Transcript: Thom Hartmann & Stephen Moore: how to build an economy that works for all. December 7, 2011

Thom Hartmann: So how do we build an economy and a country that works for all? That respects the classic American values of caring and fairness and loyalty and sanctity and authority and liberty. Yesterday the president called out trickle-down economics. And first let me welcome my guest, Stephen Moore. Stephen Moore is an economist and editorial board member and senior economics writer for the Wall Street Journal. And Stephen, welcome back to the program.

Stephen Moore: Hey Thom, great to be with you.

Transcript: Thom Hartmann: Megyn Kelly take a face full of pepper spray? 2 December '11

How do we know pepper spray is awful?

Transcript: Thom Hartmann: Big Pharma - Scalping Cancer Drugs? 30 November '11

So, have you ever scalped a pair of tickets for a baseball game?

Transcript: Thom Hartmann: OWS - The Whole World was Literally Watching. 21 November '11

We once again learned why peaceful resistance is so powerful.

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Why Are the Authoritarians Harming and Killing More People in the Pandemic?

On this weeks Science Revolution - How do we stop authoritarians, like Trump and Bolsonaro from killing more people in our pandemic? Trump and Bolsonaro, presidents of the United States and Brazil, are essentially refusing to do anything consequential about an epidemic that is killing massive numbers of their own countries’ citizens. Plus- Bill Freese with the Science Policy Analyst-Center for Food Safety, is here on the newly finalized federal regulations on GMOs. Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter also drops by on how America is unprepared for a nuclear accident during this pandemic. Tune in!

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What New Hell Will Trump Rain Down on America Next?

Thom plus logo Trump campaigned on nostalgia for the past, with a slogan calling to make America great "again."

And, indeed, he has re-created many of the most notable moments in past American history.

He's brought back the pandemic of 1918, and the widespread death associated with it.
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