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th001 2 years 18 weeks ago

(Catching up with old podcasts)

In this show, 12/14/2017, Julio noted that his upload internet speed was only 12 megabits and that he's in a rural area in NJ.

Truth be told, rural NJ or non-rural NJ, all areas are limited to 12 megabits upload if you're on cable. That's an issue with all of my clients (I'm a computer consultant). Nothing to do with being rural.

FIOS has symetric upload/download speeds, but Comcast has asymmetric speeds, so you get fast download and slow upload. That's just the way it is. There may be higher cost business plans with faster uploads, but everyone's home plans are 12 megabits upload and that's it.

Hope you get this message! Do let me know via email if you get this comment. Thanks -- listener since Thom filled in for Al on Air America.

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