump is anything more than a poor mans Mussolini! However that man did inspire Hitler! So there is clearly historic event to argue for! However I have yet to see any brown shirts, and i believe trump ran as a marketing gimic, so i can't picture him inspiring the rebirth of Western Facism! Isis and the Wahhabists in general the fear of them would be the cause of right winged Facism coming back in full to counteract Muslim Facism we see now!

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 12 hours ago

    ;rs allen/ghost/kenyatta Another angry screed "ghost" written by Kenyatta, his creator. So far Kenyatta has told me about his visits to fine restaurants, dining on "roast camel", and now his alleged BMW. Experience has told me those that perpetually try to make everyone believe they are ,intellectual giants, cultured, and have money usually are insecure, adolescent-minded frauds so neurotic they invent their own groupies, and eventually start to actually believe their own myths and apparitions. So sad, but so funny. I'm sure there are lots of underground groups bent on some type of "rebellion". They're underground, all right; six feet under due to the ineffectiveness and absurdities of these "rebellions. The mainstream is neither scared nor concerned about these "rebels", as most of them are either keyboard cowboys or so disfunctional they can' t understand the futility of fighting for misguided causes. "Minions":Have fun in your "BMW", hope you enjoyed your roast camel, and keep writing your venon filled screeds , and defending them. Kenyatta-can't you at least invent minions with at least some intelligence and sense? Please, invent one who is not a hate-filled idiot.

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   4 days 13 hours ago

    Jason: It certainly is easy to stir up their sad little group , isn't it. I have a hunch that Nat Turner's "Ghost" and/or rs allen are simply the internet aliases of r kenyatta. Neither "gnat" nor "allen" have any comments other than to attack those who eviscerate kenyatta's angry, predictable diatribes and his obvious envy and resentment of white persons. Also, no one could be as banal, infantile, and and uninformed as this gnat and allen, collectively. One or both of them must be the alias of kenyatta, who uses these "alter-egos" as a way to further vent his unjustifiable rage against those who expose the fallacies and fantasies of his "blogs". No one could be as stupid as gnat and still be able to use a keyboard, unless the stupidity and self embarrassment is intentional. rs allen proves to be a poster with few words, and even less coherent thought. It makes perfect sense now - Kenyatta has created his own little world of minions, real and imagined, that love and adore him and feed his need for someone, anyone, to feed his delusions of grandeur. One of his minions said Kenyatta has been on talk shows, TV, and has been published. Jason, I don't recall even having heard of thie guy except for a few babblings on Tom Hartman's call in show and his nonsensical blogs. Have you read, or even heard of, a book written by Kenyatta? Probably doesn't even have the coin to self-publish. He and his minions/aliases are predictable, resentment fueled and resort to childish insults when they are "exposed". If you don't take them seriously, they are actually a good source of light humor. I can't wait for their next responses. If we are the "inbreds" why are they the ones always calling themselves brothers. Maybe they don't really know, one way or the other?

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   4 days 14 hours ago

    No rat.. a pussy is a keyboard warrior like yourself that runs and calls the Thom Hartman police cause hims felt offended. You've already proven yourself to be a walking vagina and you are proof that Eunuchs still exist.

    Allen: Don't shit on the police too much... who else is going to do the door to door gun confiscation liberals have been begging for?

  • What happens in a musician's brain when they play a song?   4 days 14 hours ago

    More on point, fellow psychologist Dr. Daniel Levitin -- also both a neuroscientist and former musician -- wrote the best-selling book, This Is Your Brain On Music, which addresses for the general public the role of attention and memory in creating and performing music.

    I'd actually recommend to most folks his more recent book, The Organized Mind, which addresses, in part, how every decision we make exacts a small toll upon the efficiency of brain functioning. Because any decision -- large or small -- requires using some of the available glucose required to fuel our brain cells, modern everyday life faces us with so many choices or decisions (e.g., do I buy brand A or brand B at the supermarket) that by the end of the day our store of glucose may be exhausted.

    Interestingly, Dr. Levitin points out also that responding to every text message, tweet, or email received also saps some amount of that reserve. Inasmuch as multitasking already has been exposed by numerous researchers as mythical, his perspective suggests that we'd do better by simplifying our lives.

