Daily Topics - Friday December 11th 2009

carbon footprint imagesHour One - "Brunch With Bernie" Sen. Bernie Sanders www.sanders.senate.gov

Hour Three - Why Copenhagen summit may be a disaster Bill McKibben www.350.org  www.BillMcKibben.com

Geeky Science Rocks! - Could hook worm infections help cure celiac disease?


Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Recessivists are not conservative. They are consumption driven.

margaret m walsh (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

We have crossed the THRESHOLD --

There are more PEACEMAKERS than WARMAKERS --

There is more MONEY in PEACE than in WAR --


What comes out of our MINDS and MOUTHS
is more important than what goes in

Zero G. (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago


Sibel Edmunds has since testified under oath:


Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

@THOM: Obama is not JUST a ‘centrist’ . . . Obama is and remains a mediocre, wishy-washy, just-right-of-the-center-of-the-road, PRO-CORPORATE centrist in a nation where the center lives on the right-hand margin.

Zero G. (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

May it be so, Margeret.

But... I hear Jim Morrison in my head from '68,

They got the guns but we got the numbers...

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

@Lee: And Prescott Bush was a treasonous, pro-Nazi fascist before he was a Senator . . .

Pappy (GHW) Bush being CIA is one thing . . . It was his involvement with whacking (Terminating, Killing, Assassinating) folk for and by the CIA that I consider the issue.

Mugsy (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Shoelace ends are called "aglets".

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Grommets. The thingies at the end of shoelaces . . .

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

That's right . . . Grommets are the hole protectors. I am an ERF . . .

Zero G. (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

My shoelace ends are frayed...there are holes in the soles of my shoes. But, at least I walk.

Mugsy (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

(Rich) Yep. "Grommets" are like washers. Round with a hole in the center.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

@THOM: Every time you talk about Chuck Grassley's favorite syrup . . . Your line feed from Clear Channel goes all wonky . . .

Zero G. (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Sign seen at recent teabag rally:

Never mind dogs and cats,

I'll keep my distance, thank you.

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Congrats Tim!

Richard L. Adlof (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

@ZeroG: Teabaggers are for birth control?

Scott (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Thom's idea of infiltrating the Tea Party is again, in my opinion, not going to work. And if it is not going to work it is, by definition, a waste of resources and time.

The Tea Party folks think Republicans aren't conservative enough. The modern conservative movement has almost nothing to do with classic conservatism. The modern hardcore conservative is a submissive authoritarian follower (who do you think the 25% in polls are who approved of Bush until the bitter end?). The idea that you are going to "turn" them is not possible on a wide scale.

They have had it drilled into their brains for years that it is liberals fault why the country is in the state it is on any subject you can name: economics, politics, mores etc. They actually believe that large corporations are run elites and elites are by definition liberals. They hold contradictory ideas in their minds because they have been told by their leaders that they are true. You are better off going after those people who aren't so far gone.

I am going to try and go to a local tea party and check out his theory.

Scott (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Thom needs to have John Dean on his show and ask him what he thinks about trying to infiltrate and "turn" the Tea Party folks. I would be really curious what he thinks.

Zero G. (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Richard L.,

No, they're not - they just don't see the inconsistency. Just as I'm not a liberal, but I don't trust their powers of discrimination.

Dave (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

What are the chances of attaining meaningful changes in financial regulation or an "honest" chairman at the FED? Slim to none, I'd say. After reading Matt Taibbi's piece in ROLLING STONE http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/31234647/obamas_big_sellout/p... , I really am becoming more doubtful and disappointed in the Obama administration.

I'm not sure about President Obama, is he in on all of this B.S., or more likely, has a gun (or guns) held to his head by Wall Street and the multi-nationals?

One observation I had seen earlier this year occurred during a prime time press conference. The camera shot was from the Presidents left and on the opposite side of the room was Rohm Emanuel. I don't recall what was being said at the time, but Rohm's PDA goes off and as he reads the screen, Rohm turns beet red. Apparently, someone who was watching, didn't like what the President was saying???

