How Should the Democrats Deal with the Fact That Trump's Base Loves His Cruelty on the Border?

Thom plus logo While most of America is shocked and horrified by the stories and pictures coming out of Trump's concentration camps, part of America is delighted. Trump's base thinks it's just fine that he is so brutal and cruel, and their answer to any question about conditions on the southern border is, "Well, if people don't want to be stuck in these conditions, then they shouldn't come to the United States."

This argument is how Trump and the media divert our attention from why these people are coming: a five-year climate-change-driven drought in central America that is wiping out millions of family farms, along with the political violence caused by American meddling all the way back to the Reagan administration. Until the countries of the Americas, particularly the United States, address these issues, the refugee crisis will continue to get worse, and, like in Europe, the anti-immigrant base will continue to grow and thus increase Trump's domestic political power.

Democrats need to raise the causes of this crisis every time they mention the horrors and brutality of Trump's response to it.


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