Should we ditch the shoot to kill law?

A man with a history of violence against police was legally issued a gun and used it to murder a harmless teen. How is this allowed to happen in American society today? Since this Koch Brother's ALEC-endorsed NRA-inspired law was signed by Jeb Bush, the "justifable homicide" rate in Florida has more than TRIPLED. So Isn't it time we rethink these infamous "license to kill" laws so we can prevent more murders? And better yet - shouldn't we be asking ourselves how a man who was previously arrested for violence and battery against a cop was able to get a gun at all? While Trayvon Martin's death is a tragedy - we don't have to let him die in vain...It's time we stopped the needless crime that plagues America's streets - and enact tougher gun control legislation that will prevent deaths like Trayvon's from ever occuring again. Joining Thom Hartmann to discuss the case is Josh Horwitz, Executive Director of the National Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and John Manuelian, a pro-NRA criminal defense attorney.