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  • SCOTUS Supports Same Sex Marriage   1 day 10 hours ago

    Matthew 5:17

    "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill"

    So if you're going to engage in making a distinction between the New Testament and the Old Testament then you're denying "Christ" according to "Christ" himself.

    While I myself am not a Christian because I don't cotton to people who use hocus pocus as a mind control device I will point out that Jesus himself never said anything about homosexuality. What he did say was "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." If you're going to pick and choose which tenets of either the Old or the New Testament you prefer to employ then you're just being an old fashioned bigot and, according to Jesus, a hypocrite. The Bible condemns homosexuality but it also condemns adultery in the strongest terms -- i.e. the adulterer must be put to death. And adultery is not narrowly defined; the term "adulterer" would encompass a great many "Christians." Until I see Mike Huckabee and all the rest of the loud mouthed, virulently anti-gay evangelical crowd stone an adulterer to death then I'll call them exactly what they are -- hate-mongering bigots. Especially considering the fact that they are working outside religious canon and attempting to enshrine their own hatred into civil law. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion and to ignore that basic truth and universal right is to commit trespass.

    Exodus 20:14 "You shall not commit adultery."

    Leviticus 20:10 "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife--with the wife of his neighbor--both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death."

    Deuteronomy 22:22 "If a man is found sleeping with another man's wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die."

    Leviticus 21:9 "And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire."

    Deuteronomy 25:11-12 "If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity."

    Matthew 19:9 "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, and marries another woman commits adultery." -- Jesus

    Mark 10:11 "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her." -- Jesus

    Mark 10:12 "And if she divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery." -- Jesus

    Luke 16:18 "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery." -- Jesus

    Christianity is inherently full of contradictions; there's just no way around it. You can't even live in modern society and remain consistent with most of its tenets. So Christians will either have to adapt to reality and realize that what's written in the Bible are religious interpretations that came from ancient men who who were subject to all the same character flaws and biases that most of us have within us and not the "infallible word of God" or they'll continue to be duped by phony-baloney hucksters claiming to be able to interpret it in a way that makes sense. If the Bible is the "infallible word of God" then God is seriously neurotic and, by the way, that neurosis clearly translates to people who take religion too seriously and to too much of an extreme.

  • How GOP Abortion Absolutism is All About Power Not Life   1 day 10 hours ago

    Reply to #98: Wow, FRONT PAGE NEWS! Mauiman and I agree on something! Woo-hoo!

  • What Happens If A Tornado Hits a Nuclear Power Plant?   1 day 10 hours ago

    Wonderland, you just proved for the umpteenth time you have zero credibility. In fact, 2014, Scotland produced a value of 1/2 of their electricity consumption by renewables including conventional Hydro. Mostly wind but more Nuclear than wind, solar, biomass & biogas combined. Perfect location on Earth for wind and that's all they can achieve with an all out effort.

    Scotland, lacking heavy industry, has only half the per capita electricity consumption of USA. Hydro has little room for expansion so mostly Scotland is taking advantage of its excellent location, lots of unpopulated, barren, wind swept, hills ideal for wind farms and transmission lines. In order to produce that much wind they rely on massive exports to England, fully 36% of their total electricity consumption. Any effort to stupidly (but not really) achieve 100% renewable electricity consumption would mean dumping most of that electricity to England at a huge loss. Often paying England to take the wind nobody wants. And even that only works if the much larger England can absorb the intermittent electricity. That means England cannot have its own large wind supply which will max at the same time as Scotlands.

    And they need massive transmission lines to send the highly peaking wind to England and then import back coal, nuclear & gas back from England when their wind isn't blowing, like 70% of the time. They don't count all the gas, coal & nuclear they import back from England when making these phoney paper claims like "50% renewables"

    All kinds of hype in the MSM on Scotland. No hype in your corporate MSM about France with 90% cleaner and greener nuclear and hydro. 78% nuclear. And doesn't need to import back any gas & coal electricity like Scotland cannot survive without. Ontario with 62% Nuclear and 24% Hydro = 86% clean & green electricity - no paper accounting tricks needed. Small little Ontario did all that with their own indigenous CANDU Nuclear program. Makes Scotland look like pathetic fools with their expensive Greenie electricity program.

