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StephanieSF 1 year 42 weeks ago

Hi Sue,

I have been missing my newsletter with your Sue's Daily Stack since Nov. 11, 2019. I read something about a "hack" is that related to Thom's newsletter that used to be emailed to me daily?

Thanks so very much and Enjoy!

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SueN 1 year 42 weeks ago

Hi Stephanie,

I've not heard about a hack.

Try subscribing to the newsletter again. If that doesn't work, please email

In the meantime, II usually post most of the content over at Sue's Daily stacks, which is under the Radio tab, by the start of the next show.

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StephanieSF 1 year 42 weeks ago

Hi, Wanted to let you know, that Nigel sent me some suggestions. So I got it figured out.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to try resubscribing but tI haven't found a direct link to it. I just leads me to my podcast account. But good to know that you are still doing it. Is "transcripts" supposed to lead me to the newsletter? Or is it online somewhere?

Thank you again!!

I did write to the webmaster too, but not sure when I will hear..

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SueN 1 year 42 weeks ago

I'm glad it's sorted. Only transcripts come under transcripts.

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