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  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   17 hours 22 min ago

    The institution that could act, the U.N., is flawed and has at its head a weak, spineless president, Ban Ki moon. The U.N. will not - perhaps cannot - reform itself. The only hope, as I see it, is a totally new international organization, with its headquarters outside U.S. borders and without a Security Council's veto powers. An organization that would include an ICC with teeth. 

  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   17 hours 28 min ago

    From the Palestinians perspective I see it somewhat differently than you Dan. From the beginning the Palestinian people were fighting to retrieve their homes they were ousted from. Religion played little part.

    Today the Palestinians are fighting for the simple matter of a life, any kind of life of self determination. And then there's that pesky little matter of the home that yesterday (and in some cases literally) was mine but now 'belongs' to someone else. Religion plays little part.

    I submit that any religious fanaticism you speak of is pretty one sided.

  • "The Muslim who gave up his life for Mosul’s Christians"   17 hours 33 min ago

    That there are good and evil people representing every religion and nationality may seem disappointing, and Christians want to believe the best about ours, and when these terrible religious wars occur many innocents suffer and some martyrs of heroic nature show up.

    Prof. Mahmoud Al 'Asali stood up as a Muslim to the dishonor of Islam by this "inquisition."  As a Christian, I regard him as a fellow human being of faith and see these 'religious militants' as having nothing to do with anything essential to Islam, but a lot about the chaos of colonialism and its aftermath.  His death is a tragic martyrdom for all humanity.

    Cheney's war has undone a lot and left the worst full of fury while the best are rejected and killed.  American Christian support for Manifest Destiny and our wars does not look as extreme or evil, and it is not the "fury" when it is established policy, just the terror of the empire with its Western Christian symbolism on planes and so forth.

    The events in Mosul are part of a larger religiously identified antagonism.  Muslim on muslim is like Northern Ireland, so we need some humility about our readiness to think that there is something wrong with Islam.

  • "White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"   17 hours 34 min ago

    Probably all the illegals and their heirs should be deported. As my great grandma noted, residents of other continents weren't issued visas. A few, however, were granted citizenship when they asked for it. (Mostly escaped indentured servants....unfortunately, their offspring are back to selling hour at a time).

    Which country will you be returning to? I'll be re-claiming free use of a large chunk of Missouri when the illegal occupants are cleared out. Maybe  I'll  use the free timber to build a free house on some free-for-use land.

    Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

  • Left People And Basic Income or Universal Minimum Income????   17 hours 42 min ago

    A recprocal economic system in our era would be a hybrid....looking something like this:

    Unless, of course, there is a collapse of industrial society. Then possibly we'd either revert to some sort of feudalism with a hierarchy intact or an early version of a reciprocal economic system such as this:.;_ylt=A0SO8zN_bs5TSGoALVVXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&f...

    Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"


  • Israel's Action in Gaza: 'Is This Not a War Crime?'   17 hours 44 min ago

    Zenzoe wrote:

    D_NATURED wrote:

    Zenzoe wrote:

    Alberto Ceras 2 wrote:

    It's true, I can't take any "joke" that includes racist slurs. Jew and Israel are not synonymous. Any conflation of the two smacks of racism.

    I see your point, but I think you're being petty and humorless. My comment contained no racist slurs whatsoever.  Yes, Israel does not consist entirely of fundamentalist Jews, nor does Manhattan.  I'm quite well aware of the mixture of attitudes about Palestine among Jews, much of that awareness coming from direct experience with the Jews whom are, and have been for many years, my personal friends. Probably a majority of Jews are not even close to being colonialists or Zionists by any stretch of the imagination. However, Israel itself, whatever terminology you want to use, is a "Jewish state," that is, a theocracy, and its governmental policies reflect the anti-democratic leanings of its most fundamentalist, right-wing politicians. My suggestion meant to insult Israel's treatment of Palestinians, not Jews as a group, as if all Jews living in Manhattan are the same (the message would be for Israel, not Jews living in Manhattan!). Your stupid assumption there, about my intentions and feelings for Jews, the idea that I don't know that "'Jew' and Israel" are not synonymous, underestimates me grossly, and I resent it.

    Perhaps you assumed my intention was to insult Manhattan Jews in the same way others have insulted Texans here by assuming them all to be rednecks.  Well, not at all, and that would miss the point I was making.  My comment was not in the same vein as the others, not at all.  But I can see the confusion I may have created by offering a different place for a Palestinian state, after the other states had been suggested to ridicule those populations.