    There is no chance USA can do even the little that Scotland has done. The only good location for wind is the great plains and the transmission to load centers would explode costs into the stratosphere. EIA, very pro-wind & solar, in spite of almost unbelievable subsidies, puts Wind @ 4.4% & Solar @ 0.4% of USA electricity production over 2014, cleaner & greener Nuclear @ 19.5%. And projects in 2036 Solar @ 0.56%, Wind @ 5.1%. Yep even the wealthy USA can only achieve 5.1% wind & 0.56% solar after 60 yrs of effort, and there are major caveats attached to that low grade wind energy. Some impressive that is.

    I give the hard facts, the real truth, Big Oil dupe Wonderland, responds with "Jerk-Off", "wackadoodle", "fucking bullshit", "newbie", "coward", "heh-heh". Hey wonderland show us a link to where you critiqued the Gulf Oil Spill from your fave BP.

    It is amazing how religious Greenies, like Wonderland here, who don't know the difference between a joule and watt, figure they are power engineers and can tell us how to generate the life giving energy that powers a civilization. All they end up being is easy corporate shills, manipulated like silly, little children, by the real BIG MONEY, which is Oil & Gas. Guarantors that the status quo of burn-baby-burn will continue until we run out of stuff to burn, and then we will be switching to nuclear, that is reality. According to wonderland & her ilk, screw global warming, screw the poor. I call that a corporate shill.

  • No Chance in Hell for Bernie...   1 day 11 hours ago

    So what's your alternative, Dex; voting REPUBLICAN?! HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

  • Thom, would you tell Abraham Lincoln to "get over" his whiteness?   1 day 11 hours ago

    Hey rs, just an "amen" from you is good enough for me!

  • What Happens If A Tornado Hits a Nuclear Power Plant?   1 day 11 hours ago

    If you think I'm gonna read all that crap, you'd best think again, pal. And I don't give a flippin' damn what YOU call a "corporate shill".

    Seems to me that in your little realm of reality, anyone who disagrees with you is a "corporate shill" and/or has "no credability". Since you've included Thom in that category, I'm in good company. I'll be listening for your call on my podcast; sure would be fun hearing Thom ripping your argument to shreds. He's pretty good at that, and he's got the science to back up what he says.

    Do you really believe all these long-winded, strident posts of yours are winning people over to your side of this debate? (Hey- if any of you folks out there have been swayed to the other side of the nuclear debate by this guy, stand up and be counted!) - AIW

  • Lincoln Chafee Calls for Freeing Edward Snowden   1 day 12 hours ago

    Snowden is indeed a patriot, a true american hero. I can't believe these simpletons who claim Snowden gave away tech & secrets to Russia & China.

    Snowden didn't know ANYTHING Russian & Chinese intelligence either knew a long time ago or could care less about. Snowden only had access to low level intelligence along with ten thousand other defense contractors. Russia & China have had moles getting the highest level of US intelligence including super-secret Nuclear Weapons tech, from a Chinese-American Nuclear Physicist. Snowden wouldn't get anything remotely close to that level of intelligence.

    Russia, China indeed ANY serious intelligence agency could easily bribe, blackmail or honey trap any of thousands of Snowdens to quietly give them all of Snowden level intelligence and keep on giving it, quietly, no press, for decades, and use their huge resources to help their boy graduate from a lowly private contractor to a high level NSA or CIA intelligence agent. Once they've taken the bait they are forever in servitude to their handlers.

    Second inline to the President, House Speaker Hastert, has been paying $millions in bribes to keep his child molestation secret, a common politician vulnerability. Easy for any foreign intelligence to blackmail someone like that and get government secrets far, far beyond anything Snowden could access. You think Hastert should be executed?

    Funny how the MSM for a short time was all over the major Hastert scandal, I say that from a national security standpoint, and now total silence. Not even saying who he was paying hush money to. A couple escaped convicts is more important, right.

    What on Earth does China or Russia care about exabytes of data on the activities of good US and foreign citizens? Only those seeking totalitarianism, the police state, the new Stazi/Gestapo, not in Russia or China, but here in the west, have an interest in that type of information. And that is of course why Bankster lackey, Obushama, has such a seething hatred of whistleblowers. Giving away the hidden agenda of his plutocrat overseers. Can't allow that.

