Is America Now Officially a "Sh*thole" Country?

Thom plus logo Newsweek is reporting that the United Nations investigation of developed countries around the world finds that poverty in the United States is now so widespread and severe, with over 40 million Americans below the poverty level and many of them living without basic sanitation or enough food and without any access to healthcare, that large parts of America are functionally as bad as or worse than many Third World countries.

Republican policies and 40 years of Reaganomics have turned America into a "shithole country." Americans know this, and the vast majority of them think that wages should be increased, healthcare should be expanded, education should be free, and the federal government should undo Reagan and Clinton's destruction of LBJ's safety net. But the media continues to support Republican candidates and highlight Republican issues like increasing military spending and cheerleading for more tax cuts.


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