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  • Gender Idiocy   1 day 4 hours ago
    Quote douglaslee:

    A male to female trans using a women's bathroom is no threat to anyone. They are in a private stall, as I was when using a women's room by mistake.

    LGA Laguardia coming off a plane with loose bowels approaching emergency status I saw MEN and entered my eyes blurred due to my panic did not see the WO preceding MEN. I sat in my stall that looks like men's stalls. The sounds were the same, even louder farts. Then the next stall was a guy wearing pumps I thought, this IS NY after all. Then as I poked out the door and saw no urinals, it dawned on me. I caused one double take as I exited and stepped aside for the gal entering, "You're not wrong, my mistake, sorry" - I uttered as I exited.

    No harm, I saw nothing, they saw nothing, no dignity lost (mine a bit). Had I been donning a wig, no one would be the wiser and M-F trans do not sport beards and mustaches. Women have been sharing stalls with M-F for ages, they just didn't know it.

    Accidents happen, but planned violations of privacy can be a different matter, eh?

    Recently, I almost had an accident of the urination kind at Los Angeles’ Union Station, when, after getting off the train from San Diego with an urgent need to pee, it turned out that the one and only women’s restroom within sight was out of order. A large group of women had formed at the entry, trying to get in, but the attendants wouldn’t allow it. I pushed forward, pleading to be allowed to use the men’s room instead, since it was available next door, but they said NO, ABSOLUTELY NO! (Apparently, some people think men have a right to privacy too. Imagine!) As it turned out, I had to leave the station with my full and near-bursting bladder threatening to leak at any moment and try to find a public restroom, as my sister and her husband patiently waited in the car. Finally, I found a one-pee-at-a-time public restroom tucked away in a hall on famed Olvera Street across the street from the train station. Ah-h-h!

    Urination is highly underestimated.

    See, I get it: when you gotta pee, you gotta pee. No doubt about it. Because of that, one cannot get all that picky over the options— that is, in the moment. Relief is relief.

    (On Thom's forum awhile back, I do remember getting agreement on the subject of men’s needs for privacy in public restrooms, specifically w/ regard to urinals, how it’s supposedly taken as rude to glance over at the “business” of the guy at the next urinal. Wouldn’t know. I’ve never had the experience of standing in front of a urinal.)

    That said, I won’t be convinced that the issue of public restrooms, locker rooms, and showers can be resolved, as long as the needs, attitudes, beliefs and feelings on one side of the issue get ignored in favor of those on one of the other sides of the issue (there are three sides, as far as I can tell). For example, to equate advocates for women-only, private spaces with bigots of the homophobic, conservative kind is a lie that serves trans feelings at the expense of women’s feelings. A better approach would be to take everyone’s feelings seriously enough to come up with solutions that satisfy all sexes and genders. What that is, I’m not sure. But I do know I am not interested in walking into a “gender neutral” restroom and seeing guys at urinals. Thanks, but no thanks.

    And I wouldn’t want my granddaughters to have to shower next to pre-surgical, MTF trans “women” with their male genitals exposed. Sorry, but that’s just way too much “tolerance” to expect. In my book, to socialize little girls to ignore their natural modesty and sense of themselves as girls, by imposing forced nudity next to males, is not tolerance; it’s placation in the face of trans domination. To my mind, such acquiescence to trans ideology has the same flavor as the dynamic we see in domestic violence cases, where “victims try to placate and please their abusive partners in order to deescalate the violence.” We see such trans violence, at least on a verbal scale, in the video I mentioned earlier. More broadly, society-wide, we see such wrongheaded pressure exacted via trans issues having become the politically correct position with no room at all for other feelings and sensibilities.

  • Wall Street laying down the law to Hillary. Will she stand up to them?   1 day 4 hours ago

    I understand you reasoning and it makes sense, but I think it is better to have Warren in the room because Hillary is going to surround herself with the type of people we're fighting against. Warren is strong and we need someone like that in the room. Hillary's other top picks are just yes men and with them we won't have anyone in the room.

