Transcript: Thom Hartmann: How a City Thrives or Dies. 11 November '11

If we want to save our economy - we need to go local.

Transcript: Thom Hartmann: Thom Hartmann Breaks Down Joe Walsh's Big Fat Lie. 9 November '11

Wanna see a Congressman completely freak out? Take a look.

Transcript: Thom Hartmann & Matt Taibbi: Greed, Greece and...Goldman Sachs? November 1, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Well top of the Tuesday morning, afternoon, evening, whatever it may be, to you. Greetings my friends, patriots, lovers of democracy, truth and justice, believers in peace, freedom and the American way. Thom Hartmann here with you. Herman Cain's non-campaign continues to implode. There is evidence that Occupy Wall Street is working. Occupy Nashville just got a big boost. Republicans are doing something truly bizarre in the House of Representatives today. I mean truly bizarre.

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