Should Trump Have the Power To Take Us to War?

Thom plus logo Now is a really important time to remind Americans of something that the roughly half of us who took civics in school know. Only Congress can authorize a war. It's right there in the Constitution. It requires a majority vote of both the House and the Senate to authorize war, and any war that is not authorized by Congress is illegal. The president does not have the power to start a war; that power is exclusively given to Congress. The Founders did this because they did not want any president to ever acquire the king-like power of war making: they believed it was too much power in the hands of one person, and thus could lead to disaster. If Donald Trump tries to take us into war with Iran, Congress and massive public opinion must stop him. Call your member of the House and both your senators today.



RobSandera's picture
RobSandera 17 weeks 4 days ago

Thom I sent you an email to you, louise, and your producer as well as TYT somebody somehow hacked your broadcast it was coming through on my computer in Northwest PA and I recorded it because they were talking about their violent hatred for antifa how they want to bust them in the face.

With all today's gun violence issues I don't like to just let the stuff go so I thought you should know about it maybe you recognize the voice is on the tapes I don't know if the police or FBI should be contacted about it or not but we got a lot of these machine guns nut in Pennsylvania. I was a little shocked at how much hatred for anTifa and apparently their view is conservative value means you are the boss over your wife and if you get a divorce you should get your kids they were kind of talking crazy . I made sure it was coming through by your broadcast because I stopped your broadcast and it stopped and I rewound it a little bit and it rewind their broadcast to so something was drastically wrong I have been seeing some weird Internet attack issues the last couple days my phone company their entire system did not even work the other night when I called in for support but they had been bought and it was Windstream.

I just figured it was right that you know this information the way the world is today you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow


webmaster's picture
webmaster 17 weeks 4 days ago

Hello Rob

This sounds like local issue perhaps on your computer. You mention others strange local issues.

Our system hasn't been hacked. If it had we would have been aware of it from hudreds of people and FSTV in-particular.

Hope you can resolve it.

-Nigel- (Webmaster)

Janette B's picture
Janette B 17 weeks 7 hours ago

My answer to your question is a resounding no! Trump, under investigation as he is, should have curtailed powers, if it is Constitutionally possible to do so. That this unstable person is allowed to sit in the White House is a commentary on our poor election machinery and counting system. Unforgiveably bad.

That said, though Congress was meant to have sole power to declare war, other US presidents have seemed to manipulate events, too. There are those who waited for Congress to recess, in order to call a war, as an "emergency measure." (Legally a President can declare a military action to last no longer than 60 days, I believe, without notifying Congress. Short, quick actions have happened. The name Bush comes to mind.)

FDR himself, whom I greatly esteem, was said to have wanted a war he publicly denied wanting. The stories of deciphered communications between Roosevelt & the British, and deciphered Japanses communications during WWII, create suspicions in me that Congress was manipulated by the President into that war, in our then 'isolationist' America.*

PS I admit surprise, reading in Ed Asner's new history (which carries a brilliant, full copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the back) that originally Congress was intended to meet only once a year! That being the case, I wonder what the founders would have thought of our standing army, and the President's use of it. (I remember Kent State & President Nixon's calling the National Guard to fire upon American students. Indeed, this is not the 1st time we've seen tyranical actions by a US President. I can only hope Trump's fate is to go the same way.)

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