Trade & Immigration - Trump's Re-Election Campaign Rolls Forward...

Thom plus logo Donald Trump is basing his reelection on two primary issues: trade and immigration. At their core, both are being sold as jobs issues, and, historically, both have been. American workers know that employers have given many of their jobs to non-citizens who are willing to work cheaper. American workers also know that companies move production overseas for the simple reason that labor is cheaper there. Protectionist trade and citizen-based employment laws have long been policies Democrats have supported to keep labor strong. They both enjoy extremely high support among unionized workers.

Now Trump is adopting them, and if the Democrats don't show that they care about American workers as much as Trump claims to, they will lose working people's support. If Democrats advance positions that Trump can characterize as "open borders," and continue to support Ronald Reagan's "free trade" like Bill Clinton did when he signed the NAFTA deal Reagan negotiated, then Trump may win reelection.



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deepspace 3 years 43 weeks ago

Thom is making the clear and critical points that every American child of every American worker should be taught in grade school. Check out his article about tariffs in the previous thread, which is also at:

His chorus line is "American workers know..."

Or they should know!

BUUUT... when so-called "knowledge" is broken down into the details, vis-à-vis the quality and distribution among white-racist, false-religious Bible-thumpers in 'Meerkkkan backwaters, it's quite apparent that a significant number of otherwise well-intentioned American workers don't know squat!

Especially about how and why they find themselves in a once strong but dwindling middle class.

They vote Republican!

As drooling fools would. And oh how they love Trump's 10,000 (million plus lifetime?) lies since his fake, Electoral College ...ah... "win."

Jaysusmaryandjoseph! What's wrong with white-ass America?

How to break through such willful ignorance at the core of blithering stupidity?

Answer: You can't!

Rex Tillerson said Trump is a "f*cking moron." Lindsey Graham said he's a "f*cking idiot." John Dowd said he's a "f*cking liar." (That's why he didn't want Trump to testify in the Mueller probe.) A f*cking lying idiot. That about sums it up alright. If the radical Christian far, far right deludes themselves that their gawdawful "goD" gave them Trump the Pussy Grabber as their great white hope, well then, they certainly are practicing false religion.

The billionaire-owned Republican Party has been reduced to a sad, ragged chew toy of a rabid Trump foaming at the mouth, a fake billionaire with a very sick ego. It's nothing but a minority party with outsized power, a cesspool of corrupt big-money interests that have nothing to do with American workers and their families or with any notions of democracy and fairness and simple decency. So, are the flag-waving American workers populating Lying Don's base just plain stupid, or are they hopelessly indoctrinated, glassy-eyed, authoritarian followers? In effect, is there a difference?

Democratic leadership should worry over the concerns of their own base of true American workers -- a much larger majority party -- instead of over the howls and screeches of the Orange King and his brain-dead lilly-whitewalkers.

That means to educate the American workers about how to achieve their own best interests instead of those of the filthy, oil-soaked, war-mongering rich.

That means simply to outnumber the Republican army of zombies at the Battle of the Ballot Boxes in the real game of thrones.

Surely, that also means to start PUBLIC impeachment hearings right goddamn now! Mueller handed all the evidence anyone could possibly need on a silver platter, forgodsake!

Educate! educate! educate! the public until the last bit of truth is squeezed out of these bloated liars. And then let the worthless Senate Republican enablers (Hello, Mitch) polish that turd! Let them stubbornly cling to the ass of the Trump crime family ...right before the election for all to see.

At the same time, Democrats must put the aggressive in progressive, instead of cowering behind false political expediency. Explain to the People in no uncertain terms exactly how the powerful historical truth of investing America's wealth back into a strong middle class -- where all wealth originates -- absolutely crushes the weak lies of plutocrats, oligarchs, and fascists who want it all for themselves.

It's simple: Democrats are the party of American workers; Republicans are the party of un-American rich bastards.

(Bastards whose surname in GoT would be "Greed.")

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HotCoffee 3 years 43 weeks ago

Democrats are the party of the workers sleeping on the streets outside their jobs in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Seattle.

The party of neglect. A party that has union teachers begging for fair pay and class's that union thing working for you?

The Democrats are the party that accuses the Republicans of everything they are themselves, racists, liars, hateful, always looking for somthing to rage's really very sad.

A party that divides people into tribes that all want special civil rights rather than equal rights for all. (cause they're all victims ya know!)

The party that hasn't done anything positive in three years years cause they spent all they had on hating Trump while their leaders travel the world trash talking our Country.

Question, If the USA is so bad, especially to Brown People why are they sneaking into the country at the the rate of thousands a day and what are the Democrats doing to make it work.

Vote for the Dems if you want homelessness, over crowded schools, low pay, swamped hospitals and doctors, crime, a destroyed social security system & medicare system, tent cities, and most of all the Dems will share plenty of hate!!

It's your choice.

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deepspace 3 years 42 weeks ago

Thanks for the Fux News regurgitated commentary, and for once again proving this salient point so clearly:

"... when so-called "knowledge" is broken down into the details, vis-à-vis the quality and distribution among white-racist, false-religious Bible-thumpers in 'Meerkkkan backwaters, it's quite apparent that a significant number of otherwise well-intentioned American workers don't know squat!"

