Pneumonic Plague & Medicare For All

Thom plus logo Medicare For All is a national security and public health issue, and Democrats need to start marketing it that way.

Imagine there was something as contagious as the flu, that spread the same way the flu does, but killed more than 95% of the people who get it unless they get immediate antibiotic treatment. That disease exists, and has now infected five people in China, two currently in a hospital in Beijing.

It's the same "Black Plague" germ, Yersinia pestis, that wiped out a third to half of all of Europeans in the 14th century. But the new airborne form of it can be transmitted with a sneeze and no longer requires a rat with fleas. It's called pneumonic plague, and we are the only country in the developed world without a national healthcare system to deal with the possibility of an outbreak. It's time to change that.


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