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  • Another Disabled Person Abused By Police   1 day 20 hours ago

    Paleydome ain't an expert on disablility. There was recently a radio program that had a segment on how different states and localities are attempting to find alternatives to arresting and incarcerating mentally ill people whose offenses are a result of their medical condition and are often quite trivial and not of any real threat to anyone. Society find certain people annoying. When you grow up in a bigoted family and have bioted views of black people, you were NEVER a progressive or liberal. Paranoid views go hand-in-hand with prejudice, which can be seen from the extremely selective and narrow and simple-minded comments that are made. Paleydome is not an academic, a college professor, and yet professes expertise that he did not make the effort due to laziness to achieve. But it is o.k. to condemn others who cannot afford the high cost of higher education for not going to college and taking on a very large debt.

    Most disabled people regardless of the type of disability are law-abiding citizens, but this is completely lost right-wing conservatives who believe that defective people are inferior and are life unworthy of life. If someone actually has knowledge of the often inadequate services for disabled people, it would be clear as to why some people may be rather desperate for no fault of their own. Only a licensed physician or other appropriate health care professional can diagnosis and treat someone with a medical disability, but many Americans judge others only on the basis of money, not education per se, and want to overule those who did the work and unlike themselves have the scientific ability and concern to become medical professionals. Stupid people make stupid comments. Hate, hate, and more hate based on ignorance and intellectual inferiority and a lack of ability to think all result in these types of stupid comments.

  • Imperfect People, Perfect Love   1 day 20 hours ago

    You added below the original that inevitable crises would if anything would catalyze change. When it this change going to take place? The economic system is adversely affecting the political system, and vice versa. When has there ever been a utopia in the democratic sense on earth, let alone in a given country such as this one? In order for there to be changes in policy, there have to be technologically and economically viable solutions. From discussions I have heard, I don't think engineers who design these things are quite there yet, and the public as a whole is not there yet, either, both attitudinally and in terms of being able to afford expensive investments in new personal equipment. I hope we have better technology in the future where people are not dependent on power companies and can simply dial a number and soon have a self-driving car stop in front of one's home. Traffic accidents might result in even more deaths than do guns. The amount of gun violence and the continuing unwillingness of both the public and most lawmakers to pass some form of precautionary gun control, and of government law enforcement agencies to do a better job of listing past arrests or convictions on gun-related charges, or past hospitalization in a mental hospital, and the degree of uneduated inner-city residents and others who resort to violence through shootings as a way of settling the score, these things all point to a lack of willingness to change on the part of Americans.

    California has a new program that would limit access to guns by certain people based on their previous record. Most states are lax in catching past violations on the part of those wanting to by firearms. Gun show dealers don't have to do any background checks. Illegal gun sales by unlicensed sellers are common in many places.

    I have heard any number of commentators recently who have said that as desirable as it would be to have a Constitutional amendment getting rid of the Citizens United decision and proclaiming that you can't give unlimited amounts of money to political candidates and office holders, and that corporations cannot be treated as people under the campaign finance laws, and that policians reform the Federal Election Commission so that it actually does its job and stops illegal contributions, it is just not realistic for the forseeable future, as much concern over this issue that exists, that there could be this kind of amendment to the Constitution. Maybe in 100 years, campaigns will financially be entirely different than there are now, perhaps with public funding. As one economics professor from a state university in Illinois who is relatively progressive said, capitalism is inherently instable. Many people are obviously in favor of the things you just mentioned, such as more cooperatives, unions, workers' rights, job safety laws and enforcement, and environmental regulations. But other than minimum wage increases in some local jurisdictions or states, and small number of votes on the part of employees in favor of joining a union, the trend so far is more often than not against these things. I just watched a report about a small town in Louisiana, populated almost entirely by African-Americans, that has been taken over by something like 6 or 7 seven chemical plants. Many of the residents have developed various medical symptoms or illnesses which they believe are a direct result of the chemicals that are being dumped into the environment. The newest plant that is being built there is owned by a huge South African company, which is offering to buy out any and all remaining residents of the town. The people have complained that the amount of money that they have been offered is not high enough so that they can buy or build a house in some other community. It is the price that the company wants to pay. But it is anticipated that all of the people residing there will eventually leave the community, because it simply has too much industry and too many chemicals. There is a proposal for still another plant that would make disel fuel from some kind of chemicals. The South African company did a study in which it is concluded that their new plant when it is fully operational will meet all state and federal regulations, but Lousiana and the federal government have previously granted exceptions to existing regulations for some of the companies located in the town, so that they can exceed the established limits without being cited. The public lacks both the expertise and the political clout to stop these kinds of situations from happening.

  • Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part III, Conclusion)   1 day 20 hours ago

    I see why you were ignored, fool. Like I said, grown ups here. You are not a "black man", you are a white boy/girl in Klingon drag. This is apparent because you could not possibly be as illiterate as you are trying to make yourself sound. Nice try though.You could not possibly be that ignorant, yet be on a Thom Hartmann political site. You read "history books", but you can't string two sentences together. "This dude is Made".

    You are a racist white boy/girl trying to "sound black" in your writing so that you can carry out your sick agenda; which is a totally racist move. I know this because no self-respecting black man would come here and be that damned ignorant. Nice try...whitey. You are not sophisticated enough to pull that one off, fool.

    Does not much matter because...well, because. You should have taken my advice and hopped on that flying saucer. Nice avatar, funny looks just like Bernie Sanders.


  • Podcasts?   1 day 21 hours ago

    They don't seem to have posted a new podcast for today. The only thing worse than listening to a rerun is not listening to a rerun!

  • Article Presents Interesting Critique of Psychotherapy and Humanistic Psychology   1 day 21 hours ago

    When it comes to public policy concerning helpful or necessary government programs, there is not much serious discussion of this on this site or anywhere. The main purpose of many is to either express disdain for certain presidential candidates or groups of people. What mostly seems to be the case is tearing down of government. Pundits and many politicians, in connection with incidents of mass shootings, occasionally mention the inadequate nature of our mental health system. People with certain kinds of mental conditions have difficulty in retaining employment. A practice or program that is related to vocational rehabilitation called Supported Employment has been found to be effective in allowing employed individuals with mental illness to be able to continue working. The interpretation that apparently is used with some state governments is that since the research on Supporated Employment was done in coordination with psychiatric treatment, clients should be undergoing such treatment while receiving this form of help with employment. I disagree completely that only those consumers who are taking prescribed psychotropic drugs could benefit from supported employment. Another problem that might come up is for agencies to confuse job coaching with Supported Employment. There are not one and the same. Supported Employment is for people who are already employed, and is not a job search program, although the employment specialist might in some cases be able to assist someone in learning of how to receive a promotion or find a different and possibly better job. The main purpose of Supported Employment is to assist someone who is already employed continue with a job. Therefore, it only stands to reason that a person who has been working in a job for a certain length of time already knows how to do the job and does not need job coaching.

    The primary problem with this service is its lack of accessibility. Private insurance does not cover support services of this type. Employment specialists are unlikely to be licensed therapists, nor do they need to be. They have to have as much knowledge and experience as possible with jobs and with business. They also have to have a good working knowledge of mental health and psychology. In some states, the only source of funding for Supported Employment is Medicaid. This program has strict eligbility requirements so that a certain number of people who need this kind of assistance are not eligible simply because they are not Medicaid eligible. Vocational rehabilitation agencies only pay for so-called follow-along services for a limited time. Someone who is working might need to talk to someone every so often about one's job over a period of months and years. Again, the service may not be accessible. Some people might be able to pay a small fee, but if the person is low-income, that is money that could otherwise be used for rent, food, or medicine.