  • A New Generation Speaks Out On The Future For The LGBTQ Community! (w/Guest: Grace Dolan-Sandrino)   1 day 5 hours ago

    Letter to Grace Dolan Sandrino - A reply from a Gay Patriot to a Transgendered Teen:

    Dear Grace Dolan Sandrino,

    Let me start by saying how much I truly admire your courage and sheer determination, and sadly also recognize the years of torment and struggle. Both internally and externally you’ve endured and probably continue to suffer in your struggle to find your own identity and become comfortable in your own skin. “It gets better”, yes but when you’re coming from behind having been given the short end of the stick, does the fight ‘to be’ ever fully end for some of us?

    My empathy comes in part because I too, as a gay man from a couple generations ago, have struggled along that same path. I’m from a time though when society was far less accepting than it is now (if you can believe that). We endured hiding our identity, nearly zero public tolerance and even less from the police. These and more made gay bashing, persecution and abuse an acceptable norm.

    I tell you this so you will believe that I understand where you’re coming from.

    The Orlando massacre was a metaphorical bullet in all our backs. In many ways, it was even worse than Stonewall. Where, as I am sure you are aware, those whom are paid to serve and protect the citizen relentlessly and violently harassed them instead. Orlando has suddenly made it seem like we were reverting to the dark ages. If Orlando sets any precedent it’s that terrorists and nuts jobs are now ramping up their attacks on the most vulnerable, or what they may deem as ‘soft targets’, aiming for maximum damage and attention.

    Like you I too am very concerned for our future not only as LGBTs but as Americans and free citizens of this great republic. The divisions we sometimes face can seem insurmountable, the hate and persecution can be staggering and at best difficult to endure. Any suggested resolutions seem hardly adequate and difficult to attain, and in order to do what? Come to some all too fragile, flimsy and imperfect agreement?

    Obviously not facing the divisions and pretending they do not exist is not an option. So trudge on we must, knowing that mistakes will be made and therefore we must remember to try to remain open-minded, adaptable and determined to fight for equality. We must also understand that there will never be that perfect solution that makes everyone happy.

    While I couldn’t agree more with your take on “those bigoted and ridiculous bathroom bills” and “common sense guns bills” I can only agree so long as those ‘common sense’ bills do NOT infringe on the rights of responsible, good and caring gun owning citizens.

    You see I am first an American and second a Gay man. My fundamental ‘rights’ are a birthright as a human being and are protected by the Constitution. The bottom line is that without the liberties and natural rights listed and protected by the Constitution I (we) will never have or keep any rights as Americans, much less as LGBT persons. So no matter my race, gender, orientation or sexual preference the Constitution for any true American should come first.

    Just as important as the Constitution is as a whole, so is the Second Amendment. It is that which guarantees me the right to protect myself and my family from any threat, whether from criminals or tyrannical government. The Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms for the protection of self and family, is the ONE right and freedom in the Constitution that insures every other freedom we as citizen hold dear. Therefore it is without doubt and without question the most important Constitutional Amendment of them all. It is the very cornerstone of our entire republic. Any bill or law that inhibits that God given liberty, that natural birthright as a human being, can only be taken as being anti-America.

    And yet in spite of this inherent right none of the people in Orlando could protect themselves. Not one person ever really had a chance. Why, because not one of them had a gun, not a single one (I’d bet my last dollar every one of them wished for one). And so, disarmed by the very laws they were told would protect them, they were “like lambs to the slaughter.” I would have much rather had the chance to #shootback. I would have given my life to protect my family, my friends and citizens. I would have much rather faced the evil than cower in fear and hope for a savior in blue. Wouldn’t have you? Wouldn’t you have risked your own life and pulled the trigger to save your mother, your lover, your friend, an innocent stranger? I strongly suspect you would have.

