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  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 2 hours ago

    I'll have to disagree with you about the Trump Foundation vs. the Clinton Foundation. For one thing, Trump's vanity foundation is peanuts compared with the Clintons', and for another, the Clinton Foundation was clearly a pay-to-play scheme, especially during Hillary's tenure at State. The access afforded donors could pay off in any number of major ways across a range of highly consequential policy decisions that would never be traceable. The access itself was the quid in the quid pro quo.

    Trump University, however, is certainly a sleazy operation. But then, how about Bill Clinton's nearly $18 million in pay from a for-profit university for essentially doing nothing?

    The best one can say about Hillary Clinton is that she's a horrible choice for president but might be better than Trump across a narrow but important array of issues, notably climate change. On the other hand, a number of serious left-leaning thinkers have lately made the case that she is absolutely a more dangerous choice on foreign policy issues, notably with her reckless neoconservative determination to push Russia to the brink as well as her clearly disastrous preference for upsetting the apple cart in the MIddle East, with endlessly bloody consequences. Trump's proposal to bar Muslims from the US is characterized as racist, but on this score oddly Clinton gets a pass for unleashing madness in the Middle East that kills thousands of Muslims.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 2 hours ago

    MapleLeaf who said you was "gold"? You have made it clear that you are going to stick with your "klan" regardless. A well known fact. Were it not for Brother Kenyatta I would have been through with you a long spell ago. It's him singing your praises and Hartmann's as well. I told him a long time ago that at the end of the day, you white boys are just that...white boys. It's him that tries to be Mr. Diplomacy whereas me and Brother Allen and Brother Foe don't give a shit about being diplomatic with white folks. Ain't nobody here trying to recruit you or any other white individual. We are here speaking the truth, and that's that. Kenyatta is the tip of the spear (you know how we jungle bunnies like spear chunkin). You kill me with your arrogance that you are somehow qualified to speak about something and an existence you don't know jack shit about. I expect you to "agree with another white boy" so have at it. Ain't nothing new homeboy.

    Zebrarian, i just spoke to Brother Kenyatta and I told him about your post. I haven't done the research from the link you provided but I thank you, and plan to look at the link in a few.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 2 hours ago

    So let me get this straight, I'm gold if I go along with everything Kenyatta, Ghost and friends say, never have my own opinion that contradicts the official black statement. Never have an opinion on black crimes committed by a black man ,IE the OJ double murder, just accept what I'm told and shut up. For your support I'm eternally blindly indebted to you, I must never speak I'll of a black man ,a black man can do no wrong. Even in the case of a double murder, never challenge the official line of the black establishment here and shut up and be a good white boy. Have I got that right everyone. Oh and never never god forbid agree with another white boy or act white.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 3 hours ago

    Kenyatta, you state "the first thing that is done is discredit and slime the victim". In my daily exchanges I find this to be true. Any bit of information whether false or not is used to justify the outcome. This leads me to ask, why are people so easily manipulated? I believe it is a relatively new theory known as "ancestral experience before conception" that provides even more evidence to your assertion.
    I have thought about this for a very long time. My only conclusion is that racism runs so deep in our society that it has become encoded in our [white] DNA (something Mr. Hartmann discussed recently, I believe). I would point you to this study where mice were exposed to fear conditioning (our MSMs never ending barrage of black people "behaving badly") and it caused a physical change in the neural makeup of the mice (white peoples' perception is altered because of the obscene attempt to sensationalize a tragic event). In turn, the fear manifests as a change in the mice's DNA that is passed on to their offspring.
    I would conclude (if this research proves to be reproducible by others--which I believe it will be) that the false narrative perpetuated by MSM (and personal exchanges) serves to reinforce racism and is passed onto the next generation. It seems we hold onto racism down to our very DNA thereby proving your observations true concerning the current situation. Then again, you didn't need my assertion to validate your own, but the more evidence provided the stronger the argument.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 3 hours ago

    NTG, thanks man. Here's a thought: maybe Tom Dorr (Horton) is Zapdams "sock puppet" sure seems to be. Because as you have pointed out seems like Zapdam gets a pass when he says some of the very same things Kenyatta says, but as soon as Kenyatta who is a Black man speaks about what he lives "sock puppet" Tommy has something hateful to say. I have read his "screeds" as he puts it and he is constantly insulting black people saying they have no "culture", insulting black families, insulting African countries. This guy is a real jerk. And I totally support you guys getting after him. It's high time white people like him get taken to task and I think that black men like you, RSAllen and others let 'em have it.

