Would You Rat Out A Mob Boss?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump essentially called for the whistleblower and his sources to be put to death, accusing them of being spies and telling his employees at the United Nations that we used to deal with spies differently. In all probability, he was referring to his former attorney, Roy Cohn, who successfully prosecuted Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and demanded that they both get the electric chair, which happened. The press and many politicians are concerned about the safety of the whistleblower, but the issue that's getting less attention is the impact of the presidents call for the death penalty on everybody else in the White House or who has worked around the White House who may have information to share. When Trump attacks someone, as happen with Christine Blasey Ford, they start getting death threats and have to go into hiding. If you had worked at the White House and had knowledge of Trump's crimes and corruption, would you now consider coming forward? A lot of people will not want the danger to themselves and their families that crossing this president who behaves like a mafia boss will bring.


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