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  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 4 hours ago

    yes yes a know , AGAIN i screwed up the order the sequence of the posts by trying to correct my post. Obviously i NEVER learn. My apologies.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 4 hours ago

    Well Kenyatta, i don't know if you have presented a case that Donald Trump is gay, but there's very little doubt, that the man that most Americans revere as the best President to ever inhabit the White House was gay.

    ABE Lincoln as a teenager caused a major stir when he wrote poem about a gay marriage. The poem goes like this " i will tell you a joke about Jewel and Mary, It is neither a joke nor a story, For Rubin and Charles has married two girls, But Billy has married a boy,"


    On April 15, 1837, an impoverished Abraham Lincoln, twenty-eight years old, arrived in Springfield, Illinois to set up his first law practice. One of his first stops was at the general store, where he thought he might buy a bed. Standing behind the counter was a twenty-two-year-old man, the shopkeeper Joshua Fry Speed. Speed totaled up the cost of the bed, mattress, blankets, pillows etcetera to be a whopping seventeen dollars.

    Well, that was a lot of money back then and Abe simply didn’t have it. As Speed later recalled, when he looked across the counter, "I never saw a sadder face."

    Lincoln asked if he might buy the bed on credit.

    But Joshua had a better idea. Taking Lincoln by the hand, he led him up the steps to his living quarters above the store, showed him the small room with a bed in the corner and said, “Why don’t you just sleep here with me.”
    And the two men continued to live and sleep together for nearly four years in that bed in that room." "" But it was unusual for two adult men to happily sleep together at home for so long the way that Abe and Josh did. And it’s not like Joshua Speed couldn’t afford an extra bed--after all, he was a bed salesman! He was practically the Sealy Posturepedic of Springfield, Illinois. "

    Nearly four years later, on January 1, 1841, Abe learned that Josh was leaving him and going back to his native Kentucky. Abe was devastated and suffered symptoms of what today we would call a nervous breakdown, an episode known to historians as Lincoln’s "fatal first." January 1, 1841. Well, New Year’s Day is not one of my favorites either.

    By the way, there is not a shred of evidence to support the contention of some historians that Lincoln also broke off an engagement with Mary Todd or suffered any of the other myriad setbacks that some have postulated to explain what upset him on that fateful day, other than the well-documented impending separation from Speed." "

    Lincoln was depressed, perhaps even suicidal, and wrote,""I am now the most miserable man living. Whether I shall ever be better I can not tell; I awfully forbode I shall not. To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better, it appears to me.” "At that time, Lincoln was 31 and Speed was 25, so this was no childhood phase.

    As Abe grew older he continued to have intimate relationships with men." "Even as president, Lincoln formed a close attachment to a soldier.

    Captain David V. Derickson, who was the commander of his guards. In 1862 and 1863, they shared a bed in the White House and a getaway cottage at the outskirts of town. Believe me, there were plenty of extra beds in the White House." "

    Lincoln's same-sex relationships did not go unnoticed by contemporaries and early biographers. Virginia Woodbury Fox, a well-connected Washingtonian, wrote in an 1862 diary entry:"Tish says, 'there is a Bucktail Soldier here devoted to the President, drives with him, and when Mrs L. is not home, sleeps with him.' What stuff!" "

    Even thirty-three years later, Thomas Chamberlain, one of Lincoln’s bodyguards, remembered the relationship of the two men when he wrote a history of the regiment:"

    "Captain Derickson, in particular, advanced so far in the President's confidence and esteem that, in Mrs. Lincoln's absence, he frequently spent the night at his cottage, sleeping in the same bed with him, and -- it is said -- making use of His Excellency's night-shirt!”


    the above copied from

  • Who CARES about George W Bush's EMAILS   5 days 5 hours ago

    Keith Webotg Sr.

    Thank you my friend for your comment. You are more than welcome to copy and paste to the 'letters to the editor' of your newspapeer, infact you are more than welcome to attach your name to it. Good luck.

  • What Will Bernie’s Revolution Look Like? Progressive Roundtable   5 days 6 hours ago

    There's no revolution. We've been through another eight years of Dems and liberals calling on the public to Stand in Solidarity -- to maintain the status quo of the bourgeoisie, the middle class. Stay the course!

    Unless you're using the word in the sense of a "revolutionary new breakfast cereal," revolutions are not driven by the better-off. They are waged by those who have been shut out, denied fundamental human rights, and no longer have anything left to lose.

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 6 hours ago

    We've known at least since the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 that we have an "urgent need" not only to break our dependency on foreign oil, but to dramatically reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Americans demand a solution, but not one that costs them financially or in terms of inconvenience. We know the problem, but remain stuck on finding a solution that Americans will accept.

