The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Purpuraceously Ugly!

The Good! *US District Judge K. Michael Moore* Yesterday - Judge Moore ruled that Florida's policy of charging in-state students higher in-state tuition for college if their parents are illegal immigrants violates the Constitution. The Bad! *State of Virginia* Thanks to incredibly lax gun laws in the state - last year Virginia issued a staggering 1632 concealed carry permits to NON-VIRGINIA residents alone. That's right - the state allows people who don't live in it to obtain Virginia concealed carry permits - and even more shockingly - 8 states allow people with Virginia concealed carry permits to carry a gun without a permit from their home state. and the Very Very Ugly! *Monsanto* Monsanto - the GMO food and agri-business giant - will soon be introducing it's gentically-modified foods directly at stores across the nation - without labels saying that the foods are genetically modified. And if that isn't bad enough - new reports suggest that some strains of Monsanto genetically modified corn have helped to create "superworms" that are resistant to pesticides