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  • "NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses"   3 days 10 hours ago
    Quote mjolnir:

    If the climate changed... as happened with the desertification of the Sahara and Mideast...(which BTW has never recovered) they could move into the river valleys or just move.

    - See more at:

    You do know that the Sahara was desert before it became savanna for a few thousand years and then returned to being desert don't you?

    Ya ya, and synthetic aperture radar pierced the sand and showed old river channels. There you go, grasping a side example to illustrate a point while evading the point... which is not

    ...and that illustrates the point that climate is continually changing - and has for a long time.

    How big a part Man plays in that is the question.

    That seems to be the deniers trump card... to say climate change is natural... as if that means we're out of the woods.

    How much humans are responsible may be IRRELEVANT. Even if global warming is ENTIRELY natural... we may be forced to take drastic measures simply because the costs of losing our massive historical investments in the current climate and the human disruptions may be too great not to act.

  • Russian jet shootdown   3 days 12 hours ago
    Quote Semi permeable memebrain:

    I guess we have better things to do than talk about events that could easily lead to world war. Is there someone in the media is asking whether Turkey ever had some direct talks wioth Russia and NATO on this kind of problem? Since Thom is pay to listen I don't listen to him anymore, but hopefully he made this point. Much was made a month or so ago when Russia was allowed to bomb ISIS postions in Syria that precautions were being made so that cooperative Russian jets would not be confused as hostile. So the the question now is whether it will ever be stated what the understandings were from said meetings. My guess probably not since generally it is unbecoming to have military action couched within rules of engagement and all that messay kind of thing. Turkey ruined thanksgiving

    It was unbelievably stupid and provocative of Turkey to shoot a Russian plane down, especially when the US and Russia had agreed on how to proceed carefully so that there were no mistakes made. NATO shouldnot support Turkey's actions, especially because Russia was not targetting Turkey. There is more to this than meets the eye. I believe Turkey, Syria and other countries have been buying fuel from isis, through back channels, and Russia was bombing isis's oil lines and fields. This should come out soon enough. Turkey was teed off because they were losing their cheap fuel. That is my take. I will do some more research and get back to you.

  • Casino Capitalism and Profit Maximization   3 days 13 hours ago

    Tax Transactions.

  • Full Show 11/25/15:   3 days 14 hours ago

    Frightening are Trump’s SUPPORTERS. Search for info about the “Authoritarian Personality” which apparently characterizes many of them. This citizen-type was prevalent in Hitler’s Germany, activated in circumstances frighteningly analogous to much in our current USA. MUCH about it via MANY websites. Repeat: There seem to be such FRIGHTENING characteristics of many among Trump’s fans.

  • Full Show 11/25/15:   3 days 15 hours ago

    A couple of Thanksgiving thanks-items: - {1} Thanks for “fast-forward”, - so’s to skip the Rightist-ruined “Rumble”-segments. The segments' Rightists divert from Thom's thrusts, thereby creating NON-discussions. ... [2] It's because of THIS talk-style that I'm thankful ALSO that I can avoid Thanksgiving meals where such talkers are present.

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 15 hours ago
    Quote mdhess:I was a political radical when you were probably still pooping in diapers.

    Extremely doubtful, given my age and past. It's not what you say you've always believed, it's what you've done that matters. I've been on the barricades. You stink of bourgeois privilege.

    I am not some disaffected liberal like most of you babies because I am no liberal.

    Neither am I; I've always been a progressive rather than a bourgeois machine Democrat.

    I don't have any illusions about the ideological gulf between Hillary and Bernie but apparently you are ignorant about the gulf between Hillary and ANY Republican candidate.

    Oh, you mean like the huge ideological gulf between Obama and W, the gulf that has caused Obama to keep all too many of W's policies? We'll get the same thing from Hilllary, and she won't be any better for working people and the lower middle class than her old man, who sold them out.

    If you guys think Democratic politicians and Republican politicians are all cut from the same mold you could at least spend a few months (or even a few days) watching House sessions on C-SPAN and you'll see the kind of batshit crazy things GOP House members think and advocate compared to the Democratic caucus.

    I don't just think, I know, that the center of American politics has shifted so far to the Right that Hillary Clinton is now, in reality, the Rockefeller Repblican running against whichever psychopath the GOP sends out after its convention next year.