    Perhaps Thom might seek out Dr. Levitin for a guest segment, given their shared interest in attentional brain functioning.

    jeff k

  • Trump Is Changing on Global Trade...   4 days 14 hours ago

    Funny how both Hillary & Trump contradict themselves by their actions

    you can't trust either of these con artists...

    And Bernie, he lied and let us down too... Kissed the media's ass and conceeded giving into their bluff that the super delegates vowed to them in a leak that some 680 of them would vote for Hillary before any of the people in any of the 50 states even cast their vote... Now they don't have to vote since he endorsed her as if she had won before they actually voted on the 25th... What a bunch of bullshit.

    This country is fucked either way no matter who wins...

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   4 days 16 hours ago

    The encourage falsification of times to hide that carriers are still delivering mail after a certain point of the day creates risk of harm or injury on employees.

    When a carrier is told make sure you scan all these time points before a certain time of day that is falsification of a record.

    This falsification becomes criminal whenever an employee is injured or harmed trying to meet the demands of the false clock (it is an opinion unsure about legal fact).

    Again big posters inside the office with numbers and email addresses to contact would be helpful verses blogging on the internet. But these numbers need to always contact external sources of help not within just one post office.

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   4 days 16 hours ago

    Today I was given another unbelievable amount of mail. The tuck was, so full I could barely close the rear doors. The temperature was in the mid to upper 90s today.

    It occurred to me that it is a possible reason to why people go along with things is because the supervisor or manager can give such a huge amount of mail that threatens the safety of the employee and the employee has no safety nets.

    The management will use excuses that the employee did not drink enough water or the employee's own health was the problem... not that there were no safe guards to create lunch breaks or a 15 minute break...

    I had an idea for these hot days or very cold days have a bus drive around as warming and cooling station. If an employee has 30 minutes for lunch (as required) than the bus picks up that employee drives the employee around rotates and picks up other employees on a schedule. Just to give them a break from the heat or very cold weather.

  • United States Postal Service... Why will it someday close??? You will be surprised why???   4 days 16 hours ago

    I was thinking today about my pay... My hourly wage is $16.06 a hour.

    Take that money and adjust for time sitting in commute doing nothing for 1 hour and 20 minutes longer than the national average for commute.

    Take that money and adjust for money taken out for a lunch break that I never take 30 minutes and no one knows where the form is to be paid for the lunch break.

    Take that money and adjust for use of my personal vehicle without compensation.

    I make about $12.58 an hour.

    Soon Massachusetts minimum wage will be $12 an hour.

    The work week is 6 to 7 days of work a week. Most of the time you are lucky to get one day off a week. I was not lucky this week.

    If the Postal Service was not going out of business, why do they steal from their employees?

  • Help in Washington State Primary   4 days 17 hours ago

    So this is why progressives lose badly in Kansas. And Bernie lost badly in the Washington state primary even though he won in the caucuses. And why he would have been creamed in a national election.

    I didn't say Boeing was an excellent employer. I said it was the largest employer in the state and working class folk view these jobs as far better than Wal-Mart. It is, by the way, a union shop. Working class folk really don't give a damn about what the profit percentage is or how much the CEO makes. If you drive Boeing to North Carolina or Indonesia, then there are no jobs that pay well enough for a family to buy a home. That they care about.

    What we should want from our politicians is they get the balance. They kiss enough corporate butt to keep Boeing, Microsoft, Nintendo, and the like in Puget Sound, but they remember the people enough to keep good safe working conditions, the right to unionize, decent minimum wage, and nice tax breaks to corporations that give excellent benefits to their employees.

    That is traditional New Deal type Democratic theory. If a CEO make a zillion dollars and still his workers earn enough to buy a home, put their kids through college and retire comfortably by working a safe, honorable job that isn't too damn boring without damaging the environment, then most Americans would say he has earned every penny of that zillion dollars. The problem is not those at the top earn so much, but that those at the bottom are not earning enough to live decently on. You can say it is the same problem and you may be right, but most people are far more likely to work to relieve the suffering of themselves and others than to punish the rich out of some kind of weird jealousy.

