The Problem Isn't a "Trade War" - The Problem Is Trump

Thom plus logo The United States needs to protect its domestic economy. We need to protect jobs in manufacturing. We need to rebuild manufacturing. But this needs to come from a comprehensive, coherent, multifaceted strategy that may well include tariffs. The problem with what Trump is doing is that he is trying to execute American economic and trade policy by dictate, rather than by legislation. No company is going to build a factory based on Trump's executive orders, knowing that they will be reversed in less than two years.

Trump's problems and the economy's problems have little to do with the "trade war" but everything to do with how stupidly Trump is pursuing trade policy.



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Cecilwilliamtagg 32 weeks 1 day ago

President trump has brought disgrace to that Nobel office of president and has made a mockery of that great constitution of the United States and has caused that Nobel office to be brought into disrepute and the worlds economy to crash and go into another Great Depression with his tradeing wars that nobody will win what a waist of effort when will the Republican Party wake up and see that this is a dangerous man occupying this great Nobel office and show him the door,

And tell him to get out,

Coronavirus Crash: Worse Than Great Depression?

Thom plus logo The coronavirus crash has turned the fact that we don't make anything in America anymore from a topic for philosophical and political debate into a crisis in our hospitals causing people to die and endangering our frontline health care workers.

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