There is a CANCER in our country/democracy, and it is getting out of control. It has been around a long time, coming and going, and it needs to be stopped....or we are TOAST!!!

Quark (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Just for Fun

Soupy Sales had a financial scheme figured out LONG before Goldman Sachs:


caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Darth Vader aka D.C. comments about Iraqi oil. Stay on the topic. As has been pointed out Operation Iraqi Liberation aka O.I.L. may not have been a mistake in acronym. Dick has always been after energy. Pipeline in Afghanistan, etc. We need to hear more about this. Rachel and Keith may pick it up...then maybe if we're really good national media will mention it for two seconds during non prime time. Hey, we need some local radio station number bumper stickers to spread the word about the stations. Great show today!! Sanders for President!! Thom....Vice Pres.??

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Let's continue the discussion about 1. mandatory insurance, 2. subsidies for insurance companies, 3. no public option. Are we soon going to HELP the GREEDY health insurance industry and hurt ourselves?

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Will the country change when many schools banned the President's speech welcoming them back to school? Elementary and High Schools in his own home state told teachers they would not be showing the speech. We need more free speech and more FREEDOM. Censorship will always squash freedom.

Quark (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Zero G.,

I found a series of videos regarding Jay Weidner, Terence McKenna, timewave theory, etc. Here's the first, with links on the page to the others:


jeanne(like out of the lamp) (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Tom, love the geeky science bit. About the obesity levels rising 48% here in the last 20 (?) years and your observation in Spain got me to thinking about the fat genes from pigs that are injected into our tomatoes and wondering if that has anything to do with the rise of obesity. It has always been a concern of mine ever since I first learned that to make tomatoes plumb and marketable, pigs genes are injected. Honestly, concerned was not my original reaction, appalled, outraged would be a better action word.

First, the cross-over of mating animals with plants thereby 'creating' another kingdom I like to call F'en kingdom and something Mother Nature went to get lengths over several billions years of evolution to absolutely prevent, is so so outrageous I am beside myself with even the idea of it. But here we are trying again to make sense out of nonsense.

The Fictitious Person, Corporations, have defied all the laws of nature by injecting this animal gene into a plant and manufacturing a GMO also referred to as Franken Foods and my F'en Kingdom reference.

As I am sure you are well aware of the science behind genes and how they grow and multiply to make plants and animals, do you not wonder now what the hell is that fat pig gene going to do in our bodies once it gets there via the tomato? The tomato didn't know what to do with it because the tomato did grow and get fatter from the pig gene. No guard cells or defense mechanisms developed yet in the tomato to handle this kind of invasion. But I am sure it is working on it.

Now that fat gene ingested into our gut via the tomato is doing what? I suspect it is still growing. I suspect that because our bodies have never in a 100 billion years had to deal with animal genes getting into our blood stream via the plants and animals we consumed, our body is very confused. Our bodies have evolved according to the Laws of Nature. We eat the final product of the gene multiplication process when we eat plants and animals. We are not eating live genes when we eat the broccoli or a pork chop. When we eat a GMO we are eating live genes from pigs, fish, frogs that have started the process of turning into that animal part.

It's a fat gene for god's sake and it is still doing its thing in our bodies which is divide and multiply until it becomes fat. Pork fat tissue.

Since corporate science has not bothered to follow through on this most grotesques experimentation with GMO's, my conclusion, based on Mother Nature's science, is that that fat gene is still doing its thing and making more fat genes in the human body. It will become fat. And the body in the mean time is going to be working on a way to destroy the invader. That could be problematic for us too. So, my thought is obesity is in part the result of pig fat genes being injected into our bodies via GMO's.

Does Spain have a ban on GMO's? They do not have an obesity problem like ours either. Interesting. Very interesting.

jeanne(like out of the lamp) (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

This is for Zero. The link to the fruit from the tree of life did not work.

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Who will be our next Teddy Roosevelt? Let's start a SEARCH!!

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Is there any link between the nuclear energy comps. that supported the Pres. and Afghany pipeline?