  • Ben Jealous just said that Tim Kaine in known for wanting to Deregulate Wallstreet? There you go. That's a good reason for HRC to pick him as VP!   4 days 18 hours ago

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  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 18 hours ago

    Safe journey brother Nat.

    Give my regards to brother Kenyatta for me.

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 18 hours ago

    Brother Al, why do you waste your time with this moron? This whiteboy believes the earth is flat. This whiteboy refuses to accept anything that does not fit his sick and twisted stereotypes. He does not believe what he does not WANT to believe, so he makes generic statements and variations on the same rhetoric. He can't accept that the brothers here are intellectually and educationally superior to him. He can't believe anyone has a job (cause he don't). He can't believe that Brother Kenyatta and others attended the finest schools in the country. He can't believe that Black people will fight back and take his ass. He can't believe that Brother Kenyatta and I go back almost 50 years and are two different people cause he says to himself, how can there be that many smart ass niggers in one place (he should bring his pink ass to one of our MelanicNation meetings and witness a room full of Black intellectual badasses discussing all kinds of things). He can't believe Kenyatta graduated High School at 15 years old, He can't believe that I bench press 500 pounds. He can't believe that the United States has become a prisoner to itself afraid of its own shadow since 9/11. He can't believe that the United States is viewed with hatred and disdain all over the planet except by other whitie nations (the global minority) He can't believe that the United states is getting its head handed to it all over the world. He can't believe that the United States is in steep decline. He can't believe that the days of the United States taking what they want from the world's majority is O-V-E-R. He can't believe he is not superior even with his inferiority emblazoned upon his forehead like a scarlett letter. He can't believe that niggers have the nerve to lay his ass out on the internet and the skills to do it with. He has to believe bullshit at any cost because reality these days is frightening to him. Like Kenyatta says these MF's are scared, which makes them more murderous and dangerous than they normally are but we know what we are dealing with. He keeps saying that he ain't scared...cause he is. Thou protesteth much too loudly. Funny thing about whitie, he or she can be illiterate, poor, filthy and living in a trailer park married to its sibling but it will think it is better than a Black Harvard Professor. That's the value they place on that pink skin. That is how sick they are, how deep that superiority shit runs in 'em.

    This inbred is a fool and a troll, and he or she thinks it can manipulate the discourse with its camel shit. To even respond to this idiot is giving it validation it does not warrant. It wants attention. In fact, I believe it's that Camel bastard anyways.

    Sorry I screwed up the thread Brother Al, needed to edit something. I am on my way to see Brother Kenyatta and my godchild. It's about a 60 mile ride from here. Hope you are well and keeping cool! It's 100 degrees here in L.A. and it will be about 112 degrees at Kenyatta's place. The BMW is comfortable though and built for the ride.

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   4 days 18 hours ago

    I'm not going back through it, but did any of them say a thing about cops? Or were they all just playing a trump hand?

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 18 hours ago

    They've been afraid of their own shadow since well before the Emancipation Proclamation brother Nat.

    I don't expect to change troopers mind, only to keep his thin white wash from showing the real grain of the wood is all.

  • Help in Washington State Primary   4 days 19 hours ago

    Not sure where the Boeing rant comes from, it is an excellent employer that is most concerned about profits (read "shareholder value"), as all MBAs are now taught.

    All large companies are for TPP, TPP is a disaster for the rest of us.

    Boeing has 8% margins according to the news, Airbus is around 4%. The difference in pensions, benefits, etc is enormous, but the progressive rules in Europe, that people like Murray should be for, are better for everyone. The company could still make a good 4% margin and be profitable, the people would be cared for, and Boeing could sell for the same prices as Airbus. This is the reality of today, Boeing is for what is good for Boeing, people are for what benefits them, as both should be. But, we should have regulation and sane rules to manage both.

    With people like Murray shilling for TPP to assuage her large company donors while destroying our economy, we don't need enemies. I'm with Greg.

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   4 days 19 hours ago

    Greetings Brother Al. You know, any white boy with any sense would have enough of it to remain silent on this post by the brother. The strangest thing about their cognitive dissonance is that they will make up shit if reality is too much for them to bear. Kenyatta and I discuss this oddity all of the time. Have you noticed it also?

