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  • Democrats Win 2012 Election so that Obama can burrow more reactionary Republicans into key offices.   1 day 17 hours ago

    Okay. What about Timothy DeFoggi, acting Cyber Security Director of Health and Human Services, arrested in May 2013 for child pornography, and recently convicted (but not yet sentenced)?

    Although he was initially hired in a much lesser position by babyBush folks - he flourished and advanced rapidly under this administration.


    I loooooove it Long Beach!!

    Nice way to remind people what is at stake here.

    See you in November. :o)

  • Obama admin. backs Vatican’s claim of immunity to sexual abuse lawsuits   1 day 17 hours ago

    Missed this way back in 2010.

    So this is what they mean by Constitutional Scholar. (Really, really mean.)

    I'd link this to that other current thread, but I don't know how.

  • Matriarchy is the future   1 day 18 hours ago
    Neuroimaging is often described as

    ‘watching the brain work’ but the areas that light up in a neuroimaging testare not areas of activityper se, but areas of more activity than in asupposedly ‘resting’ state. This is an important difference, and indeed someresearchers have questioned the validity of many of these types of studybecause the thresholds used to identify significant differences between thestudied and the resting state are too low. ‘To illustrate this point’, Fine says,‘some researchers recently scanned an Atlantic salmon while showing itemotionally charged photographs. The salmon – which, by the way, “was notalive at the time of scanning” – was “asked to determine what emotion the

    individual in the photo must have been experiencing.” Using standar

    The flaw in this research is obvious, everyone knows you should use cod, not salmon, to test female brains. If they're dead, they must be kept refrigerated, preferably with ice.

    Imagine choosing the photos that would be thought to be emotionally charged to a salmon. A salmon getting hooked? A salmon mating? A salmon laying eggs? A salmon escaping a bear? Maybe a salmon's favorite food would be a trigger.

  • Will leak of Sen. McConnell recording hurt him in November?   1 day 18 hours ago

    I would like to think it would hurt him, but voters are very dumbed down in those states.

  • Matriarchy is the future   1 day 18 hours ago


    Men can’t iron and women can’t read maps. Men are taciturn and rational;women are emotional and never shut up. Girls like pink because Paleolithicwomen spent their days gathering red berries. Whatever the supposedly‘typical’ male or female behaviour, there seems no shortage of writers to tellus it is evidence of fundamental differences between men and womenhard-wired into our brains. In this incisive, accessible and oftenlaugh-out-loud witty book, Cordelia Fine shows these arguments for whatthey are: not biological truths, but modern versions of the tired old sexistideas about a woman’s proper place.Fine presents a clear critique of writers like Simon Baron Cohen or LouannBrizendine, who argue that there is such a thing as a ‘male’ or ‘female’brain. Not only are supposed differences in male and female language use,empathy or maths skills, often non-existent, they are influenced themselvesby our ideas about what women and men innately are like. One study Finerecounts showed that while women do not appear to have any moreempathetic ability than men, if you set up the testing situation to remindwomen that they are supposed to be the empathetic gender, they will thenoutperform the men in the test.The same factors operate in the real world. Fine has a particularly goodaccount of how the idea that women are not supposed to be good at maths

  • Matriarchy is the future   1 day 18 hours ago

    I read some of the comments on Ferrel's column, interesting and funny. One guy, Zenzoe & AIW will love this "Well, we gave them subsidies and special status set asides, glad to see they're making something of themselves". Then a list of trecherous mass muderers or female tyrants. Then "Satan is bringing the end" with a bible quote or two. "Just an angry feminist"

    Ferrel is a provocateur to some degree. Since WSJ is conservative, he may be a token just to rile up their base.

    ren, thanks for that link.

  • Move To Amend has ALWAYS needed a Plan B... is this it?   1 day 18 hours ago

    The decision in Citizens United is that speech may not be regulated based on who is speaking.

    The first issue IMO is that ALL corporate speech is necessarily COMMERCIAL speech and commercial speech can be regulated.