    I support you guys, just like many otherrs do, including Hartmann.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 3 hours ago

    Horton you specialize in twisting shit and lying and to someone as stupid as you I guess that works, not here inbred. Your little inbred ancient ass keeps trying to focus on the two most obscure issues you can when the Brother has written hundreds of thousands of words and that's the best you can come up with. Know why? Because you are DIS functional Horton that's why. Don't you wish you had that brothers skill and talent? Don't you wish someone would read that bullshit you have attempted to write? Don't you wish you had his command of the language? Don't you wish you were as well spoken as he is (that shit really gets to you and it is terribly obvious)? Don't you wish you could spell (or at least had enough sense to know how to use a spell check). Even other white folks have commented about how completely stupid you are. You dumb MF you don't know shit from shinola orDIS from DAT.

    Yeah and where is that masterpiece of yours that Mzungu mentioned. hell, we are all waiting with baited breath. Fact is, you can't write shit. The few feeble attempts you have made sunk like a whale turd in the ocean. Come on white boy thrill us with your brilliance. Don't freeze up now whiteboy.

    By the way Mzungu, I looked up your handle. very, very cool. Good for you.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 3 hours ago

    Horton your inbred ass ought to use one of them junk cars you have littering the front of your trailer with your "Dis-functional", illiterate self. I'm sure that Thom Hartmann does think that O.J. Simpson was guilty. Hartmann is a white boy, but at least he has the intelligence to know what's what. Who gives a shit one way or another? This blog ain't about O.J. I noticed you had nothing to say about the topic of the brothers piece and that is the murder of Brother Crutcher by a stanking pink piglett.

    "We don't insult each other", that's right white boy and we don't insult each other either. You can suck up to MapleLeaf all you want, 'cause just like you white boys stick together so do we. MapleLeaf has insulted us just like you, if your dumbass knew what you were talking about you would know that. You and MapleLeaf can go straight to hell, pootbutt.

    Hey MapleLeaf remember when you got banned and we stood up for you? Remember how you attempted to run game to see if we were going to say bad things about you and instead stood up for you? Remember that? You went as far as playing the childish game of saying to Brother Kenyatta "looks like that guy Zapdam has been banned, I didn't like him anyway". You did this under the handle Madness of Kings. We didn't know that you were you at the time, but none of us said anything other than in support of "Zapdam". How incredibly childish. Why would a grown man do such a thing? I also saw Ou812's post where she busted you.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 4 hours ago

    With all due respect, 2950-10K, Clinton is the other side of the same coin. How do you think we got to this sorry state of affairs? It wasn't magic. It has been the result of years of joint neoliberal and neoconservative leadership.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 4 hours ago

    Yeah, well, maybe Clinton isn't a "progressive" after all, Thom. No one believes she cares about a progressive agenda. And while you're right that she would do better to avoid reminding people that she has the support of neocons and war criminals, the fact that she isn't talking about progressive issues tells me two things: 1) that she never really believed in these things, and 2) that she is more concerned about winning the votes of republicans.

    It's a failing strategy. She is a terrible candidate. Insincere, calculating, a champion of the 1%. And I suspect she will be destroyed in the duopoly debate. I won't watch because there is nothing to learn. Trump and Clinton represent the nadir of our political system. We have no choice, more people identify as independent now than ever before, and third party candidates have been arbitrarily excluded from the debates and, by extension, the general election.

    So rather than having a choice, people are "inexplicably" voting for a used car salesman as a protest against the rigged two-party system. I can understand that, even if Mrs. Clinton (see her abysmal 50 point rant today) still doesn't grasp it.

    But I'm having none of it. I'm voting for the only genuine progressive left in the race - Jill Stein.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 5 hours ago

    Quote TomDorr:

    I posted a blog reply to "drapetomania" as pseudoscience, and other examples of pseudoscience, but it doesn't seem that any blogs are being posted.

