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  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   2 days 20 hours ago
    Quote TomDorr:

    Zap: These companies employee people in great paying jobs while keeping American prominence, exceptionalism, and defense of Americans in the forefront.

    Basic Welfare programs do nothing but drain working people's wallets to subsidize illigitimacy and sloth.

    Legal immigrants come to this country and thrive.

    It's time to cut off the public teat and require native Americans to support their own weight, and also not have children who they cannot support, with fathers they know will not stick around.

    Common sense.

    No, common sense says that $100 Billion evaded in Federal taxes, millions of jobs offshored, while executives make enough money to last 100 lifetimes is sheer folly and a recipe for economic collapse sometime in the future. There is nothing "exceptional" about it.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   2 days 20 hours ago

    Those mean old repubs won the election and now they are going to run things their way.

    Totally opposed to their EPA policies, but the left will have to present a better candidate

    next time to put their policies in place.


  • Is it possible   2 days 20 hours ago

    Forgive me, El Coalage3. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   2 days 21 hours ago

    I sent a message but it went to general comments and not back to you -- it was the "HUH?" one by historywriter.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   2 days 21 hours ago

    HUH? Or is this just another jeremiad against liberals and Democrats? Doesn't make any sense.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   2 days 21 hours ago

    Thank you for what you do Thom, I very much enjoy reading your blog. In my "never to be humble" opinion ( thank you dr. Laura), I believe the great democratic experiment begun on May 29, 1790 has come to an abrupt end. With the current occupants of the White House and the entrenched GOP led congress, I believe we now have "the most corrupt government money can buy!" I also believe that this past January 20, 2017 saw the last peaceful transition of power in the United States.

  • How The EPA Will Change Under Pruitt   2 days 21 hours ago

    It is sad day when the Democratic party turned to side with pure evil. As it was proved during Bush Jr's evil time in the White House that the Democratic party is dead, mainly occupied by cowards and love of all the hand outs they get to sell what's left of our country to the monsters bent on full power.

  • DEA Removes False Cannabis Information from Website   2 days 21 hours ago

    First of all, I am not an opponent or recreational marijuana: it is less addictive and less dangerous than alcohol or speed or any narcotic. That said, the science behind the majority of medical marijuana claims is sparse, and if a pharmaceutical had so little proven effects it would be laughed out of the marketplace. Marijuana definitely increases total sleep time, it has some use in neuropathic pain, it can lower intraocular pressure, and it can reduce nausea and improve appetite in some cancer patients. Every other claim is speculative, with no or almost no proper double-blind placebo controlled studies using adequate numbers of subjects. Additionally, no doctor in his or her right mind would recommend that a patient smoke ANYTHING. Making marijuana more available may help pave the way for proper studies, but considering that it is a plant and not a chemical, I would not expect the pharmaceutical industry to take the lead in research: it doesn't have the profit potential.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   2 days 23 hours ago

    Thanks again Hillary and the DNC. The country hopes you're happy.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   2 days 23 hours ago

    Big money cares about big profit. They could care less if a progressive commentator ranted and raved about them, as long as they make money doing it. But that's one of the problems.

    Soros is afraid he wouldn't get his investment down the drain.

  • Is it possible   2 days 23 hours ago

    Your under estimating the resolve of the Republican Party to put through their agenda.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   2 days 23 hours ago
    Quote gumball:

    Corporate Republicans want illegals to put downward pressure on entry level wages. Establishment Democratics want illegals as a political tool to beat up Republicans.

    This is true. And as far as legal immigration....again the GOP wants the labor, and Dems want the voters...and their Tech paymasters want the cheaper labor i.e. H1B.

    Not to mention corporate paymasters of both parties want the West to boost population growth, as it is becoming low..... to aid in profit growth in the major consumer economies...perpetual profit growth takes perpetual population growth. Western safety nets help immigrants become consumers and help corporate profits.

    Both parties want it....which is why nothing gets done....and why you now see the Western world erupting against Trump, Brexit, Marine LePen, etc. etc. etc.

