How Do We Help the Victims of This "Reality Star" President?

Thom plus logo When Donald Trump was doing a reality show for NBC, he was messing with a few peoples lives - and apparently delighting in it - but the impact was minimal. Now he is quite literally running a daily reality show out of the White House and messing with the lives of all Americans and the planet more broadly. He's still delighting in the power and control, but the damage that he's doing now is far greater than what he did to the few people who were his victims on reality TV.

The American press needs to begin covering Trump as a reality show host rather than a president, because that is the simple reality.



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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 3 days ago

Happy Saturday HotCoffee.

Just reading the headline titles of Thoms blog posts, it is very apparent he is in a state of full depression and despair. He is clearly not a happy individual.

You were 100% correct in your prediction that the Epstein debacle was just another plan to get rid of President Trump. I believe they don't care if they throw a number of democrats with them under the bus. Bill Clinton, without Secret Service aboard, logged 27 trips on the Lolita Express. Donald Trump threw Epstein out of his golf club 15 years ago but was seen at a party that Epstein attended so it's immediately, orange man bad.

Remember the total idiots that had the gall to mock Vice President Pence because he would only attend a dinner if his wife was with him? It turns out Pence is 100 times smarter than all leftie media, pitiful late might comics, and "progressive" radio talking head dummies put together.


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HotCoffee 51 weeks 3 days ago

A beautiful Saturday to you Diane,

Your right about Thom and most of the left.

Did you happen to see this?

JonBenét Ramsey’s former photographer indicted on child porn charges
by Chris Perez

An Oregon man who reportedly photographed JonBenét Ramsey just months before her unsolved 1996 murder — and was later arrested for walking down a street naked, muttering “I didn’t kill JonBenét” — was indicted this week on child porn charges.

Randall DeWitt Simons, 66, was arraigned Thursday following a year-long investigation by the Oakridge Police Department, according to The Register-Guard.

He had been taken into custody on July 2, with authorities executing a search warrant on his home just days earlier — which turned up four laptops, three camcorders, two bags of writable optical discs and six cameras.

I recall Bad Orange Man creating an EO to stop trafficing and confiscate the assets of the crimnals.

Much more to be exposed me thinks!

Anytime one of these creeps go down it's time to enjoy a beautiful day!

Be safe our Louisiana deplorables we're praying for you!

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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 3 days ago

HotCoffee, that Ramsey story in interesting. I had not seen that.

One more before I forget.

It appears that the "green New Deal " is a con job.

Alexandria Occasional Cortex is too stupid to plan this but she does make a useful idiot for others,

AOC’s Chief of Staff Admits the Green New Deal Is Not about Climate Change

"Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti admitted recently that the true motivation behind introducing the Green New Deal is to overhaul the “entire economy.”

This is the same chief of staff for Cortex that diverted nearly a $1 million in campaign funds. Where the hell did that cash come from and go to?

So we have huge amounts of money missing form Cortex fund and Omar "forgets" who her husband is and also "forgets" to pay income tax. But, I forgot she is a Muslim woman and everyone else is a racist. Tucker Carlson pins this fraud down every chance he gets and lately it is every night.

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HotCoffee 51 weeks 2 days ago


Tuckers been doing a great job...he's even had Bearman on...Bearman (sp) is a S.F. radio hack....that trashed Trump for 4 hrs a day until he was fired.

more on S.F. radio here

Here's a whole site of good news for you. Nice to hear something good from time to time.

Here's the site, just take your pick.

have a great evening!

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HotCoffee 51 weeks 2 days ago

AOC's dream come true

No power

No lights

No cow farts

and No Cops!

Power Failure Hits Manhattan’s West Side

  • Subway stations were plunged into darkness, people were stranded in elevators and Times Square’s lights were shut off.
  • It was not immediately clear what caused the power failure
  • Be good to each other NYC !

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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 2 days ago

Good Morning HotCoffee.

I turned on the news last night and caught the coverage of the power outage in NYC. I am sure everybody's first thought was terrorism. I suspect the malcontent lefties will be blaming President Trump starting first thing this morning.

I have had a fair amount of training in basic urban survival skills and I will never forget reading a first hand account of some of the people who were actually trapped in debris during that day in 2001 when "some people did something". Knowing all communications were out and the only hope they had was someone hearing them and with all the dust in the air shouting was nearly impossible, every one of them said they wished they had a flashlight with them. Something to signal responders or find an exit.

Their comments made a big impression on me and to this day I have never left the house without at least a small flashlight with one mode that is very bright and one mode that would last for days on one AAA battery. After a bit of first responder training, I now have all our family cars carrying at least two flashlights, a glass breaker, a fire extinguisher, and a carefully chosen first aid kit complete with tourniquets and foil rescue blankets stolen from those kids Trump personally locked up in obama's cages.

Never needed any of those items but I do find a use for my small pocket flashlight nearly every day.

Yep, I am a bit over the top but I bet I could have sold my flashlights in NYC last night for a pretty penny.

Later on.

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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 2 days ago

One more thing HotCoffee. Thank you for both these links. Full of information you might not hear on FOX and I guarantee would never be mentioned by the leftie/socialist media or communist radio talking heads. Both are bookmarked for daily viewing.