    The better strategy IMO is to create some (deliberately offensive) organization consisting only of non-citizens and get them to raise "speech money" and pay for radio, television, and print advertising at election time. Maybe the contrived issue is teaching the Quran in public schools.

  • College Grads And The Student Loan Fairies   1 day 19 hours ago

    And in general, you think paying interest is better than having more money to spend directly into the economy, and needing to rely less on social programs?


    Is this a new liberal concept-interest is a drain on the economy? There should be no interest on loans? Gee, that might have a negative effect on the availability of loans. Sounds like advocacy of a Islam based banking system. That should go over well in a Judeo-Christian country. Why don't you run that concept by the credit card companies and car dealers?


    Nice list. Where are we today?

    Dow is at 17,000.

    Auto industry is back.

    Housing market is back.

    Osama is dead.

    Unemployment is somewhere around 6% which is good considering we allowed 50,000 factories to shutdown and move overseas under Bush. Most jobs are service jobs that do not pay a middle class wage.

    We are out of Iraq, but a recent resurgence of Saddams former Bath Party soldiers has resurfaced in the Sunni lands of western Iraq. These terrorists are supported by Qatar and Saudia Arabia, our allies. We are on the 13th year of Iraq. Cheney blames Obama for the mess. Bush is painting pictures and cannot travel overseas for fear of being arrested.

    We are still in Afghanistan but mainly just training.

    We do not torture except for the atrocity of Guantanamo. Which the Republicans refuse to fund the closing, despite the fact that we are spending millions every day on it and it ruins our image overseas.

    Infrastructure still sucks. Jobs bill to help the infrastructure has been held up in the radical right wing Congress.

    We have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The Republican Congress has voted some 50+ times to overturn this, with no alternative solution.

    The Republican Senate Minority has successfully Filibustered some 400+ bills. The Government is in total gridlock.

    The Republicans shutdown the Government twice. Costing billions of dollars.

    51% of Republicans think that Obama was born in Kenya.

    The media is owned by the 1%. Bain Capital owns around 1500 radio stations that broadcast right wing propaganda. Fox News is 24/7 propaganda. etc.

    The Supreme Court keeps passing radical right wing agenda including the money is speech and Coporations are people which is destroying our country and turning it into a Fascist Plutocracy.

    The 2014 mid term elections are soon. The Republicans are banking on taking the Senate and gaining more control of the Congress.

    Americans tend to focus only on the present and not the past. They also prefer to blame 1 individual rather than the Body of the Congress and Senate. They also ten to ignore the power of the Supreme Court and how it affects this country. We elected Obama and then tied his hands by electing a Radical Right Wing Congress. I hope that we figure this out by the 2014 Mid Term Elections. Get Money out of politics and vote Democratic. Add to the list.

  • College Grads And The Student Loan Fairies   1 day 19 hours ago
    Quote drbjmn:
    Quote DynoDon:

    Funny how no one mentions having high school graduates doing a year of public or military service to do something in exchange for paying for college.

    I'm not so opposed to that, even though it shouldn't be necessary.

    You need to rethink your "logic"on the mercedes example.

    You didn't mention what your tax dollars had to do with not allowing them to at least refi at a lower rate.

    And in general, you think paying interest is better than having more money to spend directly into the economy, and needing to rely less on social programs?

    Have you thought this through, DD, or are you just being crotchety?

    I know, in your day, people paid what they owed. I wonder why they were able to. Just more responsible I guess....not.

    Be honest-refi or BK are not the real goal. What they want is debt elimination-without any credit score consequences. People paying what they owe-WHAT A CONCEPT!

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   1 day 19 hours ago

    The Red Jacket Firearms founder and reality star in "Sons of Guns" was arrested for rape of a 12 year old, so it's also child molestation. Two things here might be at play 1) rape culture 2) gun nuts think they are above the law or are the law as in judge, jury, & executioner and thus SYG. Discovery canceled the show, gee I wonder why? Red Jacket, with emergency BOD meetings, is in damage control. Maybe he can get a spot on fox.