    Still waiting for that work product that you promised the world hot shot. I ask again, where is it?

    You know what you are Tom Dorr? You are an old, overweight white man that is upset about this younger, well educated black man recceiving so much attention and having the nerves to tell you and those that share your white supremacist attitude to go fuck yourselves and he does it with a style that you could never possess. "Spending a lot of time shopping for a new car". What a crock, even if it's true who gives a damn? And why is it so important for you to talk about "me and my wife took a vacation" and all that meaningless garbage that has nothing to do with anything relevant?

    You wax superior, but you feel inferior. I am white and "whities" like you disgust me. Were it not for black people I would not be alive today. Look up Mzungu Tommy. I imagine the woman and I use the term loosely, that shot Crutcher was a lot like you. Black people deal with assholes like you constantly and on a daily basis, so if you think you are somehow breaking some new ground that they can't handle I got some bad news for you bro. I live in the Bay Area of California and I can assure you that if you were to spout off in the flesh the way you do here you would not fare too well and you'd have no need for that "new car". Gimme a break.

    Bodhisattva, it can never be known how many blacks have been murdered at the hands of white people because of a lying white woman. History is full of examples of that.

    Kenyatta are you a lawyer? I don't suspect you will tell me but I kinda thought you might be when I first heard you on Hartmann and read your blogs. Whatever your profession is you are very eloquent as is often mentioned by others. No one can deny that. Remember what I said in a comment some months ago to you you can't be a hero without enemies, not that I think you are trying to be a hero but true heroes are never trying to be heroes. They just do what they do. Keep doing it.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 5 hours ago
    Quote TomDorr:

    No white person will ever please Kenyatta or his sock puppet minions.

    I don't think Mr. Kenyatta is seeking pleasure from white persons. Speak for yourself Horton. I don't think he'd take the stands he takes here in a mostly all white environment if he was looking to be appeased. I believe in another thread (Drapetomania) RSAllen called you a "small minded little bigot and racist" and he was 100% correct. I suggest you get an understanding of racism before you start calling black people "racist".

    You constantly insult anyone who supports Mr. Kenyatta because you are a jealous little prick. I'll tell you that there are more of us that support him than support the likes of you.

    NTG, I won't comment on the Simpson case because I agree that that's not the issue of this article, but I will say that the clip you provided shows that black and white people in this country live in two different worlds. How many countless black men and women have been murdered because of a white woman's lies? As for Mr. Crutchers murderess they can't fry that bitch crispy enough for me.

  • Thom Hartmann App on my iPhone is down. Anybody Else Experiencing This?   1 week 6 hours ago

    From last few days, this application have some issues. Download this app from AppVN Android app. It is working perfectly well for me.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 7 hours ago

    When Michael Hayden was campaigning publicly, that's when Clinton was viewed as a slam dunk. Now what does CIA want us to do?

  • Full Show 9/22/16: Can Hillary Actually Beat Trump?!?   1 week 9 hours ago


    {… a limerick and a footnote …}

    We’ve grown so very weary

    of this tragedy very Shakespearey

    where a pompadoured lout

    leads us about

    as our nation commits hara-kiri*.

    * by letting Trump prevail,

    we’re telling a bad-ending tale.


  • Trump: The Duterte of America   1 week 9 hours ago


    {… a limerick and a footnote …}

    We’ve grown so very weary

    of this tragedy very Shakespearey

    where a pompadoured lout

    leads us about

    as our nation commits hara-kiri*.

    * by letting Trump prevail,

    we’re telling a bad-ending tale.