  • No Chance in Hell for Bernie...   1 day 12 hours ago
    Quote earthie48:

    But if Hillary is the LAST DEM STANDING, OF COURSE i will vote for her before any of those Slave Master's in the reTHUGlican Party!

    Translation, I will blindly follow the Democrat party into another four years of screwing the middle class.

    I love lemmings, their so predictable.

  • No Chance in Hell for Bernie...   1 day 12 hours ago

    You've got some gall mr. drone keeper, do you have something to back-up those snide insinuations against Alberto?

    And oh by the way, Israel is a piece of shit and should be buried in the dust of history. The sooner the better.

  • No Chance in Hell for Bernie...   1 day 12 hours ago

    Sorry, Bernie HAS ........... EVERY CHANCE IN HELL!

    Lord knows, I will support him BEFORE HILLARY! But if Hillary is the LAST DEM STANDING, OF COURSE i will vote for her before any of those Slave Master's in the reTHUGlican Party!

  • Showdown Over Greece Escalates   1 day 13 hours ago
    Greece Again Can Save The West

    Paul Craig Roberts | July 1, 2015

    Like Marathon, Thermopylae, Plateau and Mycale roughly 2,500 years ago, Western freedom again depends on Greece. Today Washington and its empire of European vassal states are playing the part of the Persian Empire, and belatedly the Greeks have formed a government, Syriza, that refuses to submit to the Washington Empire.

    Few people understand that the fate of Western liberty, what remains of it, is at stake in the conflict, and, indeed, the fate of life on earth. Certainly the German government does not understand. Sigmar Gabriel, a German vice-chancellor, has declared the Greek government to be a threat to the European order. What he means by the “European order” is the right of the stronger countries to loot the weaker ones.

    The “Greek crisis” is not about debt. Debt is the propaganda that the Empire is using to subdue sovereignty throughout the Western world.

    The Greek government asked the collection of nations that comprise the “democratic” European Union for one week’s extension on the debt in order for the Greek people to give their approval or disapproval of the harsh terms being imposed on Greece by the EU commission, the EU Central Bank, and the IMF with Washington’s insistence.

    The answer from Europe and the IMF and Washington was “NO.”

    The Greek government was told that democracy doesn’t apply when creditors are determined to make Greek citizens pay for the creditors’ mistakes with reduced pensions, reduced health care, reduced education, reduced employment, and reduced social services. The position of the Empire is that the Greek people are responsible for the mistakes of their foreign creditors, and the Greek people must pay for their creditors’ mistakes, especially those mistakes enabled by Goldman Sachs.

    As has been proven conclusively, the Empire’s claim is false. The austerity measures that have been imposed on Greece have driven down the economy by 27%, thus increasing the ratio of debt to GDP and worsening the financial situation of Greece. All austerity has accomplished is to drive the Greek people further into the ground, thus making debt repayment impossible.

    The Empire rejected Greece’s democratic referendum next Sunday, because the Empire doesn’t believe in democracy. The Empire, like all empires, believes in subservience. Greece is not being subservient. Therefore, Greece must be punished. The Persians Darius and Xerxes had the same view as Washington and the EU. The Greek government is supposed to do what previous Greek governments have done, accept a pay-off and allow Greece to be looted.

    Looting is the only way left for the Western financial system to make money. In pursuit of short-term profits, western corporations, encouraged and coerced by the financial sector, have moved offshore western industry, manufacturing, and professional skills such as information technology and software engineering. All that remains for the West are highly leveraged derivative bets and looting. Apple is an American corporation, but not a single Apple computer is made in the US.

    The German, French, and Dutch governments together with Washington and the western financial system have come down in favor of looting. For a country to be looted, its people’s voice must be silenced. This is why the Germans and the EU object to the Greek government handing the ability to decide the future of Greece to the Greek people.

    In other words, in the West today, the sovereignty of peoples and accountability of governments are inconsistent with the financial interests of the One Percent who control the financial and political order.

    To conclude: If democracy can be destroyed in Greece, it can be destroyed throughout Europe.