Those two sites could defuse every single premise that comes out of any leftie/socialists mouth with videos and facts.

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HotCoffee 51 weeks 2 days ago

G'morning Diane,

Your welcome to the sites.

My first thought was if the lights didn't come on soon there would be massive looting...glad it didn't happen.

I have a similar medi kit in my bathroom complete with compression bandages...even a medi helicopter would take at least 1/2 hr to get here if needed But I need to put two kits togther for the auto's. bad!

One good thing about being a hardware hag is we always had a camping section in the store so I could buy a little something every week.

Always keep several mag lites of different sizes around and in the car as well as a leatherman.

Here's another site where you might want to look around....

It's a beautiful Sunday .. going for a walk....have a great day!


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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 2 days ago

I did my walk at 6 this morning. One hour four miles. Every day whether I need it or not.

I had not seen Trump's tweet but I did find it and read it in its entirety. I love the line the lefties will pound out in all caps, bold. "Trump tells Omar to go back to Africa."

What none of them will do is finish his tweet that says

"Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how...., is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!"

You will never hear Hatrmann or any leftie/socialist repeat the last part of his tweet.

BTW, I think Trump is totally correct. Omar is in such a mess in MN with multiple violations and lying but sadly her district is locked up and the only way she will be ousted is if the dems primary her out and they tried that last election with a really solid Hispanic candidate but she was run over by thousands of Somali voters.

Personally, I think that "squad" of four malcontents is good for the Republicans. It's almost like Trump planted them in Congress for his benefit.

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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 1 day ago

Good Day HotCoffee.

It's Monday and as usual, I will try to catch the first five minutes of Thom's show. Unless he has a "guest" I predict he will only read a few carefully chosen words from President Trump's tweet yesterday. All good humour and part of his hate America travelling show.

I wonder if he has ever seen this short video of democrats supporting Trump's views on immigration?

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Dianereynolds 51 weeks 1 day ago

I was wrong HotCoffee, it took Hatrmann less than one minute to recite only President's partial tweet.

I suspect he will drone on for the entire show screeching about the fact he is not white.

Time for Limbaugh.

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HotCoffee 51 weeks 1 day ago

Hey Diane,


Quite the hilarious dilemma. Pass the Orville Redenbacher while we watch them cannibalize themselves in Donner Party 2: Election Boogaloo.

Oh Nancy Pelosi, you thought you could harness the eager energy of these Socialist Sisters of Mediocrity for your own purposes, but you didn’t quite understand the situation. For limo libs like you – literally, because you’re a zillionaire – all this “for the little guy” stuff was always just a pose and a cynical scam. You don’t believe it. You just exploit it because you figure that the shiftless saps and lay-about suckers are your constituency will like it, and they do. You talk a good game about helping and caring for the downtrodden, but if one of the local bums tried to use the sidewalk in your neighborhood as a john, you’d have the Scat Francisco PD all over him like Jerry Nadler on a doughnut.

You’ve gotten used to posing as the heroic rebel voice speaking out in a stirring defense of the status quo that made you rich n’ powerful. All the other Democrats used to feel the same way. You were all in on the scam. Wink, nod and back to business as usual. But these dummies, leveraging their youthful inexperience, actually believe the nonsense they spew – that you all spew – and they are now learning that you really don’t.


might have company today.... maybe more later...

Happy monday!

Coalage3 50 weeks 6 days ago

Common sense from Steve Cortes:


The iconic late poet Maya Angelou once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” That simple advice seems especially relevant regarding the American left in 2019. Both politicians and activists of the Democratic media complex scurry to charge racism against President Trump and our nationalist movement, when in reality they themselves employ brutally divisive political strategies buttressed by their own increasingly bigoted thinking.

Sadly, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley echoes the divisive designs of my cable news counterparts. Specifically, she told the uber-leftist “woke-palooza” Netroots Nation crowd that “we don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.” Her message -- really her warning -- was crystal clear: We on the left view you not as a human being with thoughts and dignity and a soul, but rather as a skin-deep political robot. As such, deviations from the progressive party line will not be tolerated, particularly from minorities. Her thinking flows from the same bigoted philosophy that attacked me on CNN Monday night.

Moreover, many minorities like me gravitate to President Trump not because he speaks delicately or because he never offends us (or others), but rather because he has become the political warrior we need. He fights the status quo at home and abroad and demands that the interests of working-class Americans – many of whom are black and brown – take priority. Thus, he works for secure borders to protect minority citizens from illegal alien crime and unfair workforce competition, and restructures trade deals that had decimated manufacturing in America. He has also unleashed the power of small business through tax and regulatory relief, a particularly powerful propellant for our highly entrepreneurial Hispanic communities. This growth explains why Hispanic wage growth now vastly exceeds the national average, a stark contrast to the slow-growth Obama era. Such real-world, tangible improvements easily eclipse the false promises and lofty rhetoric the Democrats have directed toward minorities for decades.

This resurgence will not be deterred by the fear-mongering and intimidation of luminaries of the New York Times, TV news, and the halls of Congress. Their bigotry must be exposed. Their paradoxical prejudice must be revealed. And when these self-serving, manipulative leftist bigots show us who they are, believe them.

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to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."
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