Transcript: Thom Hartmann: The Big Picture: Imagine a world without Fox News? 25 October '11

Imagine - I can't sing so I'm not even going to try - imagine a world without Fox News... it's easy if you try.

The hack-activist group Anonymous is allegedly planning to launch an attack on the Fox so-called News website - taking it down - on November 5th.

Here's a video - supposedly released by Anonymous - regarding their latest operation:

Citizens of the world and the Internet, we are Anonymous.

Fox News is now a target of Anonymous because of their continued propaganda against the occupations. ...

Anonymous introduces Operation Foxhunt. Anonymous intends on destroying the Fox News website because their continued right-wing conservative propaganda can no longer be tolerated. They use words such as "filthy," "disgusting" and "dirty" to describe the protestors. Since they will not stop belittling the occupiers, we will simply shut them down.

On November 5th...

We can't know for sure if this is REALLY Anonymous - or if the Fox so-called News website will REALLY be taken down.

But we can imagine.

We can imagine what it would be like if there was no Fox News in the world.

What it would be like if millions of Americans went to work in the morning without listening to Carlson, Kilmeade, and Doocy.

Millions of Americans beginning their days without fear of Sharia Law - and the new Black Panther Party - or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Or the millions more going to sleep without fear that President Obama's brown-shirts are coming to get them as Sean Hannity warned.

If there was no Fox News - millionaires would just be called millionaires - and not "job creators".

Christmas would come and go without anyone saying a war had been declared on it.

In a world without Fox News - Ron Paul might actually have a chance to win the Republican nomination.

No Fox News means no job for Sarah Palin - at least no jobs riding around the country in an American flag-draped bus.

Without Fox News - the price of gold plummets - as do sales of survival kits.

As does Tea Party rally attendance - it's already down pretty bad - dropping from about 4 people maybe down to 2 - because without Fox News - there really isn't a Tea Party.

Imagine there's no Fox News - and suddenly Occupy Wall Street is a legitimate organization - with clear goals - and grassroots support.

John Lennon says imagine there's no war...well, without Fox News' constant drumbeat there may not be a war after all.

A world without Fox News is a world that is clearly warming up as a result of man-made carbon pollution - and a world where America is leading the way in doing something about it.

It's a world free from government death panels.

And it's a world where Wall Street is to blame for the financial crisis.

Bye bye Fox News means bye bye to Obama's "czars" - and bye bye to Solyndra scandals - and bye bye to Bill Ayers.

No Fox News means no TV shows for future Republican Presidential candidates - or cheating Governors - or loofah-obsessed egomaniacs - or Watergate felons - or gambling addicted moralizers.

No Fox News means no GOP-TV,the name that Roger Ailes envisioned when he wrote a memo to Richard Nixon's Chief of Staff in the early 70's suggesting the administration invest in creating a television channel to put forward Republican Party talking points under the guise of "news".

A world without Fox News is, frankly, a better world - it's a world where voters will hit the polls next year without being frightened by spin doctors like Frank Luntz.

Unfortunately - that's not the world we live in.

Even if Anonymous shuts down Fox so-called News' website on November 5th - it will only be temporary - and the TV talking heads will continue anyway.

But for one day - maybe just one day - a Fox News-less world could exist - and we'll remember what it was like before Bill O'Reilly told us how to think - before Fox and Friends told us what to be afraid of - and before Hannity told us what it means to be an American.

And we'll all wake up on November 6th - right back into a world WITH Fox News - but decide to turn the channel.

Some may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one.

That's The Big Picture.

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