  • Is it possible   3 days 13 min ago

    Altering the Constitution consists of proposing an amendment or amendments and subsequent ratification. Amendments may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a convention of states called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures. So I guess it can't be done?

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   3 days 1 hour ago
    Quote rs allen:

    Then you didn't realize or didn't care that the election of a POTUS is a zero sum game.

    Shame on you gumbie.

    I do not follow?

    Shame on me? How about shame on Hillary Clinton for being the embodiment of EVERYTHING that is wrong with our government and shame on Donald Trump for being the embodiment of EVERYTHING that is wrong with our culture.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   3 days 1 hour ago
    Quote Coalage3:

    And Al3...there are just as many rich progressives as rich conservatives. Raising money for the "liberal Limbaugh" should be no problem whatsoever. Soros has money, Buffett has money, Hollywood has money, Silicon Valley has money...progressives all.

    But the "liberal Limbaugh's" message, if s/he were doing his job, would be to bash corporatism every day, day in and day out...drip, drip, drip. Mixed in with social issues. However someone like Soros, et. al. would never fund anyone who bashed corporatism, big corporate, profit taking, billionaires, etc. etc. etc. That is why they would not receive $$ from the likes of Soros. "Liberal" billionaires are "liberal" only on social issues in general. They are just as insiduous as RW billionaires in that they have pushed the Dems out of economic issues/labor onto only a social issue platform.

    Look at California. THeoretically, CA should be sending a raft of "loony left wing" legislators to Washington...Just like Texas sends a bunch of "loony right" legislators to Washington. But due to Tech billionaires and their power/money, CA sends corporate Dems to Washington. Thus the economic left is neutered by Tech (generally Dem) liberals....who are full-bore social issues liberals....which are, to me, only "half" liberal.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   3 days 1 hour ago

    Then you didn't realize or didn't care that the election of a POTUS is a zero sum game.

    Shame on you gumbie.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   3 days 1 hour ago
    Quote more time. This topic has nothing to do with whether any of us listen to Limbaugh, or don't. By the way, he has not been carried in my part of world for 15 years. How come the left has no figure as popular as Limbaugh?

    OK, ya go. The left's message is incongruent with big money, profits, and corporatism. THAT'S why LW radio is pretty weak. No patrons that back them with big $$.

    And the not "liberal media." It is corporate owned and controlled. I don't know how that is "liberal." Just because they are centrist with social issues does not make them "liberal." There are as corporatist right wing as Fox News is nug-job right wing. Both are right wing....just the MSM desguises itself, in giving social issues center stage, while Fox does not. And by giving social issues center stage, MSM serves its purpose to the elites by keeping the rabble fighting with each other on these social issues.

  • The Wagon With the White Coats and Nets is Waiting in the White House Driveway: Fake President   3 days 2 hours ago

    Killed rather than captured? Not sure what Trump meant about McCain, but the Japanese in WWII sure thought that, didn't they?

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   3 days 2 hours ago

    Somebody will die from a paper cut before they die from a tax cut.

    So Legend says there is no progressive equivalent for Limbaugh. Why? You say Rush lies, and Fox News lies. So where is the progressive that tells the truth with a national following like Limbaugh?

    And Al3...there are just as many rich progressives as rich conservatives. Raising money for the "liberal Limbaugh" should be no problem whatsoever. Soros has money, Buffett has money, Hollywood has money, Silicon Valley has money...progressives all.

  • HOW BAD does it have to GET   3 days 2 hours ago
    Quote TomDorr:

    I would like to know, also. Where/who is the Liberal Limbaugh?

    I would submit Dylan Ratigan could have become a force from the center/left. He was, by far, my favorite TV commentator. (Sorry Thom) I doubt he was liberal enough for some on the left though. For some reason, he just "disappeared," though. If I were more of a conspiracy theorist I would say he was paid off to go into the sunset, and never come back, as he hasn't surfaced anywhere else on the major media, despite his considerable talents. Keith Olberman could contend, but like Al Gore, he went for the $$, instead of the cause.

