Environmentalists in the Arctic, "I told you so."

On Monday night, an oil rig being used by Royal Dutch Shell ran aground, threatening to dump 150000 gallons of crude into the Gulf of Alaska. So far - Shell has spent 6 years and more than 4 billion dollars trying to extract oil from the Arctic region, despite warnings from environmentalists that drilling in the area is "high-risk", and that it could have a "catastrophic impact on one of the most pristine, unique and beautiful landscapes on Earth." Now that Shell is scrambling to control their crippled oil rig, the world can see that the environmentalists were right. Joining me now for the latest out of Alaska and what this means for the ecosystem there is...Shannyn Moore, Journalist and Radio Host of The Shannyn Moore Show nightly on KOAN 95.5FM & 1020AM Anchorage - and she's also the TV Host of "Moore Up North."