How Should the Democrats Deal with the Fact That Trump's Base Loves His Cruelty on the Border?

Thom plus logo While most of America is shocked and horrified by the stories and pictures coming out of Trump's concentration camps, part of America is delighted. Trump's base thinks it's just fine that he is so brutal and cruel, and their answer to any question about conditions on the southern border is, "Well, if people don't want to be stuck in these conditions, then they shouldn't come to the United States."

This argument is how Trump and the media divert our attention from why these people are coming: a five-year climate-change-driven drought in central America that is wiping out millions of family farms, along with the political violence caused by American meddling all the way back to the Reagan administration. Until the countries of the Americas, particularly the United States, address these issues, the refugee crisis will continue to get worse, and, like in Europe, the anti-immigrant base will continue to grow and thus increase Trump's domestic political power.

Democrats need to raise the causes of this crisis every time they mention the horrors and brutality of Trump's response to it.



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HotCoffee 3 years 48 weeks ago

Hi Diane,

So, is Thom saying that people walk a thousand miles north and cross the river and look for a person in uniform to turn themselves in to so they can go to our concentration camps?

Anyway... I'll post this for the 4th....enjoy!

last but not least....

Happy Birthday America.

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Dianereynolds 3 years 48 weeks ago

Happy 4th HotCoffee.

I really don't pay a lot of attention to Hatrmann any more. I am convinced he is just trying to keep his income afloat by putting out ten books per year and stirring yo hatred for the benefit of his lemmings. It looks from the title of his latest rant he is pissed because Trump is using obama's "cages" to house illegals.

If you want a flavor of his tripe, go to his youtube channel and you will only have to read the titles of the 5 minute clips to understand what I mean.

That said, neither of us will have to endure antifa while watching fireworks tonight, that is a pleasant thought. It's a tribute to leftieism to see how Portland and Seattle have destroyed themselves in just a decade or two.

Your videos were beautiful but I did discover you are a bigoted misogynistic racist.

In the first video there were far more old white men than women and the total absence of anyone of significant color made it clear the conductor despised black people.

I do give you credit as at 2:28 into the video there was a what appeared to be a woman of Asian descent playing the violin. By the stern look on her face, she has been obviously oppressed all her life. In fact, the few women in the choir were clearly forced to sing ala "The Handmaids Tale".

The second video shockingly showed only black people. Great vocalists but I saw no overtly gay, lesbian, or transexuals.

Lee Greenwood? He is a flippin white guy from just south of LA. Could you not find some white nazi to sing that song? Greenwood is far too normal if your intent is to destroy America.

What's going on here? You need to be more "inclusive" and "community" oriented.

Get "woke" kid.

I just can't resist.

Happy Birthday America!!!!!

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HotCoffee 3 years 48 weeks ago


OK I'm busted...just can't ecape those labels no matter what...LOL.

Have a great day...:)

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HotCoffee 3 years 48 weeks ago

So if the Dems want to skip the annual Independence Day parade – ostensibly due to the cost – let them. They’re only spoiling it for themselves. I suspect they would have complained about the cost of our actual independence as well as they certainly don’t seem to approve of any of the nation’s founding principles. Is there anything about America the Dems don’t want to destroy?

all others...celebrate here


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deepspace 3 years 48 weeks ago

Troll #1:

No, that's not what Thom is saying; that's what you are saying -- dredged-up bilge water from a brain that filters out reality, a microcosm of Trump's America.

Troll #2:

As usual, you exude racism from every pore of your deplorable basket.

Thom's Blog graciously, although disingenuously, provides a platform for trolls to spread hate and disinformation. You should be more appreciative in abusing your freedom of speech.

Not because they want to but because they have to, Central American families are fleeing for their lives and for their children's future. They are facing unimaginable hardship and danger at home, risking death, rape, and all manner of human predations to seek asylum and a new life in the "land of the free."

Whatever further inhumanity greets our fellow human beings at the U.S. border by Trump's unholy gulag of concentration camps and jackbooted thugs flaunting shoulder-patch flags -- a broken system perpetrating atrocities in our name that nonetheless pales in comparison to the nightmarish dystopia from which the refugees are fleeing -- such gratuitous cruelty of right-wing Republicans will never deter them. Neither did the monumental struggles of their own epic journeys deter our desperate yet eternally optimistic ancestors.

The American Flag does not represent our military might nor the strong over the weak. And it certainly does not represent the bigoted viewpoint of a smarmy blowhard who emulates the dictators he so admires.