  • Trees Are The Lungs Of The World & They're Dying   5 days 7 hours ago

    Hello Thom,

    I recently did a writing assignment for a college course with regards to Trees. And I also drew the conclusion that our Trees are dying, stating that "Trees are the Canary in the Coal Mine for Humankind",

    I would like to share it with you........

    The most surprising thing I learned about the

    Hidden Life of Trees


    ****** *******

    As far back as I can remember Trees have always been an important part of my life.

    As a child, whenever my family moved to a new and unfamiliar neighborhood, remembering which trees lined the city blocks would always help me to find my way home after a long walk from my new school. As I grew up, many of those same trees provided more than just shade and recreation. They also provided safety and security from the occasional unleashed dog roaming the neighborhood. Now as an adult, one of the tallest Pine Trees in the Valley aides to keep my house cool in the summer, and provides ample lumber to burn in the winter.

    While reading Brian Pickings: The Secret Life of Trees, a treatment of The Hidden life of Trees, written by Peter Wohlleben, I was reminded of the symbiotic relationship I shared with certain Trees in my old neighborhoods. I was also intrigued to learn more about the may ways trees affect almost every other species of life on the Planet as well.

    Trees are not only part of our ecological system, cleaning and filtering the air we breath, but they are also part of a complex food chain within the wilderness. That if tampered with, may cause a ripple affect than can destroy an entire ecosystem.

    The most surprising aspect of Wohllebens's observations of Trees, is that the Wolves of Yellowstone National Park serve as natural sheepherders of the Forest and protect the Trees. By controlling the balance of vegetation and not allowing nearby herbivores to over feed on the young trees and seedlings along the banks of various rivers, trees are able to flourish and maintain the balance of nature.

    By taking note of this particular discovery, I have learned to draw yet another conclusion, among the many others I have come to know, and that is “Trees are the Canary in the Coalmine for Mankind”. Trees provide more than just shade on a summer day, or a something to decorate in the Winter, Trees are vulnerable, living creatures, that provide a great deal of life to our Planet. They ask for very little in return except to be left alone. They need our protection if Mankind wants to survive.

    As I type this written assignment, vast areas of our Tropical Rain-forest in South America, as well as the mountaintops of North-America are being destroyed. They are being laid to waste in the name of profit, which in turn creates nothing more than pollution. The our great forests are responsible for the bulk of the clean air we breath. Without clean air, we die.

    I hope someday soon, mankind will wake up from this veritable suicide pack. For I do not appreciate it at all.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 7 hours ago

    Mr. Zap, it was not my intent to "make a case" as to whether or not Trump is/was or has been gay. You, more than anyone except very few others, know more about my proclivities than most reading this; which, according to some, may be the equivalent of the human population of Mars. Discounting that very real potentiality, I think you have enough raw data to make an intelligent assessment that if it were my intent to "make a case", I am formidably equipped to do so.

    That is absolute.

    My intent is to, as always, get people to consider other possibilities that might illuminate one's conduct and, most of all, thought process. Though I know that many find such mental exercises stressful, I rather enjoy them, and enjoy others who are capable of enjoying them.

    Some of America's greatest "heroes",as you attest, were/are homosexual. I have made wry, sometimes sarcastic, comments in previous writings that refer to the "founding fathers" use of wigs, make-up, etc. as being in political "drag" at the very least. I stand by that awfully wry sentiment.

    Pardon my considerable digression.

    The point is that DJT has issues. None of us know what those issues are. Freud would say, and with considerable credence, that DJT's conduct is rooted in his sexuality and/or mother/father relationship. Now, and listen carefully, aside from the million dollar loan (or whatever the amount was) you have heard very little about Trump's parents. Am I correct? Almost nothing about his mother, and just about the same with the father. Think about how very different that is from the typical political algorithm. Then, factor in his "im tough" statements that are devoid of any substantive reason to believe his proclamation. What can he point to that shows he's a bad-ass? Then, factor in everything else that I mentioned in my statement supra.

    You white folks better stop drinking your own Kool-Aid.

    Mr. Zap, I am publicly telling the world, as I have told you in private, that I am a fan of yours forever. I think you are a person with both talent, spirit and an interpretation of the world that you are willing to share that reflects thought and considerable intellect. That having been said, I will never hesitate to tell the truth about the human condition and all of its subtleties even when it includes you.

    Therefore, I trust that you wiill spare me the meaningless task of listing the number of American politicians (some of whom were vehemently anti-gay) who turned out to be homosexual; including some that were so lewd that they were looking for sex with another unknown man in a public bathroom.

