Call Congress & Demand Trump Be Impeached Now

Thom plus logo In trying to solicit help for his presidential campaign from Ukraine, Donald Trump committed a unique crime: one that he could only do because he was president of the United States. Using your political office for your own personal and political advantage is the most severe form of political corruption possible. The Founders and Framers referred to it as a "High Crime" because it involved the exploitation of high office, whether or not it exists in the criminal code. It is not just impeachable; it is exactly what the impeachment remedy was designed for.

All across America today, concerned citizens are calling their member of Congress at 202-225-3121 and demanding that Donald Trump be impeached. Let's hope Democratic leadership is listening.



Iliana Carol 3 weeks 4 days ago

Trump and Hannity have dinner often.

Hannity is both a mouthpiece and an ear for Trump.

What if Hannity says we can displace the burden of impeachment inquiry from only you to the State Dept. and Pence if we have Guiliani spill these beans on my show. Now - it's not just Trump that was corrupting Ukraine, whcih is impeachable, but it the entire state dept AND Pence that has to be questioned, delaying the inevitable impeachment proceeding.

deepspace's picture
deepspace 3 weeks 4 days ago

Ha! Good observation, Iliana Carol. I'm sure they'll come up with some kind of dastardly plot, and that's as good as any.

But the House Democrats should not fall into their traps; instead, they should first focus on His Highness who rules over all executive branch departments -- the tree from which the bad apples fall. Then, all the rest of his rotten fruit can be dealt with accordingly.

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deepspace 3 weeks 3 days ago

If Democratic House holdouts can set aside crass politics for the moment and do what the Constitution demands, would this be Trump's zugzwang? By releasing the whistleblower's (Dan Coats?) report, he'll be impeached; by not releasing it, he'll be impeached.

It's Trump's move.

Then it's Nancy's.

If she insists on playing politics (After all, that's her job as Speaker.), then perhaps her calculation should be: Which party will be complicit in Trump's high crimes and misdemeanors by not holding him accountable? What happens next November to the Democrats if they look weak and feckless (because they would be) in the fight against Republicans' all-out war on democracy?

Why not put the onus on the double-talking Republicans and Moscow Mitch, and make them look like subservient Trump toadies and fascists (because they are) when they refuse to convict their very own petty dictator in the Senate after the House makes the good and proper move to impeach?

As Greta Thunberg would say, "We will be watching you!"

And, yes, the best move that We the People can make is to demand that our representatives perform their constitutional duty!

Can the Presidency Regain Its Integrity After Trump?

Thom plus logo Even those of us old enough to remember have probably forgotten that in the spring of 1979 the Attorney General of the United States appointed a special prosecutor to look into his own president's ownership of his peanut warehouse, to make sure that he wasn't, in any way, making money from his presidency.

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