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  • Mysticism   20 hours 8 min ago

    How've you been, Don? Time as we experience it is linear so there's no going back. Even with a time machine we'll carry now back with us so it won't be the same, just another linear derivation.

  • Daily Topics - Thursday October 23rd, 2014   20 hours 13 min ago

    Rick Scott - some background info: Fortune (Magazine) September 8, 1997, entitled:


    (I googled: Rick Scott Darla Moore)

    I worked for UT Austin as a "Development Researcher," and "pretty near" everything else (and everyone else) in UT's central fundraising office for 12 years. I left in 2004 but still reside in Austin.

    I didn't pick up on "Rick Scott" until his name was mentioned in context with Columbia HCA; then the bells started ringing.

    Enjoy your programs as do all FSTV (on DirecTV).

    Thanks so much.


    Jim (Manning - no mention of last name, please; again thanks)

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   20 hours 22 min ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    I tire of your cluelessness. The US has NEVER been a democracy... and arguably it's not even a democratic republic. It's an ANTI-democratic republic.

    I prefer to rely on Princeton's study that I cited here in an earlier comment (#38) . The U.S. is a plutocracy according to that researched and documented study.

    Think we can ever have meaningful reforms in the US if a mere 2% of the population can block any reforms?

    You have it backwards. The wealth and power the Koch's have amassed is possible because we have defective and antidemocratic electoral and political systems... that allow corporations and the ultra wealthy to manipulate the system, not the other way around.

    No, it's possible largely because the U.S. has a dumb, apathetic electorate. Can that be corrected? It could be but, absent a miracle, it won't be.

  • Mysticism   20 hours 24 min ago

    It's good to see the band getting back together. This board was a special place back in the day. I've heard from Chris on occasion, a special human being. Kenny and Usha and I cross paths on FB occasionally. Wonderful folks. I tried this board a few months ago and learned you can't go back. I'll follow the thread and we'll see what develops. Best to you all.

  • Mysticism   20 hours 29 min ago
    Quote Zenzoe:

    ...why does this silly program create duplicates?! Annoying!

    I've discovered all the complaining in the world won't open a crack in the dark dawn. Nigel has finally achieved a fully integrated site for Thom, and apparently the complications of integrating the software means that we cannot have a fully functioning message board. Um, annoying it is. That's privitization for ya.

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   20 hours 40 min ago
    Quote captbebops:But what I've been encouraging is voting for third party candidates from local to state. Revolt by kicking over the tables and mixing things up.
    For third parties ever to take root, we need to change the electoral system that keeps them down and perpetuates 2 party rule. If your state permits citizen referendum, then maybe some changes to the state constitution might be in order... a reform to permit proportional representation for the state legislature. Then if a party, say the Greens, get 10% of the state wide vote, they'd get 10% of the seats in one or both houses.

  • Mysticism   20 hours 42 min ago

    I've been following the rise of neoliberal politics in Australia along with the downward spiral of everything else, Kenny. I don't see how it can go on much longer.

    Complex civilizations have collapsed, over and over. We kind of know now why. By "we" I do not mean the upper management driving the busses over the cliff every time. It's kind of hard to get off the bus at this point. You'd almost have to go to another planet.

    Can we transform the dominant death spiral global economy? Is it already too late even if we could change and revitalize the up to date destruction? (What if we change - documentary on ecosystem restoration)

    I'd rather leave that unanswered and go on as if we can.

    On September 21st there was a mass in the streets gathering to outcry against the system, almost immediately our own neoliberals responded with more war and destruction that stole the corporate media headlines, the fear of ebola here in the U.S. absorbed even more attention while another disease, spread by corporate institutions around the world continues to plague our fellow species and they are going extinct at the rate of 200 a day.

    I recently watched an episode (brought to my attention by a friend who knows what I am interested in watching when it comes to brain washing our minds with entertainment) of Blacklist (S2 E5 The Front) where the people concerned about the Anthropogenic causes of an ongoing 6th Mass Extinction are characterized as nut case terrorists. And I wonder while watching this episode: what do all the people watching this think about it? I mean, this is mass mischaracterized propaganda.

    We need new stories indeed!

    I'm also reading something hopeful from an establishment liberal intellectual, Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization: the Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis. Of course he has no clue that anthropologists have been talking about empathic cultures for years or that any such awareness even existed in humans before civilized cultures discovered cognitive features in the mind, recently, called mirror neurons.

