What Would Prevent You From Going Vegan If It both Saved the World & Your Body?

Thom plus logo Want to save the world, save some money, and live a few years longer than you might otherwise? You can do all three at once by simply going vegan. The single most powerful thing that any American can do to fight global climate change is to stop eating meat and dairy products. It's also the single most effective way to prevent a heart attack or a stroke, as we've learned from people like Bill Clinton who have become vegans after having a heart attack.

There are vegan bodybuilders, vegan politicians like Cory Booker, and everyday vegans all across the country who are doing their part to help save this world. Eating meat and dairy not only pollutes the atmosphere and environment, it pollutes your body and your mind. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of age-related dementia, and meat and dairy products speed up the deterioration of your veins and arteries.

In every regard, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your life is to become vegan.



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deepspace 35 weeks 3 hours ago

Ha! Good one, Thom. It's a no-brainer for the world and the human body. The science is solid.

My dad came out of the depression era as a voracious meat eater, along with lots of milk and cheese -- breakfast, lunch, and supper. As expected, he had high cholesterol, suffered multiple heart attacks, and finally died from a massive coronary at 62, even though he was fairly slim and active most of his life, until near the end when his health began to fail. That was a huge wake-up call for the rest of the family.

I ended up more flexitarian than total vegan, insofar as having egg whites in a veggie omelet now and then (from organic, free-range, vegetarian-fed hens). And while camping out, there's nothing like freshly caught Rocky Mountain cutthroat cooked just right over a fire with lemon, butter, basil, lightly salted and peppered. (You can take my skillet when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.)

The Native American friends I had during my youth were avid hunters but only killed to eat. They taught the sacredness of all things, to take a moment in silent prayer before eating to honor the life that gives us life, including plant life.

That's about it nowadays -- no red meat at all. Even leather shoes, belts, gloves, wallets, furniture, etc. can be replaced with non-animal products that are usually superior in quality and much cheaper. It's just a matter of overcoming one's cultural conditioning. The downside, however, is that it's tough to walk into a regular restaurant, where the smell of burning meat can trigger the gag reflex.

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captbebops 34 weeks 6 days ago

Anemia. Vegan diets are not a good solution. We used to argue this all the time on the old message board. This included arguments from medical practitioners. Nutrition is not an ideology. You need to eat what your body needs not what someone else thinks you should eat to save the world.

That said, reducing meat intake is okay as most of the populace eat meat more than necessary but many cannot do entirely without or they may incur medical problems. Biological individuality is the cornerstone of ancient oriental medicine like Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. It is also the cornerstone of modern national typing. And modern medicine may be catching on:


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deepspace 34 weeks 6 days ago

Even as a vegetarian, it's vitally important to select the right kinds of foods. But you're right that everyone is unique; thus, if a human body relies on vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, etc. for its vitamins and protein (which is usually superior to animal protein -- again, depending on one's selection), then it's equally vital (even more so for meat eaters) to get a thorough physical examination at least once a year. (Cory Booker a former football player, certainly is not anemic, and neither are most smart vegetarians.)

Otherwise, generally speaking, modern medical science absolutely recommends to radically reduce one's red-meat intake from the levels most Americans are used to.

BTW, the many resulting benefits of veganism for this very overcrowded planet is not an ideological stance; it is simply science. Ideology and science are completely unrelated -- except in Republican minds.

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deepspace 34 weeks 5 days ago


The larger cause of the epidemic of homelessness in the United States is politics on a national scale during the last several decades, whereby Republicans -- and the corporate Democrats who enable them! -- have handed over our economy, in effect, to the tender mercies of ruthless greedmongers. Their victims, of course, are then kicked to the curb and forgotten, including military veterans by the thousands, while our overly privileged Masters of the Universe incessantly and successfully lobby Congress to radically cut their fair share of taxes. As a direct result of this out-of-control cronyism and sellout, individual states have less help from the Federal Government to deal with the underlying reasons for the homeless plight.

>>>Meanwhile<<< ...back to an even larger problem (also caused by Republican intransigence and corruption in their mad pursuit to please their filthy-rich donor class at the expense of the little people), the looming climate catastrophe is threatening the future of everything, let alone the world's economies.

Go, Boaty McBoatface!

Beloved submarine Boaty McBoatface makes a big scientific find.
The autonomous yellow submarine is making waves in climate science.

The following is an excerpt:

Michael Mann, the Director of the Earth System Science Center (ESSC), told Salon via email that Boaty’s findings are important, and point to an important connection, but that many small-scale processes relevant to tidal mixing are not generally represented in ocean general circulation models.

“So the point that the processes in question are missing from current climate models is really a by-product of the fact that many sub-grid scale mixing processes are missing from those models,” Mann said. “With regard to this larger point, this finding is a concern because it points to one of the reasons that the models have underestimated the rate of ice sheet disintegration.”

Mann added that critics often claim that climate scientists are “alarmist and have overstated the risks.”

“But the reality is—and this is a case in point—that if anything, we have underestimated key risks like sea level rise because our models were missing processes that can actually lead to a faster rate of ice loss and sea level rise,” Mann said. “The take-home point is that uncertainty exists—but it is not our friend. As we continue to resolve key uncertainties, we’re learning that bad things can happen faster than we had originally predicted.”

--Nicole Karlis @nicolekarlis

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captbebops 34 weeks 5 days ago

I happen to have a friend who worked on the original climate change research back in the early 1990s. It was commissioned by the Pentagon to find what the weather would be like in coming years where they wanted to put military bases. Similarly the Pentagon also commissioned a study which was published in 2003 on a coming mini ice age. NASA began studying the effects of solar minimums in the 1989 and they are learning more. We are in a solar minimum now. Keep a winter coat around for summer.

If you want to end human caused global warming ban humans.

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deepspace 34 weeks 5 days ago

Or at least tell the infestation of humans to shut up and go sit in the corner until they agree to do their homework.

And let's not forget that Exxon Mobile buried their own scientists' dire warnings about global warming back in the 70s.

I like your irony, captbebops, even though we evidently have disagreements about the science of diet and climate change.

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haginmatt 34 weeks 1 day ago

Yes I would; however, there is a way to get protien that would be good for you: BUGS!

If they can make plant based burgers that taste like meat, and I've had some good ones, they sure could use bugs for the same purpose - and aesthetically improve the experience. I've had several varieties of bugs and they taste just fine if you don't look.

Millions of people in the world eat bugs. They are plentiful, reproduce at and astounding rate, and are aren't loveable enough to inspire guilt.

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Kilosqrd 25 weeks 5 days ago

Climate change is a fraud. A lie.

Barack Obama just paid $14.8 million for an estate on Martha's Vineyard. It is beachfront property. Why would he or anyone do that if it was going to be wiped out in 10-20 years because of climate change/rising sea levels?

I am waiting for an answer.

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