    The more we focus on pointing fingers and trying to blame each other the more it divides us and continues the erosion of our rights. The more distractions that are thrown about such as what types of firearms are ‘acceptable’ the more the issues are confused and muddled. The result is the slow and methodical disarming of the people.

    Case in point, the very rifle they’re intent on vilifying and outlawing is precisely the best rifle we have to protect ourselves.

    The more we become complacent and falsely dependent on a government that cannot, and almost never will be, there in time to stop the crazies whether they are terrorist groups, lone wolf, or your average psycho nut job the greater the chance is we may face the peril first hand and empty handed. Add to that ‘Warren vs. DC’ –in short: “Police Have No Duty to Protect Individuals…”(!)

    Criminals will always find a way to get guns. If not guns, then bombs, if not bombs, then fires, or poison, or cars as weapons. The list is endless and grows as our technology grows. Those that want mass death and casualties will figure out a way to hit soft targets. Happyland Nightclub is one example that comes to mind, 84 dead with nothing more than gasoline.

    ‘For the people by the people’ does not mean a Government that disarms the people to me. No, in fact ‘for the people by the people’ means EXACTLY the opposite. It means we must exercise the right to come together, to protect one another, ourselves, our family our friends. It means we must finally realize that we cannot wait for the cops to come. We must learn how to stand up for ourselves. We must take back the right to responsible carry of firearms and then be ever vigilant. Those willing to answer the call of being a true American be they LGBT, Straight, Black, White, Latin, Asian, Et al. must train ourselves to use firearms safely and responsibly. We must also learn how to assess the situation and act accordingly.

    It is our duty as a free people and as citizens, we are required to act ‘for the people by the people.’ In fact it is training that government should be required to offer to any law abiding citizen who is willing to stand in defense of their fellow citizens. Law abiding citizens should have access to free and thorough training done by qualified, certified professionals.

    As important as all of the above is we must never forget that we are a product of our history and all the freedoms protected by the Constitution are as vital today as they were at the beginning during the American Revolution. The threats we face to our liberties today may be even greater than those of the past as they are more subversive, clandestine and cloaked in the guise of 'progress' and the greater good. Should we forget why we fought the American Revolution, why so many were willing to sacrifice their fortunes, their property and their very lives we will be doomed to repeat it or be lost forever.

    At the end of the day we must remember it is not about fear, it’s about freedom and the preservation of liberty. It’s about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, the right to defend my family and myself and the fundamental right to self-determination. Should, God forbid, the event ever come to pass that I need to do so I will protect my family, myself and others first and worry about the consequences later. Former Chief of LAPD Ed Davis said it best, "Citizens arm yourselves, the police cannot protect you".

    Marc W. Director

    Bunny K. Transitioning M to F

    Get Involved! and are social groups primarily about helping anyone to learn responsible and safe use of firearms for the use of self-defense and recreation.

    Gays With Guns also promotes the political goal of reversing the restrictive, prohibitive and extremely unconstitutional concealed weapon permit process.

  • MICHAEL P FANGMAN M.D.   1 day 5 hours ago


  • Guess How Many Welfare Recipients Tested Positive in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Drug Test?   1 day 5 hours ago

    Benjamin Franklin Said: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both"

  • The UK votes to leave the EU   1 day 5 hours ago

    Calm down. The sky is not falling. The average working-class citizen was not being served by European Union membership any more than NAFTA helps average workers here. The EU was going to disintegrate in the next few decades anyway, and I fail to see the horrible consequences of Scotland and Northern Ireland going their separate ways.

    I've been reading all these doom and gloom comments, and I have to conclude that people are either trolls or willfully ignorant of history. These sorts of pacts come and go. Nothing new here. The world isn't ending, nor will you see radical changes over night (other than the rash market decision to drive down the price of the pound).

    And, if the world or Europe eventually does plunge into WWIII, this will only be a small part of it. I suggest reading up on the long and complicated 20th century history of Europe before jumping to any one conclusion about the outcome of this vote. Quite frankly, you should be more concerned about the TPP (i.e. more globalization, not less).