  • we CRIMINALLY CONVICT lobbyists in Canada   1 week 11 hours ago

    This would all go away if governments would outlaw lobbying and make elections publicly funded, while allowing set limits on private donations, ban all super pacs or anything that could be deemed election engineering. Take the big money out of government and big money players have no influence.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 14 hours ago

    Clinton a war hawk ?? Ironic when it was GOP Bush Cheney who lied us into Iraq, waged 2 long failed wars, wasted several trillion of our tax dollars, killed, maimed our veterans, made more enemies than ever, which led to ISIS . Bush & War monger Cheney ( Halliburton made billions off Iraq war ) Bush admin ignored several CIA warnings about a coming Bin laden attack, last warning 8/6/01 . Bush gave up finding Bin laden . Brave Seals / Obama got that job done ! Only reason T rump has any chance is millions of his ' fans ' are ignorant, clueless, very poorly educated, lack ability to think critically . When erratic irrational bombastic Trump gets Pi $$ ed off he may use Nukes - start WW 3 ! Supreme court is in danger of being stacked with Pro Wealth anti middle class right wing Greedy Immoral judges who will rule for decades to come


  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 14 hours ago

    I'm not sure that I'm bothered by the Hillary ads all that much. Actually, I thought the ad was not all that bad. I don't think it's the base that she has to worry about; Trump is insuring the Democratic base for Hillary every time he opens his mouth. It's the middle voters that tend to be swayed either way that she has to worry about…and I'm not sure that they are sophisticated or knowledgeable enough to make the insider connection.

    I do think however, that she really needs to go at him in the debate about releasing his taxes by making the statement to his face, in front of the world - that he is as big a fraud as his fraudulent claim that he can't release his taxes because he is being audited.

    She needs to say to Trumps face and in front of the world that he couldn't be elected dogcatcher if he released his taxes because it would prove what a fraud he is about being a billionaire 5 times over. It would show that he and the companies with his name on them are deeply in debt to the Chinese. It would prove what a fraud he is regarding his charitable giving. It would prove that he doesn't pay any taxes and so on, and so on

    If she had the guts to say these things to his face in front of the world, it would prove to he world what a coward he really is… because if he ever did release his taxes… he couldn't be elected dogcatcher, and therefore he will never release his taxes.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 14 hours ago

    Zap-I'll have a more detailed reponse to Keny-Al-Ghost's blog tomorrow. (Spending alot of time shopping for a new car.)

    Right I totally agree with you about O.J. The fact you were pounced upon by Kenyatta's minions/sock puppets clearly demonstrates how dogmatic and unreasonable they are.

    You have agreed with Kenyatta on many issues in his blog, but they take your disagreement and call you a "pink" person by "Ghost" and Ghost says "when it comes down to it, is just another white man with a white man's perspective exercising white privilege". Also, "so you pink folks", "you are too stupid"...'in the end you are a white boy and going to ride with the rest of the whites no matter how fucked up they are".

    No white person will ever please Kenyatta or his sock puppet minions. He deals with Thom Hartman because he gets his small mike, but I wonder what he and his minions would say if Thom thought O.J. was guilty?

    We disagree alot, Zap, but I don't think we have ever insulted each other.

    At any rate, this is further evidence to me that Kenyatta and his minions are hopelessly racist and are examples of the reason real dialog canot take place between police and the black community. Although Kenyatta and his bunyips are not even minor influences in public opinion or discussion about race in the U.S., they are examples of why real, honest dialog about police actions in black communities is hard to initiate.

    I also do not believe that you "stood up for every white man or woman who offended black people".

    I can tolerate these clowns because I find them amusing, and fun to counter. I hope you don't really take them seriously, and get upset by their screeds.

    In a few hours, I will comment on this blog. If you could give me your critique, I'd appreciate it. You, unlike the rest of those on this blog and responses, have my respect. ( Even if you use that "I live in Canada" bullshit. (Just kidding).

    I know I will get predictable responses from the peanut gallery, but they are dismissable after a few chuckles.

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 15 hours ago

    Kenyatta: I guess with your extensive knowlege of the law, and the fact you were not on the jury or privy to all information of the (judges opinion") Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and the Ferguson and N.Y. grand jury, you will accept the verdicts rendered and recognize that those police were innocent. You were not there on the jury of these cases , or privy to "special instructions". Just as you said since Zap was not a juror on the OJ case, his opinion should be discounted, your "opinions" on the cases mentioned must also be taken with a grain of salt. Entertaining, but of no realistic value.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 15 hours ago

    c-gull : I believe your observation is somewhere on the mark regarding usa political parallels with the rise of Nazi germany

    The german populace in general did not recognise what was happening either... did they?