    So if you want to pout should Bernie not win the nomination be my guest, just don't pretend that your pouting on the sidelines will make a bugs worth of difference in waging the ideological war that's needed.

    And how much ideological war do you delude yourself into believing Hillary would wage on the GOP? If you think she'd do what any Democratic president should do and publicly burn them down, figuratively speaking, like Harry Truman or Lyndon Johnson would do if they were still around, you're more delusional than I ever suspected.

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 15 hours ago
    Quote marriott79:

    That's exactly my point. The Democratic establishment has a terrible track record of fighting for the issues listed above. I'm not saying that there aren't good Democratic politicians or that Hillary is the worst candidate in the world. What I am saying is that a vote for her will get you a third Obama term, policy-wise. And, if you think the Republicans have obstructed Obama, just wait for the dog and pony show they'll have in store for Hillary! It'll be the 1990s all over again.

    I don't know why Zenzoe is using "left" as a derogatory term, unless you are in fact a centrist or right-winger yourself. But if you're really a progressive, and you really care about these issues, then your support should go for Bernie. And if they shut him out, then someone like Jill Stein would be your second choice.

    How many times can you keep voting in centrist Democrats as a stopgap against Republican insanity? At some point people have to stand up and say enough is enough, the game is rigged. Just as Republicans could pass legislation to ban gay marriage, ban abortion, etc., if they truly cared about these issues beyond using them as an election wedge, so to could the Democrats fight tooth and nail for progressive policies -- if THEY truly cared about such things.

    Well it took a crash in 1929 for things to change, and perhaps it will take a Republican nut-case to crash things again before people finally wake up and stop accepting corporatist behavior on both sides.

    And for the record, I never said people shouldn't vote for Hillary if Bernie Sanders isn't nominated. What I said is I'm tired of hearing people preface everything with "I'm a Bernie supporter, but I'll vote for Hillary if she's the nominee." That's exactly what Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the third-way Democratic establishment are counting on! You're already telling them "I have no where else to go, so go ahead and smack me around a few more times!" With a sheepish base like that, we're encouraging them to use every tactic in their disposal to lock out Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. After all, what are the repercussions? If they support Hillary, they'll get rewarded immensely, and they know the base won't hold their feet to the fire.

    Amen to most of the above.

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 15 hours ago

    I'm currently from the deep south red state of Alabama. As many know the only thing that gets serious attention here is SEC football so I'll use that to make my point.
    Lets say We have a political football team called the DNC. Our head coach is coach Shultz. We have three potential quarterbacks here this year. One of them is the child of the coaches best buddy and long time cronies. The coach has decided this is our quarterback without even watching the other two practice .
    OK coach this won't do at all. We have an important game this next season. We need our BEST player in as quarterback that game. Don't blow the real game while we're still in preseason.. Play fair now so the team doesent loose the entire season .. LET THE BURN ON THE FIELD !!!

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 15 hours ago
    I love instantly produced southern drawl when she stands before a graduating college class and lecturers us on how college should be free for all and then backs up to collect her $200,000+ speaking fee.

    The GOP analog of this is Jindal. Clearly of East Indian descent, he takes pains to use the studied Confederate accent of educated Southerners. Whenever I see him start to speak in a newscast, I half expect him to say, "General Longstreet, please tell President Davis that I have ordered the Louisiana National Guard to reconstitute the Louisiana Tiger Zouaves and attack the 1st and 15th Illinois Regiments at their earliest possible convenience." I don't care what accent he affects, but it's somewhat jarring to hear somebody of East Indian descent speaking like that.

  • Russian jet shootdown   3 days 16 hours ago

    Technically, this is payback for the disastrous Battle of Sarikamish. Turkey is deeply Russophobic and was instrumental in arming Salafists during various proxy conflicts between them and Russia throughout the 20th century.

    Of course, the Young Turks blamed their defeat on the Armenians and Turks proceeded to massacre 1.5 million in a genocidal blood rage... to this day the US and their cronies use Turkey's NATO membership status as an excuse to conspire to keep Turkey's genocide under wraps and out of the media.

    Turkey is not our friend and they are part of the global destabilization efforts of Salafists to unite the muslim world under a pan-Arab Wahhabist military dictatorship.