    A final issue would be the willingness and ability of an Employment Specialist to advise or assist a client in requesting a reasonable accommodation from an employer which would be necessary to make sure that the employee can function adequately on-the-job. This is part of the ADA. If an employer does not handle a situation in a way that is appropriate and reasonable for a mentally disabled person, whether there is overt employment discrimination or not, would the Employment Specialist after discussing it with the client be able to visit the workplace and raise the concern with the person's supervisor? Unless more is done that is currently being done, many mentally ill people will not be able to sustain employment. More does need to be done. There have to be enough personnel in the Supported Employment program so that they can have the flexibility to address the clients' concerns adequately, and so that they could spend enough time talking with the person, observing the person at work, or going to the employer to discuss an issue so that there would be an effective result that does what it needs to to help someone.

  • Huge Black Guy in Houston Sneaks Up Behind a Deputy Sheriff and Shoots Him Dead!!   1 day 21 hours ago

    #28 is that a serious question? , maybe if one of your children were in that building you could understand why it was so heinous.

  • The Move   1 day 21 hours ago

    I don't like rock music. It may be o.k. for a brief theme, but no music at all, with just a tasteful announcement, would be workable and not objectionable.

  • Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part III, Conclusion)   1 day 21 hours ago

    I wish i had said that, shut your corny ass up. The rejected 7 black Brady bunch member is a shill for the Hillary campaign.

    You can try to play these white people if you want but i know the game. I never saw the men in black or any other of those comic book nerd movies, i was to busy playing and watching sports, Any of you so called brothas hyped for the football season,or did you get your man card took.

    The only purpose of this rejected Brady bunch member is fuck with these white people, Either get them riled up talking about violence on white people or they try to kiss your ass so they can feel like they got a black friend. Hey man these black guys are talking about the stuff i read about in history books, i feel ya bro, Yeah shit was fuck up back then, but i am trying to eat right now.

    So he can write all the shit he wants, but the question is he gonna sit back and talk on a white liberal website or is gonna put this shit to action. If he wants to start a race war, why don't he go to ones these racist white sites and post that shit and create another weirdo like Dylan roof. He ain't doing nothing to help the problem, he is just alienating people from helping the black community. So if the average white person who has on average 1.1 black friend and they come here and see shit like this, all you do if confirm their stereo type of the angry black guy and their one black friend is the exception to the rule.

    So i guessing this dude is made because because in his rich white high school, he got rejected by the Brady bunch table, and now til this day he is mad at white people to this day. I could respect his blogs until he posted his privileged background

  • The Move   1 day 22 hours ago

    Thom probably needed the week off as well, in sptie of Labor Day being next Monday.

    But was a new studio really necessary ? What I feel they need is new theme music. The old theme has been badly dated for years ! A new, upbeat rock theme would be a lot better....providing they can get clearance from the band. They already have rock coming out of some of the commercials, which they can play because it's just instrumental music without lyrics.

  • "Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became People."   1 day 22 hours ago

    I wonder if Thom realizes that the only part of his excerpt of his book is the first part - over and over and over?

  • The Great Bernie Sanders Birthday Moneybomb Is Coming Sept 8th LET'S DO IT!!!   1 day 23 hours ago

    6 debates should be plenty. If the various candidates ( probably not including Hillary ) want more then maybe they can instead have a Q & A town-hall format which technically can get around the "debate" rules.

    I think Debbie Schultz probably figured have the first 4 official debates before most of the major primaries that will work in her girl Hillary's favor. But the fake E-mail scandal the Republicans have blown out of proportion will work against her regardless. So will her inability to take a definitive stand on Keystone XL or the TPP.

  • Imperfect People, Perfect Love   1 day 23 hours ago

    I didn't say anything about a crisis in the post, Robindell, much less about hoping for one. Admittedly talk of the future in the fashion that I am doing is vague. I practically said that. But does that mean we should not attempt to plan for the future? I don't think so.

