The American Dream is Alive & Well In China

Thom plus logo As we are seeing millions of people in the streets in Hong Kong becoming politically active, we also learned that roughly 70% of Chinese millennials already own their own homes. This is because they have absolutely no student debt and don't have to worry about medical expenses, because China has free college and a single payer healthcare system very much like Canada's. The Chinese middle class has virtually no debt compared to the American working class, and yet conservatives will tell you that America is just too weak and pathetic to offer free college and free comprehensive medical care to its people. Every other developed country in the world, even China, can do it, but the GOP in the Blue Dogs will tell you that it's just not possible here in America.

Maybe that's because in the years since Reagan's last months in office, the top one % has raked in $20 trillion while the bottom 50% has lost $900 billion in wealth. And conservatives think that's just fine.


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