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  • Daily Topics   15 hours 8 min ago

    I liked the caller (female) who called out Thom on his white MALE privilege. He didn't take too well to the criticism though, got very defensive.

  • IF I WERE BLACK   15 hours 11 min ago

    "I'd be angry at a society that judges me by the color of my skin, forces me to define myself by the color of my skin, not ' the content of my character' or my ability."

    Try being angry at a society that judges you by your gender, forces me to define myself by some cultural definition of "feminine" which isn't me at all, expects me to be a mother when I don't want to be, and doesn't care what I think or say because I'm female.

    Yeah, pretty much everyone other than white men have a right to be angry in America.

    Now pretend you're a woman and have to put up with all the sh** men dish out to you and other women every day, constant sexism and misogyny in our shared culture, in our entertainment, etc., and how men are ruining the world and trashing it and making it nearly unlivable and doing mass shootings about once a week. Now pretend you wake up thinking every morning, oh crap I'm a woman and I have to live in this violent, war-filled, sexist, greed is good man's world every damn day, and I'm expected to smile and look wonderful and get paid less, all at the same time.

  • SSRIs   15 hours 19 min ago

    I agree, I have taken those drugs and they did not take away my empathy or see people as "things". I don't believe Thom knows much at all about these drugs. His misinformation about them is dangerous to people who benefit or may benefit from taking them. They do not cause violence. I believe testosterone causes violence, men cause violence and young men in the US have a violent anger problem. It has nothing to do with SSRIs.

    Violence comes primarily from men -- let's look at what is wrong with men, not SSRIs or other drugs people take to get some relief.

  • TTIP: Attack on Democracy and the Constitutional State   15 hours 47 min ago

    Barcelona is declared free TTIP and CETA zone

    October 5th, 2015

    from Lucía Bárcena Menéndez
    Ecologistas en Accion

    Last Friday 2 of October during the Municipal Plenary Session an institutional declaration was passed to proclaim Barcelona a municipality against the signature of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

    The municipal groups of Barcelona en Comú (BComú), Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and Candidatura d´Únitat Popular (CUP) added themselves to the initiative of the Catalunya No al TTIP Campaign, part of the national #NoalTTIP campaign, with 260 organizations that represent a broad areas of public interests: environmental protection, public health, agriculture, women rights, consumer rights, labor rights, public access to information and to public basic services such as education, health, among others.

    The motion presented by the Campaign Catalunya No al TTIP was passed with the votes in favor of BComú, ERC and CUP, abstention from the conservative group Convergència i Unió (CIU) and from the socialist group Partido Socialista Catalán (PSC), who proclaimed, “They share the music but not the entire letter”. Two groups voted against, Ciutadans and Partido Popular. The plenary debate clearly shows who is in favor of social and environmental rights and the democratic sovereignty o the people, and puts into evidence those who voted against, who actually had no coherent information and no strong arguments to sustain their plea in favor of the TTIP. To see the plenary session: plenary session (Catalan only).

    From today on, Barcelona will join the long list of European cities that have expressed their rejection to the cuts on our rights and loss of democratic values. Cities such as Lyon, Brussels, Vienna, Oxford, Milan, Amsterdam and now Barcelona have listened to the demands of civil society, that denounce the lack of transparency with which the negotiations are being dealt, that put forward the interests of transnational companies to the rights of the people and environment, and that trespass the power of our democratic institutions to big corporation and investors. The initiative was motivated by the fact that as a mean to oppose to global free trade and investment treaties it has to be done from under, with a mass of people, how we build our human castles. For this reason, we defend municipalisms as a space of debate, of decision-making, to talk about public policies that defend the rights of our neighbors, and to strengthen our small and medium local enterprises.

    We call on the Town hall of Barcelona to take actions that promote access to information, public debate and research on the impacts that such treaties will have on our city. On this behalf, we also invite other European, Canadian or American municipalities declared against TTIP, CETA and TISA to organize common action (institutional, legal, informational, etc.) in defense of our interests.