And there it is -- an "American worker" suffering from far-right propaganda, political and economic myopia, alternative facts, rewritten history, and radicalized white "Christian" racial bigotry promoted as religion. A little lost troll squatting under a bridge to Nowheresville, Meerkkka, deep in the woods of the laughable, libertarian, gun-totin', weed-country culture of northern California ...or so it would appear from previous, thankfully deleted, posts.

...An American worker who believes her false god gave us Trump.

--who claims Democratic roots but espouses the truly bizarre conspiracies and fantasies of the far-right, white-supremacist bowel movement splashing around Republican toilets these days -- racist crap happily embraced, not so secretly, by the Orange King, the King's Hand, Stephen Miller, and all the lesser Republican lords and ladies in fear of being summarily fired, primaried, or, god forbid, Twitter-bombed during morning bathroom duty in all-cap dumps. This is your president. This is your brain. Please flush.

--who will forever be onboard the Trump Crazy Train hurtling down the tracks with no one at the controls until the inevitable derailment crashes spectacularly into American neighborhoods and TV screens. Maybe then it'll be real. Too late. Or, in the interminable words of Mitch McConnell's turtle corpse standing in the wreckage, "Case closed. [...pause...yawn...] Case closed."

...who doesn't know, or doesn't want to know, which party is responsible for creating the greatest middle class the world has ever seen, despite the constant efforts to the contrary by the other party (guess which).

...who believes the wannabe king's 10,000 moronic lies, and who relishes in his childish insults unbecoming a real statesman, especially on foreign soil.

...who is shamelessly defensive over Donald J. (jerk) Trump's painfully immoral behavior and disgusting attitudes, his lifelong, over-the-top, through and through, inherent corruption, his smelly doggie-bag full of well-documented crimes and endless court cases, his self-dealing phony patriotism, his dangerous and monumental misconceptions, sophomoric mistakes, and B-rated blunders on the world stage, right when humanity desperately needs a person of great conscience in these times of great peril.

...who will always project the sins of Trump and the Republican Party onto Democrats, or anyone else with the audacity to point out the simple truth of liars who refuse to own their own words and deeds.

Why, can you just imagine the torrent of guttural hate hurled at the Seven Gods and the Weirwood trees all across the right-wing kingdoms if the name Clinton or Obama was even remotely attached to just one of the thousand misdeeds of the Mad Trump reign and his Valyrian crime family? Call the dragons and burn 'em all!

Of course, it's a matter of blind faith for these fervent parishioners of a demented demagogue like Trump to blame (not without some merit) the corporate-minded Democratic enablers for the many obvious afflictions of stumblebum Republicanism -- that long, long list of economic, legal, political, cultural, religious, and moral outrages. And don't forget the most egregious of all: taking no action, or galloping off exactly 180 degrees in the wrong direction, in response to the voluminous, irrefutable evidence of human-caused climate disaster.

The full, nearly uncountable list of gross transgressions in the annals of Republican Party infamy will shock uninitiated students of history with such a thick chapter on the hugely negative impacts inflicted upon society and nature itself, all as a direct consequence of the greedy, almost maniacal assault against American workers -- and the People's voice. The decades have taken their toll after installing corporate goons as judges every chance they had and passing unholy legislation that has primarily, by every measure, benefited the Republican donor class of un-American oligarchs, lowlifes, and scoundrels who are traitors to the most important principles in the Constitution of We the People.

As Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and so many other true progressives like Thom have warned for years, the top percent in the orbit of the planet's 2200 billionaires and their black hole of "free" markets are gobbling up the world's wealth, destroying the environment at an unprecedented rate, and turning impoverished workers into lifetime economic slaves through high prices, high debt, and low wages. Religious fantasies and whack-job conspiracy theories might pass for knowledge in the "alternative fact" universe, but we live in an actual dystopia of unsustainable overconsumption, hopeless wealth disparity, endless warfare, worldwide poverty, human suffering at Biblical proportions, and a catastrophic climate breakdown looming over all life on Earth.

The only way to win this real-life Game of Thrones is for the majority members of our species to stop being stupid and start supporting those trying to make a real difference before it's too late. The first step in the right direction for misinformed American workers is to reject the Trump party of lunatics once and for all, pick up the pieces, and evolve.

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Dianereynolds 3 years 42 weeks ago

Hi Hot Coffee, I stumbled back here after clicking on a long hidden bookmark. I hope you are well and had a good winter. I gave up listening to Hatrmann a number of months ago just due to his continual repetitive promoting hate over the airways. I do catch up from time to time on his five minute videos on YouTube which tell me he still is, if not more bitter than he ever was. Too bad for him as he is now looks to be rail thin and very unhealthy.

Regardless, it is nice to see your comments and I wish you all the best. I will check in to stay up to date with you.

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HotCoffee 3 years 42 weeks ago

Hi Diane,

The post above is the first time I've been here since the last time we hooked up here.

The site popped up when I was looking for another site and I thought I'd see if you were still posting!

Interesting that we both ended up here at the same time in the same way.

I'll check back a couple times a week and see if you've posted.

Seems CNN and most leftist sites are struggling and losing viewers.


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