Transcript: Mark Crispin Miller: Republican election theft. 19 August 2008

Mark Crispin Miller talks about an unimpeachable whistleblower on Republican election theft; Stephen Spoonamore, a lifelong Republican and erstwhile member of the McCain campaign until he discovered so much about the Republicans' election fraud that he resigned, and a prominent expert on computer crime.

Thom Hartmann talks with Mark Crispin Miller, 19 August 2008

[Thom]: How are the Republicans going to steal the 2008 election? It's pretty clear that in 2004 with the assistance, even if you set aside the possibility that any electronic voting machines were flipped anywhere, that in Florida they simply said that 70, 80, 90,000 African Americans, 'sorry you can't vote' and in Ohio they said, 'if you're voting while black you're going to have to wait in line fourteen hours; if you're voting while white, fifteen minutes'. Among other things. I mean, that's just the surface stuff but let's peel the layer back and go a layer deeper here.

Mark Crispin Miller is with us, a dear friend, a brilliant author. His most recent book, "Loser Take All". Mark, hey, welcome to the show.

[Mark]: Thanks for having me on, Thom. It's nice to hear your voice again.

[Thom]: Yeah, thank you Mark., by the way, the website. Tell us about these Republican whistleblowers who are coming forward.

[Mark]: Yeah, yeah, as you noted, you and I have been talking about this issue for years now.

[Thom]: Yeah.

[Mark]: Well the good news is that there is an unimpeachable whistleblower out there now. The reason why most folks haven't heard his name is of course that the press tends to, you know, turn a deaf ear.

[Thom]: Yes, (a) there's a corporate media blackout on this and (b) no Democrat will talk about it because they're so tail between their legs terrified that anybody might talk about election fraud. They think, they believe this kind of, this Bob Shrum story, apparently, that if the American people thought that the voting machines weren't safe, that they wouldn't come out and vote and therefore they wouldn't vote for Democrats.

[Mark]: Yes, which is demonstrably false because there was a lot of press about the iffiness of the voting machines before the 2006 election and we had the highest turnout in an off year race since, you know, 1970.

[Thom]: Right, and you had a helluva lot of people saying give me the paper ballot, please.

[Mark]: That's exactly right. So, I don't really think any party that calls itself democratic should keep people in the dark.

[Thom]: Yeah.

[Mark]: Well here's here's some daylight for everyone. There is an amazing whistleblower out there named Stephen Spoonamore, which is exactly the way it sounds, Spoonamore.

[Thom]: Right, he's a lifelong Republican.

[Mark]: A lifelong Republican and erstwhile member of the McCain campaign until he discovered so much about the Republicans' election fraud that he resigned, and a prominent expert on computer crime. Now two years ago, Thom, this guy gave a long interview to one of the major news networks, I should say one of the network, one of the news divisions of one of the three major networks. It's up online, you know, people can get it at my blog.


[Mark]: That's right. It's stunning, but let me move beyond that and just tell people what this guy has to say. This guy has come out and said, and he has documentary evidence to prove this, and he's talked to all the principals, and the long and short of it is that the Bush team has been stealing elections since and including 2000. Spoonamore has named Karl Rove's IT guy. Karl Rove has basically had...

[Thom]: This is Michael Connell, right?

[Mark]: Mike Connell, right, a fervent Catholic and fanatical pro-lifer who told Spoon that he has helped the Republicans to steal elections to save the babies. I'm not making this up. Whenever Karl Rove wanted something done, he would say to Connell 'just make it happen', and this kind of thing has included Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, also Don Siegelman's stolen re-election in Alabama in 2002. Evidence suggests he was involved in the theft of Max Cleland's re-election in Georgia in 2002. The long and short of it is that Spoonamore knows this guy and it gets even hairier because it turns out that after having helped Saxby Chambliss beat Max Cleland in Georgia in 2002. One of the first...

[Thom]: By flipping the machines.