  • Guess How Many Welfare Recipients Tested Positive in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Drug Test?   1 day 5 hours ago

    That is no suprise. On the subject of Welfare, Snaps, or Medicaid: go to

    then jump to 1396p

    See what Congress has allowed via the Social Security Act with regard to Recovery of payments made throught Health and Suportive Services for the state welfare programs.

  • Gun Control we have been here before   1 day 5 hours ago
    Quote jestsayin:


    Answer the questions please.

    Quote jestsayin:

    I have only two questions.

    If ALL guns are banned, do you believe a terrorist or a street thug will not use one to do their deeds?

    When all guns are banned will you support the idea that all SS, FBI, and police no longer carry them?

    Did not answer because it is a stupid question. No one is taking away your 2nd amendment rights. Show me where I said all guns should be removed dipshit. I do propose that we go back to the weapons of mass destruction ban that we had for 10 years that Bush let die. Have total background checks so that terrorists cannot buy guns at gun shows or from private parties. Require that gun purchasers take the MMPI. Start doing something about these mass murders that no Republicans will do anything about because they are bribed by the NRA. My Republican Senator received $3.9 milliom from the NRA. The vote is being controlled by bribes by the NRA who is supported by the gun manufacturers. And the gun manufacturers make tons of money because every time there is a mass murder jackasses like you get paranoid and run out and buy more guns. Do you not see the circle? I hope that you shoot yourself in the foot with it. You will get lead poisoning for sure.

    By the way, NY ban on guns (or restriction) has been very sucessful in keeping gun murders down compared to Chicago where guns are readily available.

  • Clinton Must Join Fight Against TPP   1 day 5 hours ago
    Quote Robert Smith:

    She won't! She is a closet Republican!

    She will not because she has to give the corporations a payback for all the millions in paid speeches that have brought the Clintons great wealth.

  • Clinton Must Join Fight Against TPP   1 day 6 hours ago

    She won't! She is a closet Republican!

  • Senator Sanders is now on the Hillary train, and we should be too..   1 day 6 hours ago

    Goodbye! Enjoy your echo chamber.

  • The Brexit Vote   1 day 6 hours ago
    The Campaign To Undermind The Vote
    By Richie Allen, Radio Presenter, Manchester.

    It’s been an amazing 24 hours, it really has. When the polls closed across the UK at 10PM last night, I was deflated. A YouGov poll suggested that Vote Remain would carry the day by a margin of two to three points. Even UKIP’s Nigel Farage conceded remain was likely to win. Boris Johnson, speaking to commuters on the tube, as he made his way home, appeared despondent and pessimistic.

    Nobody could have guessed that less than 24 hours later, the British political landscape would have changed utterly and Prime Minister David Cameron would resign on live television, having lost the referendum he called, only four months ago. Leave carried the day, winning by a four point margin. The British people have spoken. Well, the British people have screamed actually.

    Cameron said in his farewell address, that is important that the will of the people be accepted and that the British government should move quickly. He said that article 50 of The Lisbon treaty, should be triggered ASAP. That sounded good. Cameron had said while campaigning, that in the event Vote Remain lost, there would be no delay in informing Brussels of the UK’s intention to leave and to begin a period of negotiation over the UK’s future relationship with the union. That’s what he said then and that’s what he said today.

    But I am worried. This afternoon, former mayor of London Boris Johnson and current justice secretary Michael Gove, the leading lights in the Vote Leave team, said there was no rush to invoke article 50. “There is no need for haste,” Johnson said. “As the Prime Minister has just said, nothing will change over the short term except that work will have to begin on how to give effect to the will of the people and to extricate this country from the supranational system.”