    What makes a palestinian a palestinian is where they were born and live. What makes a Jew is a set of beliefs. There is nothing about Judaism that entitles its adherents to a religious homeland, any more than atheists should get their own piece of land (Europe almost counts already). I have no doubt that Palestinian Jews are welcome in Israel. This is not about land. It's about the man in the sky. I wish the debate were conducted more honestly by many in the media.

    I don't think anything you wrote was racist sounding, Zenzoe. Anyone who's ever been to Manhattan knows that Jews own large portions of it and many of them support Israel unconditionally. So, really, given the history of Jewish pain, why didn't we allow them to come here? Aren't half of all the Jews here already?

    The truth is, painful as it may be for some, that a religious opinion is not automatically deserving of international privilege. That privilege was granted by the West, who thought they owned the planet after WWII, and could do anything they wanted. Now our arrogance is taking the form of perpetual war.

    Palestinians don't deserve Palestine because they are Muslim. They deserve that land and whatever state they create there because they are humans who need space to live. If the land does not serve the needs of those who wish to live there, they should move but we should never allow a religious philosophy to dictate where we live or religious violence to render a place unlivable to those of a different mind set.

    If we, as humans, can't figure out that our shared humanity should trump our subjective metaphysical leanings, it doesn't matter where we "put" the Palestinians or "put" the Jews. They will be unwelcome anywhere, even next door to me. I say "come one, come all", just leave your myths behind. The only part of you that will get you any traction with me is the part that is human. Faith is just a decoration you hang on your mirror. The car can run without it.  The spirit-the kind that moves mountains- must be of, by and for humans. When it is claimed by a higher authority, it predictably fails to serve human needs and is useless. That's what we have in the middle east. We have faithful decorators for god, not spirited humans.

    D_NATURED, thanks for those good thoughts. I was feeling quite under siege and friendless, actually.  And you do say some things that absolutely need to be said out loud. All this walking-on-eggshells around the religion question gets pretty annoying.

    Even though I agreed that one should take care not to launch into a revival of anti-semitism, just because Israel has chosen to provide plenty of fodder for it, I have to point out that the crime being committed by the Israeli government in Gaza now, and that of the occupation and siege, derives its impetus from religious extremism, or, dare I say, fundamentalist Jewish thinking. Without the religion, this wouldn’t be happening with quite the ferocity we see expressed there now. I mean "Kill all Arabs and leftists now!"?  Give me a break— that's religious racists and bigots with way too much power in this world.

    Precisely, how is it antisemitism to say that what the Israelis do is done by Jews? Can we separate the actions of the Vatican from Catholicism as easy? Can we separate US rhetoric and actions, in support of zionists, from the dominant religious opinion here, concerning Jesus and the end times?

    I too am really fucking weary of the importance of religion being downplayed by the participants in these crimes against humanity. The truth is, if you asked anybody over there if they would give up some part of their religion to have peace, though, they wouldn't take it. I have no doubt that, at the funerals of Palestinians, they talk about god's will. It sickens me to see such denial practiced over the corpses of children. In the sense that our philosophy dictates our reality, they are all guilty of choosing a philosophy that makes for a shitty reality.

    Dear god,

    Be gone, vile ghost! Haunt no more the holy ground, defined by its thirst for innocent blood. Stay on your cloud where you belong and let the human race figure out a human future together. Your many faces only confuse the monkeys into thinking that you are everywhere. If you are merciful, strike your corrupted images from the minds of men, as your threats and promises are too little to keep us from killing in your name. When you became a peace worth killing for, you proved your uselessness.



  • Western War Agenda and Nuclear War   17 hours 59 min ago

    An interesting interview from 2010. I wonder what an update would conclude. Is it too far fetched to imagine Herr Obama, arm outstretched, shouting "Empire Über Alles!"


  • Capitalism and War: Pope Francis   18 hours 16 min ago

    There is no doubt that the Pope could do more to promote peace but this is a great start. He knows - surely - all that is behind the Gaza/Palestine tragedy and the extent of Israel's crimes against the Palestinian peoples. If he is sincere he must speak out loud and clear, lay it on the line for all the world to hear and understand. What has he to fear? He surely knows and understands that Israel and the USA are the countries behind most - all? - of the conflicts presently afflicting millions of people around the world. Say it, proclaim it, shout it - take the gloves off. 

  • "White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"   19 hours 11 min ago

    polycarp2 wrote:

    Actually, if you read what I wrote, you may comprehend that US. foreign economic/political policy creates the illegal immigrants you are complaining about. 

    I fully comprehend what you said.  I want that practice to stop. Unfortunately the illegals provide low cost labor.  I go with Hartmann, any employer using illegals is heavily fined. The money going to building a stronger border  We don't need no stinkin' vegetables.

    polycarp2 wrote:

    if anyone should recover damages for pillage and genocide, it should be Native Americans vs. Washington D.C.

