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  • 40 Years Of Women's Lib For This?   2 days 3 hours ago

    Thanks Ms. Allen, and welcome back to Blog Land!

    Was that "K" for "Kathleen"? Please forgive the memory lapse, it's been awhile.

  • Bobby Kennedy's Free Pass on Thom's Show Today   2 days 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the compliment, Richard.

  • 40 Years Of Women's Lib For This?   2 days 4 hours ago

    (#187 - MichelleKovalik)

    AIW: kiss your ass? btw, just what is everyone supposed to think of the avitar you display for yourself? Pity? Wow, like kissing your ass, if it looks anything like your face, is furthest from my desire, or dare I say, anyone's desire. Actually, I bet your ass looks better than your face, upon which you desired my kissing. Are you gay? Are you offering me a hook-up? Kiss your ass? Well, I'lll have to check my calendar for an open day for "Crusty Post Menopausal QQ Women".............kiss your ass? I'll get back to you.

    Though, off the cuff, I'd rather kiss the ass of Hannah, the SI cover model, to stay "on topic".

    . . .

    MichelleKovalik, if you object so strongly to perceived viscious, ad hominem attacks ... why do you make them yourself?

    I see nothing noble, enlightening or redeeming in your willingness to ridicule others about something as fundamental and personal as loss of teeth - for whatever reason.

    It is hurtful and unneccessary.

    If it has anything to do with the subject of this, or any thread, it personifies the self-absorbed, narcissistic insensitivity associated with the archetypical All-American-GameTime-USA-Popular-Culture-Princess-Of-All-Time.

    If you really are concerned to address needs of _all_ people ((as a devated contemporary feminist)) with your high-powered mentality and compelling personal appeal, why not pour all that energy into working to secure basic health care (including dental) for all people?

    That would show good faith, positive intent, and the kind of compassion I associate with empowered feminine principle.

  • 40 Years Of Women's Lib For This?   2 days 4 hours ago

    Reply to #189: Mark, where have I attempted to deny Working Class Whitey the sovereignty of his & her own movement? Quotes, please.

    When these people choose to surround themselves with fascist faux crap, Mark, don’t go blaming Lefty. Blame Working-Class Whitey. We all make our choices in life, once we reach adulthood. We can be truth seekers or garbage consumers or simply remain asleep at the wheel. Take your pick, folks. Even after all the damage de-regulation has done our media infrastructure, we still have choices. A few, anyhoo…

    You’re right, Mark; nobody has accused ME of elitism. But this isn’t about me, it's about something way bigger than me or any one person. It’s about attitudes and assumptions that are culturally instilled, that trivialize and marginalize issues of great consequence to us all whether we choose to recognize it or not.

    I agree, there are many reasons why the left is floundering these days, many of them of the left’s own creation. Granted. But it is not my job to persuade Joe Six-Pack to wake the fuck up and reject corporate fascist drivel like FOX, Rush Limpballs ad nauseam and give peace a chance. What the hell do you think I am; a glutton for punishment?! They can figure it out themselves, or remain clueless. It’s out of my hands, beyond my jurisdiction.

    Seems to me that of all the major civil rights movements that prevail in this goddam circus, the feminist movement is fair game for everyone to pick apart and denigrate. We get it from the left and we get it from the right. We get it from men and we get it from other women. And it is never-ending, relentless and oh, SOOOOOOOOOooooo tiresome. Every once in a while I just get fed-up with the condescension, the put-downs, the stereotyping and knee-jerk bullshit crap, and I throw a big loud hissy fit. It might not solve any problems or fix a damn thing but it makes me feel better, at least for a little while… until the next time I reach the saturation point with all this feminist-bashing goddam crap. Call it what you wish, Marc, you're perfectly entitled to your opinion. But I’ll keep right on calling it as I see it.

    I mean after all, white women aren’t oppressed! Oh no. We’re a bunch of elitest brats, stirring up shit just to attract attention to ourselves and away from more worthy causes. You know, all the important stuff like everyone else’s problems… Right, Miss K?