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Third Hour Listeners: If Illinois does not pass a state tax rate hike, we will be beyond BROKE in a few months. Schools and other public agencies will not be able to open their doors by 2014. 2014 seems to be a MAGIC date for a lot of negatives...

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

"Good on you" Thom Hartmann. What a great phrase.

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

RE: Your caller Theodore. He is a typical NEOCON. He rants. He does not listen to logic. He does not want to hear logic and when he does, he hangs up or walks away if you meet him in person. We encounter these types of people. We need to send them daily emails, etc. and maybe someday their EARS will open just a little so their brain might see a little light. Reminds me of the people before WALL-E arrived. They couldn't see what was right in front of their faces.

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Let's energize for a law against corporate "Personhood".

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

Can we all ask our libraries to order "Going Rouge An American Nightmare"?

caringforus (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

They will think it's a mystery book. The real mystery is why anyone ever put a microphone in front of her.

Tim From LA (not verified) 10 years 24 weeks ago

@Richard L. Adlof

Thanks Richard.

nora (not verified) 10 years 23 weeks ago

Listening to Thom's interview with Bill McKibben and -- so help me -- what came to mind was George W. Bush et al's endless repetition of "9/11-alQaeda". Just take out "9/11-alQaeda" and insert 'CO2'. WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE THE SAME DEMONIZING FORMULA?

WHY don't people look a couple square forward on this gameboard to the square where -- after all the draconian CO2-control civil laws are in place -- the AUTHORITIES tell us that the ONLY AVAILABLE energy technology we can develop to replace coal and oil is NUCLEAR POWER, because only nuclear power does not create CO2. This can only happen if they convince us that CO2 is the evil culprit of global warming. In addition, they will claim that we do not have time enough to develop solar, thermal, tidal, wind renewable technologies with our tax dollars and that the nuclear technology is already there to be implemented and is the only choice possible! THIS CO2 hype is a SCAM that will only serve the NUCLEAR POWER developers.

Thom and friends, THAT is the obvious scenario here. Don't be had by these scammers!

There must be other aspects to global warming that are responsible for the geologically SINGULAR rapid melting of the polar ice caps, some humongous heat source degrading the atmosphere. And I wonder why NO ONE is questioning the HAARP introduction of explosive heat to the upper atmosphere, or the amazing increase of heat-generating microwave transmissions in the last ten years from the use of cell phones (particularly in the heavily populated Northern Hemisphere where the greatest melting was evident for a while).

Demonizing CO2 looks like a classic marketing/advertising/propaganda method, and I don't like it or trust it. It is not thoughtful or balanced or even honest (because some scientists point out or admit calling CO2 responsible for global warming is only a theory). Real common sense use of science is what we need -- rather than Corporate Science which always uses science to sell a product like Nuclear Power. With Common Sense Science we would be looking at multiple areas and approaching them all with appropriate intensity, to find a COMPREHENSIVE plan of action.

nora (not verified) 10 years 23 weeks ago

RE: Thom Hartmann's suggestion yesterday to go to Tea Parties and his call yesterday for REVOLUTION

There is another method. EDUCATE THE POPULATION who haven't had time or resources (interest, time, education, computer, accessible library) to get the information.

Every local ballot or poltical battle I've participated in and been on the winning side of, was won by getting the general population UP-TO-SPEED with the facts of the issue.

We usually had to do this ourselves because the local papers and media were in solidarity with the Power Elite/Establishment opposition who were planning on getting a piece of the action eventually from the project or development.

And we did it by doing all sorts of things:

1/ Teach In: Set up a table and chairs with photocopied info available in someone's frontyard/driveway or public spot and discuss the issue; we often invited the opposition to be there at the same time to give their point of view, but they never showed up. (The Big Money High Rollers don't care to rub elbows and debate because their paid people only MEMORIZE scripts, can't think on their feet and don't have answers for any question they have not been trained to answer! They prefer controlled situations where they actually PLANT questions/questioners.)