    No argument there.  I think you have just endorsed my plan for no more immigration. Look what happened when the Native Americans let just one Swede into their country.


  • Daily Topics - Monday July 21st, 2014   19 hours 37 min ago

    Once in a while I send a relative some classic example of reich-wing malfeasance. She refuses to listen/look at any of it.

    Lesson: the best propaganda system is the one which can get its target to self-censor and refuse exposure to other viewpoints. The question becomes not 'is it a verifiable point?' but rather 'does it fit with what I already believe?' The idea of an evidentiary process carries no weight in their political world. Authority figures rule! (Even if they are only pretty, script readers.) Check out the first chapter of Hard Times (Dickens) and compare with 'no child left behind' where kids are taught to fill in the right bubble. The assumption that there is only one right answer and that no discussion is warranted, is a significant, perhaps essential component of an effective propaganda system.

  • Capitalism and War: Pope Francis   20 hours 4 min ago

    Take the $1 trillion spent on weapons of defence and offence and use for humanitarian purposes food ,shelter, clothing, health care and education !

    Take all the nations and create a world federation of countries ,(  a world wide government )and share the resources equally .This has already been done it,s been done in your country America ! Is there war between states ? There's no reason to believe this would not work but the major powers have much to loose for this to occur !

    The war between the rich and poor has been going on for a very long time but the only question left is what would love do now ? It,s the answer to all our problems do you not love your family ? Just create one big family the whole of the Human race .


    Stephen mills 

    Humnity,s Team 





  • Working Families Party endorses Andrew Cuomo   20 hours 22 min ago

    People has different idea of arrenging events like parties.So Tea Party is a organic way of doing party with people,friends etc.So whenever we are arranging party we should look after different  parts like place,people to target, subject to discussion etc.So arranging all these things in single handed is the most difficult work. At the same time we have optiones for selecting the best Event coordinator who make all your things easy and give a good look to your party.


  • Fiddling While the World Burns...   20 hours 37 min ago

    When the men on the chess board sit up and tell masters where to go is when things change. And not till then. It's no less true today than it has been throughout the arc of history. Otherwise, that wayward piece on the the fringe gets picked off and thrown to the side.

    Indeed Anti, when that day arrives as it most assuredly will, when you look around you'll likely be very surprised at your bedfellows. Then the real work will begin.

  • The Right's Fear of Democracy   21 hours 17 min ago

    The IQ of the GOP base is obviously plumetting.  They used to be able to capture a sizeable group of voters with the simple message of "less government".  But today, after 8-years of Bush Jr and 6 years of Obama derangement syndrome, there aren't enough stupid people in the country to carry them over the line. Hence, their vicious attack on voting rights.

  • "White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"   21 hours 25 min ago

    mdhess wrote:

    mjolnir wrote:

    "Report: Perry to Deploy 1,000 Texas National Guard Troops to Border"

    It's about time.

    Gov. Rick Perry is deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border over the next month to combat what he said Monday were criminals exploiting a surge of children pouring into the U.S. illegally.

    Perry, a vocal critic of the White House's response to the border crisis who is himself mulling a second presidential run, said the state has a responsibility to act after "lip service and empty promises" from Washington.

    This is so obviously politically motivated that Perry must be gearing up for a presidential run again.  A bunch of the right-wing dipshits have fallen back in love with him.  I can't wait.  I really hope he does run -- it will make for late night gold; like watching someone slip and fall on a banana peel in slow motion.

    Yeah. It's about time we bring our military to the border to fight little freaking kids who are just turning themselves in!!  Thank GOD the GENIUS Perry has done this.

    I think Perry is legit the stupedist man EVER to run for President for any country.  Notice I said "man".  He's tied for stupidest human to ever run with Michele Bachmann.

  • Friday 18 July '14 show notes   21 hours 31 min ago

    Not a clue.

  • Unions aren't going without a fight!   22 hours 19 min ago

    ...and that "desperation" is also part of the problem. People are willing to sell-out and work for less and less...Diminishing expectations! They will work longer and harder for less even though their efforts are worth more. Some don't even receive their checks as promised per the hirering process.
    We could probabley make some change happen if 100k or more workers, (of any industry), were to organize and form a general union that helped define and oversaw and encouraged enforcment of fruitful labor policies that guarunteed workers living wages, bennefits, and safe and healthy work conditions.