    Never mind that womens’ hard-won rights are again under attack, rights that our predecessors went to jail for and died for. Never mind that access to abortion is being legislated away slow but sure, that congresswomen are excluded from discussions about birth control while access to birth control has once more been made an “issue” by our lawmakers. Never mind that we don’t even own our bodies under patriarchal law! Never mind that we still get paid less for the same damn work. Oh no, white women have nothing to complain about, we're just a bunch of self-indulgent brats with a victim complex! Never mind that In some states now, a woman who suffers a miscarriage is required by law to report it to the police and that a miscarriage is grounds for a murder charge! And isn’t it too bad that no affordable childcare is guaranteed or even available to working women, that working women (many of them single moms) get no paid family leave or maternity leave. Suck it up, girls. And never mind that nursing moms are arrested for “child abuse” and “indecent exposure” while in-your-face tit porn is everywhere on display via TV, billboards, magazines and so forth. Never mind that pregnancy is deemed a “pre-existing condition” by extortion hacks (oh excuse me- health insurance companies). Never mind that birth control isn’t included in health insurance policies while old men’s limp-dick remedies are automatically covered. What the hell are we whining about?! And never mind that misogynist-bigot-extremist politicians want to impose strict dress codes on us (Wear yoga pants, go to jail!), with life in prison for third-strike “offenders”! Never mind that, time and again, young rape victims are relentlessly harassed and bullied by their “peers”, even by other women, until it drives them to suicide.... and never mind that some of these girls are white and middle class, or even well-to-do. Never mind that rape victims are the ones put on trial. Never mind that as a consequence of that, most rapes go unreported while the rapists get away with their crimes. And never mind that a women’s physical autonomy, freedom and self determination is under constant assault: in Congress, on the streets and in some cases, even in her own home. Please excuse us for the bitchy, whiny, self-indulgent brats we feminists have been, complaining about it. All just petty, nit-pickin’ nonsense, eh comrades?

    I’m not denying whatever insights & truths there were in Michelle’s initial posts, Mark. I was responding to something very specific. I’m tired of Michelle's divisive, dismissive, feminist-bashing, ignorant fucking nonsense, which she spouts off at every opportunity. I find her arrogant, odious and obnoxious. I'll not stand by while she characterizes the feminist civil-rights movement as a “population of privileged radicals” and “authoritarians” in these shrill screeds of hers. I’m not buying Michelle Kovalik’s shallow, one-dimensional version of reality in regards to feminism because it is insulting and offensive. I don't have to take it, I refuse to suffer in silence, and I don't give a flippin' damn whether it's directed at me personally or not.

    Michelle can’t answer a single one of my points in post #184! Nope. And when this twit can’t come up with a viable rebuttal, she gets her panties in a knot and throws a barrage of childish, cheap shots at my age and appearance. I hereby grant Michelle Kovalik the Intemperate Tantrum Potty Mouth Award! Tah-Dah! And to all a good night. - Aliceindunderland

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 5 hours ago
    Quote aliceinwonderland: But in 21st Century America, racism is still very much alive, whether it makes sense or not, and denial ain’t a river... so come on, man… Let’s get real and cut this evasive crap.
    Well, just who do you think is keeping it alive? Maybe it is the criminals who give their race a bad name. And then, maybe there are examples like MB, and the "Hands Up-Don't Shoot" demonstrations. MB neither had his hands up nor did he yell "don't shoot'. He was a criminal bully that attacked a cop and yet you and they defend this guy? Bad move if you are looking for sympathy or empathy for their cause. Some people might think that it makes blacks look even more threatening. Maybe they want a free pass to commit criminal acts and have no one pressing the police for protection against them?