    For me, I want him ruined. 2 strikes for pedophilia -which is always rape- and 1 strike for being a gun nut, personally they annoy me and ought to keep their fetish to themselves.

  • Windpower   1 day 19 hours ago

    Again saying the cost of action is too much. What are the costs of doing nothing? When insurers and bankers stop offering farmers in Iowa and Nebraska insurance or loans then what is the cost? The Koch Bros are now moving more dilbit oil through the Great Lakes, 8% of the world's fresh water. What is the cost of losing that water?
    What is the cost of waiting until we are at $150 a bbl? Assuming all the OPEC nations are in the same boat as the Saudis, and have 1/3rd less oil than they are claiming, how soon until we are out of oil? 80 years? 120 years?
    At some point we will transition off oil. The question is, to do it are we going to have Mexico and Venezuela in constant revolts? What will the Saudis do after oil, in the absence of any leadership today?
    Oh wait, shock and awe! Shake and bake!

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   1 day 19 hours ago

    Now for what I came to post in the rape culture vein (open one if you must).

    I didn't catch any specific mention of former Congressman Todd Akin (for the state that may love company), fairly well-known for his misogynistic "legitimate rape" comment of a couple years ago.

    That led to research which uncovered that he had shortened his name (he dropped his first name, William) in order to distance himself (in the mainstream) from multiple arrests related to anti-abortion activities.

    But for anti-abortion voters he would let slip (wink, wink, nudge, nod, nod) that he had been arrested 4 times in the 80's for such demonstrations.

    So it's a mixed bag. Peaceful protesting is what we teach, but we do not teach that one should seek to diminish the rights of others.

    Then it turns out there were 8 arrests not 4 (pathological liars are most comfortable living a lie. Because they fear that the real them would not be likeable.)

    Point being that our rape culture is an extension of the idea that females are property. This may explain the outrage some men express over seeing the overt version of this as practiced elsewhere.

    They are outraged that we may see how similar their thinking is, that is.

  • President F**k Up, F**ks Up again.   1 day 20 hours ago

    I readily acknowledge that the Pro Russian govt had been elected. Both wealthy oligarch groups, Russian and Western, are horrible. Neither deserves anything from the US.
    The problem is the US has a defense agreement with Ukraine, and Russia has agreed that they would respect Ukraine's borders. I care nothing for who is running Ukraine, but the US cannot allow Russia to carve off a slice of Ukraine.

  • "Rape Culture Claims Another Victim: Teen Ends Life After Photo Of Her Alleged Gang Rape Goes Viral"   1 day 20 hours ago

    Ah, 83 & 84, clear examples of what someone else pointed out earlier that we cannot know to what extent someone will take any of our comments in context or not.

    I brought up Sandusky as an example of someone who looked great on paper, but as was clear later, those efforts were quite purposeful and deceitful.

    I've reread my post (82) and I really don't see how most folks would not get the sarcasm of my last sentence (to include an oblique reference to all those who have escaped being held for their crimes by getting out of dodge, like the Priests "recalled" to the Vatican, among others).

  • President F**k Up, F**ks Up again.   1 day 20 hours ago

    You skipped the part about how Ukraine already had a democratically elected government with a head of state that made decisions in the best interests of his country and with good reasons for making those decisions. After Egypt perhaps you are under the impression that any time a coup overthrows a government that its a good thing, but that would be to ignore the U.S.'s history of otherthrowing elected governments. True, the overthrow had the momentum of a lot of protesters behind it, but the elections you refer to and the events behind it occured under the duress of civil conflict with significant portions of the population rejecting the validity of the new government and already mobilizing to defend themselves.

    You also forgot about the fact that this boogey-man "KGB Russian president guy" just helped Obama convince Bashar Assad to eliminate his stockpile of nuclear weapons, despite the fact that that conflict proves the U.S. is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in our quest to defend "our interests" right up to, and beyond, the Russian border.

    Why is it so difficult for people to wrap their head around the fact that our military does not belong on other continents?

  • Windpower   1 day 20 hours ago
    Quote Legend:

    The reality is that the climate will shutdown the worlds economy not the population.