    If a republican becomes president as a result of the next election, which I doubt, it will probably be the result of poor voter turnout and maybe election fraud or help from the Supreme Court, as in 2000. It is very unlikely to represent the will of the majority of the electorate, who prefer liberal change along the lines of Bernie Sanders' proposals. Maybe they would not end capitalism, but they would limit it by having more workers' co-ops, unions, business and environmental regulations, higher tax rates on the rich, etc. At this point, that would be a "revolution" of sorts. I don't see who that would be hurting, aside from those who are already rich and people who insist on being against whatever their political opponents are for.

    I think there is science behind the needed policy changes as well as behind the need for more people to find their way out of immersion in the hypercompetitive (while not realizing that the game has already been rigged) "money rules" mindset.

  • AMERICA THAT WAS ?   2 days 20 sec ago

    Ok now I'm going to drop the other shoe. Canadian Gordon Sinclair who wrote the above defense of America in 1973, was a hard core Canadian right winger, yes a conservative.

    As touching as as eloquent and as truthful as his comments are, Sinclair was blinded to 'facts' of Americas 'darker side.' The darker side of America, that props up murderous right wing thug dictatorships in Central and South America and around the world, ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of people, so corporations could profit denying freedom and democracy. Americas overthrow of democracies in places like Iran, Chile , Guatemala and now Ukraine, just to name a few. The America who even has to this day, a school to teach these murderous thugs the fine art of terror , repression, torture, disappearances and murder. It is called the 'School of the Americas' in Fort Benning Georgia.

    Yes Gordon Sinclair wore 'rose colored glasses' , but i must admit when i first heard his poignant comment , it choked me up and saddened me , because Americas better side, has done so many wonderful things for all of humanity.

    In a now famous speech Smedley Butler USMC , until his death Americas MOST DECORATED US Marine said this.

    " I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."

  • The Obvious Problems With Thom's "Get The Base Out" Theory...   2 days 18 min ago

    ...these "rights" [inherent rights due small states] can include anything particular to more rural or agricultural states. What they do NOT include is that the people in small pop states have any right beyond their numbers to interfere with more general issues... and the way to deal with this is to keep the system democratic but write protections into the system

    "...write protections into the system", haha, gee, I guess nobody ever thought of that before. Could you possibly be MORE vague? Lofty rhetoric and a buck will get you a cup of coffee.

    You're right, I was a speech and debate debate champion in high school. My anti-war speech in front of the Lions Club probably cost me a scholarship but that was then, this is now.

    I keep telling you that you assume too much but you refuse to heed what I say in that regard. You are concerned about representation and I understand that you are arguing the moral imperative of one person one vote, although you don't seem to have any clear prescription for how to get there much less the preceeding problem of convincing the general public that it is where we need to go. But, setting that aside, I told you that my loyalty is to the people only to have you scoff and label me a typical liberal unwilling to look at the system with regard to that moral imperative. Well, here is something I wrote a year and a half ago regarding liberalism:

    Liberal politicians have dirty hands just like conservatives do. They have waged or supported unjust and illegal wars, stood by and allowed corporate capture of regulatory agencies, allowed libertarians to control our Federal Reserve System, and supported neo-liberal economic policies at the expense of the 99%. Jimmy Carter deregulated the transportation industry which was a direct assault on labor unions and devestating to millions of solidly middle class families supported by that industry. Good lifestyles began eroding away and now many of those same jobs, like many truck driving jobs for instance, only support a "working poor" household. Corporate Democrat Bill Clinton signed NAFTA which further decimated middle class families and also the bill which deregulated the banking industry and brought about the Great Recession. President Barack Obama supports a trade agreement with Pacific rim countries that has been described as "Nafta on Steroids" which would decimate what's left of U.S. manufacturing and probably deal a lethal blow to the middle class, he unilaterally decides who dies from off of a "kill list" of terrorists which includes U.S. citizens that often results in the death of innocent civilians and he has allowed the expansion of and the misappropriation of use of a massive intelligence apparatus which spies on its own citizens to continue unabated. Liberalism is corrupted. Its only saving grace is that it's not conservatism. - See more at:

    We have a government built on a tyrannical economic system and tinkering around the edges of government without addressing that fact is just pounding sand. Equality in the representation of people who have been brainwashed into believing that capitalism equates to freedom will only yield the same tyrannical economic order that has led us into the neoliberal nightmare we are in now (see: The Great Unraveling -- Chris Hedges, Aug, 30, 2015). So you may think that you are an exemplary radical advocate but, as I have repeatedly stated (and been ignored about) is that any form of governance, regardless of how equitable or not, is only as good as the substantive administration of that governance. Implementing a proportionally representative scheme, for instance, to administer a tyrannical economic order does not achieve democracy but only a more democratically sanctioned tyranny. Our economic paradigm allows that a person can give his or her loyal service to an employer for thirty years and still have no job security and so the point of initiation to effect systemic reform, I believe, is in better defining the terms of equal justice vis a vis our economic order so that we can then develop a democratic political order around a new economic model that's reflective of equal justice which may then be capable of viably representing the interests of the people.

    One person one vote is a fine democratic ideal but that ideal is based in the precept of equal justice which was not originally contained in the Constitution but written into it. And so to assert that the existing legal framework is not reformable enough to allow a one-person-one-vote outcome when the even more fundamental principle of equal justice upon which that tenet rests has been adopted into that framework is not a logical assertion.

    Which then brings us full circle to Thom's "get out the base" approach to effect change. Personally I think outside agitation is the place to start as, like I say, a brainwashed, compliant, insecure public that is unaware of alternative ways to organize an economy so that it is not tyrannical in nature and a government to regulate that economy will not produce a just democratic society no matter how fairly votes are counted. As some are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time I'd say that agitating for change from outside the system while simultaneously advocating for the best alternative available to mitigate damage within the existing system aren't mutally exclusive. That said, I have not defended Thom's position on either the EC or on how better to organize the Senate no matter how much you wish to insinuate that I have but only pointed out that your original assertion that he ignores the need for a multi-party democracy is dishonest.

  • what's going on with the replays?   2 days 28 min ago

    The show has been moving studios. Should be back to normal tomorrow.

  • California is Burning. @266 Square Miles of Active Wildefires This Morning   2 days 1 hour ago

    If the lightning strikes the hillside behind my home, I could be in trouble. The hillside, at least, has lots of trees, and we've been very dry here since May. So the trees are unusually dry. The cause of this dry hot weather we've been having is supposed to be related to this phenomenon:

    The Blob

    If read into a bit more closely, we find this about its cause and any possible relationship to a global warming phenomenon:

    The immediate cause of the phenomenon is the lower than normal rates of heat loss from the sea to the atmosphere, compounded with lower than usual water circulation resulting in a static upper layer of water. Both of these are attributed to a static high pressure region in the atmosphere which has existed since spring 2014. The lack of air movement impacts the wind-forced currents and the wind-generated stirring of surface waters. These in turn have influenced the weather in the Pacific Northwest from the winter of 2013–2014 onwards and may have been associated with the unusually hot summer experienced in the continental Pacific Northwest in 2014.[7]

    The reason for the phenomenon is unclear. Some experts consider that the wedge of warm water portends a cyclical change with the surface waters of the mid-latitude Pacific Ocean flipping from a cold phase to a warm phase in a cycle known as the Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO).[1] This poorly-understood change happens at irregular intervals of years or decades. During a warm phase, the west Pacific becomes cooler and part of the eastern ocean warms; during the cool phase, these changes reverse.[8] Scientists believe a cold phase started in the late 1990s and the arrival of the Blob may be the start of the next warm phase. The PDO phases may also be related to the likelihood of El Nino events.[1]

    NASA climatologist William Patzert predicts that if the PDO is at work here, there will be widespread climatological consequences and southern California and the American South may be in for a period of high precipitation, with an increase in the rate of global warming. Another climatologist, Matt Newman of the University of Colorado, does not think the Blob fits the pattern of a shift in the PDO. He believes the unusually warm water is due to the persistent area of high pressure stationary over the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Dan Cayan of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is unsure about the ultimate cause of the phenomenon, but states "there's no doubt that this anomaly in sea surface temperature is very meaningful".[1]