No, one of the greatest strengths of the world's melting pot is our ethnic diversity, not homogeny. We can't all be pasty-faced "European descendants" with big bellies concealing scary guns, and big butts tattooed with the "Southern Cross," a traitor's flag. We can't all be self-righteous, hypocritical cowards who embody Trump's worst pathologies; who scapegoat other people as the cause of all their problems; who bully and torture innocent men, women, and children to satisfy their deepest depravities given agency by Trump's heavy-handed policies.

It would be a much better country -- a much better world! -- if the vile infestation of racist white nationalists and hateful Christianists were displaced by the brave, family-oriented, freedom-seeking immigrants who risk everything to reach a sanctuary for the downtrodden, to become a functioning part of this grand experiment in democracy, to gain citizenship, work hard, and follow the founding principles enshrined in the Constitution.

These soaring principles shining forth from the American flag are the exact opposite of the low-minded wickedness lurking behind the unprincipled proclamations of an autocratic predator, who is molesting the flag. This ridiculous fool is a fake patriot with fake bone spurs who will go down in history as a stain on that flag, which is meant to represent the true patriots-- of all ethnicities -- who fought and died, lived and struggled to build this bountiful nation.

May God have mercy on America's soul.

Today, a megalomaniacal, lowlife flimflammer is trying to make the nation's birthday celebration all about himself, just as Tricky Dick had done when facing imminent impeachment. His Highness Trump and his traveling clown show are frantically escalating his doomed campaign to distract his blind devotees from "...What [they're] seeing and what [they're] reading..." His stunning corruption, criminality, and lies have now reached all the way up to the lofty steps of the Lincoln Memorial (the first Republican president, dizzy from spinning in his grave), and on a day cherished by citizens of all stripes and colors.

Instead, in these dark times, our hearts and minds should find common cause with those unwashed masses languishing in their own filth and stench and sicknesses; with those traumatized children forcibly separated from their loved ones and abandoned in cold, windowless cages like wild animals without showers, private toilets, clean clothes, soap, toothpaste, decent food, fresh water -- or without enough food, water, hope, consolation, and the human touch. "Welcome to America!"

Their struggle is our struggle.

Coalage3 3 years 48 weeks ago

The truth is that the democrats, and republicans, are just as much to blame for the invasion as anything that Trump has done (maybe more so). By the way, I thought the democrats were saying there was no crisis. Everybody remember that ill-fated proclamation? Remember the first pictures of children in cages? You do remember they were from the Obama administration? Remember AOC's fake tears? There really is no question now the democrats are for open borders regardless of the consequences to the country. The presidential candidates are trying to come up with non-sensical explanations of their positions. This is not a winning issue for the dems. NO ONE likes to see children put into holding cells, or separated from their parents. But most of them should not even be there to start with. They are there illegally. Their parents are breaking the law. If you don't like the law, then change it.

Trump has been saying since he took office that congress needs to act to address the illegal immigration disaster. And he is right. Trump maintains that he is just trying to enforce the law which exists now. Of course, everyone really knows the democrats don't give a rats behind about the health and well being of illegal immigrants. If they really cared about their condition, they would work with the republicans to come up with common sense legislation. I know thats an oxymoron as far the dems are concerned, but one can hope.

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Dianereynolds 3 years 48 weeks ago

Good Friday HotCoffee, I hope you had a great fourth of July. It was fun watching all the leftie/socialists hand wringing over the display in Washington DC yesterday. President Trump gave a great speech and avoided politics. Very moving to watch the Blue Angels flyover. Also interesting to see the Abrams M1 tank is now back into production. Good to see a president that supports the military back in the WH. President mom jeans was a handful if you were a supporter of the armed forces and their related equipment. Oddly, Trumps proposal for a Space Force makes total sense as in the future, technology attacks damage will exceed the need for manpower, bullets and bombs. President Reagan had it right and too few listened.

I hear you in CA will get yet another new law. Pelosi's nephew just signed a "hair discrimination law into effect. No, you can make it up. It's real and begs the question when someone is injured on the job because their dredlocks were caught in the machinery, do they sue the company or Newsome or the State of CA. Either way, thank God we have big brother watching your every move. I know it's beautiful but I could not live in your state but I suspect you are remote enough to not be directly affected.

back later.

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago


The hair thing sure came as a suprise....I have hired & fired many workers in S.F. when I worked there as a manager and never heard a word about hair except in a resturant food prep situation...but then I left S.F. in see if I liked country living. Now when I rarly visit S.F. I'm so glad when I get back home!

We do have many good folks in Ca. and a few good politicians such as Devin Nunes, whom I would like to see run for Governor. Do recall Regan was from Ca. So the tide can turn again especially as the insanity increases.

Most of the rift raff are actually from other states that moved here cause they couldn't push that crap back where they came from.