    Putin was absolutely correct about being stabbed in the back. Turkey thought they killed both pilots and tried their best to kill the rescue party too.

    It's enough to make me sick to my stomach.

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 16 hours ago
    Quote mdhess:

    You all think it's Bernie or nothing and are trying to convince others to be as intractable about an ideologically absolutist position as you are but as I said previously: you know who agrees with my position in this? Bernie

    What's the source of that information?

  • It's the British Empire, Stupid!   3 days 16 hours ago

    Hi Karolina,

    Ever noticed how these trolly theater criticism actually have nothing substantive to say against the arguments that were made?

    Quote BigBird:

    The British Royal family no more runs French foreign policy or controls what happens with daesh, the Saudis, the u.s. than the rest of the favorites of conspiracy theorists like the bilderburgers or the Jews, the Masons etc. read David Rothkopf's "Superclass" for some insight into who runs the world and how it is run. It is not conspiracy theory but rather a look at those who wield influence, access and soft power. There are about 6000 people iirc form the book.

    The British Royal family no more runs French foreign policy or controls what happens with daesh, the Saudis, the u.s. than the rest of the favorites of conspiracy theorists like the bilderburgers or the Jews, the Masons etc. read David Rothkopf's "Superclass" for some insight into who runs the world and how it is run. It is not conspiracy theory but rather a look at those who wield influence, access and soft power. There are about 6000 people iirc form the book. - See more at:

    Actually there is a massive concentration of wealth, and not into the hands of 6,000 families. Two names: Rothschild and Rockefeller. That is who.

    Osama bin Laden didn't even run 9/11. However, two Rockefeller buildings did come down - and a third building too.

  • How Stupid Has the Democratic Party Become?   3 days 16 hours ago

    I'm sure I'll get grief for this but maybe just maybe some of these people are really lazy and as long as their "safety net" stays in place they don't care. Clearly many of the Democratic candidates in these areas aren't particularly liberal but they are almost always better than the Republican candidate.

    I think more liberal candidates don't run because they know these people don't pay attention and won't show up.

    Let's not always make excuses for those who don't participate. These people are in danger of losing their free health insurance in states like Kentucky but they all sit at home and let a tea party candidate beat the Democratic candidate. Was the Democratic candidate really the same as the tea party guy? I don't think so.

  • What "Orwellian" Really Means   3 days 16 hours ago

    Great Ted-Ed video! Here is Hebert Marcuse's understanding of Orwellian language.

    One-Dimensional Man (1964), Chapter 4: The Closing of the Universe of Discourse, by Herbert Marcuse.

    ...The ritualized concept is made immune against contradiction.

    Thus, the fact that the prevailing mode of freedom is servitude, and that the prevailing mode of equality is superimposed inequality is barred from expression by the closed definition of these concepts in terms of the powers which shape the respective universe of discourse. The result is the familiar Orwellian language ("peace is war” and “war is peace,” etc.), which is by no means that of terroristic totalitarianism only. Nor is it any less Orwellian if the contradiction is not made explicit in the sentence but is enclosed in the noun. That a political party which works for the defense and growth of capitalism is called “Socialist, “ and a despotic government “democratic,” and a rigged election “free” are familiar linguistic – and political – features which long pre-date Orwell.

    Relatively new is the general acceptance of these lies by public and private opinion, the suppression of their monstrous content. The spread and the effectiveness of this language testify to the triumph of society over the contradictions which it contains; they are reproduced without exploding the social system. And it is the outspoken, blatant contradiction which is made into a device of speech and publicity. The syntax of abridgment proclaims the reconciliation of opposites by welding them together in a firm and familiar structure. I shall attempt to show that the “clean bomb” and the “harmless fall-out” are only the extreme creations of a normal style. Once considered the principal offense against logic, the contradiction now appeals as a principle of the logic of manipulation – realistic caricature of dialectics. It is the logic of a
    society which can afford to dispense with logic and play with destruction, a society with technological mastery of mind and matter.

    The universe of discourse in which the opposites are reconciled has a firm basis for such unifiation – its beneficial destructiveness. Total commercialization joins formerly antagonistic spheres of life, and this union expresses itself in the smooth linguistic conjunction of conflicting parts of speech. To a mind not yet sufficiently conditioned, much of the public speaking and printing appeals utterly surrealistic.