    However, certain individuals and organisations did and were complicit in despicable actions that subsequently became war crimes

    Sadly, the current madness that is going on is likely to result in WW III

    Depending on the type of ww, results will always enrich banksters

    Of course, total human obliteration will simply leave a few with huge amounts of money they can do nothing with

    Nobody gets it yet!

    But, that's the trajectory it seems!

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 15 hours ago

    Mr. Zap, you should know better than to attempt to employ 3rd grade reverse psychology with me. "Arrogance" has nothing to do with the price of beans. And pursuant to your admonishment that one "conclusion" is no more valid than the other; to that I say "physician heal thyself". I did not ridicule you for your thoughts on the issue as you have done others.

    Like most white men, you seem to get really disturbed when it comes to your precious white women; this is something I have noticed about you. I am here to tell you, and your white brethren, your women aren't any more precious than anyone else's; especially mine. It was a white racist, worthless piece of shit of a woman that killed Mr. Crutcher; lest I remind you.

    As for Mr. Simpson not "sounding" like you think he should have, maybe he didn't like the coked out slut and was glad she was dead; or worse, indifferent to her death. I am unaware of any legal requirement in this (or any other) State that makes it incumbent upon any spouse to find "the real killer" of a murdered, estranged spouse. That's what homicide detectives are for. If you, given your vast legal knowledge, might be so gracious as to point me to such a statutory requirement, please advise.

    Fancy that.

    I did not write this article to exhume the Simpson case. If that is what you wish to do, I suggest you deploy your considerable talents and write your own op-ed pertinent to that particular topic.

    I've much work to do still. Goodnight.

  • we CRIMINALLY CONVICT lobbyists in Canada   1 week 16 hours ago

    I absolutely agree.

    In the U.S. , prostitution is illegal in 49 states, and heavily regulated in the other one.

    Lobbying is actually prostitution, as far as I'm concerned, except it is not a "victimless" crime.

    On should be allowed to lobby, as long as there is no money involved. Just as consentual sex is allowed, as long as no money changes hands.

    The ironic thing in this nation is that unlimited money in lobbying is allowed (Citizen's United), but any conversation about taxpayer-financed campaigns is considered confiscational, and dismissed.

    As a union representative, I was always frustrated by the money that was paid to fight against fair contractnegotiations. We won our victories, but only because of the threat to strike and actually harm the regional economy. (Then we were the bad guys).

    Our government, right now, is based upon politicians that have (mostly) no term limits, and depend on money for their reelections to keep their lucrative jobs.

    Term limits, under present laws, could be even worse if lobbyists promised well-paying jobs in "friendly" corporations after their terms are over. The day of the "citizen representative " have long been over.

  • Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump   1 week 16 hours ago

    The process is still confined to two parties that try to out manipulate each other and the general public. Our choices are once again dictated by the corporate few.

    The propanganda used by the republican right which was modeled after that of nazi Germany and has had a chilling effect on the US and nobody seems to recognize it except for a few sociologists and the black folks that have had their peers gunned down like dogs by so called "police".

    The DNC got its way and cast Bernie Sanders aside to take away any chance of real democratic reform.

    Out here in Montana if you don't like a republican or democratic candidate and if there is only one running for an office- if you don't vote for them and leave the box on your ballet unchecked for that person your ballot is discarded.

    It seems that our nation is simply repeating the ugly behavior of imperial Rome in a continuing effort to enrich the hierarchy and make slaves of the populations of the world.

    There is a kind of evil at work that writers like Hanah Arendt wrote about to expose, but it seems that Americans have not learned the necessary lessons yet. Evil continues to prevail.

    If you vote in any capacity for evil then what can you expect for our future?

  • Terence Crutcher: “Big Bad Dude” or Big Black Nigger   1 week 16 hours ago

    " His pathological arrogance showed through when he wrote the book 'If I Did It', mocking the murder of his wife ,Ronald Goldman and the US justice system."

    Kenyatta you failed to comment on this. Please explain or is it to damning .Doesn't sound like a broken hearted husband looking for the 'real killer'. And as for 'we were all jurors' , since neither of sat on that jury and were privy to 'special instructions' neither of our conclusions is more valid than the other.

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