2/ Guerilla Marketing: Pass out "Dear Neighbor" leaflets and fliers to people in public places. Or at night put them at people's front sidewalk to pick up in the morning. (How NOT to do it: We used to put them on the windshields of parked cars, but people are getting really fussy about having their cars touched, so I'd find another way to get it to them. NEVER put anything in a mailbox.)

3/ Use humor: Draw cartoons, make clip art cartoons, make up songs and skits that bring a smile about the usually CRAZY reality of the opposition is attempting to squeeze passed the Public! When you are looking for it, you will have MORE THAN ENOUGH material to work with, because bad ideas, scams, and destructive projects, and follow-the-money connections are ripe for satire! And once people start laughing at the scammers and profiteers, A SHIFT HAPPENS in what the public is noticing about what the oppostion claims. It is one of the easiest ways to REFRAME the issues which the Authorities/Insiders/MoneyBags usually defined as they began their campaigns. And people feel so much better approaching these serious issues if they can LAUGH; it melts the ice of apprehension that the issues are too complex for a normal person to understand (which is why the Elite/Authorities usually get normal folks to back away saying "I can't figure it out -- I'll have to trust you.")

4/ Share YOUR research: The facts that WOW you and references for those are just what you should share. Make your hand-outs, fliers, leaflets, cartoons a composition of your hours of research all in a single place. Be clear. Say "This is the position to support/oppose because of these things reasons/facts" and show those referenced facts and arguments that have made a difference for you. Keep it simple. Forget paragraphs. Use bulleted items with just a sentence or two.

5/ Keep your references handy: Whether talking, singing satirical songs, leafletting, etc., ALWAYS have your references with you. Referencing local newspaper articles or internet research is easy; just put the reference in parentheses() after each fact. Carry your list of winning facts with you with full references wherever you go to leave with the person/s who are interested or you think you can reach.

If we went in large numbers to the streets doing stuff like this for six months or so, we might UNDO years of the Corporate Media's non-reporting, slanted reporting, censorship, lousy priorities, and their sensationalizing of meaningless stuff. We MUST make our own NEWS MEDIA via actions of this kind to replace the corrupt Corporate Media which backs only the Transnational Corporate goals.


jeanne(like out of the lamp) (not verified) 10 years 23 weeks ago

Nora I think you are a little confused. You lambasted Bill Mckibben for doing all the things you said were necessary to change the world in your second post. Educate. Guerilla marketing.Research. Share your research. Bill has done all that. The only thing he might be a little weak on according to your scenario is humor. And I think he more than makes up for that in his sincerity.

There is a lot of lying, cheating and stealing going on right now but in order to survive you have got to be able to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

First and foremost you have to look to the intent of someone's action before you pass judgment if you are ever going to make a correct decision.

I do not believe George W had an honest bone in his body. The man lied on a regular basis. My judgment of him as a dishonest and untrustworthy person was based on the facts of matter. He gave me good reason not trust him. He lied, a lot. He had a secret agenda for everything he did and profited at everyone else's expense. He used the power and position of the Presidency to his own selfish ends. He did nothing on your list. You have to see the difference between him and Bill McKibben.

Bill McKibben is trying to save the planet by using science the truth and a love for the human race. The man doesn't get anything for doing this. He is not getting rich. He doesn't want to be king. He is doing a good thing for heaven sakes. Really Nora if you can not tell the difference between Bill McKibben and George W you really are missing a great many opportunities to do some real good.

Gene Silvers (not verified) 10 years 23 weeks ago

"Obama Far Outdoes Bush in Escalating War -- The Numbers Will Surprise You"

The highest number of troops the Bush administration ever had in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time.....186,000.
The number of troops the Obama administration now plans to have in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time.....222,000.

History will not be kind to the billionaire Trump whisperers responsible for so many COVID-19 deaths

Thom plus logo Several new studies and models suggest that if Donald Trump had simply declared a state of national emergency, largely shutting down the country, a few weeks earlier than he did, tens of thousands of people who are dead right now would still be alive.

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