    Captions such as “Labor is Seeking Missile Harmony,"[7] and advertisements such as a “Luxury Fall-Out Shelter” [8] may still evoke the naive reaction that “Labor,” “Missile,” and “Harmony” are
    irreconcilable contradictions, and that no logic and no language should be capable of correctly joining luxury and fall-out. However, the logic and the language become perfectly rational when we learn that a “nuclear-powered, ballistic-missile-firing submarine” “carries a price tag of $120,000,000” and that “carpeting, scrabble and TV” are provided in the $1,000 model of the shelter. The validation is not primarily in the fact that this language sells (it seems that the fall-out business was not so good) but rather that it promotes the immediate identification of the particular with the general interest, Business with National Power, prosperity with the annihilation potential....

    ...The unification of opposites which characterizes the commercial and political style is one of the many ways in which discourse and communication make themselves immune against the expression of protest and refusal. How can such protest and refusal find the right word when the organs of the established order admit and advertise that peace is really the brink of war, that the ultimate weapons carry their profitable price tags, and that the bomb shelter may spell coziness? In exhibiting its contradictions as the token of its truth, this universe of discourse closes itself against any other discourse which is not on its own terms. And, by its capacity to assimilate all other terms to its own, it offers the prospect of combining the greatest possible tolerance with the greatest possible unity. Nevertheless its language testifies to the repressive character of this unity. This language speaks in constructions which impose upon the recipient
    the slanted and abridged meaning, the blocked development of content, the acceptance of that which is offered in the form in which it is offered.(pages 63 to 65).

    Chapter continues...

  • Why should I vote for Bernie??   3 days 18 hours ago
    Quote MMfrompa:Seriously? Minimum wage is your biggest issue. Ok here is my answer. The biggest problem with a minimum wage is that there is one. The government has no business setting wages. Minimum wage is a lot like unions. All that happens is everyone gets paid the same and gives no incentive to produce more to become more valuable to your employer and get paid more.

    Gee Einstein... who said the MW was my "biggest" issue? It's merely a response to your bullsh*t that only business "earns" its money... when "business" as it exists in the US is a creation of GOVERNMENT. It gets quite a few freebies that it never "earned" such as free intellectual patent and trademark monopolies... plus free limited liability protection. (Then there's government using its power to deprive workers of income and handing it to business by letting the minimum wage depreciate.)

    DIRECT QUESTION: So who gave government the power to create all those freebies for business?

    OK... patents and copyrights are in the Constitution... but these are CREATED rights. Creating a right is one thing. How long it lasts... and extending it is corporate welfare. But there's NOTHING in the Constitution about free limited liability protections for business or shareholders.

    Oops... I'm sure that doesn't compute with your right wing theology.

    So what would all those freebies cost if they had to be purchased as insurance in the private sector? Could "capitalism" even thrive if not for those freebies? What would Steve Job's idea for a smart phone be worth in an impoverished nation without the infrastructure to create it and make it profitable? I know... to ask that is to delve into realities right wing ideology considered impermissible thought. Quick... look for a diversion!!!

    So in your right wing world... we can't consider the fact government has greatly facilitated wealth creation... therefore power. But we MUST decry any government involvement in helping labor level the playing field with capital. Nor can we prevent those corporations, our Frankenstein creations, from controlling the government that created them.

    Nope. We all must become subservient to the arbitrary economic "logic" that arose from our creations.

  • What "Orwellian" Really Means   3 days 18 hours ago

    In the end it is about power. Whether nationally or internationally. It is not about money although money can be a means for some of keeping score. Look at the concept of uber. Steven hill discusses in "raw deal: how the uber economy and runaway capitalism are screwing American workers" the accelerated shift to temp, contract, nano-gig work. The one thing I noticed in the book is that the end result is not some vast kumbaya social network of "friends" but the opposite, a destruction of social relations. Margaret, the idiot, Thatcher once said, iirc, there was no such thing as society. What an incredibly idiotic idea. Man is a social creature. Yet the uber economy and so-called social media actual detract from human to human relations. Imo, drones are an excellent example as well. By further de-humanizing those who we oppose it becomes much more easy to destroy them. And to resort to violence much quicker.