    Preconquest Consciousness by Richard E. Sorenson

    But it's at least encouraging that someone in our "Dead Liberal Class" is rising from the grave to speak out in this time of rising crisis. I mean, who's going to go looking for anything like this to read?: Sensuality and consciousness IV: Where did the liminal flowers go? : a report from the study of child behaviour and development in cultural isolates, ... at Berkeley, March 29 through April 2, 1995

  • Thom: Please Dump The Robot Pigeon "Jokes"   20 hours 43 min ago
    Quote Antifascist:

    The pigeon meme is only a inside joke to those that really think Pigeons are from Xenon. Thom has used it in the ten years, this month, I have been listening to his show.

    Do you think any new listener to the show would have ANY idea what Thom was talking about when he did his new special pigeon segment and it then had nothing to do with pigeons? I'm an old listener who knows the joke, and I just thought segment was incoherent.

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   20 hours 44 min ago

    According to the polispam in my inbox the Dems are quite desperate. They have their tin cups out for spare change too. Gee, if the Dems had done their job and raised their followers boats then we might have some spare change to give. Nah, had to fall with the Wall Street crowd. No wonder we are cynical.

    All the Dems need to do is remind folks how bad the Bush years were. But what I've been encouraging is voting for third party candidates from local to state. Revolt by kicking over the tables and mixing things up.

  • Mysticism   20 hours 57 min ago

    ...why does this silly program create duplicates?! Annoying!

  • Mysticism   21 hours 38 sec ago

    Thanks for your kind support Doug and Ren! Much appreciated!

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   21 hours 2 min ago
    Quote Legend:It has been a long time since the USA was a democracy. It is a Fascist Plutocracy. My vote counts close to nothing compared to the Koch Brothers and the Billions of dollars. The Republicans battle to keep money in politics. The dirtier the better. Do you see them bashing each other? Do the Republicans bash Mitch McConell? They do not even bash John Boehner. They work together and vote together.

    I tire of your cluelessness. The US has NEVER been a democracy... and arguably it's not even a democratic republic. It's an ANTI-democratic republic.

    If you want to know why the Right has the power it has... LOOK AT THE SYSTEM for the advantages they get. Bush was REJECTED by the People and was imposed on the nation by the antidemocratic EC. Bush then was able to use the power of his office to insure a second term. Just look at the numbers of votes I posted per Senate seat to see how the system works to the advantage of small GOP states.

    Think we can ever have meaningful reforms in the US if a mere 2% of the population can block any reforms?

    You have it backwards. The wealth and power the Koch's have amassed is possible because we have defective and antidemocratic electoral and political systems... that allow corporations and the ultra wealthy to manipulate the system, not the other way around.

    Then there's the simple fact that the Dems are uncoordinated idiots and refuse to clarify their ideas to come up with a vision of where they want to take this nation in 30-50 years. In 35 years they STILL could not even muster an effective response to the empty Orwellian Right accusations that the Dems were fiscally irresponsible while the GOP was sabotaging the fiscal health of the nation hoping to destroy the New Deal and Great Society safety nets. Have you seen ANY effort to push back against Starve The Beast? No, what we've seen is Obama keep 80-90% of the irresponsible Bush tax cuts...

  • Is it imperative that we try to make history and get 100% of ALL eligible voters to vote this November 4th, 2014!?   21 hours 16 min ago

    Did you know according to the most recent estimates of the worlds census numbers, the population of the world has added 1 billion people consecutively in 1805, 1927, 1960, 1974, 1987, 1999 and 2011? Did you know more people cause more people problems? Did you know what the best way to curb population increases in the world is? Did you know it’s not birth control, strict regulations on size of families or religious beliefs? Did you know that governments allowing the empowerment of women and their education is the ONLY PROVEN way to curb the population explosion? Did you know it is because they gain greater control over their education and fertility and they choose to have fewer children.

    Did you know on Election Day in 1920, millions of American women exercised their right to vote for the first time? Did you know today women are 52% of the voters, but only around 18% of them are in our legislation? We must vote for women and women’s issues in this election!


  • Is it imperative that we try to make history and get 100% of ALL eligible voters to vote this November 4th, 2014!?   21 hours 16 min ago


    Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.

    The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for the vote.

    And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden’s blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of ‘obstructing sidewalk traffic.’

    We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote democratic, republican or independent party - remember to vote.

    By all means stay home if you want, but don’t kid yourself that you’re not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote.” - David Foster Wallace


    pass it on


  • Mysticism   21 hours 21 min ago

    I thought you meant yearning. Blame it on autocorrect, you typed 'an' instead of 'a', and there is not 'an yearning'

  • Mysticism   21 hours 26 min ago

    Sorry everyone I didn't mean to leave the bird stories out on a limb. :-) Ah such is life.

    If the birds had pick me as a messenger of any sort it was certainly a not well thought out idea on their part. I have always supposed the only reason no one else has experienced meeting a wild bird face to face is that they have actually never thought to try.