    The man writes an article about a term that another white man uses. He never uses words like "dick" and "cock" but here comes an ignorant ass white boy trying to play like he knows something and the gist of the article is totally lost on this imbecile----he is so enraged because on top of his microscopic genitalia, he's also a pussy...and has a complex to go with it. Fact is pink folks, were it not for Africa you would still be wearing animal skins to keep your pink ass warm, living in caves, eating with your hands and shitting in bushes. Europe has few natural resources----I mean if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty.

    When one of you LPC members have something to say worthwhile let me know. Like I said yesterday, the internet is the last frontier for cowards of all stripes, especially the biggest cowards of all...white boys. Because the reality IS, none of them would talk the shit they talk on the internet to any of the brothers here or anywhere else. I know know it...and THEY know it. Too stupid to know that by even commenting on this post they are "exposing" themselves and letting all the girls know that the piece is about them. Too funny.

  • Dead Police Officers in Baton Rouge: Anglo Cognitive Dissonance (ACD) VI and A Message to Thom Hartmann   4 days 19 hours ago

    Yeah I put an exclamation on your point of how racist your white america is right enough. The socialist black movement is a threat and you know it as your like has been working overtime to keep it broken up ever since even into trying to discount and disrupt a peaceful faction like the BLM voices today.

    Here's the thing though, after all these years don't think we're not wise to you. We don't have any illusions of white being any friend. Now while I'm no longer 'actively out there' I think there are probably under ground groups forming right now you whities know nothing about, just a suspicion mind you, but I'll bet they're out there because they ain't gonna advertize. Here's another guess for white americas future storm front, some black faction not quite so peaceful as BLM will group together because no justice is forth coming and think of their own form of retribution and instead some random killing will target the actual perpetrators first and after that, the enablers.....One at a time. And they won't be caught because they will disappear back into the wood work, not all brothers want to be sacrifical lambs storm trooper. In fact I'm rather surprised it hasn't started yet after 50 plus years of screaming about the same damn things.

    No justice, no peace means something.

    Take to it heart storm trooper. Both here and out beyond our shores. No justice, no peace.

  • Help in Washington State Primary   4 days 20 hours ago

    It offends me that you say that.

    I have lived in this state 15 years now. Murray seems to really try to work for her constituents. I have several times had something like this conversation with folks who are a little more polite than you and complain she's very much influenced by Boeing. Then I say, "Well, dah, Boeing is the biggest employer in the state, so she does have to care about them."

    Then they call her a corporate shill or something like that. And I say, "I worked at a hospital were a lot of the patients were Boeing employees and quite a few times the conversation was about their jobs. The feeling I got was most people like working for Boeing. The pay and benefits were good, but it was a cyclical job market. I had one person say that when Boeing is selling planes, she worked at Boeing, when the market was dead, she worked at Wal-Mart. She said working at Boeing is much better than working at Wal-Mart. So why would it not being working for her constituents for Murray to be working to increase Boeing business?"

    I have asked several environmental activists around here and Boeing isn't awful there either, at least it is far better than many other companies.

    I don't support TPP. I think Murray did originally, which didn't offend me because Boeing supported TPP and as a general rule she supports things Boeing says will increase their sales. Her thinking is probably increasing Boeing sales is good for Boeing employees. This _is_ her trying to support her constituents. Hurting Boeing's sales would, in general, be bad for our region and its people.

    I did call her office to say I thought TPP might lead to more jobs being shipped overseas, and to loss of American sovereignty over issues like environmental protection and worker's rights. I think a lot of other people did as well. The last I heard she was now either neutral or against the TPP.

    What I don't understand is how people can with one breath complain about our jobs going overseas and with the next complain that our senator cares too much about what's going on with our biggest employer.

    I suppose Boeing is the establishment, but it is also a lot of people's jobs and a big chunk of our tax base. So are Microsoft and Nintendo, should Murray not care about the needs of those companies either? They, like Boeing, are the source of some of the better jobs around here. So do you feel our senator should say screw them all? Then what do we do for jobs? All go to work for Seven Eleven and Wal-Mart?

    I was at the caucuses and heard a lot of people who sounded like you, but I don't really understand what you guys want for our economic or political future.

  • The LPC: Also Known As the Little Penis Club   4 days 20 hours ago


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