    Man slugs pregnant woman during robbery

    Another woman gets punched on a bus in Seattle

    Woman gets mugged by black man just out of prison, white guy tries to recover the purse, black crowd attack white guy

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 5 hours ago
    Quote aliceinwonderland:One more thing. Assuming you know rs allen is a black man, where do you get off addressing him with a word like “Boy” as you have in post #36?!
    How do you know that Bush Whacker or anyone else knew that r.s.allen was black? The use of that word "Boy" is an expression commonly used by many people and is not used to call anyone "Boy". AIW, you will try to use any ridiculous insinuation as an attempt to deride what someone is saying.

  • Ryan Wants To Collapse Tax Brackets Down To TWO... what's his game?   2 days 5 hours ago

    Higher tax rates increase growth. Marriner Stoddard Eccles testified before congress about the detrimental effects of hoarding capital. Investing incentives aka high marginal rates that are recouped through tax refunds increases capital flow and growth. Saving 70% by hiring people increases the pie that you get 30% of. 30% of a 2 billion dollar pie is more than 60% of a billion dollar pie if community participation and membership in that community are valuable.

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 5 hours ago

    Oh my zod!! I just realize something! There are lots of people who do have red hair and they may think that I should not have used that as an example. Actually, I was thinking of bright red hair that you only get by dying it that a clown's hair or a Raggety Ann doll. My apologies to those who have red hair. Perhaps I should have said green hair. But then there are some people who may have green hair. Man, you just can't win with overly sensitive people. No matter what you say, someone will take offense. Grow up people! Quit being such babies!

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 5 hours ago
    Quote aliceinwonderland:Bush Wacker says skin color doesn’t matter. In a sane, just and truly civilized world it wouldn’t matter, my friend. But in this world it matters very much...

    Well, obviously, if people know that those with red hair commit most of the crimes or if people know that Pitt Bulls have been known to rip people apart...then most people will make the connection. If they see people with red hair or a Pitt Bull they might just, perhaps rightly, think that it is a danger signal they should heed. And I can't believe that you are totally without the same kind of defense mechanisms. Obviously, you think most Republicans are scum (as do we all).

  • Ryan Wants To Collapse Tax Brackets Down To TWO... what's his game?   2 days 5 hours ago

    business/questions-raised-on-withdrawal-of-congressional-research-services-report-on-tax-rates proved no correlation between tax rates and economic growth, so gop pulled the study and the data.

    WASHINGTON — The Congressional Research Service has withdrawn an economic report that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth, a central tenet of conservative economic theory, after Senate Republicans raised concerns about the paper’s findings and wording.

    Enlarge This Image Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, center, and other Republicans raised concerns with an economic report that questions a central tenet of conservative economic theory.

    The decision, made in late September against the advice of the agency’s economic team leadership, drew almost no notice at the time. Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, cited the study a week and a half after it was withdrawn in a speech on tax policy at the National Press Club.

    But it could actually draw new attention to the report, which questions the premise that lowering the top marginal tax rate stimulates economic growth and job creation.

    “This has hues of a banana republic,” Mr. Schumer said. “They didn’t like a report, and instead of rebutting it, they had them take it down.”

    Republicans did not say whether they had asked the research service, a nonpartisan arm of the Library of Congress, to take the report out of circulation, but they were clear that they protested its tone and findings.

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 5 hours ago
    Quote aliceinwonderland:Fuck the red-hair argument, PD. Why not put anti-theft devices on ALL hair-care products instead of just those designed specifically for black people? Is that so hard to do?
    I see you fail to see the very clear logic in my example. Business people are in business to make money and they have to keep cost down. Putting those devices in boxes that aren't affected by loss through theft is added cost. What? They should do it so that it won't offend people who steal the most often? Ridiculous! Yes, people with hair color other than red do steal too. But obviously, not the major problem. The major problem lies with those who steal the most. If people with red hair have a problem with being known as the ones most likely to steal then maybe they should work on their image by not stealing.

    Quote aliceinwonderland:Can’t we, as white folks, find a way to humble ourselves just a teensie bit ? Can't you at least TRY to see reality through the eyes of a black person, or imagine yourself in a black person’s shoes?