  • An Open Response to Thom about Supporting Hillary if She is the Nominee   16 hours ago

    I guess you still don't understand that you cannot eliminate state suffrage from the Constitution. It is indelibly embedded. The rules of the Senate may be changed but "equal suffrage" among the States exists so long as the Constitution stands.

  • Full Show 10/5/15: Thom Talks with Bernie’s Press Secretary   16 hours 6 min ago

    Righties Eat Lefties

    …. ….

    America stumbles

    in disarray.

    A Leftie grumbles

    in {dismay} dis-a-may

    that if things continue this-a-way,

    the future’s historians will surely say

    that Righties ate Lefties, their willy-nilly prey, -

    - that Corporations had their day, -

    - that against the People they voted their nay.


  • An Open Response to Thom about Supporting Hillary if She is the Nominee   16 hours 8 min ago

    I think some are losing sight of the fact that the president, whoever he or she turns out to be, is only the one person. We're not electing the next Superman or Superwoman. Should Bernie become the nominee and then be elected president that still doesn't guarantee that any serious reforms can or will happen. If he becomes president he may well spend four or eight years vetoing most things Congress does and complaining about things they don't do. On the other hand Congress would spend four or eight years complaining that the socialist in the White House is trying to destroy our vibrant capitalistic, free market system that has served us so well and brought us so much prosperity and then paint themselves as the only bulwark between freedom and the iron fisted tyranny of communism.

    While I think that having Bernie in the White House to make appointments and use the bulIy pulpit would be a great thing even if it didn't lead to immediate reform I agree with Steven.PBarrett that in politics as in all facets of life, we have to take the good with the bad ... as adults ... and make the best of the "bad bounces" and move forward. If Bernie doesn't win the nomination we should all pout and compound our problems by allowing the GOP to take the White House, insuring that the Supreme Court remains ultra-conservative for decades and that judgeships and bureaucratic positions are filled up by right-wing ideologues?

    Unless you political purists intend a revolution, violent or otherwise, I don't see disengagement as a helpful option. If I don't get my way with Bernie's nomination I certainly don't intend to just throw my hands up in despair. Instead I'll make the best of a bad situation and turn my attention to other venues to affect change like maybe local and state politics. If not Bernie then I will vote the Democratic nominee because, while I'm radical in my politics, I'm not masochistic. If it's either Bernie or you'll take your marbles and go home then enjoy playing alone and let's hope you haven't helped screw us all over.

  • Standard Rate and Data Service   16 hours 15 min ago

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  • DEMOCRAT Obama swindled Apache Nation out of tribal land for Resolution Copper Corp. by signing National Defense Authorization Act.   18 hours 37 min ago

    I thought McCain was the culprit. Isn't he the one who gave away Apache land to a foreign mining corporation?

  • An Open Response to Thom about Supporting Hillary if She is the Nominee   18 hours 39 min ago

    I’m with you, Steve. I am FED UP with corporatist. “centrist” dems. They are bloody worthless. There is not a single point you’ve made in your lengthy introductory post that I disagree with.

    Thom has said repeatedly that Hillary is the ninth most progressive senator in Congress. As I see it, rather than making Hillary look special, this is a sad commentary on who’s occupying Congress. Hillary’s record on war, on the environment, on too-big-to-fail banks, on so-called “free trade” etc. etc. is nothing to get excited about. I find Thom’s repeated suggestion that Hillary has the potential of “becoming the next FDR” rather laughable, with all due respect to Thom.

    It would not be inconsistent with Hillary’s track record to support the KXL and the TPP. Her refusal to state her position on either of those issues, to me, communicates her support for them both, knowing full well it will alienate lots of voters.

  • The Big Picture "On Air" Questions or Comments for Thom?   18 hours 45 min ago

    Bernie Sanders is a huge breath of fresh air as far as politics goes, its refreshing to see a politician focus on the issues and not pander to the media's obsession with personal attacks. I agree with the majority of his stances but there's one thing that's been bugging me.