    I can trace the avians affinity to me back to the days when I finially decided to stop my wanderings and was building a dome in the woods some forty years ago now. And though I've never attached any mysticism to their comings and goings it is something strange and mind altering when a large bird of prey lands and faces you a mere few feet away. Encounters of that sort always seem to happen when someone I know has something going on in their life that's important. If the occassion arises I mention it to the person I was thinking about at the time. Does it mean anything? I don't know. And I can't and don't attach any meanings to what happens in the betweens and why for some reason birds find me a non-threat. Any mysterous meaning I'll leave to others, to me it's just a natural part of my life. I don't question it.

    And if that @#^&^*%!? woodpecker doesn't learn to stay away from the side of my barn he's going to be dog food!

    What I consider true mystic encounters in my life, like one or two others here, I will choose not to share as those areas become much too personal.

  • S&P 500 Companies Spend 95% of Profits on Buybacks and Payouts   21 hours 27 min ago

    If there are less stocks of a particular company it makes it more valuable. Also, most folks have their mutual fund/401k set up to where the dividends go towards buying more stocks.

  • "Puerto Rico upholds gay marriage ban"   21 hours 30 min ago
    Quote Aliceinwonderland: Reply to #16: Gumball, indeed you are confused. Nobody claims procreation has nothing to do with marriage; only that it’s not a prerequisite for marriage. That aside, I’m pleasanty surprised by how you’ve voted on this issue. - AIW

    It has come up in other conversations I have had here.

  • What's The Best 30 Sec Argument That Can Convince Dems To Vote?   21 hours 33 min ago
    Quote Legend:

    For your 30 second pitch. you are from the state that replaced a great statesman like Ted Kennedy with Scott Brown and gave the senate the Filibuster.

    Where's that 30 second pitch?

    Martha Coakley thought she was a shoe in and ran a lazy campaign. She actually took a goddamn vacation during the campaign! Brown ran a smart race as the harmless moderate.

    No state is 100% single party. It was a low turnout election and not representative. We got rid of Scott Brown by the next election. So WTF is your point? That somehow Mass, as a state, as opposed to some voters, is responsible for Obama's choices in areas THAT DO NOT INVOLVE CONGRESS?

    Coakley might easily blow it again running for governor. She's simply not that compelling a candidate and like Brown, and Baker is running as the harmless moderate.

  • Mysticism   21 hours 34 min ago

    One of the wonders of this "advanced" integrated board software achievement is that the webmaster and all his software programming minions can't figure out how to make it so we can edit mistakes in our posts and not throw them out of order in the conversations we have. I remember when I was first posting on Thom's boards more than ten years ago we could. Not to mention we could also use pictures to say more than a bunch of typo-prone words could say.

    Typos happen. I very much doubt many of my own are subconsciously intentional, though sometimes they can be hilarious.

  • Mysticism   21 hours 45 min ago
    Quote Karolina:
    Quote NMHiker:

    But still wondering if anyone thinks they have been changed/or how you think it changed you?

    I was changed quite a bit. My second priority (after taking care of my family) became to join in the fight to stop the fascist takeover of the United States and the world.

    I think that was the reason that I was having those dreams in the 1980's and beyond. A year before 9/11/01, I was called up to take an art director job in an office on the upper most floors of the WTC North Tower a year before 9/11/01, where I felt strangely creeped out. I refused the job.

    Later I ran into the LPAC people in front of my post office in 2006, and in talking with them that day was able to immediately see the big picture from the perspective of the human beings which would be in danger as the USA was being developed into a fascist police state.

    Earlier mystical experiences, though, had already brought me an earning to protect and to help the human experience on earth.

    I just re-read what I wrote late yesterday evening, and noticed a really bizarre mistake — the words darkened are actually "A YEARNING".

    I don't believe Freud's "there are no mistakes"..... at least not true when one is very tired!

  • Mysticism   21 hours 49 min ago
    Quote NMHiker:

    Can relate to every one of the stories. The Naturalist position covered by RS allen shares confluence with Ren and has confirmed my own journey with Mother Earth. Having also done several Vision Quests in nature while fasting also breaks down the barriers between the worlds where one can move more freely. In this context one goes through stages the first being Severance, i.e. one detaches from everyday concerns with a personal intent and goes off alone in nature; the second stage is the Threshold Expereince where one crosses a barrier of perception and is given some information from Spirit or personal healing or both; and the third stage is Reincorporation where we bring the gift Spirit has bestowed back into the community to be shared via some type of work we are to do henceforth.

    We've shared this Rite of Passage process as transformative experience a number of times. I remember talking about it in the context of ecopsychology, and the importance of the ritual as part of reintroducing those "civilized" young minds to nature through something like an outward bound survival training graduation experience.