    There are black people, mostly older, wiser, black people, who do stand in their shoes and they say that black people should quit having so much self pity and instead of having a chump on their shoulders all the time and hating and stealing from whitey, if they tried a lot harder, they could get rid of that bad image they have. There are a lot of black people that didn't let a bad image keep them down. They made something of themselves. But all of those bad apples make things worse for themselves and all the rest.

    You are sure not helping the blacks, especially when you stand up for obvious bad apples who commit MB...the bully that robbed that convenience store and attacked a cop. You wouldn't even believe that it was MB and DJ in that convenience store stealing those cigars and bullying the store clerk...but when DJ testified that it was them and that they did not pay for those cigars... it kind of put a kink in your argument. DJ was in very bad least DJ put those cigars that MB handed him back on the counter and didn't take them. Good on him! He did the right thing. But MB was headed for trouble...big trouble as it turned out.

    I get the impression that you will stick up for any black that does bad things no matter what they do. It's all whitey's fault. Well, they sure have you fooled don't they?

    By the way, there is another youtube video that is purported to be MB along with some of his pals that beat up an old black man. It is kind of a blurry video
    and it is not really clear enough to say just who that guy was or was not but he was sure the same size as MB and wore the same kind of clothes and sandals. Word was that someone who knew MB put that vid on youtube. The way MB bullied that store clerk and attacked Wilson, it wouldn't surprise me that the big bully in that video beating up that old man was MB.

  • 9/11 Truth is not a joke   2 days 5 hours ago

    You can't cite authority here, since there's no body of people with relevant expertise (including any professional architects and engineers, to reference the main group controlled demolition believers cite) that's concluded that it was. You can assemble a selected group that will do so, but that doesn't mean much. At best you can say a minority has such-and-such view. It's also not which conspiracies you believe on a checklist, but how you go about it. There's no system to 911 truth.

    The way critics of controlled demolition are depicted, they're "shying away" from an obvious truth; in reality they, like most other people who've looked into the events of fall 2001, are investigating in a systematic way using critical thinking and evidence, and finding the controlled demolition arguments vague and emotional, dependent on special selection of after-the-fact details, and all-too-wiling to fudge numbers at several places - enough to move the picture from a realistic one to a motivated reasoning one.

    Advancing the contolled demolition theory does no harm. What does do harm is advancing any theory, including the mainstream one, in a sloppy or dishonest way. 9/11 was investigated in a way that was both sloppy and dishonest, and that's why the official story leaves most people at least a little suspicious. To imitate that the other way simply adds to the bad reputation of conspiracy theories, which isn't helpful in sifting out the correct ones. And even the correct ones probably need regular adjustment and updating.

  • Has Our Resident Libertarian EVER Stood Up For The Little Guy?   2 days 5 hours ago

    Libertarianism is not for the little guy nor for his freedom. Libertarians believe freedom and basic rights must be earned - or inherited like, I bet, our resident did - i.e., they are a privilege. Not freedom for all but privilege for a few - in fact anything - for a few is what libertarianism seeks. Survival itself is a privilege for them. Only a small minority is to thrive in libertarianism - and by exploiting their fellows if that be their pleasure - the smaller minority the better, the less to be shared.

  • Has Our Resident Libertarian EVER Stood Up For The Little Guy?   2 days 6 hours ago

    The MW law is part of the market. Government regulations, collective bargaining negotiations are all aspects of a market that are free - for some if not for others. There is no reason the market be free for one group, employers, and not free for another, workers.

    Government regulation has a freeing effect, markets do not regulate themselves in any adequate sense. The13th Amendment is an example of such a government regulation.

  • 40 Years Of Women's Lib For This?   2 days 7 hours ago

    It's Friday night, I think everybody must be having a few beers and ready to brawl. Communication is breaking down.

    What's up, Alice? Nobody's promoting Bill O'Reilly, we're just decrying intellectual elitism on the left and its effect on the movements of the left..