    In 2009 Ron Paul introduced the federal reserve transparency act to the house of representatives in order to audit the federal reserve and it passed with staggering support. When it reached the senate however, it was drastically rewritten to the point that it completely eliminated legislation to audit the federal reserve. Senator Bernie Sanders presented an amendment that reintroduced the language from the original bill but shortly after withdrew his amendment. If Bernie is so adamant about auditing the federal reserve then why would he let this go without a fight?

    - Chris

  • Oregon Massacre   19 hours 29 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    I may start to listen when you can tell me how anybody can possibly be shot in a "No guns allowed" area.

    As for your links, I will counter with,

    That should keep your wings flapping for a day or two.

    Really? You counter serious journals that include Think Progress citing a peer reviewed 30 year study, the Washington Post citing a decade long study, The New York Times doing an analysis, Huffington Post citing a study by Violence Policy Center and science website LIveScience citing a study published in the American Journal of Medicine with some two bit, pro-gun marketing website that nobody but gun fetishizers ever heard of before put together by some guy named Guy and you think that's going to "keep [my] wings flapping"? You trolls are really off your game if such is the best you can muster. Back in the day there was no shortage of "information" and "studies" to be found that countered claims that cigarettes cause lung cancer too. I'm not easily tricked by some industry flack.

    We've already heard all the usual cliches, diversions and industry spin and what we get from you all is "gun violence because... Obama" or "gun violence because... Democrats" or variations on the ever popular "guns don't kill people, people kill people." The fact of the matter is that some of us are trying to have an adult conversation about something real and painful that's happening all around us and we've all heard all the bullshit already. We're fed up with the bullshit.

    Sure, people die in car accidents but when you get in a car you understand that you are taking a risk and you are the one who is making the choice. People don't expect to go into a classroom or a movie theater, a mall or a church and be shot dead by some gun toting freak, We are being terrorized by gun fanatacism and we have a right to talk about it. So unless you have something relevant, meaningful and honest to contribute to the conversation I personally would prefer that you trolls butt the hell out and stop trying to derail and divert the conversation just because you think it's cool to sleep, eat and f#%k with a gun strapped on and you're afraid that the general public will get wise to the fact that your gun fetish is a sick perversion. I know 2nd Amendment fanatics think that nobody even has the right to even discuss the management of guns much less advocate that something actually be done but that's not for a small minority to decide.

  • Will Teamsters endorse TRUMP? What are they thinking?   20 hours 31 min ago

    I General President J. Hoffa paying attention to the TEAMSTERS FOR BERNIE SANDERS facebook site? Are the 22 who sit on the board that is going to vote for who Teamsters will endorse paying attention?

  • "Cops Gone Wild"   20 hours 31 min ago

    Are Police The Largest
    Criminal Force Operating
    In America?

    Anyone who thinks American cops “serve and protect” is full of bull excrement. Too many cops are psychopaths who use their badges to abuse citizens. The abusive cops are seldom held accountable by mayors, city councils, county councils or the judicial system. A badge conveys the right to commit felonies against the innocent public.

    Not only are too many American police the worst and biggest threat that Americans face outside of Washington, they are a similar threat to their own members.

    Too many American cops are too vicious and too stupid to be allowed firearms. They must be disarmed.

    Serve and protect?

  • Oregon Massacre   20 hours 33 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    I may start to listen when you can tell me how anybody can possibly be shot in a "No guns allowed" area.

    As for your links, I will counter with,

    That should keep your wings flapping for a day or two.

    Ah yes... GUNS FOR EVERYONE WILL MAKE US SAFE. It was a laugh line when 40 years ago Archie Bunker suggested the way to prevent plane hijackings was to arm all the passengers.

    Today such nutty "logic" has become "common sense" to the Gun Nuts. But then this is the same braindead crowd that believes tax cuts for the rich create revenue booms and benefit us all.

    Worked like a charm... aye Einstein?

  • Say what you will but BERNIE SANDERS IS GOING TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!   20 hours 33 min ago


  • Say what you will but BERNIE SANDERS IS GOING TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!   20 hours 36 min ago




  • Oregon Massacre   20 hours 39 min ago

    America's gun problem, explained

    Deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism

    By the way, Umpqua Community College is not a gun-free zone. In spite of school policy, Oregon law doesn't allow any public body to prohibit concealed weapons permit-holders. Several students on campus at the time of the shooting were carrying. They did the sensible thing by not going in the direction of the shooting, even if they didn't make that choice due to being aware of the self-defense myth.