    If CO2 is as bad as most scientists say it is, this could very well happen. I don't see the increase in CO2 going away anytime soon, again I do not think the world's population is willing to do what it would take to reverse the trend. I think you underestimate what it would take to reverse the trend.

  • Matriarchy is the future   1 day 20 hours ago

    Paul B. Farrell's article in the OP doesn't deserve much comment. I simply recommend he stop trying to pretend he's provocative or that he take a freshman level anthro 101 course and learn some very rudimentary facts about what 200,000 years of human culture was more probably like, given what we know about the simple technologies involved and the way hunter gathering societies tend to be organized.

    Meanwhile, I'll let one of my favorite authors explain what's happened to these modern day "civilized" males who've invested their fragile egos into the power positions of modern day ruling institutions:

    Men Explain Things to Me
    Facts Didn't Get in Their Way

    By Rebecca Solnit

    Quote Rebecca Solnit:

    "So? I hear you've written a couple of books."

    I replied, "Several, actually."

    He said, in the way you encourage your friend's seven-year-old to describe flute practice, "And what are they about?"

    They were actually about quite a few different things, the six or seven out by then, but I began to speak only of the most recent on that summer day in 2003, River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West, my book on the annihilation of time and space and the industrialization of everyday life.

    He cut me off soon after I mentioned Muybridge. "And have you heard about the very important Muybridge book that came out this year?"

    So caught up was I in my assigned role as ingénue that I was perfectly willing to entertain the possibility that another book on the same subject had come out simultaneously and I'd somehow missed it. He was already telling me about the very important book -- with that smug look I know so well in a man holding forth, eyes fixed on the fuzzy far horizon of his own authority.

    Here, let me just say that my life is well-sprinkled with lovely men, with a long succession of editors who have, since I was young, listened and encouraged and published me, with my infinitely generous younger brother, with splendid friends of whom it could be said -- like the Clerk in The Canterbury Tales I still remember from Mr. Pelen's class on Chaucer -- "gladly would he learn and gladly teach." Still, there are these other men, too. So, Mr. Very Important was going on smugly about this book I should have known when Sallie interrupted him to say, "That's her book." Or tried to interrupt him anyway.

    But he just continued on his way. She had to say, "That's her book" three or four times before he finally took it in. And then, as if in a nineteenth-century novel, he went ashen. That I was indeed the author of the very important book it turned out he hadn't read, just read about in the New York Times Book Review a few months earlier, so confused the neat categories into which his world was sorted that he was stunned speechless -- for a moment, before he began holding forth again. Being women, we were politely out of earshot before we started laughing, and we've never really stopped.

  • President F**k Up, F**ks Up again.   1 day 20 hours ago

    So, to recap Ukraine:
    Pro Russian govt is removed by popular dissent of pro Western group, that includes neo Nazis who helped elect pro Russian govt.
    Pro western govt enforces, protects their national borders, and that makes Obama a fuck up.
    Tanks used by pro Russian militia, of Russian manufacture are actually from Ukraine army, or yard sale, and in no way could possibly be from Russia and former KGB guy Putin. Even though everyone admits that groups of soldiers are coming inn from Russia, just not tanks. But soldiers are, but Putin and Russia are not involved.
    Well, except those caravans of soldiers are coming from Russia.
    Man, my head hurts. When concern trolling conservatives are peddling that KGB Russian president guy is honest and trustworthy, my wanting to scream profanities and commit violence seems justifiable.

  • If America has a free press, why don’t you know about the Obama regime’s atrocities in Ukraine?   1 day 21 hours ago

    The link in #1 comes with a strong warning (for those who can stomach...) but I was still not fully prepared and didn't finish looking at them.

    I expect there are some PTSD-trigger images among them. Therefore they should be avoided by veterans, but madatory for all the arm-chair, sending-other-peoples'-children-to-war types - starting with all of Congress and all their family members.

    I heard Burgers and Bullets has decided to up the age for things like this from 8 to 12 (bOmbama's fighting-age designation).