  • Unions aren't going without a fight!   22 hours 32 min ago

    KEND...How do you make it through the day???No offense, but does someone take you by the hand when crossing the street? Do you have someone to tie your shoes, or do you wear slip-ons that have an L and a R to tell you which foot to put them on?
    Do you even understand what you just said? "If wages and benefits were reasonable no one would have to out source." Do you get that the reason that wages are no longer in tune (reasonable as you put it) with the basic cost of living is becasue for the past 30 years (starting with Reagan) Unions have been underminded by this Corporate high jacked Government.
    The comparison of todays min. wage has less value than it did back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.
    FUCK oil companies...they are no different than any other global corporations...Hiding billions in off shore accounts, threatining to lay-off thousands of employees if they do not receive their tax breaks, or if "loop holes" are closed, or if the minimum wage is raised to meet the basic cost of living...They are Frauds! They only care about the board members financle interests.
    You do get that Unions were started because shrued business owners would not ensure that workers would be paid a fair (and reasonable) wage, that workers would receive adiquate breaks, and/or would have safe working conditions. Unions also helped define certain work ethics and in many cases assured legal representation for workers.
    That being said I do not deny that as time moved on it isn't so much that Unions became too powerful, as much as they got abusive with their power...Much like how the majority of todays Corporations are abusive with their power. It's natural, especially when you alow a capitalist system to opperate at hay-wire.

    I encourage you to have someone read to you about the Ludlow Massacre of 1914

  • Possible Twitter Witness From Spanish Flight Controller In Kiev - Says UKR Airforce did it   23 hours 3 min ago

    All strawman arguments.The Global Research article Roger posted is the original video given by Makushev (MH17 Show & Tell: It’s the West’s Turn – Russian Satellites and Radars Contradict West’s Baseless Claims). What radar and satellite data isn't essentially graphic?  I would call that "grasping at straws argument" on your part. There is no deception. "He [Makushev] said Russia is prepared to hand all of the information it has to the European authorities, which included satellite imagery and data from its own radar."

    Rupert Murdock is the Tabloid King.

    Three months later, on August 1, 2007, News Corporation and Dow Jones entered into a definitive merger agreement.[25] The US$5 billion sale added The Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch's news empire, which already included Fox News Channel, financial network unit and London's The Times, and locally within New York, the New York Post, along with Fox flagship station WNYW (Channel 5) and MyNetworkTV flagship WWOR (Channel 9).[26]

    Like I said, Fox News Propaganda. It's raining.

  • The Right's Fear of Democracy   23 hours 14 min ago

    As ulTrax has pointed out often, the US is anything but a democracy.  is a very good data driven electoral primer, and as the old adage "The plural of anecdote is data" reminds us, the next two years will be hearings seeking impeachment, because the majority of the people have no right to choose. Only the elites shall have the right to determine the future bestowed upon them. 

  • Possible Twitter Witness From Spanish Flight Controller In Kiev - Says UKR Airforce did it   23 hours 19 min ago

    Again you just expect me to take seriously that whackadoodle, conspiracy website.  I'm sorry but you are ridiculous.   Only a modicum of intellectual curiosity and effort led me from the Global Research site you keep getting your fake info from to the Wall Street Journal site that the Global Research site cites as the source of its information which you offer up as a serious competing narrative and I found a couple of very interesting things.  First I came upon this from the actual WSJ article: At the news conference broadcast from Moscow, Russian air force chief Lt. Gen. Igor Makushev didn't say outright who the ministry thought had fired the missile that apparently brought down the airliner Thursday. Nor did he provide any photographic, radar or satellite evidencethat would show a missile track.  Secondly I realized that your website of choice outright lied about what the WSJ reported.  The Global Research article states falsely that the WSJ reports: In an elaborate presentation displaying radar and satellite imagery, Mr. Makushev said it was likely that the second airplane was a Ukrainian fighter jet. -- when in fact what the WSJ reports is: ...he said that Russian radar had spotted a second aircraft in the ill-fated airliner's vicinity just before the crash and that it was likely a Ukrainian fighter jet. A graphic that Lt. Gen. Makushev said was based on radar data depicted four commercial planes in the area shortly before the crash, as well as the alleged Ukrainian fighter jet.  In other words your precious source of information is not above fudging the pertinent details.  And further, an opinion by you of the value of radar images of a nearby air base that the general attempted to pass off as relevant is inconsequential to anything. How can you know what he's actually pointing at?

    Russia Presents Its Account of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash

    So before going and accusing me of defending fascists and falling for propaganda from Fox News perhaps you should check your own gullibility. I have not made a final judgment about the matter but I do not fall for someone pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining.

