Will America Allow the Slaughtering of the Kurds for Profit?

Thom plus logo It was bad enough that Donald Trump was making decisions like trying to steer the G7 to his Doral property in Florida, or keeping the Trump Hotel in DC when the lease with the Park Service forbids it, just to enrich himself. But now NBC is reporting he has over 100 business interests in Turkey and has made millions of dollars a year in licensing fees from the Trump Towers there. Additionally, NBC notes, Erdogan has, in the past, threatened to take the Trump name off the Istanbul Trump Tower to get what he wants and Trump went along and changed US policy. Now it's gone beyond just altering or ignoring domestic US policy to keep the Trump family making money. Now, in Syria, innocent Kurdish and Christian civilians are dying for Trump family profits. Has Donald Trump set up a genocide for profit and thus committed the ultimate impeachable offense?



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Elections have consequences...

How severely have Americans been gaslighted when virtually all the headlines of import in the daily news cycle monotonously and inadequately express the near-total chaos, both domestically and internationally, of Trump's fake presidency? His goofy-looking, sleep-deprived white bags bulging out under paranoid eyes glaring at us --his angry, unhealthy orange visage topped with a crop of clown hair, spewing hate and fear and idiocy -- is routinely plastered everywhere as if it's a normal thing, like a morning cup of coffee. Just how crazy has he made the rest of us?

From the climate crisis and environmental degradation to military and nuclear proliferation (by far, two of society's greatest concerns); to the rise of dictators; to breaking treaties; to Middle East conflicts; to betraying the Kurds; to trade wars; to unfettered greed and its accompanying wealth disparity; to immigration; to racism; to religious bigotry; to sexism; to war-ravaged veterans trying to survive on the streets; to poverty; to addiction; to crime; to the militarization of our civilian police forces; to racist cops; to education; to science; to healthcare; to families; to workplace issues and unfair compensation; to dwindling retirement prospects -- basically, to the systematic destruction of the institutions of our once-respected democracy and its negative impact on our allies in the so-called "free world" -- which of these existential struggles have not been made worse by Trump's own words and actions and those of his enablers?

And for what -- to further enrich the fabulously rich as the world burns?

That Trump is one of the most corrupt autocrats on the planet is plain to all except his fascist cult of devoted followers who hang on his every word -- empty words that are flat-out lies, both big and small. He even lies about the weather.

The flush-faced crowds of blind faithful who populate his Nuremberg Rally-style propaganda fests are too far gone to see the simple truth of this sick individual screaming down at them, someone who belongs in a mental institution rather than on a podium or, if true justice should be served, isolated in the mental ward of a prison. Certainly, he does not belong in the White House!

But, naturally, any resistance to Trump's utter venality must be some elaborate, hard-to-follow plot, a "hoax and witchhunt" by all those wicked unbelievers who have not prostrated themselves before the Almighty Trump with his "great and unmatched wisdom." Evil Democrats are defying God's Will by destroying Christianity's Great White Savior, never mind Jesus. Is it any wonder why throngs of young people are not joining this flock of fools?

Perhaps, in this modern dark age, it's time for the real Christians among us to revisit the deeper meaning of those conveniently overlooked passages, "...many false prophets are gone out into the world" and "Ye cannot serve God and mammon." And then vote accordingly while we still have a somewhat functioning democracy of, by, and for the People.

The world is truly on the cusp. Your move.

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to understand how to respond when they’re talking about public issues with coworkers, neighbors, and friends. This book explores some of the key perspectives behind his approach, teaching us not just how to find the facts, but to talk about what they mean in a way that people will hear."