    Related to the above discussion, there is still a monster El Nino event brewing:

    Starting from ENSO Blog/NOAA, two recent articles on the brewing EL Nino to consider:

    One forecaster’s view on extreme El Niño in the eastern Pacific

    August 2015 El Niño update: Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious

    One Blob-related discussion point in case any reader is overwhelmed and misses it:

    The latest state-of-the-art models are run with global sea surface temperatures (including Blob and warm Indian ocean) and most of them are still providing El Nino-like impacts over the United States. Because the models include these features, at this point, we are not projecting that the Blob and warm Indian Ocean would substantially disrupt the El Nino signal. Of course, keep in mind this winter could also be influenced by other, less predictable features like the AO/NAO and PNA. El Nino only allows forecasters to potentially "explain" a certain amount of rainfall or temperature variability, which is why we never guarantee these impacts.

    Earlier on this blog, we posted an article by Dennis Hartmann ( LINK ) who discussed a possible tropical Pacific link with the Ridiculously Reslient Ridge (RRR) over the U.S. The tropics now have a very different pattern because of El Nino and, so as a result, it is more likely that the the RRR will weaken as we get into the winter.

    I'm pleased to report we've been getting some high wind stormy rain over the past few days, thankfully, although the wind wasn't exactly welcomed. Lost a lot of apples and we are rushing to make cider, since most of them got bruised. It's still raining off and on, the wind's died, and no thunderstorms so far. Rain also brings the salmon in from the ocean. I guess it helps them navigate by smell with imprinted odors washed down into the Willapa with the rains, or something, to find their spawning grounds upstream. I'm not an ictheologist, so I'm going by what I hear on that.

  • Cop SHOT DEAD   2 days 1 hour ago

    Funny, Camelboy (the "hump" as some refer to him as) fails to provide statistics on how many black people are murdered nationally by cops...oh wait, I forgot they hide that information, or don't keep it at all. Now why do ya suppose that is? Also, where are the "statistics" on how many cops are murdered by black people? I bet most are killed by whites, I'd bet my sister's panties.

    The "hump" is a chump.

  • "Loyalty Agreement" with Isreal that Congresspersons are "required" to sign   2 days 1 hour ago
    Quote ulTRAX:

    So, YES... such pledges can interfere with the oath of office... but feel free to believe other wise.

    To be judged and punished by who?

    Earlier in the thread criminal prosecution was advocated for, that was the focus of my first post in this thread that you responded to. Do you advocate for anything other than the ballot box? If no than we have no disagreement.

  • Huge Black Guy in Houston Sneaks Up Behind a Deputy Sheriff and Shoots Him Dead!!   2 days 1 hour ago

    #26 How can a life experience be inaccurate? You people sit in your mothers basement quoting some bureaucrat who needs to keep his job. All solutions to major problem are simple, you people don't want to admit how evil and rotten and stupid you are. I built 4,000 projects...I NEVER ran into a problem I couldn't solve. And 99% of my projects were on time, on budget with good quality. I also had numerous death threats and many contractors tried to get me kicked op\ff the job. I am NOT in the goodoleboy network.

    I GET THINGS DONE ( why do you think Trump is so popular? )

    #27 What was so heinous about Oklahoma city bombing?

  • Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part III, Conclusion)   2 days 1 hour ago

    Damn! I wish I had said that!

    GHOST you are dangerous dude; you have my side hurting!

  • The Blackism Experiment(s)   2 days 1 hour ago

    My good man, you are assuming (foist of all) that Albert owns a suit, which I doubt. And if he does, I vote that it is empty just like his head. No one that comes across that pompous ALL OF THE TIME, knows a damned thing. or has done a damned thing. Like you I noted he makes a lot of claims for which he cannot provide a scintilla of substantiation and when pressed for specifics he goes mute.