    But that’s not what the prime minister said is it? Johnson went on to say he foresaw meetings with leaders of EU member states in advance of invoking article 50 and serving notice Britain would leave. This is very alarming. Meeting with EU officials before triggering Article 50? Why? Well, maybe this has something to do with it. Sky News called the referendum for Vote Leave at 4.45AM this morning. Within minutes, their chief political correspondent Faisal Islam, said he imagined a scenario, where Merkel, Hollande, Juncker and Tusk, would come back to Britain, with another deal! Islam said that this deal might offer the option of The UK remaining in the common market, but retaining more control of who enters the country from other member states. This has been repeated on British TV and radio this afternoon, by other commentators.

    As an Irishman, the alarm bells have begun ringing and ringing loud. Remember, my country, The Republic of Ireland, was the only country, to hold a referendum on whether or not to ratify The Lisbon Treaty. It took place in June 2008. The Irish rejected it, but a year later, the Irish government came back to the electorate, on the orders of Brussels, with an allegedly better deal. A referendum weary public rolled their eyes and sighed, but the government and the EU won the day and the treaty was ratified. I’ve never known anything as undemocratic. I remain convinced that the EU would have come back again and again if necessary, until the Irish did what they were told.

    So I am worried. David Cameron, who will remain as PM until October, should be triggering Article 50 tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. The British people have made their decision. The fact that he hasn’t and that the victors are saying there is no rush, while the media talk of counter offers from the cabal in Brussels, leaves me very worried indeed. In the absence of any real media, we in the independent media, must work harder than ever, to remind people, that while today is a great day and one to be enjoyed, the real work begins now. We have to make sure that pledges made pre-referendum, are honoured and quickly. There should be no talk of any new deal, or another referendum. The process of leaving should begin now, not next month or next year.

  • The Brexit Vote   1 day 6 hours ago
    Quote Paul Craig Roberts:

    The British government should immediately announce the termination of its participation in Washington’s sanctions on Russia and hook its economy to the rising nations of Russia, China, India, and Iran. With this support, the British can survive the Washington led attack on their economy.

    The "City of London" banksters in cahoots with the Wall Street banksters are more likely to announce that the whole "Leave Brexit" vote was a Russian cyber attack to bring down world economies. No doubt, at this time all nukes are pointed on the Russians and ready for WW3.

    Of course, all nukes in Russia are pointed towards and ready for the U.S. as well.

  • Wall Street laying down the law to Hillary. Will she stand up to them?   1 day 6 hours ago

    Elizabeth Warren as president - Yes

    Elizabeth Warren as Senator - Yes

    Elizabeth Warren as Vice President under Bernie Sanders - Yes

    Elizabeth Warren as Vice President under Hillary Clinton - No

    (If Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren disagree on a key issue. Who would win? Sorry, but Hilliary Clinton as president would win. As a Senator, Warren would at least be able to speak against and vote against Hilliary Clinton's deception. As Warren has done in speaking and voting against Obama and his promoted TPP.)

  • SOME SAY accusations of TRUMP being a RAPIST are 'FISHY'   1 day 6 hours ago
    Quote zapdam: Perhaps what motivated her at this time was the thought of a serial rapist being elected President of the United States.

    ...for god sakes don't come on this site and pretend you're a liberal.

    A true liberal would not label someone - anyone - a rapist (serial, no less) until that person has been tried and convicted in a court of law. There's that formerly honored dictum: "innocent until proven guilty." Proven guilty by a fair, impartial trial. I have always considered that to be a mainstay of just governments and a cardinal tenet of liberals.

  • The UK votes to leave the EU   1 day 6 hours ago

    Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. See the article of the week by Helena Norberg Hodge to learn what it means!

    Article of the Week: Why Global Capital Fears 'Brexit'
    Confused about economic globalization? Wonder how it affects the European Union? The brilliant article by Helena Norberg-Hodge and colleagues at Local Futures, Inc. (the folks who produced the Economics of Happiness film) takes an international issue we see in the headlines - Will Britain Exit "Brexit" the European Union? - and explains how this issue affects all of us in our daily lives. Take the time to read this article, and you will be richly rewarded with insights into how localization offers solutions to the corporate dominance of our economy and our political system.