    And the Douglas County Sheriff once posted a video link and comment that strongly suggest he's a Sandy Hook Truther.

    So, let's face it, some of these gun nuts (including the lead investigator of this most recent mass shooting) are batsh*t crazy. And, once again, the mountains of evidence that contradict their opinions won't change their minds. Likewise, the back-and-forth in this thread won't change any minds either.

    And, as with so many issues, there's no correlation between what a large majority of the public wants and what gets enacted.

    Quote Lawrence Lessig:I mean, we have the data to show this now. There was a Princeton study by Martin Gilens and Ben Page. The largest empirical study of actual policy decisions by our government in the history of our government. And what they did is they related our actual decisions to what the economic elite care about, what the organized interest groups care about, and what the average voter cares about.

    And when they look at the economic elite, you know, as the percentage of economic elite who support an idea goes up, the probability of it passing goes up. As the organized interests care about something more and more, the probability of it passing goes up. But as the average voter cares about something, it has no effect at all, statistically no effect at all on the probability of it passing. If we can go from zero percent of the average voters caring about something to 100 percent and it doesn't change the probability of it actually being enacted. And when you look at those numbers, that graph, this flat line, that flat line is a metaphor for our democracy. Our democracy is flat lined. Because when you can show clearly there's no relationship between what the average voter cares about, only if it happens to coincide with what the economic elite care about, you've shown that we don't have a democracy anymore.

  • Oregon Massacre   20 hours 41 min ago
    Quote mjolnir:

    It's not my fault that you cut everything of your and hollygolightly's interactions previous to post #113 that had any relevance to the topic at hand in order to go off on Bush and then want to bitch when someone else strays.

    Poor M... still pissed after 3 years after you made a fool of yourself, so desperate to get back that you had to invent some bogus accusation. You really should be ashamed. But I suspect you're not. I take back my offer to send you Barry Commoner's book.

  • Michael Hudson’s New Book: Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Their Hosts — Your Retirement Plan and the U.S. Economy   21 hours 45 min ago

    Excellent hour and half interview with Michael Hudson on his new book Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.

    The following is a transcript of CounterPunch Radio – Episode 19 (originally aired September 21, 2015). Eric Draitser interviews Michael Hudson.

  • Oregon Massacre   21 hours 49 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    Leftie and rightie radio and television talking heads grade politicians also. It is common and done every day.

    Yes, I'm well aware from my investigations of the NRA that they monitor and alert their members of any politician who doesn't toe their line. Their PVF is essentially a single issue PAC.

    Since I don't watch television, haven't for most of my life, especially after I became aware of the insidious nature of advertising when I read some of Vance Packard's '50s works in junior high, it's fair to say I don't regularly watch or listen to talking heads, radio or television. That includes Thom.

    Quote Dexterous:

    Are you equally questioning the $50,000,000 that Bloomberg pledged in 2014 to defeat the efforts of the NRA, or is that OK because it supports your position?

    I question all money in politics. Why that's not obvious, I suppose can only mean you don't read between the lines of what I write. I especially question when money short-circuits the need for citizens to do their own research. I am not pleased that it now takes a lot of money to defeat a lot of money, and that a Supreme Court with a heavily-weighted Federalist Society philosophy-of-law-majority has made money and the kind of manipulations it can provide pretty much equal to the act of individuals' thinking and speaking for themselves as a political process.

    I am not at all happy that money can manipulate people's opinions through mass marketing propaganda rather than people deriving their own opinions through interactions with each other that produce what used to be considered common sense, or what used to be common sense, that is, a very complex community level of understanding.

    I have a mere vote in this process and enough to live on for my own very simple life. That's about it for me as a participatory citizen in what's become an oligarchic rulership, so money as politics defeats me as a political activist every day.