    Lot of big men in cyberspace. That is why I liked Kenyatta immediately, the man walks the talk and can prove it. As for Crazy Susan... that is A Tale of Two Kitties.

    Crazy cats.

  • "Loyalty Agreement" with Isreal that Congresspersons are "required" to sign   2 days 1 hour ago
    Quote gumball:

    It is irrational to believe that defending this country does not require new weapons systems? That diplomacy is a better defense than fancy weapons?

    AGAIN... doesn't that depend on the nature of the threat?

    Look, there are any number of possible conflicts that can be created by special interest group pledges. What if as part of the right's starve the beast campaign a pledge was handed out not just to never raise taxes AND never to borrow more than we already have? This is hardly fanciful since we know the right has pushed for this. So what if there's a national emergency? You're claiming this pledge would never EVER interfere with a congressperson's primary oath?

    Quote gumball:I don't believe that, but I do not think it is irrational or an invalid point of view unworthy of discussion. Is it invalid and unworthy unworthy of discussion to believe that the level of taxation does not need to grow?
    Someone is certainly free to believe this, but hopefully they are rational in that belief and not extremists trying to sabotage the fiscal health of the nation. And this is the sort of irrationality the No New Taxes pledge has created. There, after all, two variables in a budget... spending... AND THE OTHER IS REVENUE. The GOP has become irrational on this issue... such as when a few years back they wrote as House rules for the session that spending had to be revenue neutral but they didn't have to make up for revenue lost for new tax cuts. And we must remember that it was the GOP that sabotaged debt paydown in 2001 with round after round of irresponsible tax cuts. Unlike Reagan Bush2 never tried to compensate for the devestating loss of revenue.

    The use the no new taxes pledge is designed to deliberately run up debt... hoping debt will become crushing as a pretense to undermine programs they don't like... while preserving their own, of course. Massive debt can easily be seen as a threat to US security if we then lack the money to meet serious needs. So, YES... such pledges can interfere with the oath of office... but feel free to believe other wise.

  • Cop SHOT DEAD   2 days 1 hour ago

    Yeah, no education...National Merit finalist, Architecture graduate of University of Detroit, Mensa, Listing in Who's Who in the World, 20 years PRACTICAL experience working the streets of Detroit. Why listen to jflum...Sounds like he's a real idiot.

    You want fucking solutions? Listen to me....I GET THINGS DONE

  • The Tragedy of WDBJ7 TV News Reporter Killings: Did he snap over nothing? Nobody needs to know.   2 days 1 hour ago
    Quote mjolnir:Nope, makes me a seeker of the truth!

    Hardly. Any man who takes part in a witch hunt against a decent woman, which your Committee members and journalists plus conservative smear campaigners did, is not only a coward but what my mother and grandmother used to refer to as a "cad." Of course, Thomas is a liar, a coward and a cad to the Nth degree, and that's what's known as the truth. You might want to familiarize yourself with it.

    But, oh well. Here we go—

  • Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part III, Conclusion)   2 days 1 hour ago

    Uh, #4 Brother Scott told you about your disrespectful, filthy little mouth should brush your teeth after performing fellatio. Seems obvious no one cares what you "wanna know". You lack intelligence and scream like a pointy eared little Klingon girl, people here are trying to have an adult discussion. So, check this out: no one hear wants to hear screeching little hermaphodites from distant planets who are off of their meds in this environment. Take that cowardly excrement elsewhere, and if you are so desperate for an article of Bill and Hillary write it yourself provided you have enough sense to write it (which you clearly do not). You will NOT disrespect Mr. Kenyatta, here or anywhere else. As a matter of fact, post some more crap like that and I will see to it that you are eliminated from this site. I suggest you go and find your alien boyfriend back at Area51, and get your slimy, putrid, three legged ass on the next flying saucer back to your galaxy. Now that is straight from the Men In Black, fool.

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