    There's no way of knowing how far back this tradition goes in our history. Because it emerges spontaneously among us -- you and I, for instance, share that urge of seeking that experience going way back in our lives -- my suspicion is that it is built into our DNA now, and thus it may go back much further than we can possibly trace through the left over artifacts archeologists have discovered.

    My feeling when I immerse myself in The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary by Werner Herzog, is that I'm experiencing some sort of rite of passage experience our ancestors were having some 32,000 years ago. Though I have many concerns about the distorting effects on our minds and souls of this utterly intrusive, nature killing modern technology, I have to also acknowledge some of the wonders we can share with it.

    In this particular case, Werner Herzog built the 3D capable camera gear he was able to get into that cave for the very brief time he or anyone was allowed in to experience that recorded history and its mysterious message from the interior minds of our ancestors. Since I have a 3D capable monitor for my computer, I am able to view the 3D version of the documentary. I love to turn off the sound and just immerse myself in the cave and try to imagine what it must have been like for them. The smells, the flickering light they painted by, the amazing visions in their minds of the world they lived in at the time that they so beautifully and accurately rendered completely from memory.

    And I'm standing at my kitchen counter, looking out the window at the mountain across the valley, some of it clear cut as Weyerhaeuser whacks away to feed civilization with anemic lumber from the still young third or fourth growth trees, grown like monoculture crops after the original slaughter of the complex old growth native forest was decimated, and I wonder: how can people in concrete and steel cities have anything close to that mysterious, transformative experience our ancestors may have been having in those caves?

  • Canadian Gun Violence   21 hours 53 min ago

    The RCMP and intelligence liason (their FBI equal) stated that "We must be cautious that these perpetrators are not given more status than they deserve. It could be a nut terrorist wannabe, we have had nuts before with bombs in parliament. It could be a copycat. Granting status only encourages other copycats. There is no terror support group for either, just lone wolfs, or psychopaths"

    I paraphrased, the gist of the reasoned response this FBI/RCMP coordinator said is there. Columbine, not terrorists, Sandy Hill- not a terrorist, Aurora-not a terrorist, Pocono-not a terrorist, Virginia Tech-not a terrorist, Gabby Gifford's shooter- not a terrorist, the DC snipers-not terrorists. Canada dead-2, American dead from non terrorists- over 70. US Ebola epidemic-1 patient almost cleared. USA is 5 days from being Ebola free, like Nigeria, and a neighbor. But Hazmat suits can be bought online, and Ebola Homeopathic herbs. Get one for your bunker with your Y2K food stock, and armory to keep your guns hidden from the UN Black helicopters when they come for them.

    The old bomb shelters made nice children play houses. Joe McCarthy finally wore thin, Cruz will too.

    reefer_madness 1936s_most_unintentionally_hilarious_anti-drug_exploitation_film_free_online

    Sex MadnessFree – This is to sex what Reefer Madness is to drugs. YouTube version here. (1938)

  • ‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county   21 hours 56 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    I prefer an electronic ballot with a paper backup.

    So you disagree with the Texas Supreme Court that ruled such a paper trail was not necessary?

    The problem with a paper trail is who gets it? If it's merely the voter, how are they ever to know the paper trail is truthful? And what if there's a recount? All the voters are to come back with their receipts? If it's a paper trail at the polls, will it be printed on thermal paper that easily fades?

    I prefer optical scan ballots which provides for quick electronic tallies and the ballots are the paper trail for possible recounts. Pencil doesn't fade. I've worked the polls and have been involved in one election recount... with representatives of both candidates watching over my shoulder as I read the ballot vote off to a person recording them. No hanging chads!

  • Mysticism   22 hours 39 sec ago

    I agree ren, the environmental challenge is increasingly in our face and yet it's as if our leaders are unwilling or incapable of taking any sensible or decisive action. Here in Oz, the wizard has totally lost the plot. Tony Abott is our PM for now and is an environmental Luddite (as well as other things). He's scrapped a mining tax on the big mining companies here, which is a huge industry in Australia . He abandoned the carbon tax which was introduced previously to offset polluters, and his science and environmental adviser is a genuine climate change denier. They still think it's ok to dredge the Great Barrier Reef to get another coal port opened FFS. Its madness. It's also apparent that the western economic dollar/oil & guns ruling cadre are intent on business as usual. I sometimes feel as if we are regressing. At this stage I'm unsure as to how it will play out. Perhaps unexpected leadership from countries like China? An economic crash? Occupy Earth movement? Who knows. What is certain though is the issue will have to be faced and I think only a revisioning of our collective relationship with our planet will suffice. It's a consciousness revolution that's required. We need new stories.

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