Here in the remote areas people don't much pay attention to S.F. critters and are split roughly 50 50 politicaly. Inland and far northern Ca. is much more sane. Hence the contant threat to split the state into 3 states.

Having fresh trout this 4th & 5th from a lake in eastern Ca. Yum!

The Dems want chaos at the border they think it helps their cause, I think even the people of Ca. want an orderly process and this will backfire. For some reason the Dems don't care about the people going through an orderly process that follows the law...I guess they aren't important....just give us the lawless, the cartels and gang bangers.

Glad Trump said something needs to be done for the homeless.

Going to check what's going on today a take a trip into town......later!

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago


4 min



DallasNews reported in late June:

A new series of lawsuits allege a serial murder suspect’s path of violence through Dallas and Collin counties was even wider than previously believed.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, was already accused of killing 12 elderly women in Dallas and Collin counties. The lawsuits allege six more elderly victims, including one man.

Family members filed the six separate lawsuits Tuesday against The Tradition-Prestonwood, an upscale senior living complex where eight of the people died. The complex is operated by The Tradition, a company that owns four senior living communities in Dallas and Houston.

and last

Something San Francisco This Way Comes West Coast craziness coming to a community near you. back tomorrow.

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Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

Hi HotCoffee.

I assume you are well away from any issues with the current spate of shakers.

Training church groups to form security teams this weekend. Lot's of interest and now that Florida recognizes the parkland shooting could have been far less damaging than it was, Florida has is now actively training and arming teachers. Good move on their part and glad they are joining the many other states that already have that in place.


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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

Those who know and understand Trump the most have stated for the record:

  • "In terms of the conservative movement, I do think it would be foolish to deny that Trump has exposed certain aspects of that movement as less healthy than I thought or hoped." --Bill Kristol (No sh*t, Sherlock!)

  • "He's a f*cking idiot." -- Lindsey Graham
  • An "idiot" and a "Dope." --H.R. McMaster
  • "a f*cking moron" --Rex Tillerson
  • "an idiot surrounded by clowns." "Dumb as sh*t." --Gary Cohn
  • "an empty vessel when it comes to things like the constitution and rule of law." --Scott Pruit
  • "like an 11-year-old child" --Steve Bannon
  • "the understanding of “a fifth- or sixth-grader.” --Jim Mattis
  • racist, misogynist and bigot” --Manigault Newman
  • "a f*cking liar." --John Dowd
  • "Trump is not only willing to lie, but he doesn't get bothered by it, doesn't feel guilty about it, isn't preoccupied by it. There's an emptiness inside Trump. There's an absence of a soul. There's an absence of a heart." --biographer Tony Schwartz.
  • "It is him almost demanding you believe something so fantastic and so ludicrous, that the listener winds up thinking: 'Am I crazy to be thinking about this?'" --biographer Michael D'Antoni
  • "[Trump] just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it” --Jared Kushner

And from the highest court in the kingdom:

[The Supreme Court is] “not required to exhibit a naivete from which ordinary citizens are free.” --Chief Justice Roberts quoting judge Henry Friendly.

(Translation: just about everybody on the planet knows Trump is a f*cking liar and idiot, and the Supreme Court can't pretend otherwise.)

All of the above is only a small sample of what just a few prominent Republicans, in their heart of hearts, had to say in public. In private, the list is much longer and even more revealing.

In other words, the goof-ball red-hats have strayed so far to the hate/fear/lie, far-right extreme even the so-called "adults in the room" (haha) do not consider them true Republicans. (Whatever the hell that means nowadays.)

After their illegitimate president's heavy, heavy karma comes due next November -- and if he can miraculously avoid prison somehow -- perhaps the nation's f*cking idiots, liars, and trolls will start their own third party and march off into oblivion.

Call it the MAGA Party (Make Assholes Go Away).

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago


That's a great way to enjoy the 4th weekend.

We're having a picnic on the river that's about 800 ft from our abode. Watch the dragon flys soar up & down the river.

Have all the Dems turned into narcissists??

http://How Narcissists Play the Victim and Twist the Story


6 Toxic Arguing Techniques Used by Narcissists and Manipulators

and much more to see and read @ this site.

can be applied to Thom's question.


I'm actually at the top of the San Andres and the bottom of the The Cascadia fault system. Could be affected by either one if they go off.

CBS reporter John Blackstone asked him about the warning technology, “On the San Andreas fault, we’re waiting for the big one. On the Cascadia fault, we’re waiting for the really big one?”

I was in S.F. for the Loma Preita in 89'....close to candlestick park during the world series.

Have fun!

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

Hot Sh*t says:

"6 Toxic Arguing Techniques Used by Narcissists and Manipulators

and much more...

can be applied to Thom's question."