  • "White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"   23 hours 27 min ago

    mjolnir wrote:

    "Report: Perry to Deploy 1,000 Texas National Guard Troops to Border"

    It's about time.

    Gov. Rick Perry is deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border over the next month to combat what he said Monday were criminals exploiting a surge of children pouring into the U.S. illegally.

    Perry, a vocal critic of the White House's response to the border crisis who is himself mulling a second presidential run, said the state has a responsibility to act after "lip service and empty promises" from Washington.

    This is so obviously politically motivated that Perry must be gearing up for a presidential run again.  A bunch of the right-wing dipshits have fallen back in love with him.  I can't wait.  I really hope he does run -- it will make for late night gold; like watching someone slip and fall on a banana peel in slow motion.

  • We are subsidizing our own destruction.   23 hours 45 min ago

    article wrote:
    A crew of at least four would have been needed to accurately fire the truck-mounted Russian-made SA-11 missile, also known as a Buk missile system.

    "You've got to have people who are technically competent," said retired US Army Major General Stephen V. Reeves, who served as an intelligence officer in Western Europe.

    The SA-11 is a 1972-era weapon system, and is not as technologically advanced or easy to operate as more modern weaponry.

    "This is a hard system to use, in today's terms," said retired US Army Lieutenant General Patrick J. O'Reilly, a former director of the US Missile Defense Agency, who estimated that each of the SA-11 crew members would have needed at least six months of training.

    "You don't just take some folks off the street, and 30 days later they're trained," he said.

    The SA-11 system is designed to identify a target with radar before and throughout the flight of the missile. The radar data are transmitted continuously to the missile, guiding it toward the target.

  • The Weight- Bluegrass Style   23 hours 52 min ago

    rs allen wrote:

    Yes of course doug, I guess I have forgotten this is your thread, please forgive me for going off on wayward tangents. Heres a cover (and but then not) that I think was pure genius;

    I don't own anything. I draw tangential connections all the time, and welcome them. I like all your input, and am trying to enter another related to your last. 

    I like Mama Thornton's version almost on it's own not better just different. If you ever get a chance to see Smokey_Joe's_Cafe  I recommend it. Leiber & Stoller's song book was impressive. Every tune in the show I knew and remembered. This was from the Brill Building music factory days. The show my wife and I saw in London had the Mama Thornton version and it was sung by a Mama Thornton look alike. Smokey Joe's on Youtube

    One critic said the show was more like singers acting than actors singing, and for a musical revue I think that's best.

    As far as my fondness for tangential connections

  • We are subsidizing our own destruction.   23 hours 59 min ago

    Every time Obama claims that MH-17 happened because Russia was backing the separatists someone should remind him that Russia, or the separatists, did not over-throw the original legitimate Ukraine government. The US backed Nazi-loving Ukrainian thugs did that.

    Russia did not divert MH-17 over the war zone nor order it to descend down to 33,000 feet...Ukraine did that.

    And what the heck does the US even have to say about it, anyway?...only one person out of all of those on-board MH-17 was a half US Citizen who became a Dutch citizen. So he was a dual national...probably didn't even like the US anymore..that's why he was living in the Nederlands (my speculation anyway).

    The US, because they have their dirty hands in the affairs of so many countries*, overthrowing legitimate governments, is a worse propaganda machine than Nazi Germany or the old Soviet Union. Why should we trust what they say, anyway, when they are the reason the 99% of us are merely footstools to the master race...the 1%. They lied us into an illegal war in Iraq. They lied us into a dirty illegal war in Vietnam. And they manipulated us all along. Why should we believe their propaganda now?

    I heard Michael Weiss, editor in chief of the Interpreter (an online journal that translates and analyzes Russian media) on one US propaganda news program today on TV that claimed that the Russian reports of a Ukraine jet that was only a couple of kilometers away from MH-17 were bogus because the that particular model of the Ukraine military jet (Su-25) could not get up to the altitude of 33,000 feet but only 23,000 about bogus....Weiss' logic is bogus as hell. The Su-25 didn't have to be at 33,000 in order to shoot it down. Because the Su-25 can get up to about 33,000 feet, momentarily, from it's normal 23,000 ceiling and I'm sure that even if it didn't get up to where the MH-17 was, at 33,000 feet, it could get off a missile that would easily reach the MH-17. It would also explain why Ukraine had MH-17 descend down to 33,000 feet.

    By the way, there are a whole lot of photos, even close ups of various MH-17 crash items here:

    * General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia said:

    General Wesley Clark wrote:

    “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran”

    Video of the interview of Gen. Wesley Clark and transcript of that interview here: