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naturesmasterpieces 2 weeks 14 hours ago

Here's my idea for helping those who lose income because of the corona virus. Have the Social Security Adminitration dispense zero percent interst credit cards to all those who lost income. The credit limit would be determine by their last reported income to Social Security, and be renewable like pay periods or monthly. Employees and employers would be eligible. When the crisis is over and people return to work and business gears back up, the loan would be repaid by payroll deductions. The minimum payment would be determined by peoples' income at the time so as to not create an undue burden while they are trying to return to normalcy. The Social Security Administration does an amazing job tracking all of us, where we live, where we work, how much we make, and in assigning benefits and getting them to people who deserve them. They would be the perfect agency to do this. The current proposal, whcih could cost two to four trillion in giveaways will blow up the debt. At the same time Republicans are calling for a holiday on payroll deductions to Social Security and Medicare. The first will blow up the national debt and the second will short Social Security and Medicare. Aside from possibly being a veiled attempt to buy voters, I suspect both will be used later to try to justify the cuts to Social Security and Medicare President Trump and Senator McConnell have called for in the future.

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