    Please spare me such sordid tribulation; but I stand ready to oblige you should you make such a fateful decision; one that I know you are way too smart to make.

  • HELLO STUPID AMERICA is anyone HOME   5 days 8 hours ago
    Quote Zenbrarian:
    Quote zapdam.:


    Talking about stupid, obviously i'm too stupid to proof read my posts before i upload them. Anyone want to be my proof reader?

    A backhanded insult, Zap? No harm. If I've offended you in some way, please forgive me.

    As you state, we could possibly be the "stupidest fucking electorate" on the planet. How else could you explain the Republican nominee? I don't have any explanation for this phenomenon other than the majority of those who identify as Republican feel they've been ignored, manipulated, or marginalized by those who were elected to represent them. In turn, the collective majority of Republicans stupidly voted for the person who deviated from the political norm.

    Since the 60s (the decade I was born), things have progressively gotten worse. We could blame many things for our demise, but we'd only be scratching the surface, I fear. It goes much deeper than Reaganomics, the marriage of religion & politics, Citizens United, attempts to roll back the Civil Rights' gains, warmongering to bring about democracy, the list goes on. I believe it goes to the core of how we define ourselves as a people. We have bought in to the idea that we as a nation are superior to all others on the planet. That we are entitled to do as we please anywhere, anytime, to anyone. To make things worse, this only applies if you are male and white. The rest of us are required to put up or shut up. In an age where money speaks louder than the majority can we expect anything different?

    It is obvious where the money went for your generation. Straight into the 1% pockets. YOu got nothing and they got huge increases. And your generation sits back and does nothing about it.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 8 hours ago

    Coakage 1, If you are in the 1% I fully understand why you would vote republican. If you are not in the 1% how about enlightening us why you would vote Republican. Throw in a few facts for the hell of it.

  • Is Donald Trump Gay?   5 days 9 hours ago

    It would explain a lot, never gave it a second thought. His attacks on women and his never ending comments on being tough are way over the top. Not "locker room" stuff.

    Big bro, you have really sent me on a trip that I had no intention on taking. Man you have me paying close attention now. I mean it only makes sense. Aw hell naw, yooze a sick man Kenyatta. I love you, but you sick boy. Sick enough to be absolutely on target.

    WOW! LMAO!

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 10 hours ago

    Right now the native americans are gathering their largest get together since America was born in North Dakota to stop big oil and save our planet. At least someone is smart enough to actually do something about it. Unlike the rest of us that only talk about it. Keep being lazy and watch yourselves get destroyed and watch it all burn. Or do something.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 11 hours ago

    Coalage1 -- I am impressed with a troll that stays around with comments in the same blog for longer than 24 hours.

    One of the main things that terrorizes me about T-Rump is that he wants to criminalize political discussions like we are having.

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 11 hours ago

    I'm glad you mentioned slash-and-burn farming, but it's actually for livestock and their feedcrops. According to the facts in the movie "Cowspiracy," 136 million rainforest acres have been cleared for animal agriculture. By simply cutting back dramatically on our diet of cows alone we can regrow our forests, the lungs of the earth. This idea of creating a carbon-eating mechanism sounds pretty far-fetched, expensive, and pointless if we aren't cutting back on our consumption of this unsustainable, unhealthy, and planet-destroying practice.

  • Are You/We A Protector?   5 days 11 hours ago

    America has become a looney nation of 15 sec sound bytes , where the best sound byte wins.

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 11 hours ago

    So what caused the global warming, dust bowl in the 30's. Carbon???? It was much warmer then. I have to be a global warming denier. I certainty believe in climate change. Climate has changed for millions of years. If you look at it logically we have spent trillions on global warming and it hasn't reduced carbon at all. In fact according to Thom Carbon levels have gone up. Would we have been better off spending those trillions on healthcare and education?

  • The Death of Trees   5 days 12 hours ago

    A carbon tax will give incentive for companies to go green.

    Hopefully the revenues will be directed at tech in these three areas:

    Fusion (especially the smaller machines)

    Aeroponics (grow food plants without soil, already a for profit business)

    "Water from air" devices.

    ("The amount of water available in the air is for all forseeable practical purposes unlimited. The bottom 1 kilometre (in the atmosphere) alone contains about 1.000,000,000,000,000 litres of water and that is turned over every few hours}


  • Why Is The AARP Fear-Mongering About Social Security Myths?   5 days 13 hours ago

    Did you mention an alternative organization to AARP?

