Geeky Science - Diet Sodas Goof Up Your Brain

New research is out - and turns out - sugar free drinks may be bad for your health too.


PanBlaiz 6 years 14 weeks ago

This is so true! I quit drinking soda pop and cut as much high fructose corn syrup out of my diet as possible, which is harder than one might realize because HFCS is in just about everything. Besides the obvious health benefits and the 30 lbs that I've lost, I'm noticing that food taste better. Flavors of veggies and fruit are more vibrant than ever. Something as simple as a salad has flavors I've never tasted before exploding in my mouth. It seems as though when I was consuming sugar, HFCS and artificial sweetners everything tasted the same - sugary and sweet. Another thing that delighted me was finding out that natural sugars such as found in fruit taste sweeter and better than all those products that added sugar. I never knew what I was missing by consuming so much sugar and sweeteners. The difference is truly unbelievable. Never again will I deprive myself of these wonderful natural flavors by bathing my tongue in sugar and poisonous artificial sweeteners.

Thank you Thom for putting some science behind what I am currently experiencing.