    With hundreds of atrocious incidents to choose from it is easy for the propagandists to pick and choose what to provide to the "free" press for sharing with the public.

    Here is one distinct thread which may have been inadvertantly presented in a less clear manner:

    One Vendor whose mercenary services are paid for by the U.S. chose the name Greystone Ltd as a DBA (it's a division of Bleakwater/Xi/Academi). Xi being the Roman numeral for 11. A little too up front - so they changed it again.

    The name Greystone was, coincidentally, also a CIA Operation for rendition, interrogation, etc. that began shortly after 9/11. Hard to imagine that when the CIA hires such a company they are not expecting a similar level of war-criminal ruthlessness.

    Early in April 2014 the Russian government accused the neoUkrainian leadership of working with mercenaries including about 150 from Greystone Ltd.

    Greystone concisely denied having anyone there even though their own blog had indicated as far back as September 2012 about upcoming "new business in Russia" and an April 2012 contract in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Funny how they were able to advertise ahead of time for these "unexpected" events.

    A week later, CIA Dictator, John Brennan, visited Ukraine in cognito. (Pathetic)

    On May 2, 2014 two Ukrainian Air Force Helicopters (Russian made, but owned and operated by Ukraine) were shot down by former members of the Ukrainian military that had defected in disgust from the orders and policies of the neoUkranian leaders.

    14 of those on board (13 died instantly) worked for the CIA or Greystone Ltd.

    The U.S. government continues to decline to claim the bodies (because that would validate that they were Americans and there are the behest of the US & NATO).

    I seem to recall having heard ( not so long ago in another context [Bergdahl]) that, regardless of circumstance, the U.S. does not leave anyone behind.

  • Should our government have a “kill switch” to turn off cell phone communication?   1 day 22 hours ago

    This is a perfect example why we need limited government. Let the cell phone companies and ther customers worry about this so the government can focus on things like infrustuture and national security etc.

  • MH17   1 day 22 hours ago

    Now you see it, now you don’t. Never mind the UN Security Council resolution, the U.S. will use every dirty trick the CIA can muster to prevent the truth of the MH17 tragedy from becoming public.

    Malaysian Plane Catastrophe in Ukraine Raises More Questions – Russian Defense Ministry

    Topic: Malaysia Airlines Boeing Crashes in Ukraine

    MOSCOW, August 30 (RIA Novosti) - The circumstances of Malaysian Boeing 777 crash in Ukraine need to be thoroughly investigated, but recently the issue has been little spoken about and Russia has more and more questions about the investigation, including why the data recovered from black box recorders has not been disclosed, Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Saturday in an interview with Slovak television.

    “The Boeing 777 catastrophe raises more and more questions. But few have been speaking about it recently. In the meantime, the Defense Ministry tries to shake our colleagues in the United States, Ukraine, European countries regarding this issue. The problem should not be abandoned. We should find out what happened in the sky over Ukraine. And most importantly, what should be done to avoid such tragedies in future,” Antonov said.

    He also wondered why the data recovered form black box recorders has not been presented yet.

    Earlier this week, the Dutch government spokesperson said it was still unclear when the Dutch Safety Board concludes the investigation.

    Moscow has already said that it wants full implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution which calls for a thorough and impartial investigation into the MH17 tragedy and requires the secretary-general to provide the Security Council with investigation progress reports.

    Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17 while en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people on board, including 283 passengers and 15 crew members, died in the crash.

    The reason of the crash is a matter of debate, as Ukrainian authorities claim the independence supporters of the eastern regions shot down the plane, but the latter say they do not possess the means to hit a target flying that high. The investigation of the circumstances of the crash is hindered by the fights between the warring sides.

    The United States and a number of European leaders supported Kiev’s claim, while the Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that a Ukrainian fighter jet was detected near the Malaysian aircraft shortly before it crashed.

    Earlier in August, Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said that a preliminary report on the black box findings from the MH17 crash is expected to be handed over to the United Nations in September.

    And more...