    The Greek people not only hold in their hands the fate of democracy in the West, but also the fate of life on earth. Washington’s mechanism for creating conflict with Russia is the EU and NATO. By violating agreements made by previous US governments, Washington has brought NATO to Russia’s borders and is currently deploying more troops, armaments, and missiles on Russia’s borders, all the while speaking aggressively toward Russia.

    Russia has no alternative but to target these insensible military deployments. As military deployments rise and the irresponsible and totally inaccurate Western propaganda against Russia and Russia’s government escalate, war can launch itself.

    Clearly Washington and its vassal states have eschewed diplomacy and instead use demonization and attempted coercion to force Russia to accede to the Empire’s will.

    This reckless policy continues despite the many warnings from the Russian government to the West not to deliver ultimatums to Russia. As empires are characterized by arrogance and hubris, the Empire doesn’t hear the warnings.

    Recently we have had from Washington’s stooge prime minister in London British threats against Russia, despite the fact that the UK can deliver no force against Russia and can be destroyed in a few minutes by Russia. This kind of insanity is what leads to war. The crazed British prime minister thinks he can call out Russia.

    Washington is brewing armageddon. But Greece can save us. All the Greek people need to do is to support their government and insist that their government, the first in awhile to represent the interests of the Greek people, give the finger to the corrupt EU, default on the debt, and turn to Russia.

    This would begin the unravelling of the EU and NATO and save the world from armageddon. Most likely, Italy and Spain would follow Greece out of the EU and NATO, as these countries also are targeted for merciless looting. The EU and NATO, Washington’s mechanism for creating conflict with Russia, would unravel. The world would be saved and would owe its salvation to the ability of the Greeks to realize what really is at stake. Just as they did at Marathon, Thermopylae, Plateau and Mycale

    It is difficult to imagine another scenario that would save us from World War III. Pray that the Greeks understand the responsibility that is in their hands not merely for liberty but also for life on earth.

  • Lincoln Chafee Calls for Freeing Edward Snowden   1 day 13 hours ago

    Sorry, Edward Snowden SHOULD BE SHOT.... ON SIGHT!

    That POS soul out America because he is a FIRST CLASS RACIST! Why didn't he do it during the Bush Cheney Reign?



    Bush with his PATRIOT ACT, caused and created all this INVASION OF PRIVACY! Therefore, why wasn't Snowden making a big deal out of it, before Obama became President!



  • Thom, would you tell Abraham Lincoln to "get over" his whiteness?   1 day 13 hours ago

    Don't expect any amens from truthless Alice. He's unapologetic and proud of his racism.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday July 1st, 2015   1 day 13 hours ago

    Superficial aside - Thom, so nice to see some rich color in your wardrobe for a change. Very nice blue shirt today. The lighter shirts, white, beige stripes etc wash you out terribly, and i think detract from the effectiveness of your presentation.

    Excellent segment recently with Ari Rabin-Havt btw. You two seem to make a good pair.


  • What Happens If A Tornado Hits a Nuclear Power Plant?   1 day 13 hours ago

    To clarify my idea about defining "treaty" constitutionally, I would have to know what typically happens or should happen when two countries have no treaty. Can they not trade? I think they can. Can they not impose tariffs? I think they can. Can they not have diplomatic relations? They would have to, otherwise a treaty could never be negotiated.

    So what else is there? What should our relations with a country be like if we have no treaty with it? What may the President or Secretary of State not do without a treaty?

  • Showdown Over Greece Escalates   1 day 13 hours ago

    Yanis Varoufakis 7/1/15:

    1. Negotiations have stalled because Greece’s creditors (a) refused to reduce our un-payable public debt and (b) insisted that it should be repaid ‘parametrically’ by the weakest members of our society, their children and their grandchildren
    2. The IMF, the United States’ government, many other governments around the globe, and most independent economists believe — along with us — that the debt must be restructured.
    3. The Eurogroup had previously (November 2012) conceded that the debt ought to be restructured but is refusing to commit to a debt restructure
    4. Since the announcement of the referendum, official Europe has sent signals that they are ready to discuss debt restructuring. These signals show that official Europe too would vote NO on its own ‘final’ offer.
    5. Greece will stay in the euro. Deposits in Greece’s banks are safe. Creditors have chosen the strategy of blackmail based on bank closures. The current impasse is due to this choice by the creditors and not by the Greek government discontinuing the negotiations or any Greek thoughts of Grexit and devaluation. Greece’s place in the Eurozone and in the European Union is non-negotiable.
    6. The future demands a proud Greece within the Eurozone and at the heart of Europe. This future demands that Greeks say a big NO on Sunday, that we stay in the Euro Area, and that, with the power vested upon us by that NO, we renegotiate Greece’s public debt as well as the distribution of burdens between the haves and the have nots.

