Corporate Greed Over Kids' Needs?

Fran Brennan, Working America joins Thom Hartmann. The Michigan house recently passed sb 619 - a so-called "cyber schools" bill. And while sponsors of the bill argue that it will improve the quality of education students in Michigan receive - that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact - the bill is not about providing a better education at all. It is about padding the already packed wallets of for-profit education companies - companies that put the bottom-line ahead of a quality education. But - corporations haven't destroyed public education Michigan just yet. The Michigan house has the ability to bring sb 619 back up for reconsideration - where a simple majority can trigger a new vote on the bill - and could allow it to be defeated. So who is behind sb 619 - and just how much damage would it do to education in Michigan if it were to become law?