Will America Allow the Slaughtering of the Kurds for Profit?

Thom plus logo It was bad enough that Donald Trump was making decisions like trying to steer the G7 to his Doral property in Florida, or keeping the Trump Hotel in DC when the lease with the Park Service forbids it, just to enrich himself. But now NBC is reporting he has over 100 business interests in Turkey and has made millions of dollars a year in licensing fees from the Trump Towers there. Additionally, NBC notes, Erdogan has, in the past, threatened to take the Trump name off the Istanbul Trump Tower to get what he wants and Trump went along and changed US policy. Now it's gone beyond just altering or ignoring domestic US policy to keep the Trump family making money. Now, in Syria, innocent Kurdish and Christian civilians are dying for Trump family profits. Has Donald Trump set up a genocide for profit and thus committed the ultimate impeachable offense?


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