  • UNITED KINGDOM votes to leave the EU   1 day 7 hours ago

    Halrager lets all hope your assessment is NOT correct, because we will all suffer harshly. Well except the rich 1% who own all the wealth, they'll just take extended holidays and spend their money and lavish themselves.

  • UNITED KINGDOM votes to leave the EU   1 day 7 hours ago

    david Cameron the right wing SOB, has been brick by brick destroying the United Kingdoms 70 year old single payer government run health care system and turning the whole thing over the the conservative corporations that finance his party.

    Under David Cameron and his right wing party, Great Britains debt has doubled, unlike the liberals in the United States under Obama, Cameron plunged the UK into severe and economic hard times and the poor people have suffered most, he even cut pensions of disabled people,

    Cameron the SOB, is such a corporatist lackey he even privatized the profitable 400 year old Royal Mail. Turned the infrastructure of the Royal Mail , that the people paid for , over to his corporate friends , lock stock and barrel.

    Good riddance to the right wing corporatist SOB.

  • UNITED KINGDOM votes to leave the EU   1 day 7 hours ago

    Craziness, bad craziness... My semi-coherent thoughts are that Scotland and Northern Ireland will looking to jump out of the UK now. Whatever exists of the British Commonwealth has got to be affected by all this as well.Europe is going to react with their own independence referenda: Greece, definitely, but also Italy, likely Spain, and some of the other nations that can't handle the German-backed austerity measures.Right now we're watching the entire global economy tanking. We could be witnessing a meltdown greater than the collapse of 2007-2008.Cue a reread of Thom Hartmann's "Crash of 2016"?As always, IMO...

  • TRUMP 300   1 day 7 hours ago

    Any Blue Will Not Do in the White House In my view, the combination of a Democratic Presidency and a Republican Congress is more dangerous than the combination of a Republican Presidency and a Republican Congress. Why? This is very simple. Under "divided rule", the responsibility for mischief is difused. To make matters worse, the electorate tends to attribute unfortunate events more to the presidency than to the congress which is relatively faceless. Consequently, it is safer to repeal or gut: the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, &c. with a pliable Democrat in the White House and a Republican Congress.

  • TRUMP 300   1 day 7 hours ago

    The TPP is a treaty under internation law Under international law, it does not matter what you call a treaty. Any agreement whether bilateral or multilateral between nation-states is a treaty under the Vienna Convetion on Treaties which was written in 1969. Further, the Vienna Convention on Treaties does not recognize any requirement on the part of the United States or any other state to ratify a treaty once it is entered into. Under the Vienna Convention, a nation-state is obligated to a treaty when either the "head of state" (the president for the United States) or "foreign minister" (the secretary of state for the United States) signs the agreement. The status of the United States under this convention is a bit uncertain. The United States signed the convetion on Apr 24, 1970, but appears to have never ratified the convention. The other parties to NAFTA, the TPP, &c. ARE parties to the Vienna Convetion on Treaties. Before dismissing this note, I invite you to read the Vienna Convention on Treaties. It is available online.

  • Britain Wisely Bails: Thank Warmonger W.Bush and Greedy Wall Street for EU Collapse   1 day 8 hours ago
    Quote Antifascist:

    With America as an ally, who needs enemies? We are now seeing the collapse of the European Union that is nothing but a giant banking cartel that rules Europe with an iron fist. Britain’s working class wisely saved themselves and their children from becoming surfs in a Neoliberal Feudalistic Empire.

    Ironically, we can thank former President George W. Bush and Wall Street for laying the foundations of a European collapse. Who could of foresaw the consequences of the Iraqi war and Wall Street’s criminal greed?