    Of course I do notice this happens to be on the NRA-PVA site: NRA strikes back at Bloomberg. That page links to this page: The Hill: NRA strikes back at Bloomberg. Which of course stimulates a question in my mind as to why you'd want to raise that particular question.

    I am not a member of any political party. I question all party politics and have disdain for people who unquestioningly follow party lines.

    I suppose that's a kind of position, though I consider it merely a necessary ongoing interactive process with the circumstances I live within, which happens to be that of a born citizen of the United States. As I understand it, that still includes the freedom to disagree with what's going on, though I've learned first hand a few of the limitations of that.

  • Oregon Massacre   22 hours 13 min ago

    I may start to listen when you can tell me how anybody can possibly be shot in a "No guns allowed" area.

    As for your links, I will counter with,

    That should keep your wings flapping for a day or two.

  • Oregon Massacre   22 hours 15 min ago
    Quote Dexterous:

    ren: You have summed up the "assault weapons ban very accurately.

    Guns, in one way or another, have been part of my business for over thirty years.
    Regardless what an expat America hating Swede tries to promote, the ban did NOTHING but create more weapons. Existing products were exempted, NEW products with nothing more than a bayonet lug was removed and MORE customers grabbed them up as fast as they were made. Military surplus magazines were sitting in crates stacked in warehouses and sold all through the ten year "ban". They are a five dollar part and available all over the world.
    Enough on that topic. Too many here have zero knowledge of firearms or the
    laws that surround their ownership.

    Thom today hit on one part of the problem and that is medications. Doctors will dispense anything and everything for the asking. I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago and I left the surgical office with 80 OxyContin. Limbaugh would have made me his best friend. Kidney stone? Here is some Vicodin to ease your pain. I never felt the need for any of these but a drawer In my house is testimony to the easy availability of drugs like this.

    I also believe video games are another contributor to the violence problem. They create an environment where a child does not have to get out of the house for very long periods of time and the violence of many of these games that glorify killing is very damaging to many young minds, especially if depression is involved.

    Typical, use every possible diversion you can think of to stray from the real problem -- this country is awash in guns. As Thom also pointed out we have only 4.4% of of the World's population but 42% of all guns. And it's not like all of us are obsessed with guns but only a small subset of a minority of households that own guns. More than half of all households don't have guns and the vast majority of the households that do don't have arsenals. We are talking about a minority of the minority that fetishizes guns and threatens the rest of us. Guns that end up being sold into the black market or in the hands of some confused Rambo wannabee. What the NRA and the fringe right isnist are "responsible gun owners" are free-wheeling gun zealots who are buying, selling and trading as a symptom of their sick fetish and a lot of guns from a very few people are ending up where they don't belong.

    We spent $trillions on the "war on terror" but don't keep track of who is amassing arsenals? What the f#%k is the matter with us? The mental health issue is in Congress and State legislatures. How is it that this kid could acquire an arsenal of 13 guns and not be on some sort of suspect behavior list? I don't want the government listening in on my phonecalls or reading my emails but I goddamned well wish they would be monitoring private citizens who are amassing weapons for no apparent reason.

    So, sure, let's consider mental health and overmedication but it's time to stop pretending that gun fanaticism isn''t at the heart of the problem. This country has a perverted relationship with guns and all of the available evidence supports the fact that more guns equals more gun violence.

    Largest Gun Study Ever: More Guns, More Murder

    More guns, more crime: New research debunks a central thesis of the gun rights movement

    More Guns Equal More Deaths, Study Finds

    More Guns = More Killing

    States With Most Gun Deaths Have High Gun Ownership And Weak Gun Laws, Report Shows

  • Oregon Massacre   22 hours 26 min ago

    It's not my fault that you cut everything of your and hollygolightly's interactions previous to post #113 that had any relevance to the topic at hand in order to go off on Bush and then want to bitch when someone else strays.

  • Will Teamsters endorse TRUMP? What are they thinking?   22 hours 27 min ago

    I think they also supported REGAN and we all know what BS trickled down!

    They are supposed to be in support of the working people! I am SICK at the prospect that MY UNION is even looking at TRUMP!

    There is hope though!

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