If Hot Lips had read this article with a clear mind and even a modicum of situational awareness (and when pigs fly), she would have immediately recognized that the author, Darius Cikanavicius, is describing Trump to a T.

ALERT: Thom's opinions can be backed up by solid facts and actual history, whereas Trump's delusional musings, like the gibberish of his obedient trolls, is backed up by...


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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago

Well I love Mexican food and Mexican people and I'm glad Mexican people are here and brought the rest of their culture with them.

now the other side of the story.......

Maybe Congress should walk a mile in these people’s shoes. The urgency to have a wall built at the border may not seem like a crisis for some. One such person is Kari Wade, who, with her family, owns a ranch just 50 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

The border rancher recently responded to a Facebook comment when someone asked, “Where’s the fire” in regards to the urgency of President Trump to build the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. . . .Let me tell you where the fire is:

The “fire” is finding dead bodies on your ranch, … the “fire” is waking up to unknown people talking in your attic, the “fire” is dogs barking all night when your closest neighbor is 7-25 miles depending on the direction to just realize there are people outside your barn, the “fire” is having to come home after dark and have to carry a rifle to go feed your livestock after BP tells you that they only caught 9 of the 15 they are looking for.

The “fire” is making a choice… do I take my child with me to a dark barn to feed and hold the flashlight or lock him in the house, so you lock him in the house and call a friend to let them know he’s home alone and if they don’t hear back from me to come check on us. The “fire” is you don’t feel comfortable letting your child play outside without being in eyeshot of them. The “fire” is having large drug busts on your ranch. The “fire” is feeling sick to your stomach every time the helicopter swirls your house because you know they are chasing people because you can hear them on the speaker talking to them. The “fire” is seeing the BP camera set-up 1/2 mile from your house. The “fire” is coming home after dark…your children are driving in front of you as one is of age to drive, and there are officers on your road watching illegals 1/4-1/2 mile from your house and you have to call your children and tell them to keep driving, don’t stop at the house.

The “fire” is coming home to your backdoor wide open.

The “fire” is real for me, my family, and my community.

MURDER & MAYHEM Mexico murder bloodbath spirals out of control reaching all-time high with 94 killings every DAY

So how do you stop it??


Have an orderly, lawful, process allowing people who go through the process sucessfuly to enter. Gee, we aleady have that now if the Dems would just let us use it!

The same is true for all immigrants....come legally.

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"It turns out that Trump's base isn't in this because they're bamboozled by fascist theatrics or swept up in Trump's gaudy, cheap version of glamour. What this has always been about for the Trumpers is making a stand for white supremacy and male domination. While they may indeed long for some cheesy bombast, they will continue to stand there on a drizzly evening, even when all the glitz is stripped away and their reality TV leader is looking lame behind a wet barricade.

This is important: What drives the Trump base isn't actually Donald Trump himself. It's the bigotry. Everything else is gravy."

--Amanda Marcotte

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"The Cruelty Is the Point.

President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear."

--Adam Serwer

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"Nothing About Trump Matters But the Racism."

--Elspeth Reeve

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"It’s the Cruelty, Stupid.

Donald Trump continues to remind us that he does not care about the pain and hardships of racial minorities."

--Charles M. Blow

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"Trump's fans think he's a macho he-man — he's really a moral weakling who preys on women and kids.
Trump and his supporters want you to think of him as strong and manly, but he won't pick on someone his own size."

--Amanda Marcotte

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"The evidence of Trump’s crimes against humanity is piling up"

-- Joe Conason

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"Doctors describe black box of medical care in detention facilities: 'That is not medical care. That's malpractice.'"

--Jen Christensen and Michael Nedelman

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"13,000 migrant children in detention: America's horrifying reality"

-- Alice Driver

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

"Currently, there are almost 13,000 unaccompanied alien children in our care, and we expect that number to rise during the new year."

-- Donald Trump

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

Tracking 29 Investigations
Related to Trump

By Larry Buchanan and Karen Yourish (updated July 2, 2019):

Federal Criminal Investigations

Federal prosecutors are pursuing more than a dozen criminal investigations that grew out of the work of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. These are the ones we know about. Select an investigation to see more.