  • SCOTUS Supports Same Sex Marriage   1 day 13 hours ago
    Quote mdhess:

    Excuse me, I'm sorry but, who appointed you official spokesperson for Christianity? I believe you had a kneejerk reaction to my comment without actually fathoming what I said. If the gay couple in the UK doesn't like the fact that their church won't marry them then they should find a church that does respect them.

    The Old Testament may condemn homosexuality but it also condemns eating shellfish and it specifically says that failing to keep the Sabbath and talking back to your parents are offenses that deserve stoning to death. Nobody in their right mind would take those commandments seriously now or even imagine that not following them would preclude a person from remaining a congregant but failing to take those commandments seriously is also openly defying Christian doctrine. Not everyone is silly enough or bigoted enough or hypocritical enough to pick and choose from among which ancient, barbaric interpretations they prefer to remain mired in. Vitriolic reactions to gay people attaining commensurate civil rights is homophobic bigotry no matter how you slice it, Including when it comes from the "faith community." But if people want to interpret Christianity in a hateful way that's their prerogative, just don't suppose that it's a universal Christian failing because it most certainly is not.

    There are a number of denominations that are enlightened and many homosexuals are Christians. The most famous church that embraces gay people is Metropolitan Community Church

    but there are also these:

    LGBT-affirming Christian denominations --

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) affirming Christian denominations are Christian denominations that do not consider homosexuality or transgenderism to be sins. They include entire religious denominations, as well as individual churches and congregations. Some are composed mainly of non-LGBT members and also have specific programs to welcome LGBT people, while others are composed mainly of LGBT members.


    North America MCCNY, a church in New York City. Grace Gospel Chapel, in Seattle.


    Sorry, there are parts of the New Testament that are not favorable to homosexuality either. But yes, as you point out, there are churches that don't see it that way.

  • Oil trains Protest.....July 6-12.....see if there is an event near you.   1 day 13 hours ago
    Quote MrsBJLee:
    Quote Mauiman2:

    All we have to do is build more pipelines, that will solve this problem right away.

    Of course you had to go there. I would have been surprised if you hadn't.

    So what is your solution? And leaving the oil in the ground is not a solution, sorry.

  • Showdown Over Greece Escalates   1 day 13 hours ago
    Quote Wall Street On Parade:

    Thanks to Wall Street, America Has
    Growing Greek-Like Debt Bombs

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 1, 2015

    Greece has two things in common with bankrupt or teetering parts of the United States: it took advice and money from Wall Street while paying huge fees; now the catastrophic results of that bad advice is falling on the backs of the poor and most vulnerable citizens. In fact, we’re all Greeks now.

    From the $1.2 trillion in student debt now on the backs of U.S. college students, a growing number of whom are turning to prostitution to keep up, to teetering Puerto Rico, the bankruptcy of Jefferson County, Alabama in 2011, Detroit’s bankruptcy in 2013, Wall Street was on hand to grease the skids or set the train wreck in motion.

    As Greece pensioners line up outside of banks today to receive a fraction of their monthly pension, Puerto Rico has acknowledged it can’t pay its $72 billion in debt and has imposed a stunning 11.5 percent sales tax on its struggling citizens.

    How did Puerto Rico, with a tiny population of just 3.6 million, get itself into such astronomical debt? In October 2013, the Wall Street Journal’s Michael Corkery and Mike Cherney reported that Wall Street banks, led by Citigroup and UBS, since 2006 had sold 87 Puerto Rico debt deals totaling $61 billion. For burying Puerto Rico under debt, the reporters note that Wall Street, its lawyers and related parties received $1.4 billion in fees.