  • It's the British Empire, Stupid!   3 days 18 hours ago

    I don't mind that you like it. However conspiracy theories have a unique characteristic in that suspension of critical thought must occur. The British Royal family no more runs French foreign policy or controls what happens with daesh, the Saudis, the u.s. than the rest of the favorites of conspiracy theorists like the bilderburgers or the Jews, the Masons etc. read David Rothkopf's "Superclass" for some insight into who runs the world and how it is run. It is not conspiracy theory but rather a look at those who wield influence, access and soft power. There are about 6000 people iirc form the book. OBL was one until he was taken out. Wealth is not a requirement although they are generally all wealthy.

  • It's the British Empire, Stupid!   3 days 19 hours ago

    It's been my favorite site on foreign affairs for at least 5 years. I don't mind that you don't share my enthusiasm.

  • Russian jet shootdown   3 days 19 hours ago

    This incident was meant to force Putin to start war with a NATO member.

    There are many groups in Russia who are fed up with Putin's longlived non-action to the West's on-going insulting offences toward Russia, and they want a less logical and less diplomatic leader.

  • Why should I vote for Bernie??   3 days 19 hours ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    MMfrompa is STILL evading this question

    Quote ulTRAX:Gee Einstein... thanks for completely EVADING my question. If the MW had simply kept pace with inflation it would NOT have been a raise. What's happened is business and the GOP have rigged the economy and as a consequence it got hooked on a DEPRECIATING MW. Business made out like bandits.

    22,755 $10.94 (1968 min wage inflation adjusted)
    15,080 - $7.25 current min wage
    $7,675 = min wage annual depreciation since 1968


    Those aren't the "rules" you said business operates under. So when push comes to shove, you're like other right wingers here... you want to grind down the working poor then blame them if they can't make it... OR if they get assistance.

    I'd rather see those workers get that money, get off assistance, and pay taxes.

    Seriously? Minimum wage is your biggest issue. Ok here is my answer. The biggest problem with a minimum wage is that there is one. The government has no business setting wages. Minimum wage is a lot like unions. All that happens is everyone gets paid the same and gives no incentive to produce more to become more valuble to your employer and get paid more.

  • Black lives dont matter unless it is a good wedges issuse and can draw ratings   3 days 19 hours ago

    I live in Chicago (as if the name didn't give it away), and the media here has been ridiculous in it's coverage of these non-protests. The local ABC affiliate spent more than half of it's time last night and today with a live stream of a few dozen people blocking a single intersection downtown, and calling it an "outcry" and "protest".

    Let's call it what it is: a mild inconvenience for people in that immediate area of the city.

    And, yes, a ratings booster for the news.

    There are about 11 million people in this county. At best, the "protest" managed to draw about 200 of those people out to block traffic. There were just as many cops and reporters there.

    The official Chicago Christmas Tree Lighting, about a mile down Michigan Avenue, drew a much larger crowd.

    This is why people don't take the media seriously anymore. They weren't reporting a story so much as urging it to happen.

    I can see the producers now... "Please, please, SOMEBODY throw SOMETHING through a window... Set a car on fire.... SOMETHING...."

  • Russian jet shootdown   3 days 20 hours ago

    Maybe i am misguide but one might have expected Turkey to see the threat of Russian jets in their airspace a little differently after Russia joined the bombers aliiance? Are we to believe they really felt endangered by the Russians? How about an incident where you just shoot some warning shots on the first go round? Usually its bad form to shoot down members of your coaliton when they mean you no harm. I would suggest Turkey not fly over any of the contested border areas for awhile for everyones sake

  • It's the British Empire, Stupid!   3 days 21 hours ago

    emphasis on nonsense.

  • Why the Kochs Really Embraced Criminal Justice Reform...   3 days 21 hours ago

    Thom, I really appreciate your frequent mention of White Privliege and Male Privilege. I was wondering if you have ever interviewed Peggy McIntosh on either of your shows? It would be wonderful for us listeners. For those who are not familiar with Peggy, simply Google the phrase Peggy McIntosh White Privilege. Her writings on the subject are extraordinary. Thank you Thom for all you do.

    Bob Kroeger

  • This idea that we can't attack Hillary, because she could be the nominee, and therefore...   3 days 21 hours ago

    Fair enough... I never really thought you were a Republican. I meant that more tongue-in-cheek than anything.

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