1. Trump inaugural committee donations and spending --Southern District of New York (Inauguration)

2. Trump inaugural committee donations / committee chairman’s ties to Middle East -- Eastern District of New York (Associate; Inauguration)

3. Business and political dealings of top fund-raiser for Trump’s campaign and inauguration --Justice Department’s public integrity section (Associate; Campaign; Inauguration; Presidency)

4. Possible role of Trump and others in concealing hush money payments --Southern District of New York (Business; Campaign; Presidency)

5. Whether Trump’s lawyers offered presidential pardon to Cohen --Southern District of New York (Presidency)

6. Allegations of inflated insurance claims --Southern District of New York (Business)

7. Pending prosecution of Roger J. Stone Jr. --United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia (Campaign)

8. Possible lobbying violations by firms recruited by former Trump campaign chairman -- Southern District of New York

9. Pending prosecution of former Manafort associate --United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia

10. Bank officer who sought Trump administration job --Southern District of New York

State and Local Investigations

Authorities in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., are also examining Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates through various — mostly civil — investigations.

11. Trump Organization insurance practices --New York Department of Financial Services (Business)

12. Contributions to Trump inaugural committee --New Jersey attorney general (Inauguration)

13. Role of Trump’s children and businesses in Trump’s inauguration --District of Columbia attorney general (Business; Inauguration)

14. Pending criminal prosecution of Manafort on state mortgage fraud charges --Manhattan district attorney (Associate)

15. Allegations of misused charitable assets, self-dealing and campaign finance
violations by the Trump Foundation --New York attorney general (Business; Campaign)

16. Allegations that the Trump Organization inflated financial assets --New York attorney general (Business)

17. Trump family’s tax schemes --New York attorney general (Business)

18. Whether Trump and his family underpaid taxes --New York City (Business)

Congressional Investigations

In the months since Democrats took control of the House, several committees have opened inquiries that could turn up politically damaging or embarrassing material or, in the case of the obstruction investigation, lead to impeachment proceedings.

19. Potential foreign influence over Trump and possible attempts to obstruct justice --House Intelligence Committee (Business; Campaign; Inauguration; Presidency)

20. Possible role of Trump and others in concealing hush money payments --House Oversight and Reform Committee (Business; Campaign; Presidency)

21. Possible obstruction of justice and abuse of power by Trump and his administration --House Judiciary Committee (Business; Campaign; Inauguration; Presidency)

22. Possible abuses of the White House security clearance process --House Oversight and Reform Committee (Presidency)

23. Whether Trump misrepresented his net worth --House Oversight and Reform Committee (Business)

24. Alleged use of private messaging by White House officials --House Oversight and Reform Committee (Presidency)

25. Trump’s tax returns --House Ways and Means Committee (Business)

26. Trump’s communications with Putin --House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight and Reform Committees (Presidency)

27. Possible money laundering --House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees (Business)

28. Russian interference in the 2016 election --Senate Intelligence Committee (Campaign)

29. Proposed U.S. nuclear venture in Saudi Arabia --House Oversight and Reform committee (Presidency)

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

Back in October 2016 when everyone, including Trump, thought Hillary was going to win, House Republicans were preparing for "years" of investigations (with evidence of... nothing!).

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who could barely contain himself while quivering with anticipation and salivating on his tie over the prospect of endless hearings, said, “It’s a target-rich environment.

Yeah? And what has Hillary EVER been convicted of, except pure right-wing bullsh*t (to use Trump's go-to word)? Name any investigation at all -- and there were many -- that found her guilty of... A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

After all, it's not like she is Donald J. Trump.

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deepspace 3 years 47 weeks ago

LMAO... Almost forgot...

Somehow Nata Holly and Mentalage3 in posts 6 & 7 just seem to flow together, like Yin and Yang, two lovelorn souls in need of each other.

If memory serves correctly, about a year ago, I picked the mind of Mentalage3 clean and, sadly, found it wanting.

Two things immediately leaped out of his/its monotonic posts: One, it was a mind too easy to pick, rather boring and a waste of time in attempting any sort of rebuttal to such lame arguments (A classic exercise in futility is to debate intellectual dishonesty.); Two, he/it is either a bot or a mindless human parrot of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Lara Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Tucker Carlson, Matt Drudge, Richard Spencer, Steve Doocy, Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin, Brian Kilmeade, or, more likely, Ted Nugent (all of the above, pick and choose, or fill in the blanks) -- a scary, hateful, racist jumble of empty words cycling through a continuous loop of scripted pages, flipping around aimlessly behind dead eyeballs in the degraded core and corrupted motherboard. It's like he/it is a lost and lonely Russian bot from Comrade Trump's 2016 lie-fest of a campaign.

It doesn't matter what the topic of the day is or what anybody else says, Mentalage3 frankly does not have very effective reading comprehension skills and so always responds with the same staccato Republican talking points that never stray far from the mind-numbing madness of Trump's "alternative facts" universe. Evidently, the obedient cyborg suffers acutely from deep-seated, long-term, highly flawed programming errors -- a frog slowly and thoroughly boiled.