    And, of course, there were those wonderful swap deals along the lines of those Goldman Sachs sold to Greece and JPMorgan sold to Jefferson County, Alabama. Corkery and Cherney report that Puerto Rico paid “$690 million to Wall Street firms to cancel derivative contracts” that apparently had gone sour as had the ones in Greece.

    Then there was the issuance of interest-bearing bonds by Puerto Rico to pay off the interest on other bonds. According to the reporters, in August 2013 Morgan Stanley led an underwriting on $673 million in bonds but “at least $110 million of the debt will be used for ‘capitalized interest,’ according to the bond offering documents. That amounts to raising money from bondholders and then using the proceeds to make interest payments back to those same bondholders. It will also result in larger debt payments down the road.”

    If a retail stock broker attempted to bury his client under margin debt or allowed the client to commit financial suicide in the market, the broker would be on the wrong side of the law. A long line of arbitration cases and Security and Exchange Commission rulings mandate that a registered representative must guide the client on a course of suitable investing. But apparently, burying counties, cities, countries, and U.S. territories under debt has no legal barriers on Wall Street. One has to get caught bribing someone to get charged by a regulator.

    Click here to continue reading the article.

  • Chat room   1 day 14 hours ago

    Legalizing marijuana is okay if billions can be extracted from the Commonwealth to support State and Wall Street's ability to commodify and securitize? If it is okay to leagalize, it should be okay to leagalize. Period.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday July 1st, 2015   1 day 14 hours ago

    If it is okay to leagalize marijuana if it will produce revenue, why isn't it okay to just legalize it, allow it to be grown wherever and by whomever like tomatoes, without the need to use humanity for extraction of their "wealth" to support State? So, once again, if someone can make money from the slaves of State, it is okay to commodify it and allow Wall Street to do as they do with all valuable resources. If it is okay to leagalize, it is okay to leagalize. Period.

  • How GOP Abortion Absolutism is All About Power Not Life   1 day 14 hours ago
    Quote gumball:

    Yes. I do understand that I can not fully understand. I'm not suggesting that it should be illegal, the current laws seem reasonable to me.

    Are you saying you don't get the desperation that drives the abortion choice? I'm getting the impression you're able to have care and compassion for fetuses, but not for pregnant women. Would that be accurate?

  • Nigger, Nigra, Nigga!   1 day 14 hours ago

    There is a connotation that comes with the word which many of us who were growing up between segregation and integration were conditioned to abhor. Those who grew up in Civil Rights- worker homes for example, who lived in fear of snipers, street violence and rioting do not tolerate the word well. We were taught it was a word that upheld concepts of slavery, cruelty, inhumane tragedy- denigration, if you will. In school no one dared say it without fear of major punishment. It was a word of unfairness that we were raised to end. It originated as a hate word and there are plenty who truly mean it the old way because they believe the South Shall Rise Again.

    I feel like vomiting when I hear it- . Some things are best left unsaid.

    But it is all a matter of taste. I totally dislike anyone who pronounces "soup" like "sewp."

  • Daily Topics - Tuesday June 30th, 2015   1 day 14 hours ago

    Ckrob, the system of advice and consent should be changed to deal with the Senate refusing to do its job. If the senate doesn't vote on a nominee within a certain amount of time, say 4 weeks, that nominee should get into office automatically as if they were a recess appointment.

  • Daily Topics - Wednesday July 1st, 2015   1 day 14 hours ago

    This discussion on the sixth mass extinction which is being directly caused by human overpopulation is the most important topic there is. It needs much, much more attention and I give you huge kudos for this discussion with Dar Jamail.

    How do you get more serious that human extinction??? And it's heartbreaking to think of all the incredible and wonderful species we're taking with us. You need to have either a daily or weekly segment on this topic with different experts in the field. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!!! I've been watching the current drought and heatwave in the Pacific Northwest and find it TERRIFYING. Same thing with Alaska and all the fires there.

    We were on the verge of moving from the midwest to Oregon, and still hope to, but what's happening there bears watching.

    People in the U.S. and around the world MUST be educated as to how dire the situation is and that we must change unending growth. It's absolutely critical that we contract both the economy and even more importantly, human population. Otherwise we are doomed.

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