    Quote Tom Dorr:Left Wing shows do poorly because very few people listen to them. Period.
    Left wing commentators have no big money backing them, vs. the right. The right has money and resources. Left wing ideology is incongruent with big money, so they don't get any money. That's why the "left" is largely social issues now.

    Quote Tom Dorr:This will never change. The general public does not want to hear incessant whining diatribes against the alleged "bogeymen" of capitalism, "white privilege", income inequality, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, nauseum.
    So I guess this says the general public likes to hear "incessant diatribes" against the "alleged boogeymen" of public education, Universities and U. Professors, the media, labor unions, immigrants, etc. etc. ?

    Quote Tom Dorr:Plus, there are a multitude of conservative talk show hosts who have become very popular and listened to. (Larry Elder, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Andrew Wilcow, Mike gallagher) to name afew.
    Besides Limbaugh, Hannity is probably the most poisonous voice on the air today. It is a statement of our culture/media that such a bellicose, divisive blowhard is allowed such a large public voice. Dobbs used to be someone I liked and respected, but when he followed the clueless Tea Party brigade, he lost me. Dobbs' fall has been on Fox Business, which is a RW channel that nobody watches. Gallagher is a Hannity-type bully who tries to market himself as a nice guy. The others I have never heard of, thankfully.

    Quote Tom Dorr:No left wing talk show hosts get high viewer ratings because the radical left who would support a talk show host are not enough to get decent ratings, and the moderate left has no spokesperson with any coherent message.
    See my comments above. And as far as "moderate left," what about the MSM? If conservatives' nonstop bellayche about the "liberal media" is really true (which it is not) , then would not the MSM be considered the megaphone of the "moderate left?" And extrapolating conservatives' claim that conservative ideas are superior beause conservative radio crushes lefty radio.....would not that translate to overwhelming public support for "moderate left" ideology since the MSM outdraws conservative media by far?

  • Is it possible   3 days 3 hours ago
    Quote Kay Kriss:

    Together with the a hard right Supreme Court and Congress they can change the admenment.

    Look up what it takes to do a constitutional amendment and you will see how silly your comment is.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   3 days 3 hours ago
    Quote Legend:
    Quote gumball:
    Quote zapdam:Quote gumball "If you believe your cause to be just it is ok to lie? It is not "splitting hairs" as it is no where near half." That comment coming from a guy who voted for Trump, that's been proven lies 80 percent of the time.

    I never voted for Trump, in the primary or the general.

    So who did you vote for?

    Kasich in the primary, in the general I left it blank as neither candidate was worth voting for.

  • Is it possible   3 days 4 hours ago guys are funny. But don't quit your regular jobs.

  • AMERICAS WELFARE BUMS   3 days 4 hours ago

    How about being responsible and use birth control, or don't have sexual relations? This isn't rocket science. And deadbeat dads need to be held accountable.

    Whatever happened to shotgun weddings? If you choose to play the game, then you better be ready to bear the consequences.

  • Deportations. How can Trump have it Both ways?   3 days 4 hours ago

    From the above politifact link;

    We searched his speeches on and found numerous mentions of immigration reform. In April 2009, in response to a question about the one-year deadline, he said that he saw the "process moving this first year." In June 2009, he assigned Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to begin putting together a comprehensive immigration reform framework. Finally, in September 2009, he said that he anticipated "that before the year is out we will have draft legislation, along with sponsors potentially in the House and the Senate who are ready to move this forward, and when we come back next year, that we should be in a position to start acting."

    Alas, the year came to an end with no Obama-endorsed bill in sight. On December 15, 2009, Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez introduced a bill of his own, but a spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies said that Obama administration has not promoted or publicly supported Gutierrez's bill.

    The fact is that he was able to get a massive "stimulus" package and major health care reform through in that first year. He did not even bother to put together a plan on immigration as promised.

Is Trump Making America White Again?

It turns out that Donald Trump was completely serious when he said he wanted to deport millions of people who've done nothing wrong except live and work in the United States without the right paperwork.