He/it offers no original, deep, spontaneous thought or feeling -- the very essence of life that makes us human and that all bots lack. At least Trolls # 1 & 2 offer fun, and then even funnier, targets of opportunity for taking well-deserved, drive-by potshots, as they dance and twirl around the subjects, offering anecdotal tales from the Dark Side of the internet that have nothing to do with anything other than to elevate shameless hypocrisy into some kind of twisted, religio-racist art form. "Thank you, Jesus, for Trump!"

Like I say, funny.

On the other hand: Yaaawn, ho-hum, boooring! Pick a subject, any subject; it doesn't matter. Say something, anything; it doesn't matter. The mentalage3 bot's only conclusion is always to blame all Democrats for all Republican transgressions all of the time, and then always refuse to look at the simple truth laid out plainly at his/its feet.

Good God, it must be a miserably shallow existence trapped so hopelessly in such a colorless, humorless prison of brainwash -- Pavlov dog conditioning run amok! What a waste of precious life to be dead in one's mind!

Like the other two trolls who haunt Thom's Blog (more frequently of late), virtually every sentence he/it utters is based on bald-faced, easily provable lies (with just a few clicks of the mouse -- toward, that is, reliable sources based in the real universe rather than toward Trump's Twilight Zone.)

FYI: Your stale, overly defensive Republican talking points are detracting from the aftermath and urgency of Trump's child-kidnapping-caging policy crisis -- the humanitarian crimes taking place at the border right now, which must be resolved right now, not in some hypothetical future when intransigent Republicans will suddenly have a change of heart and negotiate in good faith with Democrats for a workable and humane border policy. ("The lady doth protest too much, methinks.")

Your false assumptions in post #7 are debunked repeatedly in the various links in the preceding posts directly above. So why don't you get your lil' Pepe pimple head out of your alt-funny book's ass for once and do your damn homework before spouting off with any further ignorance?

Mentalage3 is Troll #3 -- Curly of the Three Stooges, bitterly clinging to "guns or religion"

...and Thom's Blog.

(Hey, Bucko, did Nata Holly's "love spells" work for you, or ain't that old gray horse what he/it used to be, many long years ago?)

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Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

Good Sunday HotCoff

Never fear the wall is being built and the best thing the democrat party can do is continue on their path promoting open borders, the abolishment of ICE, and free healthcare to illegal aliens. Very few working people in this country will support that pandering crap.

Speaking of free healthcare, it looks like your legislature has passed a bill forcing you to have proof of individual insurance or pay a fine (ala obummercare) and just two weeks before they voted to give free healthcare to illegals. It sounds like the most desirable resident of CA is to be illegal.

Pelosi's nephew will likely approve?

Why do the leftie/socialists or communists like Thom who have nothing good to say about this country ever ask the question, "if the United States is so terrible, why does anybody want to come here?" I might actually listen to three hours of Hatrmann overtalking the responses to that one.


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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago

Hi Diane,

Yes Gavin will probably pass the health bill for a way that might be a good thing ...why? Well between the pension deficits and the health care for illegals, normal Californians, and especially Seniors that can't afford hearing aids and other nesscessaties for quality of life just might get fed up and vote Trump. Many might also get fed up with the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicts on the street. In the posts I see at other local sites it seems many are fed up!

Our biggest problem is finding politicians to run in CA. that have name reconnition, I can only think of a handful. However remember we have recalled politicians in Ca. before. That's how we ended up with Arnold Swartznigger.

back later...........enjoy another beautiful Sunday!

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago


So.this popped up during my second cup of coffee, showing the lefts extreme consern for children. Maybe these kids wern't brown enough?? Shame on them!

Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday in New York for sex trafficking of minors, reported The Daily Beast.

NBC NEWS: Four sources with direct knowledge of the matter say that Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody today in New York after arriving from an overseas flight.

He faces federal sex trafficking charges.

Following Epstein’s arrest Christine Pelosi, daughter of far left Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeted out her concern about her “faves” being caught up in the child sex abuse scandal.

This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats. #WeSaidEnough #MeToo

— Christine Pelosi (@sfpelosi) July 7, 2019

So did Ms. Pelosi know about this abuse of little girls by her “faves”?

Additionally it is important to point out that Bill Clinton has been mentioned by the press often over the years — and not just for his controversial relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but rather his friendship with Jeffery Epstein.

In fact, flight records indicate that ol’ Billy-boy would frequent the island paradise around the 2002 and 2005 era, while Hillary, Bill’s wife, was a Senator in New York.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago

So as we move along we see more Dem concern for children.

A truck driver is facing charges after federal authorities say he attempted to smuggle 33 migrants into the United States via a trailer through the Arizona desert.

