Daily Topics - Thursday - May 6th 2010

Hour One - Why do conservatives want to turn America into Pakistan?

Hour Two - Dan Gainor www.businessandmedia.org Should all terrorists on the "terrorist watch list" be able to buy a gun?

Plus...Geeky Science Rocks - can you improve your eyesight with mind over matter?

Hour Three - Roy Speckhardt www.americanhumanist.org Is a government sanctioned "Day of Reason" proof that atheism can be a religion?


Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 10 years 29 weeks ago

Shouldn't it be Los Sols?


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n8chz 10 years 29 weeks ago

It is one of myriad ways in which the mainstream kulture rubs the seculars' noses in the fact that they're a numerical minority. It's naked majoritarianism, as usual, because they can.

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

I think it was '52 when Ike added "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance." I suspect he was pressured to do so by the McCarthyite commie hunter. I've heard that Ike led the effort, but i cant say for sure, I was only 3.

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

@Maxrot, yeah it should be Los Sols, but there's probably some NBA uniform rule involved.

DRichards's picture
DRichards 10 years 29 weeks ago

Not all holidays are about worship. Do we worship veterans on Veteran's Day? Do we worship labor on Labor Day? Holidays are often about giving special recognition. I have no problem giving special recognition to reason (over superstition).

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

I think public education's goal is not to make people more intelligent; just the opposite, to make us better consumers.

"Prosecutor Releases Probe Into Undersheriff" - headline from leftwingwacko.com

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 10 years 29 weeks ago

Atheism, the Belief of Unbelief. I wrote a paper on it in High School (my Catholic High School) for my World Religions class.

That's just the way I roll baby.


harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

I had a course in 8th grade that taught you how to do your income tax.

'Course that was then; this is now. I pay a lady to do it.

"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you're still a rat."
Lilly Tomlin

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

@Maxrot re paper: was your paper for or against, and what grade did you get?

Meet John Doh's picture
Meet John Doh 10 years 29 weeks ago

To 141

I think I know what question 142 got right and you got wrong.


Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 29 weeks ago

McVeigh refused appeals process. Should have just sentenced him to life.

Gene Savory's picture
Gene Savory 10 years 29 weeks ago

We should celebrate Labor Day every Friday, with pay.

DRichards's picture
DRichards 10 years 29 weeks ago

Re: Religion

I consider spirituality as being different and separate from religion.

Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 10 years 29 weeks ago

@harry, my paper wasn't for or against, it was just an informative report about Atheism (the class was tasked with chosing a religion and doing just that). If I remember correctly I got a C+ (maybe just a C). I do remember I had to prove to my teacher that it fit the category of religion as he had defined it, I was able to, and thus wrote the paper. Winning that debate with him was the victory I cherish most.


chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 10 years 29 weeks ago

Before TR, Grover Cleveland (a democrat) was saying that government is the only thing protecting us against the iron boot of corporate power. It seems that the republicans were in bed with the corporatists before TR.

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

@Savory: I agree. I've written the production staff and asked them to use Loudon Wainwright's "Tip That Waitress" as bumper music 'cause its my favorite labor song, and each verse can be played as bumper music.

gerald's picture
gerald 10 years 29 weeks ago

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Thom’s listeners want me to be sugar and spice and everything nice. I cannot be what Thom’s listeners want because as I observe the goose-stepping United States of Hell. Here is what I see. Hatred, corruption, and lies are the American way. Our manifest destiny is to kill and maim God’s children. The goose-stepping United States of Hell is the ant-Christ. Americans are into false prophets, lust for money through excessive greed, and our love for nuclear weapons.Women, our country has only boys and no men. The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Yes, women nuclear weapons are very expensive and so our boys never grow up to be men GOOSE-STEPPING AMERICA CAN MAKE OR BREAK ANOTHER COUNTRY. Economic Hit Men

I listened to the John Perkins interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. It was a great interview. America works in three stages to control a country.

Stage One

Economic hit men go into a country and they offer loans to help build up the country. If the country cannot pay back the loan, we take over the majority of the resources for our giant corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton. If the leader of a country does not want to deal with us, we send in the jackals.

Stage Two

The jackals are CIA operatives who are sent into a country to assassinate the leader and overthrow the government. If that does not work, we send in the military.

Stage Three

The military goes into control a country like in Desert Storm. Saddam Hussein did not want to accept loans and become a puppet of the American government. Desert Storm was to soften up Saddam Hussein but he remained a hardliner and so in 2003 shock and awe bombings commenced. I thought it was for the oil but John Perkins said that Iraq also has the water, such as the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. There is also a feeling that the House of Saud is losing control and Iraq would be a good strategic base for American interests. We are really not spreading our democracy we are spreading our corporate influences over these countries.

What is truly amazing is that Stages One, Two, and Three are overt today and not covert. America has accepted Bush as her god and so he can do whatever pleases him.

Americans, for some reason, believe that other countries are corrupt but we are not corrupt and Americans just cannot believe that we are the empire that leads in corruption. America is the most corrupt country on planet, Earth.

America and China are on a collision course toward the end time and the rapture that should make the goose-stepping Americans and Taliban of America very happy. A nuclear holocaust will bring on the end time and the rapture.

May God have mercy on America!

A Nation of Pimps

The United States of Hell is a nation of pimps. Our nation finds whores to screw other countries, like Greece, Iraq, and Iceland. Norway may have also been screwed by us.

As a side note I believe that America should have a national day of reason because in America every ninety seconds is born a stupid American. If we start these national days of reasoning, then in two or three centuries we may have Americans who are not born stupid.

Here is some breaking news!!! Thom Hartmann has been added to the terrorist watch list. The reason for his name on the terrorist watch list is because he has the number one progressive radio show in America and possibly the world.

harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

@maxrot: wow! same thing happened with me with the Boy Scouts! Thats where I learned to masturbate and swim the river to get beer. those knots came in handy. :D

gerald's picture
gerald 10 years 29 weeks ago
Maxrot's picture
Maxrot 10 years 29 weeks ago

@harry, knots, masturbation and swiming for beer... I'm not sure how those equates to my posts, and I'm sorta' afraid to ask...


harry ashburn 10 years 29 weeks ago

@Maxrot re 71: just drawing a similarity between Boy Scouts and organized religion. {)>

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DWeber 10 years 28 weeks ago

The National Day of Reason should be observed and expanded to 365 days a year...Also, calling not believing in God a religion is like calling not playing baseball a sport....

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