Transcript: Sheldon Whitehouse at Senate nomination hearing for Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court - 13 October '20

Judge Barrett, you can take a bit of a breather on your return to the committee, because what I want to do

... is go through with the people who are watching this now, the conversation that you and I had when we spoke on the telephone. You were kind enough to hear out a presentation that I made and I intend to ask some questions in that area. But it doesn't make sense to ask questions if I haven't laid the predicate particularly for viewers who are watching this.

Transcript: The FCC's Ajit Pai Wants to Destroy Your Internet (w/Guest Tim Karr) - 7 February 2017

Thom Hartmann: Welcome back, Thom Hartmann here with you and on the line with us is Tim Karr, the Senior Director of Strategy of the Free Press and Free Press Action Fund, the website, you can tweet him @TimKarr or @freepress. Tim, welcome back to the program.

Transcript: The Origins of Totalitarianism and the Trump Administration - 26 January '17

Thom Hartmann excerpts both Milton Mayer's "They Thought They Were Free" and Hannah Arendt's "The Origins of Totalitarianism" and lays out the warning signs we all need to look out for under the current administration.

Transcript: Media Critic Jeff Cohen Exposes the REAL Fake News - 29 December '16

Thom Hartmann: Hello, I'm Thom Hartmann in Washington DC and welcome to The Big Picture.

Transcript: How Trump Could Bring on the Crash of 2017 - Prof. Richard Wolff - 28 December '16

Thom Hartmann: Hello, I'm Thom Hartmann in Washington DC and welcome to The Big Picture.

In 1992 when Bill Clinton first ran for president, his campaign famously had a large sign in their headquarters that said "it's the economy stupid!". Arguably all the navel-gazing being done by political commentators trying to figure out why Trump is about to walk into the White House can boil down to that same statement.

Transcript: How Trump Could Nuke the Iran Deal - Dr. Trita Parsi 27 December '16

Thom Hartmann: Hello, I'm Thom Hartmann in Washington DC and welcome to The Big Picture.

Transcript: How the Alt-Right Helps ISIS - Max Blumenthal, 23 December '16

Thom Hartmann: Hello, I'm Thom Hartmann in Washington, DC and welcome to The Big Picture.

Transcript: New Report Shows TPP Would Be Useless In Reining In China! - Lori Wallach 16 December '16

Thom Hartmann: And super pleased to have with me on the line Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, the website and you can tweet her @WallachLori, and Lori, there's another URL for you, for Global Trade Watch, isn't there?

Transcript: How Much Danger Is Net Neutrality In Now? - Christopher J. Lewis - 19 December '16

Thom Hartmann:

You need to know this....

The Electoral College voted today and, despite a last minute push to get some electors to switch their votes, Donald Trump secured the minimum 270 votes he needed to win. It's now official: he will be our next President.

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On Science Revolution this week, Trump Has Tested Positive for COVID 19 - What Does That Mean for America? Dr. Michael Mann is here on Greenland and how it is set to lose more ice than the past 12,000 years; this is a climate disaster. Jean Ross from National Nurses United drops by on the widespread failure to track and report data on Covid 19 deaths, testing and infections. Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear joins me - will New Mexico be getting a radioactive waste dump? And in Geeky Science, an "awe walk" may do wonders for all of us right now. Tune in.

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Thom plus logo Donald Trump's treason extends far beyond his efforts to damage Americans belief in our form of government, our elected democratic republic, that Trump's oligarch buddies in Saudi Arabia, Russia and China also regularly disparage.

Trump's also actively damaging the ability of the incoming Biden administration to aid Americans during the Trump Depression, and to get the virus in check. In this, he has help from Steve Mnuchin and Mitch McConnell.
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