Transcript: Thom Hartmann: Who should be in jail - Casey Anthony or Banksters? 6 July '11

Three years ago - a 2-year-old little girl in Florida died.

Also three years ago - crooks on Wall Street swindled the middle-class of America out of 17 trillion dollars and plunged our nation into a Great Depression.

Today - one of those crimes is now resolved - while the other is still festering as a gaping wound in the side of our American legal justice system.

Yesterday - Casey Anthony - the mother of that little 2-year-old little girl - Caylee - who died three years ago was found not guilty by a jury of her peers - closing the book on a 3-year-long saga that's gripped America.

Here are some of the reactions of people around the country to the verdict:

I'm shocked. I'm absolutely shocked. First of all, I think the whole family is guilty of this.

I think she got away with at least manslaughter, yes, murder I can;t be sure. That's a pretty harsh crime.

It's crazy. I thought that she should at least have got more than that just being a mother, knowing how I would have been. And it would have never went down like this.

I don't think any mother around here really wants, you know, they;re going to be in a different state of mind if you lose your kid or something's missing or anything. Even if you say your make-believe baby-sitter or something took them, I mean, you're searching for that person 24/7.

It's really sad that this country's that backwards that Anthony deal. The lady is guilty as the day is long.

The visceral outrage across America to this trial is telling - and it begs the question...

How is it that millions of people across America were so ready to flick the switch on Casey Anthony - yet 12 jurors unanimously found her not guilty? What did millions see that 12 people on a jury didn’t?

The answer...they saw our irresponsible mainstream media.

For the last three years - TV pundits have played the role of judge, jury, and executioner in this case - torching the most basic legal tenet in America that defendants are innocent until proven guilty - and inciting a lynch-mob hell bent on making sure that Casey Anthony got the electric chair.

And in the end - all those “expert” legal analysts got it wrong.

In the end...our legal system worked exactly as it should - a fair trial - and a jury of peers looking at the evidence and coming to a decision.

And if you have a problem with that - then you have a problem with the American legal system - or maybe with that prosecutor - and you should check out how things are done in Somalia where there is no legal system, it's just a libertarian paradise.

Or just appoint Nancy Grace as the final arbiter of all cases - and give her the final say on all legal matters - then we’ll see some unique justice.

But even though the courts got it right yesterday - millions are still outraged - which goes to show us just how influential the media is in shaping our thoughts and emotions.

And it makes me wonder...what if over the last 3 years - instead of putting Casey Anthony on trial - what if our news media had put the banksters on trial?

I don't want to downplay the death of 2-year-old Caylee - but the truth is - that has no effect on any of us who are not close to the Anthony family - and it didn't deserve near the 24-hour cable news coverage it received.

It's simply not need-to-know news.

Whereas what the banksters on Wall Street did 3 years ago effects each and every one of us who live in an America and are now suffering in the second Republican Great Depression.

The Casey Anthony trial may have been the tabloid story of the decade - but what happened on Wall Street is literally the crime of the century and the news media dropped the ball - and feasted on sensationalism instead of substance.

In the three years since the great American swindle - not one legal show on cable news has broken down the mountain of evidence against banksters that has been uncovered by numerous Congressional hearings and investigative journalists.

We've seen the face of one child plastered on our TV screens for 3 years - but never the faces of 15 million children who now live in poverty in America thanks to Wall Street's crimes.

The death of a child is a family tragedy - but the fact that half of all the children in America will - at some point before they become eighteen - depend on food stamps is a NATIONAL tragedy.

We are the richest nation on earth, but we also have the worse poverty of any fully developed nation.

The 400 richest Americans own more wealth than the bottom 150 million of us.

And if our media decided to lead off their news reports over the last 3 years with our wealth gap and how much worse it has become because of the Wall Street's crimes - instead of speculating about a murder trial in Central Florida - then I can promise you that the same anger that's directed toward Casey Anthony today would be directed toward the banksters on Wall Street instead...just as it should.

If the news media did its job the last three years - we wouldn't be talking about "the people versus Casey Anthony" today. Instead it would be "the people versus Lloyd Blankfein - the CEO of Goldman Sachs".

That's the trial America needs - that's the justice most Americans will frankly tell pollsters that they'd like to see.

And until we stamp out Rupert Murdoch style infotainment that puts a premium on tabloid news instead of real news - that creates artificial heroes and villains - and that foments misdirected rage - until we change that, we'll all continue to wander around in this echo chamber of nonsense while our nation goes down the tubes/p>

That's The Big Picture.

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