    Lavrov Says Unclear Why Kiev Not Releasing Air Traffic Recordings of Malaysia Airlines

    MOSCOW, August 25 (RIA Novosti) - Russia has still not received a clear explanation of why Kievhas not presented the recordings between the air traffic controllers and the crew of the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger airplane, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

    “There has been nothing clear in regard to the reasons of why the full presentation of recordings from the black boxes, or reasons of why the Ukrainian side with all of its airplanes that were flying along the same echelon over the region [have not been provided], and there’s nothing clear of the reasons for the inability to present this information,” Lavrov said during a briefing.

  • “Beige-World": Caliber of Obama’s thinking reflected in his choice of suit color.   1 day 23 hours ago

    The world's going to hell in a handbasket overseas, immigration reform is on life support and the President's own party is fighting to keep the Senate and maybe gain some traction in the House, but all of a sudden people are going nuts over the color of the man's newest suit and the fact he said they didn't have any specific plans set for dealing with ISIS. Time for a reality check.

    Shortly after Pearl Harbor, Germany declared war on the US. FDR was getting pressured by the outraged public to go directly after Japan first for obvious reasons, except for the realities of logistics among other reasons to strike at Germany first. This wasn't exactly a popular decision and had to be kept under wraps for a while given that we were in mourning, shock and to learn that the first object of attack would be the father land/mother country of the nation's largest ethnic group, Germans, FDR still had to keep his eyes focused on domestic political realities that if mishandled, could blow holes in his carefully cobbled wartime alliances of all the varying political, ethnic, racial, economic and regional groups necessary to remain unified for the duration. We were on life support back in December '41. On the other hand, it was well recognized that we'd rally round soon to support the war effort and create the necessary momentum to overcome initial battlefield losses. But what about Britain? We had to keep the Brits in the war so we could work with them, using their island as a jumping off point to invade northern Europe and knock Germany out of the war first. Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin all knew that Japan's doom was secured by its loss at Midway and failure to knock out our carriers then out to sea on December 7 and a slew of submarines still docked in tight formation at Pearl Harbor that horrific morning. We needed Britain's help in that final struggle and the defeat of Nazi Gemany allowed Churchill to send the Royal Navy to the Pacific in time to help us at Okinawa. (Did the Royal Navy ever suffer from the Kamikazes, too.)

    Even during the European phase of the war, the Allies argued with Stalin over the timing of the eventual Normandy invasion. Stalin's angst was understandable since the war was occuring right in his front yard. From the western Allie's perspective, they had everything to lose if the Germans stopped us on D-Day. Everything. The first 24 hours of that battle was the fruition of years of planning and learning how to work with onetime enemies and at best, recent allies; forced to work together in order to defeat a common foe. (It wasn't until WWI that the US and GB were willing to put aside many decades of simmering distrust and lingering animosities left over from the Revolution, War of 1812 and threats of intervening on the South's behalf during the Civil War.

    As a nation, I fear we've become spoiled by so many years of "automatic" successes while working with our Allies to defeat our common enemies in WWI and II. But so few of us appreciate what "near run things" (in the words of the Duke of Wellington after Waterloo) these victories actually were. Even Napoleon could see that allies can blow it simply because one of the allies is unable to get out of its own way, notwithstanding the dire facts it faces telling them it's the only workable solution.

    Never forget what Maggie Thatcher had to say to Americans sore with her open umbrage at Ronald Reagan's kick down the door handling of the Grenada matter without giving her so much a head's up first, even though as Britain's PM, she was ultimately reponsible for the defense of the Commonwealth of Nations, too. Nations, even allied nations, have interests, not friends.

    This is what President Obama's facing right now perhaps more than any other reality. This struggle against ISIS will be more grueling than that of our war with bin Laden. And we have to be careful to weave an impassable tight knit alliance to withstand the kind of war we'll need to fight against a proven diabolical foe.

    Hell, I'd be more relieved to see the President stop leaning on the podium and carrying on in press conferences with a ho hum attitude. He looks like he badly needs his thyroid checked for starters.

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