    When George W. Bush lied the world into war with Iraq and Afghanistan 15 years ago he destabilized the entire Middle-East spreading civil war to Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and Ukraine. This has cause a massive influx of war refugees to flee to Europe flooding France, Germany, Britain, Greece, and Turkey with desperate civilians in great need. This has caused right-wing nationalist groups to emerge angry that their countries are now saturated with cheap surplus labor, and a greater burden for social services to assist the refugees. Britain saw the writing on the wall and bailed out! This is the beginning of the end of the EU. Thanks George Bush.

    Secondly, the EU is collapsing economically because of Wall Street selling European banks explosive mortgage securities. Remember that the global economic collapse has its origin from Wall Street rating agencies distributing AAA rated mortgages bundled into securities and sold all over the world thereby globalzing the crisis. It wasn’t a simple housing bubble crash like the Savings and Loans crash in the 1980s. When the mortgage crisis hit in 2008 all those financial instruments distributed all over the world failed causing a crisis in the European Union that has lasted to this day in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and Iceland. With the EU struggling economically, devoted ideologically to monetarist policies, and unwilling to compromise on any issue—the Brits saw what was coming and got the hell out!

    Lastly, as if destabilizing the Middle East and selling Europe toxic mortgage securities that blew up in their faces was not enough, the United States then demanded Europe join in economic sanctions against Russia resulting in further contractions within Europe’s economy. The European Union is paying dearly for US cold war and financial policies. America, however, exempts itself from the sanctions while Bell Helicopter and Boeing continue to do business with Russia. "An editorial in the Japan Times quotes the chairman of the Association of European Businesses in Russia, as saying that sanctions against Russia could cause 300,000 layoffs in Germany and 100,000 in France." However, in spite of the sanctions imports from Russia to the US in 2014 increased by 23%. So when will the rest of Europe wise up?

    I was in the middle of writing the same tale, you saved me the effort. I was going to go back one more step to Sandy Day O'Connor. Had she not granted Bush v Gore standing [in spite of specious reasoning, her own words) and let the SCOFL continue, Gore would be pres, he asked questions and knew his stuff. W was the least curious president in history. No 9/11, no Iraq war, no afghan war, no libya war, no yemen war, no 1,000,000s of refugees, 800,000 of whom are children, all because W wanted an active war for 2004 since his dad's gulfwar #1 wore down too fast and too much to help in '92.

  • SOME SAY accusations of TRUMP being a RAPIST are 'FISHY'   1 day 8 hours ago

    We KNOW that he raped his wife. Many elitists behave in this manner.

  • The Big Picture & The Thom Hartmann Program "On Air" Questions or Comments for Thom?   1 day 8 hours ago

    Trump will NOT be RNC Candidate

    THE WHY:

    • He hates to lose, and he knows he cannot win the general election without full RNC support. He's showing total inability to focus now that his poll numbers are dropping. He's a bully, and bullys cut and run when the heat is on. He wants out.
    • RNC smells blood and will continue their pressure against him

    THE HOW:

    The RNC and Trump will cut a deal with BOTH SIDES AGREEING to dump Trump at the convention.

    • What Trump gets: Save face and branding value by claiming to be "wronged" and by claiming "virtual victory" (They will also likely pay off his loan to his primary campaign)
    • What RNC gets: They get rid of Trump and can select a truely unifying candidate who also has strong favorability polling numbers among Republican, Independent and anti-Hillary Democratic voters. Trump will agree to shut up and go away following the convention, except to support the Anti-Hillary sentiment. They could win if they put up a J.Bush or J.Kasich.

    THE GAMBLE: What does the RNC have to lose? They WILL lose staying with Trump. Pulling a switcheroo may momentarily anger their base, but by immediaely launching a full-out anti-Hillary campaign...that will quickly pass. When the poll numbers show Hillary dropping further, the disenfranchised base will forget all about Trump and jump on board. The DNC needs to be wary of this possibility (Thank God Bernie is still in there...I think he smells something fishy too).

  • Guess How Many Welfare Recipients Tested Positive in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Drug Test?   1 day 8 hours ago

    I say, don't give up anumore rights.

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