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday October 18th, 2016   5 days 14 hours ago

    I am a digital immigrant. I listened to a portion of the radio show this Tuesday 18 October morning about 11:00 AM California time and would like to know how to access what I missed regarding AARP, Medicare, Original Medicare, and Supplement Plan F. I have an appointment Thursday with HICAP and need to be prepared for the enrollment period. I would like to be better informed in order to make a wise choice.

    Also, four - six of us need to prepare our mail-in ballots soon and would like input as to the best choices on the many measures on California Ballot.

    Thank you to anyone who can help me!

  • The Danger With Trump's "Election Rigging" Talk   5 days 14 hours ago

    A vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump. Listen to Bernie, he is campaigning for Hilary. Vote blue no matter who. The Supreme Court, The Democratic Platform and keeping Trump out are to important.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 14 hours ago

    You should quit listening and watching CNN and MSNBC. As to Hillary, where there is smoke, there's fire. Not even mentioning the fact that she is probably more of a neo-con than George Bush could even imagine. Why do you think they all support her? As to Bush and Bin Laden, I thought the BL family had a legitimate construction business. Is that not the case? Weren't there numerous Bin Laden children (maybe 30?)? I may be mistaken about that as I have never read much about 'em.

    Whose is on our border at Nome, Alaska? We all know what she meant when she said that. You can try to parse it anyway you want (which I am sure she will try to do tomorrow night). She and her 1% pals are getting rich from illegal immigration. As the saying goes..."follow the money". In this case, straight into her bank account.

  • Why They Don't Trust Hillary   5 days 15 hours ago

    george w bush received 26 million dollars to start his first two ventures into the oil industry in the 1970's from none other than the bin laden family. something that has never been once mentioned by the us corporate media.

  • Achtung Schwartzer Mann! Better Think Twice About Fleeing to Canada   5 days 15 hours ago

    Marcus say! Great tune RS. Never heard of Steel Pulse but I really dig the music and the message. Reminiscent of Marley.

    I am a white man that can love black people which I do and not be a "self-hating" white man. I don't get that whole vibe that white people that respect and love black people are "N---er Lovers" or self haters. I doubt that most white people are aware of how vastly different their lives would be without the black person. It would be very, very different. In a large way, we owe our existence to the black man and woman. And for all you white racists that take issue with my statement kiss my white bearded ass. If you have a problem with truth you should seek counseling.

  • Achtung Schwartzer Mann! Better Think Twice About Fleeing to Canada   5 days 16 hours ago
  • HELLO STUPID AMERICA is anyone HOME   5 days 16 hours ago


    The difference between the America of the 1960's when you were born and now, is that powerful corporations have taken over your country. 6 mega corporations control 90% of everything Americans see , hear or read. Powerful corporate owners like the Koch Brothers openly fund institutions whose sole purpose is to do the bidding of their wants, even undermining socierty itself and government to do this. Koch brothers particular have gone so for as infiltrate cash strapped schools and universities and demanded control over the curriculum and the hiring and firing of teaching staff for their financial support. Corporations that print the very books your schools use, have witewashed historical facts, science, literature anything could encourage Americans to think and question established order.

    Media outlets like FOX, with over a 100 million viewers ,use licenses granted to them, to subvert society and government, divide the population and outright lie to the people they are supposed to serve. The rest NBC , CBS, ABC , CNN are not much better.

    Drug companies have been given carte blanch to charge whatever they like for their products, allowed to put profits before life saving, even though they control drug monopolies. They've sold drugs they knew would kill and have never receive jail terms for their crimes, only punative fines, amounting to fractions of the profits they received selling these poisons.

    Astoundingly the oil companies have been given free reign to tresspass anywhere they please, drill and frack at will, pump unknown carcinogenic and neurotoxic chemicals with no government oversite, right next to your ground water, this while given tax subsidies and grants.

    Companies like Monsanto the drug company that over its history has been found guilty of repeatedly lying to the world about the toxic effects of agent orange, DDT ,PCB's and other products, are now taken at their gospel that GMO's are safe and not polluting and destroying our food supply.

    Even the war profiteers have sway and influence over the direction of US foreign policy , wars and conflicts and who receives US made military armnaments.

    America has been overrun by corporate state fascism.

  • Anti-Intellectualism and the "DUMBING DOWN" of America   5 days 16 hours ago

    I have said this before and, apparently, it needs repeating: the only way that the United States can conduct itself (i.e. vehement racism, perpetual wars around the globe, rampant fraud, American "exceptionalism", "Citizens United", the 2000 coronation of Dumbya Bush by the Supreme Court, Donald J. Trump and Hillary, etc.) is for it to have an ignorant populace. Does anyone really think a nation of 370 million smart and well educated people would stand for such?

    Methinks not.

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