    You don't think the blue collar worker should be in charge of their own movement? I don't understand why you would have problem with that thought. Of course there is nuance in feminism and every movement. Nobody accused you of elitism, we thought you'd understand and agree.

    There are reasons why left movements miss success and much of it is self inflicted. As far as I'm concerned, any left movement that isn't trying to place the blue collar worker at it's head - and most of its body - doesn't deserve to succeed. It just ain't legit - and doesn't deserve to be called "left".

    I'm not trying to run feminism, if that's what it seems like, I'm just critical of left movements in general for the above reasons. If you'd ever been the only working stiff at a wine and cheese, lefty party and been snobbed every bit as much as if you were at a gathering of investment bankers because you weren't an upper class college brat like they were you'd know what I'm talking about. Exclusivity is not good for movement building.

    Bill O'Reilly, as much as I hate him, is very cunning. He speaks the language of the blue collar worker and exploits that division. As does Limbaugh. Hannity and the rest of the right wing PR machine - that is very sophisticated, professional and knows exactly what it's doing.

    They are very accomplished liars, they know just how to fraud.. We don't think about that. We think we have the truth and that should be enough - and get our asses kicked in all the public campaigns.

    I think Michelle said it well, I'm sorry you two hate each other, but I think maybe you ought to see some nuance - in her thinking, maybe. I don't see her as "feminist bashing" but, rather, as critical of some elements of feminism or, rather, elements of the movement. We gotta be self critical of our movements, better we be critical of ourselves than the righties of us. They won't be so well intentioned about it.

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 7 hours ago

    Response to posts #33 & #36: Bush Wacker — WOAH! What the bloody hell is so hard for some of my white comrades to grasp?! BW, you’re spot-on about so many things but you’re missing something here.

    Can’t we, as white folks, find a way to humble ourselves just a teensie bit ? Can't you at least TRY to see reality through the eyes of a black person, or imagine yourself in a black person’s shoes? And Bush Wacker, did you even bother to read rs allen’s #27 post? If you haven’t, I respectfully implore you to do so.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but that post made my hair stand on end. And it made me profoundly sad.

    Bush Wacker says skin color doesn’t matter. In a sane, just and truly civilized world it wouldn’t matter, my friend. But in this world it matters very much, as rs allen’s post so vividly and powerfully illustrates. And that’s what you’re missing. You’re right, we’re all the same inside and racism makes no sense. No argument there! But in 21st Century America, racism is still very much alive, whether it makes sense or not, and denial ain’t a river... so come on, man… Let’s get real and cut this evasive crap. As white people, we've nothing to defend. Therefore when we get defensive, we make bloody fools of our oafish, clueless, whiny selves. Because whether it’s occured to y'all or not, only a white person has the luxury of claiming skin color is “irrelevant”. It’s irrelevant to you when you’re not one of those being targeted. Why's that so hard to comprehend?

    “I judge people on their actions” says Bush Wacker. Well, bully for you. Take a bow.

    One more thing. Assuming you know rs allen is a black man, where do you get off addressing him with a word like “Boy” as you have in post #36?! Good god almighty… I see this shit all the time and it has me shaking my head. Too many of my white comrades seem not to have a fucking clue how to relate to black folks. Is this shit really so hard to understand, or am I the one who’s crazy here?!

    Beam me up... - AIW

  • Obamacare is not some socialist marxist leftist plot...   2 days 7 hours ago

    The Dems weren't gonna go outright for single payer, they thought the insurance lobby was too strong, so they made it all a gift to the insurance providers to forstall a big fight with them but they were ready to slide single payer in there by way of the public option. Liebermann, the insurance industry's guy, wouldn't vote for that and they couldn't do it without.

  • Bobby Kennedy's Free Pass on Thom's Show Today   2 days 7 hours ago

    AIW, somebody is always trying to bust your balls. LOL They should've learn by now.