[Mark]: By flipping the machines, right, one of the first things that Chambliss did was give Connell's company, which is called Govtech Solutions, the contract to run his own congressional web site. Now if people go to the web site for Govtech Solutions, they'll now find a long list of the congressional web sites that Connell's company has been running. What I'm telling you is that Connell has been operating behind the congressional firewall. He operates the computer web sites for the House Judiciary Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee. What we're noting here is, you know, a fervent partisan now operating with impunity and able to help Rove and others basically read every word that the Democrats send each other by email and so on. Also, Spoonamore has a record of the moment when Connell asked him how to destroy White House emails. This thing is enormous, okay. Spoonamore's revelations are driving an extremely important RICO lawsuit that's coming out of Ohio. And it's managed...

[Thom]: This is the organized crime and racketeering act.

[Mark]: Exactly. They have named, the defendants include not only the Republican National Committee and the White House but the Chamber of Commerce, which it turns out has been operating as a kind of stealth PAC for years, hundreds of millions of dollars channeled into front organizations to help the Republicans "win" elections. Also, big tobacco is involved. Now, people can actually go to a special dedicated web site run by Velvet Revolution, which is the nonprofit that's sort of in charge of this whole thing. It's, okay, rovecybergate, all one word, dot com. Here's the thing, Thom. What the people doing the lawsuit want to have happen is basically to depose all the perpetrators of election fraud over the last several years, most notably Karl Rove, but also Mike Connell, also Jack Abramoff. Also Bob Ney, the author of the Help America Vote Act bill who just recently got out of prison. Also...

[Thom]: Who'll be on this show tomorrow. What would you like me to ask him?

[Mark]: I would like you to ask him what he knows about systematic efforts to steal elections, see what he says.

[Thom]: OK.

[Mark]: Because if Velvet Revolution and the lawyers can move forward with these depositions, and this is a civil case, Thom, so as we know from the Paula Jones episode, you can't really weasel out of a civil case, a civil deposition very easily.

[Thom]: This is how they nailed Bill Clinton.

[Mark]: Exactly right. We gotta get these people under oath on the record answering questions. Spoonamore is there, a Republican and erstwhile McCain supporter, a computer fraud expert, he is there to tell the world that the Bush regime has indeed been subverting the American election system since 2000, OK.

[Thom]: So we now have, actually I thought that the first time that there was a significant deviation, a well documented significant deviation from exit polls and pre polls and the electronic machine results, was when George Bush senior was running in a primary in New Hampshire back in whatever year that was, eighty something.

[Mark]: Yeah, well that was, actually that makes a certain amount of, that would '88, right?

[Thom]: As I recall, yeah, that was the very first time that there was a real significant deviation.

[Mark]: That's right and it's funny you should mention that, Thom, because at it happens, Mike Connell was discovered by George Bush senior. George Bush senior is the one who discovered Mike Connell and...

[Thom]: And Karl Rove used to work for George Bush senior as well.

[Mark]: Exactly. Actually, the infection starts with him and let me add that in New Hampshire John Sununu, you know, the elder, that is, Bush's pal and the governor of New Hampshire at the time that Bush senior won his primary, he is heavily, he's been heavily into computers for a long, long time. You know, this extends all the way up to the recent primary in New Hampshire where they used the same machines and where Obama actually won, you know, see, in New Hampshire 16% of the vote is hand counted.

Most people don't know, because the press has not reported, that Obama won the hand counted vote in New Hampshire in the recent primary by six points. Hillary Clinton won the optical scan counted vote by some five points. There is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans gamed that primary on her behalf because at that point they wanted very much to run against her. And then thereafter continued to game a number of races through the machines in order to exacerbate the divide within the Democratic Party.

[Thom]: Yeah, Texas in particular, and look at the difference between the general election and the caucuses. Mark, we're out of time, we've got to wrap it up but this is all right online,,,, check it out. Mark thanks so much for the great work you're doing.

[Mark]: Thank you Thom, talk to you soon.

[Thom]: And everybody check out Mark's book, "Loser Take All".

Transcribed by Sue Nethercott.

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