Thom Hartmann: Decision 2012: Urgent and UnSaid

Is income inequality in America becoming a national issue? Will it affect the 2012 elections? Republicans think that if they crash the economy - President Obama will get the blame - is that correct? Or will it backfire? Find out with Thom Hartmann and Max Fraad Wolff, Economist/Professor of Economics at the New School University Graduate Program in International Affairs.


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FreeDem 6 years 29 weeks ago

With all the discussions about Moral Hazards, the great Moral Hazard of our time is that Corruption has become self funding and only a very active set of laws and government oversight (that itself needs careful oversight) can avoid that being the case. If that fails then personal benefit by the destruction of others becomes an ever more profitable enterprise, easily out competing any attempt at honest business, even in the competition for investment monies. By contrast the prevention of such distruction becomes ever more expensive, in monies and lives, with no personal benefit to those who pay such a price. That there are humans with a concience, who seek moral sanity is all the force that drives it, but since it is the opposite of self funded, the ability to pay the price is not unlimited, and there is a tipping point, where even the attempt to return sanity is of itself a disaster of civil war or worse.