  • Cops Don't Only Shoot Blacks   2 days 7 hours ago

    P.S. (Reply to #37): Hey schoolteacher, the word is “rogue” not “rouge”. The former is an ugly character flaw distinguishing individuals of poor character; the latter, a cosmetic some women use for artificially rosy cheeks.

    Oh, one more thing. Why don't you just crawl back in your hole?

  • Bobby Kennedy's Free Pass on Thom's Show Today   2 days 8 hours ago

    Excuse me, but I said Patrick Kennedy is the cousin of Bobby Junior and the son of Ted Kennedy. Can't you read?! Or do you just react first, then maybe read later?

    You think I don't already know about Big Pharma's toxic, quack "remedies" and snake oil? In that regard, you're preaching to the choir.

    So what "conclusion" does L'il Miss Know-It-All assume I've jumped to? Be specific. You've got my full attention now; bloviate away, I'm listening! Please enlighten me to my "bias", Miss Kovalik, and what "wrong" side of what issue it is that I occupy, in your regal opinion.

    Will you permit me to have my own opinions about the Kennedy family, or am I needing to enlighten myself to and embrace your opinion instead? - Alice

  • Ryan Wants To Collapse Tax Brackets Down To TWO... what's his game?   2 days 8 hours ago
    Quote gumball:
    Quote ulTRAX:

    Yup... breaks on capital gains are our public subsidies for the rich.

    I agree on the capital gains.

    Why should money made from labor be taxed at a higher rate than money made from money? I'll have to dig up Reagan's speech from back in 1986 on this topic.

    I know, I know... the rationale is that capital gains are taxed twice... but this is grossly dishonest. Perhaps some DIVIDENDS are taxed twice... even though some companies pay zero federal taxes. But money made from speculation in the stock market isn't taxed twice. So why give ALL capital gains a tax break? I think it should be taxed as regular income except in those cases where there are extraordinary risks investing in something that can benefit us all.... like IPOs in medical research.

  • The Principles of Democracy   2 days 8 hours ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote RichardofJeffersonCity:

    The Constitution was not suppose to be written in stone; it was suppose to be a living document. Jefferson thought there should be a constitutional convention ever four years because he understood what was right for society then may not be right for society in the future.

    Jefferson wasn't even at the "constitutional convention" so I have to wonder what his opinion means.

    There are only three ways I can think of making it more adaptable... amendments which now a mere 3.5% of the population can block, or creative supreme court decisions, or ignoring the constitution.

    So we're stuck between an inability to reform the Constitution, a far right court that want to rewrite it to suit the political needs of the GOP... or ignoring it as the Framers did when they subverted the Articles.


    Take your pick.

    We could always move to Samolia with LysanderSpooner, and live the libertarian dream. I've always wanted to be pirate, arrrg.

  • Why Did Today's Libertarians Go Astray? Who Pulls Their Strings?   2 days 8 hours ago
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote ulTRAX:
    Quote LysanderSpooner:I view government as the greatest exploiter and murderer of mankind.

    Do you intend to actually address the points I made in my OP? Or are you just here to evade an embarrassing topic and instead try to derail this discussion?

    Four days and I'm STILL WAITING!!!!

    SIX days and I'm still waiting.

  • The Principles of Democracy   2 days 8 hours ago
    Quote RichardofJeffersonCity:

    I've always thought, as others have, that T Jeff was deliberately excluded from the formation of the Constitution due to his radical ideas about how a democracy should function.

    Jefferson was in France as our ambassador. He and Madison wrote to each other... but that's about it.

  • The Principles of Democracy   2 days 8 hours ago

    I've always thought, as others have, that T Jeff was deliberately excluded from the formation of the Constitution due to his radical ideas about how a democracy should function. I know of anarchist thinkers that admired some of Jefferson's rhetoric on democracy.

    I've never known how cereal to take TJ, but I am Richard of Jefferson City, I even lived in Jefferson county for a while, and I've visited Jeff's penis dome in DC a couple times, so that has to mean something, right? LOL

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