A search found the trailer filled with Mexican produce, along with hidden Mexican and El Salvadorean nationals, without fresh air or a cooling system. The group included 12 juveniles aged 3 to 17, a pregnant woman, and a convicted felon, reported U.S. Customs an Border Protection (CPB).

Yummy produce covered in sweat, scabies, mumps and God knows what else! Well at least they had something they could eat. Food recalls anyone?

“Last night, 12 children, a pregnant woman, a convicted felon, & 19 illegal aliens were found locked in a produce truck at a checkpoint. The driver, charged with human smuggling, kept the refrigeration off, so they were trapped inside where it was over 97 degrees with no way out.” The White House wrote on Twitter, and at the same time, praised and gave thanks to the Border Patrol agents who caught them.

“THANK YOU to our heroic Border Patrol agents, whose vigilance caught this smuggler and potentially saved lives!”

how many children die on the trip before they get to any " Concentration camps " no reports on that.....

Send more money the Dems say....cause the corupt police, cartels and military need more to split up amongest themselves.

We sent food to venuzuela and they wouldn't let it in, we had to park it in Columbia and hope they could get to it. ...


Pay attention to this unfolding story, patriots. They will try to involve Donald Trump in Epstein's crimes. After all, this is coming from the Southern District of NY where James Comey's daughter is one of the prosecutors. They are desperate. Trillions of dollars are at stake, not to mention the trail of treason.

By Martin Walsh

Does fired FBI Director James Comey’s daughter work for the powerful New York’s prosecutor’s office that has waged war against President Donald Trump? It certainly appears so.

She reportedly interned at SDNY as a law clerk in 2014 before being hired full-time as a powerful lawyer for the prosecutor’s office.

Assuming she stills works for the SDNY, there are certainly several questions about whether she is overseeing any cases or matters involving Trump.

Given the president fired her father in May 2017 — and Trump has slammed James Comey several times in public — has she recused herself from cases involving the president?

In a series of tweets, Twitter user “Rosie memos” shared screenshots showing that Comey certainly appears to work for SDNY.

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago

Biden Goes Low: Warns He’ll “Smack” Trump and has Dirt on Dem Candidates: I’ve got “all this information about other people’s pasts”

let her rip Joey!

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Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

HotCoffee, two cups is all? I go for a bit insulated tumbler of the stuff. Clears the head. I know little about Jeffery Epstein. He was powerful and had a lot of people suck up to him over the years. Harvey Weinstein cut from the same cloth.

I do remember the Lolita Express and Bill Clinton's involvement but then I look at what it might have been like married to Hillary and I stopped caring about his sex life years ago.

An interesting video on Epstein. Save time and go to 5:25 and get the lowdown.

As for them trying to connect President Trump with Epstein is just another futile attempt to oust him from the WH. He will eventually have to exit after all, sometime in 2025 is my guess. Can you imagine Hatrmann and the others when Trump wins a second term? He will not be able to complete a sentence. For nothing else, it will be worth the price of admission to watch the leftie/socialists melt further into despair, and they deserve every minute of it based on their childish actions over the past 2-1/2 years.

Till tomorrow

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Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

Good Monday to you HotCoffee. I woke up this morning to Hugh Hewitt who replayed cuts of most of those in the democrat party clown car and the promises they made. I will miss some but One of the best was Spartacus who suggested the government provide $1000 for every baby born in America. I think he just justified President Trump's reason for asking if one was a US citizen or not. Then there was Harris who pandered her blackness to a New Orleans crowd as only a black Thom Hatrmann could have done.

Beeto was off blabbering how he was going to give billions to public education to improve the schools although in a sentence before that promise, told the crowd of dozens, his kids got a wonderful education in their public El Paso school. He also spent time begging for votes in Mexico.

Pete Butatgig spent the week telling black audience's he would give them anything and everything if only they would leave Trump and vote for him. After all if you go and kiss the ring of that pillar of society Al Sharpton, doesn't that prove you are legit?

Lilly white Kirsten Gillibrand promised all discrimination against women would be eliminated the minute she was elected. (if only she was a bit darker in skin color)

One of your finest, Eric Swalwell promised a town hall on gun control and a hefty 18 people showed up.

Fauxahontas ditched her Indian (feathers not dots) heritage and decided she was going black over the weekend screeching for racial equality. Not to be outdone, Harris doubled down on her blackness if you can count her mother who is Indian (dots not feathers) as making her "officially black" and wowed the crowd with all the times the "man" had his boot on her neck. (I wonder if she and Willie role played)

Lest we not forget the pedophile, Creepy Uncle Joe, who looked stunned over a weekend interview with a$$hat Chris Cuomo, that he was collecting dirt on all his fellow democrat candidates and was going to save it for when needed.

Meanwhile the high spot of the day, President Trump has just hit his highest approval rating and of all people to put this was MSNBC's Morning Joe show.

Sorry for the long one but you can't make this stuff up.

Stay tuned.

Coalage3 3 years 47 weeks ago

I heard where AOC was saying the country was headed to fascism. This came after her "visit" to the southern border. What a hypocrite, along with the other gang of four. They lament the conditions (mostly grossly exaggerated, of course) at the detention centers, but they do absolutely nothing to prevent it. Unless you count just ignoring illegal immigration. And the MSM lets them get away with it. And so does Thom regrettably.

But she is right about the fascism. She just happens to be entirely wrong about who is bringing it about. As the saying goes, she just needs to look in the mirror. The party of death, sometimes known as the democrats, is fast ushering in fascism and totalitaianism. It's in their DNA. Which party demands that everyone goose step to the extremist positions on abortion, open borders, socialism, etc.? Which party supports banning speech and print that they don't agree with? How long will it be before they call for certain books to be banned? Before long, there will be book burning parties reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Which party promotes violence as a way to achieve their goals?

The democrats of today have become pathetic caricatures of what was once a proud political party. The great democrats of yesteryear (McCarthy, Humphrey, JFK, Moynihan) are shaking their heads and crying in disbelief at what their party has now become.

Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

Coalage3, I completely agree with one small exception. The loony leftie/socialists actually represent only a fraction of the real democrat party. They just happen to be the most vocal. Just look at the map of the election results by county. The "freeloaders" reside in very few predicted areas. Rest assured, middle American "democrats" had a big hand in the election and the re-election of President Trump.

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HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago

G'Day Diane & coalage,

A little info on Swalwell.....

Swalwell was born on November 16, 1980, in Sac City, Iowa, the first of four sons of Eric Nelson Swalwell and Vicky Joe Swalwell, both of whom are Republicans[10]; his father at that time was serving as police chief in Algona, Iowa. After leaving Iowa, the family eventually settled in Dublin, California.[11] He graduated from Wells Middle School, and then from Dublin High School in 1999.[12]

It's been a great Holiday weekend for the Dems eating their own. AOC and Nancy fighting....Christine Pelosis heads up regarding their " Favs " getting caught up in the Epstein case...Trump took action against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein before anyone else did


Joe's apology tour.

California's biggest problem is the 9th circuit court that preverts the people will.

Also just heard the Tom Styner's going to run for potus.

Gotta go get more popcorn!


Dianereynolds's picture
Dianereynolds 3 years 47 weeks ago

Hey HotCoffee. You are a genius. I usually tune in Hatrmann's show on Monday's for the first segment just to see how tightly wound he is starting the week. You called it, one of the first things out of his mouth was his insinuation that Epstein and Trump were in cahoots. I won't bore you with the lies but suffice to say Thom has egg all over his face again.

Interesting bio on that twerp Swalwell. It is amazing how generations alternate in their political beliefs. Back a few years when I was a regular listener, Thom let it slip his grandfather was a communist and his father was a Rebuplican. Thoms tries to hide it but if it walks like a duck.... Sanders is in that same gaggle but the rest in the clown car are just out begging for votes to anyone and everyone with the full knowledge none of their outrageous "promises" will ever happen.

Btw, Swalwell will be the first to jump out of the race. He has less than zero chance even if everyone else quit.

If Tom Steyer gets in, Biden will blow a gasket and never be heard from again and Kamala Harris will either have a contract put out on him or buy some new lingerie hoping for a VP slot. Warren will slither back to her casino heritage and Spartacus's eyes will jump further out of his head. I left Beeto out because he was never in.

Be interesting to see how Hatrmann could possibly endorse a billionaire hedge fund manager for POTUS. He has spent his entire life making bad financial decisions and hated hedge fund people let alone billionaires.

Popcorn is the correct food for the next year and a half.

HotCoffee's picture
HotCoffee 3 years 47 weeks ago


That's too're on a roll today!

Well seems Swalwell was out by the time I finnished typing.

I think Kamala is the annointed one by the Obamas and Eric Holder.... soon Harpo productions and the hollywood , music crowd will join in....she hits all the right er I mean left that right there is the Obama crowd.

One wrinkle though Tom Styner throwing his billions in for a run as POTUS.

Ca. has voted down people trying to buy an office before,,,but that was before TDS.

As for Robert O'Rorke well he can always keep campaining in Mexico....who knows maybe they will elect him.

lets see what tomorrow brings :)

Coalage3 3 years 47 weeks ago

Thom - I don't recall you complaining when Obama was detaining children at the border and putting them in "cages". After all, the policy started under his watch